Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1946
Page 4
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ir M 0 P I S f At," HO PI, A R K A N S A S Frltlrty, November 1, CLASSIFIED Number of •Words Up to 15 .... 16 to 20.... 21 to 25 .... 26 to 30 .... SI to 35 .... 36 to 10 .... 41 to 4J .... 40 to 50.... Rates Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Six One® • '• — Dav Davs Days Month .4'5 .90 1.50 4.50 1.20 2.00 6.00 1.50 2.50 7.50 1.80 3.00 9.00 2.10 3.50 10.50 ?.40 4.00 12.00 2.70 .GO .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 3.00 13.50 15.00 are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Casn in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone For Sale SIX NEW TNNERSPRING MAT- tresses. Martin Mattress Co. Phone 119. , 30-3t FIVE ROOM HOUSE, GOOD condition. Bis? comer lot. Plenty of outlet. C. W. • Yancey, 513 South Walnut. Phone 578-W. 29-6t 80 ACRE FARM, 3 ROOM HOUSE, outbuildings. Team arid all farming implements. Polly Moody, Emmet, Rt. 1. $1.700 cash. 29-61 Broadway By JACK O'BRIAN New York — I've heard a good many young comedians complain. just ns their compatriots in other endeavors, that their ume spent as GI's set them back years in their profession, or at least arrested 'Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegter Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate. SPORTS ROUNDUP New report York, Nov. 1 —</P)— That" of investigation of charges of gambling and thrown baseball games in the Evnngcline all talking about Notre Dame's recently-returned Ernie ZalcjsUi. the folks at South Dcncl say Ernie has been having leg trouble ever since little against Purdue League brings out in ihe open what minor leaguers have been men-; he played a •..„„.:„„ turning in hushed tones for some'with only onu clay op act ce line. And don't be surprised if Jimmy Conzelman Has lost 40 New York, Oct. 31 — The New Judge Bramham blows the. lid off. York Times presents to all troops" in the Philippines. signed by three generals. *, . ; * 4 •«* sitiiiea uy uut't' KLMit-i tiih. ^.m .M.i.m- their advancement to a . point L * comm-mrUm* in the western where they would now be in ,he Padn allc , Enbank nucl Carroll, b 'S ™, n <?. ^Ahadn t bee_j? 1 » of the Air Forces. w mci, is a piece war. Their beefs are justified in many cases, and they have some bitter broth to gulp when vhey pie< of self-serving political caiii. more likely to impair further •li-.au vo re... ,,. . . . . bitter broth to gup wen cev hee. u .- thc diipline ancl rc p Utal io n so many less talented comics and,£ t these American sutlers and entertainers at the big-money peaK| theil . ,. elalions with the Filipinos, of their careers while the ex-scry- A Times rcpol . tci . hacl wr uten ice lads are still taking •pratt-talls | that thc Filipinos thouuht of ' and making funny sounds for cof- , American tr( £.j S as -brash. fee-and-cakes cash. the HI * TWO ROW JOHN DEERE TRAC- t tor, middle burster. breaking 4 plow, mower, disc and cultiva- C tors. J. O. Johnson, Jr. Col',/ . umbus. 30-3t 12* CYPRESS BOAT WITH 5 H.P. outboard motor. May be seen at Hempstead County Lbr. Co. 30-3t ^> FALL CABBAGE PLANTS. SEE Monts Seed Store. 31-6t I mannered, slovenly and contcmptu- Happily, the Other side of thej 0 us children" and supported this story, while not in any way the {opinion, attributed to the resident largest side, carries a few bright j people, by descriptive matter success stories of its own. Gome which eflected as much on the re* GI's have gone back to civilian effort with great success, such as Jules Munshin of "Call Me Mister," who has turned his antic talents into a lush Hollywood contract; Garson Kanin. author of xhe big comedy hit, "Born Yesterday"; sponsible generals as on 'the soldiers, themselves. were, lie said, untidy, indifferent the Jaws and ordinances governing thc civi-j lians and. on the whole, no credit to their country c: iheir uniform. There are reasons to believe that Thc subject will be ihe failure of some clubs to protect umpires from the i'ans and vice versa . . . One minor k:a"ue executive, protesting ihe number and violence of rhubarbs in the lower circuit, suggests that umps should go to spring naming ancl that league presidents shouldn't wait until March to hire arbiters to go to work in April. Pigskin Picklns Alabama vs. Georgia To go out on a