Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on April 9, 1950 · Page 19
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 19

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 9, 1950
Page 19
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17--NEVADA STATE JOURNAL APRIL 9, 1950 Realistic Air Guard Drill Results In Furore, Reprimand for Officers OAKLAND, Calif., April 8. U.R --The 61st Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guarc had its pinions clipped by guard headquarters today and was ordered to be a little less alert and more thoughtful about staging air raid drills in the future. The 61st had a fine practice maneuver yesterday, but almost caused a military stampede because it neglected to tell anyone, else about it. Two "enemy bombers" roared over San Francisco from the Pacific and a squadron of P-51 fighters from the 61st "scrambled" to intercept them and at the same time started a chain reaction on the ground. More than 900 guard officers and men dropped everything and raced away from their jobs in the bay area, leaving their employers standing with open mouths. The 61st telephone operators ordered the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company to "clear their wires." The telephone company contacted National Guard headquarters in Sacramento and v as told headquarters knew nothing of an "emergency." The Fourth Air Force radar and radio networks picked up the fuss and squadrons of jet fight ers were rolled out on the line. Northern California Army, Navy and Marine bases were alerted. The San Francisco mayor's of- Vital Statistics DEATHS JOHNSON 1 --In San Bernardino, Call! Walter W. Johnson; son of Mrs. Den Johnson of Reno: brother of Ralph J Johnson of Sweethome, Ore, Mrs Thelma Hart of Sparks; uncle of Mrs Myrtle DIDard of Reno and Mrs Melba Smith of Hanford, Calif. A native 0 tltah. Funeral services will be held on Mon (lay at 2 o'clock at the Ross-Burk Company chapel, under the direction of the LDS Church. Interment In Mountain View Cemetery. 8KOPEK--The body of Raymond Skopek was accompanied to Stafford Springs Conn., for final rites and Interment under the direction of the O'Brien Rogers Co. BIRTHS BOANA-In Beno, April 2, 1950, to Mr and* Mrs. Louis Boana of Reno, e daughter. GILBERT--In Reno, April 2, 1950, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilbert of Tahoe City. Calif., a son. GROW--In Reno, April 4, 1950, to Mr and Mrs. Walter Grow of Reno, daughter. HOTCHKISS--In Reno. April 4, 1950, to Mr. and Mrs. Verle Hotchklss of Reno a daughter. JOHNSON--In Reno. April 1, 1950. to Mr. and Mrs.. Bernard Johnson of Reno, a daughter. SPEZIA--In Reno, April 2, 1950. to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Spezla of Reno a daughter. SPOON--In Reno. April 4, 1950, to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Spoon of Reno, daughter. BWALL--In Reno, April 3, 1950, to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Swall of Sparks, a son. TAYLOR--In Reno, April 3, 1950. to Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor of Reno, daughter. THOMSON--In Reno, April 5, 1950, to Mr. aad Mrs. Edward Thomson of Truckee, Calif., a son. WILLIAMS--In Reno. April 4. 1950, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams of Gardnervlllc, a daughter. MARRIAGE LICENSES Robert W. Thomas, over 21. and Lois Thompson, over 21, both of Carson City. DECREES GRANTED Lol* Lockhart from Henry Lockhart; Edward Mead from Lorene Mead, Thomas Drake from Marie Drake, Ous Romas from Sophie Romas; Calvin Bowers from Ida Bowers; Theodore Bertelson from Wanda Bertelaon; Mary O'Brien from Frank O'Brien. NEW YORK METALS NEW YORK, April 8. U.R-- Following are today's custom smelters prices for delivered metals (in cents per pound, unless otherwise designated) : COPPER: Electrolytic, delivered valley 18%; export FAS New York 18% nominal; casting FOB refinery nominal; lake, delivered valley 18 5 , 8 . LEAD: Common New York at 10.50; St. Louis 10.30; foreign, gulf ports 10.00 nominal. ZINC: Prime western New York 11.22; East St. Louis 10.50; foreign, gulf ports 10.00 nominal. - if, - MIXDSZEXTY ILL VATICAN CITY, April 8. 