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The Evening World from New York, New York • Page 15

The Evening World from New York, New York • Page 15

The Evening Worldi
New York, New York
Issue Date:

7 THE EVENING WORLD, TUESDAY, MAY 17i 1921. 1.3 SANITY RES RED BY KNIFE, CONVICT PASSES KEEN QUIZ Prisoner Indulges in Repartee and Shows Quick Response in Questionnaire. Roman LcondowHkl, a prisoner from whose bmln wtw ie moved in Sing Slnp Hcven weeka aso cure him of Insanity, bjvo hl3 ilrot interview for publication yesterday. He not only talked rationally; l.ut readily answered aHked to tPSl Ills wits. Ho ffllV3 out written statement to show that uhuotlnp a foo whose death led to hia Imprlsomnent he ncW In Fclf-de-fense. Leondowakl, proi.oanced cured 1' Dr. Siiulre. head phyjlciun of Sinn Sins; HtiWted bark to Danmmr State Hospital for Hie Insaiiu In order to he formally discharged from (hero by Sunt. John It Hobs, as rane. Ho will be recommitted to Clinton Prlhon. Dr. Squire and JCeeper Drum of Sing Sins were hla escorts on the Journey. Althoucb frtlll a trltle weak, phyulrully, hla mind was tinuRually alert. Ho was nsko.l: "Do you know Poland has Its (l.eondowskl was born luTo-land and oanie to America seveial ears "Oh, yea. I read tin newspapers," he repllej. Q. Have you ever heard tf PadeA lowskl? A. Yes. He's the muslclau. ho "A aood musician, but a poor politician. heard him play once in 1 Irn. 1 paid to tfot In. No. I don't know why 1 did, because 1 don't understand rnuvlu anyway. Q. Can you tell wlmt la? (A J-0 goldpleco was shown lilm.) Leomlowskl had to cut out reading glasses to examine It. Aa It dropped on the floor he said: "It sounds Kite told. Heading: tin face, ho remarked: "'Why, that's $20." Q. Have you ever heard of Chaun-ey M. Depew? A. I think he's the Ecntlomnn who used to toll funny stories. Can you tell which w.ifl made-ttrst, the hen or the Iondowskl londeretl Ct an liisturu, tmillrd and "That's hard Continuing, he addod. "Is that one of Mr. Ddffon's?" Q. You've heard of Mr. KdlsonT A. Well, I ought to have, I worked for an iertrleal coneorn before I or Into this trouble and anybody who works around an electrical plant has heard about him. IeolldowHkl had to cut the Interview as the train for Albany rolled 1:1. Ho declared he owed his life, as well as the rcmcdylnir of his brain tiisturbanees. to Dr. William I Chapman of No 52 Lino 'In Place, Brooklyn. He the p.irt'y paralyzed sur-reon who, propped up on a stooi, per-'ormed the doWeote opera' ion on l.eondowski and extracted tin- bullet had lodirej down two lc, hen 'n ihe'br-'n lor over four years Thomas Edison Gets Some Posers From Si Perkins Cedar Grove Board of Poultry Trade Tests Wizard's Practical KnowIeJgc. By Farmer Smith. CKDAIt aitOVE, N. May 17. The Cedar Orovo Hoard of Poultry Trade, through lt Secretary, tl Perkins, has sent the following questions to Mr. Kdlson In Orange: 1. Which kum first, ther egg, thcr hen, nor ther fethcrs? 2. What's 3. Why does a chicken ullefn wait for an oughto afore hit crosses ther road? 4 What would lr. bess fer stakln' onions? 5. What' In ther thunder makes milk sour? C. How racnnlc teeth sliuj a rake hev? 7. How doez a chattel morgivira differ from a strait tnorgage, and why? OTHER WOMAN CHIEF HEIR. The will of Pascal De bequeathing to his wlte, Amelia Constance Da Anjfc.ll.-! of 5 Pleasant Street, "such sum us sho may be entitled to law and no moto," was filed for probnte yesterday In the Surroirste'fl if flee. The remainder of hie propertr la lert to Heatrlco Thoma-i of No. 4tS West 118th Street, whom ho also appoints executor. The petition accompanying the will estimates the estate at about In pernonal property and ataten De Anxclls. who died on May 8 lat, was fonnerly a resident of Utlca, N. where his pnrcn's and several brothers and sisters live at No. 11 Cottage I'lace. No hint If given of the relationship existing between h'm and th residuary leKiilee. 