New-York Tribune from New York, New York on June 12, 1914 · Page 18
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 18

New York, New York
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Friday, June 12, 1914
Page 18
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BUSINESS MOULDED BY POLITICAL ACTS Vanderlip Asserts Future Will Be Dominated by Lawmaking. DEPRESSION NOT A GHOST OF FANCY Sees Need of Rest for Nation to Digest Legislation in Speech to Rankers. N< w London, Conn, .lure 11 Frank A. Vanderlip. president of th? Nstional City I'.atik of New York, mad? th? most Im? portant ?d'Ires?, to-day before I he New k Hankers' Association in annual ron ventH'n here. Although he did not men? tion President Wilson by name nor refer I tlv to hss rer-rnt statement on h'.'si Mr \ nndcrHp's talk on "BuStaSM ?nd P?.litte?" was. m a measure, a reply t?. Mr. Wilson. Sir. Vand?trUp accepted. In part, Mr. \\ lison - exj.r. ss d belief thnt there is no real reason why bUOJiBOBJO h? America at this moment sho-?l?l be anything hut booming and that the o.ily obstruction to i?:'.sperlty Is a psychological on?. Hut the hanker stated that it la In politie-s and not elsewhere the foundation for this condi? tion of mind nuai be sotiKht, and that th? present fear is not without sound basis "We are told.' U? said, "that the ?-ouble of business is psye hological. In .. sense I believe that the statement is ?orrert. I believe that the lack of en? thusiasm about the future, the atate of lessimism that surrounds many phases of bus n?BJ UM dlfrpooAttea toward ex? treme coi serr?t!sm. the lack of new piar?, for capital expenditure for railway Im? provement and extension, for new indus? trial conquest, all have their roots in a state of mind rather than in the statls tica of actual business data. Rut I am Srtaln that this itate of mind 1? i.-- nded on unfounded fears, that It Is ?.?'.??-d by legislative ghosts, that It is en? gendered by baseless apprehension con? cerning legi?lative tendencies and the trend of public opinion. "The obstacles in the way of bus recovery may perhaps be truly described a? psycholoRical. ar.d ?till be ,i manifes? tation e.f siiuml business sense in appre? hending the true meaning of the political "tnic situation." He spoke disparagingly Of he modern ?at1\e movement for investigation and ? m In business, so far as It tended to I,,,, i | ne?! the bankers ihat they should get In line with the i-iovet'-ient rather than to attempt I t It. '1 believe." h? ?aid. "if business men will set themselves into a stats of mind '-w conditions broadly, with ;,n historical and social sense, rather than only from their individual point of view, will apprehend better the direction . Mich the* whole current of political ?dit Is flowing, and will feel less .,?? on ?? with this legls'ative movement vastly less pessimistic concerning Its .it?. 'The basis that 1? back e,f the demand legislative restriction and octroi of ?a? I b<Mieve to h<? In n larse measure . a?|e UP Of BOUnd ?conomie facts. "The development of industrialism ?ii our lifetime has been of auch a ? lutlonary character as naturally and ightly to create a demand for a body of ? .?titrolllng laws auch as were never drcstnad of by our father?. 1 deny that ihvse laws have been made necessary 1 y unfairnesa and wicked practices on part of men who have conducted ge affairs, although Instances of un? fairness and wicked practices may be pointed out." Sign? of Future Busin???. In introe'.ucing his belief that, aside ftoin the sha?ie caVSt by the condition of political doubt, great prosperity is loom? ing ahead in this country, Mr Vanderlip eiesrrlbed the standard? that use?l to pre? vail in judging the business future. ? user) to be atatiatics of production and distribution, reports as to the crop out? look, the condition of th? .noney market and of credit, etc. Then." sa.d the banker, "the statls ti?? of business were a measure of the business outlook. It I? almost startling to note how far from true that 1? to-day how important ha? become the adven tltloua facte.r of legislation and legis? lative tendenclea. "We can no longer meaeuie the outlook in the term? with which bualnesa men ere made familiar through their dally routine. 'The Congressional Record' Ir crowding out of Its place of Importance ?? Financial Chronicle.' The atUtu le Of mind of the Interstate Commet ce ? 