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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, November 11, 1946
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HOP! STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Saturday, November 9, 104 crtona l Phon« 7U •«tw««n I a. m. antf 4 ». ». 1 Social Calendar Tuetday, November 12 •The Hope Iris Garden Club svill meet at 2-30 Tuesday afternoon M toe home Si Mrs E O Wlnjjfceld £he president urged a full attendance as important business svill come before this meeting. Kenzie. Mrs. W. E. White sang I "Ncllv Bly" and "Beautiful Dreamer" by Stephen Foster. "Gentle ! Annie" by Foster was performed bv a vocal trio composed of Mrs. McKenzie, Miss Mary Louise Keith and Mrs. Basil Edwards. Mrs. C. C. McNeill accompanied at the piano. Opera in America and the life of Victor Herbert were discus- Friday Music Club Met Friday Evening -The Friday Music Club met Friday evening at the home of Mis Arch Wjhe Tag Day. which was neld October 26 and from ssnich the proceeds go to support the Arkansas State Symphony Orchestra. was reported to total $71 00 net Mrs. Arch Wyhe, Mrs Hendrix Spraggms and Girl Sc 9 ut Tioop No. 6 were the committee in j-Plans for a public program pie- senting the recently acquired grand piano to the community were projected for early December. * Stephen Foster and other pioneers of American music was the Subject presented by Mrs. Jim Me- sed by Mrs. Franklin Horton. "All, Sweet Mystery of Life" by Victor Herbert was sung in three- part arrangement by Mrs. Spraggms Miss Keith and Mrs. Edwards Mrs. McNeill accompanying. A recordinng of the Overture to "The Barber of Seville" con eluded the program. Mast«p Curtis ChOrchwell Celebrates Birthday Master Curtis Churchwell cclc brated his third birthday anniver sary with a party on Friday at. th home of his parents, Mr. andjvirs 2 Family Bills for All Foods Are Increased RIALTO 3 Doys • Begins Sun. lit* Ul HiO £J«l^lifciJ| .*•*»• »••«»* ..___. L. Churchwell on Hope, Route After an hour of supervised play the little guests were served birthday cake and ice cream. The honoree received many lovely The guest list included; Jo Ann and Edward Hartsfield, Billy Hartsfield, Jimmy Hartsfield, Raymond Churchwell and Don and Jack Rug- Mrs. Churchwell was assisted in serving by her mother, Mrs. John Hartsfield. Jett B. Graves Class Party Wednesday Night Mrs. Graydon Anthony, Mrs. B. R Hamm, Mrs. Jerome Smith and Mrs. Lloyd Spencer were hostesses to the Jett B. Graves Sunday school class at their regular monthly business and social meeting Wednesday evening at the recreational rooms of the church. The Thanksgiving motif was effectively carried out in the decoration and Mrs. O. A. Graves, class teacher, read' two Thanksgiving stories. Games, contests and group Washington,* Nov. 8 — (/TV- The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported oday that the family bill for all foods except meats increased an average of 2.2 per cent bctsveen mid-August and mid-September, BLS said it used flic mid-August meat figures in its index because lack of sales prevented "a reliable measure of change" in mid-September, when there was a severe meat shortage. All retail prices to moderate-income city families, the BLS report said, advanced 1.2 per cent for the month, which ended 145.9 per cent above the 1935-39 average and 48 per cent more than the pre-war level in August, 1939. "Higher prices for food, clothing and house-furnishings were primarily responsible for this increase," BLS said, "but all major groups contributed to the rise." A notable exception to the price rise trend is the BLS index for gas and electriciy, which in August 1939 was 99 per cent of the ia35-39 average and in mid-September 1946 had declined to 9.17 per cent of that average. This reflects lower gas and electric utility rates. BLS said its mid-September con News of the Churches FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second J. E. Cooper, Pastor . Organ Music by Luther Holloman —9:30 a.m. Church School — 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —10:50. Sermon by Pastor. Board of Stewards will meet at the Church at 2 p.m. November 10. Vesper Service — 5:30 p.m. Sermon by Pastor. Youth Fellowship Group — 0:30 p.m. Choir Practice —Wednesday — 7:30 p.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th & Grady Otis L. Rowe, Minister Bible Study —9:45 a.m. Preaching—11 a.m. Communion —11:45 a.m. Young Peoples Class — 6:30 p.m. Preaching —7:30 p.m. Wednesday Night Bible Class — 7:30 p.m. We extend to all a cordial invi tation to attend all services of the .'ire drill-the other day, Mother, whatcha reckon would happen if ,hat old building (.-aught on lire? Mother: That nas been discussed with our fire chief, Johnny. Me says .10 two - story building, unless it is of fire - proof construction, is safe. He was then questioned about Brookwood School in particular and he said that if a fire were to start downstairs, and the smoke started pouring up the stairway, he didn't think he would be able to get all of you out. So far, we've been very fortunate that we haven't had a fire. And I do hope something can be done in the svv.^ of a new uuild ing •Johnny: I know that fire- chief he's swell. Me thinks about us little guys — taught me to swim las summer. Betcha he'd get us a new I have written a short dialogue, "".ding « »!» c ° uld Letters to the Editor This is your newspaper. Write lo it. Letters criticizing the editorial policy or commenting upon facts in the news columns, are equally welcome. Every writer must sign his name and address but publication of name may be withheld if requested. To Editor of the Star church and class work, together, especially Come let all the us reason sumers price index included, for the first time since the war began, the costs of many scarce durable goods items, such as automobiles, refrigerators, sewing and w.ashing machines, vacuum cleaners and radios. singing were enjoyed. Durlnng the social hour the hos- .-.. KELLEY GRILL.. Sunday Menu BAKED CHICKEN AND DRESSING Navy Denies Abuse Charges by Filipino Civilians Manila, Nov. 8 — (/P) — Hear Adm. H. H. Good, commander of the Philippine sea frontier, issued a statement tonight, that Filipino civilians' complaints that they were abused at Olongapo naval base are "without foundation." Lt. Col. John P. Stafford U.S.M.C., who headed a board of inquiry, reported "no evidence record or indication was found o: >hysical mistreatment of any pris )ner and no mistreatment of citi ens." Good said the investigation o military-civilian relations in Olong po indicated such relations were n a firm, friendly'-footing. He said he investigators found a few iso ated "anomolies" but immediate tops were taken-to prevent a re currencc. He said the anomolies includec detention of prisoners an averag of two days without filing charges Philippine law specifies a. max mum of six hours. FIRST BAPTIST Third -1 Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School —9:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service— 10:50 Sermon by the pastor. The choir will sing as the special music, "Beneath the Cross of esus" by Maker Training Union —G:15 p.m. Evening Worship —7:30 Sermon y the pastor. The Fellowship Hour, Wednesday -7:15 p.m. Intermediate Choir Rehearsal Vcdnesday —G:30 p.m. Adult Choir Rehearsal, Wcdncs ay— 8 p.m. Junior Choir Rehearsal —3 p.m aturday. with Cranberry Sauce ENGLISH PEAS CORN O'BRIEN CREAMED POTATOES WITH CHEESE LETTUCE SALAD WITH FRENCH DRESSING ICE CREAM AND CAKE 75c :. KELLEY GRILL. • * '.