Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1946
Page 7
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*^^ i.'jj:.' . , ' .,., , „% . «,tM.*-l-^-«—^. .«J— _»,»<^ T 'A - ' H^I^I^H^H^'^^'^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^V iS Vfef •jtfu TUP "2? 'li • 41-t *«•* ~ Ads fcti'st Be to Office Day BMote Publication rof One Three SLx .OheX-r — tt Da 4l D !KT D i% y o 9 Mo £ $ Help Wanted • — 1 OA ** n ^ " *"" ilso 1.80 2.10 ?,.40 3.70 50 ...... 1.50 3.00 20 25,. 30 ,.„... jtes" are for Continuous Insertions Only *• A) Want Ads casn In Advance • It Taken Over the Phone an 'TAR ••«• ««j-. ., fa >> - 01 •' ve; . .60 .75 .90 35 1.05 O 1.20 ^ 1.35 . 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 . 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 SALESLADIES EXPERIENCED in ladies' ready to wear. Pleasing personality. Must be dependable. Conscientious worker, Rood salary. Call Mr. Orendt at Hotel Bin-low from & a.m. lo I p.m. Wednesday. , 29 ' u Enou For Sate add Grady Streets. 23-Gt Services Offered By Weitbrook PcgUr Copyright^ 1946 By King Feature* 8Vndle«t«. New York, Oct. 28 — After George Raft's expensive dinner party at the Sherry-Netheriands hotel on March 24.' 1944 ,in honor of Martin §hurin. Jr., whom he never had seen before in his life, the merry company; by common con- FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- sent or intuition, went around the' netian Blinds, wood or metal, corner to the apartment to Leo Du- outsidc metal blinds and awnings, jrocher, the idol of baseball Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarknna, Texas. 15-lmo [ALL TRACTOR W IT H ile disc braker. 18 inch' Tan- disc, Two row planters, two cultivators, Equipment in condition, located at my 12 miles south JD£ Prescott Highway no. 29 E. H. Wea 24-6t fandom as he is called .in Brook lyn. Four young'ladles had joined the gentlemen nrid went along to meet such developments as might ensue. These developments included 13 straight passes with,the crap- dice by Mr. Raft and the loss of by Mr. Shurin, Mr. Shurin 01. GAlfe DISC, FRONT SECTION 7 ft.back section 8 ft. Verdis Moses Pstmos, Ark. 24-6t 19 ,^, FOOT FRIGIDAIRE. IN d corfdition. A bargain. p "°ne Wdrtted fo Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- ture, one piece or more. Any uu i¥ll . „..„.. ........ amount. What have you.' Phone had becn a sa i e smari of bed ni ti-lmo spre& ds but, with the onrush o: the forces of aggression, he hac abandoned this career to serve democracy uy manufacturing a lit tie thing like a bolt for airplane en ginea at 50 cents apiece under sub contract from one of the big aero nautical companies. He said he, i 'THEEE BEAUTIFUL CHINESE i ^Chbws, 1 eleven months old, • \ 1" V 2W vr. old, male. 1 2Vi year old Ljc»ale bred. Well, sell cheap. Wade Warren.; 25-6t •TWd FILLIES. 3 AND 5 YEAR -'- oW, 1 three year old mule, 2 pair 4 -of-smooth mouth mules. See R. C*»< Campbell, Critchlow Farm, Em< 'met. Rt. 2. • 26-3t HOUSEHOLD South Mam St. • 26-3t Real Estate for Sale BUY ONE OF THESE HILL TOP home sites across from the Country Club for your country home —electricity available— gas line tract left^-priced to sell. ALSO— 80 ACRE PECAN OR- the sensation of helping t chard with good six room house, (civilization but to make a barn, out buildings,, good water, [mate profit, too, out of the other fine pasture. 6' miles south of; 25 cents. In this vitally essential and that this sub - contracto thus was enabled t.ot only to enjo sav legiti A Lot of Wrestler Army Top Spot in Dy DOB GRUBB New York, Oct. 2tl — (.-Ti— The lop trin aniunR the country's foot ball pownrhouses [\rnvv. Notre Tiger-Wildcat Tilt to Decide Arkansas Pi-imo Camera, all six feet s(ix, 266 pounds of-him, cl.imps Bobby Bruns' head in leg scissors to• win m 18:14 before packou St Nicholas Arena in New. Yoi'k bow as wrestler. Cops had to ' be'called', to disperse turnaway crowd, Hope.' 120 ACRE SANDY LAND *, 'lurniture.