Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1946
Page 5
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K. of L., i returned to the head of the na- cornes up with a proposal In his lion's football parade, and Texas official publication, 'The Photoen- has slipped into third place behind graver, in which that mythical' Notre Dame, snake that we all have heard so I Tho country's sports writers See Albert Graves. much about actually does bite Little Rock. Oct. 14 — tfP)— A report on conditions at the Arkansas State hospital for nervous diseases may be heard by the Pulaski Grand jury in session here tomorrow. 15-6t -himself by the tail and try to eat i himself up. Mr. Woll, a Catholic and an enemy of all Communists and all who knowingly have truck with them, thinks it is about time to start picketing the movie houses nci-oss the country, through the class. balloting In the Associated Press' weekly poll, were quick to restore Red Blaik's Blak Knights, on the basis of Iheir 20-13 victory over Michigan, to the No. 1 ranking they held for two years. Sixty-three of 139 writers put the Cadets back at the- head of the Future Jockey? agency of a league for political de-1 Porkers Work Hard for Texas Game Fayettcvllle, Oct. lf> — i/P>— .Jufit about everyone expects Texas to end Iho Arkansas Rnv.ofbackfi' stay Hie nation's unbeaten foot ball teams at Austin Saturday •••- A special committee of the j cency, to drive out of the movies Grand jury hns been investigating' all' Communist actors, writers and conditions at the hospital and last week queried former officials of the institution. Help Wanted WAITRESSES WANTED TO WORK producers and all others who, maybe, aren't Bolsheviks themselves, but contribute to their leagues, committees, guilds, councils, foundations, federations, groups, congresses and so forth, for or against this or that. This is an old and, as respecta- ; f ^, . 7 — i J.1UE* ia ait uiu uiiu, us icaiJcuu in cafe. Experience not neces-lbiijty gocs in -unionism-, highly re sarv. Annlv Loe s Couft-Cnfe or i ...-5 f , ....: . -°.. .i._ 4 phone 222. I ly Loe's Court-Cafe or 8-tf WHITE OR COLORED MAN that has had experience in slaugh- spected craft union proposing that. • But Mr. Woll is proposin:'. in a. loud editorial, under one of the dignified names in th a union Based on a point-scoring system of 10 points for a first-place ballot, nine for a second, eight for a third, and so on, Army collected 1,207 1-2 points. The Longhorns squeaked through over Oklahoma by the same score that Army did in beating Michigan. Army previously had defeated Oklahoma 21-7, and because of that game the Texas team had declared it aimed to make Arrrfy look bad by comparison. The Longhorns were given 38 votes for the top, spot, and while they drew more than Notre Dame's be {3-1 i'or first place, the Irish rolled cattle hoes Will oav Mod movement,, that picket lines salary'Tor a good man Moore's H llrown around t commercial ^prem-. up a huge second-place score—51 City Market. Phone 767. ---•-" —- n- ises : whose employees generally are Stalin Meant U.S.inWar TalkCharge London, Oct. 14 — (>P)— The Moscow radio said last night that Prime Minister Stalin's "ecent charge that ' military men were promoting war talk referred _io "such a country as the United States." Answering a letter from Alexan- union members from front to back and whose product, drummer, glammer, music, hoofbeats and scenery is produced entirely, by union people, from the grips, carpenters, hair-dressers and hostesses to the posturing sawdust beauties, hes and shes. To be sure, .unions often do picket one another but, usually in jurisdiction- at disputes, as where the electri- ciar.o think their man ought to hold the step-ladder at :?1.50 per hour, while another electrician screws a light-bulb into a socket, 1-2 to 31 for Texas. Apparently Notre Dame's 49-G trouncing of Purdue made a better impression on the voters than did Texas' decision over the Sooners. In spite of their setback by Army. Michigan's Wolverines dropped only one notch in the ratings, j'rom fourth last week to fifth. Displacing Michigan at No. 4 position was University of California at Los Angeles, 26-6 victor over Stanford. The Bruins' third straight win got them five first-place ballots and all of the writers contributed to a '63-point total for the Uclans. and the riggers claim that ladder Penn's Quakers, who have yet to holding for light-bulb-screwing-in opei ations was allotted to them by the convention of 1904. Dave Dubinsky, of the Ladies' Garment encounter any bothersome compel! tion, received a pair of first-place votes and amassed 502 points that gave them sixth place, just 40 short Workers, got himself denounced lot" Michigan's 542. P nrHM,,r t Times, Stalin declared on Sept. 24 that some foreign niilita.vy men were spreading war talk to keep their countries from cutting military budgets. A Moscow broadcaster, whose name was blotted out by faulty reception here, sf.id "Stalin's t- country as -hip sitintinn h-' ™ d women 0 the United states, once by a branch of the newspaper guild, as an employer who had fostered a company union in violation of the Wagner act. labor's Magna Carta, you know, because his press department of 19 members, were employed by an A. F. of L. union. In this intoler- P T D obliged °o ' " T^SS ^J^rl^;! K V*ulffinCT cap S 1 IT"in peacetime, the United States if your knowyour union law. tary purposes two-thirds of the total- sum which it expended in the course of 150 years at peace." In Moscow, the government paper Izvestia took note of n story in the Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution which said the Japanese designers of an atomic bomb were prisoners in the Russian capital and termed kansa's. 12-3t -4 MONTH OLD BLACK AND ~" Mute Cocker Spaniel. Phone ' FOUR ROOM HOUSE FOR '" sale. Immediate possession. J. F. > - Easterling, Phillips Addition. 14-3t •I WOOD :COOK STOVE, