Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1946
Page 4
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jf A-fA,v '•< ;. - .--.•._., .. u 33-POST J'UpflS ....... 45 ,16 «20 l2l t25 ,26 t30,., ' ~Ads Must Be In Office Day BMore Publication One Three" Six Oneffl • •• — Day Days Days Month .38 t 60 75 ,., 90 135 — 1.03 . . 1.35 ijSO ...... 1.50 10 1.20 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 , 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 « Jtes are for Continuous ***«*« Insertions Only *"•» A Want Ads Casn in Advance ' • Nt Taken Over the Phone F^oir Sate SHBbLES. CYPRESS (HEART an snp» Pine. Hope Shingle Co —Sttand Grady Streets. 23-61 Help Wanted SALESLADIES EXPERIENCED in ladies' ready to wear. Pleasing personality. Must be dependable. Conscientious worker, good salary. Call Mr. Orendt at Hotel Barlow from 0 a.m. ;o 1 p.m. Wednesday. 29- it Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- By Weitbrook Pcgl«r Copyright; 1948 By King Featufe« syndicate. New York, Oct. 28 — After George Raft's expensive' dihripr party a~t the Sherry-Metneriands hotel on March 24: 1944 ,in honor"of Martin JJhurin. Jr., whom he never had seen before in his life, the merry company, by common consent or intuition, went around the 1 netian Blinds, wood or metal, corner to the apartment to Leo Du- outside metal blinds and awnings, irocher, the idol of baseball Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo TR ACTOR >V T T H ,c- disc braker, 18 inch Tan- disc, Two row planters, two cultivators, Equipment in , BU « condition, located at my fain, 12 miles south of frescott WHighway no. 29 E. H. Wea- DISC. FRONT SECTION 7 t ft back section 8 ft. Verdis Moses ' Ark. 24-6t -SIVEN FOOT FRIGIDAIRE. IN v fiold condition. A bargain. Phone 181-W. 24-ut *THHEE BEAUTIFUL CHINESE * "Ctows, 1 eleven months old, 1 : "2« vi- old, male. I 2& year old L»fenale bred. Well- sell cheap. ~-Se2 Wade Warren. 2o-fat TWd FILLIES. 3 AND 5 YEAR - ' old, 1 three year old mule, 2 pair t • ofcsmooth mouth mules. See R. C «r~ Campbell. Critchlow Farm, Em- -met, Rt. 2. - 26-3t Wanfedto Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI- lyn. Four young'ladies had joined the gentlemen arid went along to meet such developments as might ensue. These developments included 13 straight passes with the crap- dice bv Mr; Raft and the loss of _ _ _ ^ ......... ........... ture, one piece or more. Any S 18.500" by Mr. Shurin. Mh Shurin amount. What have you? Phone had , beon a salesman of bed ftl £U'AlnO ««.»«._ J« U!..t.'- ...:»!•> I W r. nnt>ni*Vl f% 61. Real Estate for Sale BUY ONE OF THESE HILL TOP home sites across from the Country. Club for your country home electricity available— gas line S p,. cac i s b u t;' with the onrush o the forces of aggression, he hac abandoned this career to serVc democracy oy manufacturing a lit tie thing like a bolt for airplane en gines at 50 cents apiece under sub contract from one of the big aero nautical companies. He said he, i adjacent to property—road to be I turn, sub-contracted the job to black topped. One 2Vi acre, one 4'company which had a shop, Cor tri acre two 5 acre, and one G acre modest ,-iyalty of 25 cents per bol tract leftj-priced to sell. ALSO— 80 ACRE PECAN »«Ht- '-A** A' A Lot elf Wrestler Army Retains Top Spot in Grid Grid Circles By DOB GRUBB New York. Oct. 2H — OVi— Tlie top trio amuiif; Ihi' country';; tool- ball powerhouses —.Army. Notre Dame and Penn •— today 'leaded in that order into the last half of Ihe race to decide the IfMO nation Tiger-Wildcat Tilt to Decide Arkansas Jal championsltip., I And while it npponred more certain than over that the Illume clash (it the Cadels and the Irish here a week Ironi Saturday would all hul decide, it also became evident that George Munfior's Quakers were tfoin.n to have their say in the deciding. Army, saltinn away victory No. 24 with its 10-0 victory over Duke, had no trouble stayini! at 'the u>p in the Associated Press' weekly (joll uf the nation's sports writers. while Notre Dame enhanced its second-place standing with a •!!