••'*,'.''..-. •••' .•','-''". 118 W. Third Street my way of describing some of the existing conditions at Brookwood School, and I'd appreciate it very much if you'd print this in your paper. Scene: Johnny's home Time: 3:30 o'clock. P. M. Johnny: Hey, Mom! Where are you? I'm hungry — Whatcha got" Mother: Hello, Johnny, I've sav- hyou hands and I'll ga oryou— cd something special for you —wash you hands and. I'll give it to you. By the way let me sec those hands. Johnny, Johnny, I don't believe you've washed them since you left home" Johnny: Well, I guess not. Guess you wouldn't either! Did >ou evei go in that restroom at school? No sirree, I'm not going there unless I have lo. Hate to, then. Here, my hands are clean, give me something quick! Mother: You act as if you're starved. Didn't you have any lunch a' all? , Johnny: Yes, I did but it was- cold and, say, by the way. did you ever sce our lunchroom at school? Mother: Yes, son, I've seen it. In fact, it was a P. T. A. project, and we did the best we could, but Mother nen like toard. Johnny Yes. I wish we had some him on our schoo __ „ . What's the matter will our school board, anyway! Why don't they, sec that we get a nc\ niilding? Mother: The district has no mon cy, Johnny, and these men hav lever 1'clt called upon to revca that fact to the general public an isk for help. Johnny: Has anyone talked them auout asking the public £o lelp? Mother: Yes. one woman has tn ed to the president, the proper! chairman, and the secretary Johnny: What did they say abot it. Mother? Mother: The president got vci DOROTHY DIX Home-Wrecking Jealousy Probably there is no other one hing that'ruins as many marriages nd breaks up as many homes as calousy. The men and women who are unfortunate enough to have vives and husbands who are pos- essed by the green • eyed monster icver have peace and happiness or liberty. Their lives are made 1 torment lo them by their being vatched, spied upon and suspicion- ed, and no matter how innocent they may be, or how great their ntegrity, they arc kept in an attitude of being criminals who have to perpetually defend themselves. The husband of a jealous wife cannot speak to another woman without his wife believing he is having an affair with her. Nor can he dance with a pretty girl at a party, or show that he enjoys the conversation of an entertaining woman at a dinner party, without having to listen to diatribe from his wife, salted down with tears, when he gets home. A jealous husband never believes his wife -goes to market to buy pork chops. He is sure it is a cover for keeping a rendezvous with the butcher. And the things he accuses her of doing would make any lady of the streets look like a model of virtue. Offers Solution indignant — said he svasn t being paid anything, and if she thought she could ao better, she could taKC the job over. The secretary lold her they hoped to remodel the building in 1U32 — not to get nervous over such things: and ihc property chairman reminded her that it was a thankless job, that | Loney Against Fulbright's Suggestion GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST N. Ferguson Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor Sunday School —10 a.m Preaching —11 a.m. B.T.C.— 6:30 p.m. Preaching —7:15 p.m. Auxiliary, Monday —2:30 p.m after all, you can't buy proper lunch room and kitchen equipment on a shoestring. Johnny: Say, we have a new text book Sec — it's called Health. Believe I'll look it over while you finish your mending. Golly, Mom, come to think of it, I've been overlooking something all week. Mother: What's that? Johnny: Why. I could have wash Little Rock, Nov. 7 —(/P)—Cover- mat 11 svas <l uiiiimiua:* juu, IIIMLI ijiiu<J rxuurv, nuv. i in/ he wasn't being paid, that he didn't nor Lancy said today he is want it in the tirst place — it was inclined to agree" with n suggcs forced on him—and he would have 1 Uon of Sen. J. W. Fulbngnt (U i t : i _l _,.„._ ,_ ...... «Un.« if V^«i A..1»\ IVint tD.incTirlnnl Ti'l tfm nil 1'Pli 1*1 turned it down even then if hadn't had a son in school. However, he did ask her to be patient, •*»•*•» "-""«*.7l Ai&vrnut.*.; —.v.~ j...... . j QflfJHy YVIlJ, 1 l»UL**" IIC*v\_ i* iim • Teachers Meeting, Wednesday — e d my hands without going into that 7 p.m. Prayer Services, Wednesday — 7:30 p.m. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson Streets T. F. Ford, Pastor "The church that is different" old restroom. You knosv, it's rained all sveek, and when it rains svc have to set tubs and buckets about— y cs , sir, I could have washed my hands in them— guess I I could have pushed one aside and had a pretty good shower bath, it 'the teacher hadn't caught me, in The revival is still in progress , hat ups t a irs hall. You just oughta with Evangelist James Holtsclaw sce it! sce it! from Bedford, Ind. God is blessing, Mother- Heavens! I'm glad you the people arc stirred, the mam- Didn't think of it. Suppose you go on fcstation of the Spirit is present. w ;th your book on Health. Elder Holtsclaw is very consccra- ' - •* - • - ..... - --- tesscs served a delicious dcsser plate to 25 members and guest Coming and Going Dr. and Mrs. L. M. Lile and Mr. and Mrs. McRae Andrews will arrive Sunday' from a ten day vacation trip to Miami, Florida. While there Dr. Lile attended a meeting of the Southern Medical Association. llll .JUUi kJUVIX Wil AA^-H.V... ^n.,^ iiwii^^...., .w ,~.j ~- , johnny: Says here we need fresh ted, a man of much prayer he will a ; r Guess I'm fixed up on that- - ted, a man 01 mucn prayer ne win a ; r Guess I rn fixed up on inai— certainly inspire your soul to hear fiot ' a hole in the wall right next to him, don't miss a service./;',;"-.:;:j my desk —Oh, Boy! Talk about Sunday School — 9:45 a.m(^i;;.-. f rcsn a ir! I get it. Of course, some- Ciinrlair \Vnl'cVlir\ 11 nm_l ill! :» .vntp ,-.*»/\t4if nKillv llllt it's Mr. and Mrs. Claude Tillery and son, Weldon left Saturday morning for Paducah, Kentucky svhere they svill be the week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Cooper, former Hope residents. Mrs. Glen L. Williams has as week end guests her daughters, Miss Marie Antonettc Williams of Little Rock and Miss Sophia Williams of Henderson State Teachers College, Arkadelphia. • Glen L! Williams arrived.-Saturday .morning'from California wheve he was discharged from'the arm cd forces. He has recently return ed from 12 months overseas dut; in Jsoan and served a..total_qf_ll months. -v.rf'. of us. The Young Peoples Meeting will be held follosving the Vesper Service at 5 p.m. up to read ** ««v. -- - l*r i safety and that •/ the i j astor. .: dangling over Tommys neau— All who have not contributed,.to W0 uldn't it be funny if old Tom got he Self Denial offering for Pros-1..- *« ,.«->,-i ^hmtt cnfptv nnd that jytcrian Emergency Home Mission are asked to do so this Sunday if jossible, as we are still far short of svhat the General Assembly asks Enjoy the Best Food in Town at the DIAMOND Served Daily Speckled Trout Dinners Fried Catfish French Fried Shrimp Alines Homemade Pies Try Our Hot Tamale Chili Plate 75c "Our Special Sunday Dinner" 75c v Choice of Meats: Baked Turkey and Sage Dressing Cranberry Sauce Baked Virginia Ham and Apple Sauce Snowflake Potatoes Fresh Butter Beans Shrimp Filled Peppers 11 Coll an . * &«-*- *v. —"- — —• -I times it gets pretty chilly, but it s chilly all over that old building, Betcha sve couldn'l heal Ihing with a hundred uvua; , , . Johnny: And, let me see, here s Sunday School —9:45 a.m. a lesson on safety. Speaking of satc- Morning Worship—10:55, sermon ty ]vj orn there's a piece of ceiling Sunday Worship —11 a.m.