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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 21, 1842
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THE TRIBUNE. THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 21. 1845. ; An Agext for the sale of this patv-r. and '.if: Av.rai i as Labore?., is wanted .it Providence, K. I., to commence on Mon lay; ?ie ~3>ch instant. (?7* For a notice of the Poets of America arm iMr. tMcDanielg'a Speech at the Fourier Festival, t?ee First Page. fTj?"* For Markets and New Viewa of Temperance, see Laet Page. 'I i To ? \fy>.?- ibehearUes* malignity and utter falsehood of ilir aua'-k upon u> in tl?r leading article of yesterday's San, it can only be necessary in itat? that we \u-.< km/' ? m 'i/ advocated fir giving of JAc C*arrpftr?Ii*n Pruittnjf fcy co-i i??--; (a ?4? lowest bidder, and that u-c A/n< umfi'tnly declared t', our friends (many of.whom have tendered us ?ieir ?up .,r.rr; 'hi' would in no c*sc Lc a candidate for that Print' '"2!t or rieeive ?'. on any tzrnvt. If any one think o-jr n ord needs i udorsement on these points, we refer hlra to the Al? derman elect of. the Fifteenth Ward, or to any on'- of the many with whom we bare conversed on the subject. Out deterTnlnntion on tliis point has been o**?niy, publicly pro ? Iairned on j'A (kling occasions, and U ?<> notorious that the attack of the Sun evinces uumi?gnted deception and villany. The Sun now, when its party ha* lost the power, come* out most valiantly again.t " the reprehensible practice ol feeding party presses from the Public Treasury. But it r 'ill not a u ord a gain* t that ?practice si loig as the patronage -. .j in tK< tiahtls if its oven party, and while they were ?forg? ing two presses with thousands racked and wrungfrom ibe hard earning! of the People, by enormous 1 Assessment' jobs as well as by direct drafts on the Treasury." We, on the other hand, said little or nothing on this sohject, while our ndversaries were in power, hut, the moment victory declared for our ?ide, we insisted that these abases must cease. The public will decide which of u? has acted Un? manly parti And now a. to the conjoined falsehood of tlie Sun that we have counseled violence and instigated bloodshed if lh? Whigs are cheated "-it of their fairly won triumph in tie late election. Nothing like this is tr ue. We haveindeed r7/irc?fthc OsBce-Holders toproceed with ahd:consummati their mediuited fraud; but we never advised or counsel*-,: any other than legal resistance, or anticipated other conse? quences th the conspirators than ihr eondemn?tion and loath? ing of all htmtsl men und gwd '?itisms. This is what we do ? i nfi lently anticipate?;tlial if Loco-Foeoistn h'.ldi the City by frattd this vr?>', it will not hold it ?euin for mttny vtnrs to rmnr. We say, therefore, tu all onr friends, ' Re active, he \ . Ian! in ?pn tiding tie* truth in regard to this conspiracy before the whole People, but be ready to submit p?areahlv ? (h< conspirators <-fin shelter their iniquities within the forms nf law. Ho not fear to be.cheated out of our un? doubted triumph for a short time?such a result wi I rally tbousandsof honest men to our standard, and prove < of last? ing benefit to tin- Whig cause. Meantime we feh-.ll go for? ward with inn fearless exposure of the rillainies by which the OfTicc-Hnblers hart? sought lo win and now; when de? feated, s? r k to hold thu Common Council, and leave the consequence* t<> an outraged and juttly indignant People. Sixth Wartfs \}ZF I ii" livening Post hints a doubt us to the fact that it-* correspondent " Major Brydges" is a Loco-Foco. Hut there h no doubt in the case. Had If been a Whig, he would not Imve omitted the vim! fuel th<it the votes for Charter Officers ;n the Firs' District of the Sixth Ward have at! been regularly canvassed and the result declar? ed, in the presence and under the advice of the Mat/or. Tin- cavil about the possible innccurncy of die return i-t entirely an tifterthougl.t, which is refuted by the corres'inndetcc of the vor? for ( !i;irt"r( Ifticors with that for Mayor. 117/// or with? out, the ent<- of that Pistrirt. Messrs.CnoLtUSand. ATWELL rzre chosen: tf all the Loen-poro votes therein had t>een given for either set of l.nro Foeo candidates they mould not hare, been chosen. These ore fact s which ' Major Brydgcs' withholds; but lliby rire pertinent to the issue, and most effectually demolish every cavil which hus been rai.?ed against the re'ttrn of the Whig candi .lutes._ C'?XnRESS10NAL REFORMS.?Wo await with no little impatience tlir* appearance of the Reports ol the Committees in the House of Representatives on Retrenchment and on KTpomliturr-s. They hnvo been earnestly and vigorously engaged in the work assigned them, nnd, from the results of their labors so fur as published, wo are warranted in believing after they -hull 1?' fnllv known to the public, and (he profligate abuses which have I'.-en practiced in every department of the Gov? ernment, hy the party whose rule recently expired", shall have been exposed in nil their nuked enor? mity, the toco-Facos will utter their hypocritical bowlings nt the delay of the Whigs in making promised investigations and in effecting promised reforms, in the faintest possible whispers. T1V find some rich items in the Washington letter of tho Commercial Advertiser, from which it appears ilitit. in every department vet laid open to their inspection, the grossest profligacy ha< prevailed, Mr. Gilmer, for the Retrenchment Committee. 