Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1946
Page 4
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H 0 > t S T A ft, H 0 P E, ARKANSAS Mrimfay, CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication vof One,Three,J5ix ; 6ne< ~ Days. Days Month 790.. 1.50 1.20 2.00 1.50 2.50 1.80 - 3.00 2.10 3.50 2.40 4.00 2.70 4.50 3.00 ' 5.00 4.50 640 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Continuous „, Insertions'pSilSf 1 ,' iQf Wftnf, Ads casti, hi Advance " ' "Oaken Over the.Phone For Sale .(ROOM HOUSE. GOOD —"Condition. Big corner lot. Plenty oi lj out3et. C. W. -Yancey, -513 Walnut. Phone 578-W; 29-6t *80 ACRE. FARM. 3 ROOM HOUSE, """otitbuildings' Team and all farm"" itaplements. Polly ' Moody, Rt. 1. $1.700 cash. 29-6t FALL CABBAGE 'P.tANTS., SEE N JUonts' Seed Store7 ? ....V . .31-6t vjlZOv-ACaES LAND IN SEC. 24, MT .Twp. 14. range 25, about, 12,-miles |>-'^ south of Hooe joining Buck Marr* »*vtm on-the North. Write-John W. <.-*» Turner, Kjlgore, Texas. 31-12t "ONE PRACTICALLY ; 'NEW LAWN mower, ^efi at Barwick Electric v*. ^»_ - ' *- »• •'' -"T -n ,Co. ."HENRY DTIBOIS.'CLARINET IN ^ gbqd condition. See Catherine { „ Craine or call 541-R after G p.m t ( . . 2-3 Notice lost TRAVELERS CHECK IN DOWN town Hope. Phone 222. 4-3t Fair Enough •y Wettbrook PegUr Copyright, 1946 By King Ftaturet 8yndlc«t«. Sniffy Finish , ««^#iti^Vtt 'Salesman Wanted ADVERTISING SALESMAN, 35-45 with car and 8-10 years outside New York, Nov. 4 — Under heading "alleged false front tivitis". Judge Walter C. Lmdlej of the federal court, iound that the the nc tmg.. Largest, most diversified mote ' the company's line in the field. We* line con- £ h grocery CO mpany argued that tains many plastics, fine leathei ( Q ^ n in [ ercsts wcre the pub- gifts, advertising noveUle.-, sou.. irUerosts , inasmuch as it was vemrs, also exclusive calendai didl driving down the cost lme for needs of every Upe d '^j^y groc eries vo the Washington By JANE EADS Washington—The National Press Club, with its more than 3,000 resi- business annually, most in sandwiches and other vittles. Its 'stately men's dining room and men's bar and its ladies' ding room, have become so mission. This was the anti-trust case in which the court found the defendants guilty of illegal, trouble laudable, operations, with the remarK that to buy, sell and distribute to a ' of 130 million worth of food 'steak!annually, at a profit of one and one-half percent, "is an achieve mcnt one well may be proud of. "No placn in the world, I take it," Judge Lindley wrote, "are MATERIALS ARE GOING HIGH er every day. Have your mai- tress made over -now. Write or phone Bright Bros.-Mattress Co. Pick-upland deliver anywhere.' ; -Phone 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm Services Offered *, JTOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE" "tJeflaji Blinds, wood oc metal, -I*" " -.outside jnetal blindsjand ,&\—'— '— \ -"Write Riley Cooper, ;190£ r , -43th St. Texarkana,..Texas. 15' ' "fl^onted to Buy : WE* BUS" HOUSEHOLD FURNIX ture, one • piece or more. Any ^amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2mo . _ For Rent hours that, the club is now open- ed States. •Wowhereej.se, I sup- fancy 3 ^^ large **"" ** ° ffi' eSic^ ffiSK aTTo Here from 11 to 5 o'clock food low a margin of profit, will be served to both men and But, the court was constrained women. The men will tak e over to hold in the end. they can t do the ladies' dining room during those that for us and, _ with rather Pjam hours. " " ~ ' ' To date this year the club has ,.„„„ ,,. ..„.* — - ..-.