* 422 dirt land farm on good Good five room house, barn arid miles Hope. On school bus and mail route. I role,'Mr. Shurih had time and mon- ley for relaxation. He mentioned I having lost $100,000 at craps over (a period of time but mentioned ""jj $450,000 in banks as well. -1946 'V&-' TON STUDEBAKER ** truck, long wheel base, 12 foot ; staPfe body. Low mileage. New ' • 4 c6naition. Monroe Kent, Patmos, '"Ark. V; 26 - 3t JSIX NEW INNERSPRING MAT- We havi; now walked around the corner with Mr. Shurin and the other guests and find ourselves at 600 ACRE STOCK AND COTTON Mr. Durocher's door. Mr. Duroch- combination farm. 5 houses and er is up at. Bear Mount Sin with his barns, over-flowing wells, net wire and barb wire fencing. 155 acres of merch'antible timber, 200 acres of creek bottom land. A real bargain at $25 per acre. See Foster-Ellis. 108 East Second, Hope, Arkansas. ball-club, the Brooklyn' Bums, engaged in spring training. Mr. Rafl has Ihe key, however, given to him by Durocher a few days before when Leo tore 1 himself' away from the training- camp tb'dihe with Raft 26-31 in town. And why not? They were ; - ' : THAN jailer .. :clQ.se±.M. -Call . wa. : THO'USA'ND "BALES OF Johnson grass.hay. .50c delivered. W. A. -Alford; Hope. Rt. 3. 28-31 *GO:QD' "PAIR GENTLE MULES,' r.. weight 1100, age. 5 years. New : , chain harness. 7 miles out on : Rosston road, H; E. Patterson, W Emmet, Rt. •!-. - . 29-3t For Sole or Trade ONE TON AND % INTERNATION- al KS5 truck. 26,000 miles. Whatley Service Station, East Div. & Hazel. 29-3t SAWMILL FOR SALE OR TRADE A. G. 29-3t in first class' condition, Martin, 404'West Ave. G. GOOD ;FIVE ROOM HOUSE, . -condition. Big corner lot. Plenty 5- of'-outlbt' -€7 : .\Vi,:,Yancey, 513 t Sbuttr, Walnut,, Phone 578^^29-61 •S-AGSifTFARM;' 3 'TIOOM HOUSE, I outbuildings. Team and^ r ing .implements. Polly i Emmet,- Rt. 1. ?1,700 Salesman WonfeiF For Rent FRONT BEDROOM, ADJOINING very old and very' close friends. Mr. Durocher said, in fact, that he had often visited Raft, whose name seems to have- been Ranft"' a long time ago, at his home in Coldwaler Canyon, Beverly Hills, Calif. He had there the singular honor Of meeting Bugsy Siegal, who ranks among the aristocracy in the registers of both the F. B .1. and the Bureau of Narcotics of the Treasury. Mr. Raft said in a recent broadcast, "here today and gone tomorrow, but the rarest thing you can find any place is a friend," and New York, Oct .29.— (/P) ou've wondered why Alabama s *ose Bowl team lost' that game to Tennessee'and hasn't rolled up any big scores against its other major rivals the word from Tuscaloosa s "We're still using a 1945 team in a 1946 league." . . . Ten of the ! Bama Rose Bowl starters still'are on the first team while not many of last year's regulars• can make the grade at other schools . . . me Idaho Southern University football stadium , has been renamed the "Spud Bowl." No doubt that s where the opposition will get mashed. 000 won 1946 state Daseball championships hese are Carmichael, Call 00) which finished second national ratings. bath, to'working girls or boy. 615 1 Bugsy Siegal is his friend and vice .West Division, Phone 361-M. 26-3t | versa. Mr. Raft testified in court . in 1944 in defen'se of Siegal, 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APART KUUM UN*'unmanE.IJ f™^- ch argect with bookn.aking. "I have ment. Couple. See Kenneth Brice |.« M s;nBnl f 2n B ' „,.. w . at Walters Garage or phone 626-R 28-31 2 ROOM .FURNISHED APART- ment; private bath; private en trance. 409 E. Second. 