Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1946
Page 5
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H d Pi . ,i<\.«WU-k<^ .. .: - _^^^_ -..„ :...-..,„-,.., • -. . •,/,„-,„,,,. • ;. , . _, M^^ ^ arkei Report If Stomach Gas or Sour Food Taste of Sleep i Jttere'sJIow You May Help, _ Whether^You Eat 500 Pounds ^M-M^oxJiOUQ.£ouads of Food .. { In a Year {hfovi can't feel'CHe**ft«, B6 happy ahd £4, * sleep well, if your^tomach is always Mp- fifr » *et. As agif-*«V»nee«!the "Old stomach". "" '' Everyttme >f<Xxi enters the stomach n " '" "rictufcetnust-flo*herrnanyto NEW- ORLEANS COTTON " New Orleans. Oct 17 — (/P) — Most of the selling came from the interior of the belt, and was heaviest at noon when prices ! reached the lowest. iClosing quotations we»e weak, jand at the bottom $9.25 to $10 a . bale lower. Oct high 36.00 — low 34.50 — close 34.50 Dec high 36.40 — low 34.40 — close 34.40A Mch high 35.90 — low 33.90 — close 33.90A May high 35.42 — low 33.47 — close 33.47A Jlyhigh 34.40 — low 32.44 — close 32.44A acid Indl- frequently cause a mor- nervous _ . Increase .gastricjulce. 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"Get'fcvtfo'ttle of IB ft * SSS Tonic .from your arug'store'today. l£'\j i ' SSS Tonic-helps Btilld Sturdy Health. i NEW"YORK corrdN Ne\y York, Oct. 17 —W)— Cotton futures broke the daily allowed limit of $100 a bale today u-idc- successive selling wave:- which wiped-out atempts to rally. The* market was -shaken, according to brokers* by the prevailing sentiment tha tthe ultimate effect of the decontrol program would have an important bearing on the future of cotton. Selling was also Influenced by -the theory of some trades that the market had been overbought and a technical reaction was due. Mills took advantage of the break to cover a large volume of contracts against textile orders. The October 1946 delivery ex- ph'ed at noon. Late afternoon prices were $8.55 to $10 a bale down. Dec. 34.48, Mch 34.02, and May 33.42. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Oct. 17 —(UP)— Produce: Poultry: Receipts 1 car, 20 Hope Star Star el Hop* 18«j »>»«« 1MT, Consolidated Januart II, >M» "ublished every weukday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President »i*» H. Woshburn, Secretary-Treasurn* at 'he Star buiKi'nc. • > ?H South Walnu* «•-• Hops ' - L A ox H. Washbuni, Editor & Publish* Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hotmer Mech. Supl less M. Davis, Advertising Manage' Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Entered as second class matter at the Post Office at Hope. Arkansas, under lha Act 01 March 3, 1897 AP)- -\tans Associated Press. NEA)—Moans Newspaper Enterpnw As ,Ot tullO^ Subscription Rnfes: (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier per week 20c; per month 85c. Mail irates—in Hemp- *tcnd. Nevada, Howard, Miller and .iiFavelte counties. $4.50 per year; else ,.'if-? <R 50. . ' .Manorial Advertising Kepruscntattve — Arkansas UuMics. Inc.; vMcnlplis TSIIM. iMrkk buikl.'tg. Chicane, 400 Nofh Mich- iaan Avenue; Ner fork City, 292 Madison •we., Dntroit Mich., 2842 V\. Grand Blvd.: Oklahoma City, 314 ,T*rminil Bldo. •MRW Orleans. 722 Union St. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcation of all news dis- yutch.es credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local ws published herein. trucks: market weak; leghorn hens 25; heavy springs 30-32: fryers and oroilers 36-40. Cheese: Twins 54-56; single daisies 56-58; swiss 68-72. Butter: Receipts 159,091 Ibs; market unsettled, 93 score 30—80 i-2: 92 score 79; 9n score 7; 89 score 76. Eggs: Receipts 6.426 '. ,;c-j; market weak: wholesale prices on the Avar OLD JACK FROST I IV 3 hi IV ^ 1 '^^^ •- I. • . ^^^ Stuearts wo WE DELIVER u.'i South Wai nut Mkt. Phone 447 mercantile exchange: extras t and ~ 54-88; 3 nnd 4 45-48; standards I and 2, 44; 3 and 4, 41—42 1-2; current receipts 41-42; dirties 30- i2; rhecks 30?,1, ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111.. Oct. 17 —(/P)— Hogs, 13,000; uneven; barrows and silts over 180 Ibs ooened 4.00-4.50 lower; later 5.00-(i.OO lower than Wednesday average; lighter weights 2.0-3.00 lower; sows 0.00- 6.0C off; bulk good and choice oarrows nnd gilts 170 Ibs up 20.50^2.00; top early sparingly 33.00; few late as low as 20.00; 100-150 Ibs largely 20.00; sows 18.50-20.00. Cattle 7,00; calves, '2,0; opening trade very uneven; one !'oacl choice steers 30.0 Oon .shipper accounts; several lotid.s and lots good steers 23.00-27.00; odd head choice around 28.00-29.00; choice mixed yearlings at 28.00 steady; good heif ers around 20.00-24.00; .bid? unevenly lower on others; shippers taking fat cows steady but vonls weak to 1.00 off on some canner and cutter offerings: bulls slow but opening stea,dy with ood beef bulls 16.50-17.00; medium sausage kind 15.00-50; choice vealers 2.00 hiijher at 27.00; medium and good 18.25-75. Sheep ,4,500; slaughter lambs opened active and strong to shippers and butchers; early sales strictly good and choice woolecl Inmbs 26.00-50; other grades and classes no established. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, Oct. 17 —(/P)— All grain futures plunged in late trading on the board of trade today, wheat falling the 5 con limit permitted in a single session. Corn and oats also were off 5 cents at times in heavy trading. " Weak at start, grains started vo move down rapidly toward the close. Wheat was sold on :'ears that ceilings would nmt be removed from flour. Corn and o$ts t..a from flour. Corn and wheat good ;as a result of sharply lower prices Jin hogs. A break in cotton at New 'York added to the pessimism. • Cash corn and oats abo were lower. Offerings of corn by the country expanded. Dealers roOort- cd 272,000 busheUi.of corn purchased on a to-arrive basis shortly ! before the close. All wheat futures closed 5 cents lower, January $2.01 1-4, corn was off 3 1-8—3 3-4. J0;mj 31.35 3-4— 1.36, and oats wero down 3 7-8— 4 1-2, November 79 34—80 1-4. i Wheat was nominally .steady to- iday; shipping sales 3,000 bushels; ! receipts 24 cars. Corn was three ] to eight cents lower; bookings 212,|000 bushels; shipping sales 215.000 I bushels; receipts 175 cars. Oats I were one to four cents lower with a steady trading basis; bookings 10,000 bushels; shipping sales 135,- 000 bu.<|t}<?)ft l receipts 23 cars. NEW Y0liK STOCKS New York, Oct. 17 —(UP)— A break .in commodities that cracked cotton futures $10 n bale, wheat 5 cents a birehel, nnd hogs ns much as $7 a • finhdredweight, unsettled the sto'cK iFrtarket todav. Steel shJtt'&s were hard hit. with BcthleherW'i.l,bucning 04 off •( and U. S. StedHllO off 2 7-8. Chrysler sold down to 81 1-8 off 2 7-8; anta Fe 85 3-4 Off 23-8; Union Pnciflc 1-8 1-4 off.4 8-4; Du Pont 177 1-2 off B 1-2; Amm.'Scan Telephone 173 off 2 18: Allied Chemical 160 off .3 1-2; Deoca 'Records 41 off 4 1-4; Schcule.y.'60'.iftfl 3; U. S. Rubber 5V t-2 off 2-3-8?'tmd Youngstown ;3hcet Tue G4 3-V off 2 -58. Most of Hhe foregoing regained a part'of- the loss. ;3ome special issues werC'-Sweak, notably American Woolen : issucs, which lost up to 6 .points. Standard Gas $7 pre- ferred sagged 4 points 1ft 'nh easier utility secUoh. Tobnccos Were down as much ns 2 1-4 points In American Tobacco B. Just before closing, directors or QUICK RELIEF FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FrceBookTellsofKomeTreatmenttliit Must Help or