-() romp over Iowa. With Texas and Tennessee By CARL DELL Assoclntetl PfftSs Sports Writer Anything happening i" Ai'knnsnS high'school football nfter Friday nil'hfs I,itllo Uock-Wl Dorado brawl — oven the state IHlir play nffs In November nnd - Ddccrnbet —lunnis as an anti-climax. Las' wni'k, when college upset. 1 foil liho shooting slurs, cmphnsi/er Ihe leaky condition of the dope bucket. Yel, U is inooiicoiVnblo n this sliitfe that iiuy of the curron loaders in the other districts couli it:k o'ilhcr of those District Oin johenioths. M;ii;nolia, which nlrondy h;\ vrtippod up the Seventh Distric :rown. might make it hot for th Tigers or Wildcats. Liut can even the most Joyn lomelown boosters of Van Bure .n the Second District, Batcsville Corning and McCrory in-the Thirc Subiaco in the Fourth, Mariann in the Fifth, Warren in thu Sixt and Catholic High in the Eight honestly picture their favorite sticking the stale championship i their trophy, cases this year'.' Primo Camera, all six feet s(ix, 206 pounds of him, cl.'imps Bobby Bruns' head in leg scissors lo-\vin in 18:14 before packed St. Nicholas Arena in New York bow as wrestler. Cops " a " t« be'called-to disperse turnaway crowd. - MISCELLANEOUS .. HOUSEHOLD » -iurniture: 422 South Main St. *•"*-( • 26-3t "1946 1% ' TON STUDEBAKER 1* •truck/'long wheel base. 12 foot * staKe body, Low -mileage. New * '"c'b'nSition. Monroe Kent, Patmos, 26-3t X NEW 1NNERSPRING MAT'-*•------. "Martin 'Mattress Co. 119. _^_v 26 ' 3t Fa JE.E'g.'-^ESS THAN closed;., in..Callus, and that this sub -' contracto thus was enabled r,ot only to enjo ___ .. OR- the sensation of helping t " sav chard with good six room house, (civilization but lo make a legiti- barn, out buildings, good water, (mate profit, too. out of the other fine pasture. 6 miles south of .'25 cents. In this vitally essential Hope.' role, Mr. Shurih had time and mon-* •^ ^..^r^^r T A^TT^ AVTT-. e >' ior relaxation. He mentione'd 120 ACRE SANDY LAND AND , naving lost $100 ,000 -at craps over dirt land farm on good road: ' ».-.»Good five room house, barn and out buildings. Six miles south of Hope. On school bus and mail route. dumped from the ranks of the unbeaten and untied, Penu's 32-19 verdict over Navy Quakers from sixth moved place the into 600 ACRE STOCK AND COTTON Mr. Durocher's door. Mr. Duroch- combination farm. 5 houses and barns, overflowing wells, net wire and barb' wire fencing. 155 acres of mer'ch'aritible timber, 200 acres of creek bottom land. A real bargain at $25 per acre. See Foster-Ellis. 108 East " Hope, Arkansas. a period of time but mentioned $450,000 in banks as well. New York, Oct .29 —(fP> ~| f We hav<- now walked around the you've Wondered why Alabama's; - • -- - • - • Rose Bowl team lost that game to Tennessee'and hasn't rolled up any- big scores against its other major rivals the word irom Tuscaloosa ' "We're- still'using a 1945 team third. Another shift jumped the University of California at Los Angeles, Pacific coast pace-setter from fifth to fourth . Penn, like Army and Notre Dame, has an easy week ahead. We doubt it. This isn't lo toss in Ihe lowc TRAIN DECISIONS TRUCK Cr.'iwfontsvMlc. liid. — A' train .nick a truck hero. — ahtb tno •uck struck back. The train won- the decision. Lester Arthur Shelton 01, was riving the truck when it was hit y a speeding passenger trtflfl. Tli nick was shoved Into a yard ,re nained In gear and- rim. back into he side of the train. II bounced long for about half a block before Iscntangling Itself. Shellon was trealcr! lit Culver nos pilal for mini;: 1 injuries. SOME HAUL San Diego, Oct. 29 —(7P) —The city lost $M7 ort a downtown park- ng