Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1946
Page 7
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M'O-M- STAf, HOFt, ARKANSAS Ift it EC K, CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be hfOtflc* Day flefbre Publication '6f One Ihree^SlX .One<3>- j?«& D ^ Da $ *?M ,, UpttfiS 45 16 to! 20 60 21 «« 28 to'SQ. 81 10 . 35 ~.. 36 to >4(U .. 46 tSlso .V .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 '1.20 1.50 1.80 ,2,10 2'.7Q s.oa 1. 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 : Month 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 sioo . Isiod are. for Continuous , ,lnsertions-Ouly .->• • All»Want Ads Casto in Advance • Not Taken-- Over th# Phone For Sale ONE NEW TWO-ROW TRACTOR, at Sheppard. on U. S. 67. Alice Finley. * " 19-6* TRIPtE ACTION ICE CREAM frejzer.s. Southern Ice Co. Phone frt^^ 09.Rt FINE,^QR inft«.and hunting, and picnics Southern--Ic& Co. Phone 72. 22-6t - BURNER KEROSENE' stoVe, good condition. • Bargain foe cash. E. N. Gnsham> Bodcaw. Alk.'-Emmet. Rt.l. ' 22-3t Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON INSIDE VE- •netian Blinds, wood or metal. outside Mietnl blinds and awnings, 'Write Riley Cooper. 1909 West 17lh St. Texarkana, Texas. 15-lmo Found BAY MARE MULE. SPLIT IN left ear, spot on left side. Jimmy McGinnig," lane Green Laseter. from No. 29 to Fair Enough •y Wettbrook Pegl«» Copyright, 19W By King Features Syndicate. New York, Oct 23—the American protest to the Jugoslav government against enslavement of Ameri-1 [SPORTS BODMDUPJ t . ... . . . m ^ it. ^ *' "- •»--- fc«MMM»«M«MMM| ••«•••*• ••••"••^••••Bf ••• |k rWMTim ^"•"""•"•""••••~™ > "" < ™' to the carelessness of this country New York, Oct. 2 4— <<T) •- Look out for the flock . . .While the foot- bull coaches still are In mid-season crying from, college basketball tutors are begihhing to shed Copious leafs about the lack of practice space. . .Several schools— Villanovu, Indiana. Virginia to name a few—have been using their gymnasium as temporary dor- ain [others find Ihere are mosl sports- iiry; minded students than there are Help Wanted WAITRESS WANTED. APPLV Hugo Elkins Phone 973. at MU'.arcto Cafe. 22-Ct in granting the precious gifl of clti- ffilJ^$&&^*' n hBV One-Minute Sports Pafle First flight, who looked like ihe best of the two-year-olds in winning the Belmonl -.'uturily. won'l nominaled *'or the Kenlttcky 22-3t zonship and the American pass- j port to parasites from foreign countries who have no devotion to the United States. This is an old problem to the State Department and to consuls in foreign posts. It is SHINGLES." CYPRESS (HEART •anarSsWrTPine. Hope Shingle Co. ' 8tti'Wd' / Grad'y Streets. 23-6t TRACTOR ' WITH disc, br.aker, 18 inch Tan- c, Twojraw.planter-s, two row«cultivators, . Equipment in good .condition., located at- my farm,- 12 miles south of Prescott on Highway no. 29 E. H. Weaver. • - 24-fit Loop Winner Must Play in Cotton Bowl claim under Ihe laws of the United States to be considered American citizens," and to "individuals claiming -the nationality" of this friendly power which contributed of eleven passes against Rutgers, played on trie 1944 "Informal" \earn which had only three games. He got some good protection :'rom Dan Beaten Utah Continues to Lead Nation By AUSTIN BEALMEAR New York, Oct. 34 — W>— Al,..„ .„ though bounced out of the unbeaten Houck, veteran Pcnn state boxing class by Denver last-week, Utah coach will state a scries of high University continues io 'end the school boxing clinics this i'uil, nation's college toolbnll teams in Cadets to five or six touchdowns. Thai probably means Col. \V;ule fiinires he has n wood chance—but he wasn't there io see what Army did to Dukr Inst Jmo, . . t.eo using his college '.'ighters \o dem onstrate. Natural Conclusion Dumb Dun Morgan says that Jack Brittori anil Ted Kit! Lewis ,...., ....TV. *.v.,~.