-„ sold ?112,000 worth of food. Liq- the culprits to the woodshed, which uors and wines brought $86,000 and i s a homely old temple in our tobacco $31,000. The big auditorium brought $8,000 rental. Arkansas, Rice Game Heads List in Southwest By CARL BELL . . Assocl nted Press Sports Writer That intriguing little' Southwest Conference practice of Mck-the- leader is batting 1,000 as front- ruhninfi Ilicc and runner-up Arkansas head into their nil-important .clash at Little Rock this week. Lcmey to Look Into Case on Family's Appeal Little Rock, Oct. 31 -(/P)—Personal appeals- from the family of Eldon C'hilwood, under u deu.th sentence in connection with the slaying of a Mcnndruggist, brought a promise from Governor Lnncy today that he svoukl. "look into the case." , ,,- '..-...• The chief executive did not hold out much hope of clemency to Chitwood's father, J. R. Chitwood, or his sister and hrollu'r, who visited the governor's office today. "I'll be glad to go into the case. However, the facts are rnlhcr outstanding that he was habitually in trouble mid that his inelinalione led him to climax his career with the murder. I can make no prom ise as to what my final will be," the .governor said. No team has managed to ' hold the circuit's top'spot lor more , than two weeks. this season, and it's a cinch that the Owls of Kice won't be over-confident \vhen they square off with John Barnhill's Razorbacks Saturday. Here's the way iiie vnroal-cut- ing lias gone to date: Texas Christian had temporary possession of first place after beal- ng Baylor in tlic iirst conference ;ame of the year. Arkansas came along Uie follow- ng week to trounce 'the Frogs and , indications that this hurt him more than it hurt them ,the :iudge took , The new dining room is swankly set up with a long bar backed with mythology where boys are believed to'have been hair-brushed for stealing apples. For the record, let H be shown that exhaustive research mirrors across one corner of thejhas verified no case in which any room, a raspberry red plush ca- woodshed ever housed such mpr- jpet, pale geen walls an dlusly-lbid ceremonies, no cases in which I flowered draperies. Cost is estimat-jthe hair-brush actually was the in- 1 at around $13,000. strument of justice nor any au- The'club's membership includes I thentic charge of stealing apples 804 acfrve newspapermen, many of whom are the top-notchers of the profession; 622 non-active -WHtermelons, yes, but no apples. it was clever but stupid of the A and P to deceive citizens oy members, prominent government I masking its parentage of these officials, business and professional '.propaganda fronts, such as the men; ia9 associate members ana j or ,e called the emergency tax 1,724 non-resident members. The bar and card rooms open only to members and guests council of New Jersey, which cam paigned against special taxes on supermarkets, and, if my opinion 'if took camera eye to separate these four snouts in HipodromoJ ; de Tijuana's Willow Allowances feature in Lower California. Top to bottom, this is how they finished: Cargo Ship second;. •All Bright, first: Sabinc Rose, fourth, and Spring Drift, Third.; SPORTS 11. VvJfetai. St.• oal line, The Razorbacks awaited ihcir chance, Hot it In the vhlrd cuiarter and quickly drove 41 yards to score the only unichdown ul ihe ' ' thrilling battle. L e o n . . Campbell went over :'rom ihe Ag gie four after Kenny Holland's running and passing to Clyde Scott set the stage. Both the Arkansas line and secondary plr.yecl viciously on defense throughout.- • • . Although the Rice-Arkansas •jf-v-m whifh mnv ijctcrmino whether the Owls will'Own the title iiiomseives 'or snare it with Texas, Arkansas or Texas A. & M. 01 iwo ot 'iliem. easily ncads vhe list, there ' arc two' other Conference engagements on ihe docket BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope nove to the top. The Raxorbacks i for this week. Texas invades Waco New York, Nov. 4 —(/P) — Be-'the pros in open fore long the 13-man executive committee of the U. S. Golf Association will buckle down to -the task of picking the 1947 Walker Golf Cup team and in the meantime a lot of good amateur golfers must be wondering about their chances The basis of selection |r4 FOUR ROOM UNFURNISHED " » ^apartment. Close-in; Phone 827, >~Jess Morris. •"• ,2-3t S^tWanted to Rent PERMANENT BUSINESS MAN and wife desn es furnished apartment for light housekeeping. ..