Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 11, 1946
Page 3
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*"*' HpWVi'-Tt*! •*">!•>< , !W » w *>v«*s^f<r^^^ CLASS/F/ED Kunsber of , Words? - Up tb IS 16 to 20 Ads Mult Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Sbc i ._ T . Day Days Days Mon 26 to 3Q«. r 31 to DS ... .60 .75. .90, 1.06 , 1.20 .1.35 1.30 JO" 1.20 1.-60' 1.80.-. 2» 10 3.40. 2.70 3.00 1.5. 2.00 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 1.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.0ft ,41 to 4J... ,«6 to 50. A. ., -.-Rates hre for Continuous • f -. Insertions,Only • AtMffant-Ads casn-in-Advance • Note. Taken Over the Phone For Sole 120 ACRES LAND IN SEC. 24. Twp. '14. range 25, about 12 f miles south of Hope joining Buck Mar r tin on the North. Write - John W. , Tttrfier, Kilgore. Texas. 31-12t BEAUTIFUL 4 ROOM HOME. Priced to? sell. Fletcher Easter* Phillips addition. 0-6t SEVgN, ROOM HOUSE, 402 NorUiY^Hervey, newly papered and painted, lot 10 X. 150, you can move in. Priced to< sell. , Floyd Porterfield, 6-6t 33%-ACRES WOOD;LAND. OFF highway 29, 8 miles south of Hope, Some good. timber,. See L. A". Stanley, Highway 4, 2 miles f Hope.- - : - • 6-6t ' ONE'.PRACTICALLY NEW 1946 ton- and half Studebaker- truck. Stake body, 8:25 tires. See, Buck i Williams. 6-tf is; TWO ROW CASE TRACTOR AND ' implements. B: -B.- Green, Hope, Rt. 1. Five miles out -on Spring Hill road. 8-6t Salesman Wonted ADVERTISING DALESMAN,- as to 45 with car and 8-10 years outside selling experience, for vacancy by big national advertising concern, established 1883, AA-1 rating. Largest most diver- Enough By Wettbrook Pegler Copyright, 1948 By King Featureg Syndicate. New York, Nov. 10—Recalling tho campaign orations and- advertisements^ I realize now that the ob- <:ifipri line In thp field Now line mems, I realize now inai "'«:•" contains mnnv olast cs fine ea- J ection to new dealism, which contains mnnv oiasncs. nne lea , thought was most i mpor tant and novelties,, gtjn belicvc was . most persuasive in the change, was mentioned narcl- ly at all by the Republican candidates and their highly indignant b»sress needs conc e ern. of every " Qualified , can readily earn $5,000 to $10,000 dld ? t . esr ,/'" or more, first year with us. Our i assistants. top producers earned over $20,000 j Of.course, the people were good in 1945-. Weekly check against and sore about the scarcity of food sales. Write qualifications: S. W. lin the stores and the hours lost Allen, Jr.. Kemper-Thomas Com-1waiting in lines, and the degree ot pany, Cincinnati.12, .Ohio. 11-lt HopeStar Star of Hope 1899; Preti 1927, Consolidated January 18, 192*. Oublished averv weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C.' E. Polmsr, President Alex H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building (12-214 South Walnut Stre«t H i—*-* *•*« Qp3,- * ' Alex. H. Washbum. Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmer. Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manage) Emma G, Thames, Cashier Entered as second class .matter at the fost Office at Hope. Arkansas, under-tho Act ot March 3, 1897. ,NANDINA BUSHES, ALL SIZES. o See Mrs. Anna Judson,-220 North , Elm. Phone 925-J. " 8-3t ! 250,BUSHELS CORN-, AT $2. , busKeL One pair smooth mouth . mules,-1000 pounds each, .One ' spotted Filly Colt, 15 months.old" and saddle'bred. Will make- a nice oony for a child. One but> cher ho?. Am-located two miles above. Cross-roads ,,on Hope-. Columbus. Parker. Rogers. 