Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1946
Page 4
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W « ' fo§« Pout HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 31, 1946 HOPE S T A R, H 0 P E, ARKANSAS* Page Ftve OLD BUDDIES --'Chicago, Oct. 30 — (#)"-The<:man before Municipal Judge Matthew B. Hartigan delayed entering a pica to a disorderly conduct charge b^ asking: "How's your health, ilow,*ybur honor?" Judge Hartigan took a second look at the defendant and recog- jized him as John Androvich, 01, a buddy of his World War I army days. "Since you haven't been cooking for me," Judge Hartigan said, "my health has been fine." Then he dismissed the charge. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD \l , AT YOUR GROCERS and I T Y R A tf P I I I D A l\ t Storms Cause Much Damage in Northwest Salt Lake City, Oct. 30 Snows .... and rains which -HP) have drenched Utah and Nevada for three days moved northeast voday leaving in their wake washed out railroad tracks, stranded hunters and stockmen, damaged crops and broken telephone and power lines. Workmen for the Union Pacific rialroad repairs on two points of the main line between here and Los Angeles after washouts followed what was described as the worst flood conditions in 25 years near Caliente, Nov. Until the repairs are. complete tonight or tomorrow b' shuttle passengers in ca tfon between railheads-at Moapa, Ncv., and Caliente. . Some trains were diverted over the Santc Fe tracks through Denver and Albuquerque, N. Mex., to, and .from the Los Angeles area before the bus service was instituted. , With deer hunting in Utah at its height, separate parties,totaling 17 persons \ycre lost or isolated in 'mountainous areas by; h'eavy snows but eight of the managed'to walk to towns or were rescued. Some of them abandoned their cars. Of the remaining nine, all snowbound in the southern mountains near Cedar City, a party of four were believed to have reached an isolated ranch house. "••• Road crews and search parties indicated the others would be safe if they waited for he'lp rather than YOULL GET A BIG KICK OUT OF OUR Schoolmasters Adopt Rules for County The Hempstcnd County Schoolmaster's Club met in the ounty Supervisor's office Tuesday night, October 29, with Morgan Griffith, President, presiding. Milton Peebles, Chairman of the Athletic ommitteC, made the report of the committee recommendations. The following recommendations were approved and adopted by the Schoolmasters' Club: That in all regular games, county tournamenls, and invitational toura monls, we follows the rules of the A.A.A. in regard to eljgiliblty; That in our invitalion toarna- "win nients all teams comply with ell diVec- '• Biblllty rules of A.A.A.': - ' That our county touramcnt be scheduled for February 14-15, 1.947; That the school giving the tournament be responsible for providing balls, and trophies; and that the referee is to be selected by the Schoolmaslers' Club from a list provided by the school holding the tournament; That the county tournament include Senior boys'. Senior girls', Junior boys', and Junior girls' divisions: That each high school in Hempstead be allowed one vote in al" athletic matters; That tho Schoolmasters' Club consider the desirability of snonsor ing a literary and track meet ncx spring. The main feature of the evening was a panel discussion on Initiated Act No. 1 that is to appear on the ballot next Tuesday. November 5. After hearing the reports from ',he different schools, it is, the opinion of the school men that the voters are rallying to the support of the act. Support is even being picked up from the districts whoso enumeration is less than 3. r >0. This is an indication that some the the better i thinking peoplu in tho smAll districts are school-minded "and thai their foremost interest in in the oo.vs and girls. J. If. .Jones, Chairman of the Hospitality