limb Would surely be nuts. Pick this one with it's, And ands and Butts. Dartmouth vs. Yale Yale has jio Merriwell But Jackson does verriwcll. N'otrc Dame vs. Navy We'll take the same: Notre Dame. pounds since he started assembling the Chi Cards squad last pring— and' if that's all the Cards Jose, Jimmy won't mind a bit . . . West coast report says ex-champion Fred Apostoli likely will retire .'rom ihe ring again when he's picked up enough change licking run of vhf 1 but the choice is with Columbia even though Hoy Ceslary, Colum- jia's ace punter, is out with a jroken arm. Northwestern over Ohio Slate: Consistpncy isn't a trait of the 19-10 Buckeyes and they would have, to be consistently good to defeat the Wildcats. Northwestern. Tennessee over North Carolina: There's an old saying that lightning never hits twice in ihe same place. Tennessee was hit );isl week. Thus, the Vols should win even if Charlie Justice is in the North Carolina backfiokl. Duke over Georgia Tech: Playing before the home :'olks gives the pine Devils a slight edge. Duke. Michigan over 'Minnesota: One of the upsets that have marked every weekend this year may happen in this game but, off the "ec- mill middleweights Buddy Burris, Oklahoma U. guard, has coiv vincccl the coaches'that he has to oat right after a game or he'!l be ill. Jim Talum is thinking of buying him an automat. Southwest Title May Be Decided and. skipping several who ,'have the reporter was right. Green sol- made good in slightly less mea-jdiers are spiritually aimk'ss kids sure, coming to a real GI success i these days who disappear into an r story, the case of Harvey Stone. Harvey was a young fellow around Detroit before the war who worked reluctantly at being a ! salesman, but whoso talen ONE PAIR COMPUTING SCALES, j tickling risibilities wouldn't good condition. One cold drink p-'— "-" : ~ " box, size 7 case. Apply Little Food Palace, Main at 12th. 31-3t for army demoralized by the sudden absence of an enemy, by the slackness of officers who were only killing time until they should be paid off and by the propaganda against One-Minute Sports Page Although the subway alumni are Dots All, Brothers Publicitor Al Wesson wns talking to thc Los Angeles Quarterback Club the other day. "As owner of one-halt of one peccnt of the Los Angeles Dons," he rearmed, "I'm working on my i'irst million, while Danny Heevcs, Ranis. Is who owns ihe Al never Eot vo finish when Reeves interjected from a corner pew, "going through his last.' let discipline ancl the "officer caste." FIVE ROOM HOUSE, close in. Excellent neighborhood, immediate possession. A. H. Eversmeyer. BABY BUGGY, PRE-WAR, IN good condition. See W. C. Johnson, 606 South Hamilton. 31-3t ONE 7 WEEK OLD REGISTERED Black male cocker spaniel. Call 114-J or 493. 31-3t become him stav in the selling game very| Thc parents ol boys ot appr long. He hung around a huge De- j a & e arc justu'ed i,> icar troit night club called The Bowery | clean, ambitious sons may I so long that the .owner, Frank,Bar- cynics and loafers. . , - , bera. finally put him on. possibly ' The commanding generals iccl to discourage and get rid of him. j that we must tcl1 y° u - om ' soldiers. condoned to the extent that xhe wives of oilier American soldiers must wear brassards to distinguish them from German women, the meaning of this insignia being, .in plain words. "Don't rape me. 1 am officially exempt, but help i yourselves to the German worn- Ben Lear anticipated this sort of thing early in xhe draft when lie called back a group of Discouragement and riddance not f being in the Stone plans, he stuck I{* unwarranted by evn behaviour and we IIHU WU IIUISL LLHI YOU, UU1 SULLllt'tS, , ' . , - U .-,^1 that we believe this condemnation 1 S?ldie« /rom vhc.r camp bejond around The Bowery for seven j years! He worked harder than: most comics in the history of that' strange brand of saloon behaviour, night club masters of ceremony- ing, and his long and vacation-less the :"acts of our resent this at- on you," the "message u> all troops" says. "We recognize vhat you are not trained soldiers since it takes considerably more training than our country lias been able ACRES LAND IN SEC. 14, range 25. about 12 miles , south of Hope joining Buck Martin on the North. Write John W. Turner. Kilgore, Texas. 