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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 7, 1946
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8i!&Si!te$g£l8$#«KH!pfc!i^$'!*ta > f -' -"" Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, November 6,1946 O wen s STARTS THURSDAY . . 3 BIG DAYS ^ To Our Many Friends and Customers in Hope and This Trade Territory... Weirivite you to join us in celebrating ourlst ANNIVERSARY IN HOPE. During this celebration we are offering many RED HOT VALUES for each member of the family and you can't afford to miss them. We are brm 9' n 9 them to you in order that we may show our appreciation to each of you for the splendid business we have had during our First Year in Hope. f The MANAGEMENT and EMPLOYES wish to take this opportunity to THANK YOU and again tell you that YOU ' n.. ,*„.*„„„ n BEN J.OWEN, Owner MILLARD NIX, Mgr. e ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT OWEN'S. 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L89 Voice of Opinion — By James Thrasher l:,mciess Pilgrims The Indians who confronted the Pilgrim Fathers when thoy arrived in 1020 had gone when the most recent band of pilgrims reached our shores in their search for freedom. But immigration laws, less dangerous but no less unfriencily. were wailing lo greet them. And so Ib Estonian refugees have resumed their worrisome journey and set sail for the Domincan Republic. Their fellow pilgrims who remain here arc wondering what happens , nexl. I These Estonians -ire 48 in all. ' Thcy arc refugees from the lota.i- arian Communist government which swallowed up their litllc country. They came here over a Hope Star WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Fair" this u tonight and Friday, slightly in east and south portions this afternoon and m easf portion tonight. $N w 48TH YEAR: VOL. 48—NO. 22 Stor ol Hooe. 1899: Press. 1927. Consolidated January 18. 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 1946 Associated »"'»».„ ..„•_ NewsOaDor Enterprise A»n. PRICE 5c COPY Key Decisions Could Alter World Events By JACK BELL •\Vahington, Nov. iclent Truman, his 7 —(/!')—P res admlnislratioi .and world period" of he la. 10 months in rebuked al the polls faced will ougVoups arriving with only mi- outward calm t««»ny three polilica (•casualties after voyages of decisions which cod altci hazard. I course ot Amcncan events. , . Mr. Truman apparently must dc cidc: 1 Whether he shall compromis with the Republican dominate nor incredible Not tor them was todays swift and comfortable travel, the flight of hours from Europe to America, or the leisurely super - luxury of Brit- Vs new luxury liner. For neither t . -. tourism nor the accumulation surplus money is encouraged Congress on controversial domes • ' ign issues, or challeng • with " ! ol io- tic and •a. ' cs from behind lhc barrier only on official, specific business— which doesn't include a search for individual freedom. So those Estonians had lo start out as bcsl they could with what they had. What Ihcy had would make lhc M^io^^eem like lhe -Queen loward Elizabeth. The largest of their four 1 *• « boats was 40 feel long. One of lhe voyages took four months. The survival of Ihcsc pilgrims was as s.m supported vetoes. 2 Whether he sh.-ill attempt t lead his own party back vowai the more conservative line that a ncarcd to oe popularized oy Tuc clav's sweeping GOP victories or slc'cr it even more forcefully 'Buster Republican lotion Over Big Truman Embarks Victory Temiered Today by Prospect of |arty Strife By WILLIAM F. ARBOGASJ ' Washinglon, Nov. 7 — ("f*""^^ prospect ot intra-parly strife pver dividing up the spoils tempered Republican elation today over* vhc party's landslide victory in Tuesday's election. Party leaders arrangingJor .pol- while Halleck headed the party's congressional campaign commit- ice The party also must decide be- •wcen now and January 3 how far it wants to go along with the con"' a- gressional streamlining' ap lie soured by fights for top congressional posts. ••"•• But the leaders appeared confident ol one thing: Whatever xights may develop during the jockey ng for position will be recooc led quickly enough to permit a ""'""1 rally dispersed Democralic forces around himself as a candidate •"'• reelection step aside in 1948 or prepare to ^ing'ay their •fonitudc. step, asiae then i'or some other was'conccrnctl and sympathetic. He ordered that "all avenues be ex plorcd" to sec if they might not be '"""-V.,.., l() slay . But it turned mailer of legislation. permitted out to be resign lo permit that Rcpublicai t~ U«y,«,-.