Committee. , : has arranged for the next meeting to be held in the Hope High School Moni clay evening, December '2. Bridge Commission Would Increase Its Membership Helena, Oct. 31 — (UP)— The possibility of a congressional bill o increase the membership on the Arkansas-Mississippi Bridge Com- nission loomed today following a commission meeting in Clarksdale, Vtiss., yesterday. The group voted to introduce such a bill, authorizing 18 members nslead of the six now serving on .he commission, Ihrec t'rom >.:ach state. SU11 another provision of the legislation would be that the commission members be from :owtis in both Arkansas and Mississippi over a wide area to be affected by.., construction of the bridge. ., At present. all commissioners are from cither Helena or Clarksdale. In further action, the group voted to send representatives to Washington to determine how the bridge, to'cosl $4,OQO,000, could be financed. Delegates 'from Arkansas included N. B. .-.Garver, represent the State Highway Department; J. G. Burke, a Helena attorney; Charles R. Bowers, industrial engineer of the Phillips .county Chamber of Commerce;'.Sam W. Tnppan; and Phillips County Judge C. S. Fielder. : . -o Washington School Also Plans Carnival Washington High School will hold a Halloween carnival tonight at the school at 7 p.m, Besides regular booths and concessions a minstrel will feature the night's pro- jrnm. The public is invited. o TAXABLE Florida's slate attorney general has ruled that automobile Irailcrs used as permanent residences may now be taxed as real estate, since more and more trailers are "set [liiig down" and becoming homes. Arkansas News Items 700 Deleqates Attend Meet of Methodists FULL CREAM FLOUR 25 Ibs. 1.85 50 Ibs. Maxwell House Coffee J Pound Glass. Jar fl SORGHUMSYRUP 1 Gallon Glass Jug Cream Style Corn Ho. 2 Can Full-O Pep \ Poultry ' and . Dairy Feeds C Little Rock, Oct. 30 —(/I')— The ccond inry's blot of the state pcnitcn- 1946 cotton crop has been sold at the Pine Bluff exchange for $65,175.80, It was announced yesterday. The first sale was several weeks ago when 500 bales brought 34 cents per pound and upward. The last .sale totaled 302 bales Little Rock, Oct. 30 —(/!')— Mrs Tracy Eschweilcr probably will go on trial Dec. 9 for the fatal shoot ing Aug. 23 of her divorced hus band, Dr. Paul Eschweilcr, Uni versity of Arkansas medical schoo professor. The tentative trial date was an nounced by Deputy Prosecuting At torncy Thomas E. Downie. Officer said Mrs. Eschweilcr admitted \\v slaying following an argument ove another woman's picture. Give Them Both a Chance, Please Game birds deserve a sporting chancel Bag them on the wing. 'A "pot-shot" at birds on telephone wires may break scare'* telephone equipment . . . and interrupt important conversations. So please don't shoot at telephone lines. Thanki. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TILIPHONl CO. Hot Springs, Ark.. Oct. 30 — (/I 1 )— Some 7UO delegates were register ed here today lor the annual meeting of the Little Rock conference ot the Methodist cnurch. Reports offered to' the confer cnce, which will meet through Sunday when pastorate appoint merits will be announced, showed ; large increase in membership. Bishop Paul K. Martin of tittle Rock presided at 'the opening ses sion. Bishop Fred T. Corson o Philadelphia will preach the Irs sermon tonight. Delegates went to FounUiy Lake today to participate in dedication of the new church of which the Rev. S. K. Burnett is pastor. . Furniture Workers Go on Strike at Fort Smith "Fort" Smith, Oct. 30 — «')—One hundred and sixty members of the United Furniture sVorkcrs of America Union (CIO) failed to report for work at the Fort Smith chair company here today. rf Union and company officials declined to comment on the walkout. A reliable source, howevgr, said the strike was in protest of the company's employment of w>nr veterans wiio diet not oelong to the union. SALT MEAT /KMW*W> Apple Bavarian Broadcast: November 2, 1946 Vi cup Pet Milk 1 tabltspoon undav« ored gelatin W cup cold water 1 *gg, separated 'A cup Pet Milk .'