The Evening World from New York, New York on January 3, 1921 · Page 1
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The Evening World from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Monday, January 3, 1921
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U im9B Circulation Books Open to AIL" , , I " Circulation Hooka Open to A1V -,iM I VOL. L-XI. NO. 21,627 "DAILY. C'S5M' NEW YORK, MONDAY, JANUARY 3, 192J.. gOTSjgTg PBIOE THREE OENTSJjj f PROHIEtmOg A N T ADM IT K ILLI N g & 3 , ' ' ' :x cbaig charges M'?S 0. $. FLIERS STARI RETURN FEARED FOR HIS OWN LIFE ) Sk Wmk "K SLED MR SAFE may Iei reS biieil WHEN HE KILLED EX-GUNMAN I FUNDSBYGLERK j . MJtlKtMl mm JAIL Alleged Shortage of James T. Harris, Missing Three Days, May. 'Be $30,000. HIS PAPERS SEIZED. S3,000-a-Year Employee of Comptroller's Office Said to Have Used Contractors' Cash Comptroller Craig this afternoon announced Uiat the employee of his office against wham ho hod preferred chars oa of -mid larceny In connec tion with finances was James T. Harris, a $3,000 a year clerk living nt No. 47 St John's Place, Brooklyn Jle added that 'attaches of his office had grone (before the Grand Jury to . testify as to Marrta's Irregularities. Investigation Is being made to dis cover Whether other " employees are Implicated. , Harris, who has been in tire city's employ since, 1898, has not been seen at his desk since 3.15 o'clock last Fri day afternoon, and all -efforts to locato Mm, the Comptroller said, had failed Harris's dewk was broken open by the Comptroller's orders, and papers and memoranda obtained which, according to Mr. Craig, lndlcato that the Irregu laritlcn may run as high as $30,000. Tho ppeclflo charge against Harris Is the larceny of $000 worth of Liberty bonds, deposited as sureties to cover a city forosre contract Ibid of Charles Bchaefcr & Co., feed dealers of Mes- erole Street, Brooklyn. These toonds, Mr. Craig tftated to-day, wero token by Harris to a money lending concern and l,-, fhirnntliM'.a.ted for a loan to Harris. Tim unearthing of the irregularities came through Jllctmol Del Balso, a Bronx contractor. Del Balso some time ago turned Into the keeping of tho Comptroller omce $9,750 In casu us surctv on an asphalt eon'.mct ma Lator ho wanted to substitute for the cash n surety company bond. There upon Harris, according to Information the Comptroller has received, "talked about tfie bush" and did not make tho requested substitution. This per plexed. Del Balso and ho wrote a letter of camplalnt to the comptroller. After this. Harris supplied the cash and I'.urned It over to Del Balso. The remilt of this was nn order from Comptroller Craig to Chief Auditor Kenlow to ninko an lmmo. dtato Investigation of Harris's ac counts. Kenlow wont to talk to Harris on ITriday last at 2 o'clock, demanding an explanation of tho Del Balso mat ter. Harris, the Comptroller said. "closed up llko a clam." An hour and a Quarter later he had left. Comptroller Craig said to-day that Harris was under the protection of tho Civil Service, but ho had not been able to llnd out that " he had ovor passed an examination. CARDINAL GIBBONS AT HOME Prelate Moved rrom Fnlon Mill" to llaltlmore StnmU Trip Well. JJAlTKlIOItB. Jan. 3. Cardinal Olbbons was 'brought home from Union Mills. Md.. to-day, arriving at tho archloplscopal residence In a motor car, a.bout 12.30 o'clock. He wa reported to have stood the forty-mile Journey without discomfort, Hla two doctors and his secretary ade with him and two other raa-efilnes bearing friends. Including Bishop O. B. Corrlgan, oeompsrild his car, MI35 VIOLET GORDON 3ELHPID6E. Vicomte dc Sibour, Prospective Bridegroom, Belongs to Old Frendi Catholic Family. LONDON, Jan. 3. ANNOUNCBMUNT Is made" that Violet Selfrldge, t daughter of Cordon Selfrldge, department store keeper, is to wed Vicomte de Blbour, member of an old French Catholic family. The prospective bridegroom has been In tho employ of Mr .Belfrldgo for several months. Mr. Selfrldge rnmo to London In 1809. ufter retiring from tho firm of