Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1946
Page 4
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," Ctoft b«r 30,5 W Word* ' -<~* \jtno is. Ads Must Be.tn Office Day Bettre I»ubllc4tl6a One Three Six One SH-—^ •"Day Days Days Month ,4"a .90' i.50 4.50 _. w l-oo e.oo For Rent .60 1.20 1.50 *36 -to *a . - 41 to 4» ^.48 to 50 4.00 4.50 5.00 12.00 13.50 15.00 t I i r J, 1.20 2.40 1 35 2 70 T-ilso a'.w , v»re for..Continuous ., -.--,- - Insertions Duly .•-Att"-Want Ads CasH in Advance • Not^Taken Over the Phone •FARMALL -TRACTOR . W. I T K v . "double • disc braker, 18 inch Tan- turn disc; Two row planters, two ' v . :"row 'cultivators. Equipment in " (T good condition, located at 1 my v " ,/arrn 1 . 12 miles'somhdf Prescott on .Highway no. 29 E. H. Wea „ ver. - . 24 " Gt T, G'ANG DISC. FRotfr SECTION i, , , f ft. back section 8 ft. Verdis Mose? ,v-« • Patmos, Ark.- 24-6 ** ' * «' '» W 1 SEVEN FOOT FRIGIDAIRE, good, condition. A bargain. Phone •199-W. 24-6 BEAUTIFUL CHINESE •Chows, V^eleven months old, Old-, male. "J 2M. year old k. , . ffrfftfle 'bred. Well sell cheap f-f. *-.•*••* wr* r _ -•»•_•'• Ytr_u M n'.4 • *>*5_K see*'Wade Warren. 25-6 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART ment. Couple. See Kenneth Brice at Walters Garage or phone G2G-.R 28-IU t ROOM FURNISHED APART- private bath, private en ^ trance, 409 E. Second. 28-3t Enough By Weitbrook Pcglcr Copyright, 1948. By King Features Syndicate. NICELY FURNISHED . MODERN ' apartment. Private 'entrance. .._ „ sirls or couple p red. 321 Bonner, Phone-129; New York, Oct. 3(1 — The New York apartment of Leo Durorher, the manager of the Brooklyn ball- club, includes a terrace and a bar, 'decorated in baseball decree, if that word means what 1 hope it means. The rent is $175 a month. Durochcr got more than $40,000 but Wanted FIVE GOOD MILCH COWS, fresh, W. A. Alford, Hope, Rt. a 28-3t Wanted to Buy SPORTS ROUNDUP -. »M 1 f»fcrt» Jfc———' Circus Gomes to Hope Saturday New York. -Octi .30'— (AV — If the Big Nine-Hose Bowl hookup goes through according to Western Conference plans, what effect will it have on schools UKO Notre Dame, Pitt and Michigan State? . . . . They'd like to 'make it n Dig Ten again and have adhered strictly vo conference rules on post-season play . . . But if the conference chump goes to Pasadena and if Notre Darne beats Army (as countless subway alumni think it wilU the Irish might be hard pressed for an excuse to decline a bid from I -less than $60,000, for Ihe 1946 sea- Son, say $50,001). But taxes arc high, and he lives expensively, runs with gamblers and plays gin rummy for a nickel a point. The apartment is close by the Sherry-Netherlands Hotel where, on the night of March 24, 1944. George Raft gave a dinner party j ' to some other bowl And Pit :\v- parently is headed for the big time aunin, with six conference schools scnedule The whole deal seems to be aimed nt colleges which frankly recruit players and i several pungent words may be said on that subject at the winter N.C.A.A. m>eting .But >n vhe nan's fnce." Scout Jack t,,a- voile, just n real pal, cut in: "I notice you always wear one in the oull pen. They must be good protection against fly balls." Shorts And Shells Floyd Burdctte, who played with the Oklahoma Anglos basket-ball team while he was in the army, is the new Alabama basketball conch and reports he'll use any player who matches his own height —six fc-et five . . . Chances are he 11 take some smaller boys . . . Ben Greenstcin. the Wilmington, Del., spbrtswriter, nominates the Delaware U team which hasn't lost in 26 games, as an Orange Bowl candidate. Against Muhlenberg, maybe? Do It Again, Mister When Western Illinois (Macombi '.which presently drifted over IDurocher's place. __ WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNr- Durochcr was not in the party, lure, one piece or more. Any | but he had given the key to his amount. What have you? Phone 61. 