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Daily Mirrori
London, London, England
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THE DAILY MIRROR YOU'VE got to make most of your Christmas gifts this year because nobody will be able to afford coupons for things to be given away. Look at the photographs here and you'll Good get two ideas. Both the "necklace enough posy and the lapel for your posy have friends odd pieces of coloured wool. The necklace part is of coloured plaited wool. Both these gay ideas can be used also for pepping up last year's winter frock or suit.

Send for Free Instructions to Wool Posies," Daily Mirror, Fetterlane, E.C.4, and enclose a stamped addressed envelope. A little oatmeal sprinkled in a rice pudding." PAYNE, Bristol. 4 Now let's have a competition. You'll want to give some presents at Christmas and you'll have to make a lot of them. I've given you one idea in the box above.

What others have YOU got for making CHRISTMAS GIFTS WITHOUT USING YOUR CLOTHES COUPONS? I'm offering ONE GUINEA each for the three best hints sent to me, and half a guinea for every other one published. So, write your idea on a POSTCARD and send it to Christmas Gifts," Everybody's Club, Daily Mirror," Fetterlane, E.C.4. And don't forget, all of youmen, as well as waiting for your general ideas and hints as well. Send them to me on a post- 7 card at the same address. Margaret Peters Reg.

Whitley BI MIRES Give the unknown FOR THOSE BORN BETWEEN into doing things for you. Let AN. '2O-Feb. day won't By ANN MARITZA the initiative be with them. work out according to plan, 01-R BIRTHDAY TObut you will enjoy life just the Aug, 23-Sept.

others are in MORROW You have a same. Feb. 20-Mch. of the limelight for a short period, most promising anniversary yet, your interests will reach crisis don't get annoyed. You ain in spite of this, you tend to point.

Do not delay making more by being an onlooker. become apprehensive of failure. arrangements. Mch. 21-Apl.

20. Sept. 22 Oct. 22 A little Consequently you will worry to official rebuff can be turned romantic adventure may come excess quite unnecessarily. to good account in your favour if your way today hrou a Go after that higher position you are slick.

chance meeting. and you won't be disappointed Apl. 21-May sur- Oct. 23-Nov. are sub- with the result.

prises mark this day as a memor- jected to a certain amount of Do not heed the scandal-monable and exciting one. May 21- opposition, Through it, you take gers who are only jealous of your June are rather out of a new line of action and succeed good fortune. Adopt a cheery tune with your surroundings. Be in your endeavours. Nov.

23- and hopeful attitude. a little more friendly. June 21- Dee. may have to make On account of your business July 22. Your affairs tend on quick decisions on several mat- activities, there is a possibility the whole to work out quite ters today.

Be confident. You that you will make a satisfactory smoothly and according to plan. can rely on your judgment being change of residence. July 23-Aug. 22.

Someone in sound. Dec. 22-Jan. Tomorrow's ruling number. your employ, or a subordinate, meet people who can be helpful.

Three; colour vibration, Dark openly defiant towards you. Avoid hurrying them, though, Blue. I II 7 NE of a film critic's culties is to persuade people to see an out of the stars a chance way film. Especially when it has no big stars. the power of his newspapers to one of the high-lights of a pic- To the people who usually boost her into a great star.

ture which is going to be a senjudge a picture by its Who If you can appreciate un- sational success, in spite of its Is In It value, I suggest a usual photography and fine bad start. visit to CITIZEN KANE acting by unknowns Citizen It puts Michael Powell bang (Gaurnont, a distinctly Kane is your picture. on the map as a producer, and out-of-the-rut production and And make a special note of Fred Young's photographya great piece of cinema artistry. Dorothy Comingore's superb is in the highest Hollywood You've probably never heard character study of the vain but class. of Orson Welles, who copies incompetent girl singer.