meter yesterday: $3!V as yaluefft if"-., the motor, which someone^ 1 pulled up and carted away, and $2 in nickels and pennies in tht? c'oin BOX'. on the playoff system. VVe simp! mean lo point out that this is.a bad year for its beginning. It's a season in which the power is even more unevenly distributed throughout the state than usual. Anyway, the teams from little schools in all sections will have ball, but certainly not by one of those glory margins. More than enough second-guessing already has been done on the Arkansas Raxorbacks' loss to Ole Miss, and we're willing to accept Coach John Barnhill's theory thal» his boys simply went stale after* being "up" for successive games with Oklahoma A. & M.. TCU, Baylor and Texas. It's hard to keep letdowns from creeping into a schedule of suicide like that. These may be good afterthoughts: (1) It is a good thing the Porkers UilllHJ, IMS till l-'USV WUfl\ .UIUUU. , --- - : , . . „..,! meetinq Princeton while the wia- 1 Chance at statewide honors and eels case off with West Virginia | ««'» » what they vc been clamor- - let clown a non-conference corner with Mr. Shurin and the other guests and find ourselves at Second, T THOUSAND "BALE'S OF Johnson grass.hay. 50c delivered. W. A. -Afford; Hope, Rt. 3. 28-3t " PAIR GENTLE MULES, 1100, age 5 years. New . chain harness. 7 miles out on , Rosston road, H: E. Patterson, i-Emrhet. Rt. -1, - . 29-3t For Sale or Trade ONE TON AND ',-i INTERKATION- al KS5 truck. 26,000 miles. Whatley Service Station, East Div. & Hazel. 29-3t SAWMILL FOR SALE OR TRADE in first class' condition. Martin, 404'West Ave. G. A. G. 29-3t IriVE ROOM HpUSE, GOOD J -^condition. Big comer lot. Plenty T • .»'_1"* J-V* ' TTt' .-. * "\T ~ « nnir (^1*3 i Soutrc-Wa'lh'uCPb'one 57a-\V. 29-6t .^ACgE "FAHM.' 3 'ROOlVI 5 " ; outbjuildings. Team and a Ing .omplriments. Polly t _,, - ~ 1. $1,700 cash, i Salesman Wonfe3" !NEEDED,FOR VACANCY BY AM i national advertising specialty \ manufacturer, in best selling sea- V son of 64th year. New line contains largest and most diversi- * fiefl—leather,'-plastic, calendar and novelty line 'in thj^business. * Qualifications: Age 35-45, at least {""eight years selling, experience, , ability to work* steadily and use f intelligence. Men with these qual * ifications are making $5,000-$10, 5 000 with us their first year. Our t top producers made over $20,000 * in--1945. Write qualifications. C *'H. Sumpmann, Kemper-Thomas * Company, Cincinnati 12, Ohio 29-1 Notice For Rent FRONT BEDROOM, ADJOINING \°nl' any - er is up at- Bear Mountain with his ball-club, the Brooklyn' Bums, engaged in spring training. Mr. Raft has the key, however, given to him by Durocher a few days before when Leo tore' hims'elf away i'rom the training' camp to dine with Raft 2C-3t in town. And why n&t? They were - very old and very' close friends'. Mr. Durocher said, in fact, that he had often visited Raft, whose name seems to have- been Ranft" a long time ago, at his home in Coldwater Canyon, Beverly Hills, Calif. He had there the singular honor of meeting Bugsy Siegal, who ranks among the aristocracy in the registers of both the F. B .1. and the Bureau of Narcotics of the Treasury. » Mr. Raft said in a recent broadcast, "here today and gone tomor- 1 fHend?" and in a 1946 league." Ten of the [1 Cl -Li/TW »I_MC>«.. ^-. - - A • t I Bama Rose Bowl starters still-arc on the first team while not many of last year's- regulars'can rnake the grade at other schools . The Idaho Southern University football stadium , has been renamed the "Spud Bowl." No doubt that s where the opposition Will get bath, to -working girls or boy. 615 Bugsy Siegal is his friend and vice West Division, Phone 361-M. 26-3t| versn Mr. Raft testified in court bo'oSingf . 28-3t 2 ROOM .FURNISHED APART- ment, private' bath, private entrance. 409 E. Second. 