23-2mo friend, Raft, who frankly associates with notorious underworld personalities, and the company soon organized a crap game. Several "of those present had adopted aliases. I Martin Shurin. the chump of the I nvon in rt • n vni in IT »n M n \iri th i 1111_ •SIX^NEW ^NNERSPRING MAT ' tre'SSes.-"Martin Mattress Co .Phpne 119., 30-3 = ... _ ' 1946 WILLYS JEEP, LESS THAN "2, Memphis . 5000 m'DeSr"fc'lo-sea in. Call 828. •• •Hope, 'ATk. 28-3t Fights Last Night By The Associated Press Los Angeles — Joe Kahut. 182, ! evening, a young man with illu- Portland, Ore., outpointed Freddie ~ : — -«--•-» --.-.-.. ;i! -_ i: _..,_.. Schott, 214, Paterson, N. J., 10. San Jose, Calif — Juan Leanos, 130, San Jose, outpointed Joe Rob- leto 130, Pasadena. Calif, 10 "^ON£ THOUSAND BALES OF *" ' ~Joh~rison*^Srcjss,h'ay.'50c delivered. \V* A. *"A"lf6f r c(» "H"op€^ ^t. .3. 28-3t ^ GOOD 1 'PAIR""GENTLE ."MULES. ~ wei'gh't*-llPO,- "ager-£ ,-ye.ars; -New chain 'h'arae.SiSb:? ojxules but: - on Jlosston- road, ;H«;E.--.Patterson. •Einmet, 29-3t sions about celebrities, particularly movie actors, is disenchanted now. He lost $18,500 to Raft in a few niinutes and. in the ensuing § notoriety, shot off his mouth, pcr- Memphis — •Fritzie Zivic. 146. jhaps untruthfully, about his carn- Pittsburgh, TKO Russell Wilhite. iings as a sub-contractor in the war business of supplying airplane parts. He may have exaggerated. By United Press At any rate, he drew the attention Buffalo, N Y_ — Cyclone Wil- of the F.B.I, and was indicted n without NCAA guidance Dirty Crack Rotund Red Smith, the Giants line co-ich who doubles in baseball, was talking seriously about hard plastic football helmets the other day . . . "Something ought to be done about them," he insisted. "They're dangerous when a player rams his head into a Hnc- ern dropped back to kick. The snap from np"tei- «aM°ri over hi<= nc;ul and Clyde picked it up on his own eignt yard line . . .i-our .'Vion- mouth linemen were coming at him with unpleasant intentions, so !»eott dashed between them, skidded to a stop and then bootrd vho oall 60 yards downfield . . .That was a heck of a play in any game. Hams, 201 3-4, Buffalo, outpointed Halph Ivins, 191 N: j. 10, 1-4, Newark, Hartford, Conn. — George Red) Greensboro, N. C.. where he had sold bed-spreads before the war, on a charge that he deceived his draft board in obtaining deferment 10. FIVE'" ROOM vJHOifSE, GOOD condition.'.-Big .corneivlot.'.''Plenty ofuoutlet. ~. 'C:- ,W. „ -YSiicey,. ~ 513 , SyiW Walnut. .,P.ftprie.578-W.- : 29-6t _—J^ACRE" FARM;; 3 .ROOM HOUSE, j Cs-SkV outbuildings.r-Team; and all farm- t±r?2i~ Om»; implements 1 .-' '-Polly Moody; I ^^a^Erairfiet, Rtrr1-;-g'foOtf- cash': -29-6t Doty, '156, Hartford, outpointed as manager of a firm producing Charlie McPherson ,162, New York'war material. It is alleged that. actually, he was .lust a sub-contractor and farmed out his contracts to third parties for production. That may have been ordinary practice, .tolerated and even encouraged by the expediters, and the issue in the charge may be Manchester. N. H .— Florient Desmaris. 132, Manchester, out- pointed Jimmy McLarnin, 135, New Bedford. Mass. 10. Jersey City, N. J. — Danny Ivlartfn, 161 1-4, Newark, N. J., outpointed Solly Zalter, 166 , Mont- 1 more technical than moral. He' now ' '" insists that he fulfilled some of the war contracts himself with his 10. New York (Park Arena! — Irv- T-VVO ROW JOHN DEERE TRAC« ------ -'tor, middle burster, breaking plow, mower, disc and cultiva- . tors. „ f '•" •? unibu's) ,•'"'' Jphnspn, Jr. Col- 30-3t 12"' GYPR'ESS BOAT WITH, 5 H.P. outboard motor. May be seen at Hempstead CountyJL.br. Co., 30-3t knocked out Willie Odom, 144 3-4, Chicago 2. Salem, Mass. — Timothy (Buddy) Hayes, 12 7 1-2, Boston, outpointed Henry Polowitzer, 132, Hartford, Conn. 10. Even before World War II, own plant facilities but 'hasn't tho money to transport to Greensboro all the witnesses essential to his defense. Thinking back. Shurin recalls that in the scramble :Cor position at the crap table, he found himself alongside Raft. He would have preferred a place where he could retrieve the dice and count the spots