'ommlsBsion has become more Imp?t tent lhan the statistics of railroad trafile-. "The obstacles iri the way of business recovery ivav perhaps be truly intangible factor?, and still a feeling of apprehen? sion reganlmg them may be a manifesta? tion of sound business sense In ? ompre 1 ending the true meaning of the polltical e.-OT-.omic situation "Hut If for s moii.e-.t we coulel forget M fa? b'ts and attempt te> fauas the business OUUOOk by ?inly the e?!d time standards r, )?i? h used t?? be suffle- cut. e\ o WOUld MX - large the prospect Of irlcultural vil-id, Riving promis? ? ions of buanpe : crops now I and at almost even p?>.nt ?>f an e?\? eptionally b-OUntiful year. We would ?e- easy money here ami a hi ??ii the other side of <h" ?saCa, Still Dal at only the concrete facts business Oltuattoo?, eif see that n tUdUOCd tariff is t < induing OOmi a our ?rts ?,f manufa? ttite-d articles gad )lftV. SUS?] effect in sloe?, lag ?OS tl BOtlM .?f OUf il.?lust.,..s. I ? ii.e-re is a \mfi^ uo*raployinenl e.r labor, I.ut thnt BBSaUM that if reue??.! business to come I! would n?.t be ?d.-l o? the start ,,?. ?, lad, of arorlt? "Ossl of the n lacles that ?oulei Imd would ?til! be la the lal.ot ?? tuatiejii, the exa. ti"ns of unions. Rsilroad? s Problsm. The impoitant eniry we ? ' on the dehn ?Mg ,,f ..... , iaine?s ?. itioi.k u...!,i ive in osaiaeuiltiii v.,ui the Of I sets of ?n save] money mark t. man y laiiroseis and It impeissii.u- to refuad their ?.'?it tenu obligations Hint <<>Ti ? ?ti wt? Id ;igglei playing witi, ttaiie end ?i? sti roti lac s no? ? tenu oMlgatson late m..ii<et to take tl?.- pt:i-. of ?inoib.r short l.i m obligutiofi mat m Ins. "A. survey of ? sea i ondi- i s Uli ?1Kb facts and totals SS busl-J Bess statistics show to-day would, Low >?\er, have lioen Mifli.i. nt ?round ?en \e,?r? UK?, to liara predicted thai era had ?tialgiu ahead ?>f us the pa alblltty uf a ?>n?.?i ..f great ??paneton, "II noliM ? lion have baetl a vafe jne dlctlou, ?Mili hu? h dala hu now e_i?t, lo have ?.mi thai if iiie aummei brought a I ll ; ? sent crop i " ? the political dlfllcultiea i>n eur Bouthcrn border could he compoocd wlthoul Involv e countrj in an expenaiva ?rar, and .. . mi <.f i'liii? falrae*? would ? ? I n?e government ?uthoritieg to irranl 10 the ? ? : rom the t> J l!>K < " " h- . . : loci ??.. ng ? -1 ? ?? -? i and ?ta w? would aea by fail the beginning mad? of a j>?riod >>f In ?nal a cotnpll?htnetil which would make th? .i"- ilt? attained In all pr?vU>u? . aeem small by ?jtrmperleon.'' K. rerrlne t?. th? learitrtatl' ?? fa? tor? in th? outlook again, in cloelng, Mr. Vender ;i|i ?aid ?Do not deceive peureelve? l ? "?; Hood of n"" legialatlon in tha ..-. oropllflhmenl ?loi ? -?' a strong ? ed or the work of ? r?'i. ! ? 'onereae 'Ti . .. .,,0 not 10 be ?tti Ibuted to the ?uppoaltton thai we I i -?-??" nos? men; rather thoee can ??? ?r? I to be found amona tl e Involi I ?nits of the revolutlon*ry charnu? thai the new Industiiallam haa brought ?mo ' buatneea life. We may frankly ?dmll that 1! ere have heen in the Ihn! B? OTi Of ?raaping men ?nd dlahonest men in ; biulneea ma there hav? been ?lnc? th? beginning of tune and will alwaya con | Untie to be. Bul I believa there are ; f?w?r of them proportionately to-day ; than ever hefore. "I believe that the cure for many of . the present evils that ara afhictins bual nes? lie? in the hand- ?.r buatneea men themaelvea, and it wQI he effected In the measure In which buslnesa men aee to it that the public honeatly ami clearly is in? formed. The real paychological barriera to a trade reviva! will thon no removed." Superintendent Bugen? I_?mb Richarde, of the New York State Banking Depart mer.t, atranuoualy attacked the preaent policy of the national administration in repaid to husiness legialatlon "It is not what our wickedest cltisena have none wljich is making buatneea .? wreck," he ?aid. "It is whal |overnmenl Interference has done and is doing. No money trust is the cauae oi our preeent husiness depression. We must ?0 deeper and farther than past performancaa of money kings. And when wa do we shall And the causes of depression in the steady piling up of attempted conttol over business. In official tinkerinii with the law o? si;i :? j and