^« .,.~~ .....*.., ... fought each other :'.2 ximes and four games, have picked up 1,339 of never shook hands. . .Probably by those yards on the: ground - for an the ground gaining department with an average of 439 yards tier game on both running plays and forward passes. Coach Ike Armstrong','! Braves, who have covered 1,750' yards in Old Miss in Top Shape for Porker Game Saturday Oxford, Miss., Oct. 24, — (UP) — The Ole Miss football squad expects to be at its peak for the Arkansas game in Memphis Saturday and has been working hard n practice sessions ana'insl Arkansas plays. Coach Red Drew has had the joys hustling late every day, with special emphasis on defense plans, most of which \vete aimed at slop- . . . the last time they were so old \hat their hands shook anyway. Cleaning The Cuff Before' Oklahoma U. played Williams, who has averaged 541 Newport 'jews, at tackle ihis ' ~~" Texas in the Cotton Vowl, xacklc Wade Walker said he always had wanted to sec a real big crowd. But when ihe Sooners van onto vhe field. Walker was so intent on the game he forgot to look at the 50.50? fans. . The Dodgers have grabbed the best strikeout battery ;-n the Piedomont inenuiy [juv/ci w...*... ^«..»..—-- m j nll t es a earne at tackle to Jugoslavia' liberation nndeco- rmm tes a jgamc^ « f« , nomic reconstruction. It does not ''£ " A ..' onm p is "we're _ speak, specifically of native Amen- * Dallas, Tex., Oct. 24 — ,.., i cnns Don't look for Texas in vhe Rose,'- Le gally. from our point of view Bowl, .Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl or any bowl except the Cotton Bowl Jan. 1 if it wins the Southwest Conference championship and finishes the season undefeated —• which it is favored to do. persist that Texas 7Va FT. ELECTKOLUX KOK BU- J tane, good condition. Bargain, • See Jim Wilson, Columbus, Ark. 1 I'-' 24-3t GAN!G' DISC, FROISTT SECTION 7 ft. 4 b.ack-scction 8 ft. Verdis Moses , Palmos, Ark. ^ ,.,;,;.:. 24-6t 1 SRVENJJOOT FRIGIDAIRE, IN, good-condition. A bargain. Phone >„, •• _, , . . , 24-6t Notice ask the conference i'or permission to play at Pasadena were the Kind that caused the conference vo reaffirm its close relations with vhe Cotton Bowl, Dr. Gayle Scott of Texas Christian University, prcsi- we have a good' case but, in the past, when we stood on the same legal ground, olher states were, or claimed to be, equally correct, as Tito's government does'now. There much disagreement with out- hat any person who has bei naturalized citizen of the States ceases to be a subejct [• citizen of his native country. Nut the Nazi government ol Ger~ govern- refused out„._ Wake is said to hope his team will hold the league from their Va., "arm— Pitcher Wayne Johnson, who whiffed over 300,' and Catcher Gil Hodges, who was named all-league player in that position although he had been an infielcler. before ihe war. eco«pe American naturaliza- 9 ° eco«e dent of the conference, said xoday | 9 ^ n t 0 °th e extent that they still re° not such permission. Press, Dr. Scott . declared: would j gard their na tives as their subjects. JThere were authentic cases in European young men fled to the United -States, ac- GOING ,HIGH- erf'every day. Have your mattress made over - now. Write or phone 'Bright Bros Mattress Co. Picfc-up"and deliver anywhere. Fhonff 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-1 m •;u . Lost 3UU0rVA WATCH WITH -BLACK coWft* band, Downtown October lathT-Rewnrd for return to Mrs. • Sa'dTe Cornelius^ 608 South Elm 22-31 regular meeting May 8, '1942, ..passed the following motion: 'That the conference commits its champion io vhe I Cotton Bowl game; if that team play any other championship game.' . "At the regular meeting of the conference Dec. 8, 1945, ihe follow-, ing motion was passed: 'That there i home intending to stay there permanently, for no other purpose than to escap'c their military-oolightions as peacetime conscripts. During • • • • - f rom Central d a seri- the time nunce by they spent at North American universities to acquire citizenship and all the rights and protection expressed and implied in the posses - . St.