Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 2, 1946
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^I£J, A vtfAiV"" jj" 1 - v 11' T fc: HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saruftfey, Nevcrnber 5, Laney Neutral in Garland Election By BOS BROWN United Press 'Staff Correspondent • Little Rock, Nov. "1 --(UP)— Gov. Ben Laney wants everyone concerned to know that he's not taking sides in the War Veteran- McLaugmin organization political battle in Garland County. Some time ago he denied that he knew of any political machines in Arkansas — a statement interpreted as a mild slap at Garland Conn' ty veterans attempting to bre;ik in. to Maryo Leo McLaughlin's polili- cal monopoly. However, this week he evened the score with a rebuke lo State Sen. Ernest Maner — allegedly, in the McLaughlin camp. Laney expressed himself as be• irig provoked when Manor used a report on state hospital conditions prepared at the governor's request ' to further publicize his campaign for re-election. Maner is opposed by Independents David Whittington and Lewis Hutchingson in Tuesday's general election in the Garland-Saline County district. ''Manor was appointed to sludy v needs at the hospital before he re' ceivcd an opponent," Laney said. 1 "At that time I assumed' that he " was the senator from that district. "Ernest apparently was using ' mv request politically, but I didn't mean for it to be used 'that way." ' The governor said he'asked Maner to study problems at the hospi- , tal particularly, at the Benton unit, because he considered the , senator an authority on the institu- * tion. 'Being from that area he has , done a lot of work along that line," Laney said. In his report to . the governor, Maner .recommended a building program which includes a infirmary, two new buildings ior treatment of tuberculosis, a new build"" ing for treatment of mentally ill criminals and a new five-building Hope Star $t«,r of Hop* 1899; Pr««J 1W, Consolidated January II. 1*29 Published every weukday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmar, President Alex. H. Woihbutn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star building 212-214 South Walnut Street. Alex. H. Wdshbum, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jonet, Managing Editor George W. Hoimer. Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Entered as second class matter at the ^ost Office at Hooe. Arkansas, under the «,ct of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA!—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rntes: (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier per week 20c; per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp' stead. Nevada, Howard, Miller and LdTayette counties, $4.50 per year; elsewhere $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Doilies. Inc.; Memphis Term., iterick Build.ig, Chicago, 400 Norh Mich- raan Avenu«; Nev fork City, 292 Madison Ave.: Detroit, Mich., 2842 VS. Grand Blvd.: Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg. New Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republicotion of all news dispatches cnxlited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local lews published herein. unit for care of general patients. board of is some Hear America's favorite tenor The Faulkner County election commissioners what tired of litigation arising out 6f improper handling of ballots in the primary election and is taking steps to correct such mistakes. The commissioners have arrang ed a school for judges, clerks and sheriffs deputies who will serve in the election next Tuesday. Chairman Gay Newberry says that members of the Conway Bar Association will explain the proper conduct of elections. The manner in which voting has been carried on in Faulkner County drew criticism recently from Circuit Judge William J. Waggoner and others following a recent court contest in the county judge's race. Although Judge Waggoner voided the Democratic nomination, Incumbent Judge Lewis F. Noggle withdrew and left Roy W. Sims as an independent candidate for the office. Now—A Non-Skid Knife for Ped-Edters Campaign Are you a frustrated pea-eater? Do you suffer from a defeated urge to inhale the vegetable from a iknlfe? You do? You lucky fellow—no longer need you mix your peas with molasses to keep them 'on the cutlery. Here is a utensil to fulfill your dreams. Douglass Lyons of Cleveland's Hotel Aller- Itoh staff found the trough-like pea-knife while inventorying hotel stocks. At right, above, he shows how the little globules roll into.the mouth like bowling balls in the return alley. At left, he shows .•what happensr-as you well know—^-when using an ordinary knife. The pea-knife was standard equipment with 19th century English ladies and gents, it seems, but the hotel doesn't plan any additions to its utensil supply, JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVEST OF STARS ;. 'with Howard Barlow 1 -and 60-piece Orchestra Lyn Murray Chorus •Distinguished Dramatic Casts Special Musical Guests FULL NBC NETWORK • 1:30-2:00 P.M. GST •INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER Gov. Laney will present the first in his series of statewide broadcasts Saturday night. The series is scheduled to last a year. His opening address is to be in- troductive. The chief executive will tell his listeners what they can expect in future broadcasts. The governor termed the broadcasts "information programs," and he plans to touch on important phases of government and major state problems. That would include his highway program, 'his education program, veterans legislation, Vets Accused in California Elections Crescent City, Cal., Oct. 31 — (UP) Reports that gun-toting hospitalization and aviation station. legi- During the meeting of the 1947 legislature, Laney expects to step his talks up to one a week instead of the once-a-month schedule. N1NVITED GUEST Walla Walla, Wash., Nov. 1 — (F) Pauline; the Wayward .turtle, was home today after a seven-day stopover at the local postoffice while^ enroute to her new owner. Postoffice workers diligently fed Pauline flies for a week until her owner turned up. Miss Pauline Forst claimed the turtle, explaining that her mailman had delivered the turtle's box — without vhe turtle. former veterans were organized to police polls