/L cup water ,'/t cup OXYDOL Large Pkg. 23c % teaspoon iaU 1 cup itrained sweetened appla sauce* 2 tablespoons lemon juice Vl teaspoon grated leaoa rind Chill '/i cup milk until icy cold. Soften g?Iatm,in cold water. Mix together slightly beaten egg yolk, Y\ cup milk, water, sugar and salt. Stir and cook over boiling water until slightly thickened. Stir in gelatin. Ren£ve from heat; add apple sauce, lemon juice and rind. Chill until mixture begins to chicken. Fold in stiffly beaten egg white. Whip chilled milk until stiff. Fold into gelatin mixture. Put into 4 dishes, Cover and chill before serving, ^Canned, frozen or home-made apple sauce may be used. Cook 1 Vi cups sliced, pared apples until tender in '/} cup water. Do not drain. Put through strainer. Sweeten with ZVz tablesp. sugar. ' ' You Will Needt PETMILKconl4c APPLES , b 14c PRINCE ALBERT 2 oz. Can lOc FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THE GttAt ATLANTIC * PACIFIC TfA CO;' The apples arc in — so—" come and get 'cm! We j .-~ have luscious beauties,-.'* the pride of the orchard.",^ They're grand for salads,™, pics, turnovers, or just;; good, old-fashioned mun-™ ching. So for grand eat," g, get a big supply of ',", these tasty apples at yourl . friendly A&P lodayl ; TEXAS SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT...10 Ib. PET MUK SUPPLIES EXTRA /ITAMIN to attempt to flounder out through the snow. The production oC rMiich-nccded sugar was threatened hy Uic heavy weather which at least retarded beet harvesting and possibly caused extensive damage to the crop throughout the west. In the mining section of Utah near Eureka, a 10-inch lall of snow closed schools, interrupted mining operations and . damaged power lines. Telephone lines were temporarily down between Salt LaUe City and nearby Alia and Brighton, skiing resorts, but not before re- cxccllcnl condition;; :for iho sport ports from the area indicated , excellent conditions tor the sport I with two feet of good snow on Ihc I ground. TEXAS ORANGES 10 FRESH CARROTS 2 Bunches 15c LETTUCE 5 dozen size ......... ............. Head . TOc GREEN CABBAGE .............. ....... ...... Pound 5c FRESH TOMATOES Pound 15c YELLOW ONIONS 4 Pounds lOc RED POTATOES 10 Pounds 35c FRUIT COCKTAI SWELL! Jane Karker CAKES OF - THE - WEEK Iced Devil Food OR Lady Baltimore SULTANA No. 21/2 Ccm IONA GOLDEN CORN TEXAS ORANGES Mexene Chili POWDER 1 oz. can FRESH CRISP LETTUCE MCP PECTIN ..... box Nabisco Cracker MEAL . 14c lOc 13c No. 2 Can Blu White BLUING 15c LIGHTCRUST FLOUR RED POTATOES pkg. A&P Fancy No. 2!/2 can PRUNE PLUM., . . Bright Sail BLEACH . qt, bottle Pint 30c GELATIN P kgl4c EGGS doz 65c FRESH Turnips & Tops .' Ig. box Cleaner Cleaner Quart 50c Encore Elbow .Ib. pkg. 15c A National Favorite NECTAR TEA !/2 Ib. pkg. 35c Flavor Tested 1/2 Ib. pkg. 31c CENTER SLICES PORK CHOPS L b 67c GRADE A LOIN OR ROUND STEAK KLEEN-EZY KLEEN-EZY SPAGHETTI POTATOES Bu. 2.25 36c 10 Lb. Sack Jane Parker DONUTS Marvel Enriched BREAD. 1/2 Ib. loaf Nabisco Premium CRACKERS . Ib. box 74c doz 16c 13c 23c PACKED IN OIL PIMENTO SUNKIST LEMONS NIBLETS MEXICORN 55c SKINLESS WEINERS 69c 85c MEATS —FISH FRESH CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS ax SELECT OYSTERS GRADE "A" VEAL LOIN STEAK L b 53c FRESH PORK SHOULDER Ib, 65c CHUCK ROAST Grade A Veal Ib. 35c YOUNG DRESSED HENS .... Ib. 54c HOOP CHEESE Ib. 65c American CHEESE Processed Ib. 69c [ 'ORMEL SAUSAGE Pure Pork Ib. 49c F, SH CATFISH Sliced Ib. 65c SHRIMP Ib. 73c • i A? my Tosses "ticklish Issue at Mr. Byrnes BJ' GRAHAM HOVEY Washington, Oct. 3 —(/!')