Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1946
Page 6
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- A ft K , T946 P P Is CLASSIFIED * , Ads Must Be to Office Day Before Publication ftutttber of One Three Six , '.On*®°~ numoer 01 une i nree oix une i Words D«v "Days Days Month Up to 18.. 45 .SO, 1.50 4.50 Up IB to 20 fl to 25 20 lo 30 SI to 35 35 to 40 41 to 45 -. 2.00 2.50 '3.W 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 6.00 7.50 .60 1.20 , . .75 v "t.SO .. .90 1.80 ..1.05 2.10 1.20 . ?.40 . 1.35 2,70 tv hW'i'U 1 .50 JiVV w*uu AW. ** 'Rates-- are f of- Continuous v '--Insertions Only >, * A»"Want Ads-Casli in Advance • Not Taken Over-the Phone 12.00 13.50 15.00 Wanted \VHITS OR COLORED MAN that has-htKt»experience in slaugh- cattle, hogs. Will pay good tering cattle, hogs. Will pay good —————.— | in his opinion in the anti-trust Salary for a good man. Moore's FRONT BEDROOM, ADJOINING suit n 6 ains t the A. and P. grocery City Market; Phone 767. 10-1E bath, working girls preferred 6011 ohain ' J udge Walter C. Lindley, •Jr-sr- '-• — ; Pond St. Phone 737. IR-Stl*" tlle Federal district court, said """ '•' '-•-—•<—-^ '- • •""...—..•- ~! (the purpose ot the Sherman Anti- APARTMENT, PRIVATE BATH, | T ! ul3t Act was <° prevent restraints lo a .working couple. 306 South' 0 '' interstate commerce, and to Pine. 17-Ht afford protection from rnonopolls- *** ' ' '-•'— • ' — -- : -i —•-- - - •- -».. • • . . i 1/1 ntirlmi i>ni* :; Services Offered S*OR~ ESTIMATES ON'VENETIAN Blinds, wood or "metal, also awn',lings, Write Rtley:'Cooper, 1909 .West 17th St. .Texarkaria, Texas. i '.,,.<,;7.'!..W. 2G'-im •EtOR ESTIMATEg-'ON. I'NSIDE VE- neUan- Blinds,»-wood., or.» metal, outside metaV-blinds.and awnings, Write Riley Cooper, 1909, West U7th St. Texarkann^ Texas.' 15-lmo Tor Sale NEW FOUR ROOM HOUSE FOR ;sale. Immediate possession. J. F. Easterling, 'Phillips Addition. --- --••'• 14-Gt QTTANITV OF- >. ,•,% AND 3/4 IN. 'pipe. Jewell Moore. Phone 767. '"'"• - 15-3t 15-3t si ROOM'HOUSE, BARNS, CHICK- en house and gpod. outbuildings. 13 acres land", ^,all" fenced.' See ! M. E. Tate. Washington, . Ark. . 15-6t ! i WHY BUY WOOD. GET YOU A * quick- heat oil burner. See one lat my house. W: A. Austin, Rt. 2 •Hope.- •'';•••••• 15-3t HO^EXTRA 36 X 36. OAK^FINISH 'u'Sed tables. In excellent conJi- ;tion. Phone 1125 or-586-J. IG-Ct LEAVING TOWN. MUST SELL BY 'Oct. 30th. 9 ft. Stewart Warner Electric refrigerator, Stewart ^Warner radio,' Ho'bari M. Cable piano,, G E.^IroBer; Roper gas .kitchen range, 18." and 3~0" win- .dow ,fans, Infants size Chest of •iJ>i>awers, Chifferobe and other household items., Log trailer; vW. W-j Hammer Mill, one 500 gal. (water tank, plow tools, hand f tools, some used lumber and ,'rnany other items. R. E. (Earn" dst) Byers. - 17-Gt WOOD COOK STOVE, WHITE TA- 'ble top style, in good condition 904 West 4th St . Phond' 750-J, •, 17-61 NICE WHITE ROCK FRTERS..-$l ,As long as they last See A A rTaylor, west on olcTB? A'daj; St- U300 block, turn right at Alec •Purtle's 1 . lT-3t was sptcuiuuuii LIutv tiiKir aDscnce y L would result in a protest to the' / was passing by an A and P. Professional Golfers Association !;j"»e out in the country the other echoing a protest filed bv officials!?; 11 ' ? nd st °PPfd to read a groat of the Montgomery Open after ihe K| g S4ls!n a p r ° s , s the window. It said big-name stars failed to play last i ?• •! ? nd , P - s were locked up in.... .1. . * J CIL'tin tPlv nnr:in«o 1Vi« tiMiM-n,.,.' tReol Estate for Sale FARM AND RANCH. 550 ACRES on 67 road at Sheppard. 5 buildings, 3 deep wells, 365 ft. deep, See Albert Graves or Alice Finley. 15-6t JNIGE SIX ROOM HOUSE, MOD- ern, hardwood floors, E. Third St.; walking distance. 83,000 cash, balarjce $30' r>er. month. Possession... Floyd ^Porterfield. 16-31 ;FINE COUNTRY- ESTATE^ 180 acres, three-quarters mile from City limits of Hope on highway. Beautiful 'two story seven room brick' home, hardwood ' floors : hroughout, two bath rooms, one cile, basement, two floor furnaces flowers Two story brick garage, Six tertant houses', targ'e "chicken house arjd brooder, three barns, four deep wells, large stock 'and |ish pond, water works, hydrtulic pump." Water, lights, gas, telephone in. house.