Arrangements have already Chaplin by starring in and pro- 4- 4- been completed for this magducing a picture, but I can nificent entertainment, with assure you he's a dynamic new The much-discussed 49th PARALLEL (Odeon, film its vital ropaganda theme, to screen personality. be shown throughout the provides a unique instance of Eng- He is the leading figure in stars sacrificing their prestige. lish-speaking world. this impressive story of the life and death of a ruthless Leslie who gives a And the Americans will superbportrayal of a cultured love that smashing ending American newspaper magnate. He has chains of newspapersvictim of Nazi recluse where the sole Nazi survivor give him money and only appears in the picture gets what's coming to him at during thelast a oui.

hlf the hands of Raymond Massey is married to the And Laurence Olivier. excel- as a Canadian soldier, after niece of the President. But he is not happy. lent as a French-Canadian the S. Customs officers own trapper, is killed by the Ger interpretation of the neutrality A political rival discovers he man invaders in the first half- law has a girl friend tucked away hour.

in a back shallow- Glynis Johns scores heavily minded and common minx in a grand study of a refugee who thinks she has a voice. girl whose father was murdered To satisfy her vanity he uses in a concentration camp. And Eric Portman does some STARS FOR TODAY brilliant iailtwork as the fanatical Nazi lieutenant. His acting is Friday, October 10, 1941 The things you can do with old socks YOU can use them to make a not-so-old pair almost as good as idea comes from a woman member of EVERYBODY'S CLUB and you can turn them into comfortable mitts for driving on cold nights. That hint comes from an Army he ought to know.

Here's the mending idea: "My his jobhas to wear rubber boots every and he was always wearing out many pairs of socks in the feet I have solved the problem of darning and saving coupons for new socks. I get a pair of old socks, cut the top of the leg part off, and sew a piece of this inside and outside the bottom of the feet and heels of the socks be worn. They last ages like this, and when the patch begins to wear, it can always be replaced by another one. If you put the patches on new socks before they are worn they'll last much longer before they need darningL MRS. R.

WHITE, Sittingbourne. -4 Being a driver, I wear a lot of mitts out, so I hit on this idea of making some out of my old socks that are past mending. This is how I did it: I cut the legs off from the feet as long as possible. I used the ribbed part for the wrist and made a hem all round at the other end. I fitted the mitts on and marked the fingers and stitched about one inch down between them.

Next I cut a slot for the thumb-hole and hemmed round this Sometimes a kind friend knits a thumb on for me." R. STRETTON. Home Forces. This man's hint may save you a nasty fall. Lots of folks who wear thin rubber stuck-on soles for economy find these frequently become loose at the toe.

To get over this trouble, cut about tin. of rubber back from toe, nail a wedge-shaped leather-protector (these can be bought from repairers and stores at two a penny) on the toe. The rubber sole lies snugly behind the leather. and the nightmare of a sudden trip' perhaps an injury is banished R. WELLAS, Nottingham.

A hint to keep your gloves from getting holes in the fingers. "Many people will be wearing woollen gloyes this winter and fingernails will cause holes. Avoid this by turning the fingers and thumb inside out and stitch' to the tips linings made fro: odd piece of si cotton fabric. Seger still are tip linings made pieces of old ch a leather gloves." L. SMITI Thornton Heath.

I save all my beans tins (4d. size as they've been by a patent opener leaves smooth sides, make ideal little tins. Instead of a slice of a large cake, a complete little one like this is much better. as it keeps moist and does not crumble. These individual cauliflower, bruscakes are grand for those who sels sprouts and broccoli stalks.

have to take their food." Spread them out until thor-Mrs. GREEN, Portsmouth. oughly dry, then chop into small lengths. They will kindle Since scourers and cleaning a fire as well as any wood. It powders are sometimes scarce, saves sticks and your pocket.

I buy for a few pence 11b. gran- You might also like to know ulated pumice stone and 11b. the following about flavourings. ordinary washing powder. They make a lot of difference.

Mixed together it is remarkable for cleaning sinks, pans, baths, A drop of vanilla essence to lavatories, stoves and tiles." a cup of cocoa. rs ROBERTSON, A dash of nutmeg to steak Sinethwick. and kidney pie. elk -wily ling in I osmoanila; 1::,, ii Ilk 1 lemfifnrogoienirs .5 1 441 'II N.i...:ti!..t.- 1 1. .1 g.

i ba a opened If .7 1111 0 '4 which ....41..... theY ..,..1 cake It (4. 1 aN a house 4.... '4: Stop and Think DON'T waste sympathy on undeserving causes or unde serving people affection on those who don't require it good advice on those who won't take it. Don't waste energy by being unmethodical your health by trying to do more than you're physically capable of doing flattery on celebrities un knowns could do with it.

