Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1946
Page 5
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In excellent condition. Phone 1125 or 586-J. 16-fit Reol Estate for Sale ' -FARM AND RANCH. 550 ACRfii on 67 road at Sheppard. 5 buildings, 3 deep wells, 365 ft. deep. ,._ See Albert Graves. ; . : ... I5^6t NICE 'SIX ROOM HOUSE, MOD- ern, hardwood "floors, E. Third St., walking distance. $3,000 cash, balance |30 per.,rnpnth. Posses sion. Floyd Porterfield. 16-3t FINE COUNTRY ESTATE, '. 180 acres, three-quarters mile from , City limits of Hope on highway. j Beautiful two story seven room brick home, hardwood floors throughout, two bath rooms, one , tile, basement, two floor furnaces flowers. Two story brick garage, ' six tenant houses, large chicken house and brooder, three barns, • four deep wells, large stock' and fish pond, water works, hydruiHc pump. Water, lights, gas, telephone in house. Ten acre pecan orchard (.97 trees). About 100 acres in fine meadow and oats, •all fenced land cross Ifenced. Price $22,500. House alone would cost more than we ask for place. Can give possession. Floyd Porterfield, Hope, Arkansas. 16-3t Wonted WANtfcD: RECEfftONtST-SEC- retary. Good Salary. Permanent position fbf right person. Apply by letter. Box 98. H-3i Notice MATERIALS ARE GOltfG HIGH- et evc'rjr day. Have your mst- tress mnde over now. Write or phone Blight Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver 34-J-2, " Fair Enough By Westbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By Klnfr FeaturtySyndlcfcU. 'Ne\V York, Oct. 15—"This book is to trll some of the things that were overlooked in the big hews of the day," ,says Merriman Smith, the White House reporter for the Gashouse Spirit Enough to Pull Cards Through By JACK HAND St. Louis, Oct. 16 —(/Pi— The SPORTS ROUNDUP New York, Oct. 10 —(/I 1 )— What sort of a fall season is this when hockey, supposedly a winter sport, day the World Serifs Anyway, the scrips is opens the onds?. over and (to "boriow Hi Fillips' line) the long suffering sports- wiiters who stuck with the Cards and Rod Sox for seven games, Ion •*•*. u'./ni.T, vy v. L< i u ^^\n f~~ j, HU V_Trl Si' i iii * • < House gam; spirit still lives iiv the ci:iys «»«' several thousand .miles, World Chnmninn St. T.hn!« V^H;^ .now can look dull, feel dull and bo World Champion St. Louis Cardinals who have stolen the 1046 series Legal Notice anywhere, t-l^ui- n p « it T rn« ^ '- 7 ,.„• Franklin D. Roosevelt. The title is .v. 7-lm , thg prearrangcd signal by which fROPOSEb CONStlTUTIONAU AMENDMENT NO. 38 SUBMITTED BY FlPtY-FIFTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, a majority of all the members elected to each House agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as , an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkati- proval or'rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority .of the electors voting thereon, at such an United Press, in "Thank You, Mr. jtrom the favored Boston Red Sox President," his contribution to the | . on 'ho sheer "hustle" of Enos memories of those who knew ^laughter. The score was tied at 3-3 in the eighth inning of yesterday's decisive seventh game and the full pressure of baseball's 16th million dollar series was riding heavy on every pitch when Harry Walker lined a base hit into left conetr. "Eno," who had singled to open the inning, catapulated off first base, rounded second and headed for third while Loon Culberson retrieved the ball and make a quick relay to Shortstop Johnnv Pesky Making the full swoop" at third while Coach Mike Gonazlez i'lapped tho come-on sign like an excited mother and, Slaughter lit out for the plate. Pesky, apparently not expecting that sort of daring base-running, had dropped his arm half way, watching Walker run toward sec- Mr. Smith, as senior White House correspondent, dosed the late Presidents press conferences. Mt. Smith remains respectful and writes, "I liked Mr. Roosevelt very much," although he proceeds from there to describe a tricky, vain, regal, self-indulgent and deliberately hypocritical man. who would boom "Well, well, how in the world are you, Bill?' 