10,000 CLUB WOMEN IN NEW WHO'S WHO 40 YEARS A NURSE, TO QUIT, MmiiTrll, Snprrlntrnrlrnt, Will lfi l'relij-irrtnn Miss Anna C. Maxwell, superintendent of nurses many years at Presliy- 1 Hospital, U1 resign and leave the hospital Juiv 1. She will travel for, a time In Uurop. When Miss Matwef, entered the pro- frrslon forty yean ago her day was elplitei-n hours or more, but now she advooatw the elRht-hour day which Is In effect at the hospital. Fli-it Conviction In nrnoklyn Under llrjr Law. The first conviction for a violation of the Mullan-Gaue law in Kings County was obtained yesterday when a Jury before Judze Martin In County Court returned a verdict of guilty agralnst Sal-vatore Corttello, proprietor, und Il9rry Hamlett, porter. In a saloon at No. 572J Seventh Avenue. I'ollcman Frank Donelly alleped be purchased a class of whiskey In the saloon April li. Cos-telio and Ilamlett will be sentenced Monday fi New Directory Shows Constantly Broadening F-icIds of Endeavor. The constantly Increasing activity of women In literature, art and music, as well as In civic and political affairs. Is clearly tet forth In the 1921-22 edition of "Club Women of New York." edited by i'rances II. Abrahalt and published by the Club Women of New York Company. No. 16 West 45th Street. The book olvos the names and up to date addreiaej of moro than members of women's social, pslltl' cjI and patriotic assaclatlons In this vicinity, Including tho membership of tlie organizations comprising tho New York City Federation of Women's tt also lontahis icports of the Federation's officers and interesting data re-latins' to various committees now cooperating with city and State officials In conserving our forests and water power and arolstinR In woik Involving prlrons, courts, liquor trhffle, disabled soldiers and Industrial oceiipatlons. The directory Is officially Indorsed by the New vcik City Federation of Women's Clubs and contains portraits of many of tho more prominent oftl-elnls. ROBS HOMELESS BOY OF ALL. Alleged Thief Conulit on linn Iftrtf Vletlm'N Ontery, Detfctlvei Murray and ftrossman heard cries for help In a Fifth Street hallway early to-day and at rested a man who called himself Jame.s Halpln, forty-one, of No. 223 First Avenue, on chareo of robbtnn Joseph Medh seventeen, of $1.15. Medlros said he had no home and caine from Huston with only the Jl.IS to Ret work. Halpln offered him a place to sleep, he said, and taklnc him Into the hnllway said "I'll take tho money s'ou pot and If you holler I'll kill you." Halp as running away when caUKht. Hnvlnir, according to his wn admlslon, no home, family, money or Job, Medlros was locked up on a chares of vagrancy. CLAD DECENTLY NOT CLOTHED LITIGAN SWEARS Railway Officials Investigate Recent Train Wreck, Charging Criminal Intent to Derail. CHICAGO. May 17. Mrs. M. W. Austin, representative, of the Burton Holtnen Travelogues, has naked damages from tho Elon, Home, the official hotel of Zlon City. Mrs. Austin churgco that he was unjustly arrested. William Cr.uie, the defendant night clerk, charges that Mrs. Austin cunc to the phone in too scanty attire. He then called the Ulon police who arrested her. The Judge Hit mated that unlets better evidence than that given by Crane was produced he would award damages Mrs. Austin. Warrants have been Issued foi tho arrest of John S. Quirk, caahier of the Areola State Bank at Arcolti, and ht.i father, M. T. Quirk, President, after the Ixink had been closed by State Hank Kx'amlnr Whltlock lol-lowlng a reported chortagc of $100,000. The wiirnints wcro sent to Areola to be served. Thebanlc waa closed at the request of T. K. Lyons, one of the Vlco Presldcnti), and tho Hoard of Directors, to permit an audit of the books. Bonds aggT'Eatlns $75,000, for nine missing members of the Industrial Workers of the World who am under penitentiary sentence, have been order fortified by the Federal District Court of Appeals. Tim nine Include William D. Haywood, who In believed to bo In Russia. W. C. Kills, wealthy harness maker of Cincinnati, who wan sentenced to fifteen years In the pcnltontlary In March, 19H, for the murder of his wife, wafl rclcnscd yesterday on order of Oov. Small. Kills shot his wlfo In a Chicago hotel and pleaded emotional Insanity nt his trial. Ills sentence wns shortened because of hla good behavior EMPTY AUTOS ROLL DOWN HILLS, HIT TWO Baby Hart Perhaps Fatally; Man, 70, Bruised When Track Hits Bench. Two children and a seventy-yar-old Man wcro Injured, tho children perhaps fatallv In nutomoblle accidents In Harlem yesterday. Unat tended machines which rolled down hills fljruteU In two of tho iwldents. Madeline Pastor, two, of No. 11 Pout Avenue, while crossing Dyck-man Ktreeft NacIc Avenue with her grandfather, Bernard Ilnuscln, of the sanlo address, yesterday afternoon was thrown several feet by a smail touring cur which dashed down a hill. The child suffered Internal Injuries and a fractured left arm. She was taken to Columbus Hospital. Blio Is not expected to recover. nudolph Socatroe, thlrty-sovcn, of No. S057 Bailey Avenue, Bronx, owner of the