-lr. t-ll-OClHnllt tCt 1' Mill OOI to become president for xull control of the government. This suggestion, first made Senator Fulbright (D-Ark) " by Rep. Luther To rid the Army officer corps ol "deadwood," a five-man board has been set up, headed by Lt.- Gen, Lucian K. Tmscott, above, to check uf on oflicfrs whose fit• ness has been questioned by their superiors. If this board recommends that an incompetent be "busied" out of the Army, the case may progress through two other boards' before final action. united front when Republicans organize the Senalc and House of Vhe 30lh Congress on January 3. - Bclwcen November 14, when he Com The Nap Touch' oroved last summer bul nol biding n lhe new session. The reorgam ation plan calls for a reduction o more than half in the number o enatc and House committees, anc here is an inclination on the par of many Republicans, particularly n the House, to disregard som of its provisions. ! In lhe Senale, Arthur Vandenberg of Michigan has the inside track for election as prcsidcnt pro- tem and also is slaled lo be chairman of the potent Foreign Relations Commitlec. . Roberl A. Tall of Ohio is expected by many to become Senate ma- by and hcarl condition will not permit her lo live in the tropics. Perhaps it will be possible to find a haven for the others in the little republics to the South or Mexico or South Amcri M C< Laws are laws, of course, and ( u ~f\lu'i \"i t\a n» ' * "- ' * *•• | J — — * * --- ---- « bv lhc Chicago Sun, a strong oack- cr of the late President Roosevelt's administration bul a sometime critic of the Truman course. The Sun, in an open letlcr to Mr. Truman from publisher Marshall Field, said il would be "a Fulton Woman Steps Off Bus, Struck by Car Mrs. Lciper Hamilton, resident of Fulton Route 1, is in Julia Chester Hospilal today suffering from injuries sustained Wednesday night when she was struck by an automobile as she stepped off a bus Republican House Steering <-om mitlee meets, and January 3, GOP leaders expect to pick a sidle o officers for parly caucus ratilica lion"and lo c?cct the framework o lh &re ta !n V c C p'otT agenda ar l-f'Sr- Whether to cut in- j dividual income taxes by -20 ,pei- ! ent or $3.000,000,000, as Repubu- R C pr?senlaliveKnulson^M,nn) e jority leader and to head the tax- writing Finance Committee. Regardless of how the organization problems are settled, Republi- working majority cans will have a ----„ in both the Senate and the House, they are assured of <iib -' Scnalc seals. 28 actual majority Alfrcady House and 51 more than an the House and three more half of Ihe Senale .. man on New Political Freedom Course By ERNEST B. VACCARO Washington, Nov. 7 ~-(/P)-Prcsi- denl Truman, shaking off tr.c /irst shock of his administration s crushing defeat in the congressional eleclions, embarked today on what his associates called a new course of political freedom. By their flat icfusal to take serious note of suggestions within the president's own parly that he resign in favor of a Republican, Mr Truman's closest friends made clear thai he intends to give no more than passing atlention to vhat posl-election development As for lhe verdict at the polls itself, these friends declared that Mr. Truman is far more concerned over the interprelalion lhal will oe placed upon il abroad than he is over his personal political future. Declining to be quoted by name, these membeis of lhe chief executive's inner circle said he will emphasize in the two years ahead , the two-party suppoil bchi-rt the nation's foreign policy voiced by -chair- Ways . nslsts shoould be done quickly Knutson is in line « r .1^ manship of the tax-writing and Means Committee. . . . 2 Price controls — Whelljei to finish off OPA in short order gather than allow the agency lo linger on itnlil June 30. 3 Federal spending ly, how to balance if laxes are cul. The major organizational -Accepting the Jcgislativerespon- cntruslcd to the GOP by Secretary of State James sibility s the electorate. Republican National Chairman Carroll Recce ha led ^ Byrnes. This policy has been xirm- ly endorsed by Republican 'ocnator Vandenberg of Michigan and form- Republican Senator Warren Tuesday's election as a "Definite I Austil now united States Repre- mandalc by the American peo- scntativc to the United Nations, e " T, Men who talked privately with And Campaign Director Brown lhc prcsidcnt sa id thai while he .. . • _-!