Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 14, 1972 · Page 17
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 14, 1972
Page 17
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34—The Cumberland Sunday Times, Sunday, May 14,1972 ' Film On Sky jacking; May Be 6 Worrisome' HOLLYWOOD (NEA1 - The: I lesion hciids Seltzer's bi« 'tremendous impact of motion east, which also includes Yvcttc pictures on the public placosiMimicuz, James Krolin, Claude i worrisome responsibility on Akins. Jeanne Cr.iin, Walter . the shoulders of responsible.I'ldfjcun and Leslie Ufigams. movie-makers. And most of them » nc fl |m doesn't make hi;arc responsible citizens. There•jackinti attractive at all,"; •arc a few In the business who sdlzcr says. "On the contrary.! would do-anything for a buck, :ll „„„„.„ jusl how ba( | it is for but the majority genuinely i'arc: CV crybody. It also makes a bigl about the effect their procliicljihins ollt of s |, mv ins that. wilh| wil have on the minds of the.the airlines, public safely is In. audience. paramount concern." One of the responsible ones- is producer Walter Seltzer. So!/. ir • 1 I was surprised to learn thati LOSl ilOIMKOIl he was making a movie called!,-! . o "Skyjacked," dealing with thc'SUII'IS III O11OW hijacking of a commercial planej in flight. I wondered whether 1 MT HOOD, Ore. (AP) — tbe film, when it was released, Principal photography has might trigger another rash ol started with three days of snow real-life hijackings. -scenes - on "Lost Horizon," But Seltzer says he's sure that based on 'the James Hilton nov won't Ijappcn. el. Cast Members Aid Script In Dick Van Dyke TV Show "All of us connected with thei After four nights of filming at »i film," he says, "are people withiTiicson. Ariz., there will be! MOVIE CRITIC and author Richard Schickel chats with, Ingrid Bergman about movie-making and films of the '40s. Schickel edited films of the '40s and interviewed many stars from that era for an NET-TV special, "You Must Remember This," to be shown May 18. a strong sense of social rcspon-,three months of shooting in? tibility. Neither myself nor Southern California areas. C'harlton Boston nor Roscy Oricr — none of us — would do anything to jeopardize people's lives." Sequences featuring Charles Bo.yer, appearing in his first film since 1%7, will be filmed I lin the summer. I Answer To Previous Pny,zlc Answer for Sunday, May 7, Cryptoqulp: LADY KANGAROO'S POUCH PRODUCED HER KING-SIZED, LAZY BABY. (0 1072 King- Fonluro Syndicate, Inc.) Movies Of '40s, NET Special Slated Tuesday Night On TV By RICHARD SCHICKEL type (the kid from Brooklyn,[them was over, that the govern- memory lot play us entirely false. The novies of that decade — the )cst of them anyway — need no excuses. They stand sturdily on their own — no need lo prop them up with f a.l s e lostalgia or the spirit of camp. become interchangeable. Perhaps, however, there Is something more to be said about these movies? Perhaps, besides praising them for their intrinsic dom of expression. That is a matter that-continues to be o) concern. Wlial you can see in the 90- minute program — if you. look beneath the romance and be learned from them abourihe! nosta lgia and fun (which are way we were then, some three abundantly present)— is Holly„ ,. ^, ivvrty WB wtji e uiun, hume mice """'"^""'J i'<*-ociii.< — m nunj- °\ I g " Cy "[decades ago? Perhaps there is'wood reaching '-the position even -something they can telliwhere what it was saying began about what we a're now — !'" seem to others worth Con- ight and bounce iomehow so touching and in 'Yankee Doodle Dandy." Bogart or at least how we came to (rolling. And its frightened be this way? aying a light, lisping film of ynieism over his courage andl T ... , onvictions in a dozen movies. 1 . ' ln ) nlc . so - As Cooper muttering and shuffling ""^viewing stars like Ingrid . ' ? .. *....... o tlflMrt.**.,.* lllr? RnVinvt HJlf nliiini ul the halting rhythms of utter incerily. Rita Hayworth glidinf Bergman and Robert Mitchum, directors like John Huston, own the long, curving rampl;,' 'Howard Hawks, Frank Capra, i "Cover Girl." That standard,! , Rao " _ ... -..,.' as T woetl wl " ithe NET crew assembling and . a t o on-bomber crew-ship's! .... .. - ompany, magically including!. 0 . 1 ""," 8 ,. 