Murshnll Field & Co., Chicago, and from tho first Inception of his great department store In Oxford Street his business has been a prosperous one. Tho merchant married Hose Buckingham of Chicago, who died In 1918, and has tnrca daughters and one son. His London houso Is In Carlton House Terrace. Among hla homes Is Hlghcllffe Castle, which tho Kaiser occupied on his last visit to London. ' WOUNDED FIGHTING FOR U. S., BARRED NOW AS "ALIEN" "I Understood Armv Orders," Says Draft Veteran, Excluded Under Literacy Test. T'HE United States drafted Demetrius Robos for military service In 1918, and the United States to-day oxcluded him from the country on tho literacy test. The case will bo appealed directly to the Secrotary of Labor. Robos was wounded twice whtlo fighting for the United States in France as a Corporal. But ho wob not born In this country and he cannot road forty words In any language. He camo hero In 1910, and was in Philadelphia when ho was drafted. Whon asked., If ho understood English hn replied! "I understood orders in the army," ' After ho dlschargo from the army he went to Albania to visit relatives. Had he returned to the United Htntos within six months ho would have been exempt from the literacy test. Ho Is legally an alien. T1IK WOHMl. TIMVItl. DUItlLAU... AfMllC. lUUUtt liow, . y. tatjr. CIMk Nan for bu mui iimitunif, m-u inn ; nj i4ml opto Ait vA lllrtt,. Uu ordtn 4M Ufreuua dxcki lor "if. Vb LnllUltlU Ull llUUUUIl Vni Imprudent, He Says, to Ask Bitzberger Leaps to Safety jtf UUB 1(111 U fiLLLULU 1 LUl-f I Legislature to Raise Direct After Bar Is Sawed, Appar- , Three Naval Balloonists Not Expected to Reach Rail Head Until Saturday. INDIANS BRING NEWS. Americans Missing From Rock-away Since Dec. 13 Rescued " by Trading Post. N i m COCHRANE! Ont, Jan. 3. The three) American naval balloonlatB who were forced to land at Moose Factory on Hudson Bay after having been missing since Dec. IS. followthjr'thelr departure from the Air. t Station At nockaway; N. T., "probably will not reach Majtlce, on tho Canadian National Transcontinental Railway, before Saturday. Latest reports received here; today stated the party, whloh started on Dec. 27 iby dog-sled for a rail head, was making slow progress because of extremecold and deep snow. . Indian runpers despatched by the Hudson Bay Company to tho nearest telegraph station after the filers had been found reported that the Americans Llouts. Walter Hlnton of iBelle Harbor, N. Y.j Stephen A. Farrell of Now York, and Louis A. Kloor Jr. of New Orleans were in excellent ihi.i and nnnarcntly none the worse for their adventure. After notifying tho world of their safety, tho aviators ut once set about preparing for a trip back to civilisa tion. With tho old of mo traains post Indian guides were recruited and dog teams mobilised. It is expected the iparty will follow the same route taken iby the Indian runners they sent n advonoo to iMattloe, but the air- men are not expecieu mj " some speed attained by red ski nn ao-cuBtomed from earliest youth to mak ing their yay over treacherous trans of snow and Ice. The party 1b expected to como down tho Ice of tne Aiissanaoi ivcr, eventually striking the Hudson Bay post at Mattlce v dlstanco ot auu mllc- When arrival of the Indian runners at lattice became Known, wnucs haetened Into the little settlement from miles around, eager for word of the balloonists and a verbal account of their aerial adventure. From tho few gutterals uttered by the Indians resldonts or wattice communicated hero the opinion that, duo to heavy winds, tho balloonists (Continued on Second Page.) 1 920 Display Advertising Gains Over 1919 Morning, Sunday and Evening World 8,8G1J$ CoU. Evening Journal and Daily and Sunday Time eombined i 8,3835 CoU. Excmi of, gain of the Morning, Sunday and Evening World over the Morning and Sunday Times and Evening Journal .... 