The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 28, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1953
Page 3
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FRIDAY, AUG. 28, 1953 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGB TRK. Spanish, U.S. Accord Still Held Up 18-Month Effort Stymied by Two Issues , By CARL HARTMAN WASHINGTON W>—Stubborn bar gaining between the United State and Generalissimo Franco's Spair appeared today to be still holding up full agreement after nearly li months of talks on obtaining usi of Spanish bases in return for U.S aid. Among the Issues remaining, au thorltatlve sources say. are contro of Spanish base facilities and the Way in which U. S. aid funds woul' be used In strengthening them. MaJ. Gen. August Kissner of the TJ. S. Air Force head of the nego tiation mission to Madrid, is back In Washington this week reporting on progress. He has not been available to re porters. Despite the secrecy prevailing elnce the start of negotiations, 11 has become known that arrange ments tentatively agreed on follow these lines: 3 Main Facts There would be three main pacts —one on economic aid, another on military aid and the third on the use by the United States of Spanish bases. The agreement on the bases is expected to give the U. S. Air Force use of the Barajas Airporl at Madrid and several others, probably including those at Barcelona and Seville. The U. S. Navy has been seeking the use of bases al Cartagena in the Mediterranean, .£ Cadiz near the Straits of Gibraltar ™ and El Ferrol near the northwest tip of 'Spain. It Is understood that the bases would continue to be Spanish property, as 0. S. bases in Morocco continue to be French owned, but the extent of Tj. S. control is still being discussed. The military aid pact would provide for spending about 132 million dollars on modernizing Spain's out-of-date military equipment. Railroads, roads and other communications are among Spain's chief needs, in American eyes, if it is to become a strong ally. These are the items on which the United States wants aid money specified in the tentative agreements to be spent. (Continued from Page 1) | the United States had no objections " to India personally. He contended that the U.N. representatives should be restricted to countries who actually took part In the fighting. The fight over India caused a wide rift among the Western Allies, however, and generated plenty of heat among the Asian and Arab countries against the United States, issue — whether the peace confer- The political committee gave a ence should be a roundtable affair, decisive answer to another major including a number of neutrals, or whether It should be limited Ho 'two teuns of belligerents. The United States advocated the two-sided conference while Russia pressed for a wide representation of non-belligerents. The United States won by a substantial majority, although some countries thought this view should have been modified to include India. Shocking Electricity, at a very low potential, affects the heart, causing a tremor or wavering, according to the American Medical Association. •> This is why shocks of even such r low voltage as that found in house circuits are sometimes fatal. Commodity And Stock Markets- New York Cotton Open High Low Clou Oct 3342 3343 3337 3338 Dec 3368 3373 3363 3365 Mar 3390 3395 3381 3390 May 3386 3391 3386 3389 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low Close Oct , Deo Mar May 3340 3366 3387 3383 3340 3368 3392 3386 3335 3358 3386 3383 3363 3388 3385 Sep Deo Chicago Corn High 154ft 143% Chicago Wheat High Sep 1871/4 Dec 193 Chicago Soybeans High Low 256 249!4 250'/ 2 244H 252% 24T/4 254 Low 152'A 141% Low 1831/4 Sep Nov Jan Mar 3491/4 Close 154 143% Close 186} 192% Close 2551/4 250 252 y, 254 TAXES New York Stocks A T and T ................ 154 3-8 Amer Tobacco ............ 74 Anconda Copper ........... 32 7-8 Beth Steel ................ 48 7-8 Chrysler ................. 67 loca-Cola ................ 109 1-4 Oen Electric .............. 73 1-2 Gen Motors ............... 56 3-4 Montgomery Ward ........ 