< Sunday PYPA —6:30 p.m. Evangelistic each evening —7:30. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Pastor Sunday School —9:45 .a.m. Morning Wor by Ihe Paslor. anyss-ay. that old stoves! ly , jviuill, ttiv^ix. «J w ^..w^w —— — — - • u dangling over Tommy's head—- thing fell dosvn on him? Mother: Well, it might not bc so funny. Those things can be pretty serious sometimes. Johnny: Here's one on lighting— and hosv to protocl your eyesight Heck! This old book makes me sick ^ „,. „ , Whalcha gol to study this old book Circle Meetings of the Womans fo r 7 They knosv we don't have good maybe something could be done. Johnny: Where does his son go to school? Mother: To High School nosv, but he has never had to go to Brook- svood. Johnny: Oh, I sec. Well, did she talk svilh the superintendent? Mother: Oh, indeed she did! She talked svith him first. Johnnj What did nc saj' Mother: Ho gave her an indulgent smile— said he would see lo a :-.'csv minor repairs, and remarked Ihat it svas bad svhen he went lo school. Johnny: Does thai remark make good sense, Molher? Mother: Well, I couldn't call that logic. Johnny: Mother, what makes you think tho general public will do something about this? Mother: Well, I think any city'as loyal as this one is to the loolball learn, and supports it as this one docs, svill also shosv some loyalty to the six to ten- year olds. Johnny: Mother, don't you like football? Mother: Of course, Johnny, I like it very much — but I certainly consider it secondary to Ihc safely and comfort of small children — you knosv, "First things iirst!" Johnny: Well, lels sec, seems to me a football player needs sound lungs and good eyesight. Doesn't he mother? Molher: Darling! You're wonderful! That, my dear, is logic. Coming from a seven year - old too! Signed, Maude L .Lesvis -o Ark> that President Truman resign after appointing a Republican SEC rctary of state who svould succecc him as president. He pointed out that there . "nothing ncsv" in a president am a majority of Congress being o opposite political parties. Such a situation svas brougn about by Tuesday's election, i svhich Republicans ss-on a majorit of both Houses of Congress. This inspired Senator Fulbright's plan, svhich he said svould avoid a stalemate bctss-cen a Democratic president and a Republican Congress. After having spent years in trs ing to convince their jealous spouses that they are not the abandoned creatures that they are accused of being, most husbands r.nd svivcs give up the fight and sink into poor cosved stooges svho bosv their heads to the venom that Is continually poured over them, or else they get divorces. For heretofore there has been no knoss-n cure for jealousy, but great and marvelous arc the discoveries that are being made by research workers these clays, and one c-f. them claims that he has found V * remedy for it that he presents for free, to this column. He says it is to put yourself in the place of the jealous one and try to find out syhal it is that makes him or her 'jealous. He relates that he svas married to a woman svho svas so jealous she svas scarcely human, and ho vas just on the verge ot getting a ivorcc when It occurred to him lat svhat svas eating his ss-ifc svas he fact that ho had slosvcd dosvn n his courtship technique. BeinT tircd business .man, with man> ' ares and anxieties on his mind, ic had quit telling his svifc ' hosv icautiful and wonderful she was, losv ho svould pihe asvay. and die f anything untoward should happen to her. Inasmuch as he wasn't making ove to her, his svife leaped to the conclusion that there svas another woman, so she let her suspicions run riot until she convinced herself that her poor houscbrokcn husband svas a Casanova svho couldn't be trusted to go dosvn the street svitl( ; oul her svatchful eye upon him. Being a svisc man, the husband iiS^ 48TH YEAR, VOL. 48—NO. 25 Voice of Opinion —— By James Thrasher Simple, but Appropriate Five men stood together under a tree on the White House lasvn. They sverc not famous men, as fame is usually defined. Bul as President Truman said in announcing their appointment to the Atomic If Energy Commission, they h^.d just been given "responsibilities as great as any men have over assumed in peacetime." | Their first meeting was not in itself important or productive. If it is remembered <it all. it svill bo for its indication of hosv completely the started from scratch. These men ss-crc inheriting a tremendous lasK, and svith it tremendous properties > } and organizations. But at the first meeting they did not even have nn officc - j economists said Ihat if "prices rise They sverc simply five men sue- sharply on the heels of decontrol ccssful in their various endeavors j renesvcd pressure :'or cost-of-living Hope Star WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Fair, slightly colder in extreme east portion this alter- noon and tonight; lowest -temperature near freezing with scattered frost iti North tonight; Tuesday i'air and warmer. Stor of Hooe. 1899: Press. 1927. Consolldoted January 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1946 (API—Weans Associated Pross iNEAl—Means Newsoaoer Enterprise Atsn. PRICE 5c COPY Crucial Stage in U. S. Strike Negotiations By United Press Negotiations in the threatened soft coals strike reached the crucial stage today, as many sources predicted that the nation's return to a free economy would bc fol- Appeal Made for Old Toys for Needy Children Persons interested in contributing toys that need repairing so they can bc fixed and given lo orphan and needy children Christmas are asked to contacl Mrs. Charles Bryan or Mrs. Leo Complom, Telephone 251 - W. Repairing these toys svill be the Girl Scout Troop No. 6 of Hope. They svill bc assisted by the loca fire department. Help from local persons is also asked in repairing the toys. changed his tactics. He began deluging his wife with sugary compliments, fetching her flowers, assuring her that every d,ay in every way he loved her more and more, and, lo, the jealousy disappeared as mist before the sun. It may be that this discovery of how to cure jealousy is of greater value than that of how to split the atom, but haying to keep a husband or wife all buttered ui% would surely be some chore! . '. -. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) and unselfishly conscious of duties as citizens. To them President had assigned responsibilities for Ihe use of materials, pal- cnls and processes svhich human minds had pul together to harness the grcates posver that man had ever controlled. The harnessing of thai power Newspaper's Opinion Not Basis for Fine their svage increases may result in an- lht , ' other round of strikes. ' Labor sources, who declined to permit use of their names, believed I Little Rock, Nov. the biggesl immediate trouble '•- •••••" -•" 1 " " f 1:l «- spols svere in Ihc sofl coal mines and the building trades. In the soft coal dispute .Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug and President John L. Lesvis of the bc- Unilcd Mine workers, (AFL), en The oldest existing printed bo.ok is a Buddhist sacred text dated 808 A. D. OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and 'Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS uxiliary Monday afternoon. ; lights. Make a feller waste his time Annual Meeting of the'Arkansas studying stuff like this! And here's ' " — our ua.y CIIIM **w*-f»..c3 j ~,— ---- y .. Talk about keeping warm! Yossir- ree, this old book makes me sick. I'm tired o£ looking at it. other: (to herself): Nosv, what „,. I say to that? Johnny. Did I tell you we had a Womcns' Synodical, Tuesday and a -good one — about keeping your Wednesday-in-El Dorado, Arkansas. f CQt dry arid staying war.'.Just try The weekly* Church Fellpwship K 6irig up that old walk on a rainy Supper at 6:30,;sharp; jail ^families day and keeping your feet dry! arc invited to participate. • ' m_-n_ <«u~..i \.-/m*-,!)•»« mm-mi vpbsir- You are cordially invited to :wor ship with us. FIRST CHRISTIAN 210 N. Main Street Wm. P. Hardcgree, Minister Sunday School— 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. If you arc not attending any other Sunday school, we would like to have you come svith us. Morning Worship, Communion & Sermon— 10:50. Special music by the choir. Christian Youth Fellosyship meeting —6:30. This group is for boys and girls from the sixth grade through high school. . Evening Worship, Communion & Sermon— 7:30. Monday: The Women's Council will have its regular business and missionary meetings at the Church 3:30 p.m. All svomcn of the] lurch arc urged to come. NAMES Des Moines, la., Nov. P —(/I 1 )— A young Des Moines Catholic priest ss-ho has acquired four sets of firsl names has petitioned in district court- for permission to have just one of them. Final choice was Paul Francib Hans. Father Hans said that differen names sverc given him al Baptism aonfirmation and upon his en trance into a seminary and hac resulted in his bccomin gidentificc variously as Francis Joseph, Pau Leo, Francis Paul, and Paul Fran Sunday - Monday - Tuesday VISIT Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop < Clothes for Infants — Toddlers — Children Gifts — Toys — Cards SUE and LEE , Tots to Teens 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 gan in the minds of men. it grew into something expressed in billions of dollars, thousands of workers, thousands of victims killed in an unexpected flash.- It threatened to get out of hand and destroy its controllers. So the problem of controlling the controllers came back to the minds of men — in our country, lo the minds of the five men standing under a tree. Soon these men will bo in surroundings considered more fitting to the importance of their work. They will have suites of offices and staffs of advisers and assistants. They will have eventual fame. They will also lead a life which partakes of the monastic and the Masonic, divorced from many personal associations and all acquisitive pursuits, pledged to closest secrecy tered the negotiations at Washington for the tirst time. Krug hoped to avoid a show-down by letting the private mine operators take his place in the discussions. ,.„„ 11 —OT-Thcrc no rule of lass- permitting jail sentences aiid contempt fines merely because a newspaper thinks some judge has mistakenly staled the lasv," the Arkansas Supreme Court declared today in treeing two Negro publishers of contempt penalties assessed by a Pulaski (Little Rock) circuit court. "Such comment docs :iol create a present danger to the administration of justice," said ihc unani- _ . . _ :..:„., 1,.. f^ltl nP Ti i iH i fn iii*1 f. ^ ^ncVhove' b » operated ™™ "n^ Chief Justice. I 1, « r»»M,n,-,-,t-»-\f»r,! Clllfl-* met l " tjlllll..., -* , until the mysteries can safely revealed. be by I h c government since last spring, svhen they sverc seized to end a prolonged strike. Negotiations in the nexl fcsv days probably svill determine whether the union svill call a coal strike Nov. 20; whether the government can turn tlic mines back to their osvn- ers soon; and whether the government must grant svage increases to avoid a strike as winter ncars. In other labor disputes the city of Fort Wayne. Ind., svas without public transportation because of a work stoppage by 250 bus drivers and streelcaj- operators; striking newspaper- Christopher pilots a n d Western Air, Transcontinental & Inc., agreed on one Sunday - Monday - Tuesday L HEY FOLKS' I THIS SHOW IS A.. CHAMP! ^^BH • I Brit/edol* HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue D H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor "Trust in the Lord with all thine art; and lean not to thine osvn nderslanding. In all thy ways knowledge him, and he shall diet thy paths." Prov. 3: 5, 6. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —11. . Christ's Ambassadors Services— | 15 p.m. Evangelistic Services—7:30. Tuesday: Christian Service Bn- ade —7 p.m. Wednesday: HI-C. A. Brigade— •30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study—7:30. Thursday: Women's Missionary ouncil— 2:30 p.m. The Pastor svill speak at both 10 morning and evening services, everyone who does not attend reg- larly elscsvherc is given a cor- ial invitation to attend any or all f these services. Coffee Tea Milk Hot Rolls - Butter Cherry Sundae Our Kitchen i§ Open for your Inspection at All Times Diamond Cafe FRANK DRAKE BILL DRAKE Molotov to Meet With President Truman Today Washington, Nov. G —(/P)— Pros- dcnl Truman, suffering irom a head cold, cancelled all appoint mcnts today except an afternoon (3 p m. CSTi meeting with Russian Foreign Minister iVTnlotoy The chief executive, who pickcct up the cold on his trip to jvi.aauuu ; to vole remained in the presidential part of the White House. Presidential Press Secretary Charles G. Ross told newsmen Brig. Gen. Wallace Graham ,thc presidents' physician, advised Mr. Truman "lo stay over to the house today." Ross added that the cold "is nothing serious." ——. o ' II is illegal for a svoiriau in Oss-cn- sboro. Ky.", to buy a new hat svith- ' out her UuiiljuiiU 11711*5 it W* ttol- with Phil SILVERS Edgar BUCHANAN • Reed HADLEY BUCK But it is probably svcll thai the beginning svas simple and humble. '* It svas a forceful illustration that the threat of destruction must bc averted by individual, mortal men, i and that their only real equipment for the task Ills svilhin Ihcmsclvcs. Where, then, svas there a better setting than otil - of - doors bc- ncalh a tree'.' It was a selling inclined to put man in his proper perspective. It svas also a setting inclined to pul him in a hopeful frame of mind. For some ol Ihc world's sviscst thinking and talking has been done in just such surroundings. '| It is said that Socrates - spent., almost his entire life out - of - doors, going inside only to cal, sleep, and probably —being a svise man — lo keep out of the ram. Nor is he alone among the great philosophers svho could dispense with classroom and desk and Ihc great religious teachers who had no need of pulpits. It is no different today. The posv- cr of good or evil is not inherent in the trappings of modern life. It does not reside in laboratories or machines, even in Ihosc svhosc pro"i ducts called the Atomic energy Commission into being. The salvation of civilization still rests with the wisdom, integrity and courage Y,^.,^... ..... ., of the main issues blocking settlement of the air line strike; and a man. The ruling freed L. Bates and his svife, Daisy, publishers of the Arkansas Stale Press, Liltlc Rock Negro weekly newspaper, from $100 fines and 10-day jail sentences assessed by Circuit Judge Lasvrencc Autcn. Bates and his wife sverc cited tor contempt on four exceptions to an article published in then- paper March 29, 194G. headed "Strikers sentenced to pen by hand picked jury." Besides the headline, tho publishers were cited for phraseology used in reporting Judge Auten's instructions 'to the jury, comment on the amount of appeal bonds fixed in the case and speculation relative to the stale 10-day liolcl svalkoul ended ill Phil-1 supreme court's possible decision aclclphia. At Fort Wayne, workers belong..