Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 22, 1946
Page 5
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MOM ARKANSAS o fucsdayi CctebeV 32, 1946 Ads Must Be tn Office Day Betofe PubUctUon HttBttber ol One Three Six One® Words Dav Days Days Month tlptolofs-., .43 .90 -1.50 4.50 18* to 20,«.« .60 1.20 ( fcl to 25 ,...,. .75 te to so ;„ ~ - .so '81,'to 35 ..1.05 86 tO.40 . 1.20 "41 'totes 1.35 , 1.50 ;46 t , 1.50 1.80 2.10 3.40 2.70 3.00 are for Continuous Insertions Only Ads Castt.Jn Advance Taken Over, thfr Phone 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4,00 4.50 5.00 G.OO .50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Sale 10 EXTRA S6 X 3« OAK FINISH **«-USed- tables. Tn. excellent coiuli- •*- tion> 'Phone 1125 or 586-J. 16-Ot Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES OttllNSIDE VJ5. netian Blinds, wood of metal, outside metal blinds and awnings, Write Ritey Cooper, 1009 West 17th St. Texar'kana. Texas. 15-lmo QUILTING WANTED. MRS. ice McAteer. Rt. 3, north of the Brick Yard at Mrs. L. C. Godwins apartment. 2l-3t For Rent Fair Enough By Wertbrook P«gUr Copyright* 1M« By. King Pe«ture« 8yiM<le^Ht. r •New York, Oct. 21 —If, as now appears probable, the Republicans should win congress and go on to elect a Republican president in 1948, serious, conscienlious men among them should take early occasion to restore the true relation between government and tho peo pie and repudiate the ethics and so- TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS, icial habits of the New Deal. This lights. Mrs. Frisby. Hope, Rt. 4, 2 "miles south of Depot on Patrnr.s 1 „ _ TOWN. MUST SELL BY Oct. JOth. 9 ft. Stewart Warner * '"'Electric refrigerator. Stewart • ( Warner radio, Hobar; M. Cable - piano, G. E. Ironcr, Roper gas * - kitchen range. 18" and 30" win. dow fans, Infants size Chest of '1 "Drawers. Cbifferobe_and other 7,-j.ii..hoi'S fthnlrt items. i-.og trailer, ._+*,&.. W. Hammers Mills one 500 gal. .v««vwater-» tank, .plow ..tools i hand u Stools, some used .lumber and manv other items. R. E. (Earn- rqad. 2t-3t Burglars Beware! * t est) Byers. 17-6t COOK STOVE, WHITE TA- ble top style, in good condition. 90* West 4th St. Phone 750-J. 17-6t . ''-BATH TUB. GOOD AS NEW. AP- nly Little Fo->l Palace. Main '*'.''• •.**!»_ »^t-_. ~ O tn 10_Q4 at 15th. Phoiie. 19-3t would mean the resumption of government by consent of the . gov- - erned, abandonment of the "crack • down" psychology put into words TWO ROOM UNFURNISHED jHugh Johnson in Roosevelt's, first apartment. Phone 563-M. 22-11 great Fascist experiment, the J ' • ~~ N. R. A., and applied to every re_ . . • ilntion between government and the Broadway 'people for thirteen years, and the withdrawal of the personalities of By JACK O'BRIAN New York—When a new service railed "Movietime" was st r- f pd ; n New York a few months ago, it was uiui.it a hefty share of daffy and unusual : |uncofficial but pes tiferous and ' phone calls, since it is a free tele-: mol . a ijzing post of "First Lady" ,.l.n«.i« nnrK*fnniart/m r\\t \\tnlfin Vflll - . . . — » •** . . ti *_1J 1 — INK NEW TWO-ROW JRACTOR, ££ ve f et ' h?afilm phonic convenience by which you merely dial the number, ask where a cet-tain movie is playing or any other question about a movie in New York City which might pop! into your head. ithat she felt relieved to-have no A Chicago detective called to find longer "any direct responsibility government from the cocktail bars, night clubs and alcoholic part} life of both Washington and-New York. Already the Trumans are to be thanked for their abolition, of the ' dc_... t- r _ in which Mrs '.Roosevelt wielde.d. capricious power, all the while disowning and political character, ,al' she recently confesses all in a little aside, certain movie place ;': ' SEE MY NEW 5 room, homes in Meadow Park "Scarlet Street" to determine the credibility of an alibi. A Bronx housewife called say her- house was bur could Movietime collect Comely Helen Kohl demonstrates, by moving her foot between units of a microwave oscillator, how the wartime equipment can be used im the home ; .as a burglar! alarm. Idea is that with units placed on either side of a door or window, any object passing between them. will set off-the alarm, Device was demonstrated at • ' National Electronics Conference in Chicago. Southtye&t Teams in Top Coniif im By, The. Associated' P.ress , All Southwest Conference foot' oall teams except Texas Chnslian and Sou thorn Methodist expect vo be at full strength for this week's iound of .battle,, and not even ihp ftorncd Frogs and ihc Mustangs can be classed as injury-riddled,' • With half- the season behind them, tho players have nncl ilme lo whip themselves into 'ine condition, and Matty Bell of-SMU was the only moaning coacn uxiuy. The Mustangs face Saturday's tilt with Missouri cripplpd by :'ur ther injuries suffered in !ast week's scrap with Rice. Principal-loss is Pete Kotlarich, starting tackle and place-kicking specialist, who sut fared a broken shoulder last week The return of Clyde 3c9tl, regu lar wingback who was hurl two weeks ago, has booslod iho Arkan sas Rav.orbacks to "top strength £o: their- engagement with Ole-Miss a Memphis Saturday. The Porker had a light' workout at Faycttcvilli yesterday and were due io con centratc on a defense against V!T Rebels' attack today. At Austin, Dana Bible and hi assistants are warning ihe unde featcd, untied Texas Longhornr tha Kicc's Owls, whom the Sleers mec al Houston in a crucial confcrenc test Saturday, "are big t tough an fast, and they have an offense ihn has balance, good running and dar gerpus passing.". . Rice, which look 'things easy i yesterday's practice, reports or.l or helping to run the world." Ther,e seems to be no likelihood'that the .wife of: any of the present leading Fights Lost Night By The Associated Press St.'Louis'— Freddie Dawson, 137 -2, ChtCHfio, outpointed William Uisscll, 13. r ) 1-2, Columbus, Ohio, Miami, Fin. -.- Vlnce Gninbill, 6, El Reno, Okla., knocked out ohnny Ray, 149 1-2, Jacksonville, ''la., (31. Uoston — Buddy Hnyes, 12(1, Boson, outpoinled Knuicis, Loonnrclj 30 3-4, T;witilon, Mass., 10>. Now York — Johnny Coltin, 173 •2, New York, outpointed Billy 3roiit, 172 1-2, Orange, N. .1., (10). Chicago — Gene .Joyce, 135 1-2, Gary, Incl., knocked out Al- dual- eri, 132 1-2, Washington, P;> , (H. -' " Ruy Lewis, PAIR OFFER Cei.tnilm. in.. Oct. :l'i — ( Mriyor O. W. \Vrlfihl offered today 61 for a ticket for «i'i event which 'jccurretl nearly 10 years :<uo. Carl Coinstock of I'ecntonica, ill., vrole the mayor thai he had a icket for the 'Illinois Afiriculturiil •>ociety Fair, which was held in 'enlr.ilia on Sept. 13. UUiU. "Make TIC an offer," Comslock wrote. Wright said maybe the ticket vould be the start of a municipal Yotikt-rs, N. Y )132, Honolulu, outpointed JUiby 3nrcln, 137; Puerto Rico, 'UK. By United Press Newark, N. '.I. — Freddy Florcs, 101, Puerto Rico, slopped Joey La moll a, 159, Now YorK, "D Holyoke Mass. •— Tbmmy .Jessup. 147, Springfield, Mass., stopped Jorge Morclia, 142, Mexico City, (3). ,,.,., New Haven, Conn. — Julie Ko gon, 134,' New Haven, drew witr Mickey Williams, 138, New Haven, -Hr.rry Jordan, 148, New York, outpointed (81. Now Britain, Conn. ;eroy Huyrios, 1-17, New llnvcn, UOi ' Providence. H. t, — Charles Cabby Lewis, 128 1-2, New Vork, outpo'lnlcd Johhny Forte, 133, J'lul- ndelphia, dOi.. , . l.ewislon, Mi\— Miuince Lofty LaOhnnce, 134. Lisbon, Me., on'.pointed Lloyd Hudson. 129, Bath/ Me., (10). Hanfjor, Me. — Itcrmic Freeman, 141 Bangor, Me., knocked o.it Franicie Dias, 145, Boston, i2). New Orleans— Sammy unrig' nu, 146, Pittsburgh, drew with .'Jen Montabano, 147 1-2. Birmingham, Ala., (10). The modern sus?!ir beet was volved from n White beet formerly grown as forage in Silesia. .