28-3t NICELY FURNISHED MODERN apartment. Private entrance. Working girls or couple preferred. 321 Bonner, Phone 129. 28-3t mashed. One-Minute Sports Page Yale's Howie Odell put himself in danger of expulsion from the coaches' union yesterday when he publicly . admitted he thought his team was pretty good, but he saved his membership card b> saying that Army and Penn belong in a different league . . ' . John (Htok) Dillon, the North Carolina U basketballer, reports his ole coach, Ben CarneVale, has the' DCS job in the world at the Nava Academy. Ben can't get his squat out to practice until 3:30 and hes off at six — and he lives on the Six pend his mornings there owns with populations of less than 000 won 1946 state semi pio o'ascball championships One of hese are Carmichael. Calif, (pop >00> which finished second in die ational ratings. Ocean of Pooles and the Irish meet Navy. And Columbia, Penn's next opponent, should do nothing to nuir the Quaker's unbeaten record going into their Nov. 16 clash with Army. ing ior all these years. El Dorado's record speaks up n support of clairiis pd Wildcat no u,un - »uv. ,„ L-, ils ,, w,u, ,v,,,,v. ower. But the tank-like Tigers' Of the 172 scribes casting ballots have — to our cars - made moie in this fourth weekly poll, 104 put Army at the head of the list, bixty- one — 40 more than last week — favored Notre Dame as the No. 1 team. ,The other seven first-place ballots were split among Penn, with four, Tind UCLA. Georgia and game; it was bound to come under the pressure, which definitely is off now. (2) Saturday's upset bore out a wish Bai'nhill . made last spring.* He said he'd like lo keep his players from reading the newspapers or to be the underdogs in every game. Harvard, with one apiece, tlased on the usual system of lust as far at end for Mississippi i HSU i.l S i it i «->«• w«• M - — - •-. and. another, Barney, is regarded by no less an authority than Jacu Lavelle as the best of Army's great pair of ends . . . Their cousins. Oliver, a tackle and Phillip, a guard also play for Ole Miss and Jackie is with the freshman squad at the same school . . . Phil and definitely Little Rock in this crystal position last week, was advanced lo 12th place with 101 4-5 points on the basis of its upset of Tennessee. Standings of the top ten teams (first place votes in parenthesis; points based on 10-0-8-7-0-5-4-3-2-1 pc system): Tenm 1—Army (104i picked up 23fl over last week i'or a ;>—Notre Dame (fill Points .1,647 The guys around the Razorback nthletic department who should know believe Dana Bible's Texas learn was overrated instead of upset, pointing to the fact that a •jreat passing attack won't make i great learn without the same kind of a rushing offense. H certainly makes sense . .. Eastern Arkansas -football faithful contends End Frank Fischel of Helena-West Helena High is one of the finest prep'sters the state has seen in many a moon. He's just a junior ,but is six-two, 210 pounds and .Cast is helping out as.cquipment room | sate, ranks assistant at Mississippi while an .weeks poll. 1,578 total. Penn and UCLA were the two other teams to top the 1,000 mark. Georgia, whic'ii trampled man 70-7, skipped from seventh to fifth place and completed the select list of the major unbeaten and untied among the first ten. Harvard, si.xth of Ihe majors with a clean slate, ranks number 17 in this '.' —Pennsylvania (4 4—U.C.L.'A. (1) 5—Georgia (1) Fur- —Northwestern After Georgia came Northwest- Wanted to Rent TWO OR' THREE ROOM FURN- ished apartment. For couple. Permanent. Phone 713-W. 29-lt Lost BILLFOLD. NEAR POSTOFFICE, Keep money, return billfold pictures and papers to Mrs. John have been friends for a long A policeman said that when the raid was made on the apartment on Sunset Blvd., where Raft and Siegal were found with several other sportsmen, Raft admitted that Siegal had placed bets for him that very day. But