28-3t FOR- VACANCY BY AA1 v national advertising specialty » manufacturer; in best selling sea» son of 64th ;year. New line con" 'tains largest and most diversi- ; fied'-leather, •-plastic, calendar , and novelty line in th^L-business. ' Qualifications: Age 35-45, at least '"eight years selling experience, , ability to work,Jsteadily and use. . intelligence. Men with these qual- - ifications are making $5,000-$10,'{ 000 with us their first year. Our f top producers made over $20,000 » irl--1945. Write qualifications. C. "H. Sumpmann, Kemper-Thomas - Company, Cincinnati 12, Ohio. 29-lt Notice NICELY FURNISHED MODERN apartment. Private entrance. Working girls or couple preferred: 321 Bonner. Phone 129. 28-3t Wanted to Rent TWO OR' THREE ROOM- FURN- ished ; apartment. For couple. Permanent. Phone 713-W. 29-lt Lost BILLFOLD, NEAR POSTOFFICE, Keep money, return billfold pictures and papers to Mrs. John known Mr. Siegal for 20 years. We inve been friends for a long time." A policeman said that when the raid was made on the apartment on Sunset Blvd., where Raft and Siegal were found with several other sportsmen, Raft admitted that Siegal had placed bets for him that very day. But that may just go to show how ill-trained some policeman are. For, when he took the stand for the defense, Raft swore that he and Siegal were just sitting there "discussing things" and playing cards ana that, ol course, Mr. Siegal took no bets; knowing this to be contrary to law. Raft was on .the stand for more than an hour and his secretary, or bodyguard .Mack' (Killer) Gray, otherwise Max Greenberg, also testified for Siegal. He didn't say whom he had ever killed to acquire his dread name and, must as One-Minute Sports Page Yale's Howie Odell put himself in danger of expulsion from the coaches' union yesterday when he publicly admitted he thought his team was pretty good; but he saved his membership card by saying that Army and Penn belong in a different league . ._. John (Htok) Dillon, the North Carolina U basketballer, reports his olt coach Ben Carrievale, has the bes job in the world at the Nr — Academy. Ben can't get his sci out to practice until 3:3d and hes off at six — and he lives on the Nava squac pend his mornings there ~ : it- ,-.y,«nlrilirinC nf Dame and T'enn — today headed in that order into the last halt of the race to decide the 1940 national championship., And while it appeared more cor lain than over that the litmiie clash o£ Hie Cadets nnd the Irish here a week from Saturday would all but decide, it also became evident that Georac Hunger's Quakers were going to have their say in the deciding. Army, salting away victory No. 24 with its 194) victory over Duke, had no trouble staying at the u>p in the Associated Press' weekly Doll of the nation's sports writers, while Notre Dame enhanced its second-place standing with a -ll-l! romp over Iowa. With Texas and Tennessee dumped from the ranks of the unbeaten and untied. Perm's ,'i2-19 verdict over Navy moved the Quakers from sixth place into third. Another shift jumped the University of California at Los Angeles. Pacific coast pace-solid from fifth to fourth Pcnn, like Army and Notre Dame, has an easy week ahead meeting Princeton while the wla eets case off with West Virginia and Ihe Irish meet Navy. And Columbia, Perm's ncxl opponent, should do nothing to inar the i Quaker's unbeaten record .going into their Nov. Hi clash with Army. Of the 172 scribes casting ballots By CARL BELL , Associated Pr«Ss ; Sports Writer Anvthiii!' happening iii Arkansas high' school football after Kriday tufhl's l.iUli- Uork-Kl Dorado biav/l — even the state title' playoffs in November iintl. .December —looms as an anti-climax. Last week, when college upseta Cell liko shooting -stars, emphasized the leaky condition of the dope bucket. Yd, it is Inconceivable'at this stage that any of .the current loaders iii the other districts could Ick either of these District One ehemolhs. Magnolia, which already lias vrapped up the Seventh- District crown, might, make it hot for the most loyal T&AiN DECISIONS TRUCK Crnwfonlsvltlc, liid. — A' train struck a truck here — nhd the truck