„ to the AFL Amalgamated Association of Street, Electriacl Rail- ss-ay and Motor Coach employes went into a "continuous union meeting" early yesterday, tying up transportation for 100,000 residents in Ihc area. The union sought a 30-cenl hourly raise. In the air line strike, Chairman Frank P. Douglass of the national mediation board said TWA and its striking pilots wore "closer to agreement than ever ' •'-- " "- — :J J '~ on the case. The case involved conviction ot three Negroes for violation of the stale's anli-violence-in-strikes slal- ule. The opinion revicsved Ihc slalus of Ihe case at the time that Bates published the article and said that the judgment pronounced on tho strikers svas final. "A judge, per sc, is in not dif- ferenl situation from thai occupied by another who undertakes io discharge legally imposed public re- Truman Pledges Cooperation to Republicans By LYLE C. WILSON Washington, Nov. 11 —(UP)— President Truman today pledged his cooperation "in .every proper manner" to the nesv Republican congress and asked its members to join him during the. next two years in working for the welfare of all the American people. His offer of a political Armistice svas made in his first statement on the election result. He 'made the statement at a nesvs conference n fesv minutes before going to Arlington cemetery lo place a wreath o the tomb of the Unknosvn Soldier This ceremony marked anothe Armistice Day—lhal svhich ende World War I 28 years ago. Mr. Truman recognized thai •serious difficulties" might arise in running the government with the Republicans exercising execu live authority. For his part, the president said the solulion is Ihis: "To do in al cases, from day lo day, without re gard to narrow political consider alions, svhal seems lo me lo bc In best for the welfare of all our pec pie." First Republican reaction came from Rep. Charles A. Halleck : Ind., one of the leading contenders for House Republican leadcrshin He said the president's statement "properly rotors" to cne independence of the three branches of the government and said he was sure that the Republicans in Congress svould cooperate "for the best intcresls of the country." The cxtcnl of cooperation bc- Isvcen Mr. Truman and Ihe Republicans in congress may be lurlher determined at a series' of Rcpub-, ,ican meetings beginning here this -veek and climaxed by, " meeting; of the Republican National Com- ,-nillcc on Dec. 2. Mr. Truman said he believed Re-: publicans sverc just as devoted ta A Rose Mustn't Remain Negro Accused of Rape, Robbery at Little Rock Little Rock, Nov. 11—(/P)—Deputy Sheriff M. G. Farmer said last night that Harvey Trice of Little Rock and a 20-year-old girl had accused a Negro suspect of raping here and knifing and robbing him. They identified the Negro, held without formal charge, al the coun- y jail, Farmer said. The alleged incidenls occurred n Boyle Park, west of Little Rock, early yesterday. Trice was wound- Economic Future Up to Labor, Management By MARVIN L, ARROWSMITH Washington, Nov. 11 —(/P)— President Truman today advocated an armistice between labor and management in his first public statement since he junked wage and ed only slightly. The Negro arrested later. „._..; price controls. wa!> Rose (Ikuko Toguri or Mrs. Philip d'Aquino) leaves o prison alter allied authorities decided they lacked en evidence to prosecute her. This is the girl remembered by the Americans who licked J&an for !*r hot radio recordings * and' her silly propaganda talk. Rains Delaying ManyArkansas Road Projects El Dorado, Nov. 11 — (Special) — The recent heavy i-ains nave delayed work on several imporlanl highway projecls in Soulh Arkansas, particularly those on U. S. road No. 82 but fairly good progress has bx^n made on other projects in tsvo highway districts, re- porls from the district engineers revealed today. The bad weather has held us up on the asphalting of highsvay 82 betsveen Magnolia and Waldo," D. Wesloff dislrict highway engineer at Camden said. "We are ready to go as soon as sve get a break in the weather. All the -preliminary work has been completed, and svc are ready for Ihe top urface." Westoff said bad weather also is claying work on highsvay 32 be- .wecn Magnolia ana ihe 'Union union of fixed monthly pay rale for _ pilots be left to arbitration, keep out ° of the rain, j Tno note i strike ni Philadelphia .. _ ,u. , ended after 10 days when hotel promise of svorkers accepted of mortal minds, whatever surroundings. then- svage increases if rent ceilings are raised. The strikers, members of the CIO Hotel, Restaurant and Building Service Workers, voted unanimously to accept promises of wage increases equalling half the percentage of rent ceiling raises. In the motion picture industry strike at Hollywood, the striking Conference of Studio Unions, (AFL), announced it svould boycott motion picture theaters and the films of stars svho "flagrantly" disrccard picket lines around studios. Strike leaders said the nation- wi before" He said the sponsibilities," the court declared. h-id agreed "thai Ihe issuer-Courts are institutions Wherein ' the stale's judicial posvers repose. "Heretofore, it has been thought that contempt proceedings in instances such as svc are dealing svith would bc pursued only where, by a lair construction of all the acts complained of and Ihe stalus existing at the time reasonably proximate to the incidenl, fair minds svould agree that tho ju would Serious Flood Warnings Are Issued dicial posvcr svas being or be impaired. "The dignity of a particular individual sitting on the bench is not a matter of importance paramount to the institution of our system as designated a court, x x x There is nothing to shosv that there svas, or was not, 'handpicked' jury in Ihe criminal Irial lo svhich the petitioners have re- -,he National Welfare as were Dem ocrnts and added: "1 shall cooperate in every proper manner with the members of Congress, and my hope and prayer ,s thai this spirit of cooperation vill be reciprocated. "To them, one and all, I pledge ;aith with faith, and promise tb meet good will svith good will." . It svas in this spirit that the president accepted the, yerdict- of it\b ,-olers who swept the Republican party back into congressional posver last Tuesday. Mr. Truman-made his declara- (ion in a statement to an Armistice Day nesvs conference. The president said he was not concerned about Ihose in cither party who knew the seriousness of the problems confronting this country in foreign affairs. Bul he follosved this with an expression of concern "lest any in cither parly should seek in this field an opportunity to achieve per sonal notoriety or partisan advantage by exploitation of the sensational or by the mere