Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada on April 19, 1957 · Page 16
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Nevada State Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 16

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1957
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN NEVADA STATE JOURNAL, RENO, NEVADA FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1957 Panama Dispute Flares Up Again PANAMA. 01 R--The d i f f e r - ences of opinion between the United States and Panama governments regarding the legal status of the Panama Canal have flared up again. The question, as In the Suez Canal dispute, is just who owns it. An interview granted by Presi- . dent Ernesto de la Guardia Jr. to a London newspaper correspond' ent brought the issue to the fora front sgaln. Rene MacCall, travelling correspondent for the London Daily Express, quoted President de la Guardia as saying that Panama Intended to "resume" sovereignty over the Panama Canal Zone. The presidential office promptly issued a statement saying that cie Is Guardia had used the word "defend" instead of "resume." This is in line with Panama's contention that under the trea ties existing with the United States, Panama has granted the United States the right to exercise sovereign powers in the zone for the operation, maintenance and defense of the canal Panama contends that on all issues not covered specifically un der these three headings, Panama retains the right to exercise sovereignty in the zone. The United States, on the oth er hand, maintains that the treaty wording implies complete abdication by Panama of the right to exercise any sovereign power whatever in the zone. Qualified sources said, however, that the "defense" of the Panamanian sovereignty over the zone does no 1 imply any abrupt physical action on Panama's part. The Canal Zone has all the hallmarks of United States-controlled community: American p o l i c e , postal sen-ices and the American flag on all official buildings. N o responsible Panamanian spokesman has even suggested the possibility that this state of affairs could change in the fore- Amendment Asked On Water Rights SACRAMENTO, April 18. (IP) Gov. Goodwin J. Knight said today "we should have a constitutional amendment on water rights" adopted at this session of the legislature. Asked what he thought of the position of Sen. James A. Cobey (D-Merced), who said last weekend he is opposed to a constitutional amendment this session, the governor said, "He's entitled to his opinion." " "But I feel there is a very substantial belief throughout the state that we should have a constitutional amenoment--and I am In favor of one," the governor said. seeable future. On the other hand, so long Panama "defends' 'the conce that she retains titular sovereig ty over the zone, the door is opi for a gradual increase in Pan ma's participation in the can enterprise The various forms which th "defense" can take include t Panamanian law under which a children born on the Canal Zon including the children of Unit States parents, can claim Pan manian citizenship Both countries, have adhere firmly to these conflicting pos tions on the issue of sovereign for some time. File Tax Lien Against Remme SAN FRANCISCO, April 1 An $864.46 tax lien was filed ye terday against the local proper of Elmer (Bones ( Remmer, we known California and Nevai gambling figme. The lien was placed with Coun Recorder Thomas Toomey I Elnora E. Moran of the feder Internal Revenue Bureau. Th federal tax officials allege Rem mer did not keep an accountm of income tax and Social Securi money withheld from employe paychecks. On March 5, the U.S. Suprem Court ordered a new trial fi Remmer, who was convicted income tax evasion in 1952. Th new trial was granted on Rem mer's contention that Irving Smith, Reno insurance broker an jury foreman at the Carson Ci trial, might have been influence against him. .ft North Korea Arms Buildup Assailed LOS ANGELES, April 18. (IP Y. W. Kim, defense minister the Republic of Korea, warne today that a current military buildup by the North Korea Communist regime poses a grav threat to all of Asia. Kim issued the warning at press conference at the Ambassa dor Hotel here. He has been tou ing U. S. military installation since March 30 at the invitatio of Secretary of Defense Charle Wilson. The Korean official said tha unless the enhanced Commum power is offset with military re inforcements in South Korea, th entire Asian grand strategy ma collapse. His recommendations in eluded the supply by the Unite States to his country of a bette