01.19-Vatican sources said today they believed Joseph Cardinal Minds- zenty, imprisoned Catholic primate of Hungary, is gravely ill. fice was besieged with calls wanting to know about that dogfight raging over Golden Gate Park. Today the 61st Fighter Wing was figuratively hauled on the carpet by state gaurd headquarters and advised to be a little less realistic and a little more thoughtful about future air raid drills--and at least tell somebody about it ahead of time. The 61st Fighter Wing replied with a meek "Yes, sir." IN KIDNAPING BALDWIN PARK, Cal., A"pril 8 (U.R)--A bearded young parolee mental institute inmate kidnapec a 17-year-old girl today and held his terrified victim for five hours before he was captured. Sheriff's deputies arrested Vance B. Smith, Jr., 20, of West Covina Cal., at Pomona, 20 miles from where he abducted blonde high school student Dulcy Ann Nelson at gunpoint. Officers said the dark-hairec youth made a full confession. Formerly held at a state school as a violent mental case, Smith had a robbery record and ha4 been juvenile delinquent since he was 17. Dulcy was kidnaped shortly after midnight as she sat with a Covina high school friend, Donald Oelrich, 16, in his 1934 auto. They were accosted by Smith, who bran dished a .25 caliber automatic and ordered Donald out of the jalopy, she said. Young Oelrich fled to the nearby home of Dulcy' mother, Mrs. Ruth Nelson, while Smith drove the girl to the lonely Puente hills. Donald's alarm sent hundreds of officers scouring b a c k roads, lovers' lanes and river bottoms., Girl, 7, Kifhed In Gun Accident CHICAGO, April 8. UR--A seven-year-old girl was found dying on a bed in her home late today and police said her nine-year-old brother told them'he shot her accidentally while playing with a pistol. The girl, Mary Pibolis, died shortly afterward despite 'efforts of a doctor and a fire rescue squad to save her. The girl first had been thought stabbed when Dr. Charles B. Myers examined her. There were wounds in her abdomen and the right side of her groin. But Police Captain John Ryan aid the girl's brother, Teddy, admitted he shot her while playing with his father's gun, after first rying to conceal the accident. Robbery Suspect Held in Seattle SEATTLE, Wash, April 8. (UP ..ester Bennett, 34, wanted i connection with a $40,000 jewe obbery of a wealthy Dallas, Tex loctor, today waived extraditioi o the Lone Star state. He told officers he was one o 0 prisoners who broke out of th Cincinnati, 0., jail Jan. 7. He a irst admitted taking part in thi "exas jewel theft, author! tie aid, but after talking to Dalla uthorities on long-distance tele hone, refused to comment. if, 3 Uranium Lodes Found in Arizona WASHINGTON, April 8. UR-'he geological survey reported to ay discovery of three new high rade uranium minerals -- the tuff which goes into A-bombs-- ut promised no early, large-scali reduction. The three minerals, describee 1 containing 30 to 40 per cen ranium, were discovered in the ·lillside mine in Yavapai county Vnz, by Dr. Charles A. Anderson survey geologist. The atomic energy commission ill buy ore running as low as .2 : one per cent uranium. F I R VT 5U BM ACH I NJF fil I Kl found ln P° ssessl0 ^ «* CT TM inaI suspects in New York P 11\ J I J U DIVIM^ PI I M C O U IN jn recent years is dismayed (right) on table with other weapons as four-man gang stands handcuffed awaiting viewing by a score of holdup victims. The four and a tall brunette were trailed 10 days before arrest. From left: Harold A. Seiler, who served 21 of his 47 years at Clinton prison, Dannemora, N. Y.; Joseph C. Lynch, 36, in Dannemora 14 