New-York Tribune from New York, New York on October 25, 1895 · Page 9
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 9

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1895
Page 9
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DOUBLE CELEEEAliON AT LAFAYETTE p?NnERs ow UBBMBTWD aso rirthday HONORg PAID THE VENERAt'I.E PRO. WBBSDM M\K?*H. Vs.tot) Paw?*. Ott -4 ?Special?. -The celebration /'v-Mn!er? l?sy and the seventieth birthday an !rJr?*ry *- Professor tauet* A March. I.I. D., l H ??? StOB together t.>- laj the most notalde '?femhlas? BSSSI M UM Lafayette Coll. ge campus ?aM <h* ?ip''?'''? ' ?' ' '>-,r,?ec Hall fifteen ' o Everything contributed t?*? the complete and ?McaasM aatfy-ai oui of the pniaraassm? The ?Miseria of Basten gathered to the number of l.nno in the public ?guare, and be 1 I i the ?-..liege ?round? ?l 10 O'ctoCS, wh.te they paid their respect? to the sTstlngntahrfl philoiog.?? la ?? variety .>f ?ay?. Mayor Kiel i presented to him the freedom of the dty, nc.."itiip.?ny>*'.g It with the gift Of ? ailvee and cut llaas inkstand, with r?.k containing the Key- Th,> BtrSRg?UcaI Alii ?tire, through the KeV psaJ l ).-.?. luvc ii itz. present??] ?nsjroBsed re?o lutlon?. ?? W. \\'.>.<l. president of the Hoard of Trade* Edward J. Po?, president ol IB? rOeaj sumn't: T- ??? Drake. n-;>r ?entlng the Bralnerd r?jon Church, ?nd Orrln Serfaas. representing the Board, also present? I c ngratulatlona si I .-?o'titlon?. I>r. March fittingly respond??!, ?. n o'clock sn andienet of tO? sssembled in pirdee Hal!, where a programme of speeches bear fre* up Dr. March's life sforli waa carried out. Preaideni \\ irfl? : I Introduced ex-President fatuh , nreaide. ProfeBaor W. B, <?w?-n? spoke on "l?r. varch aril Ht? Work for Lafayette." Profesaor Tbomal 1- L.".in?!)iiry. of Yale, ?poke on "The standar', ot Pronunciation." and Dr. Msrch'a work in this conne-ctlon Pi fessor Jame? W. Bright, of joh'i? Hopkla? I'nlYersltjr. ?spoke on "Professor V?-vh'?- Kontribution? to Bngllah Scholarship." Thi.? en led tn. morning's exercises, after which It \va? announced that the following honomrj ?-re* had been conterrad by th? trustee? at their innual meeting: LL I', on Charlas P, Hice, of \ . . P. I?., on th> Rev. Robert R. Rooth. of New-Y :k. an I I. H, P. on Professor Thomas msbui v. of Ya!?* fhl? afternoon the women of Bast?n gave a d'.n thS Rile?-? fr. Ill a distance, and Speeche? wire made bv a number of prominent alumni of the rollase. Yale, Harvard. Princeton, l.ehlgh. John? - and other universities wer? represented by mem'.'?--? .if tbelr respective facull TIQILANCE LEAGUERS AT HISSER. Ar>r'Kr:s*r-:n t;y i?r. I'arkhirst am* wheeler II I'E? KHAM AT THE ST. DENIS Altho'iich the third annual dinner of the t'ity Vigil? ance League, which was held last night at the Hotel Rt. DsnlS, Broadway and Eleventh-st., ?lid not per? haps equal ir. brilliancy the memorable' dinner of last > yet it was clearly demonstrated that the Istarest Of the member? It: the objects, and work of ?JwleaglM In- - iff :? ! no diminution. More than two hundred members and guests BSSe-mbtsd In the handsome dining hall of the hotel, ami among them were many Whose names have become prominent bj of Their efTotts to secure improved municipal government. Th? Rev. I?r. ?'liarles H. Parklmrst, the president et*'.', league, presided, and beside him at the heavd table were .Turn.? C. ?'arter, .lohn K. Parsons, Ex? iler M it ray. J. A. Scryinacr, .lohn Crosby Brown, 1'olice Commissioners Theodore Andrew 1'. Parker and A. D., Dr. R A Kittte.Ige, the Rev. Dr. W. M P. and \Vh< < I? r U. Peckham. l>r. Parkburst, In rislnsj to open the orntorteal part of the pfoceedlngs, aras received with loud mil His address In p.irt was: ? I' may be thai - .raethlng Inopportune In hclding our dinner in the midst of a heat*! cam? paign, it may be that it la somewhat mal apropos ,:. ' istlng ourselvea while ti>- .i : - full ..f blue inoks.TlMre is. however, a ?Ignlflcance in gath? ering tog'^'her at thts tun-, and it Indicates one ?if the f-atureB of the Cltf Vigilance Langue, Von and 1 have come Into this thing to stay. You and I ate not lab .rinn for Imm?diat- result?. Although we ail like Immediate resulta yel from the lirst <>ur eye ha? been fixed upon .. dlatani mark, Much a? we ma\ be thinking of November 5, we are thinking a aigl I more about things which lie bej nd that. i: we ara discomfited on Norembei '? <.n the tth we will to rail) for November 4. i '? ? ?o - lidlj confident that ws are on th? substantial victory, come when it may, am in no way depressed or tormented by ?rt) b?u? ? n Bes still, whatever strength I between non at I November .*.. I ?-.. ??.:,, to the work of lu> ?mk Ion the i Th? many Hall spli fi I be let ?? to be ? intelligent than a year ago. ? i ? lesson from the last year*? :;?.? - -,??-> for ua to continue ?? r ? ^ >r than ? ver." i i? l-eckham, who followed, also had ; v ? * defining the practical differences between a satisfactory municipal gov? ernment am. a iwi administration, he proceeded to -,. k In favor of :i?.n-partman?hlp a? applied to ?.- ment ol x. w-Tork He said "V,;..,* - th? remi ly for the rascality and dts ? thsi ha* marked the guverninent of thla city . t ieasl the number of years 1 have lived bete** In my n-pinion it Is the organization of a ???-n. -...ny The shortcomings of the ad ?--'tlon. mor-over, might be remedied by the . tion of u thornugn Civil .Service re'ftrm >ut thir, reform It Is Impossible, to take th? first ?tep toward a really effective Improvement In jour city government. If all office? were to be ni.eii only after a strict clvll-aervlce examination, ana the system of gradually moving mon up tn higher position were to be introduced, there would oe little to be wlahed for In the municipal govern? ment. Commissioner Hooaevelt and John I Paraons also apokn. NEW FERRY HOUSE OE STATES ISLAND IT IS TO M THE MOST COMPUCTK OP THE KIND NKAH XliW YoltK. Th.- Htaten Island Rapid Trans!; Railroad Com? pany yesterday awarded a contract for the erec? tion of a handsome new ferry-hous?. and railroau terminal elation at St. ?leorge. The structure !? to ,-ost $l.Vi,(??. Th- -tages, floats and foundations are already down. Thai wet. completed a couple of years ago. The building was ?ttmped after the ground had been prepared because ..f the long light over the s-ile of ?be ferry franchi??. Since then th settlement of th? business arrangement? sary to adjust after the sala of the ferry have ?!? layed the work. The building Is to be the mosl eomplet?- of Its kind about N-w-V.irk The boata will land under cover, and th? trains will l." reached from the boat? Without th? passengers going from beneath th- covering. There will b. g-rooma Of all kinds, a ?moalng-room, ,i bag? gage-room and room? for the company'? officer?, i The facilities for handling train? Will be greatly l increased over what they at. at :?? sent, and In the summer months it will be possible to handle the I S.nth Beach crowd? In far les? tlms than has been the case in the |ia?t Work Is to be begun within h , month, and the building l? to be ready for use be for? the opening of the summer travel, ?'olin &? I .McLean, of Bl ??eorge, have the contra ? GOOD REPORTS FROM DP THE STATE. I I!. H, DAVIS KSTIMATES REEI *HLH*AN 1'I.rHAI.ITY ABOVE THE TONKstRS LINK AT l??'.???*? The callers at Republican State b-adiinarters. In j the Fifth Avenue Hnte!. yesterday Included th. ; Republican candidates on the State ticket Secretary | John Palm?-r. of the Department of State; State Controller .lames A. Roberts, s:,?te Treaaarer a. B, t'olvln, Attorney-General Theodor? E Hancock, and state Engineer Camphell W. Adam?. They aii brought cheering report? of their canvass In their respective localities, controller Roberts'? estimate? of Erie County ware highly gratifying. He placed the Republican plurality there at IMQO to l.l.fion. BariMt H. I>avl?. of Palmyra, member of the Re? publican State Committee from the XXVIlfth Con? gress District, whl.