- addition near Paisley school on | band for her? She didn't know '.he *~old Pullon road. Built to F.H.A. theater, just the name ot the pic- 1 . i^ 3^^ rt ^,.;«^^ KIT oil tur*s Mnviptimp diri: had him home •vife called \o asp i r ants for Ihe Republican nom- burning and' jnation in 1948 would have the of; lect her hus- fionterv to assume any such "di- frontery to assume any reel responsibility" as a privilege , . _ of her husband's office or that any 4wreouirements-and~serviced by all ture. Movietime did; had him home o f these men would be so uxorious l l 'city utilities-. Immediate posses- in five minutes. |as to let her_get away ^vvith it tt she "i'-ion by^October 22 if applicant * eligible. Sam J. Hartsiield, 1008 * West Ave. B. 19-3 1 ^1938 CHEVROLET. 2 DOOR SE- dan, good condition, 320 West 5th 5t, Phone 1022-W. 19-3t fcRte .^—bed complete 4. nerspring at 118 A man entering a movie with his I tried. Mrs. Dewey and Mrs. Brick- expectant wife wanted assurance er 'behaved reassuringly m 1944 that Movietime could get an am- and there have been no alarming bulance should the emergency ar- signs from any of the others, but •rive ahead of schedule, (t could, caution is advised, but didn't need it. Not that night, A thing for Republicans to rc- anyway. A woman called :.'rorn Bos- member is. that victory, in this ^t^mx-q wr^PTTAT l ton to locate an actor playing :'n case and in the circumstances that, SS'with SimmonTin- 1 Orson W ? lles> " Ar ° und . the ' wiu beset the party with the man- HvVsl Ph^l K- r World." Movietime iound him MI datc? ca n s for a sober, almost TiaiireSS. ^nuilt- IV. <J. PhilnHplnhin whfirn fhp show Was **i nnm ., cone™ /-if rrtcr»nncihilttv nnd w l-t 'TRIPLE ACTION ICE CREAM freezers, Southern Ice Co. Phone —72.- 22-6t CHEST, FINE FOR FISH- and hunting, and picnics. Southern Ice Co. Phone 72. 22-61 BURNER KEROSENE stove, good condition. Bargain ," lor cash. E. N. Grisham, Bo'dcaw. Philadelphia, where the show was trying out. These are harmlessly typical instances of uncommon use of vhe telephone. There are many others of course. There even are methods for a person to drop a nickel in a slot and put a rival out of business. When 1 was a police reporter gloomy, sense of responsibility and personal honor. This will be no mere rout of the rascals in the old, conventional sense, by another set of predatory job-givers and. Jobholders, long denied and determined to enjoy to the utmost the powers, notoriety and luxury of .official and social life in high places. Ark. Emmet, Rt. 1. 22-3t Notice '^MATERIALS AHF. GOING HIGH'S ec.-every day. Have your mat- 1 tress made over now. Write or i' phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. *, Pick-up and deliver any%vhere. ' Phone 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lni JIt;C(O. t 1 llCil J. >VUi3 O £JUI AUV* **-|^*-".*^-» J-l V.lttl Ullb* jvyi«»v«* -..^v •-- £,-- t a few years ago, I hustled up tolWe have been imposed upon so the Broadway district to cover I long by spectacular- bar-flies, cp- what supposedly was a "murder," ithcticians and mountebanks re- to discover the'de.tectives.upon cn-jcruited :from mysterious obscurity tering a premises had found 'noth-iand bitter frustration that many ol ing more than a profitable book-1 the young Republican workers nre making joint. A downstreet rival included among Ihe millions of who had fallen on Ihe baleful side |Americans who never really knew of the police was suspected, but | any other attitude :in governmen Help Wanted ^WAITRESS WANTED. • APPLY i Hugo Elkins at- Hillavdr; Cafe. .Phone 973. 22-Gt t i! SSTRAIGHT SALARY $35.00 WKEK- < ly" and expenses, man or woman *. with auto sell poultry Mixture to farmers. Eureka Mfg. Co. East St. Louis, Illinois. 