— The State Department said today the army has indefinitely shelved its plafi for a round-the-world flight o( p-29. Superfortresses. Lincoln White, State Department preks officer, told reporters the department received n "prclimi- letter" on the subject a :?e\v ago. ter sending the letter, how- cvoK White said, the War Depart.-, moiu followed up with a request ''•-•' that no action whatever be taken on Tit "pending further study by War' Department planners on dc- tuifcd arrangements 'n connection with the flight." Reporters, mindful .of the possi ale international implications of sending a fleet of potential atom bomb carriers around vhe globe, asked if the Statt Department had requested the "no action" in struc- tion. White replied no. Army air lorcos officers have been snying for weeks they were ready to launch the Night "in matter of days" if the litatc Department approved. State Department officials regard the problem as delicate :'or several reasons. First, they say the Army Air Forces put Byrnes on the spot by announcing October 8 —without consulting the State Department — that eight to 24 of the big bombers would make the flight "if the state department approves." Actually, the formal request i'or permission to carry out the project reached Byrnes' desk only late yes lerday. Then, some department officials believe that since the end of the war both the army and navy on occasion have attempted vo edge into Slate's field of charting Amcr 2 5 Killed.n Disorders at Calcutta Calcutta, Oct. 30 — (/P)—Twenty- flee persons were killed and about liO were wounded yesterday as Mohandas K. Gandhi arrigcd in this Bengal province capital amid mounting Hindu-Moslem fighting, official announcements said today. Military headquarters said one Indian soldier died of stab wounds and two others were in critical condition. The soldiers, first mlitary casualties since the outbreak of communal rioting here last August, were in uniform but were off duly and without'weapons when a mob overpowered and stabbed them, the military announcement said. Two more persons were reported killed in the Bombay suburb of Kurla. Seven have been killed and 17 injured in the past 24 hours in the Bombay area. Gandhi, spiritual leader of India's Hindus, is en route to trouble zones in eastern Bengal. lean foreign policy. They regard the, projected B-29 flight as the latest of these attempts. In this connection, there is a strong desire by many high-level State Department, officials to avoid any act that could be called "sword milling." 'They believe any large -scale demonstrations of American military might could be exploited — particularly'by Russia — to discredit this counlry's motives in international dcalngs. In announcing the projected B- 29 night, W. Stuart Symington, assistant Secretary of War :"or air, said the armed forces arc recognized inslrumenls i^or carrying out national'-policies, and declared: '•"Air .forces -jtiust' be considered of'primary importance in this respect." Little Change in Strike l! Situation By United Press The nation still faced the threat ot a soft coal strike today, while on the west coast prospects faded for settlement of the costly shipping lie-up. In a third major labor development, 120 Milwaukee politic came to the aid of (sheriffs • .deputies slurgolltip in wui!-'«-'«i '*••-' the strikebound farm equipment plant of Allis-Chulmers Mfg .Co, Other Two More Jewel Thefts Reported in England London, i)ct. 30 Ml — Two more jewel and 'ur thefts, including the $4,800 robbery of 20-year old Princess Hilda of Bavaria, were disclosed today. Spiro Conslanlinidi, commercial the two robberies, both of which occurred several days ago. Scotland Yard 'orgcd its first bi'cak in the spreading wave of jewel robberies with the arrest of a man and woman who were 'jhargcd with robbing Princess Hilda's Kensington flat. The pair, Robert McPherson, 32-year-old engineer, ana Patricia McPherson, 25, were arraigned on a charge of stealing the princess' emerald and diamond earrings find a diamond and sapphire bracelet. |« U1CHI1U11U C1IIU OC1JJ)JI11I u Ul fiUClUL. counsellor of the Greek embassy, I They were bound over without bail reported the loss ot $0,000 worth of furs and jewelry and $1,200 n wines and whisky in the second of until Nov. 6. The two were arrested at Woking, a suburb southwesl of London, which has been suspected as headquarters of a gang of jewel thieves. TEXARKANIAN PROMOTED Little Rock, Oct. 29 —(/P)— Max Tacket of Tcxarkana has been promoted to sergeant of state police In charge of the Texarkana district, director Jack Porter announced today. Tacket joined the force in'1941 as a highway patrolman and later served two years with the army. FORGOTTEN ORDER Catherine the Great o finding an early spring violcl growing in a park, placed a sentry over it so that it would not be plucked. She forgot to rescind he order, and sentries guarded the spot for 105 years. | THE JAMES HAND WASHER i (formerly Myltcr»Waitur> ' Over 86,000 sold New 4 sheet capacity, stainless steel tub for lone life. Washes silks or overalls in less time with less soap, wa- tr?r and Inbor.-Guar- anteed. $21 00 Pro- a''! Steel Wringer AGENTS WANTID pa '1 $7.50. THE JAMES'DISTRIBUTING CO. Cherryvalc, Kansas MAPLE FLAVOR 1. A government mediator presented the AFL air lines pilots association with a compromise plan to settle its strike agv.inst Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. 2. AFL teamsters threatened to clamp'on all. rail shipments including food into Pittsburgh as an outgrowth of the union's dispute with CIO Brewery workers. 3. Tho CIO United ' Automobile workers announced at Detroit that it would include 200 suppliers of automobile parts in its campaign '.or cost-ot-living wage increases: The threat of a coal strike stood, lending clarification of the government's position on the demands of John L. Lewis. Secretary of Interior J. A. Krug continued to duck the question of whether the;government would reopen its contract with the AFL United Mine -workers as Lewis demanded. Lewis had made it ..plain that the miners would quit digging Friday or Saturday if the government refuses to reopen the wage clause of the contract under .which it has operated the mines since they were seized last May. In the shipping strike, the CIO marine engineers broke oft negotiations with west coast ship owners after failure to agree on the issue of union security. Another striking union, the CIO longshoremen, filed a $0,200,000 suit against Pacific Coast waterfront employers for alleged failure to pay retroactive wages iduc since Oct. 1. • -.Ai West Allis, Wis.; a lorce of about 250 law enforcement officers patrolled the gates of'£-:lhe Allis- Chalmers plan, where ^violence has settled on the picket lines for the last two days. Five pickets were arrested on charges of interfering with workers seeking to enter the plant as the striking CIO United Automobile workers sought to halt •a back-to-work movement. In the air line strike, Chairman Frank P. Douglass offthe national mediation board said he expected a reply today from the AFL pilots union on his proposal to end the walkout. He said the plan included compromise wages, and that if the pilots accept it he will submit it to the company. < ' At Detroit, the CIO' automobile workers prepared to open negotiations with Chrysler Corp .For a second round of pay raises for 70,000 employes. The union said it would seek the same increase from parts suppliers employing between 75,000 and 100,000. o SLOW DESCENT If you bailed out of a plane flying at 40,000 feet, and opened your parachute immediately, jt would take" almost 25 minutes for you to reach the earth. ' • 1C? COFFEE ENJOYMENT ASSURED WITH CUP TESTED 1 ,.