_!.__.. 1 rv+nn e f\C nfl l.HG I _ _. - -I _:i_l .. ^1J *- n *-*»-»nl1l4 Of! r*Vf*l* I.nC — Spccifical the' budget 1 n said Ihe viclory imposes on the i, as visibly disappoinled over the ae- . •-. narly "a heavy .responsibility. 1 In disclosing his intention , co are aws, o cou, , written for broad and gen- patriotic and courageous step fpi "- unmis- n'r'ir-mnlication But it'does seem the president to heed the n nilv 1 rU this counlrv could not takable verdict" of Tuesdays find room within its broad bound- voters and turn all of lhe govern arios for 48 persons whose courage and motives so resemble those ol lhe hardy band who first settled in our land. II seems a pity that we find room for more like Meanwhile, we with the Estonian pilgrims happiness and contentment in some pleasant land where a welcome is not so hopelessly hedged by legality. cannot them. thai con- near Fulton. The curred about ,8 p. m. accident oc- in uia^iuDiiifci *«." _„,,* M-^» L "-^ ^"-""^- "~ press for an immediate 24 percent L on - al allieSi he i individual income tax cut, Knui- j .. down . hearlc d." inu n.uju. v.o—— ..-..nrf <;p.'l <;n sad lhc Republicans is cxpccted^ojcvolv^a.ound ^.Iso^sad i^ exc [ sc _taxes ^, _ setback and the de feat'"of "some of his warmest per- was far from lection of a House. floor leader is no one in On. Full Story on $734,000 Embezzlement By LEO TURNER New York, Nov. 7 , . William Arthur Nickel said bezzlement of $734,000 employer started with voice to cover a bookkeeping prob- — (UP) -s em- from his a fake in- lem and swelled into a wave larceny that swepl him of into jail. The district attorney's office said he fed his greed on lid-bits until it was larger than he. Nickel was in Tombs prison to- couldn't raise $100,000 for bond on ment over to the Republicans. Bul lhe Washinglon Posl, in do pendent in politics, asserted any such action "would be a fcssion ot pusillanimity of which Harry Truman has never been accused." Associates of the presidenl were inclined to agree lhal Mr. Truman, being a reasonably stubborn man from Missouri, will not quit. They said he is likely' to follow lhe course of doing what he thinks is best for the n.ition in the nexl two year and Jelling the political consequences fall where they may. I Republican National Chairman Carroll Recce said it is "a mallei bclween lhc presidenl and his con science" as lo whether Mr. Iru man should resign. The conslilu lion mentions the possibility presidential resignation, but doc not say lo whom il should be sub milted. There is no precedent, fo no president ever lias resigned. Mr. Truman may give some clues about his thoughts on the matter al a news conference, probably ncxl week. His nexl scheduled public talk is an Armistice Day Broadcast Monday. This much is clear: For the first time in H years An attending physician said today she was suffering from shock, possibly a broken leg and a head m- ' State police stationed at Texarkana investigated.the accident. Driver of the automobile could not be immediately learned. Rainfall Makes This Year One of Wettest This year, already above a 33- vcar average, has a good chance to set a record in rainfall, according to Experiment Station figures riousf. xiiuic "• ••"., , - , „» T.. horizon to challenge the bid of Joseph W. Martin, Jr., of Massachusetts for the speakership to be vacated when Sam Rayburn of Texas t_n i,v-».* • . ,_»M.* 1M1VY1 1O ^ I individual .im-wini- _.-.. - - MI i r. so sad the Republicans also will Thcy re porled that. '-• seek to cut excise taxes on liquor, j ^ r Truman has no though of icwclry. furs, cosmetics and a long .. politica i reprisals" against those of other items. wn o helped upset his party s con- Our immediate goal will be to trol in the legislalive branch of stcos down from the rostrum to scos take his place with the Democratic "' 'Republican floor leader dur- ' ing the party's political depression years, Martin automatically >s m line for the speakership. _ Mentioned most irequcntly "ur m ro n e cut expenditures, balance the DUQ- th , Rrnrncnt ach cai ^ cet establish a surplus eac ycai 2 Hc js con{ident that Repui- to aoply on the national debt, and C0 ntrol of Congress beginning " "- - tax . as ,eading contenders tor 400. granl as much relief to a .. tax burdened nation as sound policies under governmental will pi .ateme esidcnt . lax c : in yi pealed levies near their next January will enable him to place direct responsibility upoi policies uiiuv.