8-3t (AP)—Meons, Associated Press. (NEA>—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per-week 20c; per month 85c. Mail • rates—rin Hempr steed, Nevada, Howard, Miller and uiFoyette counties, 54.50'per .year; else-, rfhere $8.50, relief from this condition only reminded them t,hat the shortage had been artificial, after all. President Truman had guessed wrong. There was a good deal of ill-tempered and mostly dishonest dispute about the housing shortage and, while Governor Dewey w?s justified in boasting that, within his state, he had clone beter than the national government had done in the nation, still I wasn't blaming Mr. Truman or the Democrats. We had done very little building of rental properties since 1929, when millions of the voters who now felt the pinch were very young. Yoii get a stuffy effect when you speak of "investment capital," but you understand the idea when you ask yourself wheth- ;er you would-be. .willing to put your own savings.in an apartment-house or subdivision for the purpose of making . a dollar. Did . Harold Ickes? Did-F. D. R..? In the war years we had done no permanent buiding of this kind in the areas of regular need and the dilapidation had been faster than usual for lack of materials and labor and lack of incentive to make repairs under rent controls. Those controls still punish and restrain the landlord — who is a historic ,ONE BARN FORrSAL-E. 24' X'27 1 , metal roof. 3.V. Beckham-, Hope, Rt. 1. ' 9-3t BABY. BUGGY. -WITH pad.JRhone O. B. Burns, at 20-F-2. • • ll-3t ' 12 GUAui* WINCHESTER PUMP gun- Good condition^ $40. See it, 994iWest" 5th, St. W. M.' Ramsey. " " ADDING" "MACHINE' "$75 New Dayjton- Scales ,S175;. Meat slicer,$125. Fred's -Place, Phone- 605,- . , -.- '. ". Notice , DAY > T URSE.RY, FO.R CHILDREN. Noxy;.opened. Mrs. A. B. Enoch. Pho»e ,83-R. 8-3t National Advertising' Representative — Arkansas Dailies. Inc.;. Memphis Tenn., iterick Build.ng;.Cnicago, 400 Norh Mich- aan Avenu«;. Nev, fork,City, 292 Madison Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 V\. Grand Blvd.: Oklahoma• City, 31* Terminal Blda NSW Orleans. 722 Union St. this is Armistice Day, it: looks like a good time to declare an armistice on Army-Notre Dame 'ootball . . • . The question of won't be settled any a lot* of questions that ..... War One — as ______ ________ Frank Leahy summed up the game, "A lot of things happened — everything but " . . Leahy said if he the game over, he'd "try to open it up a little more," but it won't be played over until next year and then with different discussions superiority more than arose from World War One Notre Dame's scores. could play players heck of a Anyway, chance for there's a Penn and Northwestern to come through with a couple of "upsets" next Saturday when the Cadets and Irish suffer the inevitable letdown. Nearly everybody else has hnd it. Although the report: that ; Kentucky's Boar Bryant will, succeed Frank Thomas as Alabama L'oot- ball coach next season busted out in the open over the week-end, one of this corner's Alabama inl'orm- Who- will in- nht* Says: "I'd pick two other buys before, naming Bear, although Tommy likes him lots." . ever gets the job likely hot-it one fine prospect- in Ed lem. Ramsay Tech- high- school star, the same school that produced Vaughn Mancha-. . . Salem has boon sought as strenuously as a slab of bacon this fall but '.Bama Is supposed to have the inside track ... . Something To Gag On When Pete Matisi iiuil the Colgate football tear disagreement with Kerr, Sportswriter in Pete's home town of kndicott. N. Y., wisecracked: "Matisi didn't like the Kerr-tesy shown him at Colgate." "ate football team because of n Coach Andy Eddie Zalcnski End of the Line Elmer (Violent) Roy, who lights Jersey Joe W.