5 P r S ( ™ m the dims of ne each of every American tlle '° rtles Cortne 90-mmute spe- Premfer Sunday Crossword Puzzle By JO PAQUIN cial we call You Must Remember This (to be shown Tuesday, May 18 at 8:30 p.m. EDT) it response to the first rather tentative test of its defenses. If you look a little more closely you can see, in the; content of the post-war films themselves, Hollywood's loss, of confidence in itself arid in the myths, codes, forms that had sustained it financially — and sustained it jsychologically in the years jefore. CAREFREE, Ariz. (NBA) 'hooting a television show in '' •> i-Mriie nf the desert as The New Dick Van Dyke Show does i-> a bit different from usual Hollywood production. Nobody in Hollywood ever had lo hold up production because of sandstorm. But thal's happened here — the cast couldn't get to work- when the winds started blowing and the desert sand swirled so heavily it took the paint off cars. It's the kind of company where the entire cast — Dick, Hope Lange, Nancy Dussault, Fannie Flagg and Ma.-ly • -ill — keep offering suggestions toj 'mprove the script. Every night, Bernie Orenstei and Saul Turteltaub, the pro ducer-writers. rewrite t h icript, incorporating those sug gestions they like. They hav heir own mimeographin, department. Each morning th cast gets a fresh script. They "were shooting a shov vith Dick's brother, Jerry, a, lie guest star. He was playini )ick's brother, Mickey. The plo had him bring his fiancee (Bar bara Rhoades) to meet Dick The gimmick was that Jerry thought the girl was a trave agent but Marty Brill recognizet her as a Las Vegas nude dan Other things happened to i( thes. He finally decided lo tell him and had a speech in which he discussed marriage and.. how ,pye and honesty and sharing were to marriage what the foundation, the bricks and the cement were to a house. The final line was "And shar- ng is the cement — and a louse without cement is like a >ridge without a river." But lobody liked the line. They kept iffering changes but nobody liked the substitute lines, either. Finally, there was Ihe tiny voice of Angela Powell, 10. who, plays Dick and Hope's daughter on the show. "A house without cement is like a volcano without lava," she said. It fit the situation so beautifully they decided to use PRE-TEEN ACTRESS Angela Powell, 10, solved I, script problem for Dick Van Dyke by suggesting the; right sentence for script about Las Vegas nude anoj Van Dyke's brother. Aussie Lib Group Pelts Rod McKiieu HOLLYWOOD (NEA) - Ape Filming Is Underway NEW YORK (AP) — Principal photography has started in o'uVe" heard "about"s'ome'body F !°™i a OI1 " The Naked Ape," anding up with egg on his face? with Zev Burnian as producer. happened to Rod McKuen on Victoria Principal has the fe ~i current, concert tour - but; mal ° starring role opposite lis time the egg was the real| Joh . n ". v . Crawford. Donald Driv- follywood in Ihese years — was borne in on' me that it television, the loss of its HORIZONTAL 1. Counterfeit 5. Tips 10. Garden workers 15. Check 19. Persian Fairy 29. Hard, durable wood 21. Medieval helmet 32. Part of the try League • 23. Islands inGsl- wayBay 24. Classifies SL Pinches 52. Derisive sound 54. Noted painter and engraver 58. Jewish month 57. Small bed 58. More meaner 60. Ocean 82. Makers of silken fabrics 94. Excess of solar year . 96. Short- napped 97. Anserine birds 95. Slumbers lOdTo make 38. Roman 62 SL Chemical element JS.FIap 31. Native of Brunn 33. Defeat utterly 31 Spartan serf 36. Buddhist angel 37. Render . powerless 40. Ancient kingdom 42. Most rational 46. Girl's name 47. Slender flnial 48. AjranEe- mcnt SO. Valley on (ha moon 473 63. Abstrsr' being S3. Waste away in flesh 65. Poisonous sbrub ST.AKng of England 69. Poker stake "0. Aquatic animal 71. Insects 72. Couched harp 75. Track 76. Tardy 80. A color 81. Bristles 83. Not real oracftial 85. Concilia* tory bribe 8f». Burden 88. A cosmetic 90, At no time 91. Name in fashion iiid. Puts on gusrd id*. Woman of station 105. Small dining room 106. Riding whip 107. Politician 111. Celebrated (abbr.) 112. Floret 116. Largo lake 117. Namely 119. Shot in billiards 121. Protuberance 132. Goals 123. Oleoresin 121 Biblical name .125. Level 138. Cozy place 127. Silken 128. English poet 129. Depression Avrruge lime of R 1. Hesorts 2..IU this place 3. Inland sea 4. Talc, cf, a). 