Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1946 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 19, 1946
Page 2
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^^^^^S^S^S5^5S^pS5^5?^'^r^!^^5^?!!S!!v^^^^5?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ HOPE STAft, MOM, ARKANSAS Saturday, Oci-ober 19, 1946 SorwrJoy, ©cisbcr 19, -i iirV't-'• -•-•-'•rr-'V'T t-ifrSnrji -' Social and P I l»hon« rw Bet*** I •, m. and 4 p. Social Calendar Tuesday* October 22 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday night at 7:45 at Ihe home of Mrs. Lawrence' Mnrtih. Gimtor-Duke Marriage Tuesday The wedding of Miss Lois fran- cos Guntcr of El Dorado, daughtif of Mr and Mrs. Wiley E. Gunter of. McNeil, und Jatnos Marion Duke Jr., son of Mrs. J. M. Duke of Prescotl, took place Tuesday at the home of the bride's aunt", Mrs. Alfred Guntcr of Hope; The. cosremony was performed against n background of white 1 chrysanlhc- rriwns, gladiolus and tapers. Nuptial music was provided by Miss Mflrccille. Barton of. Fort, Worth, Tex., and Miss Judy Keyes, of At- Itihta, Tex. vTho bv'idc, who was given in marriage by her lather, wore a dress of white satin with n. train. Her veil fell frcm a crown of seed pearls, and she carriec'i a white prayer book lopped with a white orchid. Miss .Winifred Duke, sister of th'c bridegroom, was maid of.honor. and she was gowned in pink satin and marquisette, and carried a nosegay of pink roses and aqua blue tuberoses. • Lenmon Avcry of Arkadelphin served, as best man, and W. I! Gunter Jr. and Billy Gunlor, both of Hope, ushered,' Fallowing-a reception, the'couple left on a brief wedding trip, after Which they will be at home in Piescolt. Mrs.-Duke altended Magnolia.- A..- arid, M Cbllefio; and MK Duke served with Die army durinn the war. ; i : given Coming and Goiha :;';!, • - i, nun vfus iiiiiuL 1 unq ciirncu. 10 se- Cadet Mltrsc Louise. Halfield ar-jlect a new president. According to riyed here last night to spend the' Pai'li.rnentnry procedure- the vice- woni«inrt t/iciisivrt !,„,. », „„.<> i\/t j president, Mrs. Grace Huckabee, weekend vis ting her.pjircits,, Mr. automatically became president: and Mrs. Hiram Halfjeid.nM.!;'- *'— r — -i,,,,,, ....4. _,-^_, ursday MQS,' ; Cali Mrs. Herbert Hunllnglon loft lay for her .home.fh-Los An. California after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaGronc and Mr. and Mrs, Robert Wilson here. Mrs. Tom McLarty, Mrs. Roy Anderson, Mrs. .W. E. Brocnine of Little Rock,and Mrs. W. .1. O'Brian of Shroveporl, Louisiana will return today from a visit with Mrs. O. L. Hargrove'in Waco, Texas. Mr/ and Mrs. Robert Wilson had as Friday guests Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hervcy- of Texarkana. Miss Nancy Robins of Dallas, Texas will arrive Saturday night for a weekend visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Leo. Robins here. The Home Dcmonsrfation Clubs of Hempstead County held their Achievement Day at City Hall in Hope October 15th. Eleven clubs the Molten that the By Ray (Jotto OZARK IKE tfy Chk-; rotiftg WHAT IF ITS THE BOSS ? I'D LOSE MV JOB I I'D 66TTER ANSWER T MIGHT BE A TELEGRAM Oft SOMETHING IMPORTANT-NO, I'LL JUST LET IT RING twe OOORBSLL) V./OULO RIN& £*• STAfctEO RENTING I WONT IT. 1 By Michael O'Malloy & Ralph Lane VIC FLINT Cli'p left, I was covering up r HB WANTED.M6 TO TAKE A UITTLE 80AT WOE ON THE By Golbraith ENOUGH ABOUT THREE DRINKS "FAS SIDE GLANCES By Dick Turner HOME 50 EARLY, ALL CHURNED UP the evidence of his visit when CARNIVAL , HARDY? 