years; Richard Lamme, on Rikers Island 19 months; Thomas D. Kilbride, 40, in Dannemora 14 years Police believe the gang was organized in prison. (International) D A I L Y CROSSWORD ACROSS 1.Grate 5. Footway 9. One who files 10. American Indians 12. A fruit 13.A seaport (Braz.) 14.Aloft .15. Supports 17. Open (poet.) 18, Foxy 20. Claw 22. Man's nickname 23. Abound 25. Egg-shaped bodies 27. Small auks 29. A sally of . troops 31. Title of knight (PI.) 34. Samoan trumpet- shell 35. Blunders 37. Clique 38. Donkey 40. Title of former Russian ruler 42. Cobalt (sym.) 43. Pilfer 45. A pry 47. European blackbird 48. Source of aniseed 49. River of Scotland (poss.) 60. Performs DOWN 1. Ruffle, as waves 2. Lofty mountain 3. Vend 4. Clean and dress, aa feathers 5. Thoughtful 6. Constellation 7. Yugoslav leader 8. Piled up 9. Opera by Gounod 11, Vehicle* with runners 16. Keepers of jails (var.) 19. Period of time 21. Divisions of land 24. Unable to speak · 28. Principal goddess (Egypt,) 28. Frocks (archaic) 29. A convulsive action 30. Ejected 32. Alcove 33. Shop 36. Lettuce (U.S.) auaan auuau aanaa Banian asm ana ran BUB angoia nsHisa UUHQS B@B aasaaaa aa DOR ataa cinEas saaag aaaaH Branaa HUCB aaaa Yeiterdiy'i Anwer 39. Wither 41. City (Nev.) 44. Malt Average 46. Contend for IS m 40 2.5 V 50 Zfe m TBelieve /f or Not I THAN FROM AliTHE OTHER RESTAURANTS INTHEWORU) COMBINED/ fl{ Shanghai .China - ·*' McAL EATEN'FROMA PLKTEBEARING THE FAMED WILLOWPATTBM HAS BEEN SEBVEDFR6M A REPXODIKTIOHOF THIS TEA HOUSE CONCEIVED Tte SMAU.EST INVENTION IN HI5TORY- THE KCIML nmrt EPITAPH INTHECEMETERV At Bradfort.Vt Diplomats Agree to Visa for Film Star but Balk at Presenting Award WASHINGTON, April 8. (IP) The State Department may give Ingrid Bergman a visa to return to this counry--but that's all. It is running as fast as its striped pants will allow, from getting involved in special honors for the Swedish-born actress with an international reputation. The diplomatic ducking began when a movie magazine in Spain awarded "Oscars" to Miss Bergman and Ray Milland as the best actress and actor of the year. The magazine shipped them to the State Department with a polite request that they be delivered to the winners and that pictures be taken of the presentation. Department officials gulped and shuddered at the vision of Secretary of State Dean Acheson or some other official presenting an "Oscar" to the actress. Some one suggested turning the task over to the Motion Picture Association of America-the Eric Johnston office charged with enforcing high moral standards in American movies. A Flames Battled On 23rd Floor NEW YORK. April 8. (UR)-Firemen hauled hoses up 23 stories early Friday to quell a spectacular ! ire in the 60-story Woolworth Building, the sixth tallest building n the United States. The blaze made the 22nd and 23rd floors of the 792-foot sky- draper fiare like a red beacon ·isible across the Hudson River in *Jew Jersey. But damage was confined to vood trim and furnishings in the executive offices of the F. W. Woolworth Co., the building's owners and operators of the nationwide five and dime store chain. Johnston office spokesman said, "Oh, no, this is a State Department baby." Then it was decided to send the "Oscars" to the studios for which the winners work. That was all right in the case of Milland, who works for Paramount. But, the RKO studios in Hollywood said Miss Bergman doesn't work for them any more. So, while Miss Bergman remains in Italy with her husband- to-be, Roberto Rossellini, her "Oscar" sits at the State Department. -* Miramar Aviator Fatally Injured SAN DIEGO, April 8. Uf Comdr. Lester S. Wall, Jr., executive officer of Composite Squadron 61, based at the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, Miramar, Calif., was killed yesterday when his Navy F8F Bearcat fighter plane crashed while approaching the Miramar airstrip, the Navy