here next Tuesday prompted state authorities to plan an investigation today into the heated contest for sheriff's office. The veterans, members of the Veteran's League' of Den Norte county, telegraphed a petition to Gov. Earl Warren and State Attorney General Robert Kenny asking for official state poll watchers. The veterans are supporting Charles Glover and have openly displayed weapons at pre-election rallies. Under-Sheriff Frank J. Blacker ,y, the second candidate for the of:ice held by retiring Sheriff Bud Huffman, said it was a "tempest n a teapot." •Veterans, in their telegram, asked for an investigation of "threats"against the editor of the Del Norte Triplicate of Crescent City" and claimed there "is violence expected." "The freedom of the press is being threatened by gangster methods in the Nov. 5 general election," the telegram said. (At Sacramento, J. H. McClelland, chief of the Department of Justice investigative section, said he would call Crescent City today for further details. "I cjm't say what action we will take,' 1 he said, Most Nations Quick to Jump on Disarmament Bandwagon Which Molotov Started By J. M. ROBERTS, JR. AP Foreign Affairs Analyst (Substituting or MacKenzie) Many delegates to the United Nations assembly i'eel that Russian Foreign Minister Molotov's Tuesday speech indicated distrust and misunderstanding of the motives of the United States and other nations, but they were quick to jump . on his disarmament bandwagon. Previously, general disarmament had hardly been considered. Then suddenly it became a general desire, but with the proviso that it must be accompanied by international inspection and guarantees similar to those suggested by the U. S. for the atom bomb. That will prove a tough provision; when if comes to convincing the-Russians. But Molotov's proposal could hardly have been better timed to fall in. with the Austin restatement aided by a brief word from President Truman, of American policy. For those who may have mistaken frequent failure to implement that policy for a lack of one, a 'rew lines are sufficient to describe it. It has always been the same, both abroad and at home. Austin said the U. S. is for removing the burden of arms, :Cor a decent life and xor a rising standard of living .in the light of the Golden Rule. Truman -a.aid.--there was a' special connotation in world ®— Continued ffom Page One that the Republicans are "intent on bringing about inflation' 'and asserted that GOP leaders had "destroyed effective price control and prevented the orderly distribution ot meal and other necessities." Philip Murray, CIO president, urged workers to repudiate "every reactionary Old Guard Republican," and added in a Washington broadcast: "If reaction wins on November 5, it will launch the most vicious assault on labor's rights in American history." The campaign side issue of Rep. Andrew J. . May's candidacy cropped Up when Rep. McCormacK (D-Mass), House majority leader, said he endorsed the Kentucky Democrat because May rendered j"valiant service" in getting defense bills through the House in vartime. May is chairman of the •louse Military Committee. The only Republican speaker of M'ominence was Senator Owen Jrewsler of Maine ,who drew boos nd hisses at Seattle when he told Jniversity of Washington students 10 favors keeping American troops n China. Brewster attacked the Democrat- c party as "an institution of divided ideas and ideals." o Many Districts Continued from Page One ucational structure. "The passage of the act makes possible the building and maintenance of good elementary schools near the homes of the elementary children. Transportation routes can be arranged to accommodate better and more economically the transported pupils. "I am for the act because belter public school services can and will be provided for all of the children of the state on a sound economical diery, do we take into account the nilitafy strength of satellites of hat power? lA . Say a major power reports till it ha's a standing army of fiOO,0(iu. Do we also figure on the v'act that this power has within its zone ot influence maybe half a dozen small s-itellites. each of which has a standing army of 100,000? According to my calculations ihat actually would mean that Uie great power had a standing army of over a million, because the satellites will st.ind with the great power in case of war, Perhaps that's making ihe thing too complicated, but the satellU* aspect of the situation will ha^ lo be taken into consideration In one way or other in making a reckoning. basis." Instances of practices which A permanent sizing has been developed for washable fabrics which, does away with the need for starching. "until I find the exact reason tot the threat.") '. Triplicate Editor Frank Helton said he had once, been threatened at gun'point to call off his support for'Glover and urge Blackerty's election, He refused and claimed he was "threatened that his newspaper plant; 1 would be wrecked. Walter; Osborne, city planning commissioner and secretary of the Del:Norte..';county Rod and Gun Club, said- a crisis was expected affairs to be drawn from these famous'words "government of the people, by the people, for the peo- Whatever tangents may have been taken in individual cases, those points still remain fixed and all-inclusve. Mr. Austin was not inclined to grapple with Mr. Molotov in an atmosphere of recrimination. But did get in some oblique digs. !3uch as "the initiative of the- - Soviet S Enjoy.a Delicious . ; ? nday Dinner at the DIAMOND Union in this (disarmament) matter is appropriate, because of its mighty armies," and then softened it with ".just as the initiatve of the United States was appropriate in proposing measure to prevent the manufacture and use of atomic weapons Judges and Continued Trum Tagp One Slone, Miss Ruby Leslie; Sheriff: J. W. Sidcion, Alternates: Mrs. R. W. Caudle, Mrs. J. A. Peters. Friendship— Raymond Fielding, Cecil Hicks, Emory Long; Clerks: Lester Wardlow, D. L. Stephens; Sheriff: Iman Stone Alternates: Monroe Long, Martin Cook. Ward 1 — Judges: Dr. E. S. Rich- aids, J. C/ Carlton, J. N. Hobbs, Clerks: Mrs. R. L. Broach, Mrs. Lloyd Kinard: Sheriff: H. D. Coffman; Alternates: Jim Cole, J. M. Harbin. Ward II — Henry Haynes. Ed Atkinson, G. W. McDowell, Clerks: Hervey Holt, R. E. Cain; Sheriff: Paul Cobb; Alternates: C. H. Moxley,. L. F. Higgason. Ward 3 — O. L. Bowden, Grovcr Ward, John Turner, Clerks: Clyde Zinn, Mac Turner, Sheriff: T. R. Bryant; Alternates: E. E. Austin, Joe Wimberly. Ward 4 — Jack Bcatly, Arch Moore, Calvin Cassidy; Clerks: Miss Mable Elheridge, Garnell Martin;-Sheriff:- A. W. Cobb; Alternates: Dale Jones, Mrs. W. Y. Foster. Rocky Mound — J. H. Pickard,' T. O. Bright, .Cecil Rogers: .Clerks: Norman Taylor, I. R: Bright; Sheriff: Tom Slevens; Alternates: H. S. Dudley, A. B. Gunn. ,;• Blevins: Judges: C. C.. Avery, Robert W. Core, T. L. Phillips; Clerks- Mrs. C. W. Leverott, Glady Bright; Sheriff: H. H. Honea; Alternates: T. J. Sage, Carl Brown. Deanyville — Judges: W. E. Lowe J. E. Ward, M. H. Montgomery Clerks: Mrs. Billy Yarborry, Mont Harris: Sheriff: W. H. Honea; Alternates: J. S. Bonds, Mrs. Hicks Lowe. TT Wallaceburg — Judges: Don Howell, Elijah Stevens, R. C. Taylor; Clerks: Marvin Phillips, Ellis Steed; Sheriff: H. H. Nolen. Alternates: R. P. Horton, Carl Zum- should be liminated by passage of the act have been cited by the department, including that of the small Phillips county district which last year found itself with about $1000 in cash and no pupils. So in order to hire a local girl us teacher, the directors arranged to transfer one pupil from an adjoining district and set up a one-pupil school. Another instance was that of a district which paid an instructor $1800 to teach eight elementary pupils while a school bus carried a tew high school students to an adjoining large school. Chief opposition to the act, education department officials believe, is being generated in the small districts made wealthy by oil or industry. its The size of Russia's army and deployment outside her An example is that of a small district in Hot Spring county which had a total revenue )ast year of $72,000, of which it spent $59,640 on 422 pupils. Despite this expenditure, which averaged $141 i'or each pupil compared with a stale average of $45, the district ended the year with a cash balance of $52,000. Two 'small districts in Columbia county spent $92 and $10 i'or each pupil. In another county the per capita expenditure soared to $"454 in a two-teacher high school where the daily average attendance was 15. In the same county there were 271 pupils attending six Negro schools, where the average per capita expenditure was :ji21-. Education officials believe that every student in the state should share alike and that consolidation of districts is the answer to more equitable distribution of money. Little Change Continued from Page One four Day" strike ior all day in Palestine, where Jewish and Arab demonstrations have heightened tension this week, and :"or one hour in Syria and Lebanon to ihe north, Iraq to the east and Egypt to the Southwest. Writer Says Soviets See Better Understanding Between Reds And U.S. By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Annlyst .Eddy Gilmore, AP chief of bureau In Moscow, reports that Russians reali/.e there may be ntormy period ahead in the United Nations but the general impression is ihat the United States and the '.Soviet Union may be moving into a :iew phase ot understanding which will be of benefit to all. It certainly is good to hear that the Russians 'eel that way, because there have been grave doubts in the western world on ihis point However, the proof of the plum duff is in the eating thereof, and so we must wait and see. One thing is clear: This is the witching hour when the spirit of amity is likely to walk, if at all. The vime of power maneuvering i'or positions either is about past, or it will lead us into another conflict. The most hopeful sign thus far is the general agreement (on ilie i.ace of it) that armaments must be slashed. If the major powers .being united on this point, can now worn out details that will be satisfactory to all, we mav nave lound the road to peace. This is so because the dangerous split between Russia and the Western Allies has oeen due in considerable degree \o mutual doubts and suspicions regarding the mighty lighting machines which were being maintained . Moscow has made a great and positive gesture in officially calling xor reduction of armaments. The UnHcd States has complemented that perfertly with the proposal for safeguarding arms control by an international inspection system. Such international inspection is, of course, a controversial subject. Russia objected to it in connection with America's atomic energy pro posals, on the ground that it wouk be an infringement of sovereignty. However, the Soviet may regard the broader issue of disarmament differently and so change its mind about atomic energy. Surely we haven't so soon forgotten the terrible lesson which Hitler taught us about secret rearmament. The mere pledge to disarm won't get vhe members ,o£ the United Nations anywhere. Your banker, even if he is your best friend, makes you put up security for a loan from his institution. The only way a nation can demonstrate its sincerity is by throwing Us works open to inspection. If it has nothing to hide it svpn't mind inspection, especially since the other .fellow will be getting the same treatment. When it comes to cutting down Saturday, November 2,1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS! Page Thr*i Social and Pi ana rertoaa Phone 738 Between 9 •. m. and 4 p, m, I ilSocic' Calendar Monday, November 4 The Y.W.A. of the First Baptist, church will meet at the Educational Building Monday, November 4 at 0 p.m. All members are urged to attend and bring new members. I Monday, November 4 j The Executive Board of the Wo- linen's Auxiliary of the First Pres- Ibyterlan church will meet Monday I afternoon at 2:30 at the church. Arkonsas News Items Little Rock, Nov. 1 — — Arcansas' 25 local price control loards will be closed by OPA's no- ional order, effective Nov. 4, and 98 employes will be affected, \\m district OPA office here has aW lounced. 'ednesday, November G The Women's Auxiliary of the Little Rock, Nov. 1 W 1 ).