Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1946
Page 5
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ft V/edrte«Jayj HoVernber 6, MO PI STA.H, HO PI, ARKANSAS Novr-nb^r/», CLASSIFIED 1.50 1.80 2.10 ?.40 2.70 3.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 0.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 ForSdlfe FALL CABBAGE PLANTS. SEE Monts Seed Store. 31-61 120 ACRES LAND IN SEC. 1 24, Twp. 14. range 25, about 12 miles south of Hope joining Buck Mar' tin on the North. Write John W. <•*... TurneX( Kilgore, Texas. 31-12t £ .JRE-CONDITIONED WOODSTOCK w-r~ typewriter. Hope Coca-Cola Bott- f ____ ling Co. Phone 392. 5-3t ROOM -HOUSE WITH •"•*"'<•>* bath, Just outside city limits on •"•"^Proving' 1 Ground road. Clyde *""Srttith'. ^to'West 5th St. Telephone "-r '•••" s-3t -.n • " • ' - - 4 ' . . AUTOMOBILE RADIO. SEE S. E. Rogers, Hope Auto Co. 5-3t- BABT, BED... AND .MATTRESS, fi ' b'aby buggy, Also battery charger (1 to 12 at same time). See at 715 West Division. 5-3t 74846 JLONG WHEEL BASE DODGE truck, low mileage, Five 800:25 f, * tires, new. Phone- 569-J. 5-3t ".BEAUTIFUL 4 ROOM HOME. • Priced to sell. Fletcher Easterling, Phillips addition. 6-6t SEVEN ROOM HOUSE, ' 402 'North Hervey, newly papered and painted, lot 70 .X 150. you can .move in. Priced '"to sell. Floyd Porterfield. . 6-6t ACRES" WOOD LANH OFF highway 29, 8 miles south of Hope, Some good, timber, See L. A. Stanley, Highway 4, 2 miles east of Hope. 6-6t Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication tfutflbetof One Three Six One® Day Days Days Month .. .45 .90 - 1.50 4.50 .. ,60 1.20 2.00 6.00 .. .75 1.50 2.50 7.50 ,. .00 ,. 1.05 .. 1.20 . 1.35 .1.50 _ .... are for Continuous Insertions Only . • All Want Ads Casn In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone Words ''Op to 16.. .16 to 20 .. ,21 to 25 .. ,86 to 30.. 91 .to 35 .. 36 to 40 .. ,41 -to 4:i.. .46 Uu 50 .. . r « Hates MATERIALS ARE GOING HIGH. er : every day. Have your mai. tress made over now. Write or phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver anywhere. Phone 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm ALL KINDS OF SEWING ALTER- Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. New York, volt era is o' Nov. ;')—The Roosc- •cr and tne problem SPORTS ROUNDUP of the Republicans now is not the door to the Barlow Hotel. Mrs. John Clark and Mrs. Pink Taylor. Services Offered ations and children clothes in-1 winning of the presidency in 1948. eluded. The Better Made Shop'but the selection of their man for whore prices tire reasonable. Next president, Dewey, Taft, Bricker or Warren. Even those who voted for Frank; lin D. Roosevelt and those who Iquit him after the first term will j concede that he was one of the giants of his time, great in the FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE-' scnse that ne was a !"""" oi power, netian Blinds, wood or metal, l Hls peers were Stalin and Hitler, outside metal blinds and awnings. I His power was "personal" and Write Rlley Cooper, 1909 West jhis wife did not err when once she 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmoi referred to him as the "elected •jruler" of the United States. That she should so regard nim was natural, for actually he did "rule" not only his country but many mutually bitter and irreconcilable elements which composed his New- Deal party. No other personality could have held together in one political household the standard, Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2mo For Rent [old-style Democrats of the deep • ! south and the Communists of New FOUR ROOM HOUSE. ELECTRI-] York and Hollywood who constant- city and gas, close in. On Lewis- ly snarled hrrendous insults but ville hi-way. Immediate posses-(yielded, in all showdowns, to their sion. Phone 5B51-J. 5-3t: chief. That contrast within Roose- ^~i-,/-,^i«r T,»TT-,rrT,xTTr-,» T -,^—I—; velt's New Deal was onlv one of 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART- Imauy. Catholic and Stalinfst united m u e ' L^'l 68 out on m e hwa - v 4 - in support of him. The survivors