-i S "v~......—.— ., ithat parly foi futuie tejcctions o omies will permit," Knutson said ac jministralive proposals, in a statement f . in One intimale of lhe chief cxecu A presidential velo of. any / u tive sa ;d Mr. Truman will "conduc percent tax cut appears almost in- himsel f without heed to his ow cvitablc in view of the .idminisli a- persona i political fuluic " (.Vlictuit. » _..„ „!,,,<! in nn kppDinS \ l , .:5..l«_1,. n 1 n en •? which show 59.87 inches since January 1. 'is compared with a 33-year average of 49.58 inches in a single November is certainly holding Us own wilh C.06 inches of rain the first 9 clays. Df Indiana. Brown directed the successful campaign just completed, - '' 4'. To Rebuild Old Church at Washington Th" tornado which struck Hempstead" county on Nov. 2 destroyed the Washington Baptisl church Duilding al Washinglon. This build ?io ^pealed emphasis on keeping , levies near their wartime peak while national' income conlmues high. Newscamera catches Russian Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov in Napoleonic pose at the United Nations general assembly meeting in New York. Auxiliary to VFW Is Organized A Ladies Auxiliary lo lhe Ram- U. S. Intends to Hold Rights in Jap Islands By MAX HARRELSON Lake Success, N Y , Nov. 7 -• OT _ The United States made it clear today that she would reserve sweeping rights, especially military, m the Japanee mandated islands winch President Truman offered last night to place under United Nations trusteeship. ^ _ One delegate, who did not want to be identified, said the military rights demanded by 'the United* Stales were exaclly the same as she would have if she annexed ..he .slands outright The U S terms for turning ihe islands - the Marshals, Carolines and Marianas — over to the U.N. i aie contained in a draft agree-, ( ment now being circuited among. . 'he 11 members of the security "ouncil and two other nations, New Zealand and the Philippines, Disclosure of the terms gave rise to immediate speculation that Russia would almost certainly attacK, the pioposals and might possibly veto them in the security council. In the laller event, however, the islands would continue in Uieir prcsenl blalus as occupied enemy territory, „ > The diaft agi cement not only re- seives to the Uniled States unrestricted lights to establish mUi- taiy, naval and air bases withm the trust territory, but provides thai any or all of the area may be declared closed for security reasons This means that the United States would be able to bar u IN. inspection of the entne area it she desired to do so. Other sweeping provisions of the agreement: 1 The United States, as the sole administering authority, could bar the an craft of any other nation fiom enlering the -nea, which is 1,500 miles long and 800 miles wide and contains approximately 1,500 islands of various sizes. 2 The United States would re- the right to give certain I money was gone. Ik-, .- .. of forgery and grand day. The a charge larceny. r Police searched the bottom ol a Long Island lagoon i'or the check writing equipment he used to Hit- fill his dream of easy money. Yesterday their magnets lifted oul the rcccipl stamping machine he hurled into the water two weeks ago when his dream collapsed. ... Nickel's story was told by Assistant District Attorney Julius Holland of Brooklyn. According to Helfand, Isadore Happaport, .read of the Ultima 'he 80th Congress which convenes next January will be controlled by the parly which does not hold lhc White House. Tuesday's Republicans landslide swept to a three-vote . the majority in the Senate and at least IV J IU 1..*, «„.-— _ „ >8-mcmber advantage in xnc House. Two House races still were undecided on late returns with u , Republican leading in one and lhe Democrat in the other. Aside :,rom thcs- the Republicans had electee 186 Republicans and with the Democrats Optical Company, sought a war contract in Washington. He was referred to the Mcrgcnthalcr Linotype Company, Nickel's employer, which gave him a subcontract i.or almost $2,000,000 worth ot lenses for tank periscope and other war equipment. Nickel, a trusted, mild-mannered clerk, was assigned to clear invoices and payments on the subcontract. Rappaport, employing more than 400 workers-, had trouble meeting his payroll. He began slipping Nickel $100 a week to expedite payment i'or delivered prod- Th'cn he demanded