— A school board member cannot re- ''irst Presbyterian church will en- crlain with a pot luck supper at he church at 6:30 Wednesday evening, The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. T. .Icwcll with Mrs. Ira Yocum an Mrs. C. W. McConnell as associate hostesses. Margaret Ann Archer tntertained Thursday J Miss Margaret Ann tcrtaincd with a Halloween party 611 Thursday evening at the home X>f her parents, Mr. and Mrs. _-. . .HS. L. Archer, Jr. on South Main ceive pay for services he performs I Direct. The guests were met at ' ' ptlic door by a Halloween ghost who I jeonductcd them through the housl |iU'hich was decorated with witches, ! fhck-o-lantcrns and other llallowe'- 'Cn decorations. Mrs. Mitchell Wil- •I|nms presided over the guest reg- Mister. In the apple bobbin' contests JJliizes were awarded to: Marion ^TcQuccn, Hal Branch, Judy Gar- rclt, and June Evans, "•ft.After games, contests and fortunes telling the little guests enjoyed delightful refreshments served from a gaily decorated table qcnlerd with pumpkins, fruits anw 'aillumn leaves. as the board secretary, Atorney General Guy E. Williams ruled today in an opinion to Union county education supervisor Horace Williamson. Williams declared that "collecting for his services (as secretary) would be a contract with vhe district for which he would be paicjji, and that this was in violation ill the oath taken by board members not to have interest in contracts with the school district . Miss Eddie Conine was advised by Williams that the city of Balesville has authority to force the installation of bathroom iacilities in a tenant house. News of the Churches CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th & Grady Otis L. Rowe, Minister Bible Study —8:45 .'.in. Preaching —11 a.m. Communion —11:45 a.m. Young Peoples Chuis— 0:1)0 p.m. Preaching— 7:1)0 p.m. Wednesday Night Bible Class — 7:30 p.m. There are classes for both youn/. and old. Yoi). are invited to allcnt any or all the services of I'.K church. A hearty welcome await, you. FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Organ Music by Luihcr Hollo man—0:30 a.m. Church School —9:45 n.m. Youth Fellowship —(i:30 p.m. Choir Practice, Wednesday —7:30 p.m. There will be no morning worship service nor Vesper Service as the Pastor is attending Annual Conference in Hot Springs. armies there arises what strikes your correspondent as' being a deli- Little Rock, Nov. 1 —(/P)— More than 100 nurses are attending the 34 annual convention of ihe Arkansas State Nurses Associatioiu which entered its second day hew this morning. The convention, scheduled to close tomorrow, is being held jointly with the Arkansas State League of nursing education and ihe Arkansas state organization i'or public health nursing. FIRST CHRISTIAN 210 N. Main Street Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday School— 9:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. If you are not attending any other Sunday school i!(Coming and Going ; j Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Dennis and Jlltlc son, Cecil, Jr., of Magnolia *'cre Friday visitors in Hope. •.: Mrs. Katherine Webb of Port Hope, Michigan is the housogucsl of her sister, Mrs. E. G. Coop and other relatives here. Bird Contortionist The grebe is a bird contortionist. It lifts its legs out ot the water, shakes the moister from them, the cate situation. In gauging the i folds them over the back, undey strength any power has in sol-1 its wings. Ann — Judges: Jesse Burke, //I NOTICE Pooch" McCullough Has Been Appointed Agent in Hope for the Arkansas Democrat Subscribe now at "Annual Bargain Offer" Rate [.95 DAILY & SUNDAY C .50 DAILY ONLY By Mail One Full Year By Mail One Full Year 1 .17 DAILY AND SUNDAY Delivered in Hope For Your Subscription Call Pooch's Cigar Store Phone 256 month ' Births : ; Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Johnson of Tcxarkana announce the arrival Of a daughter, born Wednesday, October 30 at Michael Moaghcr hospital in Texarkana. Mrs. Johnson will be remembered as the Jformor Miss Claudia Coop of this city. we would like to have you come with us. Morning Worship, Communion, & Sermon— 10:!iO. Christian Youth Fellowship Mccl- ng—G:30 p.m. For boys and uirls if the GUi grade through High chool. Evening Worship, Communion & Sermon— 7:30. Monday 3:30 — The Women's Council will have its regular monthly Circle meetings. Circle No. 2 will meet with Mrs. Carl Smith, 319 N. Elm; Circle 1 will meet with Mrs. McRac Cos, 214 East "B" St. Monday 7:30— The Official Board of the church will have its regular monthly meeting in the Fellowship Hall of the Church Annex. • All members arc urged to attend. Fugitive Nabbed for Swindle 'at Texarkana '• Little Rock, Nov. 1 — M 1 ')— Ar kansas state police today arrcstcc Carl Mammons, about •!() ,of Searcy dn a statewide police pickup order alleging he swindled a Texarkana grocer out of $3,500 in the sale of |i carload of suK.ir. ,. •-, State Patrolmen Woods and Stobaugh, who made ihe arrest, said The Doctor Says: BY WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Docck's Sarcoidosis is a chronic, moldcrlng infection involving thc skin, the lymph nodes the eyes, the salivary glands, thc lungs, and thc Doncs of thc hands and feet. Spon aneous recovery can be antlcipat ed by Ihe majority of patients with sarcoidosis, and tuberculosis sann .orium care is not usually rccom mended. Pa'lients with sarcoidosis as ! rule do not have many complaints Fever is uncommon, and, thougl mild aches and pains and stomach upsets may be present, the disease is so insidious in its onscl and dc vclopmenl that its presence is no suspected until thc skin eruplioi and enlarged; glands appear. Thc skin eruption can appear i several forms, such as small o large ondulcs or a tense, bluish ski with tiny yellow granules at Ih borders of the patches. Skin Eruption Not Itchy The skin eruption is nol painful or itchy. After it has been present for some time il gradually heals, leaving small scars. The hunds«havo firm lumps near Ihe joints, a scaling of thc skin over the surfaces, and areas of destruction in the bones. Thc fingers arc tight and stiff but not painful or tender. X - ray of the lungs may show a large number of nodules and few symptoms. Thc cause of sarcoidosis is . nol known. For a time il was thought lo be related to tuberculosis, and care in tuberculosis sanatoria was ccommcndcd. Thc infection may develop at any me of life, but is most common, i both sexes, between thc ages of •5 and 40. Thc disease is more com- rion in rural than in urban people, id it is more prevalent in thc orlh temperate zone than clsc- hcrc. The Irealmcnl of sarcoidosis is Can Unshackle Him, Mr, Yotct ^M^/$ Hammonds denied knowledge Of such an incident. They said inorc than .