„ Phone 1134 to 6 p.m. Alter, aste lor^Mr. Arendt at Barlow Hotel. 2-3t who hold courtesy cards. The jj s demanded, it was dishonpst as adies' dining room is open only to > W ell. The better way would have women of members' famines and i been to admit that A and P _was o those newspaper women who (backing and organizing this :"ront lave been passed upon by the| anc } to put the proposition to the board of directors and have been C jtj - iven courtesy cards. !the company ~ The world's headliners have jterest. Consulting my own psychol- spoken before the National Press ogy, I think the people who joined Club and have been wined and the council would nave been -" dined by it. Once a year the pros- ----- • - - - ---- ident "of the United States is its guest at dinner. THREE ROOM FURNISHED "apartment. Permanent .-couple pe,ts. Phone 351-W. 2-3t , -Real Estate for Sole NICE LOT 90 FT.. FRONT WITH -live>room house needing repair. Quick sale Porterfield. price ?2,500. Floyd SD^JROOM".,HOUSE, MODERN, Jiarclwood floors, walking distance- -Price.! So,500.-$3,000 cash, balance 4iker-rent. -Floyd Porter- field. 2-6t ,«*, 21 -ACRES, 4 ROOM HOUSE AND Pope Pius XII, visiting this country several years ago as Cardinal Pacelli, spoke before the membership at a club luncheon jn English.' Most of -the members of the diplomatic corps have been its guests. . Every president of the United States, beginning with William Howard Taft, has been a member of the club. So have members of the supreme court, cabinet officials, senators . and congressmen. is golfing ability plus ihe ability "to be a good representative of the country," and with that much latitude the committee has grounds for including or omitting almost anyone. Bud Ward, :Cor instance, wasn't among the last eight in the national amateur, and neither was Muscles Stranaham, yet their all-season records were tine. But Fred Kainmer, semi-finalist at Baltusrol, was just a weekend golfer the rest of the year. Suggestions Are Free ..._.._, .— -.-—.-, . .-,,,_• Frorrt this distance it seems sentful had they found out that they i ogical lnat the u.S.G.A. should Northwest, Intercollegiate,Mississippi, Metropolitan . and a 'cw other lournaments are considered because they draw;, good fields, but they're :iot 'truly' :iation- al . . . 0£ course, there.are plenty of arguments against tryouts, including the fact that they might lead to the development of "gulling bums." ] citizens on the basis that they and • the company had a common in- These have bers. . been associate mem- . President Warren G. Harding, by virtue of being a publisher, was the only White House occupant with an active membership card. The active list includes newspaper correspondents from many barn, six miles south on highway far corners of the world. Musso" • • ------ ---• ^ • • 29, School "Hatch. bus route. " Dophus • 2-3t 295 ACRES RED RIVER MIXED land farm. 260 acres cultivation, "• 35"acres;/a.Jfalfa'meadow 1 B ten- _-^ai}t hplises^?, tigrns,' toolhouse, " blacksmith shop,:.d4ep well, elec- _iricity available. Located on gra- *,» vel.road, mail routes and school bus route. Also 1/3 interest in mo* , > 3«rtlen»->"4v80~ -gin -stand, 120 h.p. I \ **atesel; 3 powered gin, Modern 17 miles to nearest gin. 