-Ten acre pecan orchard (97 trees). About 100 acres'in'-fine meadow and oats, all fenced and cross [fenced. "5(22,500. House alone would ! an w? « 3s y° r ', pl S C( V H,n P A 5 '!"' 1<3yd f«°?r saes o-ne Hope, Arkansas. 16-3t cians in the 1948 elections' 42'ACRES, CLOSE-IN FOR ..SALE or trade for Hope property, Nice "6 room home, 2 room rent house, •'gas and lights, sandy land. Many hei- good truck and stock farms. e '., See Riley Lewailen. .">-. - •••' 17-31 I William R. Herndon Photographer ' t Nattjn'al Bank Bldg. „ . Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Corrimercial and Advertising ;. PHOTOCOPIES .Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service Notice MATERIALS ARE GOING HIGH- er every day. Have your mat tress made over how. Write or phone Bright Bros. IWnttress Co Pick-tip arid deliver anywhere. Phone 34-J-2, Hope. Ark. 7-lm For Rent WAREHOUSE BUILDING, 323 South Laurel St. Phone 865. 15-Gt Fair Enough fy Wwtbrook P«gler Copyright, 1046 By King Featuret SyrtdlcitB. New York, Oct. 18 — Being so shrewd ,1 have noticed that public .-Speakeis usually lead off with coffty little Joe Millers by way of opening the pores of their victims. But. with your permission .1 will, let you roll youf own and get going.' (Insert joke about man who Playoff Berths May Be Decided This Weekend By The Associated Press Championships and playoff berth.-* are likely — for nil practical purposes — to bi; riding oh games in a couple of Arkansas' ** 1001 foolbn11 - - -•• : ••'"- nser oe aou man wo GQ6D LAND AND GOOD HOUS- t a H S secrefa ^ ° ut for |"nch. two j.c Q(.,,,,I«,.J —. X fl:?-... i Irishmen, or their recent rivals in rent Irishmen, or their recent rivals in " ' two Mexicans, In his opinion in the anti-trust Lost LIGHT YELLOW MULEY GOAT, strayed from Suttons Sale Barn. Reward for return. ' Itj-3t tic endeavor. The charges were that thc do fendanls formed a conspiracy restrain interstale commerce food and conspired to monopolize a "substantial part' 'of such products in interstate commerce. can all but clinch the * ..c title and-playoff spot by trimming tough Helena-West Helena at Brlnkley Friday night. Magnolia and Nashville will inn- gle at Nashville and the winner will be favored to coast to the seventh district crown, These two elevens have been favored from the start of the season. In most other districts, the leaders gel an opportunity this week to increase their leads against lightly-regarded opposition. An exception may be offered in the Second District, where Van Buren, current lender by a hair over Fayetteville, comes to blows with "a rugged Siloam Springs team in the top game. Fayetteville Js figured to win easily over Huntsville. The First District, the Arkansas SPORTS New York, Oct. 17 •- Wl— As soon as baseball men catch their breath after thc World Series .you'll begin to hear more about major- minor league relations will) an undercurrent of objection u> being bossed by ,1110 big fellows . . . Thc major-mihnr agreement, which has been carried along on a year-to- year basis for some time, has just been' re-written lo include the .new executive council but some of the rules Still must be revised . . . Then next December 40-odd leagues — some 300 clubs — will take potshots at it before it goes to the majors for consideration. One big objection is that the two majors and the commissioner picked by them have the last word about everything . . . Then-there's thc mailer of Ihe promotion program tor which Commissioner Happy Chandler asked $50,000 last win- ler. The minors luive refused so far to contribute their :$12,5()0 share because Chandler hasn't presented wh-it they consider a definite and adequate program . . .There'll be plenty of talk about that at the I —-^— •• • - T u lc r usl "'sirici, me ArKansai GREYISH BLACK GERMAN PO-' Jnasmilcn as monopoly is a word 1 conference, offers nothing e.xtraord lice .dog. Reward for return to lfL bso ,! u e Tn L ld ex(c ,lusive control of a inary this week. Little Rock is ex .S.....W,' Lane, Rt. 3 Nashvilk£?! 