-S»Kone 213-MV • PUP. _ 8 MONTHS OLD Brbwn and white 7 spotted. Last seen • near Bod,raw.—-Ri?ward. Hollen Baker, Rt.~~lv ;V Emmet, Ark. -~ ' r "~ T- -23-3t For Rent THREE ROOM FURNISHED apartment. No children; no pets. Mfe. D. T. Chamberlain, >.717 S. Main. Phone 315. 23-3t TWO: UNFURNISHED ROOMS, ligmsTTHt-s-Friswr Hope • Rf:";r; ,' 2 miles sojath .pf.^eppt, QJI. Patmos road."" " '""" 24-3t Wonted to Buy WE BUY HOUSEHOLD FURNI•; ture.x,-one piece or more. Any ,. amount.-What have you? Phone ? 61. • 23-2mo Reol Estate for Sale Conference to the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association.. The conference :'s committed to the support of ihe Cotton Bowl game.' The motion of .. Dec. 3 was passed in clarification of numerous auon 01 numerous - Dlaceci of immunity from the laws of their native republics when they had gone back home to foment revolutions. They protested against im- pressment and the United Stales '•«--- o f. pro dngeaso swer your query." from this government, but on Legal Notice (the contrary, deserved our resenl- ' ment. NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE ; Notice is hereby given that I will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidders, at the home place of the late Fred \V. Bell, beginning at 10:30 a. m. on Thursday, November,?, 1946, the following described personal property: Farm implements, carpenter i.;tools, household goods, jersey -cow,» two heifers, chickens, hogs, and all household goods and personal, effects owned, by the late Fred W. Bell and located on said farm. This sale will be conducted near American Loop Dominates All-Stars By JOE REICHLER New York, Oct. 24 — WP)—Domi-. average of 334.U which also is the best showing in ihc country 1'or rushing alone. Behind Utah in the.total offensive averages announced voclny by the National Collegiate Athletic Bureau come Notre Dame, UCLA, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Boston College, Georgia and .Detroit, in that order. The ten leaders in each department: Total offense—(Gains rushing and passing)—Utah, 'Ci9 yards average per game; Notre Dame, 427.: UCLA. .124.3; Nevada, 421.U; Pennsylvania, 421; Texas, 411.4; Fights Last Night &y Unltftd Press Provident*.' ft. t.--.Inck (fipitk-ri Armstrong, 127, Toronto, •nutnoinl- cd Billy Pinti. 127. ntiino, N. Y., (10). President John ACmii!> user? ttJ 1 drink n ijunrl tankard of hnrd eider before forenklnst. Arizona, '108.8; Boslon College, '.tO'J; Georgia, 305.5; Detroit. 3GS.a. Kushlns m'cnsc— Utah, 33-1.0 ynrds average per game; Detroit, 317; Notre Dame, 311.3; Pennsylvania, 297; UCLA, 305.5; Harvard, 260.5; Tulsa, U7.4; Karelin-Simmons, 25.3; Arizona, 253.3; Stanford, 250.8. Passing offense- — Nevada 228.5 yards average per game; Princeton, 19G; Texas, 192.-i; Georgia, 1H1.3 ;Marquettc, IGG.Ii: Arizona, 100; Boston College, 158.7; Texas Mines, 147.3; St. Mary's. HO; Oklahoma A. and M., 145.4. Punling—South Carolina, 4-19 yards average per punt; New Mexico, 42.1; Southern California, 41.4; Michigan. 41.4; Miami (Fin.I, 41.2; Texas Mines, 40.7; Illinois. 40.0; Oregon. 40.3; Colorado College. 39.8; Arizona, 39.8. ping Clyde Scott, Arknr-.as' great- back. .