air force and tactical nuclea arms. Shopping List For Your Convenience Moke It a habit to UM tht« ipace each week to lot down your food needs Tear it out and take it along with you on your ihopp^g trip Read the grocery ads In the Reno Evening Gazette and Nevada State Journal lot many saving valued Sego Milk Instant Chase Sanborn Clorox M-D Tissue Whit* King Soap Simple Simon Pits lux Toilet Soap loyal Crown Cola Skippy Pet Food Tillamook Cheese C H Sugar Dennison's Chile Big Top Peanut Butter Cudahy Ham Fleitehmann's Dry Yeast Calo Dog Food REDUCE YOUR FOOD COSTS SHOP WITH NEVADA STATE JOURNAL RENO EVENING GAZETTE Bilking Church Schools Charged LAS VEGAS, April 18. (IP) -Accountant John D. Magee, 50, of Las Vegas, today was bound over to district court after he had waived preliminary hearing on charges of bilking $829 from the St Joseph's Catholic parochial school. District Attorney George Dickerson said Magee was charged with obtaining a blank check to pay a school bill, and instead converting the money to his own use Church officials contend Magee obtained $6,251 in school funds during a period of about a year. Magee is free under $10,000 bail. Women Instructors May Be Accepted By Navy Academy ANNAPOLIS, Md., April 18. U W--The U. S. Naval Academy, which only recently beat off the attempt of a teen-aged girl to enroll as a cadet, may have woman instructors befoie long. The academy may have to deal with a shortages of instructors by using WAVE officers, it was reported today. A number of civilian instructors at the academy have been leaving for better-paying civilian jobs. The reports said strong consideration is being given to the possible use of WAVE officers who have graduate degrees in physics. Coating of Leaf Blamed in Cancer CHICAGO, April 18. (IP) -- A scientist said today that the waxy coating of the tobacco leaf and stem, which could be removed by a variety of solvents, was the major source of cancer-causing substances in cigarettes "When this material is burned at 880 degrees (cigarette burning temperature), the tar obtained has a very high cancer-producing activity," said Dr. Ernest L Wynder, of the Sloan-Kettering Institute, New York City, in a speech before the American Association for Cancer Research. "Painting the backs of mice with a five per cent concentration of this tar resulted in 27 per cent of the mice developing cancer within five months," he said. West Rail Boost Meets Opposition WASHINGTON, April 18. (IB Rep. Harlan Hagen (D-Calif.) today asked the Interstate Commerce Commission to turn down a petition by Western railroads for a 22 per cent raise in freight rates. The commission is currently wlding hearings on the railroads' petition to make permanent a five jer cent interim increase plus an additional 17 per cent boost. Hagen told the ICC that a 6 per cent increase was authorized a year ago and that approval of the present petition would mean a total increase of 28 per cent in one year. "This constitutes an unconscionable request on the part of the rail lines which I feel certain cannot be justified through rising operating costs," Hagen said. *- _ PLANS TO RETIRE NEW YORK, April 18 HP) -- ladys Swarthout, a star with the Metropolitan Opera Co , for many years, today announced her retirement from the opera. DAILY CROSSWORDi ACROSS 1. Filled with wonder 6. A trinity 10. Cavern 11. Reverberate again 12. Woody perennial 13. Depose 14. Place again 16. Friar's title 19. Permit 20. Candlenut tree 23. Projecting roof edges 25. Greens with dressing 27. Jewish month 28. Game of chance 29. Comes up 31. Aweigh 32.Perch 33. Biblical name 35, Still 3.6. Whirring sounds 38. Scholar 41. Border on 45. Originates 46. Memo* randum 47. Dnps water, as apipe 48. Pitcher DOWN 1. Perform 2. Conflict 3. Evening (poet.) 4. Game animal 5. Doctrines 6 Pause 7. Winter hazzard 8. Exclamation 9. Speck 11. Trick 15. Elevated trains (colloq.) 16. Dreads 17 Half diameters 18. Stop (naut) 20. Wmg- shaped 21. Girl's name 22. Take as one't own U. Before 26. Astern 30. Back, bones 31. Breeze 34. Branch of learning 36. Lie m the sun 37. Rational 38. Salt 39 Exist BBS nan B0l liiaaaaaa UBC-J aw* EKjL-ie asaaa naaaa, nemo HOE ona aaanHDe 32 a.32 BEH HHQQB amanrj anon QOI?B HUISH Uai3B 40. By way of 42. Arch 43. Shoshonean Indian 44. Thrice (mus.) fa »7 Israel Plans Barbed Wire Barricade for Gaza Area JERUSALEM, April 18. OP] -A foreign office spokesman said today Israel was prepared to seal off its border with the Gaza Strip setting up a barbed wire and minefield barrier. Joseph Tekoa, director of Aircraft Promoter Faces Prison Term LOS