that Nickel advance money against future de Jiverics. The end of the war caught 246 members, the Democrats and American Labor one. The Senate division stood at S • 42 Democrats leading by comfortable, it not decisive, mar •4ins in three contests not yet set- Thus Mr. Truman presumably could count on substantial minor- ''" support in both houses if he New Scout Troop at Laneburg ig was one of Ihe slate's eligious structures. Since this old church was videly known and loved, we feel Laneburg Central School has clustered a new Boy Scout Troop with eighteen charter members under the leadership of L. B. Ken nedy and assistant Vance Bcasley Nevada county field executive is served by loca J. Arvil Hickman Friendly Store to Formally Open Saturday The Friendly Slorc, Located a I g r ' c 7s"Tro"m now on," o jrner of Second and Mam Streets * ornrnentc d. "He'll be i corner in downtown parlinularly close friend tol reporlers lhal Mr. Truman enlei upon lhe new polilical situatio without obligations to any al pressure gioups . As this man put it, the piesiden was convinced-that <ihe Doinocii. I LIU UCJ-VC* L k.wwi*-» "*- fcifc*^!*.*-. -— • springing from 'many .elements of Ihe nation's economy Another man emerging Jrom a private conference quoted Mr. Truman as saying he was "going to do from day to day what I think best for the welfare of the country." "He won't have lo pull any punches in taking issue with Con" an associate in a position sev - Cargilc Post No. 4511, Vete- niz- s - rans of Foreign War, was organiz rans , ed at a meetinaotthe organza .on serve Elks""buuding here serve i.nu iiK'n- ^^ to***- -- — , . economic privileges exclusively to ? American nalions. 3 The terms of the agreement could not be altered, amended or Jo-, at the mg ht , . . „ The installation and organization' under the_direction -of Mrs. -• — -- i i;uu*w *iwfc »•'*- «--«—- ——? -- , last terminated without the consent United States M tic defeat could be tiaced to votes | ^chief of staff, ladies auxiliaiy department of Arkansas. Mrs. Pose Snnm. widely - known throughout has been connected wiln •*"•• — • , •4 ( ,UV^lillli^-»*v*-*-«' *»w^- — — • — j. Hope, will open us . t t n when ]lG ; fi nt j s ,_ i ; _ C« „ i . ,,.,-lnir TSJn\7. I fc to . . _i_ *;«., it Ill UUWUHJ>\ il j-tw^ri-i •• -i tu tiu LU nj \> ti » ii>-4i -•— doors to the public Saturday, Nov- necessary to veto reactionary .„,.... n „* o a m il was 3": measures." . . °, Mr. Truman himself jnainlamod " y silence on lhe verdict, apparently ember 9, at 9 a. m. IL wa» °"-(measures. nounced today. This is the second j Mr _ Trurnan ' himself maintained store opened in ' ' oldcs ,„„,,„„,„ ,:::,„>. * "^^ seC tiOll 80 the'organization this year hat many would like to contribute o ils replacement. To facihtale hese contributors, Mr. M. S. Bates las agreed to receive contributions at Hope. Donations may be "-"" cilher to him at Hope, or to sent the i_i n iv^i H-* »«*•!« »•»«• 1 — • _ Treasurer at the Washington Bap- lisl Church al Washington, Arkan- Friendly stores was organized in 1937 with the purchase of stores at Camden and Pine Bluff. Later the original slores were moved to J^utie Rock. Since thai time seven stores have been opened in Litllc KOCK, North Little Rock, Benton, Malvern Hot Springs, El Dorado. Texarkana Continued on FaRc Tivo tion. J. 1V. 1K w-.-n-w».tfc»»*- — • , . A cub pack has been organized a Laneburg also and registration i expected to be completed this week for some sixlcen cubs. Says People Wants fo Take Government Out of Their Hair North AUlcboro, Mass., Nov. i— House Minority Le elects'—"as"some of his advisers are |' SC ph w. Martin, Jr.. who )s certain 7— Jo- This Business of Romance Is Tricky Regardless of What Country You Are in waiting until he has made a thorough survey of pay devasta- n. He told reporters upon his return from Missouri yesterday that he would hold a news conference within a day or Iwo. Now, however, he is expecled lo delay such a conference until next week. o - State Rivers Not Expected to Flood Ih'p"VFW'since organization, and has been instrumental in setting up auxiliaries all over the state. Officers elected for the new aux- jr,•«.!