creation of controversy." The president emphasized the bi- parlisan nature of our current ior- ss-ide boycott would bc supported lorl . e d. There is a presumption in by AFL Carpenters, Painters and , f uvor 0 £ integrity. Every judge has Electricians svho svould refuse lo work in theaters affected. Harry Bridges, president of the striking CIO Longshoremen's union, denied reports of an impending settlement ot the prolonged west coast shipping tie-up. By United Press The U. S. Weather Bureau in Little Rock today issued iloocl warnings to fanners and stockmen in the lowlands along the Arkansas, White and Ouachita rovers. Rains over the main drainage iireus of the three rivers have averaged about two inches, with the hcavcst reported at more than three inches in the upper headwaters of the White river. The forecaster said the floods will not bo serious unless additional heavy rains fall which arc not indicated at this time. Farmers were warned lo remove stock and stored crops from the loss-lands. The Arkansas is expected to hit 21 fuel at Quark late today or early Tuesday, one foot below the 22-foot •floodstage. H .should rise to 23 feet late Tuesday or Wednesday (it Dardanellc were the iloodstagc is 22 feel; 21 feet Wednesday at Morrilton where the floodstagc is 20 feel; 17 fuel late Wednesday at Little Rock where the floodstage is 23 feet; and 1H to 20 feet Thursday at Pine Bluff where the floodstuge is 22 feet. The White river should rise to 22 feet Uite today or Tuesday at Calico Rock where the Hooclstage is 19 I'pct' 27 feet Tuesday at B.-.itesville where the floodstage is 23 feet; 27 Tuesday or Wednesday at Newport where 'the floodstage is 20 feet; and 33 feet Wednesday or Thursday ul Agusla whore the floodstage is '32 fcul. The Ouachita is scheduled to rise 21 feet Tuesday (it Arkadelphia where the floodstuge is 17 feet: and 27 feet Thursday at Camden ss-herc the Iloodstagc is :Jl> feet. Meanwhile, scattered rains over the slate yesterday and last niglu tumbled temperatures int o high 30's and low '10's. Harrison had llic .lowest maximum uncl Ihc loss-eat minimum :"or the 24-hour period ending at 7 o'clock this morning. T h o high wus 1U degrees, the iosv 30. OthiT high and loss- tempiM-alui-PS included Batesvilk- 0"> and 37, Fort Smith -43 and 37, UVxarkana '30 and 38 Brinklcy Cil and 38, Little Hock 38 and 40," and Monlicello (JO and 41 The rainfall was 1.19 at Monti- cellu, .2 7at Brinkk-y and .01 al Jbiulu Hod-;. Scouters to 'Camp Out' Tuesday On Tuesday night al 0:30 o'clock scoulcrs of Hempstcad counly svill meet at Dykes Springs, tsvo miles easl of Hope, for an outdoor training session. This is a part of the scoutmaslcr's training course svhich has been in progress her for several ss-ccks. Field Executive J. Arvil Hickmai and staff svill scl up demonstrations in campcrafl prior to Ihe meet ing. Each adult is asked to brinj, one boy of scout age. Some scoulcrs svill camp out dining tho night. Food for the night meal svill be furnished prior to the "Council fire" program. heard the disappointed lasvyer remark Ihat his case was lost be- :ausc of a 'hand-picked' jury — ometimcs with, bul usually svith- iiil, reason. "x x x In libel, slander, or con- empt, one is nol excused because mother originated the objcction- iblc matter or primarily initiated he conduct, x x ' "A distinction might be drawn bctsveen writing and publishing one's 'sentiments' as the term is used in the constitution, and in printing distribcs where miblic institutions charged ss-ilh vhe administration of justice arc singled oul. Any arbitrary line svc might al- leiiipl lo clrasv svould bc .subject to rcstriclions imposed (in previous rulings of the U. S. Supreme: Court) xxx. Essence is that unless the writing precipitates a clear and prcs- eign policy. "It has been a nationnl and not a party program," he said, noting that members of both parties in and out of Congress had sat in the inner councils of our foreign program. "It svill continue lo be a national program insofar as the secretary of state and I are concerned," he said. "I firmly believe that our Republican colleagues ss-ho have vorkcd intelligently and coopera- ivcly svith us in the pasl svill do o in the future." ent clangor, whicn justice in consequence of svill be affected, re course of the aggrieved person is proscuclion for libel." The court affirmed a Union chancery judgment of $(i. r >7 for J. B. Rcamcs and lien in his behalt against a house and lot in Iclsenth- al against his granddaughter Mar.s Langley and her husband George. W. Langley, Jr. Rcamcs claimcc the sum and mortgage by viiUuc of an alleged loan to the couple lo acquire the properly. Storm Victim Buried Sunday at Washington Funeral services for Mrs. Matlic Aylctte aged 89, long lime resident of Washington svho died Saturday in a local hospital ot injuries KUS- lained in a tornado svhich struck I ices ana Washington Saturday, November 2. obtaining svere hold yesterday at the Herndon - Cornelius Funeral Home here. She is survived by three daugh- Quarterback Club to Make Dinner Plans Tonight at Hope High School the ocal Quarterback Club will hold its regular weekly meeling and make plans tor a turkey dinner on December 5 follosving close of regular football season. . All interesled persons are urged lo allend tonight. Allendance- al Ihe banquel svill have to be limiled and only holders of tickets svill be admitted If you svould like tb attend the final banquet be at the school tonight Your best chance to gel tickets to the dinner svill be to Arrangements already have been made lo bring John Barnhill, University of Arkansas coach, here as principal speaker at the affair. Mr. BarnhiH is expected to outline plans for nexl year's porker team. If you plan to attend please telephone Leo Ray al 40. . o Hays Explains His Stand on Legislation Little Rock, Nov. 11 —(/Pi— Rep Brooks Hays o£ Little Rock ex plained to more than 100 ArKansa representatives of organized labo his stand on past and proposed .'eg islation and anssverecl questions o the union leaders during a tsvo aiv one-half hour conference. The meeting svas arranged b Hays, svho declared ihat he '.vas "trying lo do Ihe right thing for all Ihe" country and if it comes down to a mailer of having lo vole for svhich side is Die mosl -posverlul politically then I had reathcr re- lire from office. ounly line. This work also cached Ihe advanced slages, Armistice Day Washington, Nov. 11—(/P)—A visit iy President Truman lo 'the tomb f the Unknosvn Soldier and Na ional Gu.