-ilcott in'the Garden FHday, attributes his late arrival as a fighter to the fact his first manager was a.school teacher who "taught me nothin' minus. Copyright, 1946, NEA Scrvica. Inc. some papers to fill out concerning his olsibillty under the Gl Bill of Rights,. i At least he shouldn't have any difficulty about that, Red thought grimly. He put clown the facts, When he had.finished he was hilti' giy and tired: and the.cute blonde had disappeared. Red strode> dis« gustedly across the campus toward a lunch room. It was overcrowded, too, and the svnitress informed 'him' thnt there was no beer and he had to settle for a soggy hamburger and a muddy cup of coffee A, juke box was pouiing oul Cab Callowny's latest recording'and the shrill chatter of girls' voices and raucous young male laughter filled the hot stale room. Suddenly Red experienced what was for him an entirely new feel ing. He felt for the first time that nervous fear of crowds which affects many servicemen returning from combat. He got up abruptly and left his coffee untouched and pushed, his way to the door. "What.the devil?" he thought in sudden panic. 'Is it going to get me? Now?" He walked for ati hour.. Hurrying himself. Trying to sweat the, absurd tear out of his system. Suddenly Red stopped in his tracks and began to laugh out loud. He was tired — that was all. Holy cow — one day of civilian, life and he broke, out with combat fatigue! He looked at his wrist watch. A quarter of two. He was supposed to see an advisor at two about his schedule. He turned'back in the direction from which he had come. THE STORY: Red McFan, army ly moving toward the counter.After pilot, comes home with a chestful of •< = --••»«—»•»• vo^horl tho countci ribbons and a cocky sw.gger. He. visits the varnish plant where he worked before the war as a labor- atoiy helper. Old Man Condon, the big boss, greets him warmly. Red had saved his son's Irte in combat. Condon offers Red a chance to finish school and a part - time job meanwhile. Red accepts. Russ Condon asks his girl - friend, Elis Var. rascal, as we fancy, always all learn from in wanting his rent. just as we are always wanting ou>wages—-but retard investment ncy, to find a date V 'or Heel. already overcrowded university. He kept on asking Red questions and writing things clown on a piece of paper and consulting a small blue • backed book and at last ho said: "You'll have to lake a rather sciarfibled schedule this quarter. These last minute.registrations nre bnd.: Lot's see, Freshman English, first...." "Look here," Red broke in. "I don't want any English. I want as much chemistry as I can get, and math. Ivo got a job waiting when I get through school, and I want to make it quick." "Everybody has to lake Freshman English," the adviser said primly. 'It's required." Ho finally handed Reel a schedule that caller) for English, Zoology and American History. Red stared nt it. There was not one subject in which he was interested. For a minute his impulse was to chuck the whole thing. Back in his room he undressed and threw. liis uniform across a chair. A fat lot of good it WHS going to do him now, ho thought sow- Monday, Hiwemlier 11, ly. He flung himself down on the lied and thought back over tho unsatisfactory day. Suddenly ho raised himself on one elbow, looked til his watch and his fact- brightened. He'd nearly, forgotten. This was Snttu-dny. Rtiss hud a pai-ty lined up. A big time. Girls and' everything. Whistling, ,Rcd sprang of the bed and headfd for ;< shower. (To Be Continued) The sign in the lobby said REG ISTRATION. pointed to the right.-^ Red followed the. arrow into a big room cut in half by a counter beyond which a group of girls work, ed at desks, and the first half of •15 minutes.he reached the counter and a bespectacled girl behind it asked smartly: 'How much university work-have you had?" "None," Red said. "I'm sorry, you'll have to get in that line over there then. That's freshman registration." Again Red went through the crawling process. When he reached the counter this time another-girl gave him a'hall dozen typewritten sheets of ouestions to be filled out and directed him to a desk where pen and ink r were available. - ' 'sweated through the papers, collar wilting, his uniform His advisor, when Red got to him after another wait, proved to bo a thin over - worked under- instructor. He began to ask Red hur ricd questions. It was evident that he was not impressed by Red's uniform and ribbons. Rod, to him, was just,another GI to bo fitted into the Legal Notice building. Nobody wants to become, which W as jammed with boys in a historic rascal; nor nouiing'. ^-.