-. Porkers' to arrive Friday Memphis, Tenn., Oct. 24. — (OP) —•Forty-four university of Arkansas HazorbacUs are expected in arrive here tomorrow morning and work out in Crump Stadium :or Saturday's 14th annual game Mississippi. Arkansas Coach John Barnhill said Clyde Scott, .star wingback, would make the trip, but he added that the former navy star probably would not be in ihc starting Hnc- up. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shrevcport Texarkana ers. Only Ihree other hurlers, Dave (Boo) Ferrjss of the Red Sox, Howie Ppllet of the Cardinals and Johnny Sain; of the Boslon Graves, received ''mention. Harry (The Cat) 'jirccneen, '• who won three games for the Cards in the recent World Sork'Si did not get a vote. The all-star squad represents a tremendous punch at the plate. Led by Musial With .365 and Williams with .342. -the team's composite batting average, not including the piiL-iitis, is .bid. i Meantime, Pitchers Newhouser and Feller, tied ior the most vic- » = w lui,., ~vt. -, .-, ~ lories at 26 apiece, had a combined naled by the Boston Red Sox with lota! or52 wins against ;-.4 defeats. intb^M wj » v Tiirtlm-lad ii-jTn«*i 1 K uiintilrititc rmn Boudreau, Indians, 32; Marion, Cardinals, 27; Reese, Dodgers, 13; Kerr, Giants. 1. Catchers — Robinson, Yankees, Bruce Edwards, Dodgers, 18; Walker Cooper, Giants, Masi, Braves, 12; Hal 14; Phil Wagner, Red Sox, 10; Buddy Rosar, Athletics. G; George Tebbetts, Tigers, 2; Andy Seminick, Phils and Ernie Lombard!, Giants, 1. Pitchers — Newhousor. Tigers, 102: Feller. Indians, 35: Ferriss, Red Sox, 30; Pollet, Cardinals, 15; Sain, Braves, 4. four members, the 1946 major league all-star team chosen for the Associated Press by 122 baseball writers showed a strong' American League complexion, with seven representatives to the National League's three. The St. Louis Cardinals.. World Series conquerors of the 'Red ;iox. landed all three Naliorial League positions. On player each from Detroit, Cleveland and the New York Yankees completed the roster and gave the American League its huge majority. Of the 10 men selected (to pitchers were named i, eight are former servicemen. . No player was an unanimous choice. Ted Williams drew the most support, the Boston Red Sox outfielder being named in 120 of the 122 ballots cast. Bobby Doerr, his teammate, ranked :iext with 117 votes. Then came Hal New- Durine Hitler's reign there were m votes. Then came Hal JNew- a m,mblr of exasper^ing casein houser Detroit Tiger ace letlhund- which American consuls had to er. with 02 and Stan Mus.al pt the take formal action in the interests{Caidindls. with Included, were s'noulouts, one , no-hitter and two one-hitters. Vote of the scribes lollows: Outfielders— Williams, Red Sox, 120: D. DiMaggio. Red Sox. 74; Salughter, Cardinals, 59; F. Walker, Dodgers. -15: Musial, Cardinals. 18; J. DiMaggio. Yankees and Johnny Hopp, Braves. 13; Pete Reiser, Dodgers. 10; Charlie Keller, 3; nil Cavarretta, Cubs and Del Ennis, Phillies. 1. First base— M'usial, Cardinals, 81; Mickey Vcrnon, Senators, '.'A; Johnny Mize, Giants, !i; Cavarretta Cubs, 4; York, Red Sox, 2. Second base— Doerr, Red Sox, 117; Ed Stanky. Dodg-.-rs and Al Schoendienst. Cardinals, 2; Gerry Priddy, Senators, 1. Third tiase — Murowski, Cardinals 57; Kelt, Tigers, BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 2S9 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phon« 174 2168. Main , Ken Keltner, I Indians and Grady Hatton, Reds, 4; Bill Johnson, ^Yankees, Jim Tabor, Phils and Augie Galan, Dodgers, 1. • Shortstop— Pesky, Red Sox, 49; of. Germans who had acquired American citizenship and returned home as traders and business agents, still Germans nevertheless, and unable Io resist ihe temptation to