-ird Flag ceremonies in omc 43 state capitals gave mar ial color today to the annual ob scrvance of Armistice Day. Flanked by army, navy and ma •ine honor guards, and a 21-gui salule asvailing him, Mr. Truma arranged to-place a, wreath, on. th World" War I shrine in nearby Ai ington National'Cemetery at' 1 a .m., EST. He planned io spea sriefly. . , Immediately aftersvards, th American Legion scheduled a cer emony in the Arlington Amphithe alrc svith Nalional Commander Paul H. Griffith as the speaker. Wartime curbs on the two groups I were" lifted afler five years when Mr. Truman swept ceilings off all items except rents, sugar and rice. And rent increases appeared "in- evilable" to some government officials. The subject of a labor-management truce came up at the president's Armistice Day news conference svhen a reporter asked whether he had noted such proposals. Mr. Truman replied that he had not heard of the suggestions, but said it is just what he has been urging since Augustj 1945. when the xvar ended. The chief executive killed off vhe price and wage controls in a week- ' end order, declaring: "I am convinced that their further continuance would do the nation's economy more harm than •good." At the same lime the chief executive paled "squarely upon management and labor" the "responsibility' 'for economic stability. His decontrol edict brought immediate promises from industry and business leaders that prices will be held at reasonable levels- after -a period of adjustment. But some of these leaders tempered their pledges with a big "if" —if svage demands don't upset the. applecart. From labor unions, many of which already are seeking higher * has and In the stale capilals and the capitals of Puerto Rico and Ha- svaii, the adjutants general mustered representatives of some 3,000 national guard units to receive from Ihe War Deparlmenl the colors, standards and guidons carried in World War II. In Austin, Tex., there were international honors :"or the Texas National Guard's 36th Infantry Division, svhich fought through Ilaly, France and Germany. The French government asvardcd the Croix de Guerre svith palm decoration, vo be attached lo the division's colors, in appreciation of the hard fought ad vill be ready for top surfacin when good weather i-;,.;.-'ns. . „ A The work of asphalt'•>••• ''•- -ajw/j&i progress has 'Beenniade in gravel coating of highway 107 from the end of the pavement outside El Dorado lo Calion, and also in palches belss-een Ihe Calion bridge and Hamplon .Similar work has oeen finished on highway 24 irom Camden lo Chidester, and plans are being made to finish work on the bad stretches of highsvay 167 as far as Hampton. Most of the gravel work has been completed on highsvay 79 £rbm McNeil to Stephens, and work on asphalting is 'expected toft start svhen the weathe'r"clc?ars. Ttfe road is not open to traffic dj.iring the current rainy season. Highway engineer W. L. Elam at Hope of districl No. 3 reported Ihat work is nearing completion on asphalting of highway 29 between Lesvisville and Hope. He said only the top surface remains to be completed, and that the project should be finished in a short time. The road is open to traffic, at present. Elam also announced that the work order has been issued anc lhal work is expecled to slarl within the next tsvo months on resurfacing of 7.7 miles of highsvay 24 bctsveen Prescott and Chidester He also staled that contract is ex pay to offset living costs increases, there was notlrng bu''..v"'-, -r<! ',> a 1he president's action: •''-'' - *?' ' On the coal, steel, auto and several other fronts there is plenty of potential trouble if. management ' and labor deadlock as they did ,a fesv months back. While the unions said , nothing, the United States Chamber of ommerce called ori labor to exer- ise "self-restraint' 'in wage demands and in the use of the strike eapon' to enforce 'wage deV mands." ••''•' And Robert R. Wason, president f the National Associatiop of Manufacturers, declared . that jrices, after a temporary" rise, 'svill be adjusted dosvnward under vanco by the ss'hich helped the Nazis. 3Clh ireo late in 1944 Alsace from It Was Pretty Rough the Way But Most Vets are Glad They Carried Rifle Columbia chancery svas affirmcc in its asvard of $1.200 and posses sion ot a store building in Magnolii to Louise Scott, .-.idministratrix o Ihc estate of R. M. Scott, against A. F. Hatch in litigation involving ." 'na.se and occupancy of the building. The court sustained drcsv chancery's asvard of a $11.1)02.32 judgment for F. A. Mote, Dallas, Tex., building contraclor, against A. J. Rife Construction Co., Dallas, as salary i'or assistance i;i a government construction conlracl I'or croc-liny the Jerome, Ark., Japanese relocation center. Hosvcvcr. Ihe courl modi fied the decree lo require the con- By HAL BOYLE , Nesv York, Nov. 11 —M 1 )—He svas one of Ihc "400," not the old "400" of Nesv York socicly, bul of a nesv, tougher "400" made up of America's battle elite—Ihc men svho live through more than 400 days of fronllinc fighting. He was big and broad-shouldered and young, but his stomach muscles sverc going flabby. For six months he said the only exercise he had taken was -albosv bending. "I spent it mostly in places like this." he said, flicking his Uiumb at the small crosvdcd bar. a coy spot svhere tired businessmen taka a couples of quick ones on the svay home and playboys and playgirls drop in for an early starl on Ihe long evening. The svhisky h.-.id put a quiver in his hand and deep circles undei his watery eyes. In the unrca isvilighl uf the bar the face scars, left by Ihc mortar shosvccl onlj dimly. "I'm a litllc foggy in Ihe head, he said. Some of Ihe fog came iroir Ihe battlefields, and the b-n-roomi had deepened it. Nosv he lives ii lhal menUil "losl world" into which usty roads, friends dying in rainj 'ullics and snow-covered i'iclds— ml for him Ihc "million clollai ound," the wound peeled to be let next month on the remaining gravel portion of Ihe ro.id. Work is going forward on miles of black top resuriacjug relocalion of the road from De Queen 'lo Horatio, and progress i being made on six miles of wor Today was the second peacetime observance of the end of World tVar I since 1941. But svhile much of the emphasis svas on preparedness :"o_r ihe iu- .ure, the army look a dim viesv of us chances of winning the ncsv Congress over to me idea -of a compulsory military training program. W-.ii- Department legislative advisers told reporters privately they not only doubt Ihat tlic ncsv session svill agree to peacetime conscription but that the sentiment may be so strong as to dissuade 'ihe army from even asking an extension of tho svartime draft act. That lasv is clue lo expire in March. Am-jng Ihose who stressed the preparedness theme in Armistice Day statements was Gen. Carl Spaa'tz, Army Air Forces comman- on highsvay loss-arc! Ihe 70 from Oklahoma DeQueei line, al •e.sfored T'cornpetitiye -. .conditions '' Ihough the work is being held u nosv by rain. Elam reported thai maintenanc work is moving ahead all over the districl. He said lack of gravel is holding up some work bul added "our biggesl trouble is lack of money." Engineer Westoff reported con- 'by another Vound of wage' ,de- ' nands." .. . Mr. Truman's order wiped price ceilings off building materials as svell as scores of other items, including clothing, automobiles, urniture, paper, steel and other netals. Officials of the National Housing Agency, which fought elimination of building material controls, expressed doubt that Ihe $10,000 sales; !id on nesv homes can be held for 1 long, although NHA Chief Wilson W. Wyatl has voiced determination to do so. < One NHA official told .a reporter, however, that -"the only salvation',' of the veterans housing program may be in a "big drive" the agency plans to encourage construction of nesv homes for rent. This is prompted by a belief that sales prices may become* prohibitive. The associated general contractors of America, called ior removal of controls on prices on nesv housing, saying this would speed up construction. As for rents on existing dwellings, the consensus of government officials is thai there will have to be increases, as was hinted by Mr. .., Tl . uTm a " Jt tinued difficulty obtaining pea gravel, and that ncndcd equipment is