477M Co!. The Evening Journal and. the Mornlnx and Sunday TIosm aro compared vflth because they aro'T-i World's noaiel eotnpetltort In tin Mdrntnj, Sunday and Evening floldi. HYLAN INQUIRY BIGGEST FEATURE OF AIM PLANS Moves in Both Houses '..Legislature to Put City Rule Under Fire. ' (Spedll to nwEienlwr World.) of ALBANY, Jan; 8, Tho leglfllatlvo atmosphere was laden to-day with tnore or less authorized guesses -at th programme to be outlined by Gov. Mil ler in his message to the Legislature Wednesday and with direct demands for a sweeping investigation and reorganization of the government ot New York City, which last were Jointly uttered by Senator Theodore Douglas Robinson df Herkimer and Assemblyman- Joseph Steinberg of Manhattan. A cheering intimation for taxpayers.'' lr not for those who are waiting eagerly to serve the people at the 'people's expense, Is that the Governor has a constructive plan for consolidating the management of tho penal and charitable Institutions of tho State, putting the offices of tho Superintendent of Prison, Statu Board of ChurltitB. Sta to Prison Commission and State Probation Board under a single head, with a Joint pur chasing and fiscal department. Violent disapproval of tho plan ex tends outBlde of office-hunting circles tc tho supply houses which havo been favored by tho eparato purchasing agentjes and fiscal deposit Institutions In tho past. A Prohibition enforcement act en acting the Volstead act Into a State law Is in preparation und It Is understood has tho full approval of tho Governor. There aro authentic reports that Gov. Miller has convinced himself that one of the crying needs of tho State Is not an eight-cent faro for Now York transportation lines. The legislators promise tho Intro duotlon of a Joint resolution for a thorough investigation of the gov ernment of Now York City. The an nouncement of Bamuol Untermyer said that such an investigation was needed and tho Lockwood Housing Committee had not time to conduct It was recalled, and It was added that tho Indictments of contractors (Continued on Page Sixteen.) Levy ror cnoois. enuy rrom vuuluc- ' a I NEW COAL-BUYING PLAN Recommends Reorganization of City Government in His Annual Message. Expressing concern for the future financial condition of tho city, Alder manic President La Guardla in his annual message to the Board of Al derme'n, which organised at noon to day, recommended a general reorganization of the City Government the retirement of a great many old employees "who cannot or will not work," tho ridding of the municipal Davrolls of incompetents and the promotion of deserving employees. President La Ouardla discloses ti his message that tho Board of Alder men last year authorized the purchase of $1,000,000 worth of coal without pub He bids. A Commissioner may appear before the board and on some excuse obtain permission to buy coal where and from whom he sect fit at what In his Judjrment Is the proper price. It is understood that President La Guar dla proposes to Investigate this sys. tern. He recommends that tho city buy coal direct from the mines and establish supply stations at oonvtn lent points In.tho five boroughs. Referring to the $27,000,000 short' ago In the Department of Education budgot, President La Guardia said U would toe "Imprudent .and Inadvisa bio" to ask the Legislature to raise the money by levying a direct tax 'on this city. This tax would be Imposed in 1932, tho Aldermanlo President says. "I need not point out that the 1922 tax rate will be the largest In the hlatory of the city without Imposing this additional burden," Mr, La Ouardla warned. In order to save tho taxpayers tho additional $27,000,000 In 1922.Prcsidont La Guardla recommends that the plan ho and Mayor Hylan devised, 7 per cent, cut In the expenses of all city departments, be carried out Work on this plan is now being car rlod on In all the Mayor's diipart ments. TELL8 WHAT CITY 8PENT AN PORT DEVELOPMENT. "There seems to be a concorted (Continued on Page Twelve.) MARTENS GIVEN UP BY HIS ATTORNEY Later Is Released Again Asks That He Be Deported Jan. 20. WASHINGTON, Jan. 8. Luawlg A. K. Martena, Russian Soviet repre sent&tlve In thlr. country, whote if pnrtntlon