demand and in statutory attempts to niter the plain principles of commercial competition." Robert H. Treman, of Ithaca, prealdent of the association, called upon the hank eis fut their heuity support of the new ict. "Taken as ;. whole," he said. "It is a E?.?od bill, winch should receive the heart) support of every banker until practice ?vera defects which should he cor? rected. Certalnl; until then It should be faithfully suppoi ted " Mr. Treman added thai while there ? d t?i be a prevalent feeling of un , ? ertainty in business, depression and n lack of confidence In the future, he thought that if the country was "given tat" from further "disturbing legiala it would adjust itself to the chances ? forced by the new laws and thing? would work out all ri^ht. ?Prominent banker? fiom all parts of the Mate are here for the two-day COnvei I Apart from the condition of business, In? tercept centred upon the contenta for the dtrectorehlp In the new Federal Reaerva Bank of New Yoi k. .1. (' Leggett, pre?lden1 of the Cuba National Bank, of Cuba, N. v., who is on the insurgent til ket of the smaller up? state hankers, .?.'?id : "A good man) Of the smaller hankers :n parta of the Btate remota fiom Now fork don't know there is an ?lection coming off." Robert II Treman war nominated to succeed Fred l!. Hyde ?,f Jameetoarn, on the executive council, ami Oeorga '*? Clarahut, of Rome, to Bucceed Walter B. I iew, of New Tork. B. !.. Smythe, of Bronxville, wa? nominated as a vice president. The annual dinner wa? held at the GrlBweM thl? evening, at which th? speakers were Senator .lohn \Y. Wecke, of .Massa? husetts ; .lot? K. Hedge?, of New Tork, and Charles ]?'. Mathewson. of New fork, Mownrd Elliott, of the New fork, New Haven ?& Hartford Railroad, was the guest of honor at the dinner. -.-? ? SHOT HUSBAND. NOT BIRD Woman, Angry at Woodpecker, Fails to See Man Up Tree. Stony Point, N. T., June 11. Hidden from view while at work in a tree, Frederick F. Seidel was accidentally shot in both legs l.y hla wife, Mrs. Marie Seidel, as ?he flred at a wood? pecker to-day. The bird was in the habit of mount? ing a limb near her bedroom window : at daylight and hammering until It awoke her and she chased it away. Thl? morning she got a shotgun when she heard the bird. Failing to see her husband sawing a limb In un adjoining tree, she flrrd. and riddled '?oth of his leg?. He fell eiRhteen feet to the ground, breaking his rtgh' arm. WOMEN GLUED TO SEATS Heat Plays Annoying Freak in a Pottsville Theatre. ? - ' ? Tribunal Pottevllle, Penn., June 11.?Intenae heat to-day caused an awkward alt na? tion at the Hippodrome Theatre, whet? one thousand women In white di' arere attending a perforuiance. When the play ended, two hund??-I of ilm women were glued to then* ? beat having melted the v.irn atb <>n the chaire. Many were able t<? get au ay only l.y ruining th?ir ?it eeeea. "BIG 6" MEETS NEW HEAD 500 Union Printers Give Beef? steak Dinner at Their Club. Five hundred member? of Typograph Union N'i. ?;. componed of news) oflle? inn.tris, gave a heefeieek dinner at the Printers' i'liii. early y at . mornlni In honor ,.f Jame? H ''.?lui!, prt . t Ibaglng, mono* logue* and apeech*maklng Blled three merrj iiour?. Mi I ?ahm. \\h<? Will ,94 i ?mo oftca on sui.ii.c apoka "t the many queetlona ceaifrentiiig Mm. "i .' atad he, "if ?ver a newly elected '. i> 'lent <?f Hit; S,y' ajaajttmed otV? under su? h advene ctrtnintstaince? iim i ?saur? th-? member? et thl? union, ?lee ?eapierere, <\riy one win ^?t a s'tuare deal while 1 oempy the ureai dent a chair." TAMMANY MAN HEADS SING SING T. J. McCormick, of Yon kcrs. Succeeds Clancy as Warden of Prison. POLITICAL AID TO MICHAEL J. WALSH Wi-j-uam's Westchester Wing Ju bilant Over Victory in light on Reform. Thomas .1 McCormick, ? plumber, of Yonkers, chief political lieutenant of Michael J, Walah, leader of the West ??: ring of Tsmmany Hail, aras sp? ied werden of Bins Sing pi t>t'.i\ to iticceeil James M Clancy, an ., ? Tammany Democrat ? turned In Ins resignation I M s, hi alleged, the VYIfeam tried m run the prison. McCormick .; to lake ?'(ii ? .1 uno $2. .lohn H. Rlley, - ... ? lenilent of | Pi I sons, In snnoum sppointm? n( Albany yesterday, said M-rCormlck aras pol : politician snd that he never ??oughl public iifii, ??. However, Mr Mc Iclt is ?? let -< hsirn an of the Demo? cratic City Committee an<l l*?j??lci for \\ slsh In ! is 4th Werd, in fonki i ??u Tuesday last Rlley, it ?