meddle in the violent political developments of their iiative country. There was a temptation to them to show off before other Germans and not only shout 'their opinions but join organizations which were political in character if social mis saie win oe conducted near . - „ TiViib-n <h« «or,,,ino A mar! the Tom Landees Store which is m name. Unlike the genuine Ameil Uie .lUll! I-|UllUt.e:> aiUll, W1UI.I1 IS ,,,h« rf^no ohrr,o« nn taa itimalf located 'on Highway 29 about ten miles south of .Hope. The terms of sale are cash. Frank J. Hill Public Administrator Oct, 24 and 31. 93 ACRE FARM 2V- MILES'FROM '• city limits, one dwelling, one ,•; tenant house, two large barns',"' 1 ', all fe'nced and cross fenced..ele- ctriclty.', A tS.ar'jjain.^FJpyd Po?.fer- -*-• ' '" NICE SIX ROOM .JIOySE, MOD- ern, hardwood . floors, E. Third "!St., walking distance. $3,000. cash ; balance- $30 per month,-possession. Floyd Porterfield. FIVE ' ROOM HOUSE, 90 FT. v front, with five lots, W.*Ave. G. Good r lo.cation,,,'would have io be repaire'd, \yill sell, worth . the ^ money^.Floyd PorterfLeld. "24-3t ~ FREE Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS ' and CRIPPLES Texarkana''Rendering Plant Plujne 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R . , LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 13 of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that the last will and testament of Hattie A. West, of Hope, Arkansas was'.probated in common form by the'" Probate Court of Hempstead County on the 1st day of October, appeal from such probate 194G, An can be affected only by filing a petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, with this court within six (6) months from the date of this notice. Witness my hand and seal this 9th day of October, 1946. (SEAL) Leo Ray, Clerk of Probate Court By Arthur C. Anderson D. C. Oct. 10-17-24 can who goes missions whether on legitimate to study travel rest for center and right :Cields. re the The selections: Outfielders—Ted Williams, Red or pleasure or engage in business, these naturalized repatriates iobk liberties which got them into trouble, and then yelled :'.OT ihe American consuls to protect iliem. Every war in Europe chuns up among the supplicants clamoring at American embassies and consulates strange creatures, indistinguishable from other natives, who present old American papers and suddenly are conscious of their intense devotion to the United Stales. There are, in tact, some actual native Americans scattered about the world who left the United States as children, lost all contact with this country, bore none of vhe obligations of citizenship and became in the truest, pracical sense, expariates. "Americas" have appeared, demanding the rights of American citizenship, who could not even speak the language of the Sox; Dom DiMaggio, Red Sox; and nos Slaughter, Cardinals. First base—Stan Musial, Cardinals. Second base—Bobby Doerr ,Red Sox. Third base—George . Kurowski, Cardinals . Shorlslop—Johnny Pesky, Red Sox, Catcher- 1 -Aaron Robinson, Yankees. • Pilchers-—Hal Newhouser, Tigers, and Bob Jeller, Indians. • The closest race' developed for third base when Kurowski nosed out Ge9rge Kell of the Tigers, 57 to 55. The widest divergence . of opinion involved the catchers, nine receiving support One of the biggest surprises was the failure of Hank Greenberg, the Majors' home run and 'runs batted in King, lo receive a single vole. William R. Herndon t Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second' FJoor PHONE 493 or 114-J "PORTRAITS Comrpercial and Advertising •.;;PHOTO COPIES PUchgrgsa .