«.... Mis Hem y Fen wick, Semoi Vice - Picsident, Mis; Hm- ton Davis; Junior vice - President, Mrs. Olan Purtle; Treasurer, Mrs. Edward Morris; Secretary, Mrs • Edward Aslin; Chaplain, Mrs. ulen Parker; Conductress, Mrs. George Hosmer; Guard, Mrs. Oliver vjil- liam; Trustees; 3- year - term, Mrs Hugli Hall; 2 - year- term, ™" Owen Hollis and 1- year Mrs. W. T. Woodul. Mrs. term, By HAL BOYLE New York, Nov. 7 - (/P)- The question most often asked a traveler returned from a world tour is: "What are those foreign gals like —really?" . People aren't greally interested what the folks on the other side to urge mm to do—lo on- peeled to become speaker as ex- 1 think oj; tnQ atom bomb or what - long. In Germany yoi ladies' man wilh can st be a ^«.. *,-" , , a pocketful of candy bars, but if you show uj late for a date the fraulcin is like ly to complain about the iour power occupation. arg'e and rcsubmit lhe legislative resull o £ the irogram which Republican-Demo- ill(cl . pl . els Ui irocram eral coalition hacked into piecos in lhc 79th Congress. Republican landslide, „ ..,.._« a"ic election as a cpm- smullli-nand "to take government out ot the pcopl's hair." . . •.» . __ • .1 :., *».-» i ti < (»V\M r\\\r 111 JUS . The argument of these advisers, He sa jc] j n an interview ho want Ihe Democratic party xo Evening Chronicle newspaper oi labelled unmistakably as the j icc he considered the vole a - who bc c aee u cc Liberal political organ, is that ma ndate to end chaos and contu- there is no hope of obtaining the s ion .and lo put the countiy back there is no hop conservative vole in 1948. Their contention is that j carnod a bout Indian riots pi' js doing to w hom in 'the Palestine imbroglio. Nay, beans to the serious side. They have read all that. What they all want io know is the "real inside stuff" on romance around the globe. "What do those overseas crca- tures have — if anything •— that Nickel's books short, with no iu-|by ture deliveries to straighten out. lllLll cunv^nn.^" »" ».--.- .. .K^vi-i...'.^".^. t , . Truman hews to the course :oxed fa Hc said U W as the party s nope the late President ^RoosevcllJ^ ..promote ..S 0 ??^,} 1 ?^,, 1 ^!}^ oil the road fo recovery and sane ^,' 0 ^on r t'have?" snilf the" wives. "What are we missing?" the u..Mr. government. Through August. September and parl o£ October, 1945, Nickel worried. Then he made out a false invoice and balanced his books. There he first broke 'the law. It was so easy thai when he began missing his $100 a week cul 1'rum Rappaport, he forged a check for $9,200 and asked Rappaport how to cash it. Rappaporl allegedly introduced him to Jimmy Collins, a Broad way figure. Through met other easy-money ihom'.lhe Democralic parly will stand to our people" and to e.... benefit in 1948 from any mistakes r p ' ilying one group or another the Republican Congress might .. Wc noe d to unite.", ne added, 1 • - - ' • the ocople 01 this coun- makc in the nexl Iwo years James Roosevelt, son of ihe laU- president and California stale Democratic chairman, , "to give *, me ho pe. There has bcc-n .: ar this try | too much power in meddling lhe hands henpecked husbands ask when then wives go into he kitchen to stew up another martini. Well, I have been a happy man tal prisoner for nine years — toe long in hen-ness to kick against vhe traces. So. please understand tha 100 muchj,| 10 summ ary which follows i City Machines Took Sound Shellacking By D. HAROLD OLIVER ^ Washington, Nov 7 — (^)—_Big city Democratic machines. ,wmeh. rolled up New Deal ma]orities-for years look a shellacking in Tup- day's GOP sweep. Kelly, Hague, Pendergast 1 and Tammany all got il in the neck, Tennessee's Ed Crump weath-|] ered this storm by helping put over| a Democratic senator..and gover-j, nor, bul he saw rough going ahea.d.1 r -r _i i j .;»-, n -t-it'/a-oloptlnn lorfi-t By United Press Four major rivers in Arkansas of constant rains, but the U. S. arc rising loday aflcr three days •iver forecaster in Litlle Rock sees ittle immediate danger of floods. The Arkansas river stood at 'J.9 feel up three feet, at Litlle Rock meeting Tuesday, Nov. 19, 7:30 al the VFW Hall. Hope Youth Wins Columbia Scholarship Following the election, installation of officers was held with mis. , — __ _ - .-_. lion 01 01 „ . NQ 2413 Qf E1 , He declare d in a pre-election j officer. cas t the Republicans would electl will hold a president in 1948 and added yes-|. at I lerday that it would be "foolish fon President Truman-to offer himself for reelection." ' , „ * Mayor Edward J. Kelly or cago, chieftain' ih-the! 