reported today. Wall, of Attleboro, Mass., was killed-when his plane apparently stalled and fell to the ground near the edge of the airstrip about 10 miles north of San Diego, the navy said. DOCTORS HEAR ATOM EXPERTS SALT LAKE CITY, April 8. (Ufi) Representative western medica experts today continued their sludies in Salt Lake City of the peculiar injuries caused by atomic bomb explosions -- particularly radiation injuries that technicians said were difficult to treat. Dr. John Z. Bowers of the atomic energy commission re search staff told of Japanese vie tims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki he had examined. He said those blasted by concussion and burned by heat of the bomb were treated in an "ordinary" manner. From victims suffering from affects of radiation, Bowers said treatment included blood and plasma transfusions to combat shock and facilitate natural recovery processes. Bowers, who next fall will become dean of the University of Utah medical college, said aerial bomb blasts like those unleashed on Japan cause few radiological injuries unless tlie victims are immediately exposed. However, he pointed out that in near-surface or underwater explosions--like the second 1946 experimental blast at Bikini--the atomic bombs produce lingering radioactivity that is highly dangerous. The representatives from seven states attending the week-long clinic at the University of Utah re being instructed in atomic 'imb'injury treatment so they newly-gained colleagues in LEGAL NOTICES IX THE SECOND JUDICIAL. DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OP NEV AD, IN AND FOR THS COUNTY O WASHOE. No. 129128. Dept. No. 1. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE Of DORSIE C. SEEDS, Deceued. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice la hereby given that the untie signed was on the 7th day of April, A D 1990, appointed and qualified by th above entitled Court as Executrix of th estate of DORSIE C. SEEDS, deceased All persons hiving claims against sa Estate are required to file the same wll the proper vouchers and statutory aft davit attached, with the Cleric of th Court within three months from th date of the first publication of this n tlce. Dated April 7, A. D. 1950. IHMA JENSEN. MELVIN E. JEPSON 130 South Virginia St, Reno, Nevada Attorney for the Estate A9,16,23,30,M IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRIC COURT OF THE STATE OP NEVAD/ IN AND FOR THE COUNTY O WASHOE. NO. 128921. Dept No. 1. IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OP JOACHIM ROUX, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice Is hereby given that the unde signed was on the 7th day of April, A. D 1850, appointed and qualified by th ibove entitled Court as Administrate of the estate of Joachim Roux, deceased All persons having claims against sal Estate are required tl flic the same wit the proper vouchers and statutory af( davit attached, with the Clerk of th Court within three months from th date of the first publication of this no tlce. Dated April 7, A. D. 1950. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEVAD/ By R. O. KWAPIL, Vice President and Trust Office: LESLIE E. RIGGINS. 53, N. Sierra Street. Reno, Nevada, Attorney for the Estate A9,:6,23,30,M can pass their knowledge on to their home areas. ANNUAL STATEMENT of the OLSON CONSTRUCTION CO. For the Year Ending December 31, IW Location of principal office. 410 Bo. 7t St, Lincoln, Nebr. Location of place of business In Nevada Reno Cash on hand, December 31. 1M9 v $ 158,421 Assets 1,303,568 Liabilities 391,4115 Profit ,. 166,6459 Income in Nevada None Expenditures In Nevada . None I. John H. Miller. Secretary, do hereb certify that the foregoing is a true an accurate statement of the business trans acted by said corporation In the State o Nevada, during the year 1949. I JOHN H. MILLER. AS to 15 Inc ANNUAL STATEMENT of the F. V. BrRBECK CO For the Year Ending December 31. 