1 in<^ 1111111?: u vnluablc report mi Mileage, showing that the animal amount of chnrgo to the Treasury for the mileage of Members is $142,810; and he proposes tint the distances be calculated directly, making thus an nnnunl saving of no less than $'11,430. In addition to this the Committee re? commend that six dollars, instead of eight, as ;it paid forevery twenty miles; making another nnnunl saving of $77.13IJ. We trust ar? dently that these recommendations will receive the attention they deserve. The same Committee recommend n hill to akil ish the Franking privilege enjoyed by Congress; and they support their recommendntion by point ing nut th'- inconvenience caused bv mails thus overbftraehed, by a prolongation of Congressional Sessions, by the higher rate? of postage made ue ces>nry hy the grout expense* incurred in earning free letters and packages, and hy various other most forcible arguments; Mr. Stanley, from the Committee on Expenditures, discloses a neat job in the employment by Mr. Kendall of George Plitt a- special agent oi the Department, to travel in Europe, at the exponfts of the l'uite*i States. He was absent fifteen months, and received tu his Salary.JC.oee no Expenses, at $16 St? a day. 7,?vih C4 Making a total of.Jji-.ts-Ks 6i lie had been paid, in 1839 and 1840, 5^.700. leayiug a boldnco in his favor of $9-1 ti 64. To meet bis demands in 1839, Mr. Van Buren author? ised Kendall to transfer $8.000 from the annual appropriation of Congress for the transportation of the mail. The Committee deem this an abuse -?(' power and a wanton was!? of the public rnenev. They say that if tin- P. M. tiencrul has a right to -end etie such agent, he may send a dozen ; and il ' can (io tins, every head of department mav do the .-ame thing. They report a hill to proven the recurrence of similar squanderings of the people's money hereafter. [?J* Wo are assured by One of the Counts Ciuiviisscrsv.' that no mo/ion was made in the Hoard '.<> declare Robert H. Minis elected bv a mijority .>'. ail the note* cast. The matter was informal I v suggettetl and overruled, without an\ distinct motion o:i the subject. DC/* 1 ho P* r-lar.d Argus says it is understoott thru Mr. \N ERSTER has w ritten to the, Governor of Maine, and also to the Governor of Massachusetts reij : -sting them to cull Extra Sessions of their Le? gi .1 itures to appoint Commissioners to treat with 1. n I Vshburton on the North K?stern Boundan Question. U-y 1 he Britannia probably ni rived at Boston yesterdtn with news three dstys' later. The Cole d?*nin uns Leave Liverpool the 19th insr. The \eadia leaves th- 14th of Mar. the Columbia on tic 19th; ^;id thu Great Wettern on the 21st, Eighth Wart. If the City Office-Holders had rested -ati-ried with cheating us in the vote at the late Charter Election, we might have hesitated to encounter the trouble and hostility which we incur by ex? posing' their "'pipe-laying^ operations. But after we had fairlv beaten them in spite of their colon? riag and foul voting1, to have th'-m attempt to come another swindle upon ua in withholding;the re? turns from the Aldermen elect, i? presuming a little too much u:>on good natttre: and we have ;ho?cn to r'--':?; and expose them it whateverper sonal hazard. We propose now to pay our respect to another operator in the Eighth Ward?Mr. John Orscr by name, late a Custom House officer, and som? what famous as a marshal of Indomitable*. Butt Endcrs. Sec. And, in ord"r to do no injustice to aay one, we shall endeavor to state the case pre? cisely as it has reached us: A day or two previous to the Election, two ladies of the Eighth WarJ were passing the house of Mr. Orscr, when it began to rain,^and they took refuge in that house, one of them being an acquaintance there. They found things in delecta? ble confusion, and the inmates apparently engaged in converting tie house into barracks or n garri -o.-i. " How i- this?" said the lady, acquainted.: ?? von se?-m to be all in confusion." ?? I > nothing, replied tiie lady of the mansion, -'only ice arc ttoinsto have some Democrats io sleep here." CO * We state these circumstances precisely as they b?v been related to us. We brw no charges upon them, and tender our columns to Mr. John Orscr for auv explanation or denial he may choose to make. We think he will agr*e with ui that some explanation is needed. We have no personal acquaintance with any of the gentlemen on whoso conduct we have been constrained to animadvert in relation to this Elec? tion,and certainly no personal feeling-ajjainst them. l'?ut we take our stand on the purity and inviolability ofthe Freeman's Right ofSofTragc, nnd we are deter? mined that no conspirators against that Right shall escape unexposcd or tin rebuked. The Right ol Suffrage is the palladium of all other Political Rights ; it must not be subverted while there is a Freeman's arm or voice to he riised in its behalf. The security of this Right in our City was lately guaranteed by the only measure which can ever bo effectual?n Registration of Voters . that has been -wept assay by Loco-Focoism?and to what end ? Let the scenes of the late Election give th" nn swer \ We lnve resolved to give publicity tn all the fuchs which shall come tangibly to our knowledge with regard to frauds at the late Electian, and let the consequences light, where they mav. Canada.?The Governor of Canada has ap? pointed Sir James Stuart Deputy Governor ef what was Lower Canada and President of the Provincial Court of Appeals for snia! District: Hon. Ejwarj) Bowses President of said Court lor the Districts of Montreal, Treis Rivieres and St. Francis: and Hon. Jean Root Roma n it President for the District ol Quebec, ani Hon. Edward Bowcn, .lonn Roch Rolland. John Stew? art, Andrew William Cochran, Hugucs Heney, George Pcmbcrton and Louis Panct, tn be mem? bers of Her Majesty's Executive Council for the Province of Canada. ITJT The Providence Chronicle of Tuesday evening gives the following as the number of rotes givrn for the SwfTrngc Candidate at the various cities and towns in Rhode Island so'far as heard from: Providence. 2,154 ; Bristol. 140 ; Smith lield, Gb'O; Cranston, 232 5 J-dmston, 21 j: Bar rington, -ill. It states that if there b?/ any violent action it will not occur until the 3d of May, when the persons voted for are to be sworn in. The livening Post .