'to a man of whom he had said, only a moment before, "bring in the old bore and let's get it over with." Although Mr. Smith writes that his revelations were "overlooked" in the big news of the day, he dull. . . Olu 1 player who lost uionry on tho soi'ios is Stan Musinl, who was offered $7,500 for a month's tour with Bob Feller's All-Stars. Stan will join the outfit, but he'll only got iiboul ?3,000 to add to his series cut. , . Eddie Dyer, Ihe Cards' manager, almost quit baso- ball when Knuto Rockno ottered him a freshman football coaching post at Notre Dame. And n decade later he' almost went into football again ns part owner of n club in the pro league Chick Meehan tried to organize. Sports Before Your Eyes Reports from the midwest that Uill Barclay, golf coach and assistant basketball tutor at Michigan, is goiiiR East to coach tho Harvard casers. Also that Lou Bodrcau mav become the next II- Barnhill Is Gloomy Over Hogs Chances By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Writer Coach John Hnrnlilll docsh't linois basketball coach if Bill S(Htinf , Tpxns - Orntifie Scourg Voecl; drops him as Indians man- Saturd'iv Saturday's Navy-North ' Asked i ........ Carolina gamo may turn out io bo a running duel between Ip.'i-pouiul Charley iChno Chooi Justice and 170-pound Pistol Pete Williams. . . Jack Dcitipsey will do a guest re- ferceing job for free in Danbury. Conn.. Friday for Promoter Pete Monlesi. .. a double amputee of World War 2. Joe Ooldin, Oklahoma U. right halfback, has out- rushed all three of the Soohcrs op- if a muddy field might minimize the Longhorns' speed and help the Porkers' cause, "Barnie" replied: "Frankly, 1 don't believe anything can help us." Well, at least nothing short of an atomic bomb. S/iturday's game at Austin, in which this corner rognrdcs Texas as a sure thing, probably will show poncntK, gaining 239 net yards to a| lho difference between a good team total of lad for Army, lexas Aggies , ;lnc | a gvo'at team. and Texas. . . Alex Kitson, '.Spring-! r'hsmnne ni-n Tl.ivnViill will nmiilnv field Indians' center, is tabbed pring-1 Chances arc Barnhill will employ . . ....... !ls lall afternoon the strategy he has the only mountain climber in hoc-, usccl ln , ho f | rst quartcr ot oncn key. How owners out of molehills'.' iw come, when the club other game. That is, play a de- !U ',°. ! !, l , w !. iys makl "S thcm I tensive game, punting on the sec- loncl or third down and waiting for a break. If, however, Clyde Scott Willed $265,600 ------- -- ---- — ---- — ./i Y ; Jil "'*- uit: itews UL LIIU "uy. nu sas, and upon being submitted to makes it clear to xis that much of the electors of the State for ap- his material w-ic nctunllv -sun- And nctunllv he men - "ghou" men gnouia , namiauw 111B11 _ gllouis ailu fit c ^ ?, P ii l uch amendment, -vultures," as Roosevelt called ' breaking lee was too ,ii be ° m , bfe 9° m |, a .P a '' t .° f called them - from the historic of ihe State of Ar- meetings with rhm-rhili .nnri stniin the kansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That Amendment No. 3 of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended to read as follows: The county courts of the State in their respective counties together with a majority'of the justices ot the peace of such county, in addi- l meetings with Churchill and Stalin, he neglects to observe the important point. further descriptive of Roosevelt's, true character, that he did arrange for the presence of his son, Elliott, knowing that this exclusive privilege one day would be exploitable for Elliott's great personal financial profit. This ex- '- £ ' aX s . ploitation is now operating in the EllioH's exclusiv