* Legal Documents 24 Hour Service LEGAL NOTICE Pursuant to Section 18 of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that United States. The British fastiduious in have then- been more selection of FREE Your name and add.ress on a penny postcard or letter brings you a sample .copy of Clocker Fields Daily Ratings. • NO COST.— NO OBLIGATION COCKER FIELDS 204 E. 41st St., New York, N. Y. Newhouser and Feller, Mr. and Mr. Right respectively, Left had little competition among trie pilch- subjects ior naturalization, British citizenship is regarded by vhem as a precious privilege, not the right the las will and testament of J. H. Sr^nny al,^ who con land ln"?hc Kent of Hope, Arkansas, was pro-1 Britisn Ig j es f or a limited sojourn, bate Court of Hempstead County T>^;COU rt^e.Q.-./M.t nm-i >ie :i ctrintiv on the 7th day of October, 1046. An appeal from such probate can be affected only .by filing petition, stating the'grounds of such appeal, with this court within six (6) months from the date of this notice. Witness my hand and seal this 9th day of October, (SEAL) 1946. Leo Ray, Clerk of Probate Court By Arthur C. Andersan D. C. Oct. 10-17-24 the British passport and us it strictly for business purposes in his native country or as a cp.yer :"or ;iefarious poltical aclvilies there. The naluralized Briton-is not ordinarily permitted to reside outside the British empire under the protection of his citizenship and passport. During the late, or present, war, two Europeans who had been content to live aoroad all 'their Jives Health and Accident INSURANCE * Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. 5th St, Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed We Pick Up end Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' HALL'S HUGH B. HAU, Own.r Hatters ,and had visited the United States _ i only oriefly and strictly as visitors, I suddenly oecame conscious of vhe great convenience of American citizenship and the passport in their work as journalists. They came to the United States, complied somehow with the minimum requirements, got their passports and went back to Europe, Americans now. Their nationality is still doubtful. They probably are, in 'their hearts, citizens of ihc world, but are legally entitled to all the privileges and the protection whicn are guaranteed to genuine Americans. Our laws do not distinguish between naturalized and native Americans. This may be the reason wny the protest to Tito speaks only of "American Citizens." The Jugoslav government, on the other hand, may have Jegul ground :!or claim- ng that naturalized American ;ia- :ives o£ European countries, particularly of Jugoslavia, are not Americans. Even the British, up to the time of the first world war, claimed that a native American, son of parents who hud ueen qprn in the British empire but were naturalized Americans, was :iever- tlielcss a British subject, though not a British citizen, and subject to their military draft. They waived when the issue was made, but that decision was dictated by tact and consideration nor the much greater return in American good will. In a legal contest they undoubtedly could have proved that their law was just as respectable as ours and they had physical custody of the subject. OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Suecessplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise available for several cities in this area. For complete information write or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS SIGNS and Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Barns * Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Wai 1 ^r Phone 71Q-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. YOUR'CREDIT is GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. 