It Will Cost You Nothing Ovrtr I wo million bottles of thflWttitiAttD TKKATMKNTlmvoljflonKOklforrolloror By mpl,om« oMist ross n,-lsltiR from Stomach niul Duodenal Ulcer* duo (o E*ces$ Acid- Poor Digestion, Sour or Upiet Stomach, Ga»ln«M, Heartburn, Sleoplegineu, etc., chip to E«ct» Acid. Sold on 10 days' trial Ask for "WIMard't M«»age" whlcU fully vxplalni (lib treatment—Ire*—at BYER'S DRUG STORE McCasklll: McCASKILU DRUG COMPANY Firestone Tire declared an extra dividend of $1 n share. The stock, which had been selling at GO 3--1, ofi 2 points, spurted to 03 1-2. Pepsi-Cola met good demand late In the day and scored a gain of 1 1-2 points. There were a few other small gainers spread through the list. SPRICK TO RUN Little Rock, Oct. 17 —M— Mayor Sprick today formally announced MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shrevcport Texarkana he would Seek y.c-.felc'ctlon In'the February cily prirrtarie.s-and [filed his corrupt practices and party loyalty pledges. SIGNS and Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Boms ® Vehicles • Etc. Waller & Wo far Phone 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. Chocolate Corn Flake Pudding . October 19, 1946 -- •*• • •. tablespo6»«rt>utt« . or margarine ',. 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Witness my -hand and seal this 9th day of October, 1940. (SEAL) Leo Ray, Clerk of Probate Court By Arthur C. Anderson D. C. Oct. 10-17-24 LEGAL NOTICE : Pursuant to Section IS of Act 297 of 1945, notice is hereby given that the last will and testament of J. H. Kent of Hope, Arkansas, was probated in common form by the Probate Court of Hempstead County on the 7th day of October, 194G. An appeal from such probate can be affected only by filing petition, stating the grounds of such appeal, with this court within six (6) months rom the dale of this notice. Witness my hand and seal this Un day of October, 1946. SEAL) Leo Ray, Clerk of Probate Court By Arthur C. Anderson D. C. Oct. 10-17-24 PIT MILK IV 15c PURE HOME MADE SORGHUM Gallon 2.00 **?? #. 1? Oz. 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Jackson said today that Hermann Goering's suicide was "as anti- climatic at a burlesque after a Wagnerian overature" and destroyed his opportunity to become a "German martyr-hero." Jackson, who was chief U. S. prosecutor at the Nucrncrg war crimes trials, issued a statement on the self-inflicted death of iho No, 1 Nazi from his Supreme court chambers. "The founder of concentration camps where death was handed out to millions could not face the gallows himself," Jackson said. "His end betrayed the weakness of his whole life — cunning and crafty, always outwitting somebody, bullying and cowardly." Jackson said the real significance of the the event .lies in its effect in Germany, because Goering was the only out.' of the Nazi war criminals on whom n martyr ninth might have been founded. "The gallows offered him the most effective platform from which to impress his sympathizers with the depth of his conviction nnd his selflessness for ihe cause," Jackson said, 'but lie lacked the character." Jackson said the less famous defendant!;, "who were his satellites," died more courageously than Goering. Text of Jackson's statement: "If Goering had boon made of the stuff that could walk to the gallows voicing some patriotic sentiment such as our Nathan llnle's regret that he had but one life to THE GREATEST BAKING POWDER IMPROVEMENT IN YEARS! Nabisco: : Premium Crackers 1 Ib. bo ' i.v J Sultaindp Peanut Butter 1 Ib. jar Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 3k f 25c Ketchjjp 14 oz. bot" Rifz Crackers 1 Ib. I Gold Medal 1 Ql r'u'. 