22-lt Wonted ''HOMES FOR THREE FEMALE t Spitz hunter pups. Charles V. f Fox, .Rt. 2. Hope. 22-lt Lost nothing was done to. him, officially at least, as the call hadn't been traced in time. The bookmaker who took the rap and served a short bit in the pokey because of the telephonic stool-pig- eoning took care of the matter himself, in a fashion resulting in one [broken arm, a busted nose and a 'few assorted abrasions, contusions and whatever else might be incurred by a person taking a orating on a lonely street at an early morning hour. This sort of jealous telephonig has caused the demise aborning of many an illegal Broadway project. Bookmakers, crap-game operators, fellows who like to bet on anything involving the turn of a cube, wheel, hoof, card or any game of chance in any category have a tough tiir.e of it to start a profitable business in this jealdusy-ridden midtown. In his own way, Alexander Graham Bell turned out to be as expert in elping police get such unsolicited New York, Oct. 22 — «P)— Off yesterday's meeting, vhe New York Tootball Writers' Association should change its name vo 'the Glenn Davis Admiration Society . . Lou Little, Columbia coach, touched off the discussion when he said: "Davis is tho best -running lalfback. I ever have seen in i'oot Army's, oo'aches still arc looking for a right' h;ilfback who can gal- top like Shorty McWilliams or Jnckrubb'it Stuart. Big .Jug Fuson isn't i'tist 'enough ::or the job . . . The Thoroughbred Record, voice of nell and'Michigan. As a result of all this, Army piled up 112 first-place picks, and an additional one-quarter top-spol vole, casl by an undecided xickel- splitlcr who couldn't make up his mind among the Cadets, ihc ;(rish, the Longhorns of Texas or ihe quarters of Pennsylvania for the piace at the head of vhe parade. With each voter balloting :'or 10 teams, Notre Dame finished with 21 1-4 first-oUice votes and Texas with 1 31-4." The volunteers of Tennessee, up- one injured player — Center La vcrn Walsnn •— and ho is ox»pclec lo bo ready lo go against Texas TCU still is handicapped by iho absence ol Jim Lucas,, the Froggie offensive spark, who probably will sec no nclion against Oklahoma A, &• M. while -he continues -to uurse injuries which h;ive had him on the sidelines for two weeks. Al Waco, where the deflated Baylor Bears are preppine for a meeting with Texas A. and M. Full- ack Sammy Pierce is .nursing a .nee injury which may keep him nit of action this '. week. Conch r rank Kimbrough. said James Vatson, freshman halfback, dcfi- ilcly would miss Salurday's game due lo injuries. The Aggies, on the other hand, came out of the TCU game in ;ood condition except l^or bruises. They had a light workout yesterday. lines: ba 1 Sieve Owen ^ys" there's one to Ret tough with undesirables." tog thai will stop Davis - grad- What has ; been wa, ing ,or thing nation. And I hope that happens soon." .-... The writers who saw Army whip Columbia Saturday (including this one) agreed with Lou. . . . Against wartime opposition, all Davis had to do was run faster than the'lacklers. Now he has to exercise his superb sidestepping skill. He passes expertly (and.don't forget that Doc Blanc.hard.'s injured knoe still is uncertain and the guy apparently doesn't know when he's stopped. ' . A Texan who would like lo match Texas U. and Army in ihe Cotton Bowl game, sends word he has :?5,000 to bet .on the Longhorns \o win by two touchdowns. This dept. would be salisfied to cover the the hoi so-raising industry, nead- setters of Alabama, picked up six 'Now is the time '/or racing I top selections along the way. The .only other outfit lo be named to lead a ticket was the coast confer nee favorites from the University t California., at Los Angeles, who vere selected on two ballots. Based on a system of 10 points or a first place vote, 9 for n sec- lid place pick, 8 Cor third, and so orth, army rolled up vhe iremen game John Jacobs, Oklahoma Cleaning The Cuff U track coach, was perturbed when Bill Weaver, a drama student' and high jumper, beat ail his best twoimilers in prnclice. Jacobs always thought a jumper never broke out" of iv walk except in the last four steps' 1 approaching the cross bar. , BULOVA WATCH WITH BLACK f, cord band, .Downtown October ', 12th. Re\vara fcr return to Mrs. ' Sadie Cornelius. 