57 1-2 N Y Central 22 3-8 iit Harvester 26 1-E J C Penney 70 Republic Steel 46 1-2 Hadio Socony Vacuum Studebaker Standard of N J Texas Corp Sears Sou Pac 22 7-8 33 1-8 27 1-2 71 52 1-2 57 1-8 36 3-8 40 1-2 Livestock m— (USDA)— Hogs 4,500; fairly ac- ive; barrows and gilts 200 Ib up iteady to 10 lower than yesterday's average; lighter weights steady to 5 lower; sows steady to 25 higher; 0; ulloice 150 Ib bulk choice 200-250 Ib 24.75- several hundred head mostly No. 1 and 2 25.00; over scarce; 170-190 Ib mostly 4.00-50; few early to 24.65; 15070 Ib 22.00-24.00; Ib 19.00-21.50; ows 400 Ib down 21.00-22.75; heav- 18.75-20.50; boars 12.50- sows 6.00. Cattle 1,100, calves 800, trading low and at low point of week, vlth salesmen forced to further ;oncessions in price on some to ffect a clearance; mostly com- nercial and good available at 4.00-20.00; lightweight cutter and tility offerings 8.00-12.00; cows mding moderately active sale at teady prices; utility and commer- ial cows 9.00-11.50; few low utility fferings 8.50; canner and cutter ows 6.00-8.50; bulls steady; utility nd commercial 10.50-13.00; can- and cutter bulls 1.50-10.00; ealers 2.00-3.00 lower, most de- line on choices arid prime; few rime individuals ranged up to 1.00; good and 2.00-18.00; utility 2.00. choice vealers to good 8.00- '• looting School BITRNABY, B. C. yp) — Burnaby is a new four-room school so ight it literally "floats" on a pea jog. The building Is made of a se- ies of boxes and has no solid round for 80 feet underneath. New Metropolitan Employee EDWARD EVANS, formerly of Detroit, Michigan, was recently transferred to Blythevllle as an agent of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and has assumed duties with ; the local branch with offices In the Lynch Building. Mr. Evans, a native of Marmaduke, Arkansas, is qualified to sell life, health' and hospitalization Insurance. He attended Metropolitan's specialized school of Insurance at Chicago in 1952. Mr. Evnns Is a member of the Baptist Church and resides at 1600 Hearn Street, RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. ••••••••••••••••••••*••• TONIGHT ONLY PHANTOM FROM SPACE With Ted Cooper & Noreen Nash SATURDAY UTAH WAGON TRAIN With Rex Allen and "Ko Ko" SATURDAY OWL SHOW GHOST OF RASHMON HALL With Valentine Dyall Ann Howard SUNDAY & MONDAY TO PLEASE A LADY With Clark Gable Barbara Stanwyck •••••••••••••**•»••••••* (Continued from Page 1) (B-Mass) »ald th« announoemen "ii good newt for the American people. The determined effort to reduce expenses and brlngr the budget into balance Is bearing fruit. A balanced budget means we can begin to look forward to a de crease In taxes and that will be stimulant to prosperity." Chairman Taber (R-NY) of tin House Appropriations Committee a strong wielder of the economy ax, said he hoped the deficit could be held to three billion dollars Eisenhower's recent economy or der, he added, "has aroused the department heads to a sense responsibility that they didn't have before." Rep. Cannon (Mo), senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, said "it is a very hopefu situation." He added the new budget proves Humphrey was "utterly mistaken" In his unsuccessful effort in the closing days of Congress to get the debt limit raised from 275 billion to 290 billion. Sen. George (Qa), senior Derm> crat on the Finance Committee, said there is no need to raise the debt limit now or later. Despite what Humphrey called big improvements, the new budget left some king-sized headaches in the tax field. The figures assume* that individual income taxes would be cut 10 per cent on Jan. 1 and that the excess profits tax would die the same date, as scheduled under present laws. But the real problem is what to do about four-billion-dollar cuts in corporation income taxes and in some exciseor sales taxes, now set automatically for April 1. President Eisenhower already has urged that both these reductions be cancelled. The administration emphasized that the $63,200,000,000 in new appropriations by the past Congress marked the first time in years that new spending authority has been less than estimated receipts and ess than the current rate of