Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 12, 1946
Page 4
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i'f u Page Four H0M STAft, MOM, ARKANSAS , Mnwmbflr 12, S/F/ED Ads Musi Be In Offlc* Day Before Publication tfuttberol One Ttiree Six One®- Worcte ,tfp to 15 1$ to 20 81 to 25 26 lo 30 Sl'to 35 36 tft <0 ' at to 4.) io SO Day Days Days Month . .43 .90 1.50 4.50 .60 .75 .DO 1.05 1.20 1.20 I.SO 1.80 SUO' ?..40 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 1.S5 ' 2.70 J 1.50 3.00 Rates ave for Continuous Insertions Otily * All Want Ads casm in Advance Not Taken Over the Ph6ne For Sale Salesman Wonted ADVERTISING SALESMAN, 35 to 45 with car and 8-10 years outside selling experience, for vacancy, by big national advertising concern, established 1883. AA-1-rating. Largest most diversified line in the field. New line ther gifts, advertising'novelties, souvenirs, also exclusive calendar Fair Enough By Wcitbrook Pegter Copyright, 1946 By Kino Feature* Syndicate., New York, "Nov. 12 — Harrison Smith, a speaker at n book show had something to say about the young was not good. r' Iv -120 ACRES LAND IN SEC. 24, £. 14. range 25, about 12 miles th of Hope joining Buck Maron the North., Write John W. . Turner, Kilgore. Texas. 31-121 'BEAUTIFUL 4 ROOM HOME. Priced to sell. Fletcher Easter" ling, Phillips addition. 6-6t SEVEN ROOM HOUSE, 402 Noith Hervey. newly papered and painted, lot' 70 X 150, you can move in. Priced to sell. Floyd Porterfield. 6-6t 33% ACRES WOOD LAND OFF highway 29, 8 miles south of ' < Hoi>e, Some good timber, See • ' L. A. Stanley. Highway 4, 2 miles - east of Hope. 6-6t ONE PRACTICALLY NEW 1946 • t&n and half Studebaker truck. Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck Williams. 6-tf line— for heeds of every type business concern. Qualified man can readily earn $5,000 to $10,000 • or more first year with iis,_O_ui:! I don^ ^ ^ ^ At first. I was going to agree with him. Then 1 was going to 'disagree. But, I find that I do and bo when ^™*^^-^^^ c ^^ SVrS Tl 12 Oh?o iT-U) brothel. He was so poor ihat, as SPORTS ROUNDUP Portsmouth.- Va>, Nov. 12 — fhht Slight discussi&Vi 6f baseball ethics (meaning "don't rob fne nnd I won't rob you") which surrounded the drafting of Jack (Lucky) Lehrke by the Giants, isn't the only event of that sort in baseball this year . .. Brooklyn ;'or instance failed to pick up a couple Ot the best players on its Newport News tarn* club and the Cubs, with whom Portsmouth's Piedmont League club is affiliated, grabbed off one of them. Coast Writers Want Army in Rose Bowl pany. Lost ^ 'biography, tells us in his great 'Cervantes," the maser was on the point of suicide one DOUBLE STRING OF e 1 da Jay when a mouse stole his last PEARLS I rho'rsel of cheese but, in angry lost between Crescent Drug Store [despair, killed the mouse with an and A & P. Please return to Inez empty wine-bottle, aimed by i'ate, Smith at Vanity Beauty Shop. no doubt, and ate it xip. Other- 12-H wise, Don Quixote would have been a much shorter story which would not have-been a bad idea, cither. ! As a matter of fact. I just made ithat up and, v as iar as I know, ' there never was a biographer named Marcel Weber, but if there had been he. probably would have told us something like that be- TWO ROW CASE TRACTOR AND, " implements. B. E. Green, Hope, Rt. 1 Five miles out on Spring Henderson-Tech Contest Billed Garfie of ( Year By United Press The so-called "game of tho year" | cause biographers are the worst —the encounter which will settle liars in the world and often give the championship of the Arkansas i us direct quotes from people who One Minute Spftrts Page Wonder what there is in the story that Jorge Pnsquel, the Mexican League boss, has been trying to get Daey Banks to organze an "original Celtics" basketball team to tour Mexico this winter . . . Davey, you may have noticed, wasn't included when