-ays that a letter has been received, which states that the SutTruge Party have suc? ceeded in electing all their officers, with the ex? ception of one or two representatives. The same letter says, that a rumor [irevailed in Providence that a body of United States' troops had been or? dered from Boston, and that the greatest excite? ment existed in consequence of the supposed in? terference. (CT Rev. A. B. Davis will deliver a Lecture on "American Antiquities and the Discovery of SeK-England by the Northmen " in the Cen? tral Presbyterian Chinch, Broome-st., on Wednes? day evening next. From the testimonials of the Press, we are confident he will illustrate his sub? ject with decided ability. KJ* Dr. Cox lectures at the Rotunda in .Prince street on Jerusalem, for the benefit of a charitable society this evening. [CT* We have been requested by several friends to commend to public favor a Denent to be given to Mr. Wilson at the Park Theatre this evening. From the testimonials which have reached us. wr do not doubt that Mr. Wilson is an upright and deserving Actor, and yet we cannot do what is asked of if. We hava no prejudice ::gai:ist the drama in itself; on the contrary, we believe it might he made a medium of rational and instructive amusement; but. so lung as the Theatre -hall con? tinue to be a notorious house of assignation and a grog-shop, we prefer not to urge our readers to go there. OCf Vankke HlLL has a rieh Programm?? for bis 'Musical Olio' nt the Society Library-this evening, Every lover of fun of course will hear hitn. He repeats it to-morrow evening at the Rutgers Institute. D3* The Raisers 'nave cone to Philadelphia. If ' turn about" were not fair play we should be in? clined to envy the dwellers in the Quaker City. [Cr* The Brooklyn Association gi\ea splendid Conceit this evening at Rev. Mr. Jaco? bus's Church in that city. CCf* There will be a capital Juvenile Concert tin's evening at the Orchard-street Church. See Advertisement. [CF Lord Bacon's ? Letters relating to Legal Subjects.' Miscellaneous Facts nt: the ? Interpre? tation of Nature.' ' Phenomena of the Chiverse,! s^--.. hav.> j.._t been published, in No. 24 of his Complete Works, by Israel Post. SG Bower) ? who has also just issued No. ISbfScOTT's Work-, and No. 43 of Tmu:^', History of the French Revolution. E3 Oeok?e L. ClTRRT Co.. at No. 153 Broadway, ( whither they have just removed.) have published No. 15 of the E.f ctclot-iedia AMERICA? na, DlCKEXs's Complete Work?, and Cooper's Sea Tales. Fatal Accujest.?-An Irishman named John Foley; employed in tearing down some old build ngs in Boston, was killed on Monday morning bv the falling of a chimney upon him. He has left a wife and three children. O*Two men. named Crowder and Bullard.J have been convicted at Columbus. Ga. of stealing ;\sslaves. 1 bey were sentenced to imprisonment m the Penitentiary, tho ::.rst for eight arjd the other for -is. sears. [CP Hon. Sautzl Prentlss. late IT. S. Sor. tor and now L*. S. Judge for the District of Ver? mont, is note at the Franklin House in this City. CCP The Correspondent of the American says that Mr. Clay dirtctly home. Of course the report that he wa? to visit this city was unfounded. XT' Thomas K. Brace (Whig) was elected Mayor of Hartford, Ct.. oa thu 18th. I ml of 1183 he received o7."> votes. The Whig ticket was elected throughout. _ ~XJ* A. .1. McDowell (\^"hir'; has been cho-cr. Mayor of Calumba?, Ohio* Zy William Rice, theWhig candidate for Trea? surer in Hs.mpden County, Ct. has beer, elected bv a majority of over Homer L. Forward, the Loco-Toco candidate; Zy tt seems that the Loco-Focos in Mr. Gt? btSGa's District, <are to ran a candidate against him. Thcv were to hold a Convention to nominate one on the 16th insr. The Election takes jilace on the 26th; _ CCP The Mobile Advertiser runs up the Mag for HENRY CLAY tor President?mbject only to the decision of tho ballot boxes. Zy The Raleigh (N. C) -Star carrie-- tins name of for President a: its mast-head. CCP Winthrop AtSvill, Esq., late Fditor of the Philadelphia Gazette, in about to publish a new paper in that city called the * Evening Ga? zette.' He has the assistance, in its different de? partments, of able and weil kuown gentlemen. Z3* A worthy citizen of Lowell, Vt. named Jonathan Stewart, while walking over a rid-;-* of the Green Mountains in the evening to Irasbargh. m distance of 10 miles?the snow being very deep ami lite weather stormy?became exhausted by cold otd fatigue, and was found dead on the 5tli. He had crawled to some distance after becoming unnlile to walk. GCP The ship Oiive & Elixa of Portsmouth. N. H.. hound for Liverpool with cotton, was struck hy lightning on the 11th ult. She a-rivedat Faya! on the lllth. ami ha? been dismantled and towed into shoal water tiropa.r;it?ry to scuttling her. The loss of cotton will he heavy. The ship, it is thought, will be worth repairing. She is supposed to he insured in this city. [CP Counterfeits <>n th- Butchers' nn<l Drovers' Bank of the denomination of $5, letter \. signal D. W. Tnwmhend, Cash.. Goo. B. Smith, Pres't. are in circulation. They are done in lithograph, eron m the signatures, and can he detected hy a moderate degree of caution. [CP On the !Gth tnst. a fire broke (Mit in the dwelling of Isaac N. Wood at Haddonfield, N. .1.. which wa> entirely destroyed, ami a colored boy perished in tho flames. Two persons in tin* house at the time escaped by jumping from an upper w indow. [CP The Common Council of Wheeling, Ohio, have resolved to grunt no licence.' for the. sole of intoxicd/fng liquor*. We know of no other city containing nearly 10.00(1 inhabitants where a man has not secured to him by lair the glorious privi? lege of getting drunk. [CP One hundred and twenty-twn barrels of an extra brand of superior Flour w ere made in eight successive hours hy a mill at Rochester?with three run of stone?a few days -ince. This is equal to 122 bbls. hy each run for a day of 24 hour-*. [CP A house in Clements, N. S.. was destroyed by fue on the Oth inst., and three children?tho eldest 1 1 and the youngest 2 years of age?perished in tin* flames. The owner of the house was absent on business, and his wile hud gone to a meeting "2 miles distant. [CP The Corner Stone of Trinity Church at Camptown, Essex Co., N. J., was laid with ap? propriate ceremonies, the services being conducted by Rev. Mr. Henderson of Newark, on the fith instant. DCP A Castor Oil Factory is