^ said, told Ward??] Clsnr-y thai be a ?uld spp John T Windell, a labor leader of Ton kers, to the Sine Sing pom. it i? no? lieved thai Winds!!'? nams **a? used onlj as a blind, to prsTsnt a storm of proti il from prison reformors sfho had written to ?',o?ornor Qlynn and to Superintendent ?lilry that i! would i-e a stop backward should CIsncy resign noi to appoint a suc ceasor win? had so ne exporten ? lo I I him for ih< Rlley pleaded with Clancy to ths lasl t-. stay; bul the warden maintained h? would not remain unless Tammany Hau politicians kept their hands off the prison. Leaders In politics who hav? been try? ing to pet Clancy out sime his appoint? ment, on June :'. IH3, were openly exulting 1 last night in Yonkers. Alderman I'red II. Btllwell, of the MM Ward of Vonkr.? one of those who fought foi McCormick'? appointment, said last nlghl i , .i group of friends In the Hetty Ho si Well, rou can bet that McCormick Is . nOW, Sll right." The aide ? brother of ex-Senator Stephen J. Btllwell, who was convicted of bribery, and ?ho, after being sent to sm.; -ferie,I to Comstock prison by Warden Clancy because he wanted to ? ? ? all hours and Of* every dsy. He als?? refused to do any work. The enator will probably be returned to Sing Sing, his friends believe. Boon after Clancy took nffi-?? a mem? ber o? the Westchester wing of Tammany Hall la credited with demanding a "hsnd In shaping tho policies ?,f the prison, ' t-> which Clancy replied: paNot while I'm warden." Then the a leged work of forcing Clancy - to r? first --anil tho riot of the prisoner?, which snded with two ol bi Ing I n ned almost to ths ground After th?- i lot was suppressed the keep- ? crs and other prison employes began to hamper Clancy, and some of them w,-re srged. When CIsncy ?topped the ?< >? traffic In the prison, which it was alleged netted considerable profil to some keepers, things were mad? e\eu harder for htm. ? ? 1 DEAD. I DYING FROM GARAGE FIRE Employe Drops Match in Gaso lene and Loses Life?Pro? prietor Fatally Burned. Dropping a match In the drippings ol gasolene on tne floor pf Casaderdl t Koflar's tra?ase, at 4C", West Mth st., y?s lerday s'tcrnonn proved fatal to Henry Rudeck, thirty-seven, a varnlsher, of SM eleventh a.. He died an hour later in I'olvclinic Hospital. Felicia Koflar, a vic? tim of his employe's rashness, is in the hospital probably fatally injured, while (?sonard Pfantsch, of 420 West ",1th St.. who want to t:i. rescue of Koflsr, was hurned about the fai'e and hands. The explosion that followed the igt.l tion of the gasolene caused $10,000 damage and save Deputy Chief Burns and ?ap? lani Smith of Kngine I a chance to risk their lives bv dashing Into the flaming garage and dragging out the unconscious Rudeck. The firemen were directed to the mechanic'? plight by Koflar. who in ? conscious moment ?creamed that ins em? ploys was still in the flamee A m bu* lances and a pulmotor war? smt for, and though ti.e latter was used on both men litti?-hope for their rev,,very was given. ?? i ired were bell i i ai ? d for, the Bremen were having a hard time to proven! the flames from spreading to .? lumbei yard adjoining. There wes also confusion among the occupants of the upper stories. Who es, a,,,I th? sheets of flame when men tore down a f<:nee and mads an exll for the tenants from the rear of the building. Mrs. Bridget McMaaus braved the r?ra and ?1ash??l through with her I -ni-utth?? Old baby, They were unliarme.l. |fra Kate Qeraghty als,? went throtigh the Ore Rudolph Paris*? dro|,pe?l mto the >ar?l f i .?in s second story .? ndow. LOGS TO WRECK TRAIN Man Arrested for Threat as New Attempt Is Made. Hertford, ? iiiiii, June 11.?Poire Sus? <? was ?UTested mi ? bOBCh warrant i]. charged with attenpUag t.? WI..K a pass.-rujer tiHiu ?,ii the \,.? Haven n\ Winds??-- Links un M?v |Q b) placiai a steal rail on the tracks. Su.sco was formi-ilv a s>-, ti,,i) haml on the road, hut was dis- Imrgril on stmS 1 He is sanl tn beVO threatened t,, I !? ? h thO train SO that many lives w,-ul?l D0 lust, ami "the i ailn.a?] ?roQkj havs to pay millions <?; tlollara In dam* - \fter his nri'st ?ro$*d was received here of another att4mtpted trahi bti toe. ?i \v'in<i?