the real Celtics wore reassembled for an exhibition last night . . . William and Mary college is plugging Knox Ramsey 'or All-America guard with the claim that he's even better than his brother Buster. Hard Work Is Key to Porker Success By CARL BELL Assooiacd Press Sports Writer Members of the University of Arkansas athletic department attribute the Ra/orbacks' iootball success, particularly tliejr conquest of Rice, principally to hard work. The coaches claim to be no supermen; they point out no individual ,,„ _ _.. stars among the players. They talk I cast first-place ballots only of hard work and a i'ighting I ; ,nd '11 decided that Notre Dame By AUSTIN BEALMEAR New York. Nov. K! — (<l'i- • Army and Notre Dame .i'ou.nlH 1i> a scoreless tie in (heir historic grid battle here la.M Saturday but when the votes were counted vuday in the weekly poll of ihe Associated Press to pick the nation's ten lop loams tho Cadets wound up in first place by a very narrow margin. Among the HI writers who participated in the ;ooll, including \hc sports editor of Ihe Stripes in Germany. Stars and - r )7 of \horn Army spirit. All America Team Norfolk's Granby' High school football straight team, games, winner of '.'.8 includes Chick Hill road. 8-6t NANDINA BUSHES, ALL SIZES. See Mrs. Anna Judson, 220 North Elm Phone 925-J. 8-3t *250 BUSHELS CORN AT $2 PER ** " bushel One pair smooth mouth '" mules, 1000 pounds each. One spotted Filly Colt, 15 months old and saddle bred. Will make a * nice oony for a child. One butcher hog. Am located t\Vo miles above Cross-roads on Hope- Col- intercollegiate r'ootball conference —is .scheduled -lor Friday afternoon at Arkadelphia. At that time the early season favorite, Arkansas Tech, and the have been dead a hundred years or more. They make a lot of money, though, and, excusing that fictional make-believe with which they dress up their Henrys and UIILC:, .nirkauaua J-cv.ii, <inu me i -•. , T ,* ., . ., year's dark-horse, Henderson, will Louies and Kalherines. they tangle on the Henderson gridiron, very good and worth ever> dollar Both teams are undefeated and un- they get. considering the time and tied in league 'ootball. " '.reading they have lo put in on a . Tech" beat the Monticello Mule-! book and then the writing on vop riders 20 to 0 last week while Henderson played a scoreless tie in a non-league battle with Arkansas State of Jonesboro. Other leasne games of the weekend find College of the Ozarks play- of all that. I know because, in collaboration with the late George Phyffe .of the old Evening World, I did not a mere biography but an autobiography of Babe Ruth back in 1922. After I had chased above Cross-roacis on nope- uoi- cjiu i.uu v,uiic B c ui me ^^> ^ r "- y thn Rihn Ml nvor the western umbus Parker Rogers. 8-3t [ ing Magnolia A. and M. at Mag- ™£ ep f a ^j thal he y-inkee club and nolia and Ouachita vs. Arkansas 'wheel witn me ianh.ee CHIUUIIU ONE BARN FOR SALE, 24' X 27', * metal roof. J. L. Beckham, Hope, ' 9-3t A. and M. at Monticello on Satur-1 had nailed hiiri for only Rt. 1. .GOOD USED BABY BUGGY WITH pad. Phone O. B. Burns, at 20-F-2. ll-3t 12 GUAui-,' WINCHESTER PUMP gun. Good condition. §40. See it, 994 West 5th St. W. M. Ramsey. • 11-3t NEW ADDING MACHINE New Dayton Scales $175. S75. Meat sheer $125: Fred's Place, Phone 605. 11-Gt Notice DAY NURSERY FOR CHILDREN. Now opened. Mrs, A. B. Enoch. Phone 83-R. 8-3t day. The University of Arkansas ' squad—winner over Ouachita by a last second score last week—will play Hendrix at Conway Friday. In the intercollegiate league Henderson and Tech are tied with i'our wins and no losses, closely trailed minutes one Sunday morning after jmass in Chicago for the only per- Isonal touch we had to go on, George and I sat in his apartment with spalding guides and records and the envelopes out of the morgue and did 80,000 words in three clays. I would wait i'or the Babe