struck back. The train won the decision, tester Arthur Shelton fil, was driving the truck when it wns hit by a speeding -passengertra'tfl. They truck was shoved Into a yard .remained in gear and rnn.btvck into the side of the train. It bounced along- for about half a block, before disentangling Itself. Shellon was Iron led in Culver hos pital Cor minor ipjuries. SOME HAUL San Diego, Oct. 2!) ... city lost $H7 oft a downtown parking meter yesterday: $3!i' as y'aluc,.1, r,r ihn mnifiv. which someone'' 1 —The of Uut or Wildcats, can even the loniuUnvn boosters of Van Burcn i) the Second District, Batbsvillc, Corning and McCrory in.the Third, .. , pulled up and carted away, nnd :32 in nickels and' pennies in the Coin box'. ball, but certainly not by one of those glory margins. More than enough second-guess,- ul -y ,,,.u,i: ,., I"B nlrcady has been done on the Fourth Marianiia Arkansas Razorbacks' loss to Ole .-rnn in the Sixth Miss, and we're willinu to accept Ihe Fifth, Warren in Ihe Sixth jnd Catholic High in the Eighth loncstly picture their favorites sticking the state championship in their trophy, cases this year'.' We doubt it. This isn't to toss in the towel Coach John Barnhill's theory that his boys simply went stale after being "up" for successive games with Oklahoma A. & M., TCU. Baylor and Texas. H's hard to keep letdowns from creeping into i Illf, lilll I IU HJSO 111 LIU- luv>^.l - - . . , I'l It, 4 on the playoff system. We simply schedule of suicide lik^lhnt. mean to point out that this is.a bad ' ^Thcse^ may be good aftci- soT in 0r which C fiie ni pow CI r' S is n "on ,^j^_ a ^ od . Uli ^^.^r^^ son in which Ihe more unevenly distributed throughout the stale than usual. Anyway, Ihe learns from little schools in all sections will have a chance at statewide honors, and that's what they've been clamoring for all these years. owns with populations of less than semi pro One of Calif, (pop in the Ocean of Pooles in this fourth weekly poll.' 1(14 put I nI0 , ir ^. r J; h ,?" Army at the head of the list. Sixty- " one — 40 more than last week — favored Noire Dame as the No. 1 learn. The other seven first-place ballots were split among Pcnn. with four, nnd UCLA, Georgia and Harvard, with one apiece. i3ased on the usual system of Bie Jim Poole is back in Ihc Na-|len points for a first-place vote. tlon-fl Football League as a stand- nine for a second, cieht for a Uurcl. out with the New York Giants; one of his brothers, .Ray, stands out ust as far at end for Mississippi LloL iO ini "^ %*••»• j I and, another, Barney, is regarded by no less an authority than Jack Lavelle as the best of Army's groat pair of ends . . . Their cousins. Oliver, a lackle and Phillip, a guard, also play for Ole Miss and Jackie is with the freshman squad at the same school . . . Phil and Jackie are brothers and they .nave still another brother, Flcmm, who is helping out as equipment room assistant at Mississippi while^ an injured shoulder keeps him nine for a second, eight for a ihird. and so on. Army piled up a stay- goring 1,647 points, Kifi more than last week's count. Notre Dame picked up 238 over last week ior a 1,578 total. Pcnn and UCLA were El Dorado's record speaks up in support of claims od Wildcat power. But the tank-like Tigers' have — to our ears — made more noise than an atomic bomb. It's definitely Litlle Rock in Ibis crystal let clown in a non-conference game; it was bound to come under Ihe pressure, which definitely off now. (2) Saturday's upset bore out a wish Bai'nhill. made last spring.* He said he'd like to keep his.piny-* ers from reading the newspapers or to be the underdogs in every game. position last week, was advanced lo 12th place with 101 4-5 points on the basis of its upset of Tennessee. Standings of the top ton teams (first place- votes in parenthesis: ' on 10-9-!!