>r i.i?, ks early lo~?s\y. .\ m.? pillas i"Ks und racha on Ike u , was Been by night workers in a mill [The) informed the police, who arrived! I too late to capture the man. ??m Bb, \ "?H ^sBtjIbbb^. ^^SP?^' ^ SSh f?/**?? *'"> i?\ "W?J?< '*" ^^LV E3^,f i*. ^?v ?ja ?fe, a* **?*?? \-^mm I II? ..\! \S .1 M ? ( iKMI? !K. SUIT FOR $14,000,00( BRADY HEIRESS OFI Grandmother of M. Palmei Gavit's Little Daughter To Be Her Guardian. B) Telegraph to Th? Tribun? l Albany, .Inn?* 11. Th* care of March Ann Gavit, ii?.- elghl year-old Brand daughter of the late Anthony N. Brady MliO is l!io httres* t'i $14,000,000, lia: g<? tho Brady family into the court here. Resentment of the family i?e cause m the si'.oinl marriage of tin Kill's father, K. Palmer Gavlt, t?> Mrs Mana Turner Cooke a few ?reek* ag< is the source of the trouble. Judge l> <'H?ly Henick, as attorney for th? widow of Mr. Brady, wound from .lue t i??-? William P. Rudd ? temporary in junction restraining Mr. f?avit front taking the little girl out of the Jurisdic? tion ?.f th?' court. T'ne Brady faniilj ?ii-sirrii that *he remain with her grand? mother. Mi. ami Mr?. Gavii had planned to ?*< with i in* rhild to Denver l?verai dayi ago, but the Injunction prevented th* trip. His first wife was tho datlghtei ??f Anthony N. Brady, who was killer in the New Haven wreck <it West port ?'iinn.. nearly two year* ago. The injunction secured by Judge Ifer rtck wa. returnable ? I^foro Justice Rmlil next Saturday, hut persons close in ihe Brady family dc lore that it will never bo trgued, u the differences have been adjusted, it will ?'ither he vacated or allowed t<> go by default. Ever since tho *econd marriage r.f ??a vit there have been rumors here ol differences between him and the mem? bers of the Brady family. The retirement of Qavit a few days ago from the treasurership of the Al? bany Municipal <?ns Company, on? of the Brad] corporations, Is attributed to this cause. The second Mrs. Cavit II the daughter of Major El iory 8. T .in?-i. and she was divorced from her liist husband, Manden Cooks, In 1900. .-'he had made her home in Colorado Springs, but spent S portion of eat h ?.car in Xew York and Lake f'eorgc. The lit lie davit girl w.' s a gf t favorite with her grandfather, and li< provided handsomely for her ?n his will. He divided hi* Vast estate into Sil parts and gave ?me of these parts to her. Her share is estimated at *-H. 000,000, and the Income is about .*-.'!.tMN3 a day. Inder the will the girl until her majority is to get as much of this income as will provide "amply and lib? erally for her In every way. One-half of th? remainder goes to her father and ihe other half is to accumulate for the little girl until her majority, should :-he ?lie ihe money is to revert to the Brady family, whether Mr Qavit is liviiij; or not What provision would he made for Mr. * :;a\ it should a guardian be ap? pointed for his ?laughter could not b? learned here to-day. Nicholas !?' Brady last night declared that there was no desire on the part of ???e Brad) family to take his little niere from the custody ?if "her father, her natural guardian." in n dictated sta'e mrnt he said: "Referring to tit?* alleged differences bel veen mj brother-in-law, E. Palmer Gsvlt, and myself, over his daughter. Ann ?"'avit. i deeir* t? ? say that any differences between Mr. Qavit and my M-if nave been entirely settled, i wish t.. is)' further that it was most unjust and unwarranted that Mrs. Gavit's name should )??? brought Into th? mai? ler St all, as she vas In no way COB? certted with it. I desire to sav also that our entir?? family and mvsclf have the greatest confident-e in atul respect -? i I affliction for Mr? Qavit." URGED $1,000.000 WILL President of Title Guarantee Tells of Knight Document. Clarence '. I. Kolacy, i resident of th? Title Quarante? & Trust <"<>. on* of the SZOCUtori of the estate of MISS Sarah A '?Inisrht. whose will i? being eontaotoal m th? surrogate's Court, r?*o i. tMtliod h? had loM her that, un? less she m?d? a ?vill. I-.? r $ I.?00.000 property wo?:l?| go to the State. H* also ?.id he bad told th-* nur?es at St. I.tike ? llnspitel to urge Mi-<? Knight to niHk?: a will. William II ?lark, of the Ftond and M"rt gage C*Oa*lspany, testitlcl that a week l>? - fore Mi?? Knlghfl death ibo told him she intended t?