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HAVE BEEN TRYIN't'GIt I READ ABOUT RACING DOGS AND HUNTING DOGS AND EVEN DOGS THAT CAN TALK HOLLYWOOD 13 FULL OF SMART DOGS THAT ARE EARNING THEIR MASTERS HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS A WEEK N03UOOY IN THESE HILLS \\l HAN/IN' KNOWS THET OZXWK'AN'ME-) [TROUBLE; 1 ' •ffi»aASu£. POLKS? ** 1 ""- huu>Na S~* WHY IS IT ( THAT 1 RAISED > SIX DOGS AND ( NOT ONE OP V THEM HASANV 7 'TALENT OF ^ ( ANY KIND? ^ ON THAT HOSS PER / DINAH AND HER PIVE PEU01NO FATFIELD BROTHERS LOOK ON... ALL TH REST UF TH' PAf FIELDS AN'M'BATTS HEV" By Michael O'Malley &. Ralph Lane j CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Goibraith <&anet let Hardy~Blake enjoy his steak Then she told him. THE DOUeUSf ONE GETS YOU TEN THAT THAT BOAT OVER THERE'S GOT SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS/ THE TWOSPOT/ SO I THOUGHT THAT IF I PERSUADED \ YOU AND VIC TO HAVE DINNER WlfH ME I ON THE BOAT, HARDV, WE MISHT JUST J ACCIOIHT4UY BE ON THE SCENE WHEN / CUR_DEUVER5 THE MONEY. "S BUBBLE'S BROTHER, SHIV > DOUBLE, KILLED A ' MAM IN A KNIFE BRAWL'I '' 15 YEARS AGO AND NO I . ONE'S SEEN HIM SINCE.'.I - ARE THERE TWO OF THEM? I JUST KNOW ABOUT'THE ONE CALLED BUBBLE. WASH TUBBS Bv --sslie Turner ., '. HURR-i IWM4T TO SHOW SOL) SOSH, EASyMSON>ElHWG...ViE'RE TOO CLOSE TO WERE VA,'J * K 1T WEIL FRO ' A HERE! SOW? /7~77^ 11 THE- STANDING' ROCKS; ROUND MOUNTNNAND SEEIA TO FOfcM (>, SLEEPING" ...THE OHE PICTURED.-'ON THNT WfsN.DES\GN I FOUND 1(4 THE By Walt Disney H. 1948 BY MEA SERVICE. IHC. 1. M. RE DONALD DUCK. HE* SERVICE, IHC. T. M. HEO. U. S. PAT. OFF. J "No, 1 don't wnnt to «o to (lie movie, Elbert! 1 think I that once in u while'we should stay.home and enlerfciin "Oh, eggs from Aunt Mtiry on the funn—thai means she's coming for :i two weeks' visit soon!" >• LO^NCO WEUCO/Y\E FUNNY BUSINESS Hershberaer TRECKLI3 AND HIS FRtENDS SPEAK UP/ DONT ALL REMAIN! SPEECHLESS AT ONCE- / WHO'S GOING- Tb PAV THESE CHECKS f THIS ROOM is EMPTY / T THE DOOR AND LEFr US STUCK WITH TMET CHECKS? NO INVESTIGATION' Bv Carl Anderson ROGER./ J MERE— CARD — ANY CARD' NO Does; ALLOWED t "Our husbands can't Jorgcl thai they're doctors—thal's ' JLhe way tliey^settle the-argument as_to_jvhich is thq ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. HaitiJm POSSONE! I MUST BE GETTIN' SETTEE LOOKIN | OH. WJMPIN... ALL THEM (DAMES VOO-HOOIN' AT I ME, AN 1 STUFF — n HEH, 1 *^l!*f THEV *-»• » ^v » • :E» .^A. kii«*< , MY 30X I ( YEP.' THEYRE PICKIN 1 A DAME THAN6 ON ^ AX' THERE A\KT A Thimble Theater YOU DON'T \aOT NO DAMES KNOW W3OUT ON MY NECK L1K.S ALL THEM / YOU SUYS HKVE, / '" WE WOMEN < YAPPITY-YAPPIN 1 I SETTEE. MEETING \ ALL TH' LOCAL i TELL'IM! AT TH'. , SUBJECT ( ME) YEB ARM AT TH' /DAME IN ALL. MOO THKT UNDER V 'i J BIG SHINDIG THAT I SvOULDN'T PUT UP A, fe DISCUSSION! (V. MAKES VOU V FISHTTO''- irs 99 so HELLO. 1 .' VES// V SPEAK LOUPEE/) /r^ I SAY, DO VOU WANT THEM By Edgar Martin WHO .e.' < =>^,> VY'«5 INCREDIBLE . MY WEVXOMt OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J, R. Williami With Major Hoople COME IN, BOYS, COME RIGHT IN.' I HAIN'T DOIN' A THIMG.' :.NOW HE T, 'CAUSE HE sl'T READ OR UTE.--NOW = YOU SURE \V WE'RE NJOT TERRUPTIM; SIR.? DINAR MIGIAT. THE CHEZ PITCH A. tO MftKE RECORDS ?AR& SOU THE HOUSE DICK OR 3UST A STAND-lhi FOR CCM& 1N\ * DEEP I'LL A DISIA 6ET OUT % PA<oTR.V tueBoo^ UPPROACH AMD 6EE: | 1KJG AT 2 O'CLOCK/ TAL6KST... OOSWT TO op VOLJR. , SPA.M1SH/ THE wwr i LOOK M IT, TME5E CROOKEP GATiBLER^H A FAVOR POSS'T K^OW WHW KOSSfoT i«] A CHANCE ' 111 WAIT KEK£ \\MU.E V Ol. TOU.'A!?GUE WITH f?tP£R } Cim•' LETS ABOUT IDRrW At ./ nOPt HE'S YOUR A UTTlE ROUSH, RTPER .' ^-^-^-v-^-/7 ^ ^^m~. I ,. ^\ Art! l^'uQ^ 7 ^\-^^/ llv\PROVINiS =

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