*h Includes Wayne, Cayuga, Cortlnnd. Ontario and Yates counties, whs another of Chairman llackett's visitors yesterday. Mr. I ?avis, who is one of the best-posted politicians in the State, lias niade n careful, and he believes, a most conservative estimate of the vote of the State in the countlM above the Tonkers line, and gave the rosull ol his labors last evening at in?- Fifth Avenue Hotel: "As 1 figure the vote of the counties outside of New-York, Klnga, Queens, Suffolk ami Richmond, In the light of the registration in that part of the Btate which closed on Saturday last, the !<? p b lkans will come down to the Westchester ]|n<* with a plurality of not ]e?? than lue,**/?." Regarding the Legislature, .Mr. Davla giv<? the Republican? not leai than thirty or thirty-two of the flftj State Senators, and si leist ninety of th? 150 memb? ra of the Acs? mblj. Mr. Davis baa ; w superior? In th?' correctn? his political ; n ml Last year ha predicted that I Governor Morton'? plurality would exceed 150,0o?), ( wli.-n the most enthusiastic Republicana thought that one-third of thai figure was a little wild, but ' when th? official returna gave Morton a plurality : of 156.108, they remembered Mr. Davis'? prophecy, i Two .v-ar> ago Mr. Davti said that the R< cans would carry the Stat?- and the Legislature ? when some of the faint-hearted were conceding 'he ? ? l.Ion of lasac H. Maynard. The result, eleel ng | the present excellent State offl ?ra b) nearly 2S.0tW l plurality and ?? Republican Senate and Assembly, ? Indicated Mr, Davla s? s State forecaater of rote? '. Palmer, who headed th?' Republican ti. ket two year? ago, a? he doe? now, was elected by a rot? of 24.484 ?vet- Cord Meyer. Jr., the Hill-Tammany it? William J Youngs, Republican State Committee ron the 1st Congress District, said yesterday thai hi? end of Lona island wrouid rive a good a.: ..cint of Itaelf m the ? tutest of November <>. John Cunningham, of "The ftlcs Herald," Who also vis? ite?! headquarter? yesterday, said that ?'..ggeshall'? def.-at for the Senate was assure! beyond s doubt and that Frederick ?l Weaver, the Republican can? didate, would win by a plurality of not lesa than two thousand." GOFEENOE COFFIN IS CBAELE8T0N. , ML. WITH His STAFF* AND A COMPANY OF FOOT Ql MtDf, IS LNTI-I'.TAIM I? Charleston, B. C, Ocl M -Governor Coffin, of C nnectlcut, and his stafT and the first company of Foot Quarts, of Hartford, spent to-day in Charles* ; tea. The visitors arrived here about 8 a. m., and were mat at the Btsaiwn by the Fourth Rrlgade of South Carolina militia, headed by the Mayor and Aldermen of th?*- city, a parad? through the street? ' followed, and a breakfast ??, the Charleston Hotel The visitor? were then takfin on ? ?teamer to see the forts In the harbor and the pbospbat? worki ; There was a banquet *u I p. in., and at ? o'clock I the Governor and his escort marched to the Biatlon followed by an immniii crowd of the IochI <--, '. Jlers and civilians, and started for Richmond The day la considered a? <n e of the most pleasant Inci? dente since the visit her? in 1K81 of the l?t Regiment. C. N. (}. -?t> DR. BRADFORD IX POOR HEALTH. in: PAIMT1 whim: waiting for his CASH TO bk 'ALl.Kli IN I?IRT Th.- triHl of I?r. Ot'jOMSC I Bradford anl John Xixuii. ?hargeil with having In their posa???'.on platea for . 'iitn.-rfviting $1W> bill?, ?a? n??um<- ! b fors iiniKe Addtooa Brotra, m th.? t'nited S'at.?? Circuit Court, real rday Th? doctor looked when he app-arel Ifl court to-.lay. Hi? face *'' co',.ir:?.?? his hnnd? ?hook like one afflict ed with ? i , ne could hard.y walk una??ls'?"?- H? ! while in the j.en waiting f .r 1.1? ?a?* to IM but was soon revived. The testimony produced yeaterdajr wa? ?Imply i repetition of that given he'ore Fnlte?l State? < o-n mi??ion?-r Alexander during the eumlnattofj of i?r. Hradfcrl ard Nixon. STRONG AM? ROOS1JF.LT SPEAK. Tlinv STAND OB THEIB RECORDa AKTJ ARB POR BCPPRBaaiOX "K CBIRR Mayor Strong and Pelles Commissions Theoiore ??ok?- laal night to h lar?r gathering at a?raeetlni of the Ropublioaa organization of the vilth Election District, held in the rooms of the W.-st Sid?- Hepubllnn ?'i'tt.. at NO. M W*Ot Bighty-s? - ond-at. Mr. Rooaev? ?t ?aid In part: "I nil appointed witn the understanding that I .?hou:.! be ? msclentlom before election a.? srell as afterward. Mr. Lauterbacli g.\?? me ?ntn< advice i .im going i i five him some As are are tighting for the overthrow of Tammany lla'i. he nhoull raste hl* energies skirmishing with his own aille?. Whether the Republicans arln in this cam palgn or arc def.?ate<l, I ?.?.- i : I continue to enforce the la a i " Sir Rnoseve'l ?poll? <f the ,|??crease of crime, lie -i then s/as l" per cent lesa felonies ?-"mmitte.l and 10 per c nt more f 'loni arrested ihsn In 1S?M. Mayor Strong ?pok- of the nien he had app'Mn.eJ a? "a fln?- lot of ?uainv. honest and faithful public officer?. I promised you that if .lectfd I would ?rjvi rou ? non-partisan administration. 1 made no oth? .? promises sine?- that promisa wa? mad* never was a man more al. ise<l than I. Hut if i hu 1 to make my appointment.? over ?gain I WOOld n-it change one of them." PASME USERS or thi: aller. Among the passenger* who arrived here yesterday on board the North Cern?an Lloyd steamship Aller, from Bremen, war? the following : Dr. and Mr? H .1 i:;?gor, Huron F.ggers. Mr. and Mr?. W. I'aston Hamilton, Lawrence N Leo, \v. I, Marry Psn dleton, Jesse A. Tilg-, ?"?- F. Wldmsnn and John W'i-lmaiiii. _ EEIISTBD T<> HE A LOB0IWS MOUSE TllIEf. Charles of No. Ml Third-??.* . went to his room "ti U edii? - l.iv afternoon and found a Strang.- man inside. The latter started on a run fui the front dtor. but wa* ?elzed by who forcibly brought him back t.. the room again Fend! nade an examination of hi? effect?, and I .. . that two overcoat?, two stilts of cloth?*? and ? gold pin had dlsippeared. He accused th?- ?trange man of being Implicated in the robbery. Th.- stran? ger stoutly denied the charge. H ???? that b? was looking for a furnish?-! room. and. finding ths door <.f the house open, above whi.-h was s sign, "Rooms to Let." ha entered, end wa? making an t th? ; ? -m-, when lught. Fen it ram moned -i p in I the man was taken to the Mast Thirty-fifth st station Hs gavs the name of William Hulburt None of the stolen property a*si found on him. The police think 11?*> prisoner la ? professional rig-house thief, and th-it an accomplice got away with th?- property. In the Torkvlfle PoSos Coun yesterday Hulbert wa? held in t\.'<^> for trial. OlORISO PEICER OP SAS FRANCISCO stocks. Sin Fran Isc . October 2-4. iRB Testerdaj ,T Testerday.To Asy -,.-., .IS I?? l? lie <v> N r roe? i ?? l *?? Bel i.-- .?4 ?: M ? lean . M ?IT Reicher., ,81 Ml M .?. . 1" \". Uodle ' t sol - . Si .?? "i Mr .I.?M 1 R . "?'. ."?; Potos? . BO ''i "hollar . *?'? ,4B .-'.?.?.??s-e .M .'??'! i Cal a Va 2.45 L-?:- ?I. -.i Nevada .. SO M frown Polni ?"?- :'?'? 'nl ?i ?'n?-.i.. .. 7u T.'t n uld * fun ?I IS i ta? . 10 Hale ? Norcr *a.l i" i M Tell ??. ,1h, k-t.."7 :W ?TitTopfiin %?9ttti9tmtnt?. nOROPBANS ANI> TI.AVEM.E.IS will lad th. I?on?1on cflce of Hi? Tilt tie?. 75, F.eet Street. E T.. a contenlri? piro* to lea?? _MM ?It-ftlsemeni? ?n4 ubserlptlon* for The Tribuna ?forrign fifeor.s. HOTEL D?TuunT?D'ALBION, SS, Uje Rt. II..nor.?. Part?. Between th- Tuiieri?-.? Oardtna, Place Vandoms and New i i;i- ra Advantageous arrangements for families, ivmitiful Hall, j^rge drawing H>?oms, Electric Light. Ac. Telegrams. "Llllalblon," Paris. HENRT AUADIE. HORSES AMI) CARRIAGES. BAY TEAM M' man mare?. I.aif ?l??er?. ic, hat;*'.?. 7 ^ rara kl ? un rr.alr n ?nd t?l?; t??t family team :n Brook? lyn; brougham ?nd I'.rla; botli bull! ay Hrewster .?.