•?,'!, 500 w.is found in Hammonds' automobile. ,; Patrolman Woods said Hammonds was wanted .?or alleggodly receiving money for a carload of sugar which was never delivered. Hammonds was held in vhc Pu- Inski county jail pcnclinj Texarkana authorities. » arrival of Bring the family and enjoy our deliciously prepared food. We have experienced waitresses to give you the best and quickest service. Dine with us often. Menu for Sunday Baked Turkey and Oyster Dressing Roast Beef and Brown Gravy Cranberry Sauce Snowflake Potatoes Blue Lake Green Beans Head Lettuce and Russian Dressing Hot Rolls Coffee Tea Milk Chocolate Sundae 75c We Serve a Speckled Trout Dinner and Fried Catfish Daily Also ALUNE'S DELICIOUS HOMEMADE PIES See us for T-Bones — Sirloins — Club Steaks Our Kitchen is open for inspection at all times DIAMOND CAFE borders has been one of the iirst causes of world nervousness. It is one of the chief reasons why the United States feels forced to maintain the greatest peace-time forces in her history. What Russia actually has, and therefore what must be kept to balance her, is not known. In 1938, according to best available figures, Russia had an army of some 2,500,000 men, on which she spent about $5,500,000,000 at the 1938 price of the ruble. For next year she plans to spend some $13,500,000,000 on defense, at the current ruble rate which we have ;io means of comparing with 1938. In a monopolistic state, where supplies are produced for need, without profit, under a monetary system which has different rates according to the use to which money is put, and where there is no outer yardstick by which to measure the pay and other remuneration of troops, money figures don't mean much. Except that Russia probably maintains a greater proportion of her war-time strength than any Other major power. Since all military preparations involve obsolescence in peace and destruction in war, they represent a complete capital loss. They wrap themselves about nations like old men of the sea, coking the living standards of the world. Any move to loosen the grip is welcomed. But, while to seek the means may be good, there seems to be no reason to expect limitations or controls to be any more effective than in the past. Armies, atom bombs, and war materials in general all : ; 'all into the same category. Any plan which will actually control them will control war itself, and neither is likely to happen before the other. FRANK DRAKE BILL DRAKE tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock when the triplicate releases its last issue before election. Candidate Blackerty said that "Helton printed something which I didn't like and I demanded a retraction. I called him to my home and he agreed to make that retraction in his weekly issue this Friday. "There have been mentions of gambling interests and such in this campaign. But I am standing on my record as deputy sheriff of this county." o In Russia, nearly 200 different national and racial groups live side by side. Irvin Burke, Noel O'Stoen; Clerks: Mrs Byron Arnold. Mrs. C. B. O'Sleen; Sheriff: J. C. Timberlake; Allernales: L. E. Salisbury, A. L. Roberts. Piney Grove — B. F. Martindale, Odis Sims, L. A. Allwhite: Clerks: Freeman Older, Mrs. Carl Thornton; Sheriff: Gordon Richards; Alternates: Carl Thornton, Carl Vickers. Beards Chapel— A. R. Avery, C. A. Smart, B. J. -Ellis; Clerks: Jewel Burke, Mrs. J. S. Lowe; Sheriff: Clyde Cummint's: Allernates: E. B. Avery, R. H. Bryson. Shover Springs — W. B. Ruggles, M. A. Huckabee, G. S. Crews: Clerks: G. H. Beckworth, Mrs. B. C Lewis; Sheriff: Jack Rogers; Allernales: R. P. Fuller, Clinl Mar' Box 5 — Judges: Carl Reece, A H Eversmeyer, Paul Lewis; Clerks: Mrs. A. A. Albrillon, Mrs. Byron Hefner; Sheriff: Floyd McDowell; Allernales: X. B. Miller, A. R. Whitlow. STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF HEMPSTEAD . We. J. A. Davis, Lon McLarly, and Clifford Franks, Eleclion Commissioners of and for Hempslead County do hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and complete list of Ihe judges and clerks selected by the Board Of Election Commissioners to serve as judges and clerks at the General Election to be held on November !i, 1940. Sally Forgets to Wrao Up in Fans and Is Jailed Hollywood, Nov. 1 —(UP) — Sally Hand, who made vlio ostrich .famous, was sent to jail early today for waving her ians •too freely. Vice squad officers who arrested her after her nightly show at her owa theater said she got so wrapped up in her work she forgot to wrap up in her fans. Im fully costumed," she protested to goggle-eyed police. "And what's more I was doing mv usu»l a'tistio ••'.•nice." Sgt. W. H.. Madden said if that was her full costume he'd be interested in seeing one of the scanty ones. He took her to jail where she was booked on charges of staging an indecent show. Miss Rand, who gave her age as 42, was promptly released on $500 bail. We are happy to ant^p.unce the opening of KELLEY GRILL at 118 E. Third Street Hope, Arkansas, on November 5. We appreciate your patronage of the past, and we hope you come to see us at the Grill. Sincerely Mr.&Mrs.G.O. Kelley Villanova Back Runs 109 Yards for Touchdown ! Philadelphia, Nov. 1 — (/I 1 )— Bob Polidor, IGO-puund Villanova College substitute halfback, today shares a college record :iot 'matched in Ihe last 15 years as •thc result of his spectacular 109- yard return of a kickoff. for a liouchdown. . Polidor's spurt equalled the run of Edmund Burke of the University of Mississippi against Alabama an 10:11. It came in the dying mo- jiicnts of the first half of last -.light's 'game in which Villanova bowed ;o -.the University of Miami :!(i to ,'J1. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth & Ferguson T. F. Ford, Pastor A revival now in progress with Bishop M. K. Lawson of Chattanooga, Tenn. preaching. Some wonderful soul inspiring messages go- inn forth each evening. We invite you to hear him eacl' evening next week. The church that is different. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Sunday P.Y.P.A. Classes — G:30 p.m. Evangelistic Services each even ing next week— 7:30 p.m. HOPE GOSPER TABERNACLE North Main and Avenu e D H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor . "God' is not a man, thai H should lie; neither the son of man that He should repent: hath H said, and shall He nol do il? o hath He spoken, and shall He m make it good"? Num. 23:19. Wha the Lord has promised He is abl to keep, and He has promise that "if ye be willing and oboe lent, ye shall eat the good of th land." Ho has assured us Ih; if we will "prove me now here with, . . .1 will open you thc wii dows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing that there shall not _bc room enough to receive it." The Lord is waiting for those who will try Him out in faithfulness and obedience to show Himself gracious. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —11. Sermon by the Pastor. Choir Practice —4:15 u.m. Christ's Ambassador Services — 0:15 p.m. Children's Church —6:15 p.m. Evening Service —An All Vocal and musical service. Tuesday: Christian Service Brigade— 7 p.m. Wednesday: Prayer and Bible Study— 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. Friday; Girl's Chorus Practice— 7 p.m. Pardon Sought for Veteran Convicted of Slaying Little Rock, Nov. 1 — (/)')—Full pardon for Hal Scalfe, 27, West Helena navy veteran convicted of slaying his wife and mother-in-law with a butcher knife in 1944, will be sought at the meeting ot the state )arole board next Wednesday. Scaifc was sent to the peniten- iary only two weeks ago when the Arkansas Supreme Court held that former Governor Homer Adkins exceeded his authority when he granted a stay of sentence immediately after Scaitc received a 10- year-tcrm in 1944. Scaifc's records at the rjarolc office include a petition of more than 1,500 Helena and West Helena residents seeking clemency, similar letters from ministers and Navy Mothers clubs over the stale, and letters of ten of the 12 convicting jurors asking the outright pardon. All of the jurors' letters said evidence which, had it been prc scntcd at the trial, would have re suited in Scaifc's exoneration had been discovered. Slain were Jennie Ruth Scaitc 20, the wife, and Mrs. Susie Davis 45, the mother-in-law. Petitioner, now protest the two women wer killed in a fight during whic DOROTHY DIX Beauty Only Skin Deep One of the most tragic things in the Little Woman why he "ever world is the tears that plain seems able to find a 'at, middle- Scaifc was his home." attempting to "sav ALMOST Payottc, Idaho, Nov. 1 — (/P)—Miami Mrs. Clifton Edwards took 5,000-mile honeymoon trip to Ar kansas without a trace of ca trouble. They drove into Paycttc, and just two blocks from home — the car burned out a connecting roc ifficull to evaluate, as there arc few symptoms and the disease s self - limited. Many drugs have ecu tried in treatment of sarcoid- sis but it is difficult to determine ow successful they have been. Hits Any Bodily Organ As sarcoidosis can develop in any ryan of the body, disease symp- oms may be related to the struct- re affected in each case. A common complication is infcc- ion of the tear and salivary glands ind weakness of the facial nerve, n this location sarcoidosis may rc- icmble Hodgkin's Disease. Sarcoidosis is not contagious, and here is no reason to confine the ictiviUes of a patient who feels all Kh I. Relapses in sarcoidosis arc follow cd by resumption ot the benign course of the disease. Following the recovery, the patient must be carefully watched for he possible development of tuberculosis which may appear after the sarcoidosis is healed. [ Without a high school eaucauon the door is closed to all pro- ifessions and most skilled vocations for Arkansas' children. Arkansas iper capita income, among the lowest in the nation, cannot rise very •far as long as 176,000 children are prevented by school district lines '•'from attending high school. Approval of Initiated Act No. 1 (the (school reorganization act) in the November 5 General Election will ; .ut the chains depicted by the artist above. USSR Has a Good Case—!n Fact 30 ".. Mrs. Bartlctt wants to harm yo but I don't sec why Mr. would want to." Dwigl the .._.._._ — girls shed over not being Miss America, for most of them are committed to the belief that unless icy can take a prize in beauty low life is cinders, ashes and list tor them, and they might as ell crawl into their coffins and mil the lids down over them. They think that the doors of op- ortunity are shut in their faces; lat they will never have a date, r a good job, or get married, and hat they arc destined to occupy jack scats' in the world and be piled and have everybody say "isn't t too bad about poor Mary?" Now, of course, every woman would like to have apcachcs- and ream complexion and be a Powers nodcl, but it is not true that un- css a girl is whistle bait she is lopclcssly handicapped, as is abundantly proven by the fact that most of the women who nave achieved fame and fortune didn't do I on their looks, and that the world is full of happy wives wno arc undeniably, short on pulchritude Beauty Over - Valued As a matter cf fact, there is no thing tha girls overvalue more than they do beauty. It isn't halt as po tent as they think it is. Just a often it is a curse instead of i blessing, and there are plenty o aged woman for a stenographer. Nor is it true that the beauties make the best marriages. Men are inconsistent creatures and although ley pay lip service to beauty, they cldom marry for it. The pretty rl gels a rush, but it doesn't al- ays end at the alter. Every com- lunity is full of old maids who in icir day were noted belles and eautics whom men hung around ke bees around a honeypot, but /horn they didn't marry. Somehow, when it came to pick- ng out a wife, they selected girls vho were just so - so as to looks, ut who had good, durable, domes- ic qualities, and who hadn't been o spoiled by flattery that they wouldn't be able to appreciate their uck in getting a good husband ind be willing to hand him a iew compliments. So ugly duckings cheer up. Don't vorry aDout your looks. If you make yourselves interesting and ovable, people will think,you are Beautiful whether you are. or not. " Army veterinarians have clevcl- ropcd a method for "quick I'rccz- •iiiig" milk so that il can be kept jfor three months. RIALTO BEGINS SUNDAY tOBURN ( • vvitb '•' Tom 