Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1946
Page 4
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S.Ttf«*!^5SSSSSg?w».i*".*fjr «S^m* | ra«»rt^^ MbN^J>M»m r:^,;L •-' — MOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 24, 1946^ Thursday, October 24, 1946 HOPE STAR/ HOPS, ARKANSAS! , Official art and American sources sf*' thS*Rn«si*ts were mov- v<«tal" tflmttWd"" skilled Ger- man workers from their sector of Berlin, apparently to place them in actories in the Russian zone of jcrmany. Their families were leing moved with the workers. The Social Democratic party of Berlin charged in a formal resolu- ion these transfers were "deporta- ions in violation of human rights." The resolution implied the ^removals were connected with Sunday's Berlin municipal elections, n which the social Democrats were the winners and ihe Soviet- endorsed Socialist party ran third. However, an official at American military government headquarters 'or the" Berlin district said he believed the movement had nothing to do with Sunday's voting. No comment was available from official Russian sources here. o Lord Louis Mountbatten is the great - grandson of Queen Victoria. o Irving Berlin made exactly 33 cents on the first song he wrote. r-3*.»*MDEXTROSE< fcir *s^ *4*P> GO! New Treatment « Gets Real Results Don't let your child- suffer the torment of Pin-Worms! Today, thanks to n special, medically recognized drug, n highly effective treatment has been made possible. So watch for the warning signs, especially the embarrassing rectal itch. Get JAYNE'S P-W right away and follow the directions. These, small, casy-to-take tablets were developed after years of patient research in the laboratories of Dr. D. Jaync & Son to act in a special way to .-cmove Pin-Worms. It's easy to rf.member: P-W for Pin-Worms t One Admits Try ing to Sell Bomb Baltimore, Ocl. 23 —(/P>—Three men accused by the FBI of trying to sell unauthorized pictures of atomic bomb equipment io a Baltimore newspaper came up :"or arraignment before U. ;3. Commissioner James K. Cullen today and one of them contended in a statement thai the photographs actually showed an atomic bomb. After hearing teslimony for more than three hours, Commissioner Cullen took under advisement ; request by the U. S. dislricl nllor ney that the three be remanded :oi grand jury action. Cullen commented ;io evidence had been adduced to show ihe pic Hires were actually of an atomic bomb or any other secret weapon George Comer, 23-year-old form er air forces private trom Bel Air Md., said in a statement nttibutec to him by the FBI READ TO THE to him by the FBI and cad io thr commissioner that he and fou other soldiers took the photograph at a bomb dump on Tinian Island in August, 1945. Comer said he was sure it wa the alomic bomb because it wa differenl than any bom bhe ha< ever seen and was .surrounded fa great secrecy, adding he was ioli it was the bomb about which ihere had been so much t.oak. Accused along witn Comer ar Miles Daubenheyer; 26, another former service man ::rom Bel Air, and James B. Rike, Jr., 26, former rmy captain from Chattanooga, 'enn. They were arrested by the FBI ere after offering six photographs o the Baltimore News-Post for $7,00. o Plans End to Own Life and Does It East Orange, N. J., Oct. 23 — TjtM— Kor six hours last night Nord Taylor, a 21-year-old student at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, Most Veterans Are Working fi • tft ff** f^i. V% • USESReports By JANE £ADS Wushinuton — The United Slates Employment Service (USESi repot fs that of the approximately 12.810 000 male veterans of World War ^ about 11,200.000 are in ihe nation's civilian labor force. •l ms represents ihose actually cooly wrote his thoughts then leaped to his death trom the root of -\ 10-story building. The youth, who was studying for his master's degree after graduating with honors trom the Newark College of Engineering, climbed io the roof of an apartment building about a mile from his home at apnroximately 9 p. m. Then he began writing the death journal. The notes were addressed to his father. He said, after thinking it over, he considered himself a failure. He said that he intended to uike poison before jumping. A bottle of poison was found on the roof, and another next to his body. He wrote: "10 p. m. I have been silting on this pitch-dark roof tor a half-hour. If only someone would look up and I feel as force my hand. if I am half-witted, employed ployment. or' those seeking em- The total number of employed veterans, according to a Census Bureau survey released Oct. 10. is 10,400,000. Census figures show that 7'10,000 vets are enrolled in schools and colleges under GI legislation, 180.000 are listed as retired or . unable to go to work and the balance of 600.000 have not as yet entered the civilian labor lorce. The 10. 