-'' . til p-rfert order; Kar ? sai ??? mi half - i simply for ?rant nt nee. Address s WOODIirLL. sin ' klyn, ? ? ? . - ? . j .... ,.?.... ? .. $-;.,-, f'2, tWO r .t?-? .. si $?.-.? I. al ?*??*. .- ? a?; sold ? leljr ?ir ? ' 1280 At plv ?i 1?? Weal lit), al ?ITU H BAN REAL ESTATE. AQENCT rON M.3NTCLAIR. ~R??ldene? pr ;-rie?. all k.nds: sale or rent. Tl'l-Hs" A TATLOR I Heekman-st. Ill M ESTATE FUR SALE. (onntrj. BXULEWOOD.? Foi ?ale. th? beautiful ??tea on Libert) ? nglewood v J wile it? a ras f ntlty ol fruit. trees ?n*. anrubbrr-r; lntg . ?s. ?rlth th* be.? of all modern ?m proieineatt also hors sa, cows eairlage? ? ? -? - minf m - - . prie? ?88.000. Apply t.. I. MILI.Kit. 54d hr Mas) N 1 l ? ?? MOUNTAIN iST?TIOif, ?RANOE . aaa Iban ont i. .ir from city. I .?.ere?, r.esr ?ta , ? ? ?? location; <-onver,!?n ?? aai - - SOW. i- UAMILT' ?N it ? O M Br adiara TO LUT KOR Hl atSTICSS PtatFOSJBS J ??? ER I AV AND N ..n r LIGHTES1 LOFTS IN THE CITY, 1; KI jEVATORrl Rt'NNINO. 1.?*...., PEOPLE PASS 'MIL ?IONS DAILY WATCHMAN. JANITOR, PIRE BERVICB. K >"ERT (ViNVENIEXl POR r-I \ i; ' PPL1 TO l OF. MI ROIYILITAN RKALTT BUILDING ? - . ? A.M' 21? WILLIAM ST. ls AN'P jn rose ,?t. oh i ru i?rncE, S bkekm \ - PLATS TU II l-li.l.?rni?li?il. ITel-AVE WO i ?ai loonnr? ?SJ-avau.-* Dtgaat ?t art aient? faring Hark; l?5 ?o lldO FliK.'i STON1 S3 n-ia^way. IlrooUI vu. 1 ' KLTN PLATS TO LIT -15 minute? ?i'1?e; elegant fi ami 8 room?; ?;. . Im i? i i arpetad; ?anl ? ery Improvement: price, 122. - Schneider, tm Dekaib er? !:r klyn Moving ?xnenaea ?11 paM PI. W* 1? LET Furnished. M?'K!.Y furnished Bal f?.r young couple 1 family; tasv t.-rms .ill Ks?t Fl RIBUslU AI'AH'I ME\T*J-To Let HAKD80MEL1 furnished ?nlte or whole r pan ? Janitor, H? Writ 1MTH\|?HKI) APAHI ME.VI'S. HAWlHOhNL l>e WEST 59TH-r'T Hsniso-n? fr-rocm apartini-nt ii l*t; ?" ?taaeaa ?unny. decoration to ?ult tenant. App.y to laalter ei "Social Rc-g!??*r " ?'.'. z^122"_ MISCELLANEOUS. ?-??WVWWW ?-V S^fssvss WAIVWWW A -A ? FoK AL.. COMPLAINTS as? Mitchell'a V?tt-r?n bal.e t.,r -.?.l? at ?la Pik?-?- n v ? ? .t. v.- MITCHELL f'ff -.jr. i ' rHE LAT??. m Parisian Jee-elr) . . , r;iitt,r?. ?a buekln mba so? L-. M il F> i.e. ,:? ? ??Al'.' ATrT-aTli?-* l?det. ; Bra ? ? al. ??!!.??*? il'.T ??"j1 Masen,, ; ,. ,, ?ALBJ ?i|* I'NDKKWKAI <^o7 , .' ?.??*! ? 111*. ,-."' ,, ,?' ?'* Till *.'.?,* V.iliK Tit I II' ,,.?, '.'' :?: nEPEIVEl A*" Till: U ,i r "''''*' ,: N '-?-I aVeaSwsr, *a ??SI Barth >t Tblrty-nrai-at., niSISF.???. IllAM'F.S. A BUCX^aBFUL lawyer, rkllful in litl-r.i lloa, will ?nllert claim? nieainst or f r es? tates. .-.>rp--rati-.ns .-r individ-ials --n cnn ?InK-nt fees, exrellent referen?--., prompt, h t : il-:? attention to nil l?irel businee? 1.AWVKR. Postofflce Boi S.10 \ Kl *E BAKERT FOR BALI. t -i?i!i. ?a: a ran ; rtun ly f r right /? ?'all h< r,7 Pranklln-at. -? PUANT r?H BAL? ' t grlndlng'mlner I i ata, Irugf ?t. 117 Bth ?? . Jer \ i DERRICK IMI'ft'.VFMKNT. ? ;,-? ?' . ni I ullna -- - ?- lenee pace Weekly Tribune, October ci Patent f-r ?e.!e ABAPR \V NEWCOMB, B U ave. M reester M - CAPITAL WANTED t- develop business" 13,000 ? ?.-..... Al referm?es *-lven ami ? ?- appointing Interview, '' 'L-.INS. H .x 1". Trll. mi FENCE RIBBON, ? rrugated dtagoni flv* .?:????' itlrTn. - Patent at 1 machiner] f r m..king will be - ; I'r A M WOODARl?. W. Ilsvllle, N T. FOR mu: Three ? untr) newspapers, ? ? fort a ? plant bargain f ?r .- n an with energ? W. B. HARPER Boi -m M n S .1 FOR sale, ''hu- fa tory! all In running A i"? -I op| rt'itni v ? ? riKi-t parly; reason for sellins lech ?-f a 1res? w M fa Rit. l,i . .[.eral . Ml. h LIFETIME OPPORTI'NITT, -fM,0M eaa b* It* n.?-i. -pel? ..f u-,limite,I nd filling lone fell want and make fortune; capital Investigate. ?Ni >.\ St ''H. Tribun. MY CLIENT ha? . i- ?:.- with which any I n i tura In h pi eum il lire n ? remiiiv . i.,?.?i and ?i,?- Im| ilred ; ?:? n SI ??? i to Its orli nal elasticity. It < un be applied 10 iinv tire or Uni In n n. -m?-n? ?nd ure.i over ;.?,-iiin, Inderin lely. The f-: ei?jn patents ?re fi.r wile nt . figure, a a S VKlt.MM.VA. Tempts i'?.iirt. New-York, I'ARTNFR of absoluts Infgrltv ?anted who ?ai. !n\e?t $1 oui 1r. real es-.-.t. bu?|. ne??, with ?uperl r advantage? fullea? In veetlgatloa solicited, \ . Boa 117, Tribune t'ptown ??true, i,j4j Broadway. i M.'lNKk wanted with $.'. i??i lo $1o,?m_i to extend high I v profitable manufacturing ? -, -Hnt.lishe-1 _T. v.rir? EXCEL? LENT OPPORTI'NITT, l'liii Broadway, n* Branch Office RELIABLE baatnea* an with W.ono wanted la aetaMlehsd eoalyard, having water fti.nt pocketa and latest facilities in band! lit ? ooal; !ong lease; cheap rent. BOLVENT Trll une nrnve. RATCHET DRILL.- A portable, e? ' at motion tool, working turto* a? fn?? ?? band i'-' Is, un?! ii?eful In niMiy 1n ilu?lrieh 1 ?. || ?? :i mi- i*tent ?' WILLIAMS. New-Whatcom, Wash WANTED To purchaaa n tv.-k. new* an.i Stationen ?tor* or ???.-?md-hand b?x*ketore. J. WILLIAMS H n!..ut. N. Y. AT RSDUCBD rKl?"E8.--_?X? aeeond-ahnd w-od and Iron W( rlclng machlre?. fully guaranteed; nachlnery t-.ught and ?a changed UECROE H. EDDY 8t?S Madl ?on-it. _ A PlEBT-CLA-- billiard parlor In good locallt??; proprietor want? to ?eil on ac? count 0? slcknes?. Apply A. PERPIGNAN. It- Franklin-at., Brooklyn_ aTTiTTLK'B TOOL STORE. 59 FultoB. t'... New-York, workshop machinery (tool power). Hat fr*?-; tool*. ?troll Mw*. deel.r.? and farcy wood*. Inc-jbaio-i and br'.i-d.r* In operation. A 1'IANO-?,',(?. magnificent upright, brill lar.t ?on?; fine condition, grout opportuni? ty, no humbug; bargain .'131 Ka.t ?Oth-*t ' ' ? TIFUL go:d fiam<?d ell painting? by pr-jn.ineM a:tl?t?. only ?VV wert!, $'.'" hand*ome gold chair* only ISBO; worth 17 ??' i i? ?LI? CHAIR MANI'FAC'TITIFRS ' SB Mun OENT8' ? ' ? ? pa? i i - ?-'o '!? ket *..'.; an , ??. ? pawned ? ? 118; ' i? ket *?. ? "/stilus?. E? KERT, ITB Fl .yd st . Bi - CK?D IRCHEBTRA snd conservatory! i ?. p ? . (change f ?? rame ?, ? I? i WO '?'.??? . i?t " 1'AllM'H St IT ||B; must ??-II ln?iu!re Mrs /? (IT 7.1 Cortlandt ???? ISSId - R?,:.:. TOP l EBKfl *L' up all ? ?llgbt'o damaged '?- wai?w of all kind? I ??- i: .m.\.-"N Tl . ' i i t ? ? .' Ill i U| - r.dit; I ?,ki ..pond hsi i ?' -.'l makes Id up; ?or- . ren-rd RAt'gCK, ?.S7I 2d aw. near md-?- I BOARD AM) ROOMS. A .14 WF'.ST .**!ST-ST Ploor, en suite nr Beparataly; li?nd?..nie;\- furnlfl-.ed. si?. ball r-. in for gentleman; I- . i ?'. ... ... A .14 WEST 5?ST ST in ?mal] family aae nd floor, handaomely fui :.-he.] or ? separately; hall non forgera:-: ? references. i 'lN ItK.'-I\KI. H"' SU. TOth-at , We?; Dear Park. ;.Iej??an' r - m and ?li-eral t f'<r taro lady studenta; b*al refer? Moea ?a I .mite'!. A M A., 1,343 B ?ay. l m k?st '??TU st Laura*, handaom? ptMssi on a? ? -' ? ? ? ' ? ?? .m ! -.?'.-? rice 7 WKST 47TH ST Bafldsornrly furnished ad floor n it?, southern ? ;? - culalne, table a-n?sii; refei ? ? ? - -v . hanite.| 17TH ST IIS HAST (adjolnln? l*t,i n I niare) Bm ill Ameri ' - ? furni?:.e ' ?. -, ' fl ...- for , ?m?!] famll] oi party sentlei ?ik? ?orommndatl n?; '????I nptl : 2IST ST. 4i. EAST Bleeani large sunn ma; n ?lei I? ? ? p rni?n?nt I pun?', nieeptkmal labte; r?f?renc?e -i , ' ?TTH ST. 41' WEST t..?ir-. - - 1 Bquar? rv j, . v. I-. super! r board: r?fer?ri-? required ?11 T ST.. 4.*t EAST ' '. - any, fleul le ai ale moma veni.ii.i-- rerj mod?rala rates, t?lrle i-*td, referai ? ' MDST., 57 WEST Handeomel- fun ?h? ' larga from mea; -il hVwr, aouth?rn e? n ?un labia, i <?m seserior; referen??? ex- luinaed. fiT'IH -T Ko W.?ST - r with 1 ai ' I ?f< I .-nee?. BTTH-STT, ?M RAST . Ani.ri-rm fn r.' sunn) ?Ingle an I ! ubi? re m ?ri i h board; *' lo **.'''?. rifaran??? ?a lad i 77 \\:>T l?lTIl ST. It nm? Ml suit? m ainsi). with briard ; rvfei n ?i; ii?vino i'!.Ai*K T>,?< la.