of Phone 29-J-21 6-3tjthc'Ku Klux Klan in George. Texas and other southern states must have been Roosevelt voters, put .TRAVELERS CHECK ,IN town Hope. PMone 222. nnwivr l for tne y were Democrats. He 4 of. Theodore Bilbo into the Senate by ___I11. ihand. and sent Hugo Bla<ck -'o the Supreme Court and these iwo Klansmen found themselves party j comrades of the Negro Democrats ;of the northern industrial centers and of Sidney Hillman, Bernard Baruch and Felix Frankfurter. Ed Kelly, Frank Hague and Jim Farley. William Green, president of the A. F. of L., and Philip Murray, president of the C. I. O., rivals'in la ^WESTERN SADDLE. PRACTI- . cally new. Phone (day) 58, 1 Nigftt 215-W. Newt Pentecost. , „ . 6-3 1 ONE PRACTICALLY NEW ton and half Studebaker 1946 truck. . Stake body, 8:25 tires. See Buck Williams. 6-tf COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture for 3 rooms, H. P. Page, Phone 29-J-21. 6-3t union war, were Roosevelt men REGISTERED SADDLE FILLY, 3 years old. partially trained, very gentle. Also , several registered Jersey cows 'and 3 star bull and registered Jersy bull calves. E. C. Atkins, Chidester, Ark. 6-3t Real Estate for Sale NICE LOT 90 FT. FRONT WITH five room house needing repair. Quick sale price $2,500. Floyd Porterfield. Sports Slants From All Over Arkansas By CARL BELL Associated .Press Sports Writer Ragon Kinney, the "Hartman hammerer" who will be looking for his 14th straight pro victory without a defeat when he tangles with Buddy Thomas at Wichita, Kans., tonight, is about ready io try his- two good hands against some of the. nation's top-drawer •heavyweights. I The former national Golden , . . - ---'Gloves 'heavy king has brought I mm U P ancl ea ' nim ' because he js himself along slowly since his army' a mean horse in the barn, as long discharge. He has been smart-;^P 0 can win rrom here to there. enough not to rush into the upper I There is :i temptation to wonder and, in his name, Harold .[ekes, who had attacked Kelly and Hague as corruptioneers and Fascists, could sit down with them to nominate the boss :"or his third term. Kelly and Hague disliked Roosevelt personally and were too wise by nature and experience to be controlled by his "charm." The practical regularity of professionals controlled -their course. You don't retire a stake horse and cut class before he is ready. whether, had .Roosevelt lived , .he Most of the Arkansan's 13 vie- COU 'F 1 have prevented the disinte- tims to date have been punchers | Station of this Balkan empire of who have passed their prime or i natural enemies and rivals. Surely, are virtual innknowns. The only the collapse would have been less "name" pugilist he has faced is abrupt, for he was a .great impro- West Point, N. Y. Nov. 6 — Prize display among the decorations with which the Cadets have adorned their barracks to show their scorn of Notre Dame is a large rope cobweb holding two skeletons to represent the 1944 and 1B45 Irish teams and a green-jersey cd figure to show '• how the 1946 team is going to suffer the same fate — besides showing considerable ingenuity, this one ' doesn't use rs> up of the hard-to-get shtfets the basis :'or most of Prize remark by that form the signs Conch Earl Blaik during .yesterday's fanning ancl.information session: "1 don't see whore Notre Dame gets that talk about not having a breakaway. I saw Cowhig Saturday and ho ran like deer. And when you get 220 .pounds moving that fast, its something to see." Inherited Talent Bill Welt, who, is Army's best punter since Doc Blanchard h.