- un iform, boys in slacks nnd'sport Mtmbtr of Th« Associated Press: The Associated Press- is exclusively entitled to me .use. for, republication of all news dij- jatches. c'rrdlt'ed to it • or not otherwise credited in this .paper and .also, the local lews published-heroin. like the meat shortage, this Trouble couldn't be cured by the removal of price, control because, whereas the ranchers had plenty of critters held back, awaiting higher prices, nobody had 10,000 four-room apartments or six-room detached-houses stashed away. I think people were angry about something that, few of the successful candidates even mentioned ex- ! nnnt «o in r Tr»rv» Flmi/nv'c- pncf* tn cept, as in Tom Dewey's-case, to or for investors to build' rental brag'how well they had done injhomes for them. Some of the . spite o,f • unnecessary difficulties, I very men in the building lines-who Arkansas News Items: Little.: Rock,^ Nov.; 11—#P)-^- A j without condemning the difficulties sudden .reduction of- income taxes (themselves. Republican policy and and ; .balancing of the national bud-1 propaganda, ignored it. get ."would be tragic," in the opin- I mean the arrogance and stupi- ion of-Rep. Brooks Hays • tD-Ark). Idity, the dumb; bossy conduct of "If there is a.cutback.of 20 : per- 'the unions. Editorialists and our. pundi.try wrote , about this, but the candi jackets, boys in mismated suits and a few bobby - socked girls. Red, still wearing his uniform, crowded his way through, the doorway and joined the throng. He took one disgruntled look a- roun'd the room and latched onto the end of a long line which was slow- becoming hot and heavy, his patience wearing thin. . And then ho noticed the girls. A crowd of; them, at the next table. Half a dozen plain - faced serious ones. Half a dozen more not so plain but. absorbed in the papers they wore filling out. And a doll- faced blonde. The girls were young too. Seventeen and eichteen. But girls-wore girls. Maybe college wouldn't be-so hard to take after all. <: Services Offered : netian Blinds, iwood' or. '' outside metal blinds a Write Riley Cooper, 17th~3t. »Texarkana, v , 1909,,,.West '15 : lmo Wanted to Buy VE-7 BUY HOUSEHOLD, P1URNI- ture, one piece, or more. Any amount. What:haye.; you?- Phone 61, 23-2mo Wonted to. cent:in income-taxes, as advocated by. Rep.. Knutson- (R-Minn) and the budget is. balanced, the retrenchment will of necessity, be borne-by the military," Hays said. "This, would \ be ' tragic r In view of our military commitments .overseas." The. congressman pointed, out that 75 perceruxotithe.budget^is-.a fixed, expense.. •*--. if faced, by: debt service, military-expense., and veterans service. In! an interview, Rep. •. Hays- declared that -. the-;flood control program "undoubtedly will suffer" under the Republicans.. "There is going to be '• a severe curtailment in- flood -control," he, said. ; R.ep., Hays said 'che Democrats had a "very good chance" of retrieving; the majority in-the-House in 1948 but said he did not-regard nomination of •'President Truman assured • "or even desirable." are supposed to get those wages see that they have raised themselves out ot. work. People, realized that unions were stronger than the new deal government,, which picked them up as a politi-, cal protege for what there was in it, and. found, themselves in a Six WARNING ORDER No. 6580 In the Chancery Courl of Hompstead County, Ark. MARY LOU BRAY PlaintifC vs. OLLIE W. BRAY ...Defendant The Defendant, Ollie W. Bray is varncd to appear in Ihis court vithin thirty days and answer the omplnint of the Plaintiff, Mary ..ou Bray. Witness my hand and seal of said :ourl this 7 clay of November 10<l(i. C. E. WEAVER, Clerk By Omeni Evans, D. C. YeisoiiberKor & Pilkinton, Attorneys for Plaintiff. John P. Vesey, Atl'y. Ad Lilem (SEAL) Nov. 11, 18, 25, Dec. 3 WlUtC • UUUllv tlllO, UL1L LUC v-t*i .iv*.