like a private detective in Stobbs. who pitched expertly in the All-America boys baseball game last summer; Henry Foiles, oicked for the All-America scholastic track team as a javelin thrower, and Chauncey Willis, United States sailing champion in Hampton one-design , class yachts. Taking a Schenz Frank Lawrence, owner of' the Portsmouth ball club, is .very high on infielder'Henry Schenz, who established himself as a major league prospfect on his performances with the naval station team. . . . Henry, chosen most valuable player in the Texas League last season, finished the season with the Cubs and they figure he'll be a regular next year if Stan Hack is made Los Angeles manager . . . And you may not go too far wrong if you predict the aging Hack will get that job. Which, come to think of it, is quile a change from a few seasons back when it Porker mentor said the Red and White preferred >'or- svard passing to rushing because "these Arkansas boys are just naturally lazy." Most of the players and Head Coach John Barnhill have been covered with praise, but we wonder if some of the other :Cellas deserving credit haven't been shortchanged. There's Hobe Hooser. the line coach, for instance. Arkansas' jine has been outstanding in all games. And how about Assistant Coach George Cole? Cole is the chief scout—the veteran spy who brings back the information which enables the Porkers to make plans against opponents. It was his report which made it possible for [should be on \op. Thirty-six of them had ns much iroublc real-hint' a decision as ihe loams themselves had on ihc :'iold. These 3(> voted i'or a i'irsl-place tie jet ween ihe iwo. On the basis of 10 points :'or a Two Key Porkers May Be Out for SMU Contest ' Fayeltovilla, Nov. 12 — (/PI— The University of Arkansas Rtr/.orb ickt* resumed workouts today Jor 3nt- uvdn.v's game here with Southern Los Angeles. Nov. 12— </n—Afiitn- Molhodisl University in which a lion continued loclny for ihe I'licifif victory will assure them of at Icnst Const Conference to sol busy and « "° '9'" l U! houtlnvcs ICotifcrcnce first-place vote. !) for second, and so on, the Cadets came up with a total of l.HUO 1-2 1.2C6 1-2 i'or No points Damo. against find out which innm— specillcally Army—would be aRre.cvible io ;t Host Bowl bid. Time's n-wastin'. said local members of ihe Football Writers Association in adopting a .vusolu 1 tinn urging ,the conference. \o ox- ploro (ho possibility of the Cadets accepting an invitation .fur the New- Year's Day game. In response, Willis O. Hunter of the University of Southern California, chairman of ihe .Ruse Bowl committee, agreed to refer ihc recommendation to Ihe other six "members. While ..-uhtcr and other conference officials here offered no further comment, the general impression was that machinery i'or ihe bowl bid should be set into motion as soon as possible. Still unsettled was the role, if any, ihat the western conference will »l:iy in the Rose Bowl picture this New Year's. "All we know of votes and decisions back there are what we rear who seventh triumph of xhc season, tained the third position in ihc standings wilh 12 i'irst-place votes and a total nf 1,061 1-2 points. championship. have Hull) Arkansas and SMU ilayers 011 the injury list. i Arkansas Conch .John Bamhill saiil it was rl out) t fill (hat (lie team cupUiin, HlncUing Bad; Joyce t'ip- <in. who suffered an ankle injury in last Saturday's victory over Rice, would be able to pliry md thai Tackle Duval Thornton, victim of a similar injury, definitely was out. At Dallas. SMU Coach Malty Hell announced three players had suffered seven; injuries last Saturday. I'Mrsl slrirfg Blocking Back Bob Ramsey is nut with' a broken arm. Kullbnck Dick McKissok suffered an injured knee, and .Francis 1'uliUtie. reserve back, hns broken hand. REST in the newspapers," said Coast Georgia's nll-victorinua Bulldogs, j Commissioner Victor O. Schmidt, .