5. chemical element 6. Concerning 7. The average 8. Explosive 9. Method 10. Gave refuge to 11. Money of account 12. Original inhabitants of Moab 13. Set new turf 14. Metric VEBT1CAL 39. Biological partitions 40. Primitive re- prodnc- five body 41. Of gold 43. Church officer .44. Argot 45. Rudely concise 47. Growing out 49. Female swan 52, Sprinkle around 53. Seed integument 55. Uniform 68. Functions in trigo nometry 75. A color 76. Piece of furniture 77. Willow 78. Perch 79. W. W.I battle site 82. Pedal digit 84, Marshes 87. Most down-at- heel 89. Selecting 91. Became more profound 93. Petty quarrel 95.Ayorker, in cricket 97. Shine 99. Hits i 101. Homan god measures 59. Chemical 102. Fra- 15. Georgia city 16. Public vehicle 17. Charles Lainb 18. Chinese noodles 28. Ibsen heroine substance 61. Stately 64. Container 66. Eat it as fruit 68. Hop kiln (var.) grances 104. French school 106. Near 107. Mason's hammer point 108. French river- 103. Covers was during the 1940s that Hollywood lost its innocence, its self- absorption, was drawn .into a prosperous Ihealer chains — but the HUAC hearings, dramatically symbolize the beginngs of a The little girl beamed with pride that her line was used, But that's the way it is on this set — everybody is a writer. It seemed to me, as I listened tl,i ngj jer is directing. In Sydney, Australia. Rod) marched in a Women's Lib de4 monstration, with author Ger-j maine Greer. And some of the unsympathetic Aussies pelted both of them with eggs. That was the only downbeat moment of Rod's Down Underj visit. Otherwise, the Aussicsiy went wild over him — .and hcjj had to add four extra perfor-'J 11 1. I..IIV u , , ... , il. acclllcu IU IIIC, (to I UalCIIUU , "A confrontation with the. great E r ?. at chan f, e ~ »-shrinkage of (0 them cut and s , ash A the ,mances. They even shot two do-;« political, and even existential > ndl ; as wcll ' as P° wer for movle ! script, that often good lines were'™mcntary films about his visit,;* ideas of its age. i pe ° p . c ' J _,__.:,. «.__ .... 'excised and the new ones for Australian TV. ^ % Music Hall Christmas Film Is Scheduled SPECIAL! Mother's Day DINNER Today at wrrn War If Hollywood and Washing- the ^ o£ a . eatJ mo ' vie ™ "T^' ? !™ S L- 5 ^ epoch. For .these.investigators taneously. the power of films as something more than mere mass entertainment. They; discovered that this first andl, most powerful mass medium destroyed something more than a few movie careers: Rather, they began the. .process of destroying the whole nation's sense of community.- Which, in could be used for ideological;^ , vas bascd „„ '„„,. abi ' lity ilained war aims to ourselves ind our allies, drew us together and gave us a sense of common mrppse. In return, the govern- nenl, in large and small ways, what the campfire and the story teller had . been - to primitive man. (Editor's Note: -Richard nade sure that (he war did! Schickel is Life magazine's mo- 30. Exclama- 70. Fragrant 110. One in jplant debt 71. Twining 112. Ravel stems 113. Wander 72. Facing glacier direction 73. The whole jury i vie critic. He wrote 1 and created Hollywood: This. His new hook is entitled "Second' 'Sight."). lot inconvenience Hollywood. un-j t . MT^F' duly, indirectly guaranteeing ill" ?.,.. t perhaps the most profitable 1 icriod in its history. The trouble was that when the war was over some peopieji(V>A ri«vm««»«einTI in government — having seeni*"'"' . • Ue P 1 CSHIOJl how film could be used for their- purposes — began to worry that it might be used for someone else's purposes. Or. so they said. Actor Given Chance For 'Adult' Role Ft. Cumberland Hotel RESTAURANT Reasonably Priced! NEW YORK (AP) - There is'i nothing like planning ahead.!L . j, HOLLYWOOD (NBA) - in:' The film " 1 ™" a Jack L.'gNow Free Parking § dog make the story. Holliman says that it looks like Hollywood Slc Hal1 has at last let him grow up. The opening coincides with HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) - tion 32. North Caucasian language M. Filaments 35. Nominal 37. Waltz 38, Cast of a language 74. Habits- ate 114. Paradise 115. Camp shelter 118. Wurt- temberg measure 120,1 love (U) . . . Actually most people think the! "Emperor of the North, a dra- investigalion into alleged sub- m a ' lc sa S a ° c t" 6 S 1 " 634 depres- versive activity in Hollywood by sion days of the 