0 _ pk «*l \ honestly am reminded of ..S, .\V. Lane, Rt. Phone 26-F-ll. 3 Nashville, 17-31 Dutch Harrison Holds Lead in Knoxville Open Knoxville. Tenn., Oct. 17, —(UP) — E. Dutch Harrison held a ' as (he field in * • nt L i«\, i, i nwi 1^0 VIJ (It I I l^.llllllUCl.4 \Jl one, but a Sam Goldwyn, not a Joe Miller, wherein Sam is said to have remarked thai some .movie was colossal in a small way. But jmy mission—I am'a mail with a message today—is not to heckle Ihe Depaiimenl of Justice or. to analyze the court opinion which holds, that a fellow can be guilty of growing big and strong enough to bat the ears off a little guy next the. $10,000 Knoxville open toed offl Little Rock, Ark., first round yeste, day . Jimmy convicted of same, even ne never even made a pass little guy and got big and . ^ by diligent work in the gym- Inasium only because he didn't want to go through life a scrawny I little twirp and used his strength "'" to carry out the ashes and the lawns, very cheap, for a of mlllr-route of neighborhood '- to their great satisfaction. tells us what place with a 72. j law ^e only Most of the field found the 7,000- means which yard Holston Hills course very Joe Lotus: hadn't"ought t^'be'To tough because of extreme y «st good because he makes it impossi- greens, and scores were high. ble for tho BMlv Pnnne Vt ii Vr, Be " Hogan, Sam Snead, Sam'fick h m an^ so " ' Ct "'' t0 enter the tournament, and there was speculation ihat their absence championship. He ought to get ihe consumption or break a leg. weekend. the truckers' Dream boat to Continue to Washington Chicopee, Mass., Oct. 17 — (IP) — A U. S..army B-29 Pacusan Dreamboat which made a flight from Orly Field, Paris, France, to Westover Army airfield in 12 hours and :!5 minutes yesterday prepared to continue to Washington today. The present transatlantic record is. claimed, by a TWA constellation which made the Paris-New York run a year ago in 14 hours and 39 minutes. Col. C. S. Irvine,, of St. Paul, Neb., the pilot,.said that he made no attempt to make a record and that he would not be "interested in a record to Westover.", The Dreamboat took off .from Orly field at 9:38 a. m. (2:38 a. m. CST) and the navigator, Maj. N. P. Hays, of Seneca, Mo., said the official landing time was at 3:03 - - (C. S. T.) h( speed of 305 to '307 miles per strike in New York made it impossible for them lo receive gro- iceries. The A. and P. was having no argument with the teamsters and didn't employ any te.imsters whatever. Just the same, they had to close down. Yet they were paying the wages of 8,000 employees during this layoff. "Well," I said to George Spelvin, American, "they can take it Rich m u g g . those Harlfords, George and John." [ . "Don't be a fool beyond thc limits set by nature," Spelvin said. •At $10 a day,, average. That is $80,000 a day, and A. and P. isn.'t a day." Well, then, we got to thinking who was restraining trade hei'e the Hartford boys or old Dan Tobin's teamsters in New York? The Sherman law originally was supposed to forbid all conspiracies in restraint of interstate commerce, by unions us wull as by companies. Then it wa:i decided that this interfered with labor's got another The craft, which carried a erevv of 10, recently made a a,500-mile xlight across the Arctic i'rom Hawaii to Cairo. Young Democrats Can't Help Vets Says McMath Hot Springs, Oct. 17—(/P)—Young Pernpcratic clubs cannot be used Veterans' political groups he" state's old-line policiti- Sidney McMath, president'of the clubs. The clubs' constitution and bylaws prohibit their partisan participation in primaries, the Garland county G. I. leader and Democratic nominee fo>- 18th district prosecutor, declared. McMuth's comment followed announcement by Crittenden county veterans of plans to organize ihe G.I.'s throughout the state preparatory to the 1948 