31-12t Hlfj) CltiU Ilia JUllg ClllH ¥ tl >_ H HWl JH_J^J . , — , I j • 1 T nose to the grind-Stone made Har- |° give you to make trained sol- vey a proficient and resourceful Clien1 ! s The 24 buffoon. Harvey managed to get together n ,. , , The flrst sentence her BABY STROLLER AND BUGGY for sale at Phone 239. 803 East Division. a style and originality which was! kept hidden under a Detroit bushel (Position ol -until he was drafted. tu ' hn thf>v (who, they then admit, de lenders of vroops Memphis made 'them march home because they had howled at a group of American women on a goif course. If American women weren't safe from 'the .insults of American soldiers that early in vhe game they would have been fair Claassen'sGrid Selections for Saturday orcls. Michigan is ihe selection. UCLA over St. Mary's: Although Cal Rossi is out of this important fray with a broken leg, 'UCLA should have enough left to stop Herman Wedemcyer and his pals under the lights tonight. Skipping over sonic of thc rest in a hurry: Friday: Detroit over Marquolle; St. Louis over South Dakota. Saturday: East: Colgate over LaFayctte, Penn State over Fordham, Temple over Syracuse, Harvard over Rutgers, Georgetown over George Washington, Holy Cross over Brown. South: Louisiana State over Mississippi, Kentucky over Michigan State, Virginia ovei Tlirbmond. William & Mary over Maryland. Midwest: Illinois over Iowa, Wisconsin over Purdue. Indiana over Cincinnati. By CARL BELL Assorted Press Sports Writer A pair of scraps involving four of the five teams still in the running 'or the championship should iust about sot thc stage tomorrow for the Southwest Conference's stretch drive. These brawls wit Texas against Southern Melhoclis' nt Austin and Arkansas against Texas A. & M. at College Station. Tho winners will bo established as the outfits to battle down the line with Rico's pace-setting Owls for the title, the title which "belonged" to Texas until the Longhorns were spilled by Rice last week. Texas. Arkansas ancl SMU each has suffered one loop defeat and another tomorrow would, :<or all practical purposes, be thc knockout blow. The Texas Aggies haven't dropped a conference decision, but since their two victories came at tho expense of Texas Christian and Baylor, which already have been eliminated :"rom the title contenders, a licking at the hands of tho Razorbaeks would remove xhem from socculatlon. Texas and Texas A. & M. have been installed as favorites by most experts, but after last week's round of upsets :oo prediction appears safe. Last year Texas nosed the Mus- while A. . M. plas ty n 13-0 count a year ago In the (inly other game o morrow's curd, Texas. Chris which' seems to have refiaitV some life, will take on Oklat 3( the Big Six at Fort Worth? i945 meeting of these xwo i' resulted in a Ki-7 victory for y ! Iornod Frogs. : Baylor has an off day Io liniie preparations for next Ho with Texas. A crystal razor who wns ,,„ imi/ert by upsets In Ml WUCK andjhit! inly two of five potshots again: Pittsburgh, Tulsa ow- ..... Oklahoma A. & M. over Kansas',.' n "8s. 12-7. Kansas State over Iowa 'otale, l tol ; ccl „ t! Vt Porkers .«-(! Missouri over Nebraska. A - & M - coulc! cci£ !c llnlt a 8 amc HELP WANTED WHITE ONLY Practical Nurses, $-10 to $55.00 per month. Waitresses, $40.00 per months Room, Board and Laundry Furnished Experience unnecessary Call or write: (i Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium State Sanatorium, Arkansas By HAROLD CLAASSEN New York, Nov. 1 — (ff>)- Army prey alter a Jew .years Us. The wolf call" of the G. I. has been treated as an amiable salute of the lonesome "boy" but all civilian codes condemn it as dirty behavior ancl, in fact it is, no less :Crom a After basic training, Harvey vvas put to work instructing incoming draftees, meanwhile keeping his Notice MATERIALS ARE GOING HIGH- er every day. Have your mat tress made over now. Write or phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver anywhere. Phone 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm 31-3t humor from rusting by appearing j at hospitals, camps and canteens ' in the neighborhood. He was moved to the New York Port of Embarkation in 1944, and one night did a show at the Father Duffy Canteen,! dierly, taking occasion ' are io unsol- soldier than -from any bum blame "our country" i'or iheir faults. The original criticism reflected as much on the generals -.vno