-\d to give up kicking, is the grftndso'n of William (Buck Irvine) wh'o played five -years of varsity football "i!or Princeton in the 1880's In those days, as Irvine always liked to relate, part of kicking was a football. Ancl, major when pressed. Buck would admit: "I did the kicking." Key to T' Formation Is Quarterback West Point, N. Y., Nov. 6 — (/P>— It is an accepted axiom of fool- ball that it taKes a good quarterback to make the "T" formation click. It also is a well-known fact that football players sometimes get was .a matter ° £ J Tony Musto, who -was good enough VIS °V. but he was growing old and to get a .crack at Joe Louis a ^'ew repetition of his tricks I had made hurt* Tllerefoce .it considerable interest when Red Blaik, Army coach, observed yesterday that if Arnold Tucker were lost it would hurt his team more than it would hurt Notre Dame to lose Johnny Lujack. The Irish, he says, have more in reserve. When these two teams clash at Yankee Stadium before 76,000 spectators, it will be a meeting of two top "T" formation quarterbacks as well as a contest between the nation's two top-ranking teams. With comparatively few line replacements available, too, the Army coach expressed the fear that Notre Dame would "wear us out and run us into the ground." The Irish are at least three deep in .good players at every position, Blaik said, and they play a "power" game, holding the ball and going for three or four yard gains. '"Let's stop kidding and understand what's on that squad," he Notre Dame Leads in Offensive New York, Nov. 0 — W)—Notre up to its national clash with Army Dame comes championship mi," week leading the country's college elevens in average yardage gained both on the ground and in the air, figures released by the National Collgiatc Athletic Bureau showed today. The Irish in five games havo amassed 2,150 yards on total of- fcns'e tor an average of 430 pei game. Army ranks tenth with an average of 362.3. Notre''Dame, second in 'total of- tense last week, supplants the leader for three weeks straight, Utah University, which wound" up in fourth place this week. In rus'hing offense, Utah ranks second with ;i 301.8 average. On rushing offense, Army moved from 14th last week to eighth vhis week, having gained an average of 246.7 yards per game. Total. : offense — (gains rushing and passing)— Notre Dame. 430 yards average per game; Boston College/ 415.4; UCLA. 409.8; Utah, 392.7; Georgia, 381.3; Texas, 377.7; Nevada,*;, 374.3; Northwestern, 373.2; William & Mary, 362.4: Army, "362.3. •Rushin-g offense —Notre Dame, 304 yards average per game; Utah. 301.8: Detroit, 2U6.U; Northwestern, 273.7; UCLA, 289.7; Hardin-Simmons, 268:8 ; Pennsylvania 256; Army, 246.7; Ohio State, 239.8; Tulsa, 234.1. Passing offense vni-ds average per game; 192 Boston College, 185: Texas, 182: Georgia, but he was growing old and insisted. '"It is as fine a football : — _« i-:- i..: _,_-,*---, ---'-'squad as 'there is • :n the United SIX ROOM- HOUSE, MODERN, years ago. But-now Ragon, with seven knock outs among his triumphs, is ready, we believe, to set out in quest of i * v Ih: them familiar could anticipate his had never had always changed hardwood floors, walkin distance. Price $5,500. $3,000 cash, 'balance like rent. Floyd Porterfield. 2^6t 295 ACRES RED RIVER MIXED , land farm. 260 acres cultivation, 35 acres alfalfa meadow, 6 tenant houses, 2 barns, toolhouse, blacksmith shop, deep well, electricity available. Located on gravel road, mail routes and school bus route, Also 1<'3 interest in modern 4.80 gin stand, 120 h.p. diesel, 3 powered gin, Modern jgger game. .Don't be surprised if he has a fight in Little Rock soon and then turns up in .a semi-final attraction in Madison Square Garden. people He but subject instead, so inconsistency and hypocrisy went unchallenged except by the opposition. The -fact that Roosevelt himself held the New Deal together by the , . force of his personality is shown The way the Arkansas Razor-Hi t( i e ^ irst national election since backs have been playing i-ough-1 ms d ? atn - When he was gone, the States— and don't bar any of them. It has probably the .greatest incentive any team ever had in the defeats of the last two years when .Notre Dame was accustomed to tough football all season, it's dangerous to .cast them in the role of a very lowly underdog. But chances are they'll get a good spanking from Rice at Little 1 Rock Saturday. Such a result, however, shouldn't discourage Porker boosters. Rice's enemies within the group fell to fighting. Northern Carpetbaggers, who had sent Marcantonio,. La Guardia, Coffee and Guffey to Congress, attacked Bilbo in Mississippi, egged on by Marshnll Field who, in 1944, had not employed a squad represents mariy years of sin ^le Negro in his Editorial Dent-i-n..