'jh Miller, Soiinty. Call mi. who was once a newspaper man himself, failed to mak e the fade. The club was organized in 1908. ,s first quarters were over a owntown jewelry store. Later it moved to the top floor of an office " uilding. It was here that Harding REMOVED FREE .WithJiMQ. MUes. HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Te'xarkana "Rendering Plant " —one 883-W (Phone Collect) *"o Answer Ptione 3158-R William R. Herndon , - -• • Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor .„:,. PHONE 493 or 114-J "" " ' - 'PORtRAITS -t Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES ,,P4spharges r Legal Documents • V 24 Hour Service sed to like to play poker. The club's present home, the National Press Building, is a 13- tory structure across from the his- oric old Willard hotel on 14th street. Employment Offices to Be Returned to the State Little Rock, Oct. 31 — (IP)— A plan o ^operations under wmcn au- 25 Arkansas Employment and their honest enthusiasm had been used to promote the cause pf an unseen principal, even for their own incidental good. Anyway, :-t was a tricky scheme, though common practice these days, which is the point of this essay, after all this. Here we have a court it-owning on this sort of pressure in the case of a beneficient grocery company, but, in the index of the Dies committee, we have lists of hundreds of false front organizations, many of them ephermeral, which were set up with the stated purpose of fighting for truth, justice, freedom and other pearly monuments which have become grisley platitudes from their very own :11 use. We have not only councils but committees, congresses and institutes, forums, leagues, foundations and schools, socieities, brotherhoods and guilds using every conceivable combination and variation of such bait as "human right," freedom,' "liberties" and "defense." Most of these on the Dies Committee lists are, or were, political traps either organized by the Communists or, at their suggestion, by sneaks in more or less decent guise. The purpose of most of them, if not all, was to wreak the wreck of that American economy of which Judge Lindley could write that it fed our people better than any other people on earth were fed. I There are Americans now so skeptical and confused that they I would not join a pants-pressing I club or a league of :iature lovers I and it would leave me cold to be stage trials of some sort 'io pick the eight or ten men who'll play in England in May . . . Amateur goiters get too few chances i'or big- time competition unless they tackle ngs icld on for an extra week by clc feating Baylor. Then Texas administered Arkanas' first •— and only — league setback. The very next weekend Rico clumped Texas, and Texas A. & M. added its second triumph to share the lead with the Owls. Last Saturday tho Razorbacks played clever, close-to-lhe-vest football to blank the Aggies, V-0. This left Rice in sole possession of the hot top spot and a menacing game with the second-place Arkansans next on the menu. While Arkansas was notching :ts third conference conquest, .Rice was mauling tough non-conference Texas Tech, 41-6. without a trace of a letdown following Us blasting of Texas dreams. Texas staged u comeback by grabbing a mud-soaked 19-3 dcci- sion over Southern Methodist, and tourncvs Show- Texas Christian gave Oklahoma of " '—" •-• he Big Six a scare before falling, 14-12. Baylor was resting Ijalurclay. Arkansas displayed a much-im- heavily favored over meeic Baylor and the Aggies visit -Dallas '.'or a go with SMU. Texas Christian, which meets Texas next week, has an open date. CALL 119 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We maKe new or renovate any kind, or size ot mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We Sell Sleep" 921 W. 3nj St. Phone 119 the southern P. cilic Monday Matinee The UCLA Bruins claim the only broken nose passing combination in current college football. Quarterback Ernie Case and End Bun- Baldwin both have busted beans. . . The