**?, elrgani i - n.? parloi Boor; privat bath; olber cholee roorns; fir?l-?la?? board. ITIIMSIIIID ROOM* TO LET. a PLOOR loaalstlBg of i .rue parlor bed i loor.; an.l prha'e bath it atrl II) t.ilvate ! I dwelling: open rlr#? and ?teso: he?! fur ? ?i 47ti.-?t.. batwaen .'?*.? and 8tl avaa . |S0 pe? month; gentlemen ml! refereae? re<iuli*.] Addre?. Z N . Il,,x 4 Tribun? . iff) ? A HANDSOMELY furnlahod warm rootn 14o Kast 27th-st . i.esr Leaington-avs a-en'lemen wnlv. referen., COLUMBIA HEIOHT8 ?v. gquar?. . i.. - ful. Bical) furnlahad fronl room, ad IBB bathl ? m two Bight? all ne-lern 1m provement?; flm-M Incation; h?? k? rounding?; referenee. riio.vT alecre room aec nd r. .-, private h m?,-, i-as nable '?? n? rmai ISS We?l ?Mitli s? , ut,? door fr m 1 ~L-BAC*H?LOR QUARTERS en ault?. slnal?., principal hotel?. .-ill h \2 P??t lath-et., batwaen nth ?nd Ma li? e ave?. llTH-ST. -.?s EAST, near oth-ev? f>" Kant lar^e famished room; parlor Boor; warm, cheerful roui? "l.'TH-ST ?SO v.i.,*: Pal r~"?w,r suit doctor or dentist i ? rrlthout biard ?Ifht^ heal, al!*r,iUr:.>: othrr r-iom?. 3J8T-ST l?a East (?i-amerry Park" Kleffar.t ?unny ronr:.?. with prf/SU bath for eenllemrn; break?nst p-ir,n?l refer? ence?._ B3D-ST . SO W'fTsT -Second" fV.? front room al?o ?Ittlnr. ar.d btr? r r. fli,-,r. pr?vate i <??ii?. gentlemen preferred gJD-ST.. 30 EAST Bandaor?? ? m.'Tri suit?, privat? hath, r ??parate. prlv?t# \ |,,iuse, .. fer. BCa? I*. H ST 18 Ut.- I . .... roots in prHiie famtl) . -, .,?-. , Olli?. _ ?STH ST. l?Vt Wl - - ***??' furnUhrd r ? it. r... i Mi ,.;? , ..". WEST Hal a ? ? * prl? at? hous . osmei fSTH sT 88 EAST -T ? . ? ] i .i,i | fronl i- in In Bn *!?:, WEHT 221? HI i irn -?? ? , ,.? .. r,.r two or mora, with m ? Kit tti HI i '?-'' :i" ? H***-1 Navrly furni?h?.i ?? n ittrndanr* h*al 111 , y KHT ?STH ST II indanm? i,-?t,.. isii'ir. fr. at ro'.n.. hall bedrooms ?,?,? . for doctor or careful yonna men. I HUM' WAX TE II. Mal? AOKNTB WANTED f..r " lo Chll ?ir-n about ,le*u?. The fastest and t>e?t s, :ilng H illds) l ?-? k , . Ma . ? ag-iit* mak?- ..\et *_u a week. Freight l?ald and ?relit liiven Complete outfit. IS, Agent* also ??n,nt?.i t ??. ., t.m-a t.k by Tsltnase. ?ind ?iher ' 'hrlMnia? book* and Bible*. Write Immediately R. H. WOOD WAHD CO., Bettln IJIF.N WANTED II'?? i" IIS per month and expe.nes t Istrodiies our r "!? (e th? trnde, itaple line, position permnn"nt. pleurant and de?ltaule. Ad die?a. with ?tamp KIN?. Ur?J ?30.. U. 2U WANTED Protestan! ?hite rm<-'imiin. I who e?n gh- p-rs-.nal r?f?rence, an I ahn wilt attend I ,':?,.- himself g??::? rally Useful Addl ? ... BROOKLYN, H- < s Tribune ' if) ._ IXFI IIMMII I) HliiiM?. WAXTFII. '"' ri.E with two rluMrea ai?h a large ti: find large kit.-hen un' irnlsiied In A 1 ire?? MTANDAHD. ' I ' ?-.''I .1 1 I ._ III11.11MIKIM,. ?'' I TCRIERE FRAN?AISE. Fun.y walats, .-ti?-; dinner ,-in-l tailor mads dr-i'?r ladles' material? used ?norl notice i -rat.- | ri ?-s elegant v.,.rk MME ANDERSON 1':? 'Ven lftth??? . formerly s?err Brea. CLOAKMAKBR and DRESSMAKER s-?; garments redyed, repaired, r-m-'. ?-I1-I. n,.?-)- In.P?a* i llarettee an-i lacket? n ce or da) OREIO. 131 . i.-.-MAKi IR ' ? I. ftrat-elaas .... 1 inore engagement? In pr?vala familles ? m,?leint.?, -it? ??r roua try; personal .-:,. .. i. |M ?th-nv DRESSMAKER l'ir?t ? i..-i- dtessmaksi wishes lo lake ?'. rk n ? ratting ?n?l tilting guaran??-??). 1'Ki Eai? l2Tttl s' DRESSMAKER. '-'-' ' ?? experience, i tall.?? made suit? |:i, ?venlng -Ire??.-?, Jackets, capea, etc e.ju.iu low; sl?v remodelling. Mrs FM VIM. ?MO Oth-nve., Ud st | DRR-'SM?KFR < impetertl dressmaker; take? work bom? 01 b) 'Ih> . latest ?kut?. ?? , ? rapes; alan renx?delllng, alterations. children* dresses. Address Mr? IHxiD. 1-?; Wesi 101 _ DRESSMAKER want? work ?> lbs day or week; rsperlen<r??d drei?mHk?r; would w-,rk In-ill.- ..fter ? Itting I FREERES, "?-. 103, 1' " Oultenburg, V .1 DRBHHM?KFR .;? i flltei aTle-ratlona, men Una ... ?eamiti ees $1 iff. dally, reference? Mrs .-?TA MM. 71? ?Ire-n m i t, n ? DRESSMAKER Experienced dreasroaker in all branche?, iiighe.i refenraeee, de ?ire? engagements by da. at week, in "r il f city Address THOROL'OH, Bos ?n., 1.242 Broadway EVEN?NQ street' tiiii.kttes taste? fuilv mid?- als, tailor ooatUITMe. sh'.r?. n. it Ice moderate JO-JEFH INK THIBAFD. 7l Wesl Mtb-st. SEAL OARMENTB repaired, redyed. 'al? tered lo Dte?t styl.*, .?r made ini - capea and collarette? at h.-me .,r day OREIO til Weal Bd st m:a;, OARMENTB redyed anl altered Int-? fashionable capes and Et.-n ;.. Mrs BARKER 116 Wen 3t.?h-.t . near I Bl idway late with Ounther'? Son?. 5th. me THE TRIBUNE rpiovn Offli.e. 1,348 Broadway, id door n.,rth cf 3l?t-?t and subscriptions received there until (i o'clock f. m at branch ornen ? ?? i?ero?rt* re?,i _? regular offi. e i : itaa sattl I i ? ?is SBd-st. 1-3 ilth-sv? . i or litb-sl ii?'.' ? --.iinJui? iv* ne?,r Weal i.vh *t. |.a? West ?..I-si neat m, , - JO W il 1 HI ? ?-..- '.- , "'.7 V. esl I. ? 0*1. 7th ...'.< s-h a\e_ I - 14-f, BL ; I* ..1 I ,.w : i:. ?.? . 2*1 Karl !-'?! ?t . near Mn.'i ? ,n-ave 1 ?'.:?" r ove mu, m i;, i- . ? - ? ,; ?HU. ?! llbll '' i - - ? n 47th-*l ? .- unir :i7 .".-? ? - 1 I 1,1.1 4 17 ' ' : 137 |?t? ISli . . ? - i ?? near I ?hi 1st nhe ? ? ?I Uil,I M OFTIC1 - rp -.i up m . at raaatsi ofn-e ratea HELP WAWT?4I.. Frmiilr. ! HOME WoitK for 1?.lie?; n??t, ??*?<!y ?m ployment. good ?rage?; no esp?rteme neressarv. stamp for particular?. 1 ART CD., 4.'. ?Peal 24th-?t. WANTED. Olrl. about lB. i<? ?ralireaa and make her?e!f grn?rall.v u?eful In r?? | taerani I 842 fate? ?vr.. BiuSB9jU. Wanted a ??min? Pie?aaisai win ???> took, w??h and iron. ?'all Friday afler ? noon ?t .148 West nut h if. WANTED, competent aroman f.'i ?entie man an.l wife In ?mall flat; niusi he ? ? -1 1 plain cook, iivll. neat ?nd ..bilging, with 1 r?f?rence from lest empli.ver. ?'?II BalUT* ? i" ? Monday, batwaaa 11 ?n?l I, Mr?. I RIDE1NO, S3 Enat ICtl I ! WANTED An Intelligent yotms lately be t?een 17 aad '-'??- h learn a lai : will fire Meedy and pleasant employment: sn-M |,ald from ?he ?t?rt; muit eome arell . recommend?.! Address Ii. Burnt, Tribune. WORK W* NT F.D. A i.'i'V, MAN. SO, pQBaaeetns as as? I exilent ?deration and l??t ?>f recimm-n ? dation-, ?oull l.k- a post line ?her? Ibera , 1? ?cm" p- aalbla . hsn.-e of advancement ! A-'.lres? At .'.1ST HEU, 1?.. MB Hoop* I ?:.. Broohl] n. _ . AN AltTISI in On? fnmltur?, banging? an.l entire Interior nTrjigem-nt? for re ' ceptlon? and dlnr-r?, privat- engage ARTIST, 1.242 I' ? _ ; A STH> >N? young wi -ibl like lo And a ett??,?? .??*. will be ! found willing and obllgtns and nut afraid ! of ? irk Address !'. M., i< ? ii. I 343 i Broad ?ray, A TOL'NO M.W. 2' d?siras ? poaltron In law oOV? -.i whoteaala hou?.- when- he ?an" himself; can furnt?h Al refer? ence? ?' R o ffeal 4ii al.___ A.-i'i.i'NI ANT RO? iKKEEPER Aged .13 y??r? ?nd f?rmerl\ a member "f a ?eli-kn .wn Arm of publl ? ??.-count ml?. I? desirous Of ??curing n position either In or out of town at a in<"ler?t>. salary: hns qi?llf|ed as an expert a. n ?an? and i? capable of devtain?; mon-? in.! labor ?;?\ - Ilng s>?iems f..r any <-l?s? of buslneaa; competen' |o keep running expen?.-? ?t a minimum, an 1 I? acquainted with the best methoda of advertising. H?-ne?t rafereacea i a? t.. ,-hnracter ?r I iapebUlty. VERITAS I P. O Boa 2.'?71 !.\ MAN having 17 years' experience a? neigher In gran elevator? desires en . sagement with grain exporters to check, weigh und ?ample ,-arg..??. Ac.; Ken purl i News and Norfolk vcep'able; good refer? ence HENRY, 8, "73 Eme.ald-?!.. Phlla d'lphi-. Pa._ ATTENTION -A "married man. middle aged, with food habits, wish,-? employ men? ?t anything: porte- prefer-e.i apeak? Herman ?n.l Kngllsa. upholstere- In trad* Address ?CHARLES BRENTANO, 141 Leonard ?t . It-..? .,-.: o 'bOOEKEZPER Ha- t-eeiv?! (I business tra'nlngi best ??? work . irlallan, 31. AUIresa .1. M JART, >>1 Wasl I3lh*s1 BOOKKEEPER OOuble-entry. seeks situ? ?t! n. an tak?