251 b. sack »-O! B 6RAPEI AFL Wants Firm Policy Continued Chicago, Oct. 10 (/P)—The American Federation of I-,aor today insisted upon a continued firm American policy with Russia and urged "no compromise" in the U. S. atomic energy control plan. The AFL convention said the Baruch atomic energy plan, calling for full international authority over fissionable materials and research, was "the only suggestion thai would asure the world against use of atomic energy for war purposes. "It is essential 'ihat use oi' the veto power should be prohibited," the AFL said in its endorsement of the proposed international atomic control authority. "We urge our government not to compromise on the principles jncrporatcd in the American nlan." Regarding Russia, the convention's statement said appeasement "will get us nowhere, for the USSR seeks domination of other people's lives and countries, not :'.reedom. 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'16s give to his country, he might well have become a German martyr- hero. "This was Goering's great remaining ambition. He often told his prison males that the Germans would some day dig un h's bones and put them-'in a marble mausoleum, arcaming ot hunseu as a sort of teutonic Napoleon. ' Security Council May Drop Two 'Hot' Issues Lake Success, N, ¥., Oct. 10 —(UP)— The United Nations Se. cufily Council sal In closed session loday to decide whether to drop two controverslnl Issues from its docket—the lotifl dormant Spanish and Iranian cases. : Both questions hnye remained on the agenda since last spring, when they erupted Into bitter debate between Kussia and the western powers and then were shelved without decisive action by the UN. The council's problem today centered around a provision in the UN charter under which neither question can be acted on In the forthcoming session of the general ns- sembly If It remains on the security council's agenda. . Russia and Poland, the losers in a crisp three-hour fight yesterday to slap at Generalissimo Francisco Franco's government through the international court of justice, were expected to oppose any move to erase the Franco case from the council' scalcndar. The western powers, however, were hopeful that the case could be dropped so the 51 nations of the 'general assembly can discuss It and make recommendations with respect to Franco. There was ah outside chance Russia might agree to dropping ihe Franco case if the United States and Britain agree to toss out the Iranian case. The Iranian matter is the hangover the bitter fight' over Iran's cnarge that Uussia threatened the peace by keeping troops in north- em Iran beyond a treaty deadline last spring. . .' • —| • o—: : — Resources Group to Map Out Budget Requests Little Rock, Oct. 16 —<#•)— Four sub-committees of J.he, Arkansas Resources . and Development Commission will meet tomorrow to discuss 1947 budget requests. The Parks Committee, headed by Dr. T.-W. -Hardison, Morrillon, will meet at. 9. a. m. to outline a request for an increased appropriation for the development of State Parks. ' . ; At noon, the Geology-committee will: meet, for lunch in the Hotel LaFayctte with Geologist Harold B. Foxhall. The planning committee, with Chairman P. F. Watzek, Crosselt, presiding, will meet at 2 p.m. At 6:3u p. m. the Forestry Committee, headed, by W. S, Fox, Pine Bluff, will meet in the Albert Pike hotel. Editor of Pine Bluff Paper Dies Pine Bluff. Oct. 17 -.