400,000 employed represents an increase of 7,350,000 over Nov. 194S. From USES reports corning in from labor mantel areas indicated that enrollment of veterans to schools and colleges were important factors in reducing .labor sur pluses in certain areas. for thousands of Czechs. J!e .suc- but by putting down these words I have to force . . ." Then the note broke off and picked up: "10:55. The view of ihe city is breath-taking. My hands are getting numb and the taste I took from the cyanide is making me thirsty. It cannot be long now. "I intend to stand on the Jcclgc and lean over backwards and iake cyanide and then fall down :'rnni this 10-story building as a double indemnity, or safety factor as inev say in engineering, that's a joke." Young Taylor said that ihe- finality of death was even harder to comprehend than the existence of life. "It is now 11:40," he wrote. "I am sitting on the stairway . . . | sitting here this last hour has .led i me to realize what I am. and .'' confirms what I am. Instead of concentrating my narnest .--ffovts on my plan, I sit here and daydream aoout oveiytnmg :rom b,..,.,- mcr vacation to bright stars. "I am expecting the janitor . . . I must hurry." But he did not hurry, he still took his time. The next entry was listed as written at 3:40 a. m. "I still sit here thinking the same thoughts," Taylor wrote. "As for you, Pop, please forget it all." Ten minutes later the night elevator operator saw Taylor's body on Ihe sidewalk. cccded Heydrich in the deputy pro- lector past, and conducted ihe reprisal campaign for his death. Daluege was a Nazi police chief under Himmkr at one stage of his career. This will innkc itself felt in some labor market areas, but in others, especially where skilled or semiskilled labor is in firent demand, USES says it will have little effect. The USES points out that if you look 400,000 lo 500.000 skilled or semi-skilled permanent workers out of the labor market the effect would be serious. However, £ew veterans fall in these groups. Where the labor market is tight, and veterans have been working for some months while wailing to gel back inlo school, there are va cancics that do have lo be filled. More mature veterans who feel! the need of permanent employment rather than a desire to resume their educational studies have been filling many of these jobs. From Ihe poinl of view of trying to find work for veterans, USES has found that veterans who sought temporary jobs were difficult lo place, especially if thcv had only a limited number of sKills to offer. However. USES officials say unemployment Ipday is very low. In their calculations w'c now have what is considered full employment, and are evern exceeding war-time peaks. Many industries. USES says, arc i'ully staffed and others arc held up only because of shortages of materials neccs- sa t- v to production. The goal, USES points out, is lo manna.n nigh levels of employment and to bring about job sta- The number of veterans receiv- ng servicemen's readjustment allowance has dropped from 1,000,000 in June lo 1.230.000. Some of this drop Js attributed to the return of veterans io school, some to the fact that ''iiany others have found employment. Harrison, Oct. 23 — (/I 1 )— Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Parsley's 13-months-olu son, Clary Louis,* svho lodged a bean in his throal, died yeslerday while he was being rushed lo a Little Rock hosnltal. John Bunyan was born at Elsto.w, England in" 1628. bility. The hlch labor turpnv say, is not amazing in view ot the many shilts necessary io .ecuii- version from wartime io peacetime occupations. MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and CITY BAKERY FULL CREAM FLOUR 25 (bs. 1.85 SOlbs. 