> roak* ?- will, and ?.?ldt'i "Mv relativ** v. ill he K're.,tl\ BUI pi u" ?1 when they see Ihe will. a?, they think 1 am ? ti.-h aroman, but i sm not i have onl) h few worthless sto? ks." In addition lo nri\ worlhle?? *t" s1 ? slao owin-'l :'i", ?hares of I'ulhtiau stn, k, about |?00,0??0 In real estste. in? cluding ? ai?l II \\>st '.?th ?t. and lots ni Maryland, Naw ?lotssy and I.ung 1*1 *nd. U. S. BAR TO TUBE ROUTE REMOVED Realty Fxperts Agree on Terms for Bore Under Federal Building. BI? EASEMENT PRICE DWINDLES IN DEAL City Only Asked to Pay for In? juries to Structure and ?Mail Aid Devices. Real est?t? expert?, acting f??r the Treasury Department and for the city. v rtually reached ?in understanrlini; ys t.rday as to the terms upon which the city Is to obtain an easement un?ler th? federal BulkUag for th** extension of the Seventh ;iv lubway. it is understood that, aside, from the Installation of con? veniences foi handling the mail through the subway .'en?! compensation for possible Injuries to the buildlno*, no remuneration \\ ill be asked of the ? ily. The conference ?rao held In the office of II? mo s Klv A Co., the government ex? perts. The Douglas Robinson, ""hartes S. Brown Company end Joseph B. Day rep resent??,| the city's int? rests. A report will probably be made to Se'Tetarv Me-Adoo to-day by iioia<-<? s. Ely A- Co., an?l th? 'it > 's representatives are expe?ted to re? port to the Publie Servi.-e Commission, Until these reports nave been < ompl'*f-<l anel fllerl no information concerning their contents sill be given out. It is said, how? ever, thai th. agreement reached yester? day leaves open only questions which can b. readily settled by lawyers and en giaeera. w hi!?? the conference in the office of Ely ?<" ' " aras under ?ray Assistant United Btati i Attorney Kno?j and Leroy T. Hard? ness, assistant counsel to the Public Bor? \ ca Commiaaion, were goinj* over the 1? tal problems which have already ap peared. Mr. Knox presented a new set of sie.'ifl.'ations e'oriesponding to the BUggea ti? ns he made to the Public Service Com? mission early in the week. There was nothing m th'- new specifications to whie-h Mr. liarkteM objected, The transit committee of the Board of Estimate yesterday approved of the Bpruce st. route lor the new subway, so that if it is found impossible to run train? beneath the federal Building the city will have an alternative toute. GIRL ASK? $25,000 FROM H. W. M'GR?W Miss Morrison, Model, Sues Son of Banker for Breach of Promise. iiaroi.i Whlttlesey M? ?Jraw. twenty four year? old, son of James ii. Mc QrtSWi director of the Coal and Iron National Bank and u half doze>n other ? m l><irati<?ns, was made defendant yes? terday in ;. $25,000 breath of promise suit in i tie Supreme Court by Miss Ifattie Pearson Morrison, a <lres?i mottel. Miss Morrison said that. M.'.raw Drat pitpmlsied on January .'5 last at Asbury Park to make her nil wife, and it was agreed that the wetlijing shuuld take plae-e in March. Then in February it was as-reed to postpone the ceremony until .lune, tin the first of this month, she said. M? ?.raw refused to carry out his promise. Miss Morri-"n le, lar. .I she gave up her place in anticipation ?if her wedding. Th?? young man's father i president of the Mi'.raw Publishing Company and, is interested in "The Electric Hail way Journal." "The Hleetrieal World" and other similar publications. Th?? son is employed in his office, at 289 West. 80th st. The elder McCraw said at the Hotel Seville last night that his son had met Miss Morrison at As'uury C ,, but that there was no promise tif marriage. COCAINE TRADER TRAPPED Burns Convicted on Testimony of District Attorney's Man. Joseph Hasnaman, alias "Joe P.tirns." was convicted yeaterday before .lueitre Mal'-ne in ' Sessions of selling C4x*aine to Harry Gtlson, an Investigator in Assistant District Attorney Wilmots drug crusade, Ha**;*aman sohl fifty e.ent?' worth of the drug te. Qlleon Lagl February. The ?ale look place |a front of a reatauraat at llth st. and Seventh av. ?rhere iiasaaman made his head? Quarters. He was remanded one week f<?r sentence John Uurke and Bertha Haitis pleaded guilty to .selling cocaine yesterday, ami were -eoianded to the Tombs for >.