- dictation m shorthand; ex. e">nr referen.-e^, moderate ?alarv PRACTICAL EXPERIEN??E. Boa 13 Tub in? i ?" ? _ i ?? i iK KIMT.K. with i ? ? ? irs of es perl-- e. elderly. ??-? k? either lam? .r ptr*naaeai t-?''",M Ore' ? l??? en.-? ?drese HONEST Tribune Off! I: IEBR, i:l.e. ?., itl and coafa 'i n? for-man, '? r?f?ren?as '? n leading ?h pa: rountr) preferred addrsM FOREMAN, ill' t)?Kalh-are., Bro ktyn RAKER PoremaB or ;ec nd-han-l a be.i and I ake. I.? t r f ' ? ? i .'i'Mt:.:s JBNSRg JO Lake***,, BOT, IS dealrea p ?itl ; in drugstore; ,-??-! reference; ..?.-: on? year's ?ai?erl erne active and willing. illAKLKS TRi .-KV. .11 Bast ?th si i;. IT, 17. a ^l.e? ,,. illl n In offl Sale house s-l'li rhanea of advancement. MORRIH P kSHM INK. K .'.? M I ?I I'. IT, "' In p:in' ns ' ;' l-rlen'-e full knowledge nf nd fool 1! NI? -Hill.I.S 300 We?1 1.101 II eare of Park It' ?T, 18, who la lam? and (he ? ... ? (.?rt I., bis poor mother, wlahef a i .. lion In d wni an 01 ?, -i ? ik? Ocrman an.'. English; public school graduate; g .?.l tddi ?a H BfRi H -'?!'.. -. i - - ? . . Bi - kljn BOT, 18. hrigh . Ick, willing an.l ? i .- i ? ? ant* it work n n i furnish ief-r.i.. e. EDWARD H?'HW \!:./ 114 Will? ??-?!. BOT (181 (Wires to learn pr'.n'ing trad? m vii.i??aie printing houaa, ?vith thanca of advancement: reference. 11?..MAS JONES rara Mr. Moore 44.? ?J -? 4"th-?t. BOT (1*1 il"!r? position In ofTlce or wholesale house, with han.e .,: ?,;. vaaeemeat: referenc? THOMAS mink.-*. car? Mr Mt ? 449 VV??i Khh-?t. '*t.*-*l',K ti? Intelllfent young Sanaa; ?peaks Uermsn and l?ngllsh; BOOd coun? ter h?nd, experienced in eroekery; heal r?:f ?-r?n.*..?. ?ill start with moderate salary. Addres? VAN. 1 242 Broadway. CIJCRICAb \VnRK ?'?nted by American. .In. hotel experl'nc- and iypewrltlng; best referen.-s r... Boa 7. Tribune ?iltic?-. COMPOSITOR fjsbfcer) revns man a? ??? ? thlrder. II. IlOLKO?. 102 Null-?* . Hro-.klyn. DRIVER, Ac By a strong r?"??ng Oer man. 22. would do any kind of work, ai qualnted In New Y rk. well rcommended OAMBON, 2*i ffyekoff-av?.. Brooklyn. ii?irr; CLERK m sad aad es perlenced. wish?? poaltlon; Al referen, e?. ?LKItK 818 Blh-avc, Brooklyn COLLECTOR Young married, man desires t.. ssttoa in ir.-icantiie houaa a an? eaai paar; .in fumi-ii ai refarencca and tund i: RAMMEN. 477 Lexington-are., Br I? lyn ? ' ?LLE TOR t S M.::s.M \ S Active y .ung man; can f'irnldt-. be?? referen.??? and e.-o-if. A;.n.-- ;. Mtlon where en erg] la required. RoRERT WIIJ?on I,?UM td av DRIVER A married man ?a *ri\.r ?-? ! .1?. t,n reara' ??perlener ?est city refer? an? e W MCOMR IS8 M -? J*r?*i City N .1 DRIVER. By a fnusg man iv sa g ???i (trreer; .;--iin,in ?nd English; inj kind of wort. M .'in Eaal 4th-?. restauran! DRIVER. Binai? m?n. American ?7 wlshe? situation ?ash ?n ! ? ' -<??] 28 i . ,- ? .-,;... |. . ? temperst? S M'HIPPLE King? Bridge N Y ENGINEER Fir?' . las?, onderstar. I- !.. nam.s. .,:; u n !- . f i ? . Mean heating: a? > or call J JOHNS. 217 vVoai .'? ENOINE?R. American; ir, \ ? ? . -r. ?? '..ii, :. arid | ; -. ,.-*i - - sll la t Ion PRANK v ? t SHIN?! '*>i l in? si PIRBMAN or assist anl tnginaei ?ant? ate . ly a irk. i i ?te imBitlng ni s i-Pairing; -itv refere-i..-? Address OLSEN IlB Bache?I st., tir. khn MI'sii'ian B? ? Oer nan, a i m is steed) Mtaail ti -..- rymbal-piayer mi1. inati im? : * ZIRKEL, l.?SO 2d . ? VAX, "Ji ?lermin. with n?.???!. Stead/ b?b it?. srhihaa ?laadj p?ial(lcin can fui bas? ???< t a. W BCHt'LER 882 i:..-t 85tl M \. H?NI81 S? la; '. yaars ? ?p? ting and 4-n? - m..nit..r t ...,, araires mod?r?t? ALBERTrt, in Lui forth-are. Jars? > City, N. .1. M iN?OER. Poattloa ?? mai m ?.Inier ?eason .f Soulbern hotel , r board ii x -h ??e. Florid i urefei red th. i underatanda every departmi-nt; ref? gi' en Addraaa MANAOER. Rlverslda f\>( tase Ne? l'an*. S Y. OPP?CE ASSISTANT. By s mai. ?ii Ihorouahly underatanda bookkaeplns ??? 2\ . g..~l mnmin l..-?t refarencaa, Addre?! VtV P Tribune ?>ri,-e. s PAINTER Daeetator, paper-heasar; be*t reference?; works ver, reasonably ' r teal ??tat.-, and landlords OREENWALD, IM Hr. orne ?t PAINTERS' ?TOEK l'?lllns d? ?nh flower?, slide i Hue?. ?,1 up; moma |in(>eie't $; .if.; room? painted \\ 2!> up siM'.N JAPPA, .'?n? Baal ? PAINTER paparbangar and da?orator; has tlr?' ;.i?? references, win work reason able f..r .le?.h work. ERICSSON '.'."Il Ta ifli ?t . Brooklyn. I PROOPR3ADER A competen? and ?sal? able man I? open for an engagement in i a rtapnnslbl* ornea. Address TRACT 1<'7 ?Test BMh-et. I REapgXTARLE BOT of IS. g.-.d ?dura tlon ??ant? to learn butcher Limine??; li\e? with patent? It HENNING, 810 ave Brooklyn l sTur RIOHT HERS A rasp? man. vclillng ?tul ot-llal . . i I I tlon ?? anything; worked 4 \nir? in in cadaacenl electric lighting, helped ttn?mith and plumber; g.??1 referen-e? Apply M J ?'. 22" Eaai .I'.'d st. SITI'ATK'N -By tplenll I penman and e. pert ?.countnnt, American. 28; agreeal la manner? ce; .I.pesrance. m ' Bta pay refe-?nce. t^.rid ORAXT, TO? PaclAc-st., Bro klvn '< bTenoor^?pher. i rpErvErrER. - Ex- ! pen. sec?tate, reiiiti?. h * held position ?i privat? secretary; ex. ,.--it ornee .??? ?i?tant. Al refe-er.c ? understand? French; IIS ?HAM.ES MORRIS, Postof r.-- D SITUATION " anted b)' 'cuna man. not .'. . ! ? work. cnVe or ?hipping, ?mail salar? L i).-.\ ICS I rlbun? office BALESHAS Mas f M wltl i > busll a a? I ? il? -n aa ??? .... >. ith - i. ?P-.n ibllll) will ln?ur- a I. ?:. ::. ? u Boa ?2, Tribun? i Ht ST ><K ?l.liKK .a OFFICE WORK B) a sj m m Si? a i r.-f- rar - P. D SOB Franklin-a? Mr. ..k'wi R \ rrHM w -:? tad as nlghi i . -? refi ?n ?a ? ? \ddresa ?: II 41? ib i ? ?TCHHAN mpetei I man si nlglit ? ? THOM \s '1REOOR1 AtsVK t . ISKilFNTS IM' ?T?fMTRIP ' IO.Vi POB THE VI vv TORK TRIB ' NE U ill BE KECKIVBI) A l l t'i.iW N , ,.? | |l'( N I ?4 ? '. north of Thi-ti ? i ai) VKItTIBEMENTiJ at ibr failowin? Bras l OfTVe. r,4 Eighth ?v? WORK W.VNTKD, v.? ?-. - ?W Mala ITM' ?INTERINO WORK Wanted SS furni? ture ma?tre??** carpet* ? -urtaln?. StC. j. v. SOX, -yrt West 47th ?'.. n??ar Sth SVe. _ _ 'TOiN'i man t\ wMfeaa eltoattoa in mer ?aatttS Imslneas or -Use; expert? n?e?l in nfrVe work: k.khI i..-un?an, excellent refer en.e*. R I? It . East 11.1th-*t. VOfN'l MAN. a acti.o and artlH-C; wh??ie?ai>? preferred; txeeltent references. v M ?'.. ear* I. L. Miller, 811 tt'wl llilth-?t. TOCNfl MAN -.. ?v-.rk of any kind. a"???l reference. F. M M We?' 4 "ti-?: . 21 Boor, front. TOt'NU MAN intelligent and not afraid nf a rk ? il ill busine.? 1 us* .'? M COLBERT, 230 W. 13tli ?t. yol'NO MAN'. -1 red, ?an:? Work ?if any kind Address i C ORDE, IS South ?t. TOCNfl MAN. II years of age. weuld like or store. Address CHAR'.BB t: LEWIS, M w-?i,--tt-.t.. Broi kl_ ; "y< H'Nfl MAN. i.i i 19 ? -, n In ri ; ability. Ad I c. I ! TOCNO MAN. '.'i.-. sps-ab* Oe man and Eng latinn; -it--n need sssls i tiint ? ' ? ?nd of. insistant. Address JACOB BECKER, ? Even oklyn._ 1 TOCNO MAN eg* -?"? lining several years' bitslness *_perten?*e, conversant in li.-rnmn and Engll'h language?, wish** P sltii n la an orne* whet* there I? a ?Man ? | f..r a?iiiin?-rm?nt. Addrcaa ft. .1. R.. Trlb ui.: ? WORK IVAXTF.n. Fi-malr. EltEV II TEAi'HEH.- Leseon? In exchange i,i i.. m-- in i-, tin -i family. Ad ENBCR. l'"'. W. ' 71*1 ' i;< i\'F-:.'.N't:s-' Foettten as governeai ? young children; enttn rharge; referen?* U*r place. Mis? HOWARD, ?. 11-*". '.orman town-ave. f'hilad-lphla. MANICVRE wishes a f*n aw? i '??t'.tr-.?:?. booM at oat Mr?. EMFRIEL, 341 West With-?!. ?tE?OORAI'HT and TTI'EWRITINO. au kind? ?il '.im- a -in- ' t.- th- tna *; Remington No. ? used. DODOE, 24 2T.-I It BTENOORA1 HER Th roughly comp?tent. destie? permanent p lit Ion; !-st refer. en. e. -, . ? . t, L Bo? S, Tril une "tu- - T?CNO VoJlAN wlshe? a p ?itIon -,i any Hint. Addree* M I* ?'