Dont waste words grumbling about the family's faults. Use them for praising their good points bright ideas. If you can't use em, pass them on to somebody who can. Don't waste any opportunity offered of doing a good turn or of showing kindness the chance of making a new friend, of improving your position or your mind. Don't waste a precious moment of the present by bro in g.

unconstructively, over a problematical future breath in quarrelling over trifles. Don't waste youth wishing for the impossible. Make the possible come true. .0, 6.0. ight Morn-30 Exio In-7.

5 5 8.15 20 Re-8. 4 5 fl 9.25 tra: 10.15 0.31 1 11 rds: a 1 11.0 12. et the 5 Con- hools: Gale. 3. 3 0 Casino 20 Ma 4.30 Stops Chil-10 Nor-5 Talc: organ 7.35 Sind: shelton Lyboys: That 9.20 ic ink er etings ill fling Pa- Gaelic The- USELESS EUSTACE How long do I want the overcoat Blimey, what a question As long as it'll last me, naturally, you chump ni 6,,,,,,,, .3 4 1 A 0 1' i 51 CZl'''l- a iii; ADVERTISERS' ANN, TO REPAIR NERVE DAMAGE Nerves need repair after blitz and war-strain and that is why thousands of discovering the wonderful tonic properties of Wincarnis rich, nerve-strengthening blend of rare wine, vitamins and beef extract.

women are 'INCARXIS The TONIC WINE for trying times How to do the weekly wash without using a ha'porth NO-BOIL METHOD SAVES TIME AND WORK, TOO the good hour and a half before you normally would you'll say you've never had a better-looking line of washing. Whites are snowy, coloureds brilliant! And you'll have the joy of knowing that the coal or gas you've saved on the wash will help the factories turn out more tanks, more guns, more munitions. Go to it next the Rinso noboil method. THE Government as' us to save fuel so that the factories won't go short. And here's how every housewife can do so.

Instead of lighting the copper and boiling your clothes, soak them clean. Use the hot water as it comes from the tap, make a rich lather with Rinso and leave the clothes in it for 12 minutes. If they're very dirty, a little Rinso smoothed on the damp garments to form a paste gets the dirt out without you having to rub hard at all. When you get the clothes on RINSO SOAKS CLOTHES CLEAN LONDON AMUSEMENTS SAVOY Russian Opera Ballet. Daily at 5 p.m.

Thurs, Sat. 2.15. PRINCE OF WALES Cont. Last perf. 6.

Non-Stop Vanities. 6404. 2.15 5.0. Lyle's Cavalcade of Mystery." Hope, Nothing But the Truth, a. 12.7, 2.55, 5.43, 8.31.

DOMINION. Tott. Dark Handsome, a. Repent at Leisure, EMPIRE. to 10.

Powell. Sothern. Young. "Lady Be Good." II GAUMONT, AskeY. I THANK YOU.

11 to 9.40. LEICESTER-SO. I. Dunne. Montgomery.

Unfinished Business, a. LOJ'IDON to 9.50. Prisoner of Zenda" "Guests of Honour." 4673. UNDERGROUND (Al. The Getaway," a NEW GALLERY.

Regent-st. Walt Disney's Fantasia u. ODEON, 10.15, 12.40, 3. 5.25 7.45. 49th Parallel." Boyer, 0.

de Hayilland. Hold Back the Dawn." a. Hold Back the Dawn (A). 12.11. 2.39 5.7.

7.35. STUDIO Brunoy. "Claudine' (A) (French) "Hired Wife" (A). Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck in Meet John Doe, u. LOANS AND INVESTMENTS H.

1902. 4 A 3 SS Ad i3on £5O to £5.000. Without Security. to £5.000 Without Any Security. E.

C. LEAR, Kingsway Chbrs. King-st, Maidenhead 3123a-110-65 R. S. Mason LimiAsi ORS, fORCCI 1 4.

4- Pv PM Vat USE A LITTLE GTHE 51111M00111114RWPEtCiPANPER We are doing It igi our best to ge rlyge3 I maintain an OWI even distri- bution of so' Gumption ill but the needs of the Services must come first. GUMPTION PRODUCTS Bush House. London. W.C.2 of extra coal or gas ..,1 sib i gicze' 4 Page 7 i ,,..0:.:.: i. 44 1 yy i i i 4 1 1 1 c.

i i i 30U: A r's 0 Last Otr. Oct. 1. to t. to Play: 10.55 11.30 I.

to tri. to M..

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