194 Location of principal office: Watsonvllle California. Location of place of business In Nevada Reno. Nevada Cash on hand, December 31, 1849 $ 7,8969 Assets 357,940.2 Liabilities 112,2291 Profiteer Loss 41,3729 income , «41,083.5 Expenditures 599,7!0 5 I, Frank M Blrbeck, Secretary, do here by certify that the foregoing Is a tru and accurate statement of the buslne. transacted by said corporation In th State of Nevada during the year 194S FRANK M. BDSBECK AS to 15 Inc ANNUAL STATEMENT Of DIAMOND DRILLERS INC. For the Year Ending January 31.1950 Location of principal office. San Fran Cisco, Cal Location of place of business In Nevada Davis Dam. Cash on hand. January 31.1950 $ 123309 Assets 6891591 Liabilities 2771612 Profit 11,92329 Income 191,38828 Expenditures 180464.99 I, Wm. P. Leport, Pras., do hereby cer tlfy that the foregoing is true and ao curate statement of the business trans acted by said corporation In the State ol Nevada, during the year 1050. WM. P LEPORT. A6 to 13 Inc. I - ANNUAL STATEMENT of STERLING DRUG INC. (1942) For the Year Ending December 31, 1949 lecelpts 11,620.00 Disbursements 1,635.39 I, A. K. Merrill, Jr., Secretary of Sterl ng Drug, Inc., do hereby certify that the oregolng is a true and accurate state ment of the business transacted by said :orporation, none of which was in the State of Nevada, during the year 1849. A. K. MERRILL, JR. A2 to Sine Leghorn Rocked By Earthquakes LEGHORN, Italy, April 8. U,F-- 'ive earthquakes of unusual vio- ence rocked this city of 125,000 oday and terrified residents fled nto the streets in panic. No damage or injuries were re- orted, but all police were ordered n emergency duty to handle pos- ible hysteria. Truck and other ve- icles were held ready to move esidents from the center of the ·'* t k 9 r-^nic spresd. Warren Protests Slash in Funds SACRAMENTO, April 8. U.R_ Gov. Earl Warren today protested congressional committee action in eliminating Indian agency funds for California. He said in telegrams addressed to Congressman Clair Engle, D., Red Bluff and Sen. William F. Know-land, R., Oakland: "I believe elimination of Indian agency funds for California unfair and detrimental to the best interests of this state." Would-Be Robber Captured in Bank SAN FRANCISCO, April 8. OJ.PJ A would-ie bank robber, who threatened to blow up a branch of the Bank of America with hand grenades, was captured today by a 21-year-old teller. Police said the hold-up man gave his name as Forest Combs. He was captured by Teller James Bush at 11 a.m. in the Market and New Montgomery St. branch of t^e world's largest bank. Epidemic of Flu Found Subsiding WASHINGTON, April 8. (UPJ-- The Public Health Service said today that the "moderate influenza epidemic" experienced in many areas apparently has "passed its peak." The agency based its statement on a survey which showed there were 19,951 new reported cases last week, compared to 26,505 cases the preceding week. The figures exclude Kentucky, for which data is not yet available. All told, 190,910 cases were reported for the first 13 weeks this year, as against 55,545 cases in the corresponding 1949 period. - .if. -House Votes Aid For Indian Units WASHINGTON, April 8. (U.P.l- The House today approved a bill authorizing an $88,570,000 program to rehabilitate the Navajo and Hopi Indian tribes. The measure now goes Jo the Senate where acceptance would send it to the President for sign* ture. A similar, bill passed last session was vetoed on grounds it made the Indians subject to the state laws of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, where the tribes are located. That provision was eliminated in the new bill. Officer Kidnaped By Daring Thieves ABINGDON, Va., April 8. (UP) Three men, believed to be escaped convicts, kidnaped a police officer today, shackled him in their car and shot him. Then