-n tenee hy Justices Wilkens, Moss and lltrrman ?liarles Kinney wa? eon \ lct?d ein a similar ehari*e. Another case of alleged drug sellim* la that of Andrew Bluttier ami Anna Qoldsteln, now on trial before Judf??. MulrjSJSsM in General Sessions. f?llson testified that he bought 1C0 "decks" of cocaine f re m them. Their rooms were, raided by the police, who found a large supply of the drug. GLYNN DISCOVERS 'NEW YORK'S LUNGS' Governor Calls Palisades Interstate Park Supe? rior to Black Forest. lit:, MAYOR AND 200 OTHfiRS VISIT TRACT Arrangements Already Made for Campers, Pavilions Built and Auto Road Started. I ?on hi? return to New York l??t night fron, ?n liiepeeUon of the Palisades irter st...,- lark ?Jovornor Olynn de? lsred that the |. which will be open to the pub lie Sunday, would prove to r>e the "lung? Of New York." Governor i.lynn was ac? companied by Meyer MKcnet, J. Du Pre? White, of Nyaek, end about two haairel other membera of the Park CommlaaHoa ?It Is a wonderful place." said the Bee ernor. "It is hound to he the lung? of N?w if properly need end deeaaaped. If < haritahle institution? of thi? <-ity only reeJi-ed the poeaaottltlea of baet tract of Land they would he eager to aid in Ita development "1 b?lier? the state should help in the development O? the place. It would not he a bid Idea to erect shelters here and there so that these desiring to camp, but without the means to purchase a tent. I he able to make use of the park without relying upon charity. "The poasibUIUee of the scheme of de? velopment ?m immense, f hate travelled throiiKh Germany and have seen nothing ihet.? to compare with the Palisade? Park. I don't even except th?: Bkaek Korest." The members ?if the , ommissiou went Bret to Hear Mountain Park on the steamer Highlander. There the workmen were replacing the root which lightning ripped from tb? dancing pavilion in th? laet storm. Platform* to be used a? tent n?ora already have been erected on the shores of Hlghlend Lake for campers. A thirteen-acre playground ha? been lev? elled. There are pavilions for the us?: of picnic partie* A restaurant will be opened by the commission when the crowd? begin to arrive. ?m Sunday th? Highlander, a steel boat, will begin regular trips to Mear Moun? tain. She Will leeve the Battery at 9:10 a. m. and will reach New York again .. oui 7 j?. m. The round trip on week will be .'.U cent? and on Sundays and holidays 70 cents. There will be music aboard. At Alpine, across the river from Yon the commission found luglnoera ai r.'.oly et the preliminary work on Uta au? tomobile highway which is to traverse ihe park. Several cottages w!:ich the commission had been renting to summer folks have be.'ii burned to make way for th?; road, and occupant? Of others have been warned to leave, Ordere for a general exodus eve caused raeantinenl among those who believe the road makers will not require their property this season. .Mliine is at the lower end of th?? park. A lar?? basin, where boats of all sizes can tie up In safety, has been built here. Along the trelvemile shore line of th?j park the commission has built nine piers. The park steamer will put in at each of th? M on every trip. Man;.- of the pier? have been ? onstructed at '?oints where pure springs are to be found. Paths have been cleared from ?a ii landing lack into the woods. In certain par? i ,<f Hie park camping is per ir.:. ie,| to those who apply to the com miaaion. I.eonar.l II. Smith, assistant secretary of the commission, at 61 Broad wey, has charge of the Issuance of per? mits. HOPE FOR MRS. FISHER Wife of Cartoonist, Hurt in Auto Wreck, Out of Danger. .Mrs. Pauline Fisher, wife of "Bud" Planer, the cartoonist, waa said last night by Dr. Scholl, of Pordham Hospital, to ?