car, wan locked up In the We-Jt 177th Htreet Police Station on a charge of felonious anrault, Kocarro pursued tho car, but wan unable to bonnl It before II struck tho child. Charles Hatfield, seventy, of No. 8569 Broadway, Mated on a bench on Riverside Drive, nmr Uth Street was thrown from tho bonch by an automobile which llax Kino of No (ISO West 145th Street had loft in front of his home and which was started downgrade by boys. Hatfield, though badly bruised, refused medical alo Borne made Layer Cake all ready to bake- ime For Jitinic Cake aii the Addiler and Balce pad tag a innmiiiimiiiiuminuiimiiiHumimnumi THE GREAT SHOE SALE Brooklyn's Jbiggest 219, 221, 223, 225, 227 Grand Street Corner Drigg Avenue jreakt House 164, 166, 168 and 170 Smith Street Comer Wyckoff Street Aiefrnlne and KeronN nt our prjm. rrnrra and Howrds at our AlCtrOlUS umnd M. rrima UOnnaS Snilth St. Store. No DLvroant on Talklne Marhlnni. 50-Piece Dinner Sets FREE nil thU wrrk with nn purchifcsr nf Ijrnlturr nmonntlnc or over tor rn-h or mi new tM'rountr. Baby Carriages There ore no finer In the conn-try than those we nrr now erlllnjr. line line or Go-Cnrt. Vine Strollers for tin. il, nnd nicely AQ linlahrd luxlrj Carriuxra iu low Xi- loa ma inly kuoii U-llrcr mm Ihnlnc ltuom Hults nt oar Mi I Nprinr mI im tow mm 1 I Mi New Garments $1.50 Weekly on a $30 Purchase. At Our Grand Street Store Up WOHRVH OQ.tS KPRINO DKRSSES. MUX'S AND YOII.NO SUITS hoys' nro I-ANT8 Hurra (illUl' IX ATS AND DRK8SEH L'P 1O.0H 6 I'D MFtM KTUKDAy KVEN1NGA. FeomTmePm ME WOWUI vi in Building to liouse New Yo new Telephone Apparatus DAY after day steel beams swing into place, rivets are driven home and buildings to house New York's new telephone apparatus climb toward completion. A great task of construction to enlarge the city's telephone system is under way. New buildings to house new equipment and new workers are only part of this task, but a large enough part to indicate the size of the project. They are only part, too, of the 98 of the system without which the other 2, the telephone instrument, cannot give service. Within the past 16 months, five new buildings and 17 additions to existing buildings have been completed, providing 12'4 acres of new working space. Other new or enlarged buildings are in course of construction. This year's building program calls for an expenditure of more than $6,000,000. Judge our task by the time it takes to erect one large fireproof building and you will have some idea of what it means to enlarge the city's telephone facilities, buildings, switchboards, cables and all the other apparatus to again give you Telephone service when and where you want it NEW YORK TELEPHONE COMPANY CONTINUES AT THE ENTIRE MAIN FLOOR Siegel-Cooper BUILDING Sixth Ave. at 19l4i Street Operated by THE ROSS STORES, INC. FOR WOMEN FOR CHILDREN FOR MEN All New, Up-to-Date Styles Prices Less Than TO-DAY'S MANUFACTURERS' COST Millions of Pairs of Shoes Have Been Sold Under This Roof But Never Before Have Greater Bargains Been Offered to the Public. Look Them Over Be Coinivracect 50,000 PAIEi Aew Shipment Just Received of WomewsOxfords, Pumps and Eyelet Ties PART OF GIGANTIC PURCHASE JUST MADE FROM McELWAIN, MORSE ROGERS Consisting of Patent Colt, Choco late Kid, White Eaves Cloth, Dull Kid and French Kid Pumps and Oxfords. Hand-turned soles, Iouls, military and medium walking heels. All sizes and widths. Regular values $7 and $8. Spe cial, only. 18 Another Bargain Offering Which Cannot Be Equalled in New York Women's One and Two Strap Pumps About a.SOO pairs in this lot. Consisting of Gray Suede and fine Chocolate Black Kid, also Mahogany Calfskin; all made with the new style medium heel nil sizes and widths. Regularly sold for $7.00 lu $9.00. Special only 098 Misses' and Children's Ankle Strap Slippers and Patent Pumps Alno Ulork Calfskin Ox- fonlJ All sizes op to i. Value. S3. SO Special, onlr .98 Boys' Mahogany Calf SHOES Illuchur and la nil size up to SVj. KeKul.i-14 and J5 vnluei, special. 2 .98 1 Misses Children's I'lay OXFORDS leather uoles; all elzca up to 2. lleKUiiir v.vuo K.00 nnd (2 SO. Special, 98c 3,000 Paint Men's Women's and Children's Sneakers I II id i ml km cttv AU tites Rrvulu nluc op to 1X50, tSrtn ut per jttr, only Make No Mistake Buy Here Save Here Walk In, Look Around Money Returned in 3 Days on Any Purchase If Unsatisfactory No Deliveries No C. O. Store Open 9.15 to 6.15. 6th 1 D1J At 19th Siegel-Cooper Bldg. Ave. Street

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