ANGELES, April 18. (IB Aircraft Promoter William E. Horton, 40, was sentenced in federal court today to three years in prison for fraud. Judge Leon Yankwich sentenced Horton after a ]ury convicted the defendant on six counts of fraud under Federal Securities Act and three counts of mail fraud. Horton, president o f the Horton Aircraft Corp. and promoter of a 'wingless" airplane, was indicted December 7, 1955, on 15 counts alleging conspiracy, mail fraud and fraud in the sale of securities in connection with the promotion of the aircraft armistice affairs in the ministry, contended in a bluntly-worded statement that the United Nations was implementing Egyptain policy in the controversial strip He said Israel "would take the initiative " The criticisms of the U.N. came amid Israeli reports of new incidents along the frontiers with Jordan and Syria. Two Israeli policemen were wounded in an attack by Arab Fedayeen commandos near the border village of Tirat Yehuda. Official sources said "large security forces" retraced the tracks of the Fedayeen raiders almost to the Jordan border. Israeli military spokesman Col Nehemian Brosh said an Arab shepherd was killed by a mine near Taibeh village on the Israeli- Jordan border. In northern Israel, Syrian and Israeli troops exchanged gunfire for 20 minutes last night near the border village of Dardara, scene of a similar incident last week. There were no reports of casualties. NEVADA'S LARGEST SELECTION OF CHILDREN'S RECORDS AT MIKE MIRABELLI'S Village Record Shop 1125 CALIFORNIA FA 2-7741 Sheraton Won't Take Stardust LAS VEGAS, Nev, Apul 17 OK--Reports the Sheraton Hotel Corp. no longer is interested in reorganization plans for the bankrupt Stardust Hotel on the Las Vegas strip were confirmed today by Stardust trustee Paul McDermott. McDermott said the United Hotels Corp , composed of Desert Inn interest holders, had indicated it would take over the still unfinished Stardust if approved by bankruptcy court, and hotel stockholders and creditors. Another group known as the Debtor Corp. also is attempting to reorganize the hotel, McDermott reported This group includes wealthy men m fi\ e states, he said. The t«o corporation plans uill be discussed at a hearing Thursday in Carson City federal court. Tooth Replanting Termed Possible SAN FRANCISCO, April 18 (IP)--Dr. Robert D Lewis, Menlo Park, Calif., dentist, disclosed today at the 87th annual meeting of the California Dental Association children's teeth accidentally knocked out may in many instances be "replanted." Lewis said the important thing was to keep the teeth moist until the child reaches a dentist. He said the teeth are "devitalized-the pulp and nerve is removed"-then they are "replanted and braced." Water Attorney Fears Loss Of Paramount Right Theory FRESNO, Calif, April IS. (IP) A. prominent water attorney earned today an appeal to the state supreme court s nullification of the 160-acre law could result in a ruling in fa\or of the so-called paramount n g h t s theory. Denslow Grren of Madera issued the warning in a joint session of the natural resources and agricultural committees of the state chamber of commerce's San Joaqum Valley Council. He also accused reclamation commissioner W. A Dexheimer of coercion in dealings with the Ivanhoe Irrigation District. Green, who represents eight water agencies in the San Joa- qum and Sacramento Valleys, explained the theory is that the federal go\ernment has authority over water originating on "edetal land. "Thus you could kias goodbye to the California water plan, development of water resources by irrigation districts and by municipalities," he declared. "It must be noted 95 per cent of California's water has its origin in streams rising on federal land." Green contended Dexheimer had no right to threaten the Ivanhoe district. The agency w notified yesterday by Dexheimer that its Central Valley Project water supply will be cut off unless the district joins in a federal appeal from the state court s rilling. Green said there is no requirement under law that the water delivery be halted. He pointed out many districts have been receiving CVP water for several years even though their contracts with the federal government were not validated by state courts. ENJOY EASTER DINNER WITH US MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Phone FA 3-5253 CIRCLE. R-B LODGE Hiway 40 West, Reno TtS JUST SCRUMPTIOUS and f m Gushed the gal on the flying trapeze. "Its a real 'Rav/or Break'...' So delicious to take. Chase £ Sanbom won my vote u/ttfr ease!' 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