?"? Ba?? 41st ?t. TOCNO lilitl. ?arlrhe? to work in a It I ?peak* German H"RN' 2.'.I2 Bth-ave. UOMEITIC SITI .TIO?I WAXTI-II) --*-?V\^\/-yw---./'v?.^?^N' '-' -VW.' vWV?W^V?,W Male?. A HE - ?'??' TAI1I.K tetarad man want? iltirit ?n n private family i ui glv* i ???? ' is- ? ; . ? r. I? a III inr, ..i lining an?! Beat; ran -ne weil ... ... lended. Address ft h . I ?_?*_ i ?a? _ BLTLBR By a col -?d hutler in a pri r famtl refi ? ? fn'tn last em ? r Addresi M ADDIBON, 41-? West Bid it. Bl'TLER By a nurrle.l man; Eng ? . ess TO01 HI.I. BBS Si BCTLEII c?"iK I". si ?n ?plendld butler; wife excellent .,--k. ? full charge; best city reference?: city 1, W'.. -ill East 451 BCTLER i-? competent Frenchman a.? ?'?? is? '-?;?'? i| rfeel -n ? -nice; ? ' ell? nl reft ; - ? .1 v '.-' LVg, 002 OH BCTL?K < H ?MHE?tM?ID. I .-. if- mai ?? fli lei : ? if?- a.? -?m i\ i i- laun 1res?; first-cla -- - rnpl .v.-r . an be - ? -, :_ '. If? at,?- -?'.' ?t i _ nt"i LKR. ? Rngllahm in ??' -.i- luncheon ?ervani. - - ? r?f*r*i vim ,-.?n be seen 1?! v. - - - ;-' 111':'! ER If a . .."? i ' ? -1 ? : ? :.- ? 111 .1 privai* fei lly when ne ,,r n. -?e m?n In liver*, ?re kept; car give ten year*' beal p. r?. r 1. B. ii '' Tribun? liiTi.;:i; ..: ' vw.ET By a thoroughly ncteni Frenchman; strictly sobei an l , ? . ige - -.?fi ten. ?-. EM';.i.e. id 0 Wesl "HITLER Tii r iiighly i an h seen, ' ???' i ref*i en ?-.' w'lllng. .bilging; rill t. ?? -?i- of ! ? .- r - m an! parlor fl ?.r. Address W. ? 'A..; I3d-?l BITLER - VALET By r hartos arm ? ? . - hit dutli s in es perl ?? ' - iber P \ , 1,242 l!r ? I? l 111"!'.,; : -, - 27; ? -, In il! du He* of a flrsl ?- i han I i.n aalada --: ? -' i ' d? ? entire Boer; will ? I l?- iv. ity foi . k-.-J place; high**? p*r ? .?nl city re. nmmeii.l_iii.ns. Ad?Jre?s BUTLER, 34 West lltl - Bl'TLER, or valet and hutler. attendant ob :m?!:I gentleman I an Englishman with ??? ?.d referen ?s; ?uiui ? C, L?, cara .?f .1. s. Joues, English tailor, L'l Ei H ; BL'TLER fhoroughly rxp rien -l man. understand* hi? duties: in private t town or ? ?untrj. g ??i city reference, ' IT, liox 1. 1.342 Broadway CHEF PInt-c?**? I-'r-r? h cook In hotel, . lui. or restaurant; excellent ref JOHN PEROTTI. 4I_ Amsterdam-ave. POMP?N??N, V.AITEI! or EMEROE?tT man By an all-around young bualneea ?u.a\ fr im Dakota, wh - Is said to be ? thor Ugl g?-!itIt-man. h--ne?t and ?-ery able; run -'irrritindlngs m .r>? de?lre-l f..r the preaent than high wage?. A-iire?? .17 ' r i-.'-rry st , l:r klyn. t'A RETA K ER Man ? take car? - ' -1 gen? tleman'* place anywhere in country; car? r by trad*; ft as carpenter r any ?' w k; reaps able; th'? i? good f. ' any time. W'M. c. BRIOHAM. \<- \ 103, Beiden, But ' unty. Long I CHRISTIAN y-iun, i-iir. U dSSlrei poel n In privat* famllj ? ?and take care of horse .1 |... is* \\,.- M ??".v il man By Oerman; middle-aged; thor lughly hi si ratal Is his buslnet ten : fuma -e i.n 1 hai ? Is; refei ?Bce. Hnl.T. ?-are Bcbmldl SO 1st ave. '-"\'!i.M\N B] young Englishman: styl' careful driver. un I- ; nan Ii - th r ughlj . high est : ndatlons; ti mi ?rat? ??-?? 'iol faithful: mod?r?t* expectations COMPETENT, 1 920 . iffic? c".\c|IMAN' D 1 111.? A, |l> to 1 : len ?mp r?r, F. M KEL? LE Y 1?; 1 ? c. iA'Iima -, -, ?nan a? Brat? ? itrti-ll; temperate hon ? - - empl ver ?1 '.- - l' w all '.I'.? '.' l-ayi <"A' H.MAN' Single thoroughly understands hi? Imstnesa best of r.-i.-r ? try. Ji ?NES. hi? \\.-?t ."s'il, ?t c ' v'HMAN ?;? ? ??;. man di ill ? :-. fliid ? -, f? hi? - MChman m he ? II highly recommend. Call S p. m.. 7 East BSd-al "A'HMan' ? gentlfman gh ? * ??lie? ,0 pi latIon f 1'i hi? ? -ii-iuui. . who lived with Urn ov*r IS x ai - - in rilgl : ??.mmend him, 1 sddres* present employer, PERKINS, _t? East *a c..\.hman and t'HEFCL-MAN M, a N rwegtan -'. 1 -t gentlemen'* place >-r It] rilling and - i.Iiging. best references T LINDKERO ? Preel lenl ?? . Ifklvn. 1 ? v IIM?N Single, ,'&: - It? or 1 heal referMre? \d.ff ?s .!.. coachman, : -\ 7 Trll une ? 'ft; ? COACHMAN - I' ? ITM \N - ?enti?rnsn reoommenda roung .1 man; ? .t? ur country. ? 1 -?-n \?i['N'.?. ib w**i i COACHMAN ? tJRi OM.?B . t I) ? ?-1 ? len ?<! ex ?lb nt cltj refer? n< e?, temp?r?t? -, .- Illlng, re? ?lyllsh appearance; skilful, careful driver; exp.ol itl? a? KAITHEl'L. l.dM Rroadwny, I riluin? Branch ?n'l.e '?'?\. IIMAN Bj ins aingle man. it. .r ughl) un '?o ?tan Is pi pel care carrinij.-? and harness; g.I driver dis? in* 1st ? '. \\\? m. ith ? ? ? ?f famil) tiirtmu: n- theli ', rses; ?rill !?? highlj i.mmended. v s., 30B West IBth o . piu ite stable, ? i.\?'hman B) .1 yoi ng m 11 . g. ? ? ,: i- --'?'??? - undersian Is hli business th r ?o<t.--. as - nl coachman "r gn> m best . references; city or ? .? of n >rth 1 of |rejand ?Hldresi 150 East ?Tlh st COA? IIMAN or i.Il'in.V "ftv ? tiri-j ?nan rood ref.-r. n--e. country preferred. T <? t C27 n. ad? i] c?. \. hman it-. ??i -I.,..- Engll.hman; rledg f I ?iiling an ! abstainer; :'" years' ? 11 -Ity refMret.ce?. age ;i2 year a height 5 fl s m JAMES, csr* of Fred Si 1- I-?--. 0 w -s- Mth-st. COACHMAS By an Kngtlshman. XI. ala kl?-, ficelleni :?-. references C lji* East .'it.rh-st. ' coa. hman - Vy a Brst-elass coachman Protestant; single: '.',' years 1/ ... thoroughly understand? his buf.noe? in all bran, hi? Irlver; refer, t.- p.-en-nt emplover a -Isengased N - vember 1. ?nd where lie has been S yeai? 8 months JOHN O'PEI care of Mr C A l-'at Baypoit. Litij Island. ' ' ' HMA> v i ,,!,, - \! 1 ? man, agsd -i ,? : ip| ? nt willing mi ? ' Ha ?al. r,. ? : ? ? page?! N ? embei I, co ? i f I 1. ? i:'.i H, ?a islam! '??A 'HMAN Married no I imlll Ih - un lersi in 1? ih? ? ? mi ?!.-? - ,? , 11 ?? cl 1?? ?Im. r. 1 ike f-i , mc highs i- ?mi ' l? '? v 17: I!, Ige ?? .-I N .' '?"?.' HdAN iu ,,1 Englishman ?Ugh 1.11 iWledl ? 1 t l'-T?e?. W|||t,.g si I W I - - ? ?? : '?-' '?- i.hi 3 ;?? ? ' ?MEB :- 1 ..- 1 \vv-t S6th *t. ' " v HMv; ,1 , BO '..Hill? Wife d< -1 .., 1 1 heli 1, .11, ??? ??? lllina o- : - . ?noaa U? --'i? East i uth-si I DOMBMTIO ?PTI'ATIOSJ? WAHTBO Male <"OA-?HMAN -Ry ? young man: fast dis? engaged, ran be highly r.commende.1 J. SMITH. 7M .Id ?ve _, coachman* . single; i>*?t nttttom; may be ?een or sddre?-ed at Ms ln?t BtaCS, IB tth-ave., bei??..,.n i,Rn,] n a. m. _____ COACHMAN I't.(.??,:;? ?g?d~*?.2. thor? oughly understand? esre hotse? and car nag-?. Ssrsral driver, liest reference from lass ? ?nploye? . country p-eferred P. Ft., 140 W?t B8d St____ C?*">A'*?IM IN Single. ?m"r|c(,n. .-scellent city refer-nee?; thoroughly ooaiBetCBt; I< injurata obllglag. rssecetfut; .-..un'ry prefarrad; moderate ?xpectatlona; ?kitfef, i ?ircr.i ?rlrer; iplrndld appearanoa, vviu. INO, I ?'.?>? Bi?'??lw?v, T?llame Branch. i'd ti'HMAN" -Gentleman wish*? a sltua tloa l?r h'? ?*..i .r-i eoaebman; BtrKrtl (l-.i ?!.??: marrtad; nea?. willing and ohlig-ing. six ySSIS" reference. K BROWN, 80 Weal ''?'?'" al _ \ 'I MAN Hy ? "bor ughiy .-?.mpetent ?red man. I? perfee'ly ?ob?r. nones: and -nd nt.-1 ???. trustworthy In every way. Addie?? hi? employer. F.. B. v.M. LET8, Merrlck. L. I "or 7. ?'olumb'a He'ght? Ptooklyn._ ENGLISHMAN to car? fur-T?ee? and de? liver Invitation car?!? ?t.. care I_?mud?. SKI West 42.1-??. FARMER COOK, *?? Man and wife w -i! 1 ilk? Situation "n gentleman? pla-e or farm; mar understand? farming, h-rees H-d tattle, lawns, hnndv artth wafe i ,k houaeworh etc.; referenee?. Ad? dress WM. BAUMERT. MB 3d-ave. care . f i . -grove. _ OARDENER Mam-'! no children; com nt under rlis? and outside w .rk r. ?d in.-kliig. gardening, horticultural bidding draughting; first-la-? plac* desired. goM refereace Addr?aa W. D. T., Henderson? se.-d ?'ore. 88 i'ortli* ' ?1_ ?ARDEXER A"- Marrie! man. 411 y-cr? no children, ???.-man Proteitast; reliable and .--.mpetent In e ?rythma <*. n g farm, (faulen. ?'I'k. ate.: seek? ?