flourishing at St Louis which employs 3"> hands. It has sold KOU barrels ;tt an average, of $.r?w per barrel, having consumed IC.Jvft bushels of beans, at a cost of from $1 -J5 per bushel for the last year. D3" Col. Johnson has accepted the invitation of Iiis friends fur the Presidency in Permsvlvania to bo present at the celebration of the Battle of the Thames; in Danville. Pa., on thu 5th of October next. [CP The new lb' gun brig ' Bainbridge' is to be launched at Boston immediately. She is to he fitted out as speedily as pnssiblo for the Const of Africa. Zy A great State Convention of the friends of American Industry it to he held at Columbus. Ohio; on the Ith of July. No more suitable dnv could be chosen for the discussion of ?u great and all-important a subject. t1 The new Presbyterian church in Rutgers sireet, will he dedicated t'>-day at 1 o'clock P. M. Services to he conducted by the Pastor with Rev; Dr. Miller of Princeton, N. J.: the sermon will be preached by Rev. Dr. Milledoler. CCP The County Seat of Summit co., (Jhio. about which there has been a ipiarrel. is settled;? The vote gave 1594 majority for Akron. overCuva hoga Falls. i [CP Mr. Chas. H. Dklava.n has been lectur? ing on Ternperancc with gratifying success on Staten Island. A Washington Temperarice Hail ha.- been opened at Tompkin<.\ili?>. [CP 1 he Annapolis Republican says that Com? mander Buchanan of that citv. ha< been ordered to the command of the steamship Missouri, now at W ?shingt?n. Zy The Boston Evening Telegraph Iioa been discontinued. The Publishers hope to re-i??ue it in a few days. We earnestly trist thev will be able to do ?c>. 3tj* i^sf.Ncn.?Will t>e launched this tin* at 5 o'clock, from the yard of Mr. Jacol, Wilhams, between 7th au.i Rih streets, E. ft. the ship Union, 600 ;oc> burthen, intended for Johnson i. Lowden's Lm*- Packets. Zy Rev. Dr. Jf.vKt.v. President of Miami Uni? versity; 0. died a few days since. He was form? erly Professor in Lafayette College. Zy The Journal of Commerce says that the Pope has recently purchased three steamers i.-; England. Zy We are indebted to the Express of Messrs. Ahams & Co. for Boston papers in advance of the Mail. Zy The Merchants' Insurance Com pan v of Boston, declared the large semi-annual dividend of twenty-five per cent, on Monday last. Am eric *.v Mcsecm.?Tl e neatness, good order an,| ,.v cyllent rntyrtHinrnents found here render it the r***or. of large and fashionable crowds day and er? mng. While t re morris ander such management it w?l bemepdrde antforna it i m 'four city. That little Gipsy girl continues to aston? ish s.i * Irt hear her. Splendid .Ticteor. From the W?cra < Cbatanqa? Co.) >b?*eager. April 18. On Monday morning last, aboai three o'clock, we were nwakened by a sudden and extremely briBiaxt light, which shone through the window of our sleeping apartment* On opening our eves, we bad a rxwreentarr glimpse of a vividly luminous body or trail which almost instantly passed out of sieht, and was rone. We were convinced tt was a large meteor, and expected an explosion. We waited from three to 6v<? minutos. when a report burst through the welkin like a piece ot heavy onlnancc standing within a short distance. There was nothing ia it like thunder but a perfect resem? blance to the sound we have named. If shcok ? e bouse very sensibly-, as it did others,?in one in? stance* jarring:a tooth gr--?h from the win,low to ::o?r. ha direction was northerly.and the ex? plosion took place, probably, ever the lake. We found, in the morning, that our citizens generally were awakened by the report, .hough nor manvsaw the splendid ohjtjct that occasioned it. Mr. Tracy, the ctage agent, and the stage driver, were at the time at the barn, just leaving :t with a fresh team, when they saw the light, and at tne same time heard a cracking or crushing n*>;?e\ like that of a falling tree. The source of light ap? peared like an oblong body of fire rushing with tremendous velocity through the air. and flight or ten inches in diameter. It seemed to approach the place where they stood in a curvilinear path and led one of them to exclaim. " It will strike the bam!" It however passed over, and disappeared as it seemed to them, about holt* a mile from the point of observation. In it's course, it fjnvo ?t*" frequent sparks, mp streak*, front the sides, and this was probably the occasion of the snapping or gathering aotse which was heard Its disappear? ance waj quite singular a? described. 1 he long fiery tail seemed to separate from the nucleus, or iieud. anil the latter rushed on, umitiug a dark slue flume: but lhvr:? was no division of its body into fragments, or any thing else re indicate n fracture, unless indeed th?- very separation of the ficrv and blue portions were die result of the ex? plosion. The light emitted was nearly as bright as day? light at meridian; The shingles <n\ di-'ant houses were distinctly visible. Mr. Sexton-, our postmas? ter, was, at the time of it* passage, assorting the mail, having two candles to furnish hi'rii light, out the light of the meteor was so creat as to make them appear like burning candle* in full daylight. From ali we can gather, at least three minutes must have elapsed between the disappearance of the meteor and the hearing of the report. Conse? quently, as 'onnd travels at the rate of a little over thirteen miles a miaute, tho body of the meteor must, have been ncarlv forty miles from us> either in elevation or horizontal distance, at the time of its explosion. Probnblv il was much higher than it appeared to be to the gentlemen who witnessed it. The whole duration of its appearance was not more than half a minute, if it was as inng. Its elevation '..,?>* ,">i>{ miles from the earth, and its diameter 1070 yards! It is worthy uf.rcmark, that most of those which hare been sufficiently noticed to form!any satisfactory estimate concerning them, have been found to be between fifty and sixty miles from the earth's surface. Explosive meteors have usually, if not always, been attended with the dropping of stones to the earth. The .tones thus broken and fallen are generally tml large, weighing from a few ounces to a dozen pound*. There have been instances; however, where hug" masses have fallen. In I7f).j ono fell in Yorkshire, which measured .'