'Cbok' county I Democratic wigwam ,tpok such * severe pushing around that Kepuo licans have high hopes of enaim Ihis 16 year old dynasty in the spring mayoralty election. • < An idea of what the GOP did 1 Kelly's organization: They unseat' I ed four Democratic congressme; county, defeated (S.n jn- DeroQcratic ^.represents. govern- thought into words with the obser- ' ment . We . vo got to give the powci Nation lhal when the "people be- , lhe controls back 10 ;he pco- ern to feel the effects of their ac- plc gct lhe government Minclion- *•'" ' '-- called |, lg properly toward prosperity. un0 n •' • and then adjourn Congress in June On'the other hand, the iivijortty tu k , t Ulo people have a rest. u •• lhc Commenting on the suggestion of , Collins he men. The cmbez/lcment plot blossomed. .Nic- checks against kel wrole more Jorgi-d invoices. The other casned of Democratic members in lean to 'the conscr- ath-e: rathe,- lhan the opposite side. Many of the most l 51 ^' 111 "^ 1 point supporters of Ihe Roose el poh- ^ .}. William Fulbrighi that President Truman a Republican secretary and then resign ap- in his ..avor, them. Rappaport became the little man who wasn't leeded. --le was kicked oul because his cut was an unnecessary overhead. The. plot collapsed when one of Nickel s forged checits bounced. Today, Rappuporl was free under $25,000 bond. ;io was Isadore Cohen, known as "Izzy rhe Eel." Joseph Milstein. a cnneral merchanclise dealer, was in city jail in $25.000 bond. Collins was 'lhe object of a nationwide man hunt. All were charged with forgery and grand larceny. The Mile of the adventurer didn I ••-*•* well wilh six foot, one mi'li cies, Pai, 1 IU1 a *JA H1W j.v WWM — • « rtltlVW II t tv» i • > «-• • • — -- - t.i .such as Scanlor Guffey ID- Mnr , in chuckled and said: -If Tunnel D-Dcl), .Mead (D- oemocrats are agreeable to thai NY) and Mitchell , down lo defcal in lucsday s anche of ballots. In the House, among the Demo •ruts who were returned by southern and northern stales are many who .joined the 79th Co..,,-— -•- — , -, man measures they regarded ^ too radical. These returning members s>.ij they would like to see Mr. Truman make at Ic.ast minor compromises in an allempt lo ..eel legislalion through thi 1 views are , , ... . IJ( J1 | |L,U I in U n . X, " 13 - - (D-W;mi. went it w m be all right with us. If i-hej ' ' initiate it, I'll do nothing lo block il. 1 think it's a fine idea." •—"O ~ based purely on conversations with American bachelors in somc^ 50 countries around the world. Ihcy tell me that: English girls are most ardent in the chase. Thcy court your with kindness -- "Your slippers, milord" •— but once thcv haul you vo the allar they think the honeymoon is over. They tend to let their hair grow scraggly and their dress io colled wrinkles on lhe theory: 'Ive tot you, chum — now I'll relax. French mademoiselles are ircm ilous and tender before the noose ightcns. Then— say their crilics — they often become petty house Nickel. He 1nUl police '-IP ho weighed 235 pnund-s. him un ii itylc. He \vi Phfv '.hou* h .'Ul. lull. next Congress Then uch that Mr. Truman probably f-j certain of uld "L-v mustering OU i-9.' r i>e Ihu one-lhao Legion Auxiliary to Hold Annual Poppy Day Sale The local American l.i-fiion Aux iliarv will hold its annual pupp.s Duv'sale in downtown Hope 'oatur charge of Mrs. M. M. McCloughan dav it was announced today. Tl'ie drive this year will De in charge of Mrs. M. M. McCl-JUshan, guminitlcc ctuiinnuii. In the Arab stales the :"emmc are dressed like the woman's atixil ary of the Ku Klux Klan, and thei japas carry daggers. Anyway •oing oul with a veiled lady Js ilk juving a package without a Jabc Egypt? Well, the Turks made Cat lady's paradise. India? Here, too, beware of olc fashioned girls with old-fashionc fathers who don't like an Englis accent around the house. The mo ern girls arc mostly vegetarian and talk nothing but politics. Australia — Tops down under! Gav and pretty, the Aussie lassies are the ones most likely 'to make you forget the unforgetlablc girl you Icfl behind. The Chinese girls make the best cooks, but they do giggle at the oddest times. Japanse women are the worlds perfect wives from ihe viewpoint of service. You won't need a maid because they'll do all the work and save lhc oricc of a baby buggy by jacking Junior around on the back of her kimono. But Madame But- teriiy is bow-legged and apparently juilt to go under low bridges. And could you love a woman who served you raw fish for dinner? The nearest to an ideal helpmate is the Balinese beauly. She wears only a half-size sarong stretching , where the floodslage is 23 Scot. At Fort