3.65 Z. & ."We Have a Complete Line of Vegetable Rarebit Broadcast: October 26, 1916 11 cup ditW >mwi- . rj, 2 cup Pet Milk a' teaspoon salt 2 teaspoon dry mustard 1 l /2 cups drained lima beans,* 4 slices bread 4 thick tomato slices • l /4 teaspoon salt few grains pepper PORK CHOPS US?_ ib. 67c 33c Fresh Ground Ib. A Grade Round or Loin Ib. I Mix "foj^Scker ch?es«, milk, Ya tea- 1 I spool? salt* and 'mustard. Stir and] I coolc over boiling water until cheesej melts. Add beans.-Gover; keep warm.I Turn on oven£ set at moderate (375°| F.). Toaj^ brjac£pn pne, side only.l I Put in shallow .baking .pan, toasted] I side up. Arrange.- tomato slices on] j toasc. Sprinkle" with '/4 teaspoon salcj j and. few grains of pepper. Bake 5| I min., or until tomatoes are heated.1 I Serve toppcd>«jvtthi.bean mixture.! 1 Makes 4 Vetvingt, ••» * i--- • I *WhoIe Wftiit*totK f ot"£ss3"!i!U>. I I place Hma-JeaQS. „ " You Will Needt Jf Fresh, All Meat Ib. Shoulder or Ham Ib. BEEF ROAST Ib. ICJieese ib 63c IBeans can24c IFresh > ... Lb. [Tbirtatoes 18c HIHHBI^BBC » * i „.... , Campbells 1A — TdWKtO'SOUP can IUC » 7, .CRACKERS Ib. 23 C Green Lima Beans JAr No. 2 can AiH 1 ^, Black Eyed Peas oq r Green No. 2 can jSm«J** Purple Hull Peas Green No. 2'can jfeOC Brooks Catsup 14 oz. bottle <feD Plumb Preserves 2 pound Jar Good Brooms Each Yellow Onions % Ar Pound • *•**Sweet Potatoes Pound ' / C Mixed Vegetables No. 2 Can IVC Quaker Oats 01 r 3 Ib. package •• W I V Prince Albert 2 oz. can IUC Chicken Dinner Mortons Jar Railway Circus Coming to Hope Nov. 2 One' of America's largest circus es traveling by railroad this season will present performances in Hope Saturday, November :2. Not a truck show but a moden three - ring railroad circus, Dailej Bros. Circus will present perform ances at 3 and 3 p.m. at show grounds on Old Highway G7. Traveling aboard its own specia train of 25 double - length railroac cars, the Dailey Bros. Circus wi arrive in the Missouri Pacific rat road yards during the early morn infl hours n r «:V>ou» rli— nr."\ .q"-rt-> tors arc invited to witness tinloac Ihg'Oi me iiiein> Uiuiiit*!.-*, tiie.i^*.iv wagons and other octuipmcnl ea ried by a large circus. The circus carries a herd of elephants, the nerd including Till! world's only talking elephant. Other members of the herd walk a wire, roll a barrel across Ihe ring,' play a realistic game of baseball, and perform other intricate routines. [They are directed by pretly 15 year Id Norma Davenport. Beautiful pinto and palomino orses directed by Miss Hazel King, present interesting and entertaining outines. A $50,000 horse ::air in- ludes such famous blue ribbon vinners as Lipstick, Major and j Jlack Diamond. Si Kitchie, famed Filipino head jalancer, presents a sensational lead balancing act on the bar of a rapeze high in the big Lop. The Yi- mous Escalante Troupe lifters a daring exhibition of acrooatics as a part of the two - hour program. The circus carries a large menagerie of animals from ihe :'ar corners of the earth. Among the scores ot animals lo be seen are ine polar bears exhibited by any circus. Doors will open an hour oefore performance time to allow ample iimc for inspection of the menagerie and horse fair. Stuearts Gro 6* Mkl. WE DELIVER 209 South Walnut Phone 447 Fine Monday, Tuesday, and always your A&P feature-. - wide variety of fine fresh foods. 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I Daluege's effort to ape Hermann jGoering's lasl act came eight hours ' oeiore ne was scntcluleu io die on the'gibbet. He was sentenced to doatli by a Czechoslovak people's court. The suicide atlcmpl was discovered by a guard who called the prison doctor immediately. The guard suid Daluege had gazed from the window ol his cell during most of ihe night, but ih;jt j at 4 a. m. he saw Daluege'.s nanrls i move under a blanket. Later, the guard said ,Daluege's >'ace •aimed red and he tossed .