}IJ inches in length, und OuA in breadth, and weighed 00 pounds. It full with such force thai il sunk into the grounj t.. il,.. <l??pth c.l' twontv-onc inrnxi. Tin1 most, remarkable Mono, f?r size, whose lall has ever been witnessed, was ?ne which fell in Coils nccticut some 55 years ago. This fell in the day time, we believe. It was so bright as to be lu? minous, but. if we was not attended with an oxplosion. it rushed down into the earth with tremendous force, and gave such a jar and j rumbling as led many to suppose that an earth? quake had happened, h was seen to full, and people soon repaired to the field and found its burrow. It was shortly uncovered, though it had sunk some three or four feet beneath tho surface. It* weight, if we tire nut much mistaken, was not far from a ton. Postscript;?Since writing the above, we have conversed with Mr. Horace Palmer, who was on his way from Dunkirk to this place, when the meteor appeared. He was two or three miles from Dunkirk, when he appeared to be instantly surrounded with a most painfully vivid light, pro? ceeding from a mass of fluid or jelly like substance, which tell around and upon him, producing a sul? phureous smell, a great difficulty of breathing, and a feeling of faintness with a strong sensation of heat. As soon as he could recover from his as? tonishment, he perceived tho body of the meteor passing above him, seeming to be about a mile high. It then appealed to be iu diameter about the siz* of a large steamboat pipe, near a mile in length! Its dimensions varied soon; becoming first muck broader and then waning away in di | ameter anJ length until the former was reduced to about eight inches, and the latter to a fourth of a mile, when it separated into pieces which fell to the earth and almost immediately he heard the ex? plosion, which ho says was tremendous. On ar? riving here in the morning, his face had every ap? pearance of having been severely scorched; his eye? were much affected, and he did not recover j from the ?bock it gave hi* system for two or three days. This is really a marvelous storv; but Mr. Palmer, is a temperate and an industrious man, and a man of integrity: and we believe anv one conversing with him on the subject, would be satisfied tintt In- intends uu deception ; but describes j the scene as nearly as possible, as it actually ap i pcarcd. Probably however his agitation at his j sudden introduction to such a scene, caused the meteor to he somewhat magnified to him. Wit? nesses here speak of the .-parks which were thrown ; ofi ; probibly one of those sparks feil and enveloped I Mr. Palmer. In addition to its light. Mr. Palmer, } states that its passage was accompanied by a sound like that of a car moving on a railroad, only louder. At Salem, an observer stated the meteor to be i ** as large as a house"?rather indefinite, but I proving it to have been one of extraordinary mag ; nilnde. It was noticed at North Fast, Waterford, and Sugar.Grove, Pa. ; Harmony, Chtvutawque and other towns in this County. The report was heard al.-o at Buffalo. In Chautauque, an observer dc I scribes it as six or eight inches in diameter} and j half a mile long. We learn also that i; burst about three miles be? yond Frcdonia, or about eighteen from this place. I he report i*. that a fragment has been found, a ? foot or more in diameter, but we know hot the j original authority of the statement. If it did burst where it i? represented to have done, and it was seen here until it exploded, its elevation must have been about miles. This I is pretty low in comparison with most of them, but it would seem from the account of Mr. Palmer that I it was much lower still. Perhaps it was not ob i served here as long as it might have been from good points of visi.,n. It* course is represented j by ai! to have been North-Easterly. I In copying the above account, the Buffalo Com j mercial Advertiser says: " At Erie and Rochester, ! places about 1?0 miles apart in a straight line, the j light was nearly as vivid a.s that of~day. This j shows the immense magnitude and great hight of j the meteor." iXZP A schooner called the ? Forward' wa? j launched on Wednesday at Washington?intended : lor the Revenue service. - X? Hen. J. R. Fenwick, a gallant soldier ' noted fur h? valor in the last war. died ?n Mar ! ?eillos. France, on tho 19th of March, of apoplexy. I For The Trilicne. Mr. E,?tor I dare been reading with inexpressible emo j tion? tiie proceeding* of the Congressional Total Absunence j Society, and also the eloquent speeches of the Hon. 31 essrs. ! Marshall. HTise, Briggs and other gentlemen. I wish every ; gentleman in New-York would call at die office of the Ame? rican T":n?erance L'nion, Clinton Hall, and furr.i-h himself with this pamphi-1. I know nothing which, at this time, willbetnoreprouiotiTeoftbeeauseof Temperance, Cms. XP The British l^ueen, recently ; trcbascd b\ Holland, is to sail from Antwerp for this ' ity i: the early part* of May. July and September. IXT It is thought that the Louis Phillipe may b< saved. All the cargo tliat could tw get at ha boon discharged and taken to Sag Harbor. rrj?The Boston Times establishment is effer*> for sale. Price $18.000. 0*The I-'. S. brig Soraers, of 1- guns, wn launched at rjrooklvn Navy-Yard en Saturday. SCr" a Tariff Mesnihj of the citizens of La motllo Countv; Vt i* to be he'd on the -:7th insti ZJ" At S:. Etuis on ibe .'th. there were -I stearr.bers either receiring or discharging frei-!::. fp* A public ball is to be tendered to ' Buz' ?? St. Louis._ XT The bark Roderick Dim is to sail from Providence for Liberia bn the ?st of May. [CT Iii.