not available. cripples nit sends you home, came only at he very end. "I got so tired I just walked jrouncl standing up hoping I'd gel I," he said. "You knosv svhal 1 call guys svho iusl gol il in Normandy'.' «Jc'svcomers! The green ones used c» come up and ask hosv long I'd been svilh the outfit. They fell better svhen I said, 'all the svay.' They tell if one guy had made it they might, too." A blond came in and saicl "nel- lo" to him. but when he started toss-arc! her she eased quickly past him to the end of Ihe bar. "I got hit three times." he said. der. "A secure nation," he said, "is a nation able lo defend ilsclf against any aggressor, and sve in the Army Air Forces are determined tluil our every effort shall be dedicated to making sure that subsequent armistice celebrations svill be obsercvri under irce and tranquil circumstances." looking after moddily. "Once a rifle and couples times mortars. "The last one finished me. 1 spent five months in -a hospital blind. Finally 1 got one eye back. Two Killed, 18 Hurt in Plane Crash Accidents in State Cause Five Deaths ., sol{ J lm , b j eU1h bc that By United Press At least five persons died as the result of accidents in Arkansas os-er the weekend. Edgar Lcrando, 33, of Rudo, Neb., was killed svhen run over by a freight train in the Missouri Pacific railroad yards in Little Rock words: adjustment of rents will be required." The president, in fixing the blame for his decontrol action, again bluntly criticized congress for the "unworkable price control inw (it) nave us to administer." He said the "plain truth is that, under this inadequate lasv, price control has lost the popular support needed to make it work." Replying, Republican National Chairman B. Carroll Reece said in a statement: There is nothing to be gained by raking over thai issue. The congress svhich passed the lasv was a Democrat Congress." Recce said that by his decontrol order Mr. Truman had "boss'cd to the will of Ihe people as expressed in the election." He added (h.-.it "because ihe order svas delayed so long, there will be a tern-- porary period of higher prices which might have been avoided." National Automobile Dealers Association: "Mada urges (auto) dealers everywhere to continue to yesterday morning. He was cm maintain the same general price ployed b> the Missouri Pacific as schedu^ c ^"^ ta^cttort/^ a special officer. Detectives said he ss-as checking box cars and apparently did not see the freight cars being ssvitchcd on an adjoining track. Tsvo farmers dross-ned late Sat three government agencies virtually out of business—OPA, the Civilian Production Administration and the Wage Stabiliation Board. Reconversion Director John R. r s r svo are ae in-day when a large hog they were j s eelman and Budget Bureau offi- > • • ". • i Cleveland, Nov. 11 — (UP) — Two persons ss-cre killed and 18 in- I gol mrxccTup in the hospital. My jurcd early 1oday wncn a Unilcd b ,-v-« nil mixed uo. I Airline, transport crashed M mile many a veteran ' retreated — I Mrs. James * ..v..,^- - --- , , . , , ington and Mrs. John Armhurst of-costs svhich had been Lillle Rock: three sons,_ Luther of; litigants equally.^ A $2.^70 personal injury ,;., both judg- men' svho spent so much courage in ss-ur they have none left to face • • • - . . . . i - memory's all mixed up. "I came here then. I've tried several things, but 1 can't stick at them. Silly people giving you silly things In do. And I yet mad svhen I see all the people living fat and around .me and think aboi W. J. Arnold and a sister. Mrs.' Sully Bosvdcn. both of Hope, 19 l<raiiclchildren and 10 great - grandchildren. . Burial ss-as al Washington at. 2:30 •menl for Lee Moore, 25, Benlon Mining .Company employe, against Missouri Pacific Railroad svas reversed by Ihe Supreme court and ., ... .. {Vial ordered -Jii grounds Sunday afternoon with The Rev. D. that certain testimony was without O Sil'vcv offiialinu. Active pall-, merit and the moment was ex- berarers were; Rarnage Aylotte, j t-cssivc. Moore c amu-d he i c-ceised Howard Avletic, Herman Johnson, arm and leg injuiies \shui Ins, .1 Ruins Clin'gham. Clyde Arnold und ; tomobile was struck Uy a -sssilih ClU'ton Bowdcu. engine. peace. Three years ago today he svas in North Africa, glad because the French had just signed an Armistice svith the Allies. That gave him a break after three clays' lighting. "I thought 1 was a veal veteran," lie said touelcssly. "If I had kiHHvn svhal svas ahe.-id—". Then came svinler lighting in Tunisia, and summer i'ighting in Sycily, more training in England Hit-' nights 1 spent and laughing and loud and .friendly. in loxholos." But lie likes Ihe barrooms, because there is a kind of rising .-.v ilcmonl in Hie clinking glasses people unking _ _ A government pension enables him In spend niuiv evenings al the bar Ihon iir should. C'l oughtn't to be here." he .said "1 ouylit to be doing somethiny, bul 1 don't kniisv I'm Ihe one that's out of step." He set his drink dossn and read "But you knosv there's one- '.hiii from the Cleveland airport as il \s f as preparing u> Jancl. Killed svere F. L. Brosvn, Chicago, Ihe pilot, and R. co-pilot. L. Arnold, e . . s-C'ii of 1he injured had b->en rescuing from high svaters upset their boat on Moore's lake, some 25 miles northeast of Texarkana. The s-iclims were Dan Henry McClure, 36, and his nephew. Garth McClure, 31, of near Garland City, Ark. Funeral services were held in Hope yesterday for Mrs. M:ittii; ri'leused from hospitals al 7:30 a.m. after treatment for minor hurls. Dobson, ih Ayleltc died in Hope hospital Saturday of injuries suffered last svcek when her home svas damaged by a tornado which stesvard- struck the tosvn of Washington. cials expect lo ss-ith the he.-ids confer ihis of these agencies to chart plans for a ncsv liquidation bureau svhich svill handle the xew remaining controls. —o Fourteen Frisco Freight Cars Are Derailed and then long summer - , and longer . 1 ain't sorry fur . svinler fighting from Normandy to 1 carried Germany .Fi'icnds left lying . on Uill Ihc svay." I'm damn glad and I carried il i seemed i\i i >.*>£> JJU'i^ ij\jur\ju, 1111. r-i\.**i'ii'i — .-... __ „.-.., ess and one of ihc injured ,said|Ark. As far as is known, she svas the p!;-,no. a DC-3. apparently l"i- only casualty of the storm, sli-u.-k a power line just before it Hniley hugene Webster, 2-yeai-- crashed The- c-iv.U was making its old sun of Mr. and Mrs. Harley second approach to the lie-Id in a ! Webster of Stuttgart, lost his life Ivird i"iin ' when a :firc damaged )ns grand- "Wv'sveiv atH'iiipliiiR to land MI | part-ills home early Saturday. The •i hard rain" Miss Dobson said, home belonged to Mr. and Mrs ••There was nothing to indicale 1 George W. Young of Stuttgart. At- •iM'-lhir 0 'vis v.-roi.g before svc ! tempts to reach the child in an up- stniek the svire. except lo be coming jn mucn fast- ihe '.'ire of undetermined origin spread rapid- Is- until the arrival of ureinen. Chelsea. Okla.. Nov. 11 — VP>— Fourteen cars of a 20-car Frisco freight train svere derailed near hero last <iij;hl V/ui no one svas injured. Hie State Highsvay Patrol reported. Patrolman J. C. Busby said the freight apparently svas loaded svith, scrap iron. Railroad officials said the main line of the Frisco through Chelsea ss-ould l-e lied up for several hours today iinlil the wrecked cars could, be ITn oved. t *

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