*. ~~.-i T. :ij-_— . ,1 . - T^^IVT rmnn t in OVi! n n ft n n«^l J>«... _.. drier. 17 miles to nearest gin. {etiort and building n the part of p al 'tmcnt in Chicago and few even "Located in Miller county. Call I Coach Jes Neely. Arkansas began i m menia l Jobs. If there had been 10. L. D. Hutt. Fouke, Ark. Priced ts building for the future rmlv ?hi« ! a j">y doubt, they re-elected Bilbo. to sell. 525,000. 2-6t For Sale or Rent year, and, considering that vhis :'s a year of building, it already has )een a highly successful one. The FARM, 5 MILES NORTH ON DE„ ,.Ann- road. Good houses and barns, H. C. Houston, Phone ' 2,31-W. 5-3t Lost or Stolen ONE MULEY JERSEY COW AND one red cow and calf with horns. Reward. J. V. Mooie. 5-3t "fe* 1 REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service victory harvest, is certain better next fall. to be Dr. Gene Lambert, ihe U. of A.'s cagey cage coach, doesn't like for lis Razorbacks to be 'touted as Southwest Conference . . Henry Wallace, :"rom within vhe cabinet, repudiated the Truman foreign policy. Ickes got out of che cabinet and campaigned, in his peculiar way, against 'ihe man Roosevelt had selected to succeed him as head of the party. Henry Morgenthau repudiated Truman with low moans. Whitney, of ihe railroad workers, in a race against beating Army." Blaik, admitting that . Army's , . first team "isn't as strong physically" as 'last season's starting lineup, remarked: "There's no ciues- tion that it's going to be a whale of a game." Fights Last Night By The Associated -Press New York — Freddie Flores, 161, New York, outpointed Joey Lamotta, 159, New York, 8. Detroit — Willie Anderson, 117, Detroit, outpointed A! Ellis , 117, Detroit, 10. London — Joe Baksi, 211 1-2, Kulpmont Pa., T. K.O . Freddie Mills, 184, England, 6. (J o . Bulls are color blind, and chqige at the matador's cape only because it is moving. Football Started Exactly 77 Years Ago By CARL LUNDOUIST United Press Sports Writer New Yoik, Nov. (5 — iDl'i— On the banks of New Jersey's Kiiriliin rivor .just 77 yl'ars ago today on Nov. G, 18I>9, two squads of young men squared oft ;nitl battered' each other for' most of the iil'lenioon. An irale college professor, much upset over the proceedings, ran amidst them, shaking nn unbrella violently and shouting: "You'll come to no good Christian end!" That was the beginning of intercollegiate football in America. There hnvc been many moments of glory in the .intervening years for loams representing those two schools, but seldom if ever have they scaled the Heights as they did last Saturday. And today on the 77th anniversary of line founding of American intercollegiate .football it is more than coincidence that xhe leaders of the 1EMU teams at these two schools rate the highest consideration for two of the season's greatest upsets. . They're the United Press co- coaches of the week, Charley Caldwell of Princeton ancl Harvey liar- man of Rulgo'rs. Both beat perfect record teams on foreign fields in games they hadn't been given the slightes't chance of winning. Caldwell'.s lighting Princeton Tigers used the last few seconds of their gair.e with awesome Pennsylvania lo win, 17 to 14 on the margon of a field goal. Rutgcr played famed Harvard for the first time in history, handed the happy Harman a 1H to 0 'iri- umph, dominating the play all ihe way. Caldwcll, a football player .-it Princeton under the famed coach, vides the finishing polish." "Healing Pennsylvania was one of my greatest thrills," he said. "The'boys thought they could do it all along. I wasn't so sure. iUH il became apparent to me xhat we had a good chance to win after the] first hall." | Mill-mini, hack at Hutgors this: season after sorting as a naval conim.