Western Michigan college "B" football team has sched uled two games less than 24 hours apart, Thursday night and Friday afternoon, but with nearly 100 players on hand-Coach Frank .Noble expects'to have enough io handle the job ... The Los Angeles Rams hope-.to draw more than 30,000 fans for their game with xhc Bears next Sunday, busting the Cleveland Browns' record —- "and without any 25 cent tickets," they add. Droved pass defense at College- Station, effectively throttling the Aggies' 36 tosses and stopping all forms of A. & M. offensive efforts when backed up against its own Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. Doug /"* ITV Carl Bacon \*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House (nanmrlal Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division Si. Mechanic*: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMI* • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop Chest Colds WICKS VVAPORUB To Relieve Misery Rub on Tested Harry Segno r, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main Street "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner Football Results By The Associated Press . Sunday: Santa Clara .19; San Francisco' 13. Dayton 33; Xavier (Cincinnati) Saturday Louisiana State 34; Mississippi 21. Hardin-Simmons 19; Arizona 8. North Texas State 6; Southwest Texas State 0. Kansas Wesleyan 20; College of Emporia 6. Southeastern (Okla; Tchrs 20; Second Armored Division (Camp Hood) 0. Wichita 21 ;Washburn 0. Kentuckv 39; Michigan State 14. Miami 35; Bradley Tech (3. Oklahoma 14; TCU 12. Tulsa 20; Cincinnati 0. Ohio University 49; Ohio Wesiey- an 7. Missouri 21; Nebraska 20. Texas 19; SMU .3 Rice 1; Texas Tech G. Inwa State 13: Kansas State 7. Kansas 14; Oklahoma A. & M. 13. Indiana 20; Pittsburgh '3. Michigan 21; Minnesota 0. Ohio State .'19; Northwestern 27. Wisconsin 24; Purdue 20. St. Louis-41; South Dakota 7. Arkansas State (Jonesboro) 20; Illinois 7; Iowa 0.- St. Benedict's 7; Pittsbtirg (Kas) 7 tie. William Jewell 7; Baker U. G. Mississippi State 69; Murray 0. Arkansas 7; Texas A. & M. 0. Oklahoma City U. 35; South Dakota 0. New Mexico U. 21; Texas Mines 13. Brigham Young 6; Wyoming 3. Utah 7; Colorado 0. Montana. 19; Idaho 9. • Arizona State at Tempe 14; Now Mexico Aggies 7. Nevada dti; Montana State 14. USC 43; Oregon 0. California 47; Washington State 14. Stanford 0; Oregon State 0 (tie). New. Mexico 21; Texas Mines (El Paso) 13. /HELED UNEMPLOYMENT. Prior to the war, Belgium, ir measures to relieve unemployment passed a law banning the use of i steam shovel, except in rare emer gencies, and required that all dig ging be done by hand tools. ministration of the offices of the U. S. Service will be returned" to the state Nov. 16 was announced today by Purifpy Gill, director of the state employment security division, under whose direction .the Arkansas Employment Service will function. Under Arkansas law, the employment security division and the employment service are made a was encountering resistance among jj linois \vesleyan 0. a wary nation once :ioted xor its' -- • — -- ioinerv and proud of its lodge but Nevada 38; Montana State 14. Northwestern (Okla) State 7; tons. The word "veteran" inia new Southwestern Okla Tech 0. society of whilom warriors has De- ut h State vs n c nver Univ Utah State vs Denver University, (Game vo be Joe's Pop come a ruddy alarm io tne cau- postponed, snow. tious, thanks to thfe bolos who went £ ]ayecl p ec 7;. marching iorth beneath ihe starry r Colorado College vs. Colorado flag and steered the parade vo the Mines postponed indefinitely, snow. division under the ment of Labor. State Depart- Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed We Pick Up end Deliver "Plenty pf Parking Space" Senate Chamber at bany with Mike Quill, of the CIO, snowing the