Coach ofWeek Arkansas News Is Rice's Jess Neely By CARL LUNDQUIST New York, Oct. 3D — lUP) — Except tor the southern drawl that doesn't go with his rugged iea- tures. he might be mistaken for Abraham Lincoln and he has ;he same honest and straightforward principles about coaching :ootbaii. His school is the smallest in a rough, tough conference with an enrollment of 1,500 and its academic standards arc ihe highest. But he reasons logically that kids with good grades can play belter football than athletic'tramps with low scholastic marks and he refuses to go out after top-flight talent. The talent instead comes to him. He's the United Press coadh of '•"> wc^k. cenial Jess Neely of the Rice Institute Owls who upset iexas, 18 to 13 last Satur- NORGE 6' ELECTRIC REFRIG- erator in first class ' mechanical order t _New motor'iinstallecl since purchase.;!G-eo. Roffipson, Phone aOO .QV. 863: -^/.Vj. - 30 " u ij^j .-• J --. "*"• •. '-- ^ ' ' ' '•' ***** •" "-•' ' * ' » (•'' • '• II, ".'." '^Notice; ARE GOING HIGH, ,er every day. Have your mat"tress made over now. Write or "phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver anywhere. Phone 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm •—Services Offered . FOR^STIMATES ON-INSIDE VE- i netiaiv >-Blinds, wood OT metal, outside metal blinds and awnings. Write Riley-Cooper, 1909 West . 15-lmo For Sole or'Trodc i-! ii O1TE TON AND V> INTERNATION tTT KS5 truck. 26,000 miles. What ley' Service Station, East Div '- >^—~i ' ; _... '' , 29-3 two-thirds of the world popula-|as Raft ran up his thirteen passes, io n was chronically undernour shed. \ Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL, AMENDMENT NO. 38 , SUBMITTED BY FIFTY-FIFTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, a majority of all the members elected to oach House agreeing thereto: That the' following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That Amendment No. 3 of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended to read as follows: all fours and tens and most of them the hard way. However, a spot next to the great man was a place of honor, so he did not scuf- li'le and began to lay the convon- . jtional price against fours and tens |He says he gave Raft :?1,500 in currency and a check for $1.000 that night and sent him ion one- thousand dollar bills a few days later. Altogether, the debt was a major operation which took some time'and further financing. Durocher's choice of companions has been a matter of deep concern to Branch Rickey, the business manager of ( the Dodgers. The old Items Memphis, Tenn., Pet. 28 —Iff*)— Officials at the naval air -ochni- ciil training centerl at nearby Millington revealed today that two men lost their lives in a fire that destroyed a baracks Friday night. Public information officers said Peter Joseph Schmidt. Milwaukee, was one of the victims. The body of another man has not been identified. Two friends, "Chinko," the monkey, and "Trix the coach-dog look on as one of the 20 clowns with Dailey Bros. three-Ring Circus applies his make-up in preparation for his twice-daily appearance with the show. Ihe circus, traveling aboard a special tram of 25 double- length cars, presents performances at 3 and 8 p. m. in Hope, Saturday, November 2. Little Rock, Oct. 28 — W)— Executive Director Hendrix Lackey announced today the full membership of the Arkansas Resources and automobile accident at Chidcstcr, 16 miles northwest of Canulen. A car in which Price was riding failed to make a curve. Noil Riley, driver , of the car, and Calvin Price, another passenger, wore not injured. Little Rock. Oct. 28 —OT— The executive committee of the Arkansas State Safety Council voted today to install local chapters in the ariotis communities to iurthcr Development Commission would | its sa f e ty program, meet nure at 10 a. m. Nov. 8 ;o .lis- Mooting in the IT i n i n SAWMILL .FOR SALE pR TRADE in first class condition. A. G. -—Martin, 40**West Ave. G. 29-3t — The county courts of the State in Lost MALE IRISH SETTER BIRD DOG 7 months