1930s, will be a the House Un-American Activi-'20th Century-Fox film for rc- ties Committee, which we show| lcase next summer. ' in action, was mostly an attempt!' Marvin will have the title "For years," he says, "I've the 40lh anniversary celebra- been someone's son. I've been| tion of the Wusic Hall. Anthony Quinn's son so manyj A crew o£ 13 ° worked more times he threatened to put me th;ln two months lo construct on an allowance. But now I gel the set for the film. a chance to play the father." ri TT-T~ suspense J ( ilm Premiere Set NEW YORK - Paramount Pictures' "The Possession of Joel Delancy," starring Shrilcy MacLaine in a diabolical 29 Recordings Of 'Godfather* Music Listed NEW YORK — Nino Rota's music from Paramount""pi c jsuspense thriller, will begin its lures' "The Godfather," starring' 1 * 1 ™' York P''cmicre engagement Marlon Brando in the lille role, P n Wednesday, May 24. now has 29 recording on the markel with more to come. The instrumenlal love Iheme Deftly Spicing suspense with .menace. "The Possession of Joel IDelaney" introduces 1 Pen- y , by the committee to hitch its j role with Kenneth Hyman pro- wagon to the stars and basklducing and Robert Aldnch di- in the glow of publicity they reeling. Filming mil begin in inevitably generated. June. But whatever its motives, j-v. the. .1948 HUAC hearings. the ! JJlSliey hearings at which The Hollywood Ten came into being, did HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —Walt something more than destroy;Disney Productions will release movie careers and usher in the a new children's publication, McCarthy era. They became the*"Disneyland Magazine," to be place where, indirectly. Wa-|published and distributed via! shington lold Hollywood that the supermarkets across the coil c'i'a of.,_good feelings between-try. Vom the film has been recorded| Kin S, making his motion picture by Nino Rota (Paramount), rante & Teicher (United Ar- debul in bedeviled the title role young man. of Miss 1 tists), Roger Williams (Kapp), MacLaine, as his older sister,! Peler Nero (Columbia), Percy i a sophisticated divorcee, is corn- Faith (Columbia), A n d r e'P 61 ™^' drawn into (he horren- Kostelanetz (Columbia), Franki" 0115 Possibilities of his spiritual Purcell (Paramount). Pau'.! mu r«er. in an occult milieu. 722.4070 Today 2jOO-3:30-5:00-6:30-8:05-9:30 "Mark Of Tho Devil" (Parental Escort Requolted) Center p| '° 2:30-3:30-4:30-5:40"6:50.8!00-?:lO '.'Together" (X) Potomac PKoi 729.0480 Start* At Dink "DIRTY HARRY" (R) PIUS "Skin Game" (P.O.) Super 51 ^«»- 722.4241 Slarti At Duik Adulli Only "Are You Bored With' Men" "Take Her" . "Scarlet Negligee" Hi ROCk p n°"> 786..U7f Starts At Duilc "Play Misty For M«" ALSO "Diary Of A Mod HausewlfV •*«? CRYPTOQUIP TBHCDDIPWVZ JJPZVJW MPNHRV1) DA'., CJZVWA KPKHRVAD (C1571 King Failures Sj-ndicntc, Inc.. TtitftCmttvtr cUe:H eautkc .11 I" li II 1' 1) V WOULD AN air hijacker succeed with his plans II passengers included Leslie lJRS»ms, Roscy drier and James Drolin? Only those who see Uie movie, "Sky- j.ickfd," will know. The biff question in Hollywood Is whether such a movie should be produced and poisibly, encourage more hijacking incidents. Jlauriat (Polydor), The Boston Pops (Polydor), Gene Barge (Paramount), Hugo Montenegro> (RCA). and The Brass Ring!} (Project 3). The instrui . Waltz,".has been cut by Ninoj* Rota (Paramount), Percy Failh (Columbia), Assembled Multitude (Atlantic). Enoch Light (Project 3), and The Brass .Ring (Project 3), as well as a version with lyrics sung by Al Martino (Capitol). The love theme, "Speak Softly Love," with lyrics by Larry!? Kusili, has been recorded by An-!J dy Williams, Ray Coniff, Johnnyi* •Uathis, Vikki Carr (Columbia)]* Al Martino (Capitol),' ThejJ Whispers (Janus), and La Lupe ' Tico). The original soundtrack album Records. on Paramount PALACE FROSTBURO 689:9881 SUN • MON • TUES FRANKENSTEIN 7:15 CRYPT 9 PM "BUilMrllK CRYPI THE VAULT OF HOftROfl Fort Hill Booster Club Proudly Presents "Stars of Tomorrow Revue" Presented By Students of Dixon Dance Studio Tuesday and Wednesday May 16 and 17 Fort Hill Auditorium-8 p.m. Donation - Adults '1,00 \ Children Under 12 SOc Beautifully Arranged, Gorgeous Color and Coirurnei, Dance Numbers Arranged by Verlys MePartland r************************««»****,

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