* j*L<i C*HV4 AW »• iv.t, »*»**»•»» — -•-•— --' -- ,,' date's, were extremely delicate,, and I when the protege grew up to the yet I say the people were madder'.size of the United Mine Workers,. «* > ^."''T 1I T.. ,, ., ,, . , »-.» i _1 lV-«;rp.-,n .-,-. r. • Red waited until the blonde girl looked up aftd he caught her eye. She tilted her pretty nose for a minute and studied him and then hoi- eye fell on.-the row of ribbons on his chest and she smiled back-at him. She turned to the girls beside her and said something and they all turned nnd looked at his combat ribbons.'Red felt belter. He finished lilling in the informa tion blanks, handed them in lo Ihe girl at,the counter and received FOUR OR FIVE. ROOM'UNFURN- El Dorado;>Nov. 11 A. C. ished house or -apartment. Don Reynerson at 196.- Call 8-3t For Rent . NICE FRONT BEDROOM ADJOIN- ing bath. Garage if needed, Mrs. G. D. Compton, Phone 840-W. 9-6t i THREE ROOM FURNISHED apartment, utilities paid; Newly decorated. 805 South Walnut St. "Phone 657-W. ll-3t ' REMOVED FREE Within. 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, CQWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) I| No Answer Phone. 3158-R YOUR CREQIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better worfc at better prices— Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — Wo Call for. and. Deliver Anywhere Bargain* In Secondhand Furnltur* . Phone 152 411 S, H«*el Epps, Sr., 62, formerly of.Fayette ville , and Arkadelphia, died in a hospital last' night of • injuries received in an automobile accident Wednesday on the Magnolia highway seven miles west of El Dor-. ado.) His-'- car skidded and plunged into a creek. Epps had .made his home here with his '•son, A. C. Epps, Jr., for. the past few months. Little, Rock, Nov, 11 — OT— Children's day nurseries, parks, playgrounds and other activities are. eligible to buy surplus government property ,at the same dis. over these, impositions than they were,- over high prices, meaning in-, ilatipn, or anything else. The candidates dodged-the subject, because the* Republicans t are still alraid ; ,of the. pow.e.r • of the unioneers. evpn after election. If you watch closely you .will notice..th.at- they will go on tiptoe even now, with 1948 in mind. Tne, Democrats, of course, were struck with the bleame and the best they could d.o was insinuate that the todies.; and fascists, meaning the Republicans, were bent on driving down wages and destroying labor's gains. But-if.a Tory, or Fascist in big-business drives down wages he also drives down the market for what he makes and the prices thereof, so I thought that argument came from a campaign book, not from the campaigner's intelligence. And labor's gains, according;, to their script, included wanton strikes and goonery with tire chains, clubs and half-bricks, with icepicks and big-head nails to puncture tires and the jugular cut, the-little strike in a key'operation such as ball-bearings or gimmicks which. throws out of work thousands of-others, thousands of miles away, The, jugular is only a little piece of tubing that you wouldn'l giye, ten cents for when your is ail.right, but if.it : is cut, you hae trouble way down, to the tips of your toes. The Democrats