- flood in the Mississippi, wliicli recent!) caused so much alarm. i< beginning to subside. iXT The 1'. S. brig Truxtoi was launched at Norfolk on the Ifith. Crotos Water.?The Ccrrimiseioner ot the Groton A tseduct gives notice that the water will probably be let.into die distribution pipes en or be? fore the Fourth of duly next. The following is the Tarirt' of prices fixed for the privilege of using C-roton Water. [Jo ir Com. iNM \i i.:: iRGES. D sellings of two ?tr?nes.._. more Ulan Iwd rlcHesi . * " on itie rear ef !otr.??? ^ '" rVitli workshop or stores.I"- to -?J Privilege of ?? ashing pavement*. ? -. ;.! bath, where there are fixtures. ?_' Warehou?e.???? Boa aiwrhonse.1" Stahle, private per <tall. .| 4 tiverv " . CHARGE BV MF ISl 8 Ei Hotels, breweries-, tanneries public b.e.h*, -y? saliiu?or packinghouse, steamengines, and large con-umers generally per hlid: !'?'? t^>. Shinning._ l.s d emnific at ion.? Information has been, as we learn, received at the Department of State, thnt the Belgian Chamber of Deputies bits passed a law authorizing the payment of . e ig hi millions of francs for losses caused by the iato Belgian Revolution These losses include: ofxeurse ibe merchandize belonging to American merchant-, destroyed i" the citadel nt Antwerp We hear also that the British Government have acceded to the justice efVthe claim preferred by the Lulled States Government <>n behalt "t the owners of the brig Tigris, for the capture and de? tention of that vessel on the coast of Africa. [ Mtidisonian. V'isiTATtOS 11F american Vk-sm.s.? We learn that Cap: Conway of the brig Mermaid, which arrived vcslctilay at this port, last from Rio Grande, was boarded twice on the Coast ol Atrien, from II. B. M. brig Brisk. He was treated, on both occasions-, with great civility by 1j10 boarding officer, and no attempt was made to search hts vessel. Tin* officer would not even enter the cabin without:a particular invitation. Captain C was informed by British officers, a: St. Helena, thai their government had given precise orders to ab? stain from proceedings ol an offensive nature, such as the removal of hatches, and similar proceed? ings which have hern complained of heretofore. Even in the Brili-h colony of St. Helena, public opinion was strongly expressed against the former seizure ol the barque Jones, of this port. [Salem ' lazen?. Temperance a no it- Effects.?Cri>nc and rascality are almost nr. a stand in this city. Let those who doubt attend the I'olice Office u day or two, and they will be convinced. They will sec that there is hot now one case where there were formerly ten. The cause of this falling oft is at? tributable to the glorious and onward progress of Temperance, which is spreading over the whole land; and which is clung more for the temporal interests of mankind than any other moral revolu? tion which has ever preceded it. [Alb; Eve. Jour. j Important Decision .?(Ihancellor Wal worth has decided that the transfer of n bond and mort? gage of a third person for $3,000, the payment of which is guaranteed by the seller and anotherper son, in consideration of the sum rjT?$2;600, is usu? rious and void; It has been heretofore held that the guaranty under such circumstances is usurious, but we believe thi* is the lir;r lime it has been de? cided that the transfer is usurious and void. [Buffalo Com. Advertiser. Lake TraDa.?On the 14th, 15th und 16th of April, the total arrivals of vessels at Buffalo were us follows '. "? steamboats, 2 brigs and \\ schooners. Tin* freight which they brought was a-< follows : 4,375 barrel- of Hour : 882 bushels corn ; 40 bar? rel* ashes : 883 kegs hud ; 11 barrels whisky ; '17 barrels fish; 233 barrels of different seci I? : v!."J7f) barrels pork and hams: 'Jl firkins butter: 59 M. staves; 1,043 hides ; LJ bales sheep pelts, and ?b' barrels of hicko.v nuts. Bowery Theatre rs. Delaware C<>. In? surance Co.?This suit, which has been pending for four years in the District Court nf Pennsylva? nia, and which was instituted for the recovery of the amount oCa policy of insurance on the former Bowery Theatre, has been decided in .if the Irustees of the stockholders, The verdict given is for the sum of $3,7-43 50, being the amount of the policy, with interest. [CP The French Ministet of: Matinc has recom? mended an increase of the French Steam Navv, by the addition of 5 steam frigates of 510 horse power each: I'j frigate., of450 horse power; 'J'J steam corvettes c.f 220 to 230 horse power eacli ; and 30 vessels not exceeding 100 horse power_ making in ali 70 additional steam vessels. Difference of Opinion.?There seems to lie a great dif? ference of.opnion at the present lime as to tin- result of the late Charter Election in the Sixth Ward. The Di n.rat? contend that the riot whii h occurred in the Kn-t District bl that Ward vitiated the election in the whole Warn. The Whir- bii the contrary contend that the lnsp#ctor>of thai District after the r:oi had ended; proceeded to the Mayor's office, canvassed the ti'-ket?, and made out the.r certificate and never discovered any thing to he w rong until the next morning when they found themselves in a mtuoritv throu"h out the ,-ity, when they destroyed Ibe certificate find two~of the Inspectors maile a new one. It is a singular fact that differences of opinion exist in this country on almost every subject rxi:ept one, and tiieexci/p tion is Sherman's Lozenges; Personsof all parties admit them to he ansurj'fssed for the <-ure of the various d:.-*a.e. f,,r which they a.-e recommended. By-Uae-bye if the members oi the Common Council will call at Dr. Sherman'- and get a few of his Camphor Loz? enge*, before proceeding to the consideration <>t t'ne Kler-. t:<'ti ca.?e r!;eir nerves will lie .|i;ietei| and they will no doubt le- able to arrive at a correctconclosian. The Doctor's oifii e is at ir? Nas?au-sL Important.?Dr. FSetntn'mg'? tJ. irrha-a Candy i-a certain; s*?-, and speedy cure for all bowel eompUinf-. and is pro babl;.' the nearest an infallible remedy ot any thing that can be obtained. It is most soothing and salutary in The Iharr ho-a ?tten<lant on the last stages of Consumption. Ihs Worm Candy is a mc-t erTectual remedy tor the total extermination of worms in children. It is mild and effectual .;; its ? Derations. His Dmuer or Tonic Candy Is a perfect reme?lyiforco> ; \> a ess, ndigestion, ?neasiness, fulness or distress after eat* i.s^, bearthurn, kc. IIL> Cathartic Candy is excel!e>n fnr cold-, biltoos com plaints, fevers, fool stomach, and indeed in all cases where phy sic is iiecsasary. Sold wholesale ?nd retail a: 125 Nassau-street,New-York. .Most Import.?.st.?At ie??t '.en peTcenu ol the deaths among children in this city are prbdocedby Worms. Every week numbers of iafuit-. are consigned to the grave throu the agen.