>e pracii.'ally o'.t of danger. When ?he was taken lo the hospital early yester? day morning, after being pinned beneath the wr?ckeil automobil? of Lawrence Lamb, of 7fl Riverside Drive, her life was despaired of. It was thought that ?he had be<-n injured Internally. Dr. Scholl now believes that she will be able to leave the hospital in a few days. Mr. I.amh s;iid that as he swerved to. avoid the automobile owned and driven by Berry J. Hafner, of 7S4 Tremont av., The Hronx, the wheels of the two cars scraped, an?l in another instant hi? own Car was capsized. Mr. Lamb's car waa destroyed by lire. L I. ROAD MASCOT DEAD Roxie, Terrier with Bank Ac? count, Succumbs to Old Age. Roxie, for fifteen years Um mascot of the Long Island Railroad, the only dog With the freedotn O? UM trains and with ? bank account started by cittntnuters, hundreds of whom made friends with the little terrier while he rode from station to station, died yesterday after? noon at Dr. W. L. Johnson's veterinary hospital, in Jamah a, Long Island, after suffering for several months. Roxie will he hurie?! to-day on the railroads properly adjoining the sta? tion at MerriOh Long island. His body will be taken there in an automobile by A. '?. Slack, general foreman of the railroad company'? high tension de? partment, and <". F. Young, foreman of the ele?trlcal department. A tomb? stone will he presented by Richard HOT EL 8 AND RESTAURANTS, j HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS. SHANLEY'S Broadway?43d to 44th Street Superior Six-Course Wherc-Cutsine LuncheOIl, 7Sc(M?S?C) and Breakfast m (i rill Room from 8 A. M. Entertainment- Cabaret Extraordinaire Harmonize Twenty Acts Every Evening 7 to 1 Restaurant also in the Shopping Zone ? Broadway, 29th-30th Street Homeyer, <>t Queen? i..,r,< j?iSm I other of the dog's friends. One of the chief mourners ?a I Miss KIsie He??, of Merrie-k, at wuj h le the? animal /reejiiently r?l*aJ number of < '?mm itera who have *??. of their four-l**geed friend ? -."?t*?^ prnmifel to stop e.ff at NferTi-4? u enough to witn**?? the obseq^i?^ 1 With the exeeptlon of Dr. jd^u an'l Mi4?? Hew, Roxie? wo'iM ???it a?, except nnifeirmeel ?MptOye?, of th?^ The dog's bank ac<*ouat wa? g^. 1? frienelly rommnter? when *flF h'gan to ?how sign?? of ?tre. expended In providing h.m ?-/nj, - r,e?et of 'are? at the veterinary h/yg-^ Office coats of the thinoel coolest fabrics?all sizes fm ,34 to M ehest. Nuna-lo'h. baatUt?, 1??n?>?, ta? ? mohair. Alpcc? sn<l grsy ?Idllan. For Summer comfort?? Half-lined suits. Two-piece ?suits of t?y tro])ical materials. Athletic underwear. Nothing better thai,) ?"Gymkhana" shirt for 9\i mer sport? Tnless it's a silk "Gfi khana." Men's and boys' sise? rn ?ilk ?? vefi white oxford. ?Rrgitfrrtd trademork. Rogers Peet Company, Three Broadway Stores at at at Warren St. 13th St. 34th I AMUSEMENTS. Tlie?e New Vor*. Leading I lieatraj llu\e No l>-ilinc? *?.lh the T??.?o (??_ NEW AMSTERDAM i . VJ;,;,?? Mutine?? To-morrow X \\e?dne?dat, tUJ, I lie One I ?tal.ll.hed Sum mer ?lio?. ^?WlMlft i in; i.ii.iiim. mm 1VITH ALL ITS PKKTT. Alter the Perform?*??**) ??..n't k ZiEGFELO OANSE DE I- i'. V-rlal Harden A? -u the Polo < up I ..riI.-_ 1 ?Jat. ?;-?. Your Table. P h i III II-.4I? Kvs. 8:30. MtsTo'/.v A Detective e'omeriy of TUC T ansti? aii-1 Thrill.? 1 ?I?. Knirkerbueker. PsHt "AS anell o'e\wjruN2ios mofo 5VrX I ???.. '?Ill 1.4. ?? : o Va* FOIL? DUMMT ". .?turf CH ESTRA or 50 ? ?sVbsWsW "World* M??terpiere." '/.'.'.. Era .loisfSjt GLOBE H ,v' **st- VaHy -:wmm*\ UhUSfS. .,<v t Mr A1| Srgt. R.s-rraj I nlver-al Motlos Plrture? i .resent ANNFTTr: I N I;PI t >TI EI.LF.RMANN N li\|?,HTB K GAIETY' B'w?y ?nd 40 St KvmTssI .-.IL, 1 I M.? T?m-,v & Y,'t?., s-a 7 4.KO. m. roiux?. Ill?l II \V KEYS TO BALDPATE '''m'1-COHAN'S : r ctiism?aEM .. ..?? ? Mr To WINTER GARDEN PASSING SHOW OF 191 PLAYHOUSE 4,,!?!ia^,Vo0^:*y*A?S THE THINGS THAT COlM OOlk ?i* TU?.tre. near P'w.iv. V"-. c? < * O 31 Si 01, To-m'w * TVed. IJ TOO MANY COOKf ( AftlNO. i: LAST WKKK ?e 1". I.a?i Mat. To m"?/. HIGH JINKS;?,,? Mac KAY t>t^a.?>xn?rj*sii.:? COBT Till: \T1.K. l?th St. rear *r???j THE ESCAPE t ?T" 15-23 .V> cent?. Best ^""?e^jiSfc^. LONG ACRE iffAViwsi? A PAIR " SIXE^ astorv 4 r^rS l.aush while the laii?liin?\ j? Ef* RAYMOND HITCHUX* JN His NKW Ml si' \I. P?*** "THE BEAUTYJHOT ELTIN6E ?S;^ro'*iS3S ' ?1015. k>lssl ?wTtltPI?0l6AL;|JSofW i ?Tur TDi ?Tu \T?Wr??iM pierrot - Dr. ? andTHESMKED TRUTH1" Illlli Cr Crazytiwi ;i^ Kree V??4?i*-** Ita.i.l <??sr*,r" Sree Tue? fo* ???**!> TBS -7apt. Aleare?." "Vlife IVaslsS - I he Ne? Steno?raphrr" * -"'i??\ Next M.mdaT?Kntlre ? linn?e ?t rrm^iL REPU&LIC ;?"; r?.'-* CaVALI?KA I MINI LE-fg ?Of M.lOtof-V Ntwk.JhSalS HAMMKKSTMN? ??? A. ^?sa* COLUMBIA le IW?T ni MI?? ?iHMA?l.D f?2-* 14 "' le? y OANC.NQ INSTRUCTION:^. Prtrsle I?-?lr'iy IS V?e??_??J?" ??e? N' ???asa TU-.W"?? MA***! ?mi/*? MtTy#r,tasaSe??iv?7 & 1

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