they used the police car in a highway holdup. A four-state alarm was issued for the three men, believed to have escaped from a Halifax, Va., road camp Monday night. Officers saii the trio began a three-hour spree of terror early today at Damascus, Va., where they kidnaped policeman Roscoe Mutter after he questioned them at a service station. EVEX ETREHOUSE UNSAFE FORT WORTH, Tex. (IP--A suburban fireman was burned at his own fire station. Tommy Lee was cooking a meal at the station en escaping gas in the stove ;n ignited and blew off the door. ANNUAL STATEMENT _ of WINTHROP-STEARNS COMPANY, INC. For the Year Ending December 31, 1949 Receipts .................... $1,50000 Disbursements ... . ... 1,50499 I, A. K. Merrill. Jr , Secretary of Winthrop-Stearns Company, Inc , do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate statement of the business transacted by said corporation, none of which wag in the State of Nevada, during the year 1949. A. K. MERRILL, JR. A2 to 9 Inc. Annual Statement of the NORTHERN TRANSPORTATION CO For the Year Ending December 31, 1949 Location of principal office Los Angeles, California. Location of place of business In Nevada: Reno, Nevada. Cash on hand, Dec. 31,1949 ...» 19,450.00 Assets 726,55200 Liabilities 581,49600 Profit or loss 1,04000 Income 447,86500 Expenditures 446,82500 I, Jos. A. Wassermann, secretary, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and accurate statement of the business transacted by said corporation In the State of Nevada, during the year 1949. JOS A. WASSEHMANN A 4 to 11, Inc Annual Statement of the BECHTEL CORPORATION For the Year Ending December 31, 1949 Location of principal office. 220 Bush S t , San Francisco. Calif. Cash on hand, Dec. 31,1949. .t 636,924 68 Assets 6,900,991.27 Liabilities 2,884,76479 Profit or loss 1,508,42582 I, G. E. Walling, treasurer, do hereby certify that the foregoing Is a true and accurate statement of the business transacted by said corporation in the State of Nevada, during the year 1949. G. E. WALLING A 4 to 11. inc. KUNEKAL. SERVICES S. E. Rosi - Cyrus B. Wyckofl H. a Holloway RQSS-BURKE CO. E. J. MORRISSETT ATTORNF* AT LAW Reno, Nevada 146 W. First St TeL 4458 J. f. O'Brien G. A. Rogen O'BRIEN-ROGERS FUNERAL SERVICE 220 W. 2nd St Phone 4174 MAURICE J. SULLIVAN ATTORNEY AT LAW Reno, Nevada 17 E^nd St Phone 4«22 *a CHAS. RAWLINGS ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW Charles W. Mapet Building 111 North Virginia Strwt CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES Th* chart · for Transient Clmlf l«d Advertisement* Is bated on wont count. Minimum 10 Word* 1 D»j ........ Uo per word 3 D»y« . . . . . . . 18o per wort t Dayi . . . . . . 27c per word 12 Daft , ..... 43c per word 19 Dayi ...... J5c per word 38 Day* ...... 67o per word One day Include* publication ID both th* Reno Evening Oszett* and the Nevada State Journal In U« event an error 11 made by rh* Reno Evening Gazette or Nevada SUte journal which materially affccu the value of the advertisement to the advertiser, a corrected publication will be made at once, providing notice of error IB given to Ue office titlait the 2nd Insertion PHONE YOUR WANT ADS to the NEVADA STATE JOURNAL Phone 4121 Before 4:00 P. M. And Tour Ad Will Be Published In tn* Next Morulcg'i Is»u» of Tn* Nevada State Journal LOSTANDFOUND s e p e r m a e found o n 17th st. in Sparks Brown and white pert shepherd male, puppy, found on W. 7th. 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Nev A9M A10B HELP WANTED, FEMALE 9A Wanted at Once SECEETAEY For General Office Work Apply in Person--Room 309 Clay Peters Building WANTED Nice elderly woman to share congpnial home in exchange for light sen ices. One child. Employed mother. PHONE 4296 LADY to sell Fuller Brush cosmetics Appointment system Writ* Lois K Morel, Box 304. Greenville, Calif A6MA14B F.