13paK« fe : Beverly * fei, TjjUr - jjj?JJH[uift«j.' rtLrcn- -'••--• Doors Open Sunday 12:45 new BEGINS SUNDAY McGUIRE OlORCI IRENT ITHIL BARRYMORE STAIRCASE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos, Brewst e r, Minister Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —10:55, Scrmor by the Pastor and special offer ing for Emergency Home Mission a liberal response will be necessary if we arc to meet thc quota assign ed us of .POO. Vesper Service —5 p.m. followcc QUESTION: I have vitiligo (pic- bald skim, and the large white spots on my face and body bother me. I am despondent, as I think my disease is worse than cancer. What treatment do you recommend ANSWER: There is a special cosmetic on the market which will con ccal thc affected patches. Apply it to reduce your embarrassment. There arc many diseases worse than vililog, which is painless and non-fatal. o Truman on Way Home to Vote By The Associated Press President Truman, riding home- ard to vote, greeted a station rowd at St. Louis from the rear latform of his train today as con- rcssional campaigners drew reath for their last-chance wcck- nd windup rallies. Thc president had an opporlun ly to make other appearances n effcrson City and Scclalia as hi.' rain rolled across thc Missour plains, but no formal speeches vcre planned. A Democratic rally prior to :icx Tuesday's elections was scheduler 'or his liumn town ot Indepcndcnc onight, but Mr. Truman will ;io be there. He planned to spend ihi evening with his family wliil louse Speaker Rayburn (D-Tex nakcs the principal speech at th "No,",Gayle agreed, "no, maybe 1 not; but he's acling as if he wanl- ed to." "Maybe and maybe not. Maybe he's just trying to protect you for Ihe sake of Ihe Bartlett family. He could be, you know. Anyhow, you could find 9Ut. Besides, thc right is on your side. They can'l do any- Ihing U you just tell the trulh. It's awfully hard to lick thc trulh. I know rich people have a lol of power ,bul you haven'l done anylhing wrong; so whal can Ihcy do?" Gayle sal very still and looked at her a long time before speaking. Finally, she said, "You've given me a new idea. I think you're right. I' going to see Mr. Godfrey." (To Be Continued) compensations for the ugly duck ling if she will make use of therr instead of silting down and bewail ing herself because she isn't swan. The homely girl can substitute lot of attractions for thc lack beauly. Brains, for inslance. Sh can make herself so intelligent, s interesting, so amusing and sue good company that nobody will :io lice whether her nose turns up o down. She can flatter other peopl nstcad of expecling them to Ila ,er her, and Ihat always makes a lit. She can be such a good dancer (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) 0 BAD START Wendell, Idaho, Nov. 1 —(/P)— Clyde Peterson arose before dawn lo go deer hunting but stound that the front and back doors couldn't be budged. Pranksters had wound a length of chain around the house, effectively securing bolh doors and scaling Ihe windows. Afler sympalhelic neighbors severed Ihe chain wilh a culling torch, Pelerson left on his hunting trip. Buc he didn't get his deer. and play such a keen game bridge thai men will fighl to of be ner partners. Only Ihe beauliful can afford lo be dumb. The plain girl lias lo be smart. Excepl for the movies and the dress and millinery trade, a girl's face isn't her fortune when it comes to getting a job. Only the employer who bode a girl no good, 'pick out living pictures to adorn their office The average man is more interested in the accuracy of his secrelarys figures lhan he is in the perfection of her figure. Also he has the :'ear of his wife before his eyes, and nc I doesn't want to keep explaining to I VISIT Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop ', Clothes for Infants — Toddlers — Children Gifts — Toys — Cards SUE and LEE Tots to Teens 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 by the mcelin pics group. of the Young Pco The Weekly Church Fcllowshii supper will be held Wednesday a '6:30 for children, young people & adults, followed by a brief woi ship service, v i-iii "ii-u r«r* t*ri i«11 v invited I Sunday Dinner Served from 11:30 A. M. until 9 P. M. The Soviet delegation to the United Nations Assembly session came prepared for any emergency it seems. Above, New York stevedores unload some o£ the 30 crates of cognac and vodka the Russians brought along on the Queen Elizabeth, »]kacie of Oycamore ny PERCY MARKS © by Percy Marks-. Distributed by NEA XXXVI The newspaper stories about appeared without any w.li whatever. She received no phone calls from editors; she was asked for no interviews; she talked to not Author ol "The Plastic Hot" "A Tree Grown Straight" 5tc. a single rcporler. Nevertheless ,the rally. As local campaigns gathered You are cordially worship with us. ,ARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIS N. Ferguson St. D. 0. Silvey, Pastor Sunday School —10 a.m. Preaching —11 a.m. B.T.C.—6:30 p.m. Preaching —7:15 p.m. Auxiliary, Monday —2:30 p.m. Prayer Services, Wednesday —:30 p.m. Elliott Roosevelts Board Plane for Foreign Points New York, Nov. 2 —I/Pi— Elliott looscvclt and his wife, vhc former •'uyc Emerson of the movies, left ,a Guardia :iicld today aboard a American overseas airlines plane r Stockholm en route vo Russia. "1 hope to study several different icat in many parts of the country, national notes were sounded in bc- lialf of the two major parties by Henry Wallace, former secretary of commerce, and Harold E. Stassen, former governor of Minnesota and Republican possibility :'or ihe 19'lt! presidential nomination. Wallace, speaking last (Thursday) night in Madison, Wis., said much of the information about Russia comes from groups which he described as reactionary, Wallace declared: "It seems to me we had better go a little slow before responding to war-mongering speeches of Republicans urging us to make Russia behave in eastern said the Republicans Europe. Stasscn lave "a grave new responsibility" :is a result of what he termed the Failure of the Democratic administration. In an address at Clarksburg, W. Va., last night be predicted the Republicans will win control of the House next Tuesday and possibly of the Senate. The Republicans, he said, should "definitely set forth a