'HIS IS NO /ABOUT SOMETHING, TIME FOR A PARTY/ SO I LEFT. I JUST 10 BREAK UP.. / PASSED CLIP LILT ON THE PATH. Blake returned. L LAKE TOMORROW NIGHT. T REFUSED, HELP YOURSELR, . OLD MAN/ BUT I DIDN'T KNOW YOU TOUCHED THE STUFF. ~~/*~ ( HE WAS HERE V WASN'T HE ? Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop Clothes for Infants — Toddlers Children By Leslie Turner WASH TUBBS BUT WHEN SOU OPENED TWST SEALED ROOM PiSWNST ORDERS, WW FRIEND, VOU. SEALED SOUR OWN OOOM? fVOtJ'RE WRfslD IF' Y MOTHER TWNS... SO, ORION! YCWI'T BlW*E IV MM FOR TRYING, YOU LEFT WE HERE \ SOU IGNORED -MV WHEN WBIVCK \MOCHO.VOU THUGS M?E THRU Gifts — Toys— Cards I'D HWiG THE POLICE J ORDERS NOT TO 15 TURNED YOU I WITH WE, AND REM5S TO ON SOUR TRNL IN /DIG IN THESE RUINS! ^ BREP^K FOR THE BORDER1 SUE and LEE Tots to Teehs 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 were represented with was called to order by vicc-pres"- idcnt, Mrs. Grace Huckabec, NOW — SATURDAY RED RIVER RENEGADES "LITTLE MISS BIG" PLUS: CHAPTER 1 THE LOST CITY" . ,?»i^^,l\^v^ j^tOPB. 1M6.BY «EA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK STARTS SUNDAY J V^MlL.L.^ ( CHOCOLATE, ) *- orack market dropped again yesterday, so I'll have NUT, PISTACHIO, ;to hurry—there'll be ]ols more patients "in-my ollice ft'Woaltla Siiiall deposit hold this for me until Ihe lir ~ — COCOANUT, MA.LTEP, MINT, WM-NUT, PECAN, ANP TUTTI- FI5UTTI! wile starts?" JRECKLtS AND HIS FRIENDS AND r TUNEY By HersViberaer fSoME OF THOSE ' \1^E eiRLS ARE BOYS ARE ORDER.- I RNANCING THE IHG- ROAST PHEASANT EVENING. SO L AT * 3.5O, NICK. / / PRESUME WE- THINK- THEIR. CREDIT ' / HAVE MOTHIM& IS OKAY? __iyTO WORRY ABOUT/ c FUNNY BUSINESS OKAY. IF YOU SAY so— BUT MOST OF T>:E OVS ARE STRICTLY 1M THE ^DOUGHNUTS , AMD COFFEE* BRACKET! Bv Carl Anderson YES-I THINK I HAVE AN EMPTY PERFUME BOTTLE YOU MAY KEEP-HENRY/ ••JUST tMpORTlO ODORLESS PeRFUfAC ONC S6MT A S9Ulf2T . VIRGINIA MAYO VERA-ELLEN , , WALTER ABEL EVE ARDEN »•*•• STEVE COCHRAN ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. HamJin Sun, Features: 1:00- 3:07 5:09 - 7:03 LAST 9:10 '"Mice!. It was a cup qf coffee and a cheese sandwich]^ ^ . • '» POPEYE OOP, ad BOV, ypuB. I VEH , SUEE, GUI DECISION Y6JVE UP ' \ I KNOW f.., EUNNIN' AROUND AN' DEVOTE YOUR TALENTS OKAY, OODLAf I'D SOttTA Y IT'S BEEN NICE COUNTED ON YOU T'HELP ) KNOWIN' YOU.MB. YEP? Y'KNOX WELL\1HAT TlME- .YO'J CAN STAV AND BE ASSISTANT KINS £>F MOO TILL I ME-BUT KINDA LET ME I STONE! ANY YOUR TEETH PAUL / KNOW HOW THINGS ARE / TIME Y'WANTA. . ^1 \f Ol IT KI/"fF l^rt*r / *• /—.tit i* IK. i ft l* i * f—t X i" **t*tr* r~t *. f* i i *.i*-*i i Thimble Theater TO TH' WELFARE OF OUT. BUT NOT M£ HUH-UH; sous' IN TH' LAS TIME T' TIME , WILL YUH'? COME BACK,WE'LL «i BE (aLAD TO HAVE YOU.' YOUB. PEOPLE WAS ONE NOU'LL NEVEE. TLET WHEN ^ WATER VA'LL \ IT PIBST MIGHT HAFTA Pl<3 A LON6 WAVS DOWM!/ ^THEV'S NO WATER HOLE VET/' ORTA -N CAREFUL Z. wwo VA i TR | ES TD BURV ) ALIVE;/ HOW — SATURDAY Texas Trouble Shooters" Sing While Yoy Dance" • PLUS: CHAPTER 1 "HOP HARRINGTON" • • STARTS SUNDAY SUN FEATURES 1:00 - 2:43 - 4:26 - 6:09 - 7:52 - 9:35 By Edgar Martin With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. William* ROY ROGERS » TRICC5R OUT OUR WAY YES, TH' JOB'S DOME, BUT YOU'RS NOT— NOW YOU JUST SIT HERE A! REAP THIS FINAMCIAL. PA&E YOU WERE HOLPIN' TH' FLASHLIGHT ON SO MUCH, IWSTEAP YOU UPAT0Y8AU.QQN "TO LOOK LltfE. X'D PALL, FOR »T/ - PFOMTH'J'OB RED RYPER RfPER'e ALL RlffHTi SH£R'lFr, BUT IT'S [REDS'ALREADY \(\f 'lOli'RE SE TO UKE \Ti BUT' HE CAtf T TELL. ME HOW TO R /AT OFFICE: > SETTER TO IW\E A RMROCK. ACttK)' SHERIFF WHILE , with "GABBY" HAYIS PAI.E IVANS TH6 WAMPERltslS LIGHT HO PI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS .a—i... •'--•- '- u*± absence of the president, Mrs. C. It. Willard. Singing was led by Mrs. Howard Collier. Mrs. Earlie McWilliams, Secretary i^nd treasurer, read the minutes and gave the treasurer report. Interesting accounts were given by Mrs. Ivafi Williams. of the Slale Home Demon*! stration Council meeting recently' held in Little Rock. Miss Vlrglo Whatley and Mrs. Earlie McWilliams alsp gave very interesting talks on the tea and open house fo.r lub the Home Demohstfai . lion Club women by the Supcrih- lendent in charge -of Ihe Crippled Children's home and hospital. Mrs. William Schooley gave a brief report on comfort materials which has been ordered cooperatives. Duo lo Iho Inability of the Council President, '.Mrs. C. R. Willard, 1 P ntlend council meeting a mo- lion was made arid dafriod to se- Government Questionnaire 412~FeetLong By FREDERICK CROTHMAN End to Power Strike Is Believed Near Mrs. Ivaii Williams was elected the new vice-president. . Two new song leaders Were elected.- They were Mrs. Howard Collier and Mrs. Luc.io.us Boyce. The yearbook committee was also appointed as follows: Mrs. II. B. Ames, Mrs. Huron Light, Mrs. Ivan Bright. The spring Council Meeting will be held at Doyle in M arcn > Mrs. Earlie McWilliams, past Southwest District vice-president of Ho.me Demonstration clubs, suggested each club be thinking'of a state song, flower and color. Bring them to the Maroh .Council meeting. 1 " r ~"-~* was made and carried Home Demonstration Clubs of .Hempslead County, raise money to furnish a room at the 4-H, Club house'to'be built in "Fa'y" etlevillei . The vice-presidents of the home demonstration clubs gave a very interesting report on their year's accomplishments. Ten home •demonstration clubs had educational exhibits. Pittsburgh, Oct. 10•— (/P)—An end . . ..-.. I to the. power strike which has Washington, Oct 18 -^ (UP) -^ crippled the nation's 10th largest The old War Pfodttction fioafd city fo 20 eays today appeared • • - - osslblo as the leader of 3,200. In* ependefit unionists said he be- uved thuy would vole for arbitfa- on of .the dispute; President George L. Mueller, of ic Independent Association of Du- uesne Light Employes, comment- ig on a general union member- iip meetig tornbrrow, said: "It appears that the members ill vole for arbitration." Mueller was -Interviewed before e departed by plane Jor Washingr on to lay the union's case before .labor Secretary Lewis -B. Schwell- nbach. He will return in'time for ie membership meeting. He said is recornmendalions to the rneeU ng will depend on: "What I learn from Secretary SohwclTonbach., I want to talk to irn personally. I never raredict the ulure or what the union will d jut it appears Ihe members will /ole for arbitration." The membership meeting—first n three woeks^—was scheduled for :30 p. in. tomorrow. : Thev were rated as follows: Hopewcll A' rating on decorative stitches -for trimmings. Dolph A rating on making sandwich spread. Rocky Mound A rating on making wastebaskets from cardboard. Un-" ic.n Grove A rating on soap-making,bath, toilet and laundry, soap flakes. Liberty Hill A on Xmas gifts, how to make them for each member of family. Evening Shade,' Peace. Shover Snrings, Columbus, and Doyle had B ratings. Dolph Club members received $1.00 for having.percentage o.f enrollment in attendance. Secretary books were turned in and judged. Peace home demonstration club had the most complete Secretary book. Mr. Elmer Brown, County Examiner of Schools, showed a very educational film on food preservation. entitled "Yesterday, Today Tomorro.w." and Wednesday, October 