\'PERIENCED housekeeper and child care Salary open Live in. Kione 2 8218 81 s Maddux ATM A IQg GIRL for telephone advertising. Will train Must he neat No phone call, please. Applj 217 North Vlr- glnla Boom 5 A9M A12S HELP WANTED, MALE AND FEMALE 10 Train for a Top Pay Job Railroads need young men trained in Mor'e Telegraphy and AGENTS wo-k Start training at once for ons of these positions. Placement upon E aduation ook at tlie Advantages 1--Vacation with pay. 2--Free travel passes. 3--Retirement fund. 4--Security. 5--Hospital benefits. 6--High salaries. Next Class April 17th GI. APPROVED For complete Information Apply SCHOOL OF RAILROAD TELEGRAPHERS Armanko Bldg , Reno, Nevadi AAICBICAN EMPLOYMENT in NORTH VIRGINIA Hrs 9 5 942 Saturdayj PHONE 6393 and 5492 Steno Bkpr. (out of Town) Bookkeeper (out of town) IBM Operator (proofing) Stenos Domestics Cook Housekeepers Repair mechanic (scales) Service station attendant (exp) Custom Upholsterers (local) Journeyman machinists Journeyman Iron moulder Journesman cement finisher Exp. diesel mechanic Ranch hand-farrier Pilots (crop dusting) Exp Window Washers REFERENCES REQUIRED INTERVIEW HOURS 10 to 3. Monday thru Friday Reno Employment Service 26 WEST 2ND ST. 4716 -- 2-2003 Over Merry-Go-Round Club Rteno Rate Clerk $209 Pteno-Insurauce , $175 Steno PBX, pe-m $no Steno. young start $125 Seamstresses (4) Local only. Power machine preferred. H^kprs Light Cooking $ 65 Maid Waitress, perm $12J MANY OTHERS NEW POSITIONS DAILY NEVADA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Stenographers, permanent femalt Billing cieik, freight exp , female Hotel Houseman, out of town Waitresses, out of town M-iint Elec, exp remote control Bnckliuen. union Journeymen CALL RENO 2 3424 AND LIST YOUR JOB OPENINGS SALESMEN. AGENTS 11 Top Salesman Wanted to handle comolete line of maintenance coatings and paints for na. t'onally known manufacturer Prc. \ious 'ales experience essential Ap. pllcant must be over 30 responsible. willing to work on permanent full time basts Commission contract trt prelected territory. Opportunity for ad\ancement This ad Is not direct. ed to professional job-hunters. Write The Electric Paint Varnish Co . Cleveland 2. Ohio ABE A9M Nationally known sales organization has opening for two men in Nevada and adjoining California counties. Must have car. Contact-NEVADA STATE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE BEFORE WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11 SALESMAN, engineering, with car, to call on steam and diesel plants for old established water treatment company Liberal comm. No objec. tlon man handling one non com. peting line. Box 9014, 217 7th Ave N Y __ A8E ASM S3 00 average earnings on each order. Represent large manufacturer selling men's made to-order dress and sports shirts direct to wearer. No experience needed Part or full time Complete sample outfit FREE. Write today Packard Shirt Co , Tcrre Haute. Ind _ A8E-A9M EASY DOLLAR PLAN-- quick sue- cess. Sell advertising Pencils, Key Cases. Calendars to all businesses. 2000 fast sellers Highest commissions Free sample kit Lederer Adv. Gifts, 125 West 33rd, New York. __ A8E A9M WHERE TO BUY 800,000 articles dl- rect from manufacturers. Send for "Your Profits Under the Spotlight." Giass Pub. Co., Ellwood City. Pa. _ SALESMEN -- Make $2500 next 7 weeks. New sensational deal every merchant wants. Beautiful sale* kit free. States Trading, 5th floor, 350 So. Wells, Chicago 6. A9M-A10B SALESMEN-- Dlstr. 50% profit Exclusive terr Sell packaged goods t» grocers, Jobbers, cafes Frazar Foods, Desert Springs 1S1. Calif. A8E-A8M MAKE $20 a day! Sell Staybrtgh* Brass Name Plates lor front dootv. Write Kubbtamp, 355-H Congress, Boston. Mass. _ A8E-A9M MAN or woman In Sparks or Reno. Want to turnjfome spare time Into money' PhoM C. H. Trowbridge, 2 5087, for information. A3M-A10E NEWSPAPER!

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