spending. New appropriations, especially r defense, are spent over a Deriod of .several years. Truman had proposed almost 13 billions in new appropriations this year. Congress appropriated 80 bilMons in 1952. Humphrey estimated the end of he Korean War Saved one billion dollars in the spending budget for .his year, but that figure would be offset in part by such items as aid 'or South Korean reconstruction. The other savings, he said, are he combined result of congressional action on appropriations and economies by the administration. Humphrey stressed that spend- ng by U. S. armed services, al- hough almost four billion dollars under the Truman program, still would provide "an adequate pos- ure of defense." 'Lonely Hearts' Family Erased Man Kills Wife Then Shoots Self POCAHONTAS 1,11 — An elderly farmer shot his 39-year-old "lonely hearts" bride and then killed him self near here yesterday Just lithe Randolph County sheriff raced into his farmyard in on effort fc stop him. Sheriff Outhrle Goodwin, warned of the murder-suicide plot by Sterl Ing Byrne's letter to a neighbor said Byrne fired the last of three shots into his forehead as Goodwin neared the house. Mrs. Byrne's body, shot twice In the chest, was found sitting upriglv in a living room chair, Byrne left n series of notes in addition to the letter he had written neighbor Claude Bragg the day before the killings. Byrne told Bragg to call an ambulance and go X) the farm where "you will line iwo, bodies." Coroner H. C. McNabb handed down the murder-suicide ruling. He said Mrs. Byrne was shot Wednesday night. In one of the notes Byrne told oi having met his second wile through "lonely hearts" club, and another gave instructions for disposal of the bodies. A third asked •please turn off the fan and lock the door." Prosecutor Carmack Sullivan said Mrs. Byrne visited his office Wednesday asking about a divorce. He said her body was fully dressed nd that a half filled suitcase was ound in the bedroom. POWs With the Courts IOMMON PLEAS: Shelton >|Motor Coinpany, et al, vs. H. A. Haynes, et al, suit for debt. CHANCER? (Divorce , decree , Droke vs. J. C. Droke. filed) Mary (Continued from Page 1) ;aid it was just a case of one ilane being seen three times. The 144 Americans returned Pri- !ay were rushed to nearby Free- lorn Village, where they were giv- n food and showers and where hey told their experiences. Cpl. Franklin Eugene Harding, 20, of Rockcrest. Rockville, Md., described an almost medieval forni of torture he Chinese Reds practiced upon him during this past year at Camp 3. Harding said he refused Chinese demands that he confess to ''sabotage". He said the Chinese placed boards around his body that -tightened against him when they turned screws. He said they turned the screws every 15 minutes for two hours, until the pain became so excruciating he agreed to sign the confession. At the port of Inchon, about 400 more returned American prisoners of war were scheduled to board the troop transport Marine Phoenix for return to the United States. The Phoenix is scheduled to leave for San Francisco Saturday. SCHOOL DAZE—Cahsida Weiss, of New York, won't be at sea in her geography class this fall. She's been to sea, and seen the huge filobe of the world that guides travelers aboard the world's fastest liner, the United States' "Independence." Strike Scares Enemies When angered, a Queensland lizard opens a large cape-like frill from it neck and distends its jaws. The frill is a foot wide and, with the gaping jaws, presents a terrifying picture to an enemy. NEW MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" DON'T MISS! SUNDAY & MONDAY OR GET AN ARROW IN THE BACK! AUDIE MURPHY JOAN EVANS Robert Sterling Ray Collins-Bob Steete Continue ST. LOUIS wi — Union and com- iany sub-committees will meet today in an effort to work out a lause acceptable to both sides on he lone contract issue prevcnt- ng settlement of the nine-day-old 'irike against the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. A company spokesman yester- [ay estimated the strike already las cost tiie firm, which operates of the CWA's District 6. said sul committees