608 South Elm ;! St.-, Phone 213-M. 22-3t Found ?BAY MARE MULE, SPLIT IN * --left ear, spot on left side. Jimmy !""McGmms, lane from No. 29 to f •'•Green Laseter. 22-3t _ ., REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS ' and CRIPPLES Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) •- U No Answer Phone 3158-R iqm R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising rpHQTQ'COPIES W«1 !.•"*-, Documents .^ 24 Hour Service and in the personal character anc conduct of Bureaucrats. They ,pr,ob ably will need special schooling ii the true meaning of duty. Here is a change that will demand work, | not frivolity at night and gaudy personal publicity in the guttersnipe gossip of the hour; modesty, not vanity, devotion and patriotism. Flippancy in the presideht, himself, toward resonsibilities affecting the lives and fortunes of the ^people and the fate of the nation, has been passed as a counterfeit for spiritual courage and optimism in dark hours. On the contrary, it was cynicism, a reckless contempt for the obligation that a man assumes when he steps upon the scaffold before iho capitol building and, placing his hand up- bn the book, swears lo uphold the constitution. Riots were a subiect of presidential jest and panoplied shysters in the department of jus? tice mocked the law lo justify evasions of the law's plain intent by CamdenGame ntormauon as all the Nick'Carters I violent men of the ruling party's ust together can uncover in a life-1 adherence. It is no exaggeration to say thai ime of snooping. Army Extends as football Team government has been cheapened, deprived of the dignity that officeholders should be careful io maintain, by the fulgarity even of cabinet members, among others, in trecmenting .ioints and permitting silly women in their households to prattle with all comers. The New York underworld actually has been represented at White House audiences during the period of degradation and the timo finally has arrived when gossip of Ihe supreme court and of the state department flows in a stream of pulluticn from movie actors, waiters and Sam, the lavatory man, in to the columns of whicn Game and Fish ./ Department Wants Additional Funds Little Rock, Oct. 21 —(If)— The State Game and Fish Commission ipproved today a proposed 1947-49 judget calling for annual expendi- .ures'of $566,000 compared to present annual appropriation of ^339,- oon. The proposal was adopted as it was presented by Executive Secretary T. A. McAmis who recom- -• --= •--.--.- , . , mended salary increases for all! which augment their professional employes, field and administrative, i Washington coverage with wild and Field employes would receive rlanoor "" c r " rnnrK "" ' thp o££ monthly increases from $25 to :?55 and administrative of :3300 annually. The proposal also culled :'or enlargement of the game warden's staff from 75 to 100. The commission received a delegation of Faulkner county sportsmen who sought its cooperation in proposed development of a recreational area along Palarm creek, near Mayflower. Local football fans were promised another thriller this weekend which sees the Bobcat eleven go against the Camden; Panthers in a conference contest. The two teams are rated about j even and both have lost to Texarkana. by a 6 - point margin. Coach Sam Coleman has a light, fast