old. Reward. Merlin , "Telephone 480 or 215-J. 29-3t .......... .JERSEY COW, SALES T----.. ^tag.784 in ear. Reward. Ivy Mnt- chell,. Community Ice Co. Phone 29-3t . Within 40 Miles DEAD HQRSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant * Phone 883-W (PKone Collect) * IfcJNo'Answer Phone 3158-K William R. Herndon 'Photographer •"'First'National Bank Bldg. •—••_ - - Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Gommerciol and Advertising PHOJO COPIES Discharges r Legal Documents ^ r.' 24 Hour'Service ieir respective counties together vith a majority of the justices of le peace of such county, in addi- ion to the amount of county tax llowed to be levied, shall have he power to levy not exceeding en mills on the dollar on all tax- ble property of their respective ounties, which shall be known as he county road tax, and when collected shall be used in the respective counties for the purpose of making and repairing public roads and bridges of the respective counties, and for no other purpose, and shall be collected in United States currency or county warrants '.egally'dra.wn. on, such road tax fund practice of "whispering out" players and even managers "for the good of the game" could be revived .By this means, until Judge Landis became the "czar" after the fake World Series of 1919, which was framed by underworld gamblers, men were eliminated on the mere ground that they were "agitators" or "trouble-makers." Nobody offered the marked man a contract and he just vanished. Rickey, an old baseball man, of conspicuous piety, prayed, actually, lor Durocher. Another, of the same generation, said "they had "watched Durocher for about three years. Tnis is not ordinary practice in baseball. Experience had shown that gamblers take advantage of close friendship with players and managers. True, in the past, many were bribed, but so simple a thing as prior knowledge oil ihe pitching selections over a perioc could be exploited for a huge amount by a betting gang, Rickey has pleaded with Durocher to change his associations lest a scandal occur which could end nis ca- It is the second time in as many yours in;u jNeely has been named coach of the week for beating Texas which has come to be his specialty — it has happened three years in a row now with Rice in the underdog role each timo. Lost Saturday's job, however, was the biggest he ever accomplished as ,Rice coach. Texas was riding high with a perfect .record and in many quarters was being rated higher than Army's crashing Cadets. Neely put a stop to that trend of thought. He put a new kind of a Rice team on the field, one that Hammered Texas right into the ground with jabbing short but steady gains from the "T" formation. This was something new ior a Neely team, since prior to the current season his boys operated out of a single wing and threw passes with the abandon of most Southwest CoVi- 'erence teams. cuss its 1947-49 budget recommendations and confer with Governor Laney on the commission's program for the next two years. Little Rock, Oct. 28 —(£>)—''Thc Home Telephone Company, operator of exchanges at Bearden, .Fordyce and Sparkman, was authorized by the nnblic service commis- sion'proceeds of the odds would per cunt urst mortgage bonds. The company told the commission proceeds of the onds would oe used to reimburse its own treasury for recent improvements and to make additional extensions of its services in the three services. Camden, Oct. 28 IV).— David Edward Price, 28, of Antoine, Ark., died last night of internal injuries suffered a few hours earlier in an Little Change in Statistics of Southwest Loop Dallas. Tex., Oct. 30 — W)— Team and statistical lenders of the Southwest Conference, virtually the same since the beginning of the season, were unchanged in last week's games despite 'ihe shakcup of the standings as a result of up- Ldrgest Crowd in History to See High School Game Little Rock, Oct. .10 -(/I 1 )- Thj irgest crowd ever to see » hil! chool football name in \rkansa lid (jerhnps one larucM- than eve aw, a college name in the wondc tale is expected for the rUUl RonU-El Dorndo brawl hetc Fruin; "ht.' E. F. Quisicy, LiUle Rock all otic mfce-tof, said blen'ctiors woul je placed in the stadium to if jreasc the seating capacity to 14 'so. .