new national farm policy to cut down the number of strikes" and develop a new fiscal policy 1o "counteract sharp fluctuations of a free economic system." In Albuquerque, N. M., Secretary of Agriculture Anderson called :"or the election of a Democratic Congress as the "best insurance" that larm prosperity will continue. stories about her were complete. They were adorned with a picture ot the collage; they explained Mrs. Mays role in the war plant. Giiylu shrank with shame as she was being made into a heroine who nacl given up a life of luxury and ease to labor day in and day out lo make airplane parts so that nc-r gall-nil husband might bo avenged. Something was up, and Gaylu was made no easier in her mind when she received a letter from Christina Ev*ans. "What 1 have to tell you isn't important now," Mrs. Evans wrote, "but if 1 were in .your pi-ice, i a want to know; so I'm going to leu you. Holly and the Kingstons are back in New York. They've been here ever since your nusbaml died. I met Butty on the street more than a month ag'o. and she was as frank as could be. She said there wasn't any reason for secrecy any more. Slu> and Tom were paid a big sum to get out of New YorK enough. She had some further plan, and Gayle formed an important part of il. She rubbed her forehead. "What can she want of me." Or was it Kent? In some subtle way was she trying to get control of him? Gayle's blood turned cold, ind her hands trembled. It might bo. It was the only thing that seemed even half way reasonable Gayle paced up and down State know and slay out. She doesn't who the man was who paid the money. They've been in Indiana Tom's in the Army, and she's mod- ing again. Holly isn't though. She- was with your husband all the time he svas in this country. Betty said, though she kept well out Tomorrow noon, the National Committee Democratic announced, subjects and look at things Sener- Mrs Fnmk]in D Hooscvclt will tl lly," the second son of the late a , { QVCl . thc ABC nctwork . :rom jresidcnl said, adding 'ihat he did ,iut know whether he would sec Premier Stalin. . Roosevelt said lie and his wife had voted by absentee ballot. They have been active in thc Democratic party's New York state election campaign. Roosevelt's publishers, Ducll, Sloan and Pierce, said .yesterday Roosevelt would gather material in Russia for magazine series while his wife would taKe pictures ;.or Ihe articles. Thc couple plans to spend six weeks in.thc Soviet Un- iuii. peak over Mew York. Wallace will be in New York City Sunday and Monday, addressing a number of Democratic street corner meetings. —o— BLEW ITSELF UP Krakatoa, a small volcanic island of 13 square miles, lay in peaceful slumber for 200 years, in 1883 lh<- volcano became active and, aflei several months of small eruptions reached a grand climax, during which the island disappeared com pletcly . One - half ot the world heard thc explosion. sight. Betty says Holly was really heartbroken when Bruce died, and he's still terribly unnappy. "1 hope this let tor doesn't make •ou unhappy too. I'm writing it bc- ausc I know if 1 were in your )Uicc, I'd want to be sure— and low there just can't be any doubt H all." Gayle wrote a nol of thanks .it once'and told Mrs. Evans she ap- jrecialcd her thoughlfulm-ss ar.cl inderstandinn greatly, out i.he lot- .cr gave her far more concern than t gave her comfort. 'Under n jl circumstances, il would made no differencx- lo nor where thc small 'living room. She could nol ead, she could not listen to the radio, she could nol even remain in a chair. Fear at last caught up with her, and she did nol know what to do or to whom to turn. Mrs. Mays sat with her hands ii her lap and her blue eyes iollowcd Gaylu. Finally she spoke. "I'd like to say something. Do you think you can relax long enough to listen?" Gayle turned and looked at her. "Of course," she said, sitting down in the chair opposite Mrs. Mays. "I'm sorry I'm so restless, but really I'm frantic." "That's what I want io talk about. I've been thinking. Maybe I'm all wrong, but it seems to me you're doing a lot of useless worrying." "Useless?" Confused, Gayle stared at her. "Oh, no! Mr. Godfrey's just as worried as I am." "1 know. That's why I haven't said anything. He's a lawyer and knows a lot; but do you know, I think clever people like him often make a bad mistake: they forget must people aren't clever." "You mean they ovcrcstimalc their opponents?" "Yes; that's it. Of course, 1 don't know Mi's. Barllett. but she doesn't sound like a clever woman to me. She doesn't sound one bit clever. She offered you money, and that was stupid. No woman with good sense would have done that. And she was awfully stupid about bring- Holly Steele and I!elt;> Kingston were, but their return to New York seemed to have some significance under the abnormal circumstances that existed at present. "I wish 1 knew what they're after," Gayle though over and over again until she was weary of thinking. Mrs. Bartlelt had made Ba"rt u hurv; but that apparently was not ing up her boy." Gaylc nodded thoughtfully. "Yes, ol course. You're right, of course. She's, not clever. I'm sure of ihat, but Jofl Dwiuhl's clever. I'm sure of that. Everybody says he is— diul I'll bet anything He's thc one who's running things." "I'm sure Mr. Dwiyht's clever. : •cad an article in a magazine about him once. He must be very clever He must be honorable, too. He wouldn't represent all those import I people if lie was sneaky anc underhand — now, would he the newspapers must trust And him. The article said they did. Maybe Meet your friends at the Checkered, bring the family and enjoy a wonderful Sunday Dinner. Good food cooked and served the way you like them. ' ROAST LONG ISLAND DUCK and Dressing with Fresh Cranberry Sauce BAKED YOUNG HEN and Dressing with Fresh Cranberry Sauce COUNTRY FRIED CHICKEN with Cream Gravy and Honey SPECIAL K. C. BROILED CLUB STEAK Thick. Juicy and Tender • • • • VEGETABLES Marshmallow Potatoes Fresh Green Butter Beans Head Lettuce 1000 Island Dressing Toasted Nuts, Olives, Celery Hearts • • e » Homemade Ice Box Rolls and Butter Homemade Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Al a Mode And a Cup of the Best Coffee in Town • • • • 75c Checkered Cafe Eat With Buck " " ' V-* t

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