1G, a meeting was held at Guernsey Sohool lor the purpose of rcoi-g.ini7.atio,n and reccplion of 4-11 Club members for Ihe year 1940-47. A resume of 'he closing years work was presented by the Home Demonstration and Assistant Coun- ly Agcn.ts, Real progress wiis made by boys and girls participating in varied project;:. Premium checks and money was d'slribulod 10 winners in poultry, corn and beef calf demonstrations. In concluding the clcl y'glrs'w.irit'Cou'.iiy"Aeh ivement Day will be helj ,tl Citv Hall, Hope, on Novemb<;y '4, 9:30 a.m. Officers elected for ihc new year President— Poyle Ed.wards, Vice-Prosident—Charles Ed "Baker, Secretary and Treasurer —Edith Thornton, Reporte— Johiuiy Grit once sent lo a. businessman a flues tlonnalre that'was 412 feet Ifihfi'fit carne rolled up like a window shade It also wag carefully wrapped He thought Somebody had sent him a cheddar cheese The' Of'A,- which has shuffled more papers perhaps than one olher federal age'ncy, has p'tit in print to dale more than 11,000,000 words of rules and regulations These include a report which went to one vitamin manufacturer in the shape of 'a.'document 20 feet long and four feet wide. It had so many blanks for him-to fill In that •h.e.btfi gnh chewing his own pills. Almost ale up the profits When we were recruiting four- footed soldiovs one of the local masterminds produced a question? naire for dogs. Eeach pup was ordered to write ,d9wn his na.me, breed', \veieht, complexion And disposition. Then he was to take pen ip' paw and affix his signature in ink Th.pt did it- • ... Business and government'agreed that if everybody, 'including hound clogs, -had to spend most of their time at their'desks answering ever- increasing : slacks of questionnaires, we never would get the war won .Congress passed a law " "~ ident Hoosevelt • signed rt • The deal was that no bureaucrat could question' anybody about' anything • without first getting his C|iies- .io'n's approved "by the" Bureau of the Budget.-A corhmiltee of busi- icss leaders, called th'e' Advisory Committee on Government Ques- .ionnaires, was "established to help Budget Bureau Time passed The committee announced the o,ther day .it..had. elected. Earl-Con stantine of New York, a .leading maker oj: nylons, as.its new president It sent thanks to. Dr Stuart Rice of the Budget Bur-eau -for a job well done. And I thought I'c better get 'up "to questionnaire headquarters to sec whether the ship of state was foundering stil in a sea of revised C-3000 (forms The Tiews is good Dr Rice has hacked and hacked some more until noyvlhc government only has 8,000 separate questionnaires; with which tp irrilale the citizens The advisory experts said this 'is the millenium Dr Rice's first rule for the rule makers was to quit writing:* 1 questions on roller towels. He saio" leller heads were big enougl Many of their queries he veloec £Jltogelhor as not in the public in tcrcst Anybody in Ihe government who wants to ask a taxpayer a • ques tipn, even by telebhone, must.have approval of the Budget Bureau. I he doesn't, With one ex'cep.lidn,.you can tell him to jump in a tank q mimeograph ink. The exception i the Bureau of International iReve nue. II is about to mail some green colored questionnaires about you 1947 infcomo ta'x; th6s'e-you'd "bet ter answer. The questionnaire ndviseifs had some trouble with a cabinet-mem «»PERCY MARKS © b.y fi«fcjr Mtfkf.. Dlttrlbutid by NEA.Sefvic6.lnp.: Aulhw »1 "the Pla»ll« Aflt" "A Tree Grown Straight" etc. STORY: dayle finds hor«iwanted to weep.' "It's all right" self increasingly dissatisfied with I she whispered/her hands deep in the empty social life She leads.The his hair; "it's all right, sweetheart. House n6 longer, interests her. Both she and Barl are happy that'she is going lo .have a baby, but Bart is far. from being an attentive husband. News of th© Churches FIRST CHRISTIAN Main at West Ave "&" Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Classes for 'all -ages. 1 R. L. Ponder, Supt. • • Morning. Worship, Communion, and Sermon —10:50. Christian Youth Fellowship meeting— 6:30 p.m. Mr. and Mr.