Smith, where the floodstage is 22 feet, the river slood at 16.8 up 4.7 feet. The prediction called 'or 15 io in Cook cumbent S. ov Dean Han-v James Carman. Se . Kelly still further. These 1 Fred Patton son of Mrs. and precinct workers greater B Patton, Hope, Ark., to go after him in the mayoralty Mrs 10 feet at Ozark Friday, 19 feet a Dardarielle Sunday, 14 feel at Mor rilton and Little Rock next ivlon day, and 16 feet al Pine Bluf nexl Tuesday. The While river slood al feel Ihis morning, up 3.7 feel al Batcsville where the /"loodslagc is 23 icct, 11.2 feel up Iwo al Newport where the floodstage is 26 feel, and 14.4 feel, up 2.2 al Clarendon where the floodslage is .Jb feet. A crest of 19 to 20 feel is ex-1 peeled at Batcsville tomorrow, la feet at Newport Sunday, 26 icel at Augusta ncxl Thursday, and ^1 eel at Georgetown next Friday. In the southeastern part of trie state the Ouachita slood al 10. A feel up .04 Ihis morning at Arka- ll.L.1. Uf "Y* Jt j., I..,,, rtrt ^c }7 left of i c \v-irded a Columbia University Club cient to overcome upstate ed ns. ' one of :mir bestowed WB " margins. e is to reach late Ihis weights campus from Southern Me- Ihodist University and was gradua- icd from Hope High School with nouors. He is a member Qf the Columbia University Players and had a leading part in last years Varsity show. In high school, he editor of Hi - Lights the news- atorial running . •- -former stale ' assembly leaoe. Morningside-1 knocked over the great Democrat: "" vote-getter of New Deal days " bcrt H. Lehman. •, Five of the six Republican told tyrants. But Ihcy will sail away your francs against a drizzly c da -' spendthrifts cither are Dutch! straw hi bul generally Ihcy are nomc- a lacidi, homespun. Great girls lo I k' 10 take back to the farm thougl you arc hit by the help shortage. Tradition to the contrary. ;5can- dinavian girls go in Tor more torrid romancing — mayuc uarbo "vants to be alone" but :iol the resl of them —• than Italian and ulher Moditerrant-an lassies. Fair warning: The nijjhty arc uwutte from her hips to her ankles — low upkeep! Small laundry bills! —and she will carry her groceries home on her head. If she complains, you delphia where lhe floodslage ?s 17 feet, and 13.1 feet, up 3.1 al Camden where lhe floodslaae is ^ feel. The river is expecle> 15 feet at Arkadelphia afternoon and 23 to 24 feet al <-am- den next Tuesday. The Black river was expected to rise slightly, but flooding was not indicated. Rains totaling more xhP' 1 one inch were reported for me pap, and a member of the Uieei Leaders Corps, National Honor So- icty and lhe Quill and Sroll bo- ^Is'bcll is a freshmen planning to studv engineering. He entered Columbia in the largest freshman class in the 1943 - year history of paper from Democratic House candidate were marked up in the metrppo: tan area — three in Queens, pn in Manhattan and one in In the stale legislalure the publicans gained six Senate and assembly seats in New York CU Missouri's Jackson county vote trimmed many candidates back hut her language chickens , jive in a the school. Helena reported to the weather bureau— Arka- the farm though, if ^-^^i^riKS heY 11.09 in calories year. IJieu \v^-v»- .v.|^w»v*-. „ , , , .!-:„ Cilia aiu vva.>in- J». "*v . .— . hour period ending at 7 o clocK >ms w t m a ,.kham, and .Robert D. morning at six weather stations.• ncdv 3422 West lllh Street. Helena had the heaviest, rainfall j •• 0 American Legion to Hold Meet Thursday Night J, ClIWWA £5««3 V "* »-»-" — —— t - -r i- which President Truman is a au< paying member. Two otncr rcsiueui* ^ —- The Truman-Pendergast favo Rock have be cen name d .Regional | Uc in the 5th congressional d> ,,^i v , l,.hni:,rs. these recipi- tr ici. Enox Axlcll. went down 1 Republican Alpe residents of Little by the organization of Pendergast ot Kansas James City, , Wayne A. Glover. 3810 Ken x ark ' *- rains dropped tem- is once ft one of tricl. defeat before L. Reeves, Jr. , , Democratic Senator Frank Briges lost to James P. Kern, KM sas City Republican, The Pendef gast machine also lost two impor ant courthouse posts io RepUOJ cans — presiding judge of county court and county prosec| The Democralic 2,rsainzation local American Legion post j 70-year these woi.derful women, j ^> ; ,son « " UNO aud Ai 17. will hold its regular Novembei meeting lunUht at Legion Hall at 7-30 p.m. All members are urged iee, 20 years t its greatest setback

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