*- Every housewife knows the thrill of happiness she experiences when she serves her family a treat that brings her praise. "Cup- Tested" ADMIRATION is always the same. It's "Cup-Tested" BY TASTE for flavor, for aroma, for richness—and the personally "Cup-Tested" ADMIRATION way is the only way to assure the same perfect blend package after package, Serve it today and be rewarded by your family's happy satisfaction. - ;J .Cop.vrieM 11MB. • "Duncan CoIIcc Company QUNSAN COFFEE; COMPANY , . . ROASTER? AISO OF MARYUND CLUB AND BRIGHT ANP EARLY t©FFgES ALWAYS TENDER AND TASTY ' feast on this specially se< lectcd beef—tender, juicy and full of flavor. Rich, red meat that's fine-grained, solid. Little waste ... the best buy for your money. Enjoy Kroger's finer beef at these low prices! WINS', HUDSON Finest jkroger Quality Beef CHUCK ROAST Ib. 35c Short Ribs ib.25c Sirloin Steak ib.'55c ~*;sVt|>£fr-. KRONER'S 5 E CONTESTS. FRYERS Dressed and Drawn, Grade A CHEESE Aged Herkimer. Fine Flavor. PURE LARD Bulk. While Supplies Last; Lb. Lb. Lb. TENDER HENS . . . /.Ib. Grade A,' Dressed and Drawri. FRANKFURTERS . . . Ib. 43c Type 1, Skinless. Juicy. CHEESE ......... Ib. 20c Hulk Cottage. Creamy. FILLETS .'•.„•,[... . . . Ib. 39c Fancy Fres-Shoj-e Cod. WHITING . I ..... Ib. 15c H&G Scaled, Pa"n Ready. 5 HUDSON SUPER-SIX' SEDANS with heater-ventilator end foot-control radio. CROSLEY super SHELVADOR ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS big 7.3 cu. ft. size. '. CROSLEY playtime RADIO-PHONOGRAPHS CORY all-glass COFFEE BREWERS 231 FRIZES IN THIS 4tfi WEEK! NATION-WIDE CONTEST ENDING NOV. 6 JUST COMPLETE TH/S J/NGIE Kroger Coffee's fresh J fmow, T/ie Hof-Dafe plain// fel/y me -so,It's never ground unf// / buy ••i.*.«f.*...........t (Fill In last lino and rnako II fhymo wilh "buy."J Mail your entry with dated end from Hot-Doled Coffee bag, 01 facsimile, ta Kroger Confesr, Box J200, Chicago 4, III. Decisions of the judges, The Lloyd Herrold Co., will be final. Duplicate prizes in case of ties; cash equivalent' to prize, if winner desires. Get entry blanks and rules at Kroger's. ENTER NOWi SPOTLIGHT 3 Ib. bag I FRENCH BRAND Ib. bag . 3/c PORK (HOPS Delicious Breaded Center Cuts. Ib. 5Jc FRUIT CAKES Country Club BREAD 'Kroger's Clock. Fresh Daily APPLE CIDER Motr's Pure WHITE SYRUP Pennant. Value $ 21/2 Ib. cake 172 Large Loaves 1/2. Gal. Bot. 5 Ib. Ja 52c Tomatoes . No. 2 can 16c Scarcy County. New Pack. Green Beans no. 2 can 14c Avonctalo Cut Stringlcss. Spinach . . No. 2 can 13c Country Club. Grit Free. Apple Sauce no. 2 can 19c Country Club. Creamy. Campbell's . . 2 cans 21 c New Pnck Tomato Soup Crackers . . Ib. box 22c Nabisco Premium. Crisp. Tomato JuiceNo. 2 can 12c Country Club. Serve chilled. Potato Chips . . pkg. 29c Stewart's or-Lay's. Fresh. . . . qt. bot. Priced Low. TOc 35c Mustard Standard. 'Pickles . 32 oz. jar Heifetz Fresh Cuke. Olives . . . . 5 oz. bot. 40c Jack Frost Stuffed. Blu White box 8c For Whiter, Brighter Wash. CHEESE Windsor Club Spread. Value. CAKE FLOUR Country Club ADMIRATION Cup Tested Coffee 2 Ib. Loaf ..5" Ib. bag 600025 •for Iii jouisville, Ky., recently,, they gave a picnic for crippled children. One of Louisville's Kroger men, taking charge of two booths, raised $6,000—the high score for the day. Your Kroger man is a part of your community — of your neighborhood. He contributes to the Bed Cross, the Community Chest, to similar drives. He is a local man—a part of your town —serving you. .Lb. Jar Swan Soap When Available. Use Large Bar for Wash. Lux Soap When Available. Soap of Screen Stars Swan Soap When Available. Use Medium bar for Bath Rinso When Available. For a Brighter Wash. ORANG New Crop Floridas. Fresh Juicy, Thin Skin, Fruit PEARS Ib. 15c Kroger Redi-Ripened. Cauliflower . . Ib. 15c Snow White Heads.' GRAPEFRUIT Marsh Seedless. Whites Pinks Lb. 7k POTATOES.. 10«» 35c CRAPES M 2%t Washed Red Triumphs. No. 1 Quality. California Emperors. Fresh, Sweet, Juicy. APPLES M5c TOMATOES.. ib.17'/jc Fancy Boxed Washington Red Delicious. Excellent Slicing Quality. Red-Ripe. '"I >l

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