-,.' R. " i. Ponder, Sponsors. Evening Worship, and • Sermon-r-. 7:30; XIV The baby Wasn't born until July, and Gayle thought she would never have been able to endure the last month if Rose hadn't come out to BronxvfUe in June to slay with her until the birth of .the baby. , Although'Rose thought no better of Bart than she had a year ago, she said nothing: she did not even remark oh-his-.absences, biit when he Was present'. Gayle often saw her looking at'him speculatively, the contempt In her shrewd blue eyes prtly 'half Veiled. Bart was absent a great deal in that month. When his mo.the'r was in town, he Had dinner with her half a dozen mes, and after-she had gone back q Bar.H,arbor, -he.flew up twice to i'sit her for -long, week - ends. He /as- apologetic .and 'obviously 'not ntirely at 'ea'sd •wlth'his conscience .."Maybe,I ought.to. stay, her,'.' Jie aid in Rose's presence. "The baby light come-anytime;" "Oh; go along," Gayle said; 'it , rpbably- won't -come until- Christ- las. Rose .is herej a.nd-Mrs. Mays ! -here, and ,Tprn ,is 'tjere -r- what If out "Gayle, Gayle'' When he lifted his head again, his eyes were brimming full of tears. "How can you ever forgive mo?" Sure in -her instinct, she > " w kn"e*W she had to comfort him at once or he would, break down utlerly and so.b in his conlr.ilion. ''Forgive you?" She smiled up at him'. "There's nothing to forgive. It's not your fault,' Barl. James Kent Bartlett decided to arrive while you were away.. How were . you to know''" ' ' - ' ' "I shouldn't have gone.'I knew I ought to stay home; I knew it all the lime." "You can stay for the next Communion FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth at Ferguson ' T. p."Fc»rd, Pastor We are looking for great things from the Lord through the Sunday services, therefore be sure lo be present z\ each service and enjoy these blessings along with the rest. "For where the Spirit oE the Lord is there is liberty." "The church that is different." Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Sunday P.Y.P.A. Classes —6:30 p.m. Sunday Evangelistic 7:30 p. in Prayer and Bible Study, Thursday -^2:30 p.m. Healing Service. Friday -=• 7 p.m, Ser 0:30 ber (whose name I probably shouldn't reveal). He shpt out questionnaires without conferring with ll^e queslion experts. He blushed when they menlioned jail if he did it again. DOROTHY DIX Babying Husbands Brides, let me give you a ' tip that will enable you to keep your husbands eating out of your hands for the next 50 years and still have an appetile for wedding cake. It is lo mother them. It is one recipe for retaining a husband's affections that never fails. For, no matter how big and strong and self - reliant a man is, or how many men he controls in the outside world,he slill wants to be babied at home, and the more you treat him as if he were a toddling infant, the stronger your hold will be upon him. Men have one lechnique for courtship and another one for marriage. While a man is a gay young blade he likes to play around with glamour girls and Ihe cuties who give him a run for his money by being uncertain, coy, and hard to please. But after marriage he wants a wife who won't expect him to keep up a hot line of love talk, and feel herself neglected if he doesn't want to step oul to a night club after a grueling day's work at the office. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday' School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship —10:55, mon by the Pastor. Vesper Service —5 p.m. . Young Peoples Meeting — p.m. ' Monthly Meeting of the Woman' Auxiliary Mojiday afternoon at thi Church.- -•'" ,, Yoti"'"fifo~ cordially invited I worship, with us. CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th. S. Grady Otis L. Rowe, Minister Bible Study—9:45 a.m. Preaching —11 a.m. Communion -r—11:45 a.m. Young- Peoples Meeling ^6:3 p.m. Preaching —7:30 p.m. Wednesday Night Bible Study -— 7:30' p.m. Subject: Sunday Morning-n Th Identity of the church. Evening-^What Christ is to a human Soul. Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord. You are always welcome at the Church of Christ, npre.. do. .. "I ought' to -be\here, though." "What gobd4v.ould/-you'be? r ou -are, 'I'll bet ; you pass Odds?" ' ' Her hand reached for his. SJt ,;Iie grinned at h.er.g6od ,-natured- y. "Not on-your life. It scares me p death to think of-it.'Why doesn't your mother- come on, Gayle? ;,d feel'lots better if she were lere. Supposing there wasn't time 0 get to th'e/hospital. I get in a iold sweat just thinking about it." "Mother offered to come, but I old her to stay home in peace. Besides, Mrs. Mays knows just as Joiner does. For heaven's sake, 3art, go to Maine. If you had your vay, I'd be in the hospilal right 1OW." - "You bet you would." "Well, I'm not going until I have o. Millions of women are having Dabies every day without all this fuss and" bother. Don't stand around arguing. Go on to Maine." He went, and Rose thought, "She sent him because she knew he wanted to go. If he was worth a row of beans, he wouldn't have gone if she'd pulled a gun on him." It was while he was away on his second visit that the baby was born. Rose called him from the hospital to say it was a seven pound, three -. ounce boy and that Gayle was fine, '; He arrived the next morning, and for the first time »ince Gayle had known him, he appeared in public unshaved. His eyes were bright with fear as he approached her bed, his': lips tight in, his unsuccessful effort to smile. "Gt\yle, darling," he whispered "•You're all right? You're still al right?" " • ^; .'Twill'b'e'Hvh"e.n7'I ! get ?i'k'iss;" 1 "I'm ashamed; lo kiss you. : hayen't any right." 1 > She lifted her arms to him. "B.ar dear." ; '; : He bent fqrward then and kissec l}er so" humbly, so tenderly that she down, sweetheart, and be comfortable. When did you get here?' "Last night, but they wouldn't lei me see you. I thought I'd go nuts Gayle, and it's a wonder I didn 1 ' wreck the plane. You ought to have seen me l^nd." "Not three point?" •Then at last he really smiled "1 almost -set it- down on ' its tail. .1 was awful." His smile .widened 'It's really a boy?" Really . a boy? Wasn't- I .smar to make : just .what you ordered?' "You're' the most, wonderful gain the world J thought sp the mm Ute T'met you." "You did not" She-laughed mti his eyes. ."You thought I wa s'nooty." ' "Sure;-that's what got me in terested. James'Kent Bartlett's .re ally here." .'