-v of these fell destroyers. IMothers, wi:v is this.' The rault i? yon.--: for Peters' Worm Lozenges are a .ly and an effectual cure for the riisease; and hence, if vour dtddros) che of it, you, and you only, are to blame. Persons subject to headache, drowsiness, or lowhess of spirits, shock! never lie without a box of Peters' Cordial I/>7.e'r,..^.' A headache may be cured by them in a few minetes'; their mysterious influence "ii the spirit, is such that the-. dissipate gloomy feelings and beget pleasing emotktns tf die mind gradually as thev dissolve upon the loicue \ pervm who (brvfies himseff with Peters' Cordial Lozenges cannot be reduced to such a -t?te of depre?<c;on as to imu m;t suicide. Equally effectual in the complaints tor whicl they are prepann are peterv' Lozenges tor Coughs f'o|.'. Dj.I!*:a? ^ Sickness, kc. OrSces 159 Braiadwav si Pnlton-st; 210 Chatham -t., 13) and 330 Bowery and 416 Hudson--:.. New-York: and at 'jo Norm SixUVst.'philadel phia. Tr.' Elixir of Life i- is.t a fabU, but in Peters1 Lo? zenge? has ii< ex;-tenee ^nd eHibofJiment. H7* Frs*nh Mnlmou served up at dinner everv dav at . a203l? (2) PATTINSO.N-S. cor. Nassau and Ann-sts. HV THIS MORNING'S MAIL No Mail 5 uih of LUehmori i. Correspondence o; the 'I rioune, W.,,HiNiM in, Tuesday; Apr,; ig, No business was peifurmcd in either branch of Congress !;>- iiv. At twelve o'cfoch bct!i Houses trat in the Repre: tentative HaP. where were p^rfurnivd the : services of Hon. JdsEri! Lawrence, late a Repre? sentative from PeKnsylvanfn. Tlie relifiious ?ervices were conducted by II. v. Septimus Tustos, Chaplain re the Senate.; in the nvt-lin^ of the 51st IVilm. sniceecded by prayer. and an appropriate arid hnpfcssTvc discourse, which was listened to with marked attention by the Mem? bers of Congress, the President apd HeWs of 1>... partments, theGcmmandinc General of the-Armvj and an audience in the g?licries, t",-"-.. Hebrews "> aud 26*': " By faith Moves, when be was come to vcars. refused ,tb be called the 50?, ,,r Pharaoh's daUghtcri chunking rather' to suiter afilictfon with the people ?>! Cod than to enjoy the :?!oa-?ircs of sin for a season. A procession was then formed, the corpse re? moved to the Congressional bury-mg ground, and there deposited in the receiving vault. Both Houses thou atjjourucd. _ AttouSi [CT The President has olEciaHy rccoguwed .lr w Jxovts Av t:it-Knc; French Consul for Mobile. Bv an affidavit published in lite Baltimow Sun it appears that a Mr. Liseph Crngg removed the weight of the safety valve of the Mcdora to its further extremity? thinking it proper so p. do? that this was t>.e probable cause of the terrible ex'dosion which occurred in about three minutes afterwards. _ A L'sEVut Aarit t.k.?It was long a lU^idcrahiw with chemists to discover s?nie [ >'< ?'" by winch ? .. [?no migbtfce totally eradicnteil, without injury to the skin. Sea He vears since, nrter much study and m:n y ? xr?*riownt<. Dr. Ke'lix Gourauil had the good fortth * todiscover a method byiwliicli tliis most ile-irable oluVctcould.bc eflVcted; and that too, without in theleast degree injuring or. Ulscokiring die fnire-l skin. Since this valuable dUcoveiy/ of^ Dr. G.'s hi- Poudres Subtiles have liecn tested in innumerable cases and invariably ? :tIt tin- most gratifying n suits. I ItostOll fivle Sum, The above powder* are tobe had at the !>' nr?ginnlbn*ce 67 Walk. - -i one door froai Broadway, ?I per bettle, ami at 547 Broadway ______ Hyueixc Horehouso Canov.?There >s an mistake a the curative powers oi tit;- m w remedy, which, by its own istriiisic value bassilently but surely won i.ts wav In put.; e confidence. It i- now used fn the tubs"! respectable lam lies in the oiiy ami country a- an iiilallible -outre of feji? i in all diseases affecting th" air passages, such as catarrh, n>ie throat, loss ol voiee,"-wliooping couglr.and ill thetarlv stages of consumption. App'y at I'M BreadwayjkCrmer it Howard-street. _ 1 r a World of Delight! -The New World of this week will he of the tallest Km.i oi' interest, and it-Con? tents of the most rich ami valuable. First will appear ?Tilt: CHILD AN D I HK HIND' and ' Ui teil hi V First-RatC;' two-new PocitKby Tlid?. Caninliclli 'TilB i>t EBN'S Dlt\WlNt; lt'H>>l." with asu\ ? - ? OUR J1ESS,* the April ptrt entin v> r\ rich: 1 HAN I)V ANHY,' full offun ; ? FLUFFY'JACK,'In n? No. III. of the Northbrn Circuit, from ltlack\v?HJd-?oiicofdiem?st roaring st?re-?, using up Patent Medicine \\-;ider?. Aiiiiual Mngnetisiii, and suudry other pietcnder.? ; Capiul Letters from K.J. G KUNO anil 0 V,\< i Eob, tlxjrs.:; Cojiieus Foreign News?Uisasters <?t die British in Iiidfa^_c. Sec. i Financial Scheme of Sir Itbhert Pi ? I, ftill ill tailsi /. \N?> SI; together ?tili 'in immense nonibei et ai lleles tiial can? not be nienlioncd in a notice. Single copies h*l cenls; j>;yeii'r. Merchants aud gentle men troai tbe country are no in il t" >-.,\\ at the i tti e, j" Ann-slreet, and examiiie the NEW WOULD, which isac kiiowledgeil In be die cheapest and best periodical in America. Back number!) of the prcsi n! volume i an be fur? nished. Li IM'l.u Kit" NOVEL, complete in two extra numbers ? price l.'i in?? lor -ili- at the New Wprld 8Ilice? the only perfect edition. ( ') I ;' l?glilli Ward.- I he Demotiratic. Whig Exrcu 11 v ? Coinitnttee are rcqoe-ted to iieetThis Evening, April 21st, at t: .-'clock, at the Howard llou?. 15 v . JOHN N, IJAItN r>. Cl iiirm in. llENRV i). Moohe, < ,. . ,?.., A. H. STOt \ - " " -"? a2l I T Try bcAsr?! >ou buy.