-7-a-f>-4-3-2-l the two other teams to vop the 1,000 mark. Georgia, whic'.i trampled points based system): Team 1—Army M04'i 2—Notre Dame iBl -Pennsylvania (4 Points ....1,647 The guys around the Raxorback nthlelic department' who should know believe Dana Bible's Texas team was overrated instead of upset, pointing to the fact that' a ijreat passing attack won't make li great learn without the same kind of a rushing offense. H certainly makes sense . .. Eastern Arkansas .football faithful contends End Frank Fischel of Helena-West Helena High is one of Ihe finest prepstcrs the stale has seen in many a moon. He's just a junior but is six-two, 210 pounds and "ast man 70-7, skipped from seventh to fifth place and completed the select list of Ihc major unbealcn and untied among the first ten. Harvard, si.xth of the majors with a clean slate, ranks number 17 in this week's poll. Afler Georgia came Northwest- 4—U.C.L.'A. H) 5—Georgia 111 ... Fur- G—Northwestern 7—Texas Tncl- M- rn he Voo -' °™. followed by Texas, Rice. North .Jack ivuira, UIL ' uul if.,,_„..,„ .,„., n.„,.,,,„..,.„,, ro-...,,.. ,,. edge of The golf course so he can will be at sea. plaving .. ball Giants' boss, hopes to .nave mosl o£ Ihem within a few years — figuring, probably, lhat if ne has so many Pooles the opposition Fights tost Niight By The Associated Press. Baltimore — Curtis (The Hatch- etman) Sheppard, 914, Phila delphia, knocked out George Fitch, 204, New Haven, Conn. 5. "~ —, n i p T.T i"i_ TT « . 01 no o*. Mtiiic nib uieau Jiuiiie aim, JIIU^L <ib Keck, 215 North Herve.v St. 26-3t y should uke to substanti a te ., leg ; DRIVING TOCALIFORN I A, aroyasL November 1st. Can take .-two, share expenses. References, , Phone 989-J. 26-3t MALE IRISH SETTER BIRD DOG 7 months old. Reward. Merliri Coop, Telephone 480 or 215-J. 29-3t ARE GOING H1GH- er every day. Have your mattress made oVer now. Write or phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver anywhere. Phone, 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm EOR~ YOUR CHRISTMAS GREET. ing cards. See or call Dove Knott, • Phone 959-W. 322 West Division > St. : • 26-3t -* r-?--1- REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) M No Answer Phone 3158-R .William R. Herndon " ' Photographer 'First National Bank Bldg. ,£ Second Floor r, PHONE 493 or 1U-J **" \'"- PORTRAITS £$3jrnercial and Advertising ,:S PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents '»'.*!£' 24 Hour Service ROWN JERSEY COW, SALES tag 784 in ear. Reward. Ivy Mnt- chell, Community Ice Co. Phone 44 29-3t Wanted 0 MEN AND WOMEN TO OR- ganize flying club. Phone 282 for details. Hope airport. 26-3t FIVE GOOD MILCH COWS, fresh, W. A: Alford; Hope, Rt: 3 28-3t to shoot crap. That we know, because he has never- met Durocher. He didn't seek out Mr. Ratt and his jovial circle, because he is a cOggle-eyed name-chaser and autograph hunter who didn't aspire \o such noble society. He was invited. We are sure that the invitation was arranged by the other side of the equation. If Mr. Raft had no reasonable prospect of-taking a chump this night he must be a very generous man to give' the party and flatter an insignificant Bed-spread salesman with no social quality to recommend him. . While waiting for tomorrow s in stallment to open the door on xhe crucial events of the evening let us dwell in thought upon the course that the baseball industry is taking after the long years of aloofness from gangsters, gamblers 1 ana the Another friend in Mr. Han's life |"'? rs °* '.I'lLjn^n th^RedTby is Owney Madden, a New Yorklferies was thrown to the Reds by killer who served a term in Sing'the White Sov m a histouc and Sing and was returned for violating- «andaloua,• lake .Thatjvas a gam his parole by association with the bling ,9°"?, o£ , V™ 6 ™? V 4? nft ga } 1hge ringside elite at Madison Square' sters like the friend i of Raft, the Garden when he and these elites I £nen .a of Leo .uurocner,__ were managing .Viliiams, HI, Montgomery, Ala., Little Rock, Ark., — Johnny Dabbs,, 142, Memphis, outpointed Audrey (Buddy) Holderticld, 145, Scott, Ark:, 10. end, I can find no record of any homicide to his credit. Anyone knowing any such will confer a favor on Killer Gray. A' man's reputation is at stake here. I can't find that he killed any Germans or Japs, a great temptation to a good, practicing killer. I can't find that he even slapped anybody's face. New York ios. Angeles, Larry Cisneros, 13fl, outpointed Johnny Carolina and Tennessee. Texas' 1!!13 defeat at the hands of nice and Tennessee's 19-U trouncing by Wake Forest still left the Longhorns and the Vols among the first ton. Wake Forest, way clown the list In 27th By United Press Boston — Mad Anthony Jones, 169 Champagne, 111., knocked oul lack Kenny, 104 1-2, Livingston, N: New Haven, Conn — Dino Belita, 129 1-2, Canton, O.. knocked out Joey Ia;nbtti, 129 1-2, New York 1. Newark, N. J.— Georgic Brown, 153 1-2; (Newark, ouipouitecl Tony Riccio, 152 1-4, Davonne. N. J. 10. Holyolce, Mass—Berg Lytell 160 FresriOj Calif., knocked out Johnny Taylor, 170 Piltsfield IS. New Britain, Conn. — Roy Wu liams,' : 160, New Britain, outpoint ed Baby Sims, 164, New York 10 Providbnce, R. I. — Henry .Ior dan, 148"3-4, Philadelphia, outpoint ; ' J RA'TTLED ON SNAKE HUNT Evanston, 111., Oct. 29 — W) Ah excited woman telephoned po- iqe and said a four foot snake, one ot the poor, humiliated They said he was in bad company trophobia and got nervous confined but finally they let him' But times and morals change the Brooklyn kkl of today coiled and ready to sfrike, was onl ou t again. Raft and Madden were] ""." ""-,, .^'•fC'.'J^hf^ =i PP ve and a lawn in Dempster 'street. pa ii s back in prohibition days in ""g", 1 Rj" 0 !* tD "I°^l^ hi, friond John Hoffman, the department's I New Y ork, when Madden had ' n I ask to-be introduced to his frjen^ dog catcher, sped to the scene. He approached cautiously as he spotted what appeared to be the reptile the woman had reported. It was four feet long, five inches in diameter, and had ten rattles. Hoffman fired one shot and the snake exploded into a-dozen pieces. Hoffman picked up a piece of the snake's stomach and read "Made in Texas." The snake was made of plaster of Paris. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana B—North Carolina 10—Tennessee ....1,100 1,018 .... 935 659 475 465 4-5 .. 201 191 afoot •Men's amateur baskot '.mll teams from Fort Smith Siloam Spring shave games sched uled" with the Olson Redheads, th girl chomps, within the next' two weeks. The second ten: 11—Illinois, 126; 12—Wake Forest. Michigan, 90 4-5; 101 4-5; 13— 14—Oklahoma, 85 4-5"; 15—Alabama. 83 4-5; 16— Georgia Tech, 7!) 4-5; 17—Harvard (one first place 'votei. 00: 1«—Wisconsin. 00; H)—Duke, -10 ;20—Indiana, 34. Others receiving one or more points included: Tulsa, 15. ed Izzy Jannazzo, 154 1-4, Brook. " n 10. Lewiston, Me. — Maurice Beau- lieno, .144, Brunswick, Me., nocked out Fern Pelletior, 143, jcwiston 7. Chicago, — Churck Hunter, 157 -2, Cleveland, knocked oul Wil"am Johnson, 160 .Chicago 3. Omaha, Neb, — Tec Boddie, 92, Omaha, knocked out Johnny onsen, 187 1-2, Indianapolis 3. Washington — Jackie Cranl'ord, ISO. Washington, stopped Budd Konar, 181, McKeosporl, Pa. 9. New Orleans, La. Chester Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main Street CALL M 9 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. We mak» nfiw or renovate any kind,' or size ol mattresses. . ~... 1 Dav Service in H^'Je MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We .Sell Sleep" ." 9P1 W. >fi .Rt.. • • :. :p flico, New York, 139 1-2, outpointed Leo Kodak, 139, Chicago 10. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixturei Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER • Heating Hope, Ark. Plumbing Phone 259 Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co, Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' Hotten HW0H I, HALL, Qwiwr in the canyon when the district attorney would have asked him some I questions. Mr. Raft said he certainly didn't hide Madden. If a friend was a guest and he didn't'l know the friend was wanted, how! could anyone says he hid him? Ridiculous on the face of it. It will be seen at a balance—or, nvoking another sense, smelled at sniff — that George Rr-ft, the jctor selected from life by the movie industry to portray himself n his art. An official brochure of :he United States government says lis friend, Bugsy Siegal, has been tried on a charge of murder, first degree, and arrested on charges of rape, carrying concealed weapons and violating the nacotic laws, but' not convicted. He was," in government Ian guage, "a prominent underworld leader in New York for many years; has become a leading rac-1 ketecr in California and Nevada^ and intimate with 'legitimate' persons; always closelj connected I with narcotic smuggling and distributing groups. Well known to the narcotics bureau, and New York and Los Angeles police," and an associate of little Augie Carfano, alias Pisano, of the New York and Miami criminal scum. Mr. Raft was once observed with Siegal in Phoenix, Ariz., where Siegal owns a race wire and, on xhe whole, seems so closely devoted to his art that any demarcation be tween reality and phantasy must at' a thin, meandering line, drawn by a wavering critic. "But here we all are, the jovial company at Leo Durocher's door pn the night of March 24, 1944, 'with four ladies of beauty and culture and the sucker of the evening, waiting for Mr. Raft to let us in to have at the chump. . Mr. Shurin certainly didn t think up the idea of going to Durocher's tomorrow.) Health and Accldont INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska' MRS, CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds marie new $3 Down — Balance Weekly AUL WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We'Callfor and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In' Secondhand. Furniture Phone 152 411 S.Havel COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Doug /^ITV C ° rl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial* Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 "Complete se'rv'ice for your car MAtNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION No\v Ope'n 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laur\l Phone 303 Howard tomb, Owner ' GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING ^••v' Batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, sec HOMER COBB Hlfhway 67 Phone OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Sgcceesulan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Storesr , Southwest Oivision-Phone R-2677 11th Floor-Southland Life Blag. D At-LAS, TEXAS •• Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley St'udf* 220 S. Walnut Hppe, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging See Us For ... INSURANCE Qur Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. t Fire • Tornado 9 Casualty • Automobile REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMP' Complete Repair Shop Body and Fender Shop Complete Paint Shop Real Estate List Your Property for Sale with Ua. We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. Foster - Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolls Clear and Cleon Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phpne 245 Hope, Arkansai OUR SERVICE MUST El Of THE BEST,' C MUST BE, because that's a' tradition with this company. ; MUST BE, became that's what you expectiwhen you drive in here. MUST BE, becausJ! that's a condition on yhkh we have hired everjj;member of our service-wi^-a-smile, staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH 314 E, 3rd. Byron Hefner (ASH....in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from gi on yoMr car, or almost ,<iy thing of value. We'll lend YPH all you need ijw possibly can, regardless of where you live. The ^r you want the, better we like it Ten minutes usu*ly gett you the cash. Ask for Mr, Me tarty, «t Hope Auto Go. H6M 'Sf'M' HTd'M, AllKAftSA'S , (Mob** .W; «V CMMT fduftif OZARK IKE .