|..n on gentleman's place. Address PERSONAL REFEREN?^. Tribune Ofllce, GARDNER. By firs* ilaaa man; r.a? hag 22 >cars' In sll branche? of ' ?er and vegetable gardening and man air-mem ,f private eatate; -an furnish first-class reference? regarding ?ipalelity. ? ibrletv and character. Addres? Ho* VI. si-art in::? n j._t OAItLENKR Bv married O.-rman: ur.1er stand? gardening in all I'? brnn.-he? ?n.l everything pertaining to g-n''? couti trv place; nest of references. Andres? OARDENER, r. O. Bo? -T"8 Sew-B*aSB> wl.-k. N. ,T._ OARDENER.?By Brat-class ?Ingle Or? inan, one that thorough!?- understand? hi? busines? in -I ??; ?>e?t city reference?. Address J, I?, il'.iV.-ave._ OARDENER By ? aaarrlad man a? ie?i dene-r on a gentleman'? place; under? stand? the care of el??? Ir.uses. .attle. *c t,e.' referen-es. Addres? THOB. HAL LETT IB East llth-?t. __ ?R?OM o- COACHMAN A lady wishes to fir. t a ???nation for her man. whom ?he can highly re.ommend as groom ir eosej Apply St preieni .-tnp!. 1 er ?. .T.? ive. _ M KSK An elder',-.- ti'jr-c; hospital and private --cperlen.-e; Br?t*Clasa testi? monial?, will take ?are of an invalid gen? tleman. Adir.?? VT. S, Bos 17. T'.lbune __, NL'RSE Trained nur?.-, who also under ataada ??.--nogniphy aad typewriting Be p ?Klon as ofBci niara? arlth ?? or a pbyaiclana; willing ? ? divida up nei Um? owns a ichlne; bast raferencce. ?id dress EXPERIENCE, M7 II Bir-st.. llr ok lyn. SECOND or t'SEFL'L MAN man indoora in .Tlvate family: can be rd: ?ix yea references; willing and obi v 1.242 Broa BISCOND-MAN or . Bt'TCKR Engllah, tged ?B; Il .rougl ly enmp? ? ?? ap ober an i bilging beei refer. HENRT, B ix 17, 1.242 B? adtaay. BKCO?D oi t'SEFI'L MAN", understands pumpa . s ?. all Indoor s orh good ..:.-t.. rs .' . 1 2*2 t;i !r< ?P?H :?? IRSEMAN ? ?ka situai I S? privat" rhlin? master coachman or ?table foreman nigh re n mended Ad Ireaa O. K Boa M Tribune Of! _ t'SEFfL-MAN and LAPNDRE8H. Ma oil ?:fe; S? -dish; man as useful ..r und p wlfs i- '. laundreaa a aa g-.. eral hooaeworker; be?? referenc?; dt) - . intry, ?'all .11 Eaal 27tii-?t _ PBEPtTL MAN By ? un? North f In man In ipi I? it? famll) ..r ?tore. Protestan?. ag. A 2\. . its)- Ian led ? P., ? t. '.v lone?, vil itiii-av*. i'SKFi*L-MAV i ira?i ?i plac* I i a g ..-.i tonn, ti take charge ? "' country place; ran milk drive and inik' himself genet ... useful; U'-n-st. lamperate and reUable. ? car? Halaey H am, ?-ji-ri?. I> ng Island. r.-Ki' ;iv voung ma private family; can be htshty recom? mend by lft?t -mp'.oyer; ."? \-;i? o?r?i)n??l City '-Terences: understands w?ltlr4{ thor ougthly HEKRT, L243 Broadsray._ L'BEPi L man* ii privata fasatly; under? stand? ?t?am ana oth ?;* fumacea; also vil'tltg gentlerien; long city referenc?. D. V lilt? Broad?.,.._ L'SEPITL-MAN H??8RWORK.?By man an I wife, middle-aged; man all around workar; ?Ife gen-r?l housework: cii> ,r country; g.**! reference. Address PER BONAL REPERENCTC, Tribune ? ?rtl, - I rSEpi'L M A*Nr~ Swede single.-ai" gr.-om"; or generally useful: cltv or country; re(. ?;en -. A PEARSON, .W. i:.-.?t 121?t-?t. L'BEPTJL-MAN.- By a Norwegian; un?ler ?'ands all al-ait eow?, poultry. Incubator. f'lrnao??; handy with tools; good painter; take .?re of hor*e if wants I, $*i%; board. E. HERBON, care Exrerson, 72t? Gre-n _wlch-?t. tTBEFT'L MAN Married n, family" 1? yeara' experience, accustomed t.. nil gen? eral >v >.-k of prleata pi. ?j no ex..--ptl?.ns; with good reference? .r T. .Ill Header ? t, ?t . Jersey City. USEFUL-MAN. -In private famliv; Ameri? can, 10; und-r?-and? the ,-Hi ? ?-,.?.? -Ihr. window? ?te;>m and other furnace?; four year?1 city refer-nce. RKLIABLE l.'J42 Broadway,_ Fl'L-MAN. By colored man as stl around, generall) uaefuLman; test city r-fer-n-e Apply WILLIAM BRTAXT. 77? Ma il?. ? L'SEP1;l*MAN, ironns married f ?Ii 'rad.'? i I ? v tnta work of an) kind iaiin BON, 132 N rth Mh-st.. Br oklyn, l'SEFt'L-MA?, 22. a. anything; under ?tanda ir? furnaces; willing and ..bllg ing. P w.i. .[i. 104 u/eal 33d si L'8EFPL-MAN r-ren.-hnian 38 years Old. ?rl?l In private family; wiii make himself generally useful; don t ?peak English; will ?leep home Et'OENEVER *.. \s eaj 4th ?t . basement V tLET By a S-. fa?v" . n ion sad N. ? fork referen es. A ."it: ::*a\. VALET Willing to I* u?.-ful. aged ?.'.-. city reference Address V T 1.342 Broa taray V.M.KT- ff'MTER Bv ,, *?.!? utl.I-r ?tan.!- ms?ag" treatment; g ?l wait.. nnd useful man. speaks ??ermun and Kren '-. withaaen(teman oi family: !?2."i BWEDE . ? E irson, 72s ';r?nwleh-?t. WAITER t BUTLER.- l?.- , v >ung .la;?n a c-lt) or " oin? i y. rerj useful M M s n Hbune Offlcs WAITER. KiRtaurant. ii-e?-?|.man. A 01 OROS Rlajll, lut 2d-?v? WAITER -Toung man, i >: r-i. 28 . - .i ?!?;. !>? ? in private famll waiter and generally useful; sober, I*. nest and obliging; refer-n--- ?trl. tly Brat-class <: ' i . Tilt,un- Ofllce WAITER I'.v a .- ; red man a? ?iatur : referen a J THOMAS ?.'2:t weet l-ih ?t W Ai TKIi. Isefu!. intelligent vouiig man; neei aspearanc? ind obliging. understands furnaces * r w..rk good referencaa Ail:.?? waitkr. Uh Eaal Mth-at. WAITER. ?'.I. red man ss waiter and be useful arounl. willing and c,mpetent with reference. Kindly address 0. M 1,243 Rroadwa) WAITER B) r??pectab? man. KnaTlishT I '?H tRLEB MOORE UM Pth-ave. WAITER kiiI PBEF??L MAN V .Un? Oermaa ?l?!ie? a ?--a.l> place In An. A merle :. house WILLIAM, ?SO 3dwu? WAITER, English and Oerman, wi?be?~^ ne? p ?i?i ? PRANK ROBERTSON II*. ?iieenwb-h ?t. VOUNQ MAN, North ur lielsnd araata poeltl ?. ? d m ikei n tarstanidi ears of hora SB! will do an> thing. Address It ?* , I,OU Sd-av? v.ii \ : MAN arlahes work of ?n>- kind n. t ?frsil of har.l arork; | od driver; un deratand? c.,re ,,f horaes and ,- .-.v? wagsa n. objact. Addrssa TRl'BTWORTHT In'., td-avc irOl'NO OERMAN desire? a pi.. e u?-'.. around hotias and garden; go ?i lowm-n ?nd milker Addrei? V. A.. Tribune Of fee. DOMHSTIC SITt'ATIONS WAITED r'ruinlc A.?B0NORANDd, 23 \v??t 4_i Ureas Bth-sv. ).?Oo'remeaKa, ?rained, otlivr nur?-?. Japanese < ? ki, la.liea' maids. r'uneh. En(li?h butlers, \aleta. a i hTi'RCH Labor iiirlai" ' ,"h ? Employ men i of st Barthol . . Church Ik al BOS r. .?t 43d-at. Do? mestic aarvants. Peraoaa 11 BU mercastlla and i>t ifes.-. n.i. ? iltlons. References o.i I ,n- Herman girl ?icitiion ?? atlendani to an ?Id? :> , v . ? fen nee? i 333 3d .?e nrat ri. COMPANION .v B.tlne.! Asneri m ii-t man ?eek? imm?diats employment; mak.. bereeif u?eful impanlon maid child's ?a ? . k wool I ? i id] going Wei i i<*..| rado) in retun ' rapenaes; hlgbeei i fetmcaa home p-, ferrad t?. arases elty ..i ,..Untr? MAItIK Tribu .e i pi iwn ? >::. t i 341 Broadwaj COOK t'llAMIll'ltM.VIl) By ISM Hwedlih [trl?; ,<nr hi< excellent ... >k and laun ISa >I her . banile-rni.ild aad na?t? re??, good S< lands care <>t i-hlldraa; ????; of city refareneaa Oa! i .-? .Ttti si ? ? i ' . i': ?stani rarj . x.eii-nt in ?11 tine onoklns lived with highe?t faun. lie? S,-?l ai Ch)7 West lluh-st. re-sale. I'~A'~A' MRS' L. fiBELT. ?M WEHT 22D ST.,_ FOREION AND DOMEBTIO MALE AND FEMALE ?,._,.-? EMPLOYMENT RT'REAU. At t t Fr"FTtF*"?"Ei> ALL ?'"sTkliTLY INVESTIGATED I Ferv*n?s breaking engag?m?-nte wll. be dtsmlssed from office ?.nd forfeit all I clalmi ta fee paid. Brooklyn Office. 7, Rond-*t.. Corner Fulton-?t-_ ^ COOK Flrat-clae?: F.ngtl?h woman; pii vat* fsmiiy. .in'lerstan.l? ?..up?, ??a. meat?, fame, good baker, ' - ?Mr*. ? g ?d r rVrence? i B . ?? Baa? m th-??._ COOK !ly relia!.le ?Vornan. ?? C??ok: ? ? family 11 year*' reference?. 1? Ea?t |04lh-*t.. Devines : I COOS Hy first ?ta?s E-gll'h took; lont experience: wage?. |.IS. with kltchea ma'.-i IB T . 1.242 Broadway._ t._ By ri?t-.i'?s ootm by ?i.?r: put? ting tip dinners, lunch partie? and re?ep ttona in private families. No ? "ards. ?*_?*? dren? or call M 0 M Baal ?2d-*?.: h?-? m 21. _ COOK, ?s Bj ?.'? ?"'??n ?- ????_ , ok ? ! lauj ' ??