.I can't get'over it,' "I've got over it — thank th ..prd. Would you like to see you on?" "Would T? ihe buzzed for the .nurse, wh lad discreetly left.the room: Whe he appeared, Gayle askedi "Would t break aU the hospital rules if Vlr. Bartlett got a look at the Hear America's favorite tenor So if you want to keep your husband thanking God on his knees that he got you for a wife, don't bother about trying to keep young and beautiful and retaining your girlish figure, or waste any time in attempting to be a household vamp. Just follow Mother's tactics. Just A little Boy Don't make the fatal mistake of treating him as if he were an acN ull human being, responsible for his acts. He may be a Chief Justice and a Second Soloman broad, but at home he is onjy a naughty little boy who is bound to play hookey sometimes just because he is made that way, and he wants a vyife who will treat him as his mother would — spank him when do is bad, k,iss and make up, and never mention it again. Then, feed the brute. You know how a baby yells and kicks and screams when he- is hungry. So do j husbands. Never be silly enough | to tell your husband a piece of bad news, or show him your new hat until you have first stoked him with a good dinner. If every bride knew how to cook like Mother does, it would solve the divorce problem. Be your husband's press agent. Go about boasting of what a fine doctor, or lawyer, or business man your husband is, and quoting his opinion as if it settled any question, even as you repeat the cute FIRST BAPTIST Third & M^in Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School — 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship —10:50. Message by Rev. S. A. Whitlow, Pas? tor. The 'Adult Choir under direction of Mr. Bill Keltner the will sing the anthem, "Praise Ye the Father" by Gqunod. Training Union —6:15 p.m. Evening Worship — 7:30. Message by Rev. S. A. Whitlow, Pastor. The Intermediate Choir under tlie direction, of Mr. Bill Keltner will render the special music, "Make Me p Blessing" by Schuler. Intermediate Choir Rehearsal — Wednesday Following 7: 15 'p.m. Adult Choir Rehearsal, Wednes day —8 p.m. Junior Choir Rehearsal — Saturday— 3 p.m. 0:30 p.m. Hour — Wednesday, JAMES MELTON Every Sunday on the HARVEST OF STARS with Howard Barlow and $Q-piece Orchestra Lyn Murray Chorus Distinguished Dramatic Cast* Special Musical Guest* FULL NBC NETWORK. 1:30-2:00 P.M. CST INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER thing littjp Johny said, or how marvelous it is that Susie can stand alone. A mtjn can't very well loot his own horn, biit, oh, how he dotes on the wife who does it for • I Make a fuss over your husband. Don'l save all of your cndearmcnls and your silly baby talk for the kids. Men want their wives to tell them thai they are handsomer than any movie star, and that wisdom will perish with Ihem, and lo act generally crazy about them. O« course, no husband will admit it, but the more his wife treals him as his Mother used to do when he was '5 years old, the better he likes it. And, of course, the wise wife assumes Mother's aUitude towards her husband's faults and kids herself into believing lhat she can correct them, just' as Mother thoueht Johny would outgrow his little ways. Jt seldom happens that syay, but if a wife really loves her husband she comes to love his weak; nesses, even as his Mother did" just because they are his. Mothers have the faculty of shutting their eyes to their children's faults. Every bride shoul<} pray to, God to bestow upon her that gift for, no matter how many child- I ren she has, her husband wijl always be her biggest baby. • (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) MONUMENTS Call pr See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5, or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rocki Shreveport Texarkana Magnolia Wallops Oklahoma College Eleven 27-0 Wilburlon, Okla., Oct. 9 — OT— * tagnilia A. & M. College 6f At' 1 ansas rolled over Eastern Oltta-,, oma College here last night 27'to' Halfback Baird and Quarterback,' ' Roberts scoted for the Arkansans ' n the first quarter and team C?ap<x aln Davis, left tackle, inlrrcepted .. {jags in the second, running it * ack 35 vards for another tally, r 'ullback Bailey plunged over from,he one-yard line for the final Mafc« nilia touchdown in the third period. -* IT-™™ x-'!