••'*• *!_ *-"•«•_-£' 3ifii**j±E*Lft KJ2££S&Z?y'Js5sssf?^ '111 (If I DCW'T WANT ^> HAVE V, TO STAkf 7 CLOTHSS BUNCH LOOK, POP' I WE DRESSED DAISY UP, AND SHE LIKES THAT'S GOT TO STOP, fciGHTAWAY.' TH£Y_,&OTH FIREd AT TH' SAME TIME, BUT ONLY ONE _ SHOT HIT •%. AW' TO TH;FEyom; iB W T«£T,,/ WW? BETWIXT OUR cv, RA&ES POLKS STARTED .x \s>\ .r-' OVUH THAT WHEN YO' GREAT-^C ^V^, -y B'ARSKIN a^C^^Sfiffit TREMEN JOUS jy^ Jjfc£ ^^TH' PELT PER , . BAR... _^^^L. SZffMi'- *®>$> ^^^ma A WHOL-E Y'AR/ THAS POP/ WONDUH WHura WRONG- By Michael O'Mdlley & Ralph Larie SIDE GLANCES By Dick funnier CARNIVAL By Gaibraith ?ten we got back toths Lilts'house, every light irt the place was 6n and'their butler awaited us brt the fldaf. YOUR'COAT, MISS JANET. V^ THANK YOU MOTHER SAYS THE / GRESHAM, LETS NIGHT. AIR' AT LAKE J NOT SO INTO THE MYSTERY- - s? NIGHT AIR AT LAKE MYSTERY NOW. WILL SHOWTHE WAY? IS THAT YOU, SRE5HAM? SEND JANET INTOMfeWl AT ONCE. THE (3ENTLEM6M MAY COM6, TOOt WE'RE DOMING MOTHER. WHAT IS IT, '^f YOUR MOTHER GRESHAM 1 M IS IN THE LIBRARY, MISS JANET. SHE INSTRUCTED ME TO- SEND YOU UP IMMEO- 'IATELY-- AND.THE. GENTLEMEN. .«••' -'H By *-<sslie Turner „ mi* i i •« ••!••••<• • in i mil ii 1 ••liifaaMar NOU'Ut-START AFTER THE- TRUCK *T DUSK,RlNGO.,,/HOW V •WE'LL HftVE THE LrNST. / FINISH OFF ' SEEfAS TO BE.HONEV-COWBEB WITH p^ss^GEs 1 MR-.GILKERSON WE'LL-U5R OUR.-COMMSS TO HE'S RIGHT WUST BE ON THE RIGHT j^KEEP OUR COURSE WEST /.^™f_ tess>»»^__- . .. iiig LOOKS LIKE WW THE REST WHEN \ VTEBEVTERGE ^ sou GET era*. ^ :IT OVER WITH fAOCHO'S STILL THERE WE ^^^S HKVE TROUBLE. YOU WWT FOR US BfXCK. ICE THW'S BEEN USED LMELV! . IN'THE (\NC1ENTL05TCITV DONALD DUCK By Walt Disnev . — - COPR. .t»<» BV NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M.' REG. U. S: PAT. OFF Personally 1 prefer the library, but my wife thinks- the courthouse'pigeons arc'tenderer!' 1 , ' ... ."Thanks for Idling me go, Pop—and dori'l forget I'll Have lots of lime to get my siecp when I gel lo ho as ol»! ^as you arc!'.' IRECKLE3 AND HIS FRiENDS By Blosser V MORE OFF THE "BALANCE'/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberoer r ^1 'Copi iQlfi «'j|i Onftj Pioihffii ^"'H.. l.WwM Hij;l<^ RtktMtJ Bu Carl Anderson HAVEMT YOU GOT A. JOB SOME DAY I'M' GONNA Tfc THAT PAYS QFE " A POTATO THAT'LL BE BORN STARK NAKED/ r __ . A. LITTLE- /""WELL, YOU HIGHER.? f COULD HELP NUTTY COOK. / :\"1 hope you don't mind us pulling Ihc posts lhal way— __\ our defense against iielcl goals isn't so hoi!" ; _{ Bv V. T. Haiulin ALLEY OOP WELL,HUKRY,OEACf WE DON'T WANT M : •THEN ! HT TH'YMY GOOPNE5S, MR BIG LUG HAVE IT I OOP, YOU'VE , AM'-- SAY, IT'S /CERTAINLY ./^COME NEARLY SUN- / HAD AN . / AtfAIN,.,- DOWN.'.' I J AMAZING / WILL YOU, GOTTA GO/ A LIPE,' ^^1 ALLEY 1 AND SOON Thimble Theater MOTHER, I'LL' MR. QPP TO HtK.lLl. MK.LVr lUsr 1 "<^~( RISHT y SIT HBI3E BY r' SHE'S DOWN)// HIMSELF/ /S PROB'LY SOME OL' -A^ BATTLE- ^ - v -;' -; fa' SCARRED j '\^OEAGON/ .,) LI • -^\-\~ IF ATSA CASE,^ { i NEESfs A ^ SNEW PRILL/ DUG THE LJ WELLS OF MVRTH. THERE'S 89 —/YES, THE 1— LAU6HINQ WATERS FLOW UND6R89 FEET OF SOLID/ AN GOWNS, POPEVE -L-Z OUT OJR WAY By J. R, William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople -'--- ? RECORDINGS HO\AJ ABOUT TODAtf, h\ov>J ABOUT TVAM-'S -roof S?s "A VbTOPEMUOUS.' p&$, ° ^5^—n ,r* ?rf^ By Pred Harmgn "YoilKtoVO VJHO SHOT) Mf LIFE VJOULPN 1 1KC 6HEP«.fF, CHIPS V BH WORtrl A ' ~ AKE- PREFERS MAPE - NOT BORNI CM1 . „„., Phon< 442

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