signed the "message" as on vhe individual GI's, because it is iheir duty, always, to do their best with vhe men and the materials given xhem Mufti. The message of the generals in thc Philippines goes off into a demagogic blurt like something from the Communist desk of 'the P.A.C.. when the boys get around to vhe and Notre Dame have come ihis far without a blot on their 194" football records and this forecaster sees another victory ;'or oacn club tomorrow, thc last tests before they tangle in New York Yankee stadium on Nov. i). Army should have little difficulty with West Virginia, in what will be the final home appearance in grid suits for a dozen of the Cadet stalwarts. Notre Dame, reported ready to unveil a scatback at Navy's expense, should have just enough trouble with thc defensive-minded South west r Texas over Southern Methodist, Oklahoma over Texas Christian, Rice over Texas '1'cuh, Harclin-Simmons over Arizona, Texas A. & M. over Arkansas. Far West: Brigham Young over Wyoming, Utah over Colorado, Denver over Utah Slate, Nevada over Montana State. Colorado College over Colorado Mines. Montana over Idaho, California over Washington Slate, Southern California over Oregon. As early as 1631 the fire menace in tho American colonies was so great that in the Massachusetts Bay Colony it was forbidden to build a chimney with anything but stone or brick. ahead of Rice wadding its third /ictory, but otherwise the Owls' conference position js unmolested is they play host to Texas Tech. The Techsters, who have sought idmission to the Southwest League 'or years, already boast ihe '-calps if members A. & M.. SMU and Saylor. ancl should give the Night- birds a full afternoon. Rice won BUTANE SYSTEMS | Plumbing Fixfurei Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVDJi Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. relli, head of the Theater Author- j troops, are ^unseemly. If these sol- ty. Corelli had him appear at a ! dlers psloi >ch through 'ihe streets huge Madison Scnjare Garden char-j out of umiorm, unsnaved and un- ty affair, "Night of Stars." and combed .and with iheir clothing .n the fastest entertainment com-' ^V- I 1 the y clasn >hrough/craUic Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- netian Blinds, wood or metal, outside metal blinds and awnings. Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo Wanted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any amount. What have you? Phone ,61. 23-2mo Lost ALMOST NEW 600:16 CENTURY tire between Gib Lewis garage and Archer Motor Co. Reward. Phone E. L. Archer at 838. 31-3t PAIR OF BLACK HORSE MULES, smooth mouth. Weight 800 and iSlIUW U L. . LUC J. ULll^l -U^WU-iJT -k>Ul lb\,^l t, • , . ' where he las heard by Alan Co-|J° the Public, by ' ' " '"•"""«= »"° —" men and the materials given them lllllls uul "r 1 " , f';»". iy"-^"' and excuses, obviously" addressed newspaper dispatch describing sc- subject of the American home. It (Midshipmen to smooth out any fitfMc. nut 1H;if n i-»liiin Tftffplll • ,-i" turns out that a plain, forceful of "ihe ' rious' misconduct by American sol vehicles while the s hop tor their lives and xhe pany in the world, with movie, jU.?.'? t ? stage and radio stars. Harvey i . .-.. ,- . , , , , came out as a sensation. Then, " Vlha " Police look on helplessly, while still in service, he did a short | ^e faults _call for cp_mmand,jiot series on the Kate " '"" " program and, four days was slated for discharge, by a general who, not the prospective release, had Har vey assigned to an 3,000-mile hospital tour, which turned the :'our days into exactly one more year. After release from service this year, Harvey played six weeks at the Capitol Theater on Broadway and its evil effects, all this being the responsibilily and 'to <i large exlent, the fault of the generals, themselves, is an attack on Ihe American home. "We believe thc home training of the men of our country does nol produce the type of men described thc article." It says. Well, the at a reputed $2,500 weekly salary. He now is appearing at one ol' ed into an attack on "labor" every disclosure of racketeering and organized -lime-killing. Whether he knows it or not a decent young man in the army is "^t-tter ol!' under good discipline and efficient officers, even though it means vhat he must loo kand act vhe part of 4-iC ill/VY -I.J C1UMV.HL1115 Ul IS11W «Jt 1 J • T1 i. ' ' 1 • L Broadway's more fashionably up- a .?, ol ^ ler i Bu . 