-- Vny person c in tesi tie Meialic Tablet Strop, which obtained tlie premium at the lati as well as each preceding fair ol the American Insti? tute. Iiv bringing a dud razor m 103 Krna Iwnv ail I lias'i t put In order on one of ihe Tablets. (J. SAUNDEHS. If .13-' ^>^JOlo_;ra^>Ili?? Liknii ?se?, livanimproved Dagiiurreotype pn?cesj.,.by M. D. \ W LOAN, corner of Chambers-it. and Itroadway. (2 a 18 Im r r ITmbrr.lIn ^Van-House-ii. N \M v. E v. S.VNFOIt?j 79 Heaver, corner ol Hanovur streets, hav'?j a supei orann extensive nseortineiit of Uiiihrellas and Para* so|-. made in the hesl style ol the American and French anil from the richest silk- importeU. Their stock; in part, embraces 5CH io Gingham ^. Silk Hmbrellas, from 5ft eis to .$.5*00 SIIOO Rich Plain and Fig'd S il, parasols, i>l an to ; ?o \m) do do do Sun Shades, 75 to I 50 Also, ol tfirir own manufacture, 200 dox Rich Tab and Bowed SatiuStocks,? 00 to |y i n .?"?ii di) do Plain do l en io U mi 200 do do Mowed Bombazine 'to A 00 to 1'-' 00 300 do do Plain no do 3 00 to !) 00 ion do Satin Fancy Summer Stocks, 3 00 to |o 00 Also, Satin Scarfs, Silk and Salin Cravats, Jic tc.?nll of which will In- -old at a sniall advance on COST lor cash or good short lime paper. (2) in?S Im 1 T New 4/n*b C :i i loci hi; M -! ii 1)1 i? h men I, 11 Jnlia-.?i ? bEOKGE ANOREWS,(lbrHierly i>i the tirmofA.vDaKws ?V Lanpiiier, Fulton street Hi?s cstal?. lished alnew Cash^r?ilorin'; Establishment a- i I John-st.,op. posite Tiiorburn's Sn-s and Flower store, wherehe will be happy to welcome Iiis ir .-ml-. Hi- slock consistsof the latest importations, embracing die most apjiroved patterns and finalities nf eoods, w Ijich ha- been lioughl ?t the iowrvt Cttsh prices, (hereby, enabling him to furnisii hi- customers with art'i-les of wearing apr-ar--l for ca.-hon as favorable terms ???> any oilier establishment in the c iv. .Mr. Gavi.oro, well known toihc public, has charge ol th* cutting deparunent. (2) all if JLT Gentiemen'm IlntM.?ALVORD t t'<?., No. K' Bowery, efler to the public a tine Fur Hat at Four Dollars, of the Spring paro-m, equally light and durable, with more costly qualities, and possessing all the elegance oi appearance. Keeping a full assortment of Other qualities it Beayer and Moleskin Hats. In ,the article of fine Nun la Hau at I, now otlered, tli>-v aim io excel. (2) Ill2ti H 1 /' .Spcncrr'M lniilatioii .l_ol?-?liin BlnJ.? riiis pojiular article is couimeiiileiJ to th. public as pecu? liarly ilesirable, at ihe present time, for its economy. For ilegance and durability, it competes successfully wiih the mos? costly Hats worn. Pra-e 25. SPENCEU, a!6 tf Fashionable. Hatter, No. J!, Broadway. VT Transiparent Italian Window Mhlides? OLIVER W. VVOODFORi), m Cadiariiie'SUiiivites Hie at? tention oi families about furnishing dieir houses this Sprinjr, to a splendid lot of Italian Window Shnd?s, unsurpassed by any ever before brought to tins country. They ar? de pai'itthgs of an art'st who lias devoted his tile tu his proles sion ana embrace every variety ol Landscape awl Scenery. Perhaps no pieceof furniture appears to better advanlagc, or inorejhviiiiig,than a handsome pair <>t s\ imtow Shades, painted in a style to imitate nature. The invoice COiltaiif I'ahan Lamlscapes, Gothii \rche>, Mooulighl Sen...-, Scroll Borders; Vignette Centers, kc &e. N. li. Country Merchants buying to -ell aspim w ill find it Us their advantage to call ami exam.Ihis invoice (ol alxiut 1000 pair) as they will be sold low i-iv cash; About ?'<"" pair at die low prior of $1 b>< per pair. 12) mil if T/' Strnnccr, Do you waul Boots and Sho**.*?lf*o*? go t?. ScribnerTi Co. Great Catharine Boot anil Shoe .Mar ket, 73 Catharine st. corner ol Munroe. where you can liixi ? large/1 and best assortment you ev.-r saw, and ai nrice verbet?reequaietl Ju-ttry'iu (2} n?*4U !"7* Razors and Pen-Knives oi tii? f.llowiag celehra i niakersi Wadeand Butcher, Joseph Rodgers, PirJidey and Elliott; al-o, a geneial assortment of all articles be longing to th.- toilette, to l><- had at SA I N DEKS'S Me? tallic Strop Manufactory; 163 Broadway. !t' 3 '' Franklin L.yccum.?The Lyceum will meet this evening, April gl. at Columbian Hall, Grand-sK The exercises will consist of a Lecture by James Ukf.s, K-<i and a Discus-ion on di? folio wingquesUon: Has die Uniten Slates Government any claim against ?ireni Britain grov/ ing out oftbe events connected with the ease of the brig Creole."' To commence at7t o'clock. Ladies and geaue men are invited to attend. i-l b' w. \v. OALLAEttjSec'y protem. T ?' I?oelry.?Ciuk.u tiT< . m. t mcsok Bvron-''1;R ion II7IL?Dr. Barhkr will deliver a Lecture, as above,oa Kri lay evening, April 22.1, at fue Mercaiitile I- A. Lector L'-cn. Numerous Recitations and Readings r.ill aceoae pany the Lecture; Tickets 511,-, ..,, !,. ndrmtring a and gentlemn .. at the ilwr. To the Membersol theM-L.* eadi ticket01 i, admitting a lady ami gendenan. a21 -t* T T I>r. Cox's Lecture on Jern?al?'iH.-Tj* public are itailv informell at?iesolie.iwtmoofl? managersofthe llboseoflndustry ? .- It. v. DnCoxnaskiodlj consented to deliver a lecture on Hmcient aiid MoilernJera* bin. THIS EVENING, at it o'clock, at the ItotuaJa-? Priiice-slree^ tin- proceeds to be applied to tie- w'anb0t^ Society for the reception and cltsiribaiion "\ work anJ"Ij the industrious poor. The lecture wtlliw illustrated by t** therweod'i splendid Panorama' 1 die Holy City. Tickets 2r> cents?to In- had of either of the Directress?. and at th?- ticket office of the (totanda, .luring tue .lay a 10 ereirng. a2l If T7- Animal .llayneliHin.-Dr. ROBTi H. COU , LYE It, .M.-e.i. Ma--. M.-.l. S.-ieiy. u.: die London Uni? versity, many years pup 1 of Dr. John Elliotson, in ft s and North' London hospitals, informs th.- ladies a? gentlemen of New Vork, dial he has taken rooms ?t - Sdflioolstr?Ht,opposite tV ITmveoalist Church, f?"-7?|J where he vvUf devote hims?:li to the treaunent ??: Nervo AireXUOHS, and the .Mesmeric examin tj?n of dbeases- . fje Demonstrations will be civen ^t School street w Mesmertsm Proper, Phreno Mesmerism, Patho >tesineri??? Physiogno Mesmerism, kc kc bv giving due iiotice. . Dr. C. will he ileligbted to ><:e !:i- New Vork fnen? w hen ibey visit Boitoiu in23 2a*?*

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