elections. "There is a misunderstanding as to the use of the Young Democratic clubs for this purpose," Math said. Mo- Job Printing, Office Supplies ond School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space" Cleaners HALL'S Hatter* HUGH B. HAUL, Owner 208 N. Ferguion Fhon«76 to total strangulation, if necessary and they didn't have to explain their reasons to anybody. It wasn't even necessary to fake up a dispute between any company and some union. Any -larcenous meathead who controlled a union with a fang of soons could call a strike, call on other unions to refuse to handle certain commerce ana shut down trade in food or anything else. Even if the workers wanted to continue working, the union boss had the deciding word. He could frankly admit that his purpose was a personal shakedown of $50,000 or $100,000 and no law could touch him if he just ran a resolution through his executive council of associate burns in the back of some saloon and they should vote to divide it among themselves. That's legal. No law against that. Then along comes old Wagner with hij labor relations fake. Wagner said we had been having too many strikes and they retarded production and shipment of goods in interstate commerce, although the unions were real puny at the time and the only real impediment to commerce was the general lack inary this week. Little Rock is expected to have its own way in <>n- tertuining Fort Smith, co-leading El Dorado may have a tough go, however, at home against Smackover. Texarkaim, still in the race, visits Hope in another leading at- .traelion. The schedule :for thc state (district games unless otherwise indicated): District One Fort Smith at Little Rock Little Rock at Russellville Texarkaria at Hope Jonesboro at Blytheville Camden at Pine Bluff Fordyce at Hot Springs Smackovcr at El Dorado Benton at Catholic .High Little Rock) (non-district) District Two Huntsville at Fayetteville Harrison at Alma Bentonville at .Rogers Van Buren at Siloam Springs Dierks at Springdalc (non-conference) District Three Rector at Paragould Walnut Hidge at Augusta Imboden at Searcy Batesville at Bald Knob Hoxie at McCrory Newport at Pocahontas. Marked Tree at Shawnee (Joiner) Harrisbttrg at Piggott District Four Subiaco at Boonevillc Paris at Waldron Mansfield at Menu Havana at Hartford Clinton at .Durdanello Clarksville at Conway Tahlequah, Okla., at St. Anne's (I'ort Smith) non-district Greenwood at Charleston Morrilton at Atkins District Five Helena at Brinkley Gillett at Holly Grove Marvell'at DeWitt Elaine at Forrest City Clrendon at Earle Stuttgart at Wynne District Six Warren at Eudora Lake Village at Crossett' Dumas at Hamburg While Hall (Camden) at Gould Portland at England District Seven Magnolia at Nashvie Horatio at Ashdown Mineral Springs at DeQuecn Foreman at Prescott District Eight Amity at Magnet Cove North Little Rock "B" at Cabot (non-district) Deaf School (Little Rock at Illinois Deaf School Jacksonville 111.) (non-district) Bauxite at Gurdon Carlisle at Sheridan Arkadelphia at Lonoke NO FARE ° Chicago, Oct. 17 —(/T)— Street- cai ac'iynje un South cnate street was halted temporarily by a passenger who had been ejected i'or refusing to pay his fare. Conductor Maurice O'Connor said after he put off Willie Jones, 30, he sat on a safety island, his feet stretched across the tracks, and refused to move. But a police M,, :n^k J---»cj for a free ride to Central station,' where he svas charged with disorderly conduct. winter .meeting. Pigskin Pic-Ions Alabama vs. Tennessee A little hot on Thomas (Frank) Is just like 1 money in the bank. St. Mary's vs. Fnrdhai'n I Woclemcyor ! Will catch lire. Fights Last Night By Thc Associated Press Oakland, Calif. —Frnnkie Moore, 137 1-2: Oakland, outpointed Al Medrano, 133, Los Angeles, 10. New Orleans •— Baby Gonzale?, 127 1-2, Los Angeles, outpointed .Jock Leslie, 12B 1-2, Flint, Mich., 10. Now York, (Jamaica Arena) •— Norman Ilubio, Hit, Albany, N.Y., outpointed Tony Do Rnsa, 1-17. New York, il. By United Press Michigan's shore Hut they'll never put Michigan on the i'lnoi 1 . Arkansas vs. Texas Texas will slaughter Thc Arkansas I'urkers Anil stow them away In frozen food lorkers. John Kceshin, boss of the Sportsman'.; Park racetrack, has instituted a "men's day" when males only have to pay the tax :"or '.he privilege of losing their dough . . . Skidmoic < Ihu gals' college with a football team) is lending six cheer- lenders lo Union College '5.'