-jway -(lie .soup j bowl pieces v.'ilh a bleeding nanrl. When the guard called i'or the j prison doctor, Daluege said: "why] did you do that'.' i will be executed anyway." Laler the SS officer, who was Hcinrich Himrnlcr's prule-ge, heard the death sentence pronounced. He did not ask tor clemency. "1 will die a hero like thousands of other Germans," he said. As deputy ••protector" of .Bohemia and Moravia .following the assassination of Reinhard Heydrieh, Daluege signed the death warrants MORE USED FATS! Ifo help make SOAP! GET -If 1 FOR EVERY POUND f GOLDEN WHOLE KERNEL NABISCO GRAHAMS Mb. pkg. . IONA PEACHES Halves . No. 1\ can A«W'«ARMOUR'S STAR - RUFF OQ<T PEANUT BUTTER ...lib. jar .<& ^C» FANCY WHITE ^f^ T CRAB MEAT . . . , 6J oz can <J&,^ A&P \£*r* IOC SAUER KRAUT... No. 1\ can SUNNYFIELD FLOUR .... 50 Ib. sack a t n B a n u SPINACH DELICIOUS APPLES CAL. LEMONS No. 21/2 Can No. 2 Can - Lb. 7J1AB1SCO SHRKDDED WHEAT 12oz. pkg. UKL, MONTK — EARLY GARDEN PE^S No. 2 can KXETKll TOMATOES No. 2 can HEINZ KETCHUP .... 14 oz. bottle TRUE AMERICAN MATCHES Ctn. SUNNYBKOOK £\J f* EGGS Doz. O/ C 15c 16c 24c Washington By JANE EADS \VnshiiiRton-nns II. Imru, Ethi- ppini> minister to the United States, is one of the ctipttal's most ardent sightseers. Only recently arrived n-om Addis Ababa, he has already visited most of the big government buildings and other phi cos ot historical or •jnrtislic interests. 1 Imru is related on his mother's side to Emperor Hnllc Selassie, the Lion of Jud;ih. The new minister was Governor General of the Province of Gondar before coming to the United States. Durin the Ethiopian war he distinguished himself by refusing to surrender to the Italians. Finally, in the last battle of the war, lie was captured and taken to Italy. He was held prisoner for six years on the Islands of Ponzn and Lipari and later in Calabria. '} During this time his family look refuge in Palestine, The minister has seven daugh- .ers and om« son. His eldest '.laugh- :er, Yenissratch, is married to the Ethiopian minister in Moscow. His son Michael, 16, is studying in Eng- iand and plans to become a iawycr. Only two daughters, Huth, 19, . and Judith, 17, lire with vhe Minister and Mrs. Imru, They arc studying English. Mrs. Imru is a pretty woman and described as devoutly religious. They lamily are members of the Coptic faith. The Minister likes to write, sketch and play tennis. But his jcreut hobby is photography, in which he became interested in Italy. At the legation he has i\ room fixed up where he does his own developing. lie hi.s mastered Ihe art of color photography and is :iow taking up motion pictures. In the drawing room of the legation hangs a largo new picture of the Emperor and his Queen. On the Emperor's 5, r >th birthday It looked down on several hundred guests attending a reception in celebration of the anniversary. The j throng included representatives' from most of the embassies and legations, members of the cabinet, State Department and business men interested In the affairs of Ethiopia. Greenery and red and orange flowers filled the various rooms, matching the flat; which hangs over the legation. The lawn, where the cocktail bar and buffet had been set up, was dotted with huge red, green and orange umbrellas and small tables decorated with flowers the same color. One of Uas Imru'ii more important diplomatic tasks al the moment is to negotiate ;'or an American loan for hi.s country. For the past several weeks ho has been dickering with the Export-Import bank for a 35,000,000 credit. II is needed, of al! things, to pay the salaries of a number of American advisers io the Ethiopian government. TH E HOLY CRUSADE Dccnlur, 111., Ocl, 24 — (/I 1 )—De- cauirs city council has a rush ordc to pass a /icw ordinance to assure proper filling of water service pipe excavations so Ihey won't sink anc leave a hole in Ihe street. Reason: The front end of Mayor James A. Hedrick's car fell into such a hole after a recent heavy rain, and it took a derrick to pull it out. Churchill Raps Communistic Balkan Bloc By GLENN WILLIAMS London, Oct. 23 — (/IT— Winston Churchill today denounced Russian policies in what hi; called the "Communi/.cd Balkan bloc" and accused the Soviet Union of departing trom many ot the Big Three agremccnts reached at Yalta and elsewhere. Both he and Prime Minister Al- tlcc agreed that major powers had misused their veto authority in the United Nations Security Council. Arkansas News Items Little Hock, Oct. 23 •— I/P) ~-A $100,000 poultry processing plant for the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation co-operative of Ben- tonylllc has been approved by the Civilian Production Administration. The plant was one of 17 projects approved by CPA. Six applications were denied. Atllec called for view of its IN 50 Ws *Ss Tfot . i.!.