that may just go to show how ill-trained' some policeman are. For, when he tool? the stand for the defense, Raft swore that he and Siegal were just sitting there "discussing things" and' playing cards aha that, of course, Mr. Siegal took no bets; knowing this to be contrary to law. Raft was on -;the stand for more than an hour and his secretary, or bodyguard ,Mack (Killer) Gray, otherwise Max Greenberg, also testified for Siegal. He didn't say whom he had ever killed to acquire his dread name and, must as edge of the golf course so he can will be at sea. figuring, , , . . has so many Pooles the opposition Fights Last By The Associated Press- Baltimore — Curtis (The Hatch- etman) Sheppard, 914, Phi a delphia, knocked out George Fitch, 204 New Haven, Conn. 5. . New York — Larry Cisneros, 13fl, _jos Angeles, outpointed Johnny Williams, 141, Montgomery, Forest still left the Lunghorns and Iho Vols among the first ton. Wake Forest, way down tlie list in 27th DRIVING TOCALIFORN I A, arovud. November 1st. Can take ,-tWo, share expenses. References, Phone 989-J. 26-3t MATERIALS ARE GOING HIGH- er'- every day. Have your mattress made over now. Write or •phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver anywhere. Phone v34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm EOR YOUR CHRISTMAS GREET. ing cards. See or call Dove Knott, - Phone 959-W. 322 West Division • St. = 26-3t REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R William R, Herndon " ' Photographer _'First National Bank Bldg. JT Second Floor * PHONE 493 or 114-J ^ * PORTRAITS QJliynercial ° n d Advertising , I£ PHOTO COPIES .plfcharges - Legal Documents • =**" 24 Hour Service XT * *, TT-.,.,-,, of oe ot quilt; ius ui uau luiiiic aiici, jiiual iib Keck, 215 North Hervey St. 26-3t y should uke {o substanti a te a Jeg . end, I can lind no record of any homicide to his credit. Anyone knowing any such will confer a MALE IRISH SETTER BIRD DOG 7 months old. Reward. Merlin Coop, Telephone 480 or 215- ROWN JERSEY COW, SALES tag 784 in ear. Reward. Ivy Mnt- chell, Community Ice Co. Phone 44. 29-3t |jj_j it*ivs>v*u^ «".7 *>vik,u vvtJi V,UIILI:I ci 2Q-3t favor on Killer Gray. A' man's reputation is at stake here. I can't find that he killed any Germans or Japs, a great temptation to a good, practicing killer. I can't Wanted 0 MEN AND WOMEN TO OR- ganize flying club. Phone 282 for details. Hope airport. 26-3t to shoot crap. That we know, because he has never met Durocher. He' didn't seek out Mr. Haft and his jovial circle, because he is a coggle-eyed name : chaser and autograph hunter who didn't aspire to such noble society. He was invited. We are sure that the invitation was arranged by the other side of the equation. If Mr. Raft had no reasonable prospect of-taking a chump this night he must be a very generous man to give' the party and natter an insignificant bed-spread salesman with no social quality to recommend him. While waiting for tomorrow's installment to open the door on the crucial events of the evening let us dwell in thought upon the course that the baseball industry is taking after the long years of aloofness 10. Little Rock, Ark., Johnny Dabbs • 142, Memphis, outpointed Audrey (Buddy) Holderficld, 145, Scott, Ark;, 10. By United Press Boston — Mad Anthony Jones, 169, Champagne, 111., knocked out Jack Kenny, 1G4 1-2, N. J. Livingston, ed Izzy Jannazzo, 154 1-4, Brook- yn 10. Lewiston, Me. — Maurice Beau- chcno, J44, Brunswick, Me., uiocked out Fern Peilctier, 143, Lewiston 7. Chicago, — Churck Hunter, 157 1-2, Cleveland, .knocked out William Johnson, 1GO .Chicago 3. Omaha, Neb. — Tec Boddic 192, Omaha, knocked out Johnny Eenson, 187 1-2, Indianapolis 3. Washington — Jackie Cranl'ord 180, Washington, stopped Buclcl Ko New Haven, Conn — Dino Belita, 129 1-2, Canton, O., knocked out Joey laootti, 129 1-2, New York 1. Newark, N. J.