though allowed t - d , cusv oug allowed to be levied, shall have tju cst i onable mem . oirs a bv-prod- Cr * 0 " 0t excm S I uct of the presidency, worth; at a Pn nn«, n ii , wr I w. ^ ' . th e dollar on all tax- 1 conservative estimate, $40.000. able property of their respective Dunnf* the wnr it wn« pnm rminHpc urhi/>h ohnii ho tn^,,,,, ^«, , Muring me war H was com counties, which shall be known as the county road tax, and when collected shall be used in the respective counties for the purpose common knowledge among reporters in among the county, the Army had States currency or county warrants veil on h [and his property at all times. Pas- public tax at the general election for State and county officers preceding such levy at such election. Filed in the office of 1943. Witness communication wires. Yet no word ^ver was published on this subject i until Rosoevelt was gone and the war was over. Military secrecy hind many Americans to anger when ruary, 1946. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State May 8, 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28, Sept. 4, 11. 18, 23. Oct. 2, 9. 16. 23. 30. For Rent UPSTAIRS 2 ROOM FURNISHED apartment. No 688, children. Phone 12-3t WAlRBHCJUSE BUILDING. . 323 South Laurel St. Phone- 865:< 15-'6t COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS -'HEREBY GIVEN that by virtue of a decree of the Hempstead County Chancery Court entered on the 4th day of October, 1946, in a cause pending therein wherein Mary Block, and Estella Vanhopk, were plaintiffs, and Tennyson Block, et al.. were defendants, the undersigned as Commissioner; appointed by said Court will on the 16th day of November, 1946, .offer for sale at public outcry to the highest bidder, at the North Door of the Court House in Hope, Arkansas, subject to confirmation by tne court, the following timber 'upon the following lands, to-wit: All pine timber ten inches and up in diameter at the stump at the time of cutting, which is standing, lying, growing or being upon the SOUTH HALF OF THE SOUTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 8. TOWNSHIP 11 SOUTH-RANGE 23 West, allowing the purchaser ONE YEAR from the date of timber deed to cut and remove said timber. TERMS OF SALE. Said sale will be on a credit of three months and the purchaser will be .required to give bond with approved personal security for the purchase money. WITNESS my hand on this the 7th day of October, 1946. C. E. WEAVER, COMMISSIONER. (SEAL) ,; ' whole battalion could be assigned to this duty. "Actually, he was a fabulous monarch," Mr. Smith writes. "He cou,ld be and usually was, socially Democratic, bin aways with a regal air that never let you doubt that he was in full command of the situation." That is a common misuse of the word "democratic." Actually, GOOD LAND AND GOOD HOUS- es. Standard rent or tenant, Write B. C. Lewis, Rt. 2, Hope Ark. i6-3t FRONT BEDROOM, ADJOINING bath, workjrig girls preferred. 601 Pond St. ,P,hone 737. lC-3t William R. Herndon Photographer „ First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES .Discharges - Legal Documents V. - ?4 Hour Service late as topped off his magnificent hends- up running with a fine like that scored a run worth $3,757.04 to each Cardinal share holder. Harry Brecheen, making a relief appearance when Murry Dickson weakened, club grimly to the 4-3 margin through a threatening ninth to become a three-game winner. Not since 1920 when Stancy Covcleskre whipped Brooklyn three times to give Cleveland the title. had any hurler picked up three victories in a single series. Oddly enough a two-run double by Dom DiMaggio almost lost the game, actually gave Brecheen n pint - sized workman, had handcuffed the Boston for six innings after giving up a run in the first on singles by 'Waliv Moses and Johnny Pesky followed by DiMaggio's run-scoring fly to Slaughter. After Bobby Doerr led off the second with a