way, although Mr. Quill was otherwise employed, organizing strikes, while the soldiers were disputing issues with the Germans and the Japs. No court, no law, no bureau of jthe government deplores these 'ronts save that the department of ustice bully-rangs some which maintain a surly devotion 19 the U. S. constitution and thus invite suspicion of Hitlerian designs. Many are able to advertise that contributions to their funds are deductible from the donors' tax able income as gifts in' the interest of education and or charity, -this means to George Spelvin, American, who will show you nis worst side if you call him a "common man," that he is required to make up the loss of taxes to the national treasury which might nave been paid by others who roguishly gave money to the striking auto worners B rown Yale"33; Dartmouth 2. Syracuse 28; Temple 7. Army 19; West Virginia 0. Notre Dame 28; Navy 0. Rutgers 13; Harvard 0. Princeton 17; Pennsylvania 14. Cornell 12; Columbia 0. Georgetown 18; George Washing ton C. Holy Cross 21; Brown 19. Penn State 68; Fordham 0. Massachusetts State 28; 20. New Hampshire ern 0. Boston College 72; New York University C. Washington & Jefferson 48; Carnegie Tech 0. Colgate 39; Lafayette 0. Georgia Tech 14; Duke 0. William & Mary 41; Maryland 7. Tennessee 20; North Carolina 14. Ricchmond 19; Virginia 7. Georgia 14; Albama 0. South Carolina State 7; Morris Ver- 26; Northeast- last winter. The auto workers could have been at work, paying income taxes themselves and Deeding their | own families, but their union pad '' Hfltttrt Vandcrbilt 19 ;Auburn 0. Washington & Lee :J5; Davidson w P's evil depots of plenty Jpi pay them an adequate union dole, little. A "defense" council or a Money spent :"or advertisement -,o "workers" xund would nave serv solicit these gifts also was legiti- ed the purpose, and most of the mate deductible expense, but ihe money could have peen used :or purpose, or issue, of the strike advertisements "educating the will aot be readily recognized .'is public in terms of Russian ideo- one in which the public as a whole logy. . mes now to this: A raise SIGNS and Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Barns • Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Wal'ur Phone 710-W or 194-W ' Hope, Ark. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO, Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop equipment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Hlfhway 67 OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD .Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly AUL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver AnyWhere Bargains In Secondhand Furnltur* Phone 152 411 S. Hokel See Us For ... INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. • 7ire • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile Real Estate List Your" Property for Sale with Us, We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. Foster - Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 had a profitable interest, as vhe It comes now to A and P pould arlue in the case front promoted by a taxpaying cor- of the Jersev council poration to support I dare say that the teamsters interest of citizens a legitimate is sinful by and tn^pardy "bridge-pia'yerrwhoI'law, "but a thousand fakes operat- ?ail the seas could have enjoyed ing against the peace, and thrift of the same privilege as the ftUto the nation, peraUng indeed to the wrtorT during xfeit; JQM_ >^-|bw*« «^.TS5KlLfiL 1 * 6 . _«?«* ^ of N«vv York ,wn ~ ~ ' Jeremiah Cronin, proud father of manager of Red Sox, arrives' for World Series with delegation aboard "Joe Cronin Special." These happy rootejr» are from San Francisco, bill >yit,h one of that city's .favpjrttt .yt^&wiisSm- jg'ljttfr* Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You ancj Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging MUST BE, because that's a tradition with pany. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a co'hditioh on which we have hired every member of our service-with-a-smile staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Cleon Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOP! HEADING COMPANY -...in 10 Minutes! Porrow money frpm Ml 9!* yo«r 59'* 9t almost flny- thing of v«!«e. We'll lewd yew «ll yen »«ied if wt poffibly 5f n, regordleJ? «f whfire y9M llYf, The yoy wpnt the iftlf r Wf like it. T$n mmMtej 9tti yoji tht sojh foi Mr, f B, A R K A N S A H O P £ S TAR, H 0 Monday," Movembef 4, 1946 OZARK IKE By Roy Gotto .„' ..-•-A-* » dy Chic* roung THEM , STOOPID M C 6ATTS AIN'T EXPECTIN' U FATFIGLDS KICK ON SECUKJ' DOW IP DAGWOOp ( DO VOU CALL ^-N-, THAT /A A KISS? . BAWL'S ROLLIN' BACK'ARDS TOWARD - GOAL LINEf HERE5 THE WAY f WW I VIU-fM 1 I AFTER THIRTEEN GULP tY* VARDS KISS HIS WIFE WHEN HE COMES HOME FROM WORK WELL , PULL.T.H VAHISHIN' BAWL TRICK,' ^^^M'!'J^^^^^ Bv Mich'del O^MiiHev"£'"RdTbh Lurte LOOK YOUR FAT HEAD OFF, FLINT. "T ^ANYTHING V^PLENTY, VIC.' THERE'S l ?° K . Y r_..,. - ..^ *Y«Z!ui,,- A\ » ulonwc BCPN ANOTHER NOTE.' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Qubble Double's arrest for drunken-] f HOW SHOUID rtess at the-time of Clip Lilt's dis- I C \. PK "° W appearance was a convenient alibi. m^L:" WRONG, I BEEN ANOTHER NOTE J HARDY? /.IT WAS WRAPPED AROUND A STONE AVlO TO$5EO .THROUGH THE.--- , SIDE GLANCES YOU WOf4'T FIND ANYTHING. By Galbraith IF THERE'S ANYTHING THERE, BUBBLE, WE'LL FIND IT. GREETINGS, JWK/ Y THEV AUVAYS "1 [THERE s SO CLIP ULT'S TURN UP, BUBBLE, DON'T SHOUT ;• so, HARDY, vie: CAN. HEAR YOU. DON'T FORGET THAT. DISAPPEARED, £H ? HIM TURNING UPI HOPE. i si£5«£vt-- ; V.Mi ^H ) nfc 11.'.FOR l=.I=?=5l5;-,:V^T •! ..r, WASH TUB3S , ORION 1 . GOING TO HELP PfcO- SO VOU WERE M.USET TO M\BUSM MASTER UP HERE ^.\A\W • i?W IWW 1»ta»—— . °JO V ( PH1UP ORION, EH 9. TECT MQUR OLD FRIEND ' HURRY, JAOCHO- j$46 B Sy Walt Disney COPR. 1946 BV MEA SERVICE. INu. t. M. DEC. U. S. P»T. OFf. "You're Ilic one who sti.qgesled il would be educational to save Clumps, Mom! Is il my fault ] need. $127.50 to • complete my Norwegian series?? COPB. 1946 BY NE» SCRVIO*. INC. T. M. HEO. U. S. P»T. OFF **I3ul my corrcspondcnc'i: course in building :t <lnmin:mt personality ain'l doing me any good-i-my wife opens and rends it Jlrsl! JRECKLtS AND HIS FRreK'DS J_ B«y Hershberaer FUNNY BUSINESS OVEE, I NO CM DO, AT FOUR BITS AN HOUR./ IT FRECX---- HILDA . TAKE US TILL CHRISTMAS Tb G OUT OF HOCK. / •^vr^-v. KS-^^j*^ OH-OH/ .._ „ OPPORTUNITY ^A PUSH ""AT'STANDARD "PRICES? COPR. 1946 BYSEA StRVltE. IMC. T. M'. BEO. U. i. PAT. Off Bv v. T. Haiiilm '"Now.here's a design that will constantly 1'emintl your husband whos boss ALLEY OOP HO-HUMM-/ MORNING ALREADY/ E-FORTH' NO. 2 KING 5 GET TO WORK,'CAN'T _„ MORNING,, . ER HIGHNESS.'. *& \ YER ^MoW- MAJESTV/ Thimble Theater OUT IN BACK .NOT TH'THRONE ROOM., EH? OKAY, JOE.' DAY OM NEW JOB/ THAT PONTi 5OUNP LIKE ' WATER POPEYE, THAT'S OIL?/ FDPEYE/ I'M HAHff >VE AEE SAVEP.' I KIM HEAR THE WATER. .'.' I WANTED UP IN NEW WELL/' By Edgar Martin ... * i OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. Williamt With Major Hoople BURGLAR ALARMS.-? SQUIRREL SPECIALISTS IM To\NM hlAMEr fAt TO GET OUT OF- TYAVS RUSlNiESS AMD TH&Y \NERe JEFOR& TMi= SOYS , THE \MHrc& CAPS'_y TAG ME, -'"GOT TO ALL t ASl<fAR.H/V/>JKeTT, l& LAV "THESE -RECORDS/ TQ A IVMJSICAL BURGLAR. yjrm A 6\NieiM v ^v.Y Ri y\ \S WHY 'WE / HAVE BLIRMT3 / AW' BOILOVECS-- C V. YOUR. NOSE M SHOULD BE ' ^., OM TH' —• EVEW WHEN SHE'S /' ( STOVE / IN A HOSPITAL YOU ' ~-^ ^- —._HAVE TO BE A ^ / ^~^\ ' NUT.' -^ .T&,-"-*. Phone 442

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