.il.urilay in hopes that Mel Hcin's team won't skidnuirc. pass receiving lead from Av- ansas' Clyde Scoll as flu; latter was Injured before. 1 ho had an opportunity lo snatch any aerial against Baylor last week. Canady has hauled down seven forwards for 211 yards. Aggie Coach Says Injuries Big Trouble By SAUL FELDMAN Stillwalrc, Okla., Oct. 17 —(If)— What's wt-opg with ;hc Oklahoma Aggie football team? You remember, the outfit was supposed .tp continue its :iO-game winning streak this season, but instead was. tied by Arkansas 21-21, tiounced by mighty Texas 54-0, kicked by "Southern Methodist 15-G, and has .a^very lough dale with thc Georgia Bulldogs at Athens Saturday. An inexplicable number of injuries in the backfield is xhe main reason, Coach Jim Lookabaugh answers; but he isn't trying to make any excuses Cor the 194G Sugar Bowl champions. "Our .team at thc start of xhe season was^betlcr than last year's club," Lookabaugh said, "but it's just like having, a shiny, new 10- cylinder car. Take out 14 of vhoso cylinders and try to run up a mountain and' w/hat nappens?" Of the l"7 backfield men Loka- baugh counted on this season. 16 have suffered some type of injury. The injury of Bob .Fenimore, two-time-All-America bacK, hurt thc worst. But during the S.M.U. game last Week four tailback? and six halfbacEs were on the bench with injuries. Fenimore, who loci the nation in offensive •••yards gained thc past Iwo years desoite a lea; injury, gol his olher'.lcg hurt in the Arkansas game iriree: weeks ago. With UK;"injury apparently healing, Fenimore started against Texas the following week and .maHe the Aggies.'' only touchdown —the only lime ihe Texaiis were ;>corcd on in their first three games of the season. Feiiimorc's thigh was hurt again in the Texas game, and he sal out the SMU contest except :.or a second's play when he wenl in vo Iry for a'point after touchdown. Fenimore^heals slowly and he muy miss <lhe Geoigiu game. Lookabaugh-said lie wasn't taking any more chances on his star tailback The extent of the injury situation was pointed out by the Aggie coach: "Aeainst S.M.U. we had to' use our sixth string tailback, Ken Roof. The other tailbacks were benched with injuries." ' LooKabaugh claims hi.i team.is in] good eonclHion, but "its just one of. Ihosn ihings." I "They say we haven't boon I blocKing.' 'no noted, "but vou've I pot to meincmber there's a lot of] difference Ihe? way a first stringer} takes advantage of blocks and a uttn stringer. "If the injuries let up, we'll make goad showing before .ihe sea- • son is over." Sourhwesfr's Best on Ground Dallas, Tex.. Oct. 17 (/I 1 )—Blonde Bobby Layne and his Texas Longhorn mates hold a virtual monopoly on Southwest Conference football statistics. The only breaks in the Texas siring of leads arc .furnished by Ken Holland. Ai-Kiinsas scatbac-k. who still paces the indivdual ball carriers with 243 yards net gain, and Marron Flanagan. Texas A. & M. back, who lend spunt returns with 1H7 yards. Layne tops the ; 'orv.-ard passers with 437 yards, the purlers with an average 55. S yards, the scorers with U points and. although xrail- in» Holland in total yards, has the best rushing average--? yards per Texap is tops in total offense with -.785 yards in four game;s, :J(>8 by rushing and 317 by pasjing. Arkansas, which has 585 on \he nround and 33R in Iho .nir, is tied with .Rice; ir second at :)23 yards. Rice is the defensive loader. Thc Owls have iie-ld three : cios \Q M'J. yards. Jim Canady, Texas back, 'stole "Compjet'ft service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner relief must be curtailed or abolished because its principal function now is to carry people through emergencies caused by union masters who call strikes at will and wipe their feet on the poor rank and file or whip up iake grievances and persuade thc rank and file to vote for strikes or false statement of the issues. A strike of a thousand can throw a million onto the unemployment to commerce was Ihe general lack " "»"'"" """J me unemployment of money among ihe people to buyJ r ?v s so tnat ' tho whole body of thlntrs <?n ntiuiKni/ r.