scratch single, Diokson did not allow a base hit until the eighth when two pinch hitters drove him from the box. Rip Russell, hitting ;'or Catcher Hal Wagner, started it with a single and moved to third when George Metkovich. batting for relief Pitcher Joe Dobson, doubled. Manager Eddie Dyer knew Brocheen was weary from a njii nine inning victory jiinday, he had faith in tho little left-hander to subdue this sudden threat. After striking out Wally Moses and taking Pesky on a fly Brocheen yielded the tying runs on DiMafigio's two-bagger. Gone was the two-run edge that Dyer had been coddling since his Cardinals knocked Dave Ferriss put of the box in a two-run fifth inning. Instead, the score was knotted with a man on second and the "mighty" Ted Williams at bat. Ess " Mrs. Edna Cliatt, above, 22-year- old Augusta, Ga., health department clerk, recently inherited 8265,000 from her grandmother. She is keeping her job, less concerned about the sudden wealth than about finding an apartment for herself and her ex-Marine husband. Wealthy Mississippi Planter Found Shot to Death Birmingham, Oct . 15 —f/P)— A wealthy Mississippi planter was found shot to death in his automobile on a Birmingham street today and police said he had been robbed of his wallet and a .$2.500 diamond. Coroner Joe L. Hildebrand identified him Edward Fairley, LIGHT MEAT ~ W ~ Btcher name while he carefully keeps his place and uses the "mister" form, is "being democratic." He loved to associate with royalty," we read further. "They were his kind of folks. Ho was fascinated by the regality of exchanging gifts with other heads of state when they met. In regal style, the president had dispatched the destroyer Murphy to t>ick up Ibn Saud—" During Tom Dewey's campaign in 1x44, in his ribald speech to xne royal rulers of the Teamsters' union in Washington, Roosevelt anticipated criticism of his extravagance in causing a cruiser to be laid up, taken out of the war with her crew, and refitted, all at the expense of the people, with special eleyator so that he would not be confined to one deck on his Pacific cruise. This all was paid for out of the war bonds and taxes of the "common man." So he invented a Republican rumor that his dog Fala, had been left behind somewhere ar-d that it hnd been necessary to detach a destroyer to fetch uie muti, an expensive ieat, if true and denied it. "When Mr. Roosevelt made an pxtenderl rniise on a naval vessel, it required the installation of spe- several years was not over yet. Successive singles by Rudy York and the troublesome Do'err created a delicate ninth inning situation. But Pinky Higgins forced Doerr at second, Roy Parted popped to Stan Musial and the game ended when Pinch H i t te r Tom McBride bounced 19 Schoendienst for a series clinching force of Higgins at second base. The pitching mound v/as the scene of a jubilant Cardinal celebration as his mates lifted Bre cheen on their shoulders. It was a great moment, too, in Cardinal history /the fourth straight time they had won out in a seven- game series and' their sixth triumph in all. For Boston, defeat was double bitter because of the knowledge they were the first Red Sox club ever to lose a World Series after they had made a show of the rest about 50, of Saucier, Miss., and a former member of the Harrison county (Miss) board of commissioners. Fairley had been shot twice, at close range, and was lying on the seat of his automobile. The car was parked throe or four alocks north of" the piincipal retail torner short weight on hard-to-set meat, "She was a millionaire, Judge, and I thought she could afford it," Fiduccia told Judge Samuel Heller. "Must be a lot of millionaires* in your neighborhood," Judge Heller commented in fining Fiduccia $200 and costs and reminding him he had been convicted three times on short-weight charges since 1941. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space" Cleaners HALLS Hatteri ** Fbmit 71 oetween al least decks," Mr. Smith reveals. He —at least 150,000 American soldiers were assigned to guard the rights of way for the safety of the whom were killed in this duty. 'Regal president, ••several" of whom were killed in this duty. After Roosevolts funeral, on ihe „„ return trip to Washington, "I saw mentions three such cruiser, the I one of the top new dealers hurl a Augusta, the Baltimore and the Quincy. * It may be remembered that a drunken brawl attended Roosevelts speech to the Teamsters under the personal auspices of Dan Tobin, the president, who also enjoys truly regal status and style above his 800,000 subjects and at their expense, including luxury without limit for himself and his family and a winter palace in Miami Beach. It was generally denied, of course, that any of the Tobin mob were drunk. On this point, Mr. Smith writes: "One excited Teamster Democrat showed his approval by beating a silver bread tray with a soup ladle. The noise was terrific. Two tables away irom me, another royal Teamster applauded by smashing glasses with a wine bottle, taking a full swing for each of the presidents punch lines and sending a shower of glass over the nearby tables." I can see no excuse for the failure of any reporter who saw this to describe the scene, except a prudenj consideration for his own future status in the circle of the White House reporters who, sometimes, submitted to degrading aspersions on their honor. Had any such disgracful conduct occurred at a Dewey dinner, it would have been reported in detail. When Roosevelt "began vo worry about his personal safety," Smith now reveals, "the Hyde Park estate was turned into a land of electrical wizardry. An elaborate electric eye system was installed with a complicated and geared-in system of floodlights which blazed on at the slightest suspicious sound. Companies of specially trained, and investigated, military police were stationed both at the White House and at Hyde Park. They maintained encircling patrol, 24 hours a day." Berchtesgaden was like that. On his two leisurely "inspection * trips'—he loved to travel by train tray of empty glasses into a toilet and shout in mock bravado, 'down the hatch; we won't need you any more.' Porters and stewards bustled with sloshing trays. You would have thought they were on their way home from a footbalJ game." These were the intimate, congenial associates of the Regal Roosevelt he knew them well and had selected them as his intimate helpers and advisers. And such were the drunken swine, truly revealing their disgusting character in a debauch occasioned by his death, whose influence ruled the lives and fortunes of the people of the United States, and now blink their bleary eyes in the current campaign, in reverence for their martyr. Again, inasmuch as he tells it now, I see no reason why Mr. Smith could not have described this scene at the time, with names. of tho American League in cnast- ng to a pennant by 12-gnme Lolos Attack Him is able lo piny, the R;r/.orb;icks may try to get the jump on the Steers with on oof those weird •? j Fowler-to-Scott pass plays. ! | Tho softest touches arc behind tho Porkers. From now on it'll be strictly rough going. ACler Texas come Ole Miss, Texas A, Rico. SMU and Tulsa. & M., Barnhill believes that Leon "Muscles" Campbell, the Bauxite freshman, will be a great fullback in j future seasons. All the hard-running speedster needs is experience . . Razorback conches with ihcir No. 1 fullback, John Hoffman, toulcl-and would get mad al somebody. Big John's extreme goocl- naturedness reduces his effectiveness . . . Another Porker to watch K Billy Ray Thomas, tho McGehec sophomore. Already he has beaten the veteran ,Rcd Wheeler out of tho starting pivot assignment. He's probably the greatest Arkansas center since the immortal Jack Newby, whoso brilliant career was cut short by death in the carlv Fights Last Night By The Asefccl.itftcl Press Los Angeles — Enrique flolnnos. 