were stuck with the Auto Workers and the.Teams- ters' and Maritime Unions,' whicn chawed raw beef with the : very life of New York even while the campaign was going : 'oti, ...... . . ^ < Old Harold Ickes, now that;he. is out, has been . giving. Mr, Truman the. devil lately, for letting Jphn L.. Lewis tell the government where, to get.off. But Lewis.told Ickes where, to get off when Ickes was.in there, and. he told the late Mr. Big where to go, too. He can do" that because he has got the law. on his. side and Roosevelt and Ickes were all for giving him that law. The unioneers did their best- in the campaign, but the people-voted against them anyway. I ,say the vote was a revolt against predatory unioneering, as the result of personal experience and close observation. It was a campai7n decided on a silent issue and the people of three states, who voted, against the compulsory closed shop /weren't ami - labor but mostly workers themslves. This had to be, because, as the new deal so often told us, the people who are rich and above the personal troubles that union- Doctor's Discovery FOR FLUSHING r Brings MIGHTY FAST Long-lasting Relief In COUGHS Ju CHEST COLDS MUStEROLE • Backache, loss of pep,.getting up nights nnd headache are often caused by nothing more than improper kidney ..action due to jxcess acid in the, urine. Kidneys are one of Nature's .ways of removing impurities from the blood. 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Ark. counts and priority levels as other i the- responsibility, for all this, and institutions carrying, on health; aq- couldn't deny it, so they called the tivities, the War Assets- Administration regional office here disV closed today. Little Rock,- Nov. 1J —WV-^ A petition for incorporation or the Electrical Contractors Asspgjation ol Arkansas, Inc., was filed'in Pulaski circuit,court today,by,a dozen Greater Little ,RpcJs electrical contractors. The petition said objectives of the organiza,Uon. were, to prpmpte more friendly business, relations, study and foster a solution to problems of mutual. interest and remove such bad practices, and .customs as may be contrary to good citizenship. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies. Will have cpmplet? line of printed Chrlitmas-Cardi Business and Personal. Gentry Printing Co. NOTICE I hove- moved my office from the- Josephine-Hospital to No. Ill W. Third St. (in front of the Police Station) where my office, was,before I built the present Hospital. Dr. Jim-M<Kenzie now, owns the Hospital and has changed the phone No. to 246 because I am retaining 284 as my old office phone as it has always been. I continue to do my hospitq.1 work in the Josephine Hospital. G. t. Cannon, M. D. system labor's gains and tried to make people think it was good :'or all of us,. I think- the people had come to realize that the system \yas,no mere nuisance by.now, but an out-rageou.s imposition, and voted- Republican in the mistaken idea that the Republicans had promised to do something about it. although they didn't. Who promised to do anything about it? What did he.promise? Tell me what any Republican, promised to do. I get I don't know how many thousands. of letters a year, and more than half of them are about unions and most of them hot against unions, including, letters from union members. These peo- jple. : have seen unionism in the raw, land.no Joe Guffey or Dan Tobin, singing for his pay and perquisites vvhether in Congress, in a state capital or in a union office, can tell them it is good for them, either now or in the Ion j-un, to be forced to put up wit the impudence of the union bosses, to be pulled off their-.iobs arbitrarily, to be robbed or their petty little insurance benefits, bled of assessments to buy. jewelry, for a lot of parasitic bums and furs for their