— Goorgie Brown, 153 1-2;•'-. -Newark, outpointed Tony Riccio, 152 1-4, Davonne. N. J. 10. Hblyok'e, Mass—Berg Lylcll 1GO, Fresno,-.-Calif., knotted out .Johnny Taylor, 170 Pittsfield 3. New Britain, Conn. — Roy Williams, 160, New Britain, outpoint- ed Baby Sims, 164, New York 10. Providence, R. I. — Henry Jordan, 143"3-4, Philadelphia, outpoint- mar, 181, McKcusport, Pa. 9. New Orleans, La. Cheste Rico. New York, 139 1-2, outpointec Leo Roclak, 139, Chicago 10. from gangsters, gamblers and the FIVE GOOD MILCH COWS, fresh, W. A. Alfbrdj Hope, Rt; 3 1 ' 28-3t find that he even slapped any Dody s iiicG, it utii fa«»«to*'*"- > Yi el—- ------ ~ • _ lf ... Another friend in Mr. Hatl's life errors of 1919 when the World is Owney Madden, a New York I Series was thrown to the Reds by killer who served a term in Sing the White Sox- in i a • histont and Sing and was returned :Cor violating, scandalous take. That ^ was a gam- his parole by association with thl Wing coup of underwo iW gang- ringside elite at Madison Square" sters like the friends of Raft, the 'RA'TTLED ON SNAKE HUNT Evanston, 111.. Oct. 29 — (Iff— Ah excited woman telephoned po- ice and said a four foot snake, Garden when he and these elites oflhLeo After 'l920 when were managing Primo Camera, te . r «h nrS? hfimUiated 1 crooks The said he was in bad coman °«e of the poor, humiliated ciooks They said he was in bad company among his friends, and put him'- back them trophobia and got nervous when confined but finally they let him' * ms irienas ana DUI mm i - out of the grand jury room, 'in prison," although P he ?o"d' » Chicago kid was:-«Wrtb have repeatedly that he had claus- cried from his heart Say ,it ain t ibia and got nervous when 'true. Joe; say it airi . »ue. . _ ., „ ied but finally they let him' ? utfV , tlm J ?n J"?vn Trt of todlv coiled and ready to strike, was on out again . Raft and Madden were an . d , . the .,^ 0 °^ 1 " h _ Kr ', c i q i eev l anS a lawn in Dempster street. pails back in prohibition days in might P' 110 ^.^!^"!^ hU friend John Hoffman, the departments New York, when Madden had ' a'U. sk to H? « ^ - T ilvo who made dog catcher, sped to the scene. He brewery, and, a few years ago, the George Raft, as a hero who^rnade nnnrnanhed cautiouslv as he spot- riicfvint ntt n ,.n»« «f T.«o A,,i 0 i 0 c thirteen consecutive fouis andJens, MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. L-lttle Rock, Shreveport Texarkana approached cautiously as he spot ted what appeared to be the reptile the woman had reported. It was four feet long, five inches in diameter, and had ten rattles. Hoffman fired one shot and the snake exploded into a'dozen pieces. Hoffman picked' up a piece of the snake's stomach and read "Made in Texas." The snake was made of plaster of Paris. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' Cleaners HAIL'S Hotttrt 208 N. district attorney of Los Angeles had Raft in to ask him if Madden had been concealed in his house' in the canyon when the district attorney would have asked him some I questions. Mr. Raft said he cer«| tainly didn't hide Madden. If a. friend was a guest and he didn't! know the friend was wanted, how| could anyone says he hid him? Ridiculous on the face of it. It will be seen at a balance—or, invoking another sense, smelled at a sniff — that George Rr.rt, the ctor selected from life by the lovie industry to portray himself n his art. An official brochure of | le United States government says is friend, Bugsy Siegal, has been ried on a charge of murder, first iegree, and arrested on charges of ape, carrying concealed weapons and violating the nacotic laws, but' not convicted. "He was," in government language, "a prominent underworld' leader in New York for many years; has becomu a leading rac- toleor in California and Nevada J and intimate with 'legitimate 1 persons; always