$i t, i , .1/1 baby'" , ' i "Not all of them. I'll show it to ," lim through the window. Then I~' .hink you had better go, Mr. Bart-, ett. You can come back later, but VTrs. Bartlett ought to rest now. 1 " '' "Be prepared to see a monkey, } Bart," Gayle warned him. "They-,, say he'll improve, though. Let's* i call hint Kent. Three James's in'' one family are too much." "Kent'" Bart's smile was its]; most radiant. "Kent? I think-that's/' swell. Kent Bartlett — here I* come." " < ' (To Be Continued) *7| '•:q ,J t,'/i| The maximum suicide rate in Europe is attained after the age of r 50. SIGNS and Spray Pointing Buildings • Houses Ba'rns •'Vehicles » Etc.' Waller & Wal'sr Phone 71Q-W or, 194-W Hope, Ark. Are You Looking for GOOD.... SERVICE? You May Now Get This SERVICE at BUNDY& SONS GULF STATIOH Third & Shover Phone 555 We Give an EFFICIENT Job, whether its a Gallon of Gas in your tqnk or an Extensive Lubricating 1 "" " ' by Dexter Bailey James Willis Jack Bundy Earl Somers BUNDY & SONS Leon Bundy, Prop. HOPE, ARK Dexter Bailey, Mgr. PHONE 555 I •'•t FIRST METHODIST Pine at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Organ Musio by Mrs. Dolphus Whjllen. Jr.— 9:30 a.m. Church School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship—10:50. Sermon by Pastor. Evening Worship, Vesper Ser vice:— 5:30 p.m. Sermc.n by Pastqr Youth Fellowship Group — 0:30 p.m. Choir Practice, Wednesday, Oct. 23— 7:30 p.m. HOPE COSPEl- TABERNACLE North Main and Avenue P H. Paul Holdridpe, Pastor "The entrance of thy words giv- elh light: it giveth understanding unto the simple." Psa. 119:130. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning Worship rrr-ll. Christ's Ambassadors Service— 0:30 p.m. Evangelistic Servicts —7:30 Wednesday: HI-C. A. Brigade— 6:30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study— 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. The Tabernacle has as its visiting soeaker for both services Sunday, Rev. J. W. Tucker, missionary to Africa. All our friends are urged lo attend both these services. EMMET METHODIST C. D. Meux, Pastor The pastor will preach at Emmet at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday, and at Harmony Church at 8:30 p.m. The Fourth Quarterly Conferen.ee for the Emmet Circuit wijl be held Monday, October 21, at 7:30 p.m. at Emmet. Rev. Van W. Harrell, Superintendent of the Prescott District, will preside. Reports will be made and officials elected for the coming year. ENJOY A DELICIOUS Sunday Dinner at the DIAMOND Bring the family and'enjoyour delicioqsly 1 prepared food. We have experienced waitresses to give you the best and quickest service. Dine with us often. "Our Menu" t, j Baked Turkey and Celery Dressing CRANBERRY SAUCE SNOWFIAKE POTATOES FRESH LIMA BEANS HEAD LETTUCE, THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING HOT ROLLS BUTTER HOT MINCE MEAT PIES COFFEE TEA MILK 75c — See Us For Pies — We Serve AUNE'S FAMOUS HOME-MADE PIES Daily We Have — T-BQN6S - SIRLQIN - 'CMJB STEAKS From Prize Winning 4-H Club Calves Bought at the Livestock Show Our Kitchen is open for your Inspection Diamond Cafe FRANK.DRAKE BILL DRAKE

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