-? ''?" "ul* lt,r'': ~ or .-iHnli> S?4? W-?? ??ch-?' l-neemenl. _ COOK Bj ? yoong ? -tren a? ?? od c-ifc; g - -I bras : n iki r. ? a al pr*??? ent empl v? r ?. MB "A-" IkHI SI . af<-*r ?? o'clock ____ COOK l' competent woman; exeellerrt rook nl biker, private famllv. under? ?lands her liu?;ness .Ity referen?*; wage*. $2n \ Idresa B B Bos -'?. 1.242 Broadway. COOK AND ?IIAMltEl'.MAin My t*SB Herman girls; on? first-<-i?i?? rook, good laundress; other .haitiliermald and wait re?? n?. objection? to country or ?vardlng aoa?e; referen.-.. T..p baU, M F. r.fith-st. ?COOK - Itv a thoroughly c..m(>eient Prot estant woman, a? ?-'?'k and laundre??. or would take charge of barhelor* apart? ment?. S<**! referenre? K.0 Oth ave ciiiiK Ilv neat, reliable woman, wltheg .-ell. nt reference, as gm-d reliable r-oog; ?-.UP? m??ts de?sert?. Ice?. Jellies etc., city, wintry. lis to MO CaHal 8?v. nth-.-. CHAMBERMAtTX ?fa Bj a fetal Swede a? -r-.tnt.ertr.ald and wnltr-?? or mirse^ ? >r -?untry 211 East 3??h-st.. be?w*?n 2* and M ave?. _ _, CHAMBERMAID I WAITRESS Bra iTi-Am?rl?-an in tri.nt. tum'jl. witn referen e Y C. S? IDLER. 1*31 Asa ?terdam-ave. CHAMBERMAID *. Bj a c.ermsn gtrt to So chamh?-"? :k and plsl" ??"""'?/J' parlormaid. Brst-claas refer?-n?o? Address Letterbox '-' ?MB E*?i BSth-st_ m CHAMBERMAID i iady whe ha? broke? up housekeeping desire? to se. ure a ?itua tlon for her eh*mb<?im.rid. ?h-m ?be can thorouahlv recommend. A?l?lress Mi?. E W. Hotel Bereaford, BIM-st. and Central rnrk We? _ CHAMRKRWORK.?By n Protestant girl ?a do light rhamberworfc and piair, sewing, or a? Infant'? nurse, city -r country, ?"eg be seen hi pr-s-nt empt y?-r's. 121 West BM -? from n t?. l __. CHAMBERMAID I - - po*ltloa f r competent Swedish woman m ?msll pelvate famllj cltj or countn ''all Fri? day and Bal .- .?. 11 to i ?'"- Bsst :H"h-??[ CHA-IrERMaId an-1 WAITREM -By a young ?lernian girl g?.o.| reference?. 1.1MS 2?l-ave,. 1st fl r_ DAY'S tVORK Re?|ieM i ble ,- I ?red w imaa ?is!-,-? work I, the day ?<>? I.-tt.e. KLe LEN STARKES. SIM Wss ? M rear. LAYS WORK A ? ?ingle Woman ?<? g., . M by th* lav: a first-cleae houaedeener, cook, wash? ?r ?nd ! ? ir[ -?t sewer; t: ? . my kind ef w.irk. Address 214 Weal 27-' ' . in car* | of houseki _ i ??"AY'S V.. ?I'.K \ .? i ' ? r ?.? a-it? work ' 'in-, k nd: ?rill v?> out by , the day Mrs. JACOB*. .1'. \v ? ?t ltth-sf. | EMPLOYER- . li'tci.D <i'i TO PROMBERri ulM ?TTH-AVE NEAR MTB. ESTABLISHED 1- YEARS BE3T MALE ?ND FEMALE HELP, REFEREN?'EK IXVBc I'l-'.ATEL. LAROE8T AOBNCT IN NEW-TORX. I HOUSEKEEPER. In wldowei family or ] bach ??'- ?partment; i mpeteai r.u???; : NSiirstrus, Addreai A, M. P.. 1.241 Broad? . __ 1 HiH>-EKEKl'EK. :n ?grge, v-al-l.? fam" hang an?! a ; anleti cultured h m*; i- .i thorough lady. | t.n.- Tlf-tent set r.-tu?\ ii n ISP nt:, ,. HOUSEKEEPER H?- ., roraaa: ? M LEOMA, 2_B East 2sth .-' . H i 2 H?t'BEKB?PER ?? tenement ? Bat: ? years' *gp* lenca a.i-1 referen?*; r?. '-htl? dren. Andren? .1 l; 1,212 la a vtav HOCB?WORK By p?ung \m> -t.-an g?r?T g-..-?l washer ?r.d .- ne . l^.i r-ferenc*; no ? ards. ."lu Bail ?Mth-et. VOCNO c.ti'j, ... .- ...,--,? ... P1." ris'atit with . , . . f children; grod i : ir* high wage?, 21? v.i: k -? .: KOl'R?wViRK r , ? -, - - red" girl l" do ???lierai b-.use?a-?-rk in a llat. go.-d wok. FANNIE OREEN. 121 Wast I7th-?t HOUSEWORK.?By a aoasaa ?? do light housewirk. smsil compenutlon and a good lion.? M?a M. TTIeER, ISO Biecck er?t KITCHENMAID. it? -? ? I girl; istelf} 1-111.led. to do kit. hena r!: . . mak? herself generally Useful. KERTINO, 1.11 We?t lUlth-st. KITCHENMAID, A lad) v -n meml a y.,ung S<- t, h girl h.? kit? h?ii mSi-l. Can be ?een at present em; I--ver'a, ." East 4,'ith ?t. ni'i?se n-, reap? la i- <;? nan peraoa as Invalid'? mu??' and mmpanl a; go -i ?eam?tre.?^. l-???t r?f?rer..-??*. 4.;:; !a,?t ?__2 st.. ground loor, left, HOUSEWORK By r?-p- ?!.- mlddlel. -??ge-i American woman ?ar?- for children, ? !.. i.ghi houaeaork; ?..--.!, i ,r-, --?^r. be?t reftrencs. small v.-g<?. 2.190 Sd-av*. LA IN:'HESS B) good I? Indus*, to go out i->- da; or tsl m* F.-urth Boor Mr* NEWntUII, 207 Weet ?KMk-et. LADTMAID. By Brst-class ladymaldj best i Itv refn-er.c? 101 l. ? i No card?. LAUNDREM, l'y \..ung AJnertcaa -?onv an, ?iiiitiK m I plain washing or as? sist with housework ca:i t\... i.??. ?us Bth-ave . fourth bell. NURSE By > ir.? ?ir: . - md da ?ewlag, k -i city reference 210 East ?nth st., nrsi It OOVERNEBti I?-. Prench s?.?s nur?-ry govemees; g .1 referen ea. I? P., H-.x 2S, 1.242 Bn i I? u NURSE r refined N.;?-man as iiutse nu?et ? -,-ik? Engllsri an-1 French; ?a?e?. $20, ?_., DU?'HAItDT, I.'M \V.-jt Jfjth-st. NURH? Bj sn eg] I'r. ;.' estant as Ii i-ferenc?s. a Idres* M '? . 121 Uli.le House. NI R8E ? m h 'w-. will ??ir.- f-r mental .?r Invalid ??.?.. M. M., ?21 Slrtli a.e NURSE By tmerl, n p* testant infant* nur-e. reliable; ?? nipetenl to uk. enttr* charge and bring i'p ea i-.?tie. doeter'a mendatlon? ?*w nlceiy. A .lire??, .are , f II D Hurley, 221 E.i.r 44th-st. NURSE By thoroughly experiei - ; n-'iT die ag*d a m m ? lo.g ?nd obliging r*f?ren<?e ? :; Kam 72-1 ?t._ Nl H^:: r\ m? II?al an-1 surgical nur??; rofer? ne? fn ni So? '"r* sn I familles. A. c Box BT, 1 2-12 Broadwa) NURSE Toung I '.??? ?tely landed from France, don't ?peak Eng -- ?lui. i-? tiunte. MARIE VEHL4BR, :<0 Ith n . i asement. ?IRBER. n?VERNESB By Swlw. Kr^n? Ii young l?dv wi'h b.-*t reference*. Address MADEMOISELUC, ? ar.- st Mra ... \.. - . im-ave. NURB? Englishwoman' with ? ??. -.-.?? refe mee, .i? aura* f"r ..r chil? dren, ?xtra good hell ISO s m..nth Ad drei, lina n7. Englewo -| N J NURSE Hospital trained nui-e. in anv iicknee?, r invalid'* compaaloa: lady .?r g.-n:l.?-uan. massas.-, terms r.-axon-il-lc; Ad Iras* Mis* s, 4M \\e?t list ^t NURSE foung girl who can read both English and Oilman, to take care of hlldren, x '. reference. Ml?* KI'.El IV.. .'.12 West 27i 1' ?t. N" RUE Tl lined aura* wlslie? ,-,,nfln??ment , ?...:- experience; exceptional r.?f. ?i.'nce? Ap'.lv M Q ikM ?' lumhin-ave. PARIeOR MAID Can I ?? -?-i ?--. pr.-?eit ?--?-. Mi n B Ramee, ;. K??t 44th-s?. BEAM8TREM By ? .-nu?tet,t ?eamatre**: tiy ?l-iy. or ;..!.? r. : ,-? all kinds >f family -. ?vine: llnlsittng dresses, repairing, alteratlotu, A.tdr.-??. Mr*. Hl-LH, D' West l"i?t st. BRAMSTRESS H young leotcn ? n .-i. s* - ii *ti -- la private family; ?h-,r ? ?iiKhly - '?it ,-:- -it. willing t,, assis?, ?Itb chamber?, rk , g-..M| city referen.-e SEAM? ? -s hlh a?e. flrst No. ?172._ M8TRE8S Ftr*t-cla_* ?earrutress. u?T .'.??rst.iiid'n? dre.-?,naklng and children's dre??ea. de?1r?-s w,r,; tv tin day or week In srit its famille?. Addi?-s? SEAMSTRKSS. ; '.?S? M-av* skammT.e-is and MAID.?By nnit-cias?' i*--!,i:i per? m h'ghly re- ??mended, privat? family; I .?? f reference?. Apply at 377 4lh-av* . 2d floor. ?TABHIN0 Laundress color*d. flrvt-clase family ?a*h.r.g cured 1. tie. be?t of ref?ren.-e 1.?,,i.? r si l chtldrea'? a ap^ ~:alty. Mi?. LEE, 47 East lDtii-et._ WASHINM. " .yc.T. Re*pect*ble"~~ iTeTmaa *onun want? place for ?ii-!,n?. Ironing and ?Rea .'leaning. Addre?? Z4X East ii7?)i-M . iiijuor atara Vv?TtRKBH ? CHAMBERMAID-Ry S : bwe.lish ??M In a ?mail f?nil!y; flr?i . ^? ? -- c_/e A. Ji'IIN- S. l.rtSS 1 W Al TRES? Bj n com pet ?fil . . . beat elt) reference t-. en Issl pi_.e. cali ?t 411 v illivaa ? i?e;i u ai : i,.:-- .,-, ' i-VKi..'ltMAIi' H>^."^nv pi-tent ?ill m a prU.Ce fainll? a fit? -leren.v. a?O Ea?t 44lb-*l BfSl i t?VAITREMB A ni?t rlgm - '1111* a mi.n as eflliient ??aii.-. ?s m ,,rlvat<- f?:nll\ .?r WOUld ? . ??< 11 - -jw-iion .."intiv. w*Res not le?? ?han $'_<? go ?? r?f. V- Il l.Ml llroadway W'ASHtN?: Ls.un.ti-?. ,? - -I t\ . ,, family wagbing <a ried oamt? mm ?-f f-ie-i ? adi?.' irl eiilldiea s ? ?pe laltv Mi? ?AILS. N BB3 We?t ?,tk-*C ,.1*1 Boor.

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