-ho downed Florida, ;!3-H. for their referring to a proposed Rose Bowl pact with the Big Nine. The const representative vhis year will be decided—barring an upset—on Nov. 'i!3, when the 'oop- , ,. . i Pennsylvania, which bounced Barnhill to devise -chat defensive bac ,. r ..:, m ils upsot by Pnnceton shift which stoooed Rice cold. | U) lulmbk , Columbia. -t'l-G. jumped The seven remaining first-place leading U. C. L. A. Bruins voles went lo the University of Southern California, once beaten, California at Los Angeles, which rncel here. U. C. L. A. has one kept its record clean with n 1-1-0 victory over Oregon and held on to fourth place with 901 1-2 points. End Coach Bill Barnes has developed a group of ends as good as any in the Southwest and has been instrumental in making Alton Baldwin one of the :?inest -.Hankers i history. He also lias helped Cole with the scouting. Results of Backfield Coach Deke Bracket's efforts <irc obvious, especially 4r\ the way he has brought Leon Campbell along from a prospect to a star. And perhaps most important And perhaps most important of all has been the work of Trainer Services Offered FOB ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- nehan Blinds, wood or metal, outside metal blinds and awnings, Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo Texas Likely Choice for Sugar Bowl New Orleans, Nov. 12 — (IP) — By a simple process of elimination, the most likely Sugar Bowl :"obt- ball match appears at this date to be Texas University against any _ _.. ITI ._... ..„.. one of lour Southeastern Confer- promise to talk' to me on the train I ence schools. from St. Louis to Chicago, but in-! Of course last Saturday's tie be- . >* ... ... ., . .DUUU U1VU cl UL1VUHJ ^itn-i-Liv^, ^.. by Ouachita with three, victories u h t j lobbies until aU hours of and one defeat. Magmlia A. and M L, morning but he wouldn't show holds fourth spot with one win and m b * ut nine when . he would i two losses while Arkansas reacn- come bustUng in w ith a silly little I ers, Arkansas A and M. and Col-1 i box uke i e i e that he used to lege of the Ozarks are knotted with i b around ::or social ovonings, one victory and three losses. Hen-1 t y mtl breakfast and bargc in rfr,v tr 0 ,ic ,„,<>, „„„ onH •.,„. •• fc room-mate, io Sam Lankford. Condition of the Razorbacks has been vital in winning several games, especially early in the season when xhe going | was mighty hot and hard down in I (points' based on a 10-9-8-7-0-5-4-3- Texas.-.- . 12-1 system of counting i: Ab Curtis, veteran official 'who • First First Points reforecd the Rice-Arkansas game PlacePlace 'catch a little sleep before time io go to the ball-yard. Then nothing doing, of course, until night when he would disappear again. He did drix trails with one and iCour. o Cowan Apologizes for Conduct of Ouachita Players Arkadelphia, Nov. 12 —<#)—! up until Englewood that Sunday Ouachita College Coach Bob Cowan I morning. Then I got sore at ihe line amiineTivori fr,i-"r.,ivi/-ii,r.f ,-,F o/-,i>-,o big babbooti because, alter all, he was getting $1,000 and a per cent of the gross, and he finally listened from ninth to fifth place, succeeding Rice, n team ihat was tumbled complelely out of the :"irst ten on a 7-0 upsel by Arkansas. Texafc clung to its sixth-place berth, whipping Baylor. 