team •that clicks both on the ground and 'in the air. Weight of the Panther eleven is distributed whore needed, The Panthers are led by Bill Wray, 200 - pound center who is the line's mainstay and John Venable, who holds district records in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. The Ouachita county boys nave defeated McGehee, Warren, Malvern and Pine Bluff, tied North Litlle Rock and lost only to Texarkana. Hope has defeated DeQueen, Smackover., Jonesboro, Nashville and lost to Texarkana and El Dorado. The re - organized Bobcat back- By SID FEDER New York, Oct. 22 — Boosted "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner BRAKE LINING EXAMINATION Prompt, Long-lasting Relie.f for MUSCULAR ACHES-PAINS , . back to first place among the na lion.'s football teams a week ago by • the country's sports writers, Col, Red Blaik's Army team zipped farther out in front in the Aissoei- aiea Press weekly pool today. At- the same 'lime Notre Dame aoosted its second place margin over Texas, and Tennessee, northwestern, Georgia and North Carolina, came skipping up the trial off their successes of last Saturday. All together, 150 sports writers from every section of the country ballotted-.in this third week of vhe Associated Press' poll ::or xhe 1946 gridiron season. Texas drew 25 less votes for first place than : ; t did a week ago, in spite of its l!0-0 win over Arkansas last Saturday, and Notre Dame dropped 1; off its top- place selections. Army picked up all of these 35, pnd more besides, when it crushed dous tolal of 1,499 1-2 poinls .one of he largest'.in the history of the poll. Notre Dame held second with ,331 1-2 and Texas third wilh 1, 2G2 1-2. With the lop trio remaining in .heir same order Tennessee /oom cd up from ninlh place to ::ourll with H9fi points as a result of H 12-0 decision wilh 'Bamn, v.'hicl ell the V.ols unbeaten and untied; 1 after four starts. The vault of the Vols dropped U. C. L. A. lo fifth' with 800 and left Perm, -10-0 winner over Virginia, sixth with G9 0 1-2. Georgia, 33-13 victor over Oklahoma A.' & fJi.—^ i moved up to seventh, with 548. Miihigan and Northwestern each collected 118 points to wind up in an cxapt tie, which is exactly how they wound up in their collission last Saturday—al 14-all. Rounding oul the 'select set, North Carolina collected 110 points :Cpr tenth-place after the surprise parly Ihe Tar- heels threw for Navy Saturday. The second ten; 11-Albama, 70; Helps Break Up Painful Surface Congestion, Too! P 1 RUB ON 12, North Carolina State 02; 13- Duke, 59.; 14-Oklahoma, 5; 15- .Georgia T.ech, 3; 16-Rice, 43, 17- lowa, 42; 18-William. &Mury, 1-1; 19-Oregon, 12; 20-Harvard, U. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixture* Plumbing Repain HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Hel 1 looked 100 per cent" belter" a- Columbia.-.48-14 and handed Lou gins the Roorbacks last week-1 Little's Lions their ,:irst setback ot. pnri thin it riiri the nrevious week the camp.-ugn. They already nacl< agtinst a NashviUe If it conunues to defeated Wanova. Oklahoma, Cor- against ., .. improve, should be able to click against the Panther line. - Heed and Miller are likely f'.-.llv naDerS. -O'lU, n,eru yn dangerous rumors, on Job Printing, Office Supplies ond School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Card* Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co, Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Oefiver "Plenty of Pgrking Space" Cleaners HALLS Hatters HUGH B. HAUi Ow»2f . 