1 ey en a stupid :.-ecruit hniotPrBH noiinr^ T .n Martinirmp will be deceived by an appeal vo holstered cellars, La Martinique. noisterea cellars, j_,a marumque. :. «».....,,-^. ~j t ... ^.^^v.,.. ^ Kate Smith took another listen his sympathy by men who owe mm there and signed him to appear on her program for the uill winter season with six weeks out while he fulfills a previous engagement at a Miami club. I think at this point we can make a better ion of management, although he may be disgusted. Troops can't maKe their own morale if the officers nave permitted slackness to set in. A few individuals may preserve pounds. Reward for infor- Thomas Martin, Fulton, i Ark. ' 31-3t PROPERTY SETTLEMENT San Diego, Calif., Oct. 31, — ' (JF, — Superior . Judge Charles C. Haines awarded an interlocutory •Judgment of divorce to Harold C. Weber, Jr., with this additional stipulation: That no support be awarded the defendant, Ruby P. Weber, "and the plaintiff is hereby awarded as his separate property three sheets, two pillow cases, two blankets and 25 fiction books." REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana-Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service j. viiltifv a (, kmo uuim v> ^ V..KJI jutiix^,., . e ... Harvey Stone a star, retroactive I^.IL, 86 ,^:!' 08 , 15 ? 01 u iuu ' or - scl ' ve , dc ; to that night in the Garden. " " "' McMath Installed as Head of Young Democrats Little Rock, Nov. 1 — {M— New oflicers ot tne xoung Democratic Clubs of Arkansas, elected by iheir predecessors at the Democratic wrinkles. Other selections: Penn over Princeton: Tho varied defenses Princeton showed in its loss to Cornell last week will have little effect on thc Quaker backs. Georgia over Alabama: A battle of top-fight backs, Gimer of Aa- bama vs Trippi of Georgia. In the belief the Trippi will get the more assistance, Georgia is the choice. Coumbia over Cornell: Not more than seven points should separate these two ancient Ivy League rivals .ions, generation after generation. There was no occasion to drag in the American home as a co-defendant and the reasoning here was like that of the fakers who resent as an affront io American motherhood any expose of a false political :Tont of organized mothers. 'We doubly resent this attack on you because, in eiiec;, r.l attacks every home in our nation." For my own information and yours, I am asking the 'War Dp- partment for the iiame of the man who composed this. I thought that kind were weeded out long ago. That kind of generals, too. corum but only by a special effort and life in a bum outfit, commanded by a lazy, inept or just indifferent officer is much iess pleasant than service in a well-run unit. Several marines, wtio served under Brig.-Gen. Evans Carison, .vere so appreciative of his soldierly efficiency and discipline, nis :onsideration, fairness and :urm- ,iess, that they took occasion : - cccnt !y to resent comment on nib left-1 wing political activity. They YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 41 IS. Hake) GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop tqulpment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, aae HOMER COBB Hlfhway 67 Phone 57 Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main Street Doug Bacon' ELECTRIC -for- House incrusrrial i Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairi Phone 784 MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana state convention last month, were seemed not to knew they installed at noon today at Hotel > were talking about un Jii.s subject Marion in advance of ihe YDCAI but, waiving his post-war civilian biennial banquet and reception L ~ '--'•"-- -' -'-•'•• ' night. They are: •Sidney president, ; succeeding John M6sby, Lepanto; Nathan Gordon, Morrilton, secretary-treasurer, succeeding W. J. Smith, Little Rock, and to- politics at this tfme, the fact ;s that Carlson won not merely 'their respect but their affection and :iot Hot Springs, by running a loose-jointed gang of drug-store cowboys. He insisted on high standards in them and in his own conduct as a commander. And, still waiving his politics. Carlson or Chancellor Francis Cherry, Jones- come army man with t hc nropcr boro, national committeeman, r.uc-i character and competence 'never