-iiuler and director of athletics at Iowa and North C-aioliiui pre- Ilight schools during the war. was confident his team could UIKC Harvard into camp. "But it was a team victory, give the boys the credit," he said Both ii.'iims were outweighed and otitmanned, but neither was ever outsmarted. Princeton, svith several, of its key men so badly injured they couldn't even make the trip to Philadelphia, [won by the simple expedient of keeping the ball so much of the time that Pennsylvania had no chance to get its potent offense clicking. For both coaches, football this season is just :i step on the long road back from low levels it hit during the war. Oakiwcll. who came to Princeton as head coach last season, inherited a team that had played only informal football during the war. Both last year and this season, he predicted only that "some of ihc big fellows on our schedule may be in for a surprise." Harman's school, never in the big league Ivy class, counts on him lo bo good for at Iq.ist one bit upset every season. That was the way it was from the fall of 1938 until lie left to join the naval re- serve'in the spring of 1942. On his current U;um are a handf'.:! ol ex-G. [. freshmen, a few . former Icttermen and a scattering of 17- year-olds. Seven are married ex- servicemen. As a former tackle on Glen (Pop) Warner's tremendous Pittsburgh teams of 1918 io 1U21, vhe six-foot heavyweight Harmon, concentrates on football "which is my in Jlutgers was coach and Penn- llfe," but has time for (loop sea (hilling, sailing and dabbling with moving pictures as diversions, lie is the son of a Lutheran minister, and a deeply religious in.u who occasionally 'lakes ihe pulpi In deliver moving sermons. He also is in demand as an after-dinner speaker. Ilarmhn is marrind and lives witii his wife, Mrs. Boa Harman in a New Hrunswiek, N. .].. apartment with a clog which is the cnl- lege mascot. Me came in 1037 and before that at Havcrford, ficwanee sylvania. .... The quiet Caldwoll is 'i!> >ears old, married and lias a dnughlcr* .-ind son. lie lives in an old '.arm-* house near Princeton and spends his spare time hiking in the woods and digging in'his garden. He left PriiiOeton to bo'ror.u-' a Deuce-grower in Georgia, but deserted the ranks of orchardists to return to his alma mater as assistant coach. In H12I1 lie went to Williams where he wiis football, baseball and basketball coach for 14 years, moving to Yale as line coach in 104:!. Now he's back as head coach and Princeton is pretty happy about it. The Queen Elizabeth is world's largest ocean liner. UCLA, 140.7. Punting — Nevada. 44.1 yards average ,per punt; New Mexico, 41.C: Texas Mines, 11.2; x-Virginia Military'Institute, 40.8; Southern California, 40.3; Alabama. 39.8: Southern Methodist, 39.7; South Carolina, 39.B; North Carolina, 39.5; Wisconsin, 39.5. o Yerger Game Here Tonight Has Been Postponed A football game originally scheduled tonight between the Yerger Tigers and a team from Camclen has been postponed, it was announced today. The game will be played at a later date. o ALL MIXED UP •Seattle, Oct. 30 — (/P)—The traffic violations bureau opened an -envelope to find a marked entry | in . the Seattle Times' weekly con-" test to guess the outcome of 21 major football games. The times received an envelope with a traffic ticket and a $2 check to over it. Telephones jingled. An exchange 'was made. But' the confused guesser-motorist didn't win the contest. He -had only 14 correct. that same fighting spirit lo own scjuad. Unlike Roper, who football was "90 per insisted that cunt '"ight," Caldwel! thinks material and at tention t". detail art; most important and that spirit "both on the campus aiid on the squad, pro- Prompt, Long-lasting Relief for • — KI - IBI -^^^- -^^mf -^f^fr ^^H^ fm Mfl tfe» AGHiS-PAINS Helps Break U;> Painful Surface Congestion, Too! ID RUB ON . ________ i champion- ifuroaci workers, in a race against ship favorites. So we'll' let it go' iruma n, vowed to spend for his deal saying the 1946-47 Porkers al- feat n fund so !ai'ge that even he ready practicing, promise 4.rkan-' was fr 'Shteried by his own effront- sas its best club since the goodi ery anci rev ised the figure lest the doctor succeeded Glen Rose as head , peopl ° belatedly realize how great Eighty percent of the occupied men in Egypt are engaged in agriculture. coach. But you other Southwest proved, too. may expect quints to be Maybe the Arkansas Athletic Association won't take any official action on the football playoff system in its meeting here Thursday aut you can bet your hat some of the flaws already apparent v.