2'2-7, while Georgia Tech moved into seventh place after its 2!i-20 conquest of Tenncsse edropped :"rom seventh to eighth, although ihe Vols got past Mississippi. Ifi-H. and Illinois moved from tenth to ninth without playing :i gnmi/. Michigan landed in the tenth spot, returning io the .select circle as the icsult of its 5-7 victory over Michigan State. Standings' of the iop ten teams more conference game, with Montana this week, but it is regarded as a mere breather. Formal announcement of the Rose Bowl adversaries probably will come within a :"cw hours nfter the Nov. 23 game. Observers, however, insist the eastern opponent had better be signed, or at least all red tape eliminated, before then. ALL WORK, NO Boston, Nov. i! firemen aren't going to sleep on' the IB-hour weekly tour ihat voters gi anted them in the recent election Mayor James M. Cm-ley ordered nil beds removed tr.om fire houses! wilh the remark that he' presumed the firemen would be in the fire houses for eight hours of work daily ana "ineioioie would have no need of beds." The beds wore proviclied originally for men obliged to do'24-hour straight stretches. Paper was first used in China around 100 A. D. commented: Arkansas has the best conditioned football squad I've ever seen in tho Southwest Conference." The Razorbacks will attest to the statement that hard work is VotcsTies 57 Dame ....31 Wanted 50,000 Rats to kill wi^h GILLS RAT KILLER Harmless to anything but rats and mice. Guaranteed MONTS SEED STORE CALL 119 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. 1 Day Service In Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" PJM W. 3r'j St. Phone 119 stead he got into a game of hearts in a drawing-room that didn't oust Wanted to Buy has apologized for "conduct of some of my players" in connection with an incident following last Friday night's football game at Fort Smith wruch Ouachita lost to xhe University of Arkansas "B" team. 13-7. Game officials accused some Ou'a'chita players, unidentified by WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FUR'NI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2mo Wanted to Rent , to reason and gave me that fifteen minutes. I asked him a :IeW questions and when I asked Mrs. Ruth's pet name for him he said "Babe." Then Meusi.il stuck his tween Army and Notre Dame gave rise to much speculation—locally 'at' least—on the possibility of re- matching those mighty outfits i a post-season such an idea that—a dream. dream game. But must remain only name" either here' or"at Fort Smith. Uac'e in the room and said they of attacking them with fists as a ' were waiting to play hearts some result of the Bees' victory on a play which the gridmen declared took place after the game should have ended. Legal Notice FOUR OR FIVE ROOM UNFURN- ished house or apartment. Call Don Reynerson at 196. 8-3t For Rent NICE FRONT BEDROOM ADJOIN- ing bath. Garage if needed. Mrs. G. D. Compton, Phone 840-W. 9-6t BEDROOM FOR RENT, PRIVATE bath and private entrance. Suit* able for man. Call 655-W. 319 t. 12-3t REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) U No Answer Phone 3158-B YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co, For better 1 work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargain* In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 41 IS. Havel WARNING ORDER No. 6605 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. J. C. GIBSON Plaintiff REESE GIBSON Defendant The Defendant, Reese Gibson is varned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, J. C. Gibion. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 4 day of November 1946. C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. W. S. Atkins, AU'y. for Plaintiff Lyle Brown, Att'y. Ad Litem (SEAL) Nov. 5, 12, 19, 26 more and that was all there was to it. Long afterward, I was talking with George Creel about the difficulty of ghosting autobiographies and George recalled that, back : ; n 1915, he went wtjy out to Kansas to interview Jess Willard :'or his life story and asked him what he had called a dog that he had had when he was a litle boy. Jess said "Rover, 1 'and that was about George got, couldn't give. too. They just WARNING ORDER No. 6602 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. LESTER SHAW Plaintiff vs. JEWELL SHAW Defendant The Defendant, Jewell Shaw is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Lester Shaw. Witness my hand and the seal of £»iid court this 28 day of