-•</[•)— Funeral services will be- conducted tomorrow for Waller B. Sorrells, Jr., •>rominent Arkansas columnist and editor of the Vine Bluff Commercial for 1G yciirs. The Hev. Otto W. Tongue will of- 'iciate at the service's at the South Funeral Homo at 10 a. in. Sorrells, -Hi, idiod of n heart ailment in Davis hospital here yes- terday. Pine Bluff, Oct. 1C — MV-Wai- cr B. Sorrells, Jr., 48, editor of the Pine Bluff Commercial for the lost 1C years, died unexpectedly of a heart ailment here at 1:35 p. m. today. Sorrells, a brother of John H. Sorrells, executive editor of Scripps-Howard newspapers, was one of Arkansas' most widely- known newspapermen and the author of a daily page one column, "What Do You Think?", in the Commercial. A native of Pine Bluff, he was the son of the late Judge Walter B. Sorrells and Mrs. Mury I. Fletcher Sorrells. Scott, Roberts to See Limited,r?lay:, 1; i; Against Texas *r " Fayetleville, Oct. 1 7—f/P)-—Forty- two Arkansas Kazorbacks will leave for Austin following a light workout here this afternoon. They will meet the Texas Longhorns In a Southwe.n Conference football game Saturday. The team will go to Muskogee, Okla., by bus and then entrain for Austin. They will return Saturday night by plane, weather permitting, Head Coach John Barnhill said. The Razorbacks are slated to .practice in Memorial Austin Friday afternoon^ **>. * Barnhill announced lhaf *WJft^» back 'Clyde Scott, who stiff*r«a a straihed"hip""1n last-peek's 'Bayiof gcfme," and Guard Theroh' ftobfefM, nursing a -two-week-old irijuityT would make the trip and probably, would see limited action.^ „ * , -• t ,'M - •> >V ''• "V "!"-V, '-TV.Or--""I L* i*fii|.» *i *H J .'JUST-PLAIN . N. Y., Oct. 17 —<£»)— Town -officials- here«are t led" by-a tiewtype of i William E. Foster, acting intendelll oi the.wa'teF bUr| R . M . l , W o. 'closed lhaf. 12 fife hyd/anYcaps— which authorities say are of little or,, no, use, £or> any :> other purpose- have .been -stolen. fiUfaer- which he controls, 'becomes treason to tic state to be puncishcd as such.". • ' :,•• . . The AFL contended Commanists have infiHrated withiiv^the ranks of I the rival CIO. However, the AFL added that "unquestionably the majority of the membership of the CIO is composed oil" loyal and patriotic Americans who are now dismayed because they understand the sc which Moscow is making of .their organization." ' The convention turned thumbs down on a proposal to join with the CIO in forming a joint foreign policy for American labor. Meat & Fish Fresh Dressed American Mel-O-I Processed SHRIMP 55c 57c 54c Dl Spiced «|^unch Cooked Meat ^ 54c Salami Lb 34c H & D Pole Star Whiting Lb 17c Red Fish u>.43c DELIC Jane Parker Cakes-of CARAMEi TOFFEE SQUARE GOLDEN OR SQUARE CAKE Choice •*'• • , tempring fragrance of ADMIRATION is an invitation to £'. i delicious coffee efnfpyment, completely fulfilled by the rich, mellow goodnesjfofits flavor. ADMIRATION'S richness is a :i^ combination of th| ? roaster's art and the finest coffees in the world. 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"sKoppers." : '"" """ "*"' Now there are nearly 3700 Kroger Stores. But the only reason why there are so many Kroger ; Stofes!!i3;,:that you— and 10,000,000 other American • women'-lik* you—hare-found 1 that a Kroger Store is the best place to buy. You did.' Nabisco Rifz 8:oz box 17c % Delicious, Crisp Crackers. VANILLA . 1- oz. hot. 14c Dr. Price Pure Extract CIGARETTES. .Ctn. 1.89 All Popular Brands. Grated Tuna no.-^ can 27c While Star. Fancy Quality Blue Karo . . 5 Ib. tin 48c Substitute for Sugar. Stokely Corn no.2 can 17c Whole Kqrnal Golden Bantam 20 oz. Aunt Jemima . . box 15c Pancake Flour. Add Water. 48 Oz. Quaker Oats . . box 27c Regular or Quick. Nourishing H.ershey ... .-.. Ib.-box 22c Cocoa. Delicious Beverage. Calumet . 16 oz. can 17c Baking Powder. Dependable. Snowdrift While Supplies Last 3 j Qb ; 77c . • ti-n i Wesson Oi! While Supplies Last: Pt. Q«3 Qt Bot.OZ.CBot.' 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