closel> connected' with narcotic smuggling' and distributing groups. Well know" to the narcotics bureau, and New York and Los Angeles police," and an associate of little Augie Carfano, alias Pisano, of the New York and Miami criminal scum. Mr. Raft was once observed with Siegal in Phoenix, Ariz., where Siegal owns a race wire and, on ihe whole, seems so closely devoted to his art that any demarcation be tween reality and phantasy must oe a thin, meandering line, drawn by a wavering critic. But here we all are, the jovial company at Leo Durocher's door on the night of March 24, 1944 with fdur ladies of beauty and culture and the sucker of the evening, waiting for Mr. Raft to let us in to have at the chumg. Mr. Shurin certainly didn't thinH up the idea ot going to Durocher's v, nrf i W av There hert^em S. "(Continued tomorrow.) Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection' for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO, Omaha, Nebraska- MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices—Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly ALL WORK GUARANTEED One'day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In' Secondhand. Furniture Phone 152 41 IS. Hotel BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark. —Texas —Rice —North Carolina )—Tennessee ... 1,100 1,018 .... 935 059 .175 405 4-5 ... ->81 191 afoot Men's- amateur basket- hall teams from Fort Smilh Siloam Spring shave games scheduled with the Olson Redheads, ihe girl champs, within the next' two weeks. The second ten: 11—Illinois, 126; 2—Wnke Forest, liehigan, 00 4-5; 101 4-5; 13— M—Oklahoma, i 4-5; 15—Alabama, 83 4-5; 1C— porgia Tech, 7!) -1-5; 17—Harvard me first place vote), Mi; K'—Wis- onsiii. 00; 19—Duke, -10 ;20—In- iana, 34. Others receiving one or more oints included: Tulsa, 15. Harry Segnar/ Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main Street CALL J19 Let us help you with your bedding troubles. VVe makp ne\v or renovate any ki'nd,' oV size of mattresses. -• •••- -••-••• 1 Dav Service in Hooe MARTIN MATTRESS CO. "We .Sell Sleep" W. Doug /"MTV Carl Bacon V*l I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial' Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair! Phone 784 "Complete se^lce for your car' MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Novv Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laur\l Howard Lamb, Owner COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main ' GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no ; better than ihe man that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Hlfhway 67 Phone 57 OPEN YOUR OWN StORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete infprmatibn wnte or wire: National Home and Auto Stor*8_ S<juthwe?t Divls.lpn-PbPnc ^"2577 11th Floor-Southland Mfe PA1-I.A8, TEXAS See Us For ... INSURANCE Qur Companies <3ive You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. Now you con have mQ'de of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley 220 8. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodek Peveloping Printing Enlorging Fire Tornado Casualty Automobile REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES RAYMOND HUETT BEN CAMl* Complete Repair Shop Body and Fender Shop Complete Paint Shop Real Estate Ulst Your Property for Sale with Us. We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. foster ~ Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Cleon MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, becaipe that's what you expectwhen you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on vhich we have hired every, member of our service-wi staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH GO 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Overcup Oak Logs and! Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prjces and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 24$ Hope, ArkaniQi ,,... in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from uf 911 your car, or almost $y thing gt value. We'll lend you oil you need ijwe possibly eon, regardless of where you live, The you want the, belter we Uke '*• Ten minutes gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. Me tarty, at Hope Auto Co. to tftbtfli 39; OZARK IKE «V Chic*: rourtaf . »*, ,. .4..-,* ., .-U.^.^.V*. -i mmr I DON'T WANT lip WAVE V, TO STAfiT §£#l'NQ. ( CLCfTHES BUNCH'/ THAT'S GOT TO STOP, RIGHT AWAY/ UP, AND SHE LIKES WEARING CLOTMf.S THA'S POP/ WONDUH WHUT'S WRONG- if .AM' TO THIS DAY TH' FEUD RAGES . OVUH THAT B'ARSKIN , ' ...SO WHidHEVUH CL-AN WINS TH' ANNUAL FOOTBAWL BRAWL GITS T' KEEP ,- TH' PELT FER . * A U/HOI-P V'AD / TH' PEUDIN 1 BETWIXT OUR FOLKS STARTED WHEN YO! GREAT- RAN'PttP AN' '_ MAH GREAT-^, GRAN'POP SPOTTED A TREMENJOUS , A WHOLE Y'AR, sf ftr*. m*. K>»* r«li.«, si«j,,,ii. w, vr-giM .iin. uunu [fi By Michael G'Mdlley &. Ralph Ldrie SIDE GLANCES By Dick Turner By Gaibraith CARNIVAL we got back to tHs Lilts'house, every ?b«' 1L*.M »l A A ^. iii&A A .*. j.'.i'j' ±\^ '.*' i.-. .it * •' YOUR COAT, MISS JANET. IS THAT YOU, GRESHAM? SEND JANET IN TO Mfe ONCE. THE SENTUMEM MAY COME, TOOJ Ifgftt irt the place was 6n and their Sutler YOUR MOTHER"4AVS THE" / SRESHAM, LETS awaited us ort the f loaf. NIGHf AIR AT LAKE / MOT GO INTO THE MYSTERY-- ^ NIGHT AIR AT LAKE MYSTERY NOW. WILL YOU SHOW TH6 WAV? ' WHAT 13 IT, iGRESHAM? YOUR MOTHER , is IN THE LIBRARY; . MISS JANET. SHE INSTRUCTED ME TO \ SEND YOU UP IMMED r'.lATELY-- AND-THE- i&VOUNG GENTLEMEN. WASH 1 'TUB 35 NOU'U- START-AFTEKTH&Y SEEWS-TO BE HONEV-COMBED WlTHPrXSS...._. • OUfcCCWlSSS TO KEEP OUR COURSE HE'S men Sfbti WEWGHT Im GO MOCHO'SSTILU THERE WE* °° 'NM'HN/E TROUBLE. WON'T WEIL HtiJE THE U^ST FINISH OFF ..l-0/SaOF..SlLVER.OOWN I- ORIONi tAOcHO?. IWWE REST \NHEN V W BE1TERGET SOU GET BKCi* . ^ IT OVER WITH ' YOU WMT FOR US Bf\CK . ACROSS'THE 1 ICE THW'S BEER liiSED LMELV! ENWHILEi _ ClENT LOST CITV p ^J.R^B y NEA.scftyicE. ir/£':T.''M!'RVc^uT£ y pAy-'oTFO COPR. 1946 BY NE* SERVICE, INC. T. M. RCO. U. S. PAT. 0>F DONALD DUCK By Wolf D-snev ,,, , • — -. COPS..1»<g fly.N6A SERVICE. INC. T. M: REG. U. S: PAT. OFF "' Personally I prefer (he library, but my wife thinks-the • i coiirlhouse i)it, ( coiis are'tenderer!" ., ..,'' "Thanks for letting me go, Pop—and don't forget I'll Imve lots of lime to get my siecp when I gel lo be as oM | ^as you are!" JRECKLE5 AND HIS FRrENDS FUNNY BUSINESS ; b,«r,tiund^by r^nj! Tfltuiei SintT m By Carl Anderson YOU GOT A JOB 1 SOME DAY i'iv\' GONMA Iky lo THAT PAYS OFF A - LITTLE- s WELL , YOU A POTATO THATLL BE BORN STARK NAKED/ , HIGHER? COULD HELP NUTTY COOK / ; v'l hope you don't mind us putting the posts that way— ^ our defense atiainsl Held coals isn't so hoi!" • / Bv V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP "THEN I WT TH'TMY GOOPNESS, MR. 8IG LUG HAVE IT I OOP, YOU'VE AN'-- SAY, IT'S /CERTAlKILY / COME NEARLY SUN- / HAD AN i DOWN// I / AMAZING VVILU YOU, GOTTA GO/ / LIFE,' ^^ ALLEY'--' ::3k AND SOON o HELLO, "\ I - , _ ALLEY-I'M YEH.I HIJU 7 NEETAH/ Thimble Theater WELLS OF /WRTH. LALI6HIN6 WATERS I NEES?5 A THERE'S 89 FEET FLOW UNPERS9 ^7 NEW PRILL POPEYE ? FEET OF SOLID/ AN ENQINEER BOOTS Wt\A., \<=>>Wr} > « GO K4|Sfe^r^ i" -:-v"\W ->^-;\i%, tof.,':;;- . OUT <UR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople IF VOD NOPE, BUSY/ Yoot>o TOTVO TC* -Tl RECORDII^SS, TOD/\V, )>,\ UrtK -2. rAOW ABOOT J ^ir^^k MISS MlSUT t -TBePAR.vi.? 'S PRE£, TOO/ T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF COr-R. 19WBV NEA SERVICE.- INC, By Fred Harmon !r£ SHEFt.FF, CHIPS 'J &E WORTH A GANir'S CHIPS FOR RO&&ER.Y, AK& PREFERS TOCU BRIDGES *,*. HERPES ABE HAPE'MOT Phone 303 Phon\ 442

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