\,\ H7on nn .. Citizens navs taxes tn cnr'l'v inli. things. So, anyway, old Wagner says we have to recognize the workers' rights to join unions and select their own bargaining agents to bargain with the soulless corporations. They will bargain smoothly and strikes will just about become a thing of the past. That is what he said, the old —. Nope, rtone of that, now. Keep it on a high intellectual plane, men. Since ihen, how many slrikes would you say? If you said 50,000 you would sound like a union lawyer trying to play it down. How long have you been waiting for a new car? Slrikes. Slow-downs through conspiracies to- limit production to a fraction of any worker's reasonable ability, ihus reducing interstale commerce. Boycolls. Picket-lines. All strangling inter; state commerce by warrant, mind j you, of Wagner's fraud, designed to "remove impediments" to inter- stale commerce by the smooth and peaceful seltlernent of disputes. I think the whartfords are :iuts, paying wages to the 3,000 hands laid off by the teamsters' strike. Nice fellows and goul to lheir help, but nuts. Because if those 8,000 and their families had to rough il along without pay on unemployment relief I think they would realize that they were thrown out of work by Wagner's law and Vote for candidates who would promise to try to change it. 1 think word would get around that unions, by throwing millions out of work and onto the unemployment rolls, are artifically creating mass unemployment and hastening a time when unemployment citizens pays taxes to carry jobless men made idle by some few trade. Spclvin said he thought that in labor monopolist j, m ic-sirauu ot A. and P. was a malefactor just for getting big enough to restrain inlerslate commerce out without actually restraining it, then Wagner's law certainly had frustrated the very purpose that old Wagner offered it for in the first place ,to encourage commerce. George Snel- vin, American, said lhal to me just loaay and i think he is going lu vole that way. 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AS.,, AH KNEW WINDY'D NAIL HIM , IM OUTCLASSED IN YOUR HEART BY DINAH/ VIC FLINT By_Mliclioel_ O^MoIley & Ralph Lane SIDE GLANCES By Golbrairk CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ACCORDING TO THIS NOTE, YOU'RE BEING BLACKMAIIED FOR 50WETHIKG THAT "HAPPENED AT THE WEIL''. WMAT HAPPENED AT . IF YOU'RE SMART, MR. LILT, YOU WON'T PAY. IN THIS BUSINESS THEr' HIT YOU AND THEN THEY-HIT YOU AGAIN. THEN WHEN YOU'RE CLEAN, THEY PICK YOU OFF. \ DON'T WANT ADVICE, RINT/ I WANT SOMEONE TO STAND BY AND COVER ME WHEN I DELIVER E MONEY THAT'S WHAT I'M \ PAYING $IO,OOO ) TO me P uiET/J By Leslie'Turner £TUP I.WEW, SfAELTlN'.THM u. u SF S ' POSED T0 BE THRU TON»G«T WEN WR.IAOCHO ftNDCOKE G6TS B^! TO lAE.WMSO, TURN A.ND HIGH5ONEFM.SE MOVE AND IT'LL BENOUR LPsST • VOUILNEW PUT TH' LWN ON OUR TRNL WHEN ><OU THREE M.&XE ft BRE&K FOR THE BORDER AND ORION'S FINGERS TIGHTEN ON THE UDUE OF MOLTEN SU.VJER,.... INCHICORR DONALD DUCK COPR. 1946 BY HCA SEBVICg. INC. T. M. BEC. U. S. PAT. OFF. 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' GETTING SHOT.- rv v — Ahi 60lv\&THllNiG - -^S'^rP'^feji.li 1 •niuniiin i . <??"-• : --^i?<5 c , ONI "*' •*,"(( COMPLETE BODY SERVICE From simple dents and toucli-ups to wreck jobs and repainting. EXPERIENCED MEN Using latest tools and service methods assure the best job in minimum time. IMMEDIATE SERVICE \Ve are again able to give 1 you fust, efficient service Free estimates. 0

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