-ill be fanned about freely by the high sclwol coaches and superintendents , the i a P° we r to buy elections had been cr f ate d in the name of "labor." ! have felt cheated that Roosevelt did not live to be confronted nis own P art in engineering the confidence game by which he got back his son Elliott's radio stock, whereby John Hurtfo'-'i ulti- vith Republicans in control of the committees, the pentagon building may yet be put to good us as a n-ison to house the grafters and ither miscreants of the long debauch. It would be a tight fit, at hat. or out of the business „„ sions. More basis for official action toward improvement of the setup will be available after the ^layoffs which don't begin until Nov. 22. John Adams, second ,„_.,.„...„ Of the United States, once fought with the U. S. Marines. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Cleaners HUGH B. HALL, Owntr 199 N. Fergvion Phon« 7« but you can bet your hat some~of !, mately paicl Elliott's alimony to " - ' - 'his divorced wife. Possibly his living presence would have deterred Hartford from admitting the facts even when it was possible to walk in and put them before him, and Jesse Jones from confirming them. Surely, Roosevelt would have used his power to prevent the treasury from disclosing a portion I of the corrupt record. But I should president ''' <e '° know how Roosevelt would have handled that one in a press conference and in 'this campaign when it surely would havo been thrown straight in his face He might have faced it through somehow, though, for he was good. Elliott showed the old man's true effrontery when, having been the cause of the most disgraceful act of venality by any American president, he exploited his own notoriety to authorize a book, at great further profit to himself, and to campaign as the spokesman of his father's spirit. Something new is coming. The Democratic party is :io longer a single party. Tom Dewey had a happy phrase for it, "the splinter party." Many of its elements which, under Roosevelt's control, stuck together, as the empire of i Franx. Josef stuck together in ihe I first world war, now hate one 1 another more savcagely than they I hate even Dewey. The luxurious I amateur politicians, the precious i poseurs of the New York and Hollywood chapters of the New Deal, patronizing Negroes in absentia in gaudy caravanserai where Negroes are 'lot even em- j ployable at washing dishes, are I homeless now. They can't follow Truman, and Truman is the chieJ of the Democratic party. Wallace is homeless. La Guardia is homeless, reduced to makjng faces and tipping over ashcans to attract attention. He even laid an egg on the radio. Probably all of these wil. join Senator Pepper, of Florida, in a new little party to guarantee Truman's defeat In 1948, not that their help is needed. Given a Republican Congress Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver 'Plenty of Parking Space" Hatters RIALTO 3 Days • Begins Sun. Have Your Prescriptions filled at- CRESCENT'S Follow your doctor's prescription exactly, as to amount and frequency of dosage. Some time.s even a slight variation can lessen the patient's chances for rapid recovery. Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. CALL 119 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. 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For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. Ha*el REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division Si. Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMI* • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fonder Shop • Complete Paint Shop See Us For . . . INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance, • rire • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile Real Estate List Your Property for Sale with Us. We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. Foster-Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 MUST BE, because that's a tradition with lliis company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a co'ndition on which we have hired" every member of our service-with-a-smile staff. OUR MOTTO IS 'SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner CASH — in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from MI on yowr car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you noed if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minute* usually gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. McLarty, ot Hope Auto Co. ARKANSAS By Roy Cotter OZARK IKE 4y Chl«< roung (GROAN) YOU / i\t11*1* un/Mk Ait r FUST DOWN PER )/ THEM IGMERUNT US FATFIELDS JI M'BATTS CAN'T STOP ON OUR OWN A I OUR GROUND GAME, TWENNY-TWO ) I 'CAUSE THEY GOT 02ARK PLAYIN' AFETY. CATCH 'OZA OOTED WITH F I'D ANSWERED THAT ON THE RADIO THEY VWOULP'VE IfJRNISHED A WHOLE 'NEW HOUSE M£ STEPS LATER AINT HOOMAN, M RIGHT BALEOA DID DISCOVER THE PACIFIC BALBOA-BUT LET ME CHECK IN THE ALL I GET/ I I'M WRITING A PAPER? THANK VOU, DEAR ENCYCLOPEDIA TO READ AT MV - LADIES'CLUB•-- WHO DISCOVERED THE FWOFlC OCEAN? By Micnael O'Mallev A. Raich Lane IF YOU ARE SUGGESTING RETAINING MY SERVICES, MRS. LIU, BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER, I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AT THAT WELL HUSH, JANET/ GIVE MR. FLINT TIME TO DIGEST THE CONTENTS OF THE NOTE. T LITTLE BUSINESS f j PROVING EXPENSIVE, ft VIC, WE'VE GOT TO DO S&MBTUIM6 ABOUT CUP; SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith By Dick Turner CARNIVAL THE CONTENTS ,...„ .... ARE A TRIFLE ill/ flA INDIGESTIBLE, / \ MRS. LILT. PRETTY STORY.'. By *-<!slte Turner >' WASH TUB3S x KEEP OUT O' HIS SIGHTC, WiJJSH OET UP WERE TO \ WD HELP We. GET THIS THUG CHOREOF BORROW i wsPM-vwowhSNTSO'iuort WWCH \T06EETHNV OF US R.EM.W fclP (AR. ORION, EftSV \ OOWH ; FROfA THE TOWER! By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK "I've become :ifrai(l Io mention solids or shows I once •) loved urouiul the children—they look at me in a way : ihal makes me I'eel a hundred years more giiin like that through your position, Cassidy, nil_U'# Ihe showers f.or. jou!"' - TRECKLC3 AND HIS FRrENDS Hersbberaer FUNNY BUSINESS JEEPERS/ WHO „ HE'S our, / CARES -. AMD / WEJU9 "f~ WE£E / EARNED, (Ml / FIFTEEM FIFTEEN DOLLARS IS WHAT YOU SAV IT WOULD WOBTH To VOU? BUCKS, DlDNT WE? Bu Carl Anderson ., , , BOYS--- BUfA9 I SAID BEFORE , IT WAS REALLY WORTH FiFTttN DOLLARS A "He gave me the wrong answers last night, and I flunked in history today 1" Bv V. T. Hoiniiii ALLEY OOP COPR. 19-1G BY NCA StttVlCE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. vAT. OFF. /YELL JHAT5 OVEB! BUT 7 PHOOEY! yWAT X^WHY, IDUUU^THAT'S XJ LOOK, GRAND WIZER-- V V\OULD A DUMB OX LIK&V-T GEEE-iL RiaHT, GO ^ AS KING I SMOULDAHAD( YOU KNOW -- ~ AHEAD-SLUG SUMPIN T'SAVABOUT >r ABOUT THEM DECISIONS-' ^L. \ LAW? lAjUWCM MEAN, Y OH.NO? WELL WHAT "WORK"? KINGS ) ABOUT MORNING DON'T WORK. JL COURT? LOOKIT YOU DOPE. 1 S\>>^ THAT DOCKET.' Thimble Theater /PERHAPS, SOMETIME WHEN YOU'RE COOK1N& SOMETHING <kOOD,VOU'LL REMEMBER THIS MOMENT MISS OVL, AEE YOU QUITE EIGHT YOU KEEP AM EYE ON HER,\WIMPV.' I'D BETTER CHECK ON THAT ONE - EVEO THAT COLLAR WAS A TI6HT By Edgar Martin With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING By J. R. William* OUT OUR WAY AU.THERS, BAXTER.'WELL,OLD r.^fBURSLftR . 6AWOOTH,SOON YOU'LL H/XMe A S>: : ( THE SMOKE -SCREEN SOU NiEVi NiE^T DOOR. MBStABOR/- 1 -^ U\ US1N& "To PROTECT YOUR yOD CftM BOOST YOUR. PRESTIGE Tf FAT CARCASS FROM „ NMHO USED TO LNB Heee \ GADGET OUGHT To BE A FABULOUSLY WEALTHY IMENSTOR.K DAMDY, I FIT'S TRUE THAT -~~ OP TvAE MA3OR. <A IT TftKES A TH\EF TO AfAOS BARNifcBV p-~-,nr£> CATC\A A BOOPLE MUSkCAL 7-^ « >??> 6UR6LAR A.LARWI.' A ^i r~ ^y > - THIW& ? DON'T WAMT IKJTHE Bv F red Harman NOT h'JCrt HE CAN DO BULLET CHIPS SQUARE THE l'f\ STILL SHERIFF -, /-.FRAlC BAXTER BORM THIRTV Phone 442

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