ceeding Pat Mehaffey, Little Hock. | would have had to issue '.his -oa- The program tonight is designed | thetic "message" because ihe con- to permit the YDCA members to get acquainted with the Democratic nominees and members of the legislature. Special guests will be Senator John McClellan and •members of the supreme court. Governor Laney and McClellan will be the principal speakers and Cherry ditions criticized by ;he reporter would not have existed. What sort of American Army this, anyway, whose .soldiers jtnusl be followed abroad by 'their wives and babies and who must dispossess the miserable .'amities of a beaten German nation "rom ihe COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main CALL 119 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. '•We Sell Sleep" 321 W. 3r'J St. Phone 119 ments in the East, will be toastmaster. I tew quarters left among xhe wreck Senator J. W. Fultaright was un-! age and flaunt their luxury in the able to attend^because of engage-]eyes of a beater, ;,<jopje in a snow lot' selfishness worse ihun the de- I scent of the carpetbaggers? Single men in barracks don't grow into plaster saints, but temptation is an occupational risk of .soldiering and good command and training can abate the casualties of sin. What soi t of America soldiers are those licentious minis *vnc;se Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. 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Kodok Developing Printing Enlarging For Accuracy and Purity Let Us Fill Your PRESCRIPTION In all the years we've been established, every prescription we've filled has unfailingly met the physician's specifications, and have been promptly delivered to the patientl We Have Registered Pharmacists • Finest Quality Ingredients We've Got It WARD & SON Phone 62 Finley Ward Frqnk The Leading Druggist You May Now Get This SERVICE at BUNDY& SONS GULF STATION* Third & Shover Phone 555 We Give an EFFICIENT Job, whether its a Gallon of Gas in your tank or an Extensive Lubricating job. by Dexter Bailey James Willis Jack Bundy Earl Somers BUNDY & SONS Leon Bundy, Prop. HOPE, ARK Dexter Bailey, Mgr. PHQNE 55§ HOPE STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS , NoVfmbfr \, O7.ARK IKE By Kay GoH6 THAT BUNCH "OouLb)fj|l|ii" >- ' ' " MINE/ MINE/ (CHOKE) ONLY ^^ * ONE SHOT HIT TH' B'AR, JUS' I . LIKE IT HAPPCNeO I ' YEARS AGO, DINAH/ NAVV CODS , OAGWOOD, WHERE DID YOU H'l-D'E THE B-O'X OF •0-C-0-L-A-T-6-S SO TH FEUD ._ ON AG'IN, 62ARK ..AN'(50fl^O OUR/i WEDDIN'S OFF'M By Michael O'MoUev j, Ralph Lane By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By Gaibraith 3 paid a visit ( to Chief Chum af SIDE GLANCES ME WAS DRUNK. THE OLD LADY IS AN f ABLUTIONI5T. OLD MAN |, LILT HAD A QUART SUFFIXED TO A STRING DOWN THE WELL. HE' A LEANED DOWN TO WHET HIS WHISTLE AND TOPPLED IN. •the local jail. n C a >£&.:> ~ '" ' '»«,,-'-* - ^ \Vi : ./ —>£-l' ' CUP LILTS DISAPPEARANCE LOOKS LIKE MURDER CHIEF-APPAREHTI.YOVER SOME THING THAT HAPPENC-D WC-LL. WASH TUBBS By A-<!Slie Turner •'/ KEEP OUT O' SIGHT Wf SHEWS TO BE ONUY n VAHERE COMES ORION' NOW I ' TRfcCKS M.ONG TH1*TRML, SOIAEBOM'S IN RUINS! WHILE I LOOK. THE V /i ONE Wffl TO REKCH THE UPPER RUINS.,.THRU TW ROUND TOWER... CH.OH! VWT'STnW 5 ! /THINKS /HE'S ES A WWTCH THIS&3~>, ' MOCHO'5 HEREi WE'D /% BETTER TAKE HI" /A BY SURPRISE! By Walt Disnev ?OPP. i9« BY'NEA GERtVcE. INC. T. M. REG, u. s. PAT. OFF. COPB. 1946 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OfF "Did you have Io bray iiboiil our ni-\v loMstur. ck-clrit? mixer and icebox?_ J \vus Irving Io make n i'riuid oi' " ;lr '? ' '^4iid if 1 ever cnU'li you kissing a senator back, we're, JRECKLtS AND HIS FRi-Els'DS FUNNY BUSINESS IM PROTECT ASAWST TWI«P SEASON, HersVibcracr \V£ LEFT 'IM-F BOYS WITH TME I'HNNSR. ' CHECK, AND MlWUS TRANSFORTA'dOM HOME / KKLES IS " He ISNT HOME y £T ! f .. ,,,.I7rPROBABLY u • ' Tl-IU^A&lNG• Bw Carl Anderson ORDINAPILY, I oowT HIKERS— BUT I'M FEELIN _ . . . THIS MORMIN'/ I'M 6ETTIM' MARRIED ' 'I Iry it, lady—some praciica! joker turned Hie sign!" !.>% >.,,!,..t. in *_"M jj.**"; ~Bv ,'Vl"fT" riolnaii ALLEY OOP AN 1 I'M PROUD OF 'lOUR CULTURAL IM- Thimble Theater YES,OOa.A7ATRIPTOMOO» f /- < WELL .YOU ALWAYS BUTTER AND V FOR DOC >*^™ L 4 f <PU1TE l^COULD PICK'EM, I'VE BEEN —r"WONMUG... ( VOU TV\D\. 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