has been ordered, was formally iiirrenflerfd here to-dsy to tin Dwimrt niont of Labor, by his counsel, former Senator llnnlwielt of Geb-gli. Mortons had boen-ln tho custody t ht attorney since his arrest several month aro. fnimrdtutely after his surrender Mar- Una wan releanod on hla own recegnlx-nnce. He asked that arrfuii(miini( for hla deportation le expedited find that a hulling ho nrrAiigud by Jnn. 30, to which Secretary of libor Wllaon kuvp hla asacnt. Martens will go home on a regular lc-nKer liner and he will be so t'QinpnnlrHl by his entire atnff of about forty ItiiMlun citizen, hla request to thin effect having beon grnntm Th United State Government, however, will puy only Uis oxpontaa , at tha Soviet wient. (fUolpu Entrlt on Page 18.) i GENERAL BREAK FOILED. Other Inmates Rush Head Keeper But Are Checked by Rifles and Revolvers. Investigation of tho Incredibly swift escape of iienry uioyw iiiuerBBr, bank burglar,:, from trio West Side Prison this morning through a cor rldor window at which an inch bar of steel was sawed and bent a'stde, lias led to tho belief that this was an outside" Job.Wd that it mny havo been for tho purpose of a general Jail delivery. Colrir la it ven to this view fty tne fact that soon after Bltzberffcr got awny tho other prisoners on the first tier rushed the keepor who discovered the cscajie rfnd we're only mib-dued by tlio arrival of half a othor keepers armed with rifles and revolvers, Another priHoiver tried to encapo af ter BlUberger, but was caught. In view of tho Tact mat tins man, Thomas Hunt, Is llkoly to bn a long renldent of tho "prison, his pal In tho saloon hold-up with wnicn no is charged being In Bollcvuo Hospital sevorely wounded, tho police aro seeking to-day ' find out whether any of Hunt's friends outside could havo cut the window bar. Another bar with n cut an eighth of an Inch deep In It was found In the same window. Hunt was arraigned this afternoon before Magistrate Levlne In tbe West Bide Court oharged with attempting to escape and with aiding and abetting escape. Only fifteen minute elapsed from the time Bltebergci was released from his cell for morning exercise and the Mmo tho bent bar was discovered. In that Interval, Principal Koopor George Anton was on a tour of Inspection of tho cell block, which hold twenty prisoners. Ho rume around the block after BlUberger had escapod, but Just In time to see Hunt, who la accused of having stuck up a saloon at Colum bus Avenue and 88d Street, halfway through the nlne-lnch aperture by whloh Bltxbarger hod won freedom, Anton drew his revolver and shout ed to Hunt! "Como out of thnt window or I'll blow you through itl" Hunt obeyed, dropping to the floor of tho corridor. At that moment tho ninoteen prisoners, who had been lined up against the wall by Anton's gun, rushed him. He blow his whistle and seven keepers dashed Into the corridor, armed with rifles and re (Continued on Page Sixteen.) NOW ON SALE 192 1 World Almanac Facts and Figures . By the Thousand 50c a Copy By Mail 65c President ill Election Return! 1920 Ceniui. portine lieconb Publiihcdhy NEW YORK WORLD PULITZER vUlLDINC New York City "Dry" Agent Says Cafe After He ing With Eastman, According to Confession Given Jertmlah W. Bolian, an Internal that he is the man who shot "Monk" Eastman, former gangster and morft lately a soldier of France, at Fourth Avenue and 14th Street early Sunday; morning, Dec. 26. Bohan's confession was made public by Acting In, spector Coghlan of the Detective Bureau. Bohan gave himself p to Acting Capt. Daniel Carey of the Clyrner; Street branch of the Detective Bureau In Brooklyn- With him was Joseph Polo, knowii In the night life at both ends of the Williamsburg U Bridgs as "Joe the Polack." The ivo men were at once sent to Man'' h-tttan and put under examination by ing Inspector Coghlan. "BANDITS' COURT" OPENED FOR TRIAL OF HOLD-UP CASES Quick Trial and Speedy Justice, It Is Hoped-, Will Deter Criminals. PHILADELPHIA, Jan. J. ANEW TIUBUNAL, to be ' Itnown as tho "Bandits' Court," was opened to-day