will meet today to di cuss the issue. The company rejected an offe by the union to return to work o the basis of agreements alreat reached in the negotiations, wit the remaining issue to be contir tied in negotiation. "This puts the company in tl position of striking against the cm ployes and the public," Loncrga said. A utility spokesman said tl: company "would be happy for th employes to come back to wor under the present contract but \v are not willing to put the wage rates and other provision into cffei ,ntil all been settled in bargaining six states, one million dollars. A three -hour meeting between ompany officials and the CIO Collision Reported Communications Workers yes- erday broke up with the issue still deadlocked. Fdral Conciliator A. E. Johnson said th "status is unchanged." Stumbling block in the settlement of the walkout by 53.000 workers is a company-proposed clause designed to prevent "quickie" work stoppages. The union has termed it a "no-strike" clause. Conciliators have announced no plans for further meetings but Frank P. Lonergan, vice president Quincy N. Hodge and Aubre Carson were involved in an auto mobilo accident on South Highwa 61 last night, causing damage t the fender, front grill, and head light of Mr. Hodge's car and sligl damage to grill of the Carson car Populaces The United States ranks fourt in population among countries the world, With China first. Unio of India second, and the Soviet Un ion third. H THEATRE "Ojceo/o's Finest" LAST TIME TONIGHT Gripped tight in the dangers I of desperate ' intrigue! DAVID E. ROSE mam YVONNE DE CARLO-ROCK HUDSON -^_ _. WIIEUIEEII. »EA DEVILS __ _ A CORONADO PPOOUCTIOn COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR DENIS O'DEA Produced by DAVID L ROSE . Directed by RAOUL WALSH S»tt»[*ir b) E080[« CHASE Oi!!>ibuttd b;i RKO RADIO PICTURES. INC. DESPERATE OUTLAW. | RED-HEADED 1 TEMPTRESS! SUN. « MON. • TUES. ROBERT TAYLOR AVA GARDNER Between them a strange secret fire! Spectacular production of great adventure filmed in full tlaminj color! M-G-M'i 60LO, HOT-BLOODED. ROMANTIC DtAMAI HOWARD KEEL RIDE MINT IT TECHNICOLOR ntOTOtllPHCO IN ANSCO COLOR wit* ANTHONY HURT QUINN-KASZNAR SCfMn Mi, i, fUKI F[«IJ« \: oir.cini by HIM FUIOW > SHWN AMES An ti.G.M Pielvii Edwards Wins Bermuda Trip J1 m in 1 e Edwards, Blythevllle furniture dealer, has been notified that he has won an all-expense vacation trip to Bermuda in a General Electric appliance contest recently. Mr. Edwards and his wife are scheduled to leave for Bermuda the first week in October. Mr- Edwards, who optrates Jlm- mie Edwards Furniture Store here, was one of the five top dealers in sales of GE appliances in the Memphis district during the contest. rVu/fonct Valut BRISTOL, England W) — It ytm want to be a success—make yourself a nuisance, That wai the ndvict given by Sir Hugh Cassoo, designer of London's coronation decoration!, to students at th« Royal Wert of England School of Archltectur. here. "It's the poete, artists, lunatics, maniacs and cranks who really get things done," he said. You can cultivate the art of making yourself such a nuisance that you will get what you want from people, who will say, "all rightr— anything to get you out of the way." Read Courier News Classified Ads. Enjoy Cool, Air-Conditioned Comfort SUNDAY & MONDAY Continued Showing Sunday from 2 p.m. The Roaring Glory ^ESk" 5 ^^- ]tory of the man who battled for the Biggest Bonanza of all! ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekdays [= 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. AIR CONDITIONED TLJCATDC I ntAI KC BY REFRIGERATION •••••* • .•••^•^•••••••••••••••••••••t««*««**«*« On Our Wide-Vision Silver Screen LAST TIMES TONIGHT DON'T MISS! First Blytheville Showing Of A Three Dimension Picture & Comedy THREE STOOGE 1 COMEDY "SPOOKS" IN THIRD DIMENSION SATURDAY Wlson CARTOON & NYOKA SERIAL SATURDAY LATE SHOW 11:30 p.m. 'Joe McDoakes'Comedy and 'Pirates Harbor' Serial JAMES DANIIUI MICHAEL MASON • DARRIEUX • RENNIE SUNDAY & MONDAY CARTOON & SHORT ••••••»••••••••••»•••••••••••••••*•••••••••••••••

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