208 N. Fergufon Phont74 chance that one in a hundred: might be half-true. The fact is,, however, that the bureaucracy has been enjoying the more abundant life in such surroundings :1pr years, with the result that judicial matters, political decisions and delicate international affairs undoubtedly are blabbed, hylf-understood by the nodding ignorant and balled up in the telling as "inside" material and "exclusive predictions" along with routine pregmincies, adulteries and motivated slanders. < There is a serious danger that he Republicans will start out 'Lo take revenge on the men who mocked and humiliated them and made a game of government. That they will be loath to abolish bureaus and jobs because they will want to fill them with their own, kind and that they will 'cultivate, rather than stand up \o xhe union misters and press through remedial laws, in the hope of turning to their own advantage :Cor a term of years the political organization and financial powers of the unipn treasuries. Revenge is not an important consideration to the people and the nation. The great job is to repair the damage, moral as well as naterial, wrought by the long term of cynical greed and the dictatorial "crack down" spirit, to revive the people's confidence in impartial, honest and serious government, to reduce the overhead though it hurts the party workers, who want easy and .useless jobs, and to re-establish respect Jor public office as a public trust in both the holder of the office and the voters who put him there. The mission of the next government should be to govern in a spirit of true honor, withi:> the -limits of the constitution, always with the thought that a : ? ew years more of the same greed, burtauty, arrogance and contempt :"or pian- ciple might finish the destruction thus far so nobly- advanced. iti tne bobcat games. Miller looked especially good on defense last w.eek, smearing Parker ball carriers for losses time and again. , McCullough, Crawford, Russel, Gough also are due t" see more action, giving the regulars some rest periods. •: COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elrnore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop cgulpinqnt is no better than the man that uses it For'Your. Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Hirhway 67 Phone 57 Doug /MTV Carl Bacon ^1 I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 BF. SURF. YOU'RE SAFF.! Let us remove a front wheel and examine your cue's brake lining today. This 1TIF.E examination takes only a few minutes anil you can see for yourself the condition of your brake lining. ^ lake advantage oi this offer now anil you may save more costly repairs later. . IMMEDIAT ON ALL BRAKE WORK Hempsteod Motor Co. 319 S, Walnut Service Dept, 417 Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete lifetime Prptectipn Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL, BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT ASSO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phpne 9.52-J 1013 W. 5th St, OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures,independent operator:; of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum investments. Franchise availablejor several cities in this area, ror complete information write, or wire: National Home and Auto Stores Southwest Division-Phone R-2577 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For'ljejter work at better pric.es'-^TOld beds made new $3 D'aviffi — Balance Weekly '••yi. ALU WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Cajl for and Deliver " Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furnlturt Phone 152 4115, Ha«?l REED MOTOR co. 108 Egst Division S|. Mechanics: CARL JONE3 RAYMOND HUgTT BEN CAMP • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop OUR SlMICl MUST BE OF Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS ma.de of You and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers The Shipley Studio 220 $. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodok Developing Printing Enlarging See Us For ... INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. *. ?ire • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile Real Estate List Your Property for Sale with Us. We have 25 applicants for homes in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. Foster - Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Clepn MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, because that's • what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we have hired every member of our service-with-a-srr.ile staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd, Byron Hefner Phone 442 Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and moie details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, (ASH---- «n 10 Minutes! Borrow money from Ml on your cor, or almost anything of vfllwe. We'll Ipnd yog oil you need if we possibly con, regardless of where you live. The more you wonr the betfer we like if. Ten minutes usually yott the cosh. Ask for Mr. MeVorty, Pt Hope Auto Co. O*!, ARKANSAS HOPE STA*, H Bv RdV Gojtflu OZARKIKE rfy Chlc-i rating HORSE JUST BECAUSE TIMER 6UT HE'S TH' PASTES HOSS IN CAPTIVITY... AW' AH DONE ; CAPTURED f-t\ HIM,.. IF VOU DON'T AN3WF.R THEIR LITTLE QUESTION? THEY WONT GROW UP TO BE BRIGHT; INTELLIGENT WELL,WHY CANT THEY BE.SATISFIED TO JUST GRO'W UP AMD BE A DUMBBELL LIKE ME?/ MAMA, R4PA WON'T ANSWER OUR QUESTIONS FOR us/ CALLED ME A < DUMB- By Michael O ? MoHey > Ralph Lane YES, VIC/ YOO SIMPLV HELP US.' IT . ijv MEAN. CUP'S LIFE .' I NOTICE YOU HAVE- CORSOM'S LEOGE CIRCLED HERE. PRETTY DANGEROUS SPOT, IS IT? KNOW .. ESPECIALLY TONlQtCt THAT LlfTLE WRINKLE 15 ABOVE THE BRIDGE OF YOUR NOSE-' AGAIN, JANET. I THOUGHT I'D MENTION IT WHILE HARDY 15 BKLOW, WRESTLING WITH THE 5TEAK5. SIDE GLANCES By Gaibralrh CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SUCH POWERS OF OBSERVATIOU, • u»>-.p.i.i nw, wwi* i •Jfr^'l •\ YOU EVER MISS fl.l I THAT. MEANS YOUR BROTHER i GOING Turner •! . ) WASH TUB3S VES. IT'CUTS 'THE By Walt Disney, my f •:.f""3?si-$p DONALD DuCK ,COPR. 1046 BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U.' S. PAT. OFF. /MflLX .'* GF7 Si-J J-'W* ' ' >A: . 'l.can ix'iiicMiil)cr lienrin{f..iny I'uthcr and liis father before him suyiii},' (he cxuiiitry, was .»oing to Ihc dags, but it ' ain't quite there yet!" " '• QUITTlN',)/GOING fj T' G£T •^ SOME EQUIPMENT' /OUCH! YOU'RE ON FOOT "A simple '1 do' will--suH'icc wlicn.l ask wlio gives the bride away, Mr. Endcrby!'.' tS' AND HIS by Hersrtberaer FUNNY BUSINESS SS-ssr, HILDA! MAS ^S NOT YET,--FLOSSIE- )OH, LARD, i .-, SIGNAL. BEEN ARRANGED?'') FKX5E WILL SEND /FEEL.--A LITTLE .— ,, _ S UPA FLARE / A FAINT / tl.Ur,l»rri by Kc'BJ r.if'uM Vujlf Bv Carl Anderson CHIROPODIST DlD I FAIMT I YOU WERE -, CONVINCINGLY /SUPER, FLOSSIE/ MOW LETS ADD THE CROWNING- TOUCH / MANICURIST "Can't our daughter pick out somebody who isn't a " Bv V. T. HomJin ALLEY OOP OH, 06*8 WHOU. Thimble Theater AKISTOCKATIC WHAT ELSE EXPECT?? SARDINES WITH OLIVE I CAN'T AMUSE SARDINES. 1 .' By Ednar Martin ] 'BUT \' PROUD I- COULD NOU HftRD VJORK THtV'Vt TH\=. (AftOt, ftVL fOR TWc NOU, THE. HOUSE COMIMG BOOT6, PvUAOSli ft JOS, TOO .« Pi»D NOT OKlt Of THOSt OVO "STUDEWT5 WE. PROFE's'SOR.'S With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. William* OUT OUR WAY LET'S TRV IT AG/MM, M\6S, PLEASE/ EGADMOLTRE MOT HO6- ;ALUNG.' CAROL M.OTV\ER COO>t4£> TO BABE/ — THe WORD " SUMS "KE-DO" AMD VMORD "BEWAR.E:" 50ES "DO-MI-RB*-— 5IMS IT " BE-WAV-ER." f HEARD SOUMD OH,THAT'S THE LIFE OF TH' PICTURE.' WHEN YOU GIT THAT TOUCH OF FEELIM' IN IT VOU SHOULP QUIT RIGHT THERE.' YOU GO1 THAT, BUT WHUT'S THAT VOU GOT COMIM' OUT OF A HOLE IN TH' (5 BOUND? X /VW NAUSIC, MIST6K. UOOPLE, AlvJD I'D "*f***«»*T«-« " ? r " "• 5 * P * T; Pi Fred Hartrfarf rw ! RED RYDER 3. i /ALI11LE r.OSE n-vt Po TnDss LOT Of GOO W£'R.E MOT BU51 5'ssCE - £,$.*;£ .£ £ .;..,.£;

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