at City Hall. Only hold-up and robbery cases, of which there have been an unusually large number the lost few months, will be heard. The court was instituted at the suggestion ot District Attorney Rotan, who said that it was necessary to give quick trial to bandits and that speedy Justice would act as a deterrent to crime. Magistrates have been Instructed to make Immediate returns of hold-ups and rqbberlcs and tho District Attorney has announcod that he would urge severe sentences. ' One of the Common Picas Judges will preside. MAC STAY GETS OUT OF STREET DEPT. Resigns Because of 111 Health; Gets 'Easter Berth; No Successor Named. Mayor Hylan announced this after noon that ArnoM II. QladHay has re signed as street Cleaning CommUslonor, Matftay btfjomes a Deputy CorninU. sloner In the Department of Public Wel fare, uoceoliniir Patrick J. Oarlln. . Carlln haa been mado a Deputy Com mUsloner in the Department of Plant and Structures, thus filling oni ot the new Jobs provided for In tho l$3d budget. In a Intter ts the Mayor, Macfltay says that since returning to hla duties on Pec. IS lust, after a long tllnuai, he feels that the work In the Street Clean ing Deportment Is too much for htm duo In Mm .low f-onvaloaence. The nlnry of the Htreel Cloanlng ('tmmilaelonpr U I7.50Q a ytur. The Job MtuiHtay takim In the Ueixutrnent of Fiiotle Wolf urn pays H.Ono. tVrlln Will receive ,5,500 as it Dtiputy Corn-nilxjli.ner Ut the Department of Plant rtml Mtrupturi'M. N'n t u -ci'r has ibvon announced for MaoStay. )mnll Cnniirrtlont Dank Cloard. BltBl.TON. Conn., Jan. 3, The She! ton Dank and Truit Company lol It doors to4&y on order of btale u&nK CemmlMlpner HinritH. Tho Helton v.a nrtWeri following Invent gatlon ot the Institution's book. , , , Row. Started in. i Had. Been Drmk- Out by Police. Revenue, agent, confessed to-day Detective UeuU Funston and Act . Bohan who has a wife and two ohlMren living In South Third StrtsU Brooklyn, said he had became) ac quainted with Eastman, whose rij4V name is WiUlam 'Dolanoy soon suffer the former am an returned from th4 A. 13. F. Ekxetroan was thrn working as a protector for strikefereakora in the longshoremen's strike. Bohan wan ,i! working1 at the como , time if ot tho ; rtrlkers; . The two met In the Court Cafe at1 . Broadway and Prices Avenue, Brook-"" lyn, on Christmas night, according toll the statement given out by Inspector ? Coghlan and both drank heoTlly. Monk Eastman suggested thins warn getting slow in Brooklyn and ordered an automobHo and invited lionnn to accompany him to the Blue Bird Cabaret at No. 63 East 14th Street Manhattan, whore Eastman said he was a favored patron or me- nous and there was more early mor&l&f gnyety, ' Heavy drinldnff continued ot their table in the Manhattan Cafe, according to Coghlan's version of Bohan's story, though it did not appear xrom- ".Sj what sourco the liquor was obtalneU, After scvera hours there was a j quarrwl. Corhland could not get Bo, I han to admit easily the cause of the , i dispute, he said. But Bohan Tomesnbere, the inepeej , tor said, that "Monk" Eastman caXt,' him u name wnicn woo ouoiqiy raantji to start a tree nght. Bohan said loft the party and the place oa4 walked toward Fourth Avenue ea 14th Street. -,1 "Monk" Eastman and hla frlenda -, followed, Bohan said, and-at tne.avej nua Eastman caught him toy the anrj and Bylngtrvg Wm right and left re peatcd his epithet r S "I know what his methods werA Bohan told the Inspector, 'apd had his friends with him, aSd thought he -was going to start thing which wouM end in my fceliir-killed. So I drew my revolver shot him and made my getaway." Acting Inspector Coghlan JieU reserve the explanation made , Bohan of the ease with which he capd capture In the crowd of p sons which poured out on the cori Immediately after the nelghborte4, was aroused by the nix shots io trf.i Tho part of "Joe the Foko, shooting was also held buck. As soon as Bohan had flats ed statement in trven.a Ha imu lakexi a the WWUM TV

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