babes and to meet their gambling losses at'the track and the tables in Miarnitduring the hibernating season, of. the criminal scum. They have .seen wages in some of the building lines driven so high that they realize that it isn't pps'sible tp own homes on their pay ism inflicts centage of are only a puny the population. per- The workers just decided that ihe law shouldn't compel a fellow to join a union and go idle and needy and buy luxuries for • bums and winter palaces for union emperors and dig up for political campaigns to elect the political patrons of- the union bosses. In view of the fact that the successful candidates had so little to say one way or another I think the people led the candidates. How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right .to the seat, of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial.mucous membranes, Tell your druggist tp sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with, the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back 1 . 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FQR HE WAS NOW AN OSRHAN, W|f H NQ HOME " OKAY, I'LL READ THE STORY OF LITTLE CHICKEN *CHI|CKEN 1 PINKS' HEART'; WAS BREAKING, FOR HE REALIZED.----" - HEY, WHAT'S GOlNo'Y ON DOWN THERE p >ADDX OU READ ME 3NE OF MY TORY. BOOKS? DON'T BE'SO EMOTIONAL/ FATFIEL&S DONE MAC fH'"t»AWU OISAF'PE By Micr.ae.i;Q'Mallev, fc Ralph i- By Golbraith SIDE GLANCES By Dick Turner CARNIVAL p»i»ed.froii) jail, and,me, on, pur TtVOSPOT; HIDING/ YOU. MUST; HAVE M'ADE- 1 SLIP/ MR. FLINT. IF, HE WAS. OK-tyE, ROAP,, I'D, HAVE V HIM UP. foA OVER-V SPEEDING/ SEARCH rtvpsppt, YOU'VE 'GOT TO HIDI TANK AIMING. TO GET:TO THE rwosfor AHEAD: OF. UO. By. Msslie-Turner-', • THERE *RE OVER ^ TWOUSNWf* WASH TUBBS .. \riL.NEyER FORGET WHfKt. ,-l*uvnr^(iw »,!•». ITU h.i i WMT "Ok SPRING T k' F - i^v** I t-U ^JkttlkVI/ g'-'- : •'' COPR. mt.BY NEA SERVICE. INC." M. BEC. U. S. PAT. OFF.>- •- By Walt Disney PH 1940 BY NCA.SCRVICF. IMC. f?'M. KtC. U. S.'PAT.-QfF MPP. 1346 BY HCA.SCRVICr. IHC. i.m. nm- u. o. rn.. w, .. -^,^., . , . .Ill • ' , , —— - — —• — ~ —~ : i ^^' ' . .... Gladys had n dale, with him. nnd-shc Ipld.inc hp^vas ai\.-,., ; "Ilcronflor, Miss Mi.UMs. Nvlien.you .l-icur. inc. wwkm.u wilU. awful wolf—but I bel she -was just:bragging!"promises to a visitor, will you.plca.se Moll • im- wlici her, „,»,„„,, „ ', , ^ - _ • •_ ,^'-:r hc'S-U'Conslilucnt^or ;v soj_u.'itor?_ JRECKLE3 AND HIS FRIENDS ' By Bjoiier, HE'S-TURNiN UP:iELM STREET I PRETTV FAST.'-- J FUNNY BUSINESS By. Hcrshberaer BUCK UP.-OQSFACE--•>--] S/OU. SAID; it/ ') WOMEN AS? AT TWIRP.'SEASON! iSURE ALL OUR TROUBLES BACK-RRED, : DIDN'r- IT? • Bv r Carl -Anderson • WMATS WROMG WITH WU , PAk?V '. DOESN'T A. VOVV MEAN . ANV' MOR^ TO YOU THAN. IT-DOeS-T£) ' 'GOIM&; ITDODNFESS FR6CK? .By V. T. Hcvutiin; "He saves his old numbers!" 1 ;.. ^^^YQUBACKASAIN? \1 DID,AM'\WEL|-,WHATEVeR IT IS WHAT YOU. \I THOUGHT YOU'D I.OCT WHAT) PUT IT OUT BACK - PIN- Qt* 'MV IWENTSOME. PUACE^ / i WENT / i DONT WANT TH• THRONEj" ,^.— ^^^L. AFTEB-i^.- F»LACE LITTERED WITH OLD JUNK GRAND WI.ZERj I AGEEE; WITH. YOU PERFECTLY.' Thimble Theater, /THAT OIL \<= WELL. BLOW ME BLASTID OIL.'/ I WANTED WATERj .WORTH MILLIONS;.' s NOW I WILL (PILL IT UP/> (MILLYLJN5??)" THINKER. OF I'M AN ENGINEER/.' of HOO g \ *<-A^ l » r =7=VTl ^T i*t»if£^r- .w.a^co^c'Vi^/,."' f i \i ( ABSENCE, IS ' BY THE WIZER'S INTERFERENCE. By Edgo'r Martin, J STRtftMUtOlNJi6 OUR BOARDING HOUSL With Maioj- By J, R, Williami •i OUT OUR WAY AllslT GIVIM 1 - 1 LIKE THAT.' WE CAME BACK MILES TO SEE IF 1 THE ELECTRIC . -A-' \\ IROM ISOM— WHV DOtO'T -izr^- 1 VOU GO IN) THE TXDOR L . COPR. 184f BY HE* SERVIC6.JNC > By Fred Harman REP RYDER AN'SrVt Go! \f IQU'RS ^Fp.^lD, ' 1>\ CUTt'3 PARW&fc-

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