135, Mexico City, outpointed Chalky Wright, 131, Los Angeles, 10. Fresno, Calif. -- Georglc 151, Pctalumn, Calif., oulpolfUe Ben Kvas,- 145,-Tulsa. 10. . Buffalo, to. J. — Joe' Muscasto, 102 3-4, Buffalo, outpointed Ar- Info Godoy. IDn 1-2, Ctiiln, 10. SI, Piuil—Kimcr "Violent" R.iy, 204 1-2, Hastings, Fla., T.Ii.O. Earl Lowtnan. 213 1-2, New York, 2. Ry United Press Now York (Broadway Arenai — Hilly Gnihhiti. 141 1-2. New York, outpointed Clco Slinns. 133 1-2. Los Angeles, 10. *_ Hartford, Conn. — Nick Slnldfi 13 11-2, Springfield, Mass., drew with George Dunn, 131, Hartford, 10. Manchester, N. H. •— Jack (Spi- oul- 133, derl Armstrong, 130, Toronto, pointed Freddie Polowilzer, Hartford, Conn., 10. Hnrrisburg, Pa. — Speedy Duvall, 1C5, Philadelphia, stopped Irish Johnny Smith, 1GB, New York, 3. 30's. "Long John" Thompson, former Fort Smith High school grid monitor, calls the Little ROCK Tigers the "Texas of Arkansas high school football." John saw the Tigers smash Hot Springs last week and declared: "They're great. Those backs can really run and hit hard, and that line is one of the best I've ever seen in high school football." Needless to say.' Thompson didn't carry an optimistic report back uA. C'oacli Lcs Nation?. >vnosc Grizzlies take on the Tigers Friday night. Scnet, the great - grandfather of backgammon, was the pastime of ancient Egypt more than 5,000 year A plane carrying Reginald ("Ray") Goelchius, Poughkcep- sie, N. Y., parachutist, was fired upon and driven off as it combed wilderness of western China, seeking an American pilot and 31 other persons reported held by wild Lolo tribesmen. Captives were thought to be occupants of Chinese airliner which crashed on Sept. 30, in same area where U. S. Army is searching for live USAAF crewmen reported held captive by Lolos for two years. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner business district and Corner Hilctebrand estimated Fairley had been dead about five hours when a police prowl car, stopping to investigate, found him shortly after 2 a. in. A copy of an Atlanta newspaper, found in the back seal ot trie car, and a towel from a Birmingham tourist court were clues. Detective W. M. Espy said grass was found caught in the left front fender indicated the car might have been driven into an open field, where the slaying took place, and then driven to the business area and abandoned. margin. Boston also had been made 7-20 series favorites by the odds makers. In a sense it was a personal tri umph for Dyer, the soft-spoken Texan who was lured back to baseball from the oil business by his wife's insistence that "you have had all theolher jobs in the organization. Now if you turn the big one down they'll say you wore afraid to tackle it." The 36,143 last day sellout at Sportsman's, Park boosted the series over t'h e million mark at $1,052,920 not counting the $175,000 for radio rights which ordinarily is splia up among the players. It is being held in escrow to be used in the proposed player pension fund. Because t h e Sox split their shares 41 ways and also because they lost, each check will come to only $2,052.03. Both winning and losing shares are the smallest since 1918 when the series was held in early September because of the First World War. 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Howl WANTED White Oak and Heading Bolts Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkgnsoi GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop .Equipment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Hirhway 67 Phone B7 See Us For . . . INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus . 20% Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. A 1 • rire • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile Real Estate List Ylur Property for Sale'f with Us. We have 25 applicants Tor home! in Hope. Also many calls for farm property. Foster-Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 CDS 'f\ -HUST BE OF THE BEST! | ^-3 MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we 'J have hired every member of our service-with-a-srr.ile staff. OUR MOTTO IS 'SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E, 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 Borrow money from ui on your cor, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you lire. The mare you wont the better we like it. Tei gets you the Ten minutes usually Ask for Mr. McUarty, it Hope Auto Co. Wednesday, Qt\ohet 1 to, 1 946 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS dy Chit*: roun<r Bv Ray Gotta 1 ETS GET TOGETHER N THIS.' I'L -- H!|!jS NOW, WHO DID / w. irr r-\rr/~ir-ir^ \L i/\ _ ON THIS.' I'LL -m-rjf — -"" ^ — BUV SOM£ ON ) !>> I'M GOI NG MV WAV HOME A SHOPPING IN BUV SOME ON J ^ I M GOING MV WAV HOME Af SHOPPING IN FROM THE OFFICE JvTHE MORNING : . | 0 . |6 . - Pilli."TK. 1 '-ufl 1)1'. kinii I'.jli'in, '.ir.iBji, li. , \V,.,|.| „,.!,,, ,,.,n,.| SIDE GLANCES By Galbrairh CARNIVAL By Dick Turner YOU DONT DRINK, EH, i|l FLINT? WELL, I 00. ESPECIALLY WHEN -I'M ON A SPOT THIS. FEAST YOUR EYES ON THIS NOTE .'IT. WAS SLIPPED IN WITH MY MAIL THIS .^-2**.' AFTERNOON. 3**S WASH TUBbS Bv Leslie Turner TO&V WKS CRVIN' WHEN 1 PASSED HER TBMTi.EhSV. GUESS SHE'S GETTIN' CTtlHRU NWitROW, WODEN PI\SSf>.GES u .TO ANCIENT RUINS IN THE GORGES THW CUT DEEP INTO UUKACHUICIM aijsr LETTING DOWN N BIT WHEN ' •SVKS ALONE i L73BEN ALONG u TORTUOUS PWHS, KNOWN ONLS BV THE INDINNS, TO ISLANDS ASEfc OF VOUWJIC LN/ft.. SEARCH OF " CHICORRO, EASV PE5CENDS SHEER CAWOM WftLLS BY ROPE.,. RUINS POINTED OUT BV ROLLING CUOUD... DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney COPR. 19/16 BY NEA SERVICC."lNC.'T.'M. REC. U. S.'PAT'. OFF MM HOLIES UP-MA.V I COPR. 1946 BY NEK SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. 8 PtT. OFF SURE V BEEN IN THE CORNER THE WHOLE HOLJRZ "Marge met two wonderful boys during the summer, but she can't decide which is more important—a reconverted jeep or a job .in the bank!" CROSS.MY HEART, I HAVE, HONEST! FOK SPILLIN' THE PMMT, GO INSIPE-A.NP STA^NP IN THE CORNER I I'm afraid we'll have In Id Uobson «o—lie hasn't got thai killer instinct!" JRECKLIS AN'D HIS FRIENDS' FUNNY BUSINESS fey Hershberaer WESTGATE, DO ME A RAVOR./ ] I BEf Ti-IATS \I'LLTUfJM AS DRIVE BY 432. ELM STREET AND I WHERE HILDA . I SOOM AS HOWK THE HORM AS SNOOT/ yGRUBBLE LIVES // THIS CAR. PASSES US LWxXM Bv Carl Anderson HILDA/// /MA LIMOUSINE/// ANYWAY ONE HAS WHEEL "J think they've seen us—he's messaging''soup's on'!" POPEYE ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. HaitiJin AS HAIR-RWSINCLY "VWELL, WE'LL BE OM ENJOYABLE AS MY \ OUR WAY NOW / WHAT SOJOURN IN MOO HAS] JUST AS SOOM , BEEN, I'LL STILL BE < AS KING 6UZ AND { EARTH GLAD TO GET BACK \ ALLEY FINISH TOTHS TWEMTIETH^THEIR CONFERENCE' CENTURY Thimble Theater J WE AIM'T 1 STBUCK WATER VF? (LETS 6O DOWN ANOTHER \ 5FOOT.'/} ~ HAH /.' j THA'S l ~ SWELL!/ WE'A DOWM L. v X CVOUSE WAWTS ME LEKJP A HftTP. TO X£T SO HftP.O .xsOV^HlWc:) UP FOOD,» AMD OUR 1 <SURE HOPE FOOD VOR ^Ht ^vtM '. Mli<5T Bt STAR^tO 1 . OWNERS OW i COME (\NO GET IT 1 i BUT \V<!> 9OR.THE MRKfb HUNlK, <50K1 1 p^ OUT OUR WAY By J. R, Wiiliqm* tAT PiNOTHtR OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople WE'LL WORK \ / > ( THAT'S A WHY / HE THIS LAST WARMIM AtAOS / Voo OWE ME 30 ROCKS PER. HALF O* TMAT LP.MF; AM' I'M 60NMA SET IT IF I HAFTA WA\T AN V STEAL WAMDLES OFFA YOUR ALMO&T ALARfA I\AE-, THE ...TACK9 BALDWINS ^ PORCH- I PERCEIVEJCUNABERJS OUR 15 -^ SHOES .IM5URED. 1 PRO/ HUN'TEP \ DON'T.' SOUR UNCOUTH METAPHORS.' RED RYDER By Fred Harmon e tot 9>UU.ET-PROOF, &UT TOU'RE WlOR ELK oAMTT REAPS Ff?0 s \ HiS SECRET PARTNERSHIP C'JTT S-ViSOA'S GAJ-VftUrto RIPER'S CRAMP

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