October C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omera Evans, D. C. W. S. Atkins, Att'y. for Plantiff Lyle Brown, Att'y. Ad Litem (SEAL1 Oct. 29, Nov. 5, 12, 19th This must have been a very :'ine autobigraphy of Ruth, in the spots that I did, at least, if Harrison Smith's theory has any merit because we were having a gaudy inflation just then and I was getting $50 a week. Phyffe -was way up around ?150 a week but he was like Charles Dickens, who made an awful lot of money, too. Max Perkins, of Scribners. a great editor i whom you never heard of, probably, because he isn't a celebrity, told me that Dickens used io write those long-winded jobs of his in "parts" or instalments which were sold by themselves, not in maga- Izines like our present day serials. I He said that when the sales of ihe early instalments of M.-irtin Chuz- zlewit we^te drooping, Dickens and his publishers held a story conference ,such as'we have in Holly» wood now, and decided ihat ihe way to hop it up and stimulate business was to knock Americans. Dickens was very good at this and When a good Southeastern Conference club is available, the Sugar Bowl uually makes a bid i'or' it. An SEC team has appeared in nine of the twelve local classics. This year the choice is wide— >eovgia, ranked No. 3 behind Army and Notre Dame in the latest Associated Press poll—Georgia Tech, No. 7, Tennessee, No. 8, and Lou isiana State, No. ll. But Texas is the only other eligible outfit among the first ten in the ratings. All the rest have other commitments , or bans against Bowl games. The Longhorns are listed at No 6, far above Rice and Arkansas which appear however to have bet ter chances at the Southwest Con ference title. The champion of iha loop is pledged to the Cotton Bowl but other members are free to play outside the Lone Star state. responsible ior ihat, too. We have a hunch the poker-faced Barnhill knew all along that his team had a good chance in ihe conference title race. A Jew min- :es after the season-opening ame, we asked him what he bought; of the Razorbacks. He replied with a grin: "We're just coming along." He knew the Porkers hadn't been lipressiVe against little Northwestern Louisiana. But he also new that hard work would bring lem around. 1 o Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Baltimore—Curtis (The Hatchet man) Sheppard, 197 1-2, Philadel 3hia, knocked out Bill Peterson :03 1-2, Indianapolis, (4). Omaha—Tex Boddie, 191, Omaha <nockecl out Gus Mullner, 191 leveland, (2). Chicago—Nick Castiglione, 14 .-2, Chicago, outpointed Bill Par sons, 140 1-2, Danville, 111., (81. New York—Johnny Dell, 144, Brooklyn, outpointed Jose Apontes Torres',, 137 1-2, Puerto Rico, (Id. 14, El .Reno, Okla., slopped John- Miami, Fla.—Vinco Gambell, 14, El Reno, Okla., stopped Johnny Taylor, 147, Oakland, Calif., (6). 1—Army 57 3G 1300 1-2 2—Notre Dame ....31 30 1206 1-2 —Georgia .. .. 12 1001 1-2 U.C.L.A 7 ')ol 1-2 —Pennsylvania 431 —Texas" 31 —Georgia Tech .. 350 ,—Tennessee .. .. 315 i—Illinois .. :!24 0—Michigan .. .. 212 1-2 The second ten: 11—Louisiana State ,149 1-2; 12—Southern Cali- brnia. !)6; 13—Ohio State. 03; 14— 70; 16—Iowa, 00; 17 —Arkansas, 1(1. 18—Vale, 42: 10—Holy. Cross, : 2i)--CDuke, :!7. Others icceiving one or more points: .Northwestern, 20: Delaware, 20; Tnlsa, 19; Boslon Col logo. 14; Indiana, '3 1-2: Muhlenberg and Hardin Simmons, (i each; Missouri and William and Mary, 5 each; Kansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Rutgers, 4 each; Wnke Forest and Virginia, 3 each; North Carolina Slate, Kentucky and Tul.ane, 2 each; St. Herbert's (Wis), California, .Nevada and Guilford. 1 each. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Tnxarkana COMPLETE RADIO SERV8CE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main i up she went. The profit motive and wealth Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co, didn't hurt Dickens 'delivery; Shakespeare got so rich that he retired and I have heard that when ! Tennyson was under contract for a 'guinea a word and wrote "Break, Break, Break on Thy Cold. Grey Stones, Oh, Sea!" the publisher wanted to iise ditto marks -and dock him two gns. Max Perkins said .Dumas had a kind of story-factory with a lot of assistants to do the hack work and lust put in the hot licks and purties himself, like some comic strip art- sts who get so lazy after they pass J25.000 a year that they buy their Bristol - board already ruled in squares and just sketch the drawings -from script done by scenario men and turn them over to ink- dependent, Mr. Ford balked a buying custom-made nction :!ron Kyne and Cobb and Mary Robert Reinhardt, and proposed some thing like the Dumas system. Ol< Henry told Joe to get one of th sfaff men to write the doings an other one the sayings and to as semble it, himself. He said ) wasn't sensible to pay high price for made-up stories without a grai of truth in them. Anybody coul think up a pack of lies. I have been hadging away iror the argument here because seems to be such a yes and n proposition. In his cub days, Pai Gallico used to sit in a cell in hi basement in Larchmont and beat out fiction i'or cheap magazines when he could have been dead tired, or helling around on bathtub gin but not because he was poor. He was very well off but he was a wolf for recognition and success and enjoyed spending the fiction money, which was velvet over his salary as a sport writer, for luxurious dresses and :"ur coats :!or Mrs. G. I don't recall how good or bad his early fiction was but I am not second-guessing when I tell you I knew he would get there. He was a writer, that is all. You can tell, usually. I could tell Evelyn Voss Wise was a writer 12 years ago when I saw some little fiction she had done and sent her to un agent. Mrs. Wise is no celebrity and never will be in the mock-modest manner of the dirty-book burns but Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT A8SO. "~ Omaha, Nebraska MRS. 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It was told along park row in my lime that when Joe O'Neill, of the old world, went out to Dearborn to jazz up Henry Ford's in- sha has come along nicely, five books published so :?ar REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanic*: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAM I* t Complete Repair Shop t Body end Fender Shop t Complete Paint Shop with and, now that we are turning io clean spiritual and religious stories sin cerely written by really :ane souls you may be hearing of her. She has a large Catholic clinetele al ready because, lor some reason although she is a protestant, slit has written several stories abou country pastors of the kind called "little" priests. There is an autho who makes Mr. Smith's point io him, at least to the extent that he literary sincerity has never beei heckled by enormous returns o autograph hunters or night-clu celebrity, and I can't conceive tha it ever could foe. Unquestionably, authoring is trade now and unquestionably thi is a gold rush if not ,in the artisti sense, a golden age of letters. No withstanding inflation, taxes an all we who sell words in arrange ment on paper have been workin the great mother lode for moi than 20 years. Don't wake me up Let me dream. OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS SIGNS and Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Barns • Vehicles • Efc. Waller & War'sr Phone 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. Doug ^^|TY Carl Bapon Vi*l I l Jones ELECTRIC CO. House Sntfujrrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repqirt Phone 784 Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we- have hired every member of our service-with-a-smile staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED. CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 OUR SEMICE MUST BE OF THE BIST! C WANTED Gear and Cleon Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkan$ai CASH---- inloMinutes! s Borrow money from us on your cor, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the betler we like it. Ten minutes usually get* you the cash. ,, A»k for Mr. McLorty, ot Hope Auto Co. PE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, November 1?, 19/16 V WP"rH.