*cvc illC * o __„ onlOj-** .. /i___fr»r Ot o f % # **'-*MV/X:Wr',<.* POWDER use so the council could "fulfill :'.ts original intention." Freely admitting deep differences with Russia, Alllec declared: "Nevertheless, we believe H is not only possible taul essential "or us lo work together in order io prevent the ealacmity of another war." Churchill, following his successor in the highest office, said: "The Polish government in no way represents the Polish nation. Conditions in Yugoslavia arc sinister and melancholy. The whole country is being converted as far as possible inlo a Communist area, x x x I hope all Greeks who wish for the survival of the country will help the new regime and government and thai that government will be continually broadened io include all who prefer :"recdom io ihe ruin and destruction in a Communized Balkan bloc." The wartime icador criticized 3oth Ihe Unilcd Stales and . the British Labor government for iheir rcatment of Palestine. He de- ilarcd there was no definite British policy for the Holy Land. He called on the United States o share some of the Palestine \ nirdcns, declaring: It is nnt fair that, the United i Stales should nol share in Ihe task ind would reproach us for pur ob- 'ious incapacity to cope with it." AUlcc opened the second day of debate by discussing the veto. "His majesty's government is certainly of the opinion thai ihere should be a review of the use of ,hc veto with a view .io restrain-1 ng it lo its original inlent," Alllce lold the House of Commons :'n the second day of a foreign affairs de- jate. Attlee lold the house: . "If we are to achieve a peaceful .vorld, states of diverse cnaractcr must be prepared to tolerate each other and work together." Litlle Rock, Oct. 23 —(/P)—Adams and Howard Co., Inc.. Fort Smith, obtained a charter today to conduct a general realty business, listing $25,000 paid in capital, 500 shares of 100 common slocK and 750 shares .$100 preferred .stock. Incorporators are .1. Wesley Adams, Victor Howard, Blanco Q. Adams and Reta II. Howard, all of Fort Smith. The Lone Slar Biscuil Co., For 4 . Worth, entered the stale to do business al Pine Bluff, where J. C. Le- inasler '\vas named resident agent. It said that $2.129.17 ot ils $857,135 capilal would be used in Arkansas opernlions. Lilllo Rock, Oct. 23 — (ff>)— Prop- rly for establishrncnl of a convalescent hospital for the crippled will be acquired in Pulaskl County wilh- in the next few days, Mrs. Jack Games, Camdcn, president of ihe Arkansas Association for the crippled, announced today. The association's executive committee met today to discuss several proposed sites, one of which, Mrs. Games said, was ready-made for Ihe associalion's uses. She said Ihe association had $51,000 for purchasing or obtaining a hospilal and that it would be opened as soon as possible after its acquisi- lion. Dr. John T. Gray, head of ihe State Welfare Department's Crippled Children Division, said there were 140 under treatment in four Little Rock hospitals and at least 100 of them needed the facilities of a convalescenl hospital. Ho said Ihe needs for such facilities. were acule and lhat Ihe large number Of polio viclims needing alien tion had almost crowded out ihe IN THE DOG HOUSE Omaha, Neb., Oct. 24 —(/Pi— A dog, evicted from his kennel at the rear of a downtown building by a man who left home after a 'amily quarrel, howled loud and ong. Police came in response to com- slainls and found the man asleep n the doghouse. "1 whistled, ihe dog came out and I move in," the intruder told the officers. Police put the dog back in ihe kennel and took the man to jail for a night's lodging. In early limes the residents -of" Vermont drank cider for MANY NEVER -. 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