-• • :' The pamn. p:;;:rtp! two undcfea ed, ,untled' teams against eae other, should determine tho clutrr sionship of District One and \h winner will be favored to cop II , sUito title in the November ani Dfccmbci- playoffs. ; The largest crowd over to'jice J. ligh school game in Arkansas wai the turnout of nporoxlmately 15.! 000 for the North Little Rock-LlttU| Rock 13-13 tie Jast Thnnksgivins Dav. The largest night crowd wa| 10.000 for Little Rock's game will Blythevillc in 1038. The 15.00 marlt has never been topped by i college game in Arkansas. State Chamber Endorses School Act l Little Rock, Oct. 29 — (/P)— ' Thl Arkansas Economic CouncilsUtf Chamber of Commerce announced today its support of the iniUatcij act' for" reducing the number o| Arkansas school districts. The ac| will be voted on in the Novcmf ber 5 election. f Directors of the organization, olj ficials said, had endorsed the aCj without .a dissenting vote amons the 32 members, although .sony, member's" did not sumbit ba^Jpts ii a poll taken. N OP t STAR/ M O ILONDIE t ASKED VOU TO 111 I lIHt'S YOUR BRING six <"' f OWN PAULT, CREAM PUFFS,) V, DEAR AND fHERE /'PEJUST THREE IN THE ify Ckieti . OU SHOULDN'T MAVfe HA: Sr St) MUCH (j ? SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner Mount Vernon was by George Washington to ' hi! nephew, Judge Bushrod Wash ington. j Meeting in the governor's office at the capitol, the committee also voted to sponsor legislation to lighten up traffic regulations. Litlle Rock, Oct. 28—(A 1 ;—Questions whether the school board can regulate the fraternal activities of high school students was submitted to the Arkansas Supreme Court today for possible decision next Monday. The case reached the court from Pulaski chancery .which sustained the Little Rock/school board's regulation barring members of prep school Greek letter fraternities from participating in extra-curricular and oxlra-scbolastic activities of the school. The suit was filed more than a year ago by parents of Greek letter organization members against Blonde Bobby Laync o. Texas still sets tho pace in total offense with 935 yards, in passing with 719 on 44 completions, and in scoring with 42 points. the school board and former Principal T. Q. Srygley. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repair* HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. The Owls put on three touchdown drives good for 79, 74, and i>4 yards and had the ball so much of the time that the great Bobby Layne of Texas didn't have his usual opportunity to put on his sensational passing display. On defense Rice used a five man line and covered Layne's receivers so effectively he couldn't do anythin gaboul :'t. "1 didn't point for Texas, but I guess the boys did," Neely said. -'It sure is a relief to IOOK down the bench and see boys that you know you can depend on. I guess we won this game because I hap- paned to be lucky enough LO be atlached to a bunch of boys who State on a muddy field in its opener. The Owls have run up 118 points against 33 for their combined opposition and arc tied with Texas A & M for the Southwest Conference lead. Neely has three big things in )ife to, keep him occupied and iootball rates number two behind his family — he has a wife and two daughters, Joan 13 and Mary 10— but a big notch ahead of number -three which is golf. He shoots in ihe 70's when' he plays regularly which he manages to do except during football season. "Complete service for yoi(r car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural . Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner FIRST-AID FOR SCALP-SCRATCHERS If dry scalp itches rub on a few drops of Morolino Hair Tonic. Helps remove loose, unsiRhtly dunclruff Hakes. MOROLINE HAIR TONIC Have Your Prescriptions Billed at Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main Street COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phonn 174 ' 216 S. Main reer. There is precedent for regulation of both the social habits and ihe associations of players and managers. They have been induced to „„_., sfiun certain restaurants irequent- the qualified elected by gamblers and racketeers ;6rs'pf such county shall have voted and to snub disreputable individu- aublic road tax at the general elec-|als in all circumstances. Umpires, tion for State and county officers rwho since the beginning of {he cen- preceding such levy at such elec-ltuiy have given absolutely no scan- tion. Idai, are suspicious of all strang win it." The 48-year-old Neely says his malerial this year is the best in is 20-year coaching career, but he sn't optimistic over the future, ecause he thinks other,teams have orrespondingly improved players. "o date, Rice has won :'otir games nd lost but one, 7 to 6 to Louisiana Filed in the office of Secretary of State on the 20th day of March, 1945. Witness my hand and seal of office on this tho 25th day of February, 1946. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State May 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 10, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4, 11, 18, 25, Oct. 2, 9, 16. 23. 30. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed- We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' Cleaners HALL'S Hotter! „ r HUQH I- HAtL, Qwntf 208 N. Ferguson Phon«7« ers, live and travel' apart ';'rom the ball-clubs and pick their friends carefully. After the crap game at his place, Durocher was told vhat Raft made calls on his phone to "unsavory characters. Raft's calls p 'rom the apartment and from his own suite at the Sherry-Netherlands went \o numbers serving a New Jersey gambler who is a brother of one ui the most notorious figures in the Jersey underworld! co Joe Adonis the Brooklyn gangster" who is named in the ".-nternaliona list," the Blue Book of the F. B. I. and to Longie Zsvillman, anothei Jersey hoodlum with a spectacu iar police record. Durocher, him self, said he had met Bugsy Siege in Raft's company. If the moving picture busines knows that one of its stars prefer the underworld and doesn't cure that is one matter. For a time, an for a profit, Hollywood joined th newspapers and the Departmen of Justice in discrediting the .{^dc nisesi and Little Angles, friends of Ueorge Raft. All tnat time, now- over, Hollywood was developing an underworld of her own, us evil and bold as the prohibition and union rackets, and without repudiation by the industry. But baseball is in a different position. Every day it appeals to the public for confidence and support. It has asked and received official recognition as a precious public trust. Nobody would bet on the outcome of a picture, but a few Killings on fixed ball-games would degrade something that the public, perhaps without realizing as much, has come- to regard as an American, ideal or treasure. The moral "climate" of Durocher's circle and Raft's is ominous!} similar to that in which the cor ruption of 1919 occurred. More than two dozen airlines have been set up in the Unitec States exclusively for cargo-car rying. CALL 119 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We make new or renovate any kind, or size of mattresses. 1 Day Service in Hope MARTIN MATTRESS CO. 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DALLAS, TEXAS Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging See Us For ... INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. Fire Tornado Casualty Automobile Real Estate List Your Property for Sale vyith Us. We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. Foster - Ellis Real Estate &. Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMI* • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Clean Qvercup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts TRECKLtj AND HIS FRl'EK'DS THE CJIR.US ARE- 1 HAVING THE LAST WORD ABOUr ; TWIRP SE-ASON • AFTER INVITING i THE BOYS OUT FOR, i A LARSE EVENIN6-. ! AT THE j NopTHRiDSE HOTEL, THE GALS HAVE LEFT THEM . MOLDING THE BAG FOR. THE- DlNNFe CXF^i-e, By Blosier HOW MUCH WAS YOUR CHECK?) BONELESS' - . SQUAB / ; | MINE WAS #10-557 \I've SOT EXACTLY &fe<£ I LETS POOL WHAT WE- . NOW ADO THAT TO :HAVE IN OUR. POCKETS// WHAT YOU'VE GOT. AND HOW MUCH HAVE •MUST BE OF THE BEST/ MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this coi][«- pany. .-^ MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a co'ndition on which we have hired every member of our service-with-a-smile staff. . ,, OUR'MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd, Byron Hefner Phone 442 1 "You're sure this is Hallowe'en?"' 946 BV NEA SEnVICETlNe. T. M. REO. U. - 5T'pAT.,OFF. . POPEYE Thimble Theater ME, > BUT CHANGE PRILLS 'LUCKY THE/'S) , TWO OP N EAA *JUST THE SAME 'M AN' EN6WEERA I'LL STUDY THE J UNDERGROUNP < FORMATION ON A. THE OTHER OWEiS HEAD THAT'S STRANQE, THEREfe SISNS HERE// 'HAVE YOU TO A BARBER SHOP For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope/ Arkansas (A$H---- inlOMinutes! Borrow money from ui on ypwr car, or almo*t anything of value. We'll lend you all you need} if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you wqnr the better we like it. Ten minute; usually gets you the cash, Ask for Mr. Me laity, •* Hope Auto Co. OUT OUR WAY "/ 1 STIMT AMP SAVE ) |. / TO BUY VOU THE / / I- MOST EXPEMSIVE A, \ CLOTHES, TH 1 BEST )' WOOLEWS, AMD ' LOOI4 AT YOU.' JUST L -- OOH.' By J. R. Williami OUR BOARDING HOUSE. THAT'S TH' WAV PEOPLE V KIM TELL THEY'RE EX- I . PEMSIVE .' GOOD WOOL DOES TH.3 WAY AFTER. /__—.— A COUPLE GAMES / ( OF FOOTBALL ER. •T_ . AMYTHIMG KIPS PLAY THESE DAYS.' With Major Hoople . THESE \2. ) y^. HO-HUM? RECORDS ivuw cHft^cse TUfc^i' STILL TACKLU OF HOOPLE MAhiOR/jk EVJER.SLTODY I'LL STUDY THe / BUT TH X Swus OF VARIOUS! BALU-cARRiet?, ADVERTISING FlfeMS AND _^ AlAOS/-<-\P DECID& WHO GETS FIRST i<?> You CAN SELL' CUAMCE AT THe H.OOPL& ) ( THAT PIPE OREAI^ MUSICAL BURGLAR ALARM.' J \YOU CAM PEDDLE •^-S~^ \SOAP BUBBLES NOTE -3 SOUNDS Too .1 MUCH Line-' A DUCK < ' BOR.M THIRTY' 'YEARS fob": T. M. BIG u. a. PAT. fifi COP* 1146 U* NIA SlllVlcr INC I, A IK A N S A S tH' B'ARSKINS DONE DISAPPEARED! WON'T BE NOTHtH FATFIELDS AN* US 'DINAH COULD G POP AINT US60 SUCH LANGWIGE SINCE HE CAUGHT HIS BEARD IN TH' SAWSAGE, GRU4DER/ Rolbh Lane Bv Michael O'Mallev / I'M AFRAID — I HE-- VIC,-- V.HAf?Dy, XM — ^•'^-^ ^^ t COME IN, JANET. GOpD EVENING, v HARDWICK. AND THIS, I ASSUME, IS YOUR. GUEST, MR. HINT? YOU DO, MRS,.LILT? HE'S— NOT HSRE, MOTHER. Hf'S — GONE. STEAOV, JANPT/ LETS NOT WASTE TIME ON FORMALITIES, MR. FLINT. WHERE'S CLIP? By *-<!s»ie Turner," WASH TUB33 SO VOUR Y WE'U GWE ORION THE CH^NCE HUNT \ TO EeC^PE 'HE'S BEEN WMTIH&' ON W ^ESP* I FOR,.. BUT VCD BE RE^PV|».6E '. WILL BE FOR I (KNC* MM& THW SHOT GOOD! .THIS \5 THE END I'VIE KNOWN WhS COMING FOR N LON-3 TlMvE.., CHANCE TO,.; VJB mS>tb COM* TWO'. JMLES, E*,SV...TnlS.BETTER BE OKPsV. OWON \NB GOT THW6 TO P15CLJ55 SOU IN THE UPPER RUINS LOOK fff ES^TO fsBOVE US! By Wolt Disney DONALD DUCK BOWLIM6 ALLEYS GOING' OUT /f < / SOIMG OUT 0( ,?Of BUSINESS 1 ENTIRE STOCK S\LE PRICE C&rl Anderson COWfJ AM f,''" RRi*=\ , . , S' SHOTS PER- 1 ' 5eNT Bv V. T. Haiiilin ALLEY OOP I WISH OOP . "X; HE'LL BE ALON6 HAD COV\E BACK .WHEN HE (SETS SHARPVOH,YES...BUT GATHERING IT HIGHER OUTPIT FOR MY } ON THE SHOULDER WOULD MAKE IT EVEN WITH WU...I NEED TIkED OF CORONATION. •< BETTERAMOULDN'TNOU SAY,MOTHER? 5ONTCHA THINK, EH? MDMNG6UIZ- LE IN THE GOVERNING OF PRE- HKTOfilC MOO... AND DOING JUST A WONDERFUL JOB OF FITTING HIMSELF INTO THE SOCIAL SCENE 0vie TONIGHT • i TIME-TRAVEL WHAT A HANDSOME LUXURIATES IN THE COMFORTS TWENTIETH i ' CENTURY. =*\ (ff~r==^£g£^ COI'B. Iflj'f." BV NBA SCftVICC'. INC* T. M Bv Edgar Martin , VOU'U-J. BEEN OCXSCbO^t » WUV OOK,' POP OP? TO 11^ VIH(XT'5 |y Fre,(j;Hgrmqn; REP RIPER' r s Et> RYDER TMX t(J RfDtf? 1 fWOR. SEE TOU LA1E.R AT TKE HAIL.' UGH' am to SEE REO YOU'P &e.TfZ SOMEf HIi-V OR. C-".'F V-iiLL R.UIN5 US f

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