- '• ?«*^'fe^'" tt ' -T^^SSlfW*" ^ ,. ti//-**4 Cm!\J '- Wy l\Qj? U0< OZARK IKE tfy ChJctc roung DROPPED SUMTHIH' BEFO ear A GOOD JOB YOU'VE EVEN T ONE OF THOSE NEW FOUNTAIN PENS THAT'S GUARANTEED FOREVER AND A NICE HOME AND &OTTA QE PATCH ED/ V PUNCTURED/'fcX? V iff /V- 7 DAGWQQD, YOg'VE GOT SO MUCH LIVE FOP? TO HEAR TALK LIKE THAT/ A WIFE AND TWO LOVELY CHILDREN WHO LOVE YOU BLUES TOPAY UNNER A JERSEY^ By Michael O'Mallev &> RalDh Lane I RECOLLECT SEEIN ONLY ONE RAT IN YOUR CELL LAST NIGHT, BUBBLE. SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL f HOW THAT MOSP/TAL By Dick Turner PUT DOWN THE LADDER, BUBBLE, WE'RE COMING ABOARD./ |-jj WERE THESE W r YEAH A RAT'S NEST.' WASH TUB3S ND SINCE NO ONE OOE5...NO%OR LATER IN PRISON* R1NGO V THEN MOCHO \ THW'S RIGHT, VMHW X. HE AND COKE GURRfcH WO W05T |i>BUUT TKE \OF IT NEW*. SOKSE ROfsD fc&OU SlLVra THPsT \ TWENM NMLES FRONK HEBE,.. fAEN VIViWG FORSE&RS TO CONEi IM NORTHEfSSTER 5TMED TO \ \6 THE ONUS \ BROTHER! WTO ARIZONN FOR. tAOCHO'S SILYER BPiRS'...WtEWWWtE: UVING PERSON HO WAN WU. SE6/ E&SY. FROM THERE HERETOGETf // FMHER '. ~.>;-,4 GOTOGW.VWWCH MttJ WMiVOR DR.YiEEfc.R! THE W TRNMNG POST THW WE REdCtt TOMORROW IONE/ • £5y Wait Disney COPfl. 1546 OY MCA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. E. TAT. OtF. corn. 1916 nv urA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. u. s. PAT. orr. "Any o' yousc want nnyl'ini; from do bank?_ fRECKLtj AND HIS FR»EK^5 By Blpsser ZIMINSKI! A ZIM..OOOF/ "I (lon'l sec \vliy you nuike such ;i I'uss about me Into your car a little bit--Ihov're both »>hl cans and I'm .not complaiiiiui' about the duiiu^e lo mine'.'V '"!•' FUNNY BUSINESS 1 WISH We COULD GIVE SOMETHING UKE ITiS SYMBOLIC I By Hershberoer ITS SOLIOAND STURDV.AND IT GROWS UP WITH THE PASSING YEARS . 1T3 SORT OF LIKE OS/ _ WM THROUGH TH£ VEAR.S , THE 1 SENIOR. HISTORY CLASS OF SHADYSIDE 1 . HIGH HAS ALWAYS GlV£rJ THE SCHOOL A KIND- TMISYEAR.IS NO EXCEPTION- . )<M'i. Wilt CT'nry PioduaiOM d Hicliit Rt'cucJ Bv Carl Anderson ,V£ OUP. MARKS, SANDS OF TIME/ LOOK. WHATS Ol<! THE OTHER. SIDE/ "We have lo scurch tlioni when they leave builders'convenlion!" Bv V. T. Haiulm ALLEY OOP WIZER i OH.HEU-O.NSETAH I GUESSED V HONEST,! HE OUST SAID TH' PALACE SHOULDN'T BE LITTERED HERt IN AN AWFUL HURRY.' AS MUCH! \ NEVER LAID Thimble Theater UP WITH OLD JUNK, AN 1 WHEN I AGREED WITH HE TOOK OFF FOR HIS HEALTH OH, 600DY! WE WON'T NEEP LONG LIVE THE KING// DOWN WITH THE KING.'.' POCK CANPY IW THE ISLAND'S WATER SUPPLY SHOULD MAKE A GOOD SOOTH IMG SYRUP- IT vVILL ENP THE sevctu TIOM" POPEVE'S ) £U.!fJ By Edgar Martin *»i* -. Swws * All"- 12 OUR BOARDING HOUSfc. f\PPtP,\- I OO VOli COBStftV) TO etfc \P Wt\-P MOTOR VOO Tl-t 6RtfiTc'=>T •5JAOOTH OUT With Major Hoople By J. R. Williami PUT ft SK«5T IT? OUT OUR WAY HO\M DO.T- KMOVJ M!£R& YOUR RECORDS AR&1 ALWAYS FLOPPY AROurOD A GROUND UOOP LOOKUP YOU BURIED FORGOT/-—fvAESH BASS 3lST A STAC/. OF- . SEARCHeD) FOR M-V RECORDS/ VOU M.V VJOR.O/ SOit^6V>i\Tr\ THOSE SUITCASES VvVIAT/ AM OLD \ COWPUNJCHER LIKE j VOU MISTAKIWG /. A DESK FOR A /H BULL--OR J ARE •VOU \ . JUST AT" I • HIM A&Alls)? * /HAH-HA.' SHELL JUMP '( ALL OVEFJ SUGAR FOR TH.'XTV } THEY'VE LET HER PRIZE . f~\ BU1-L. FALL OKI ITS BACK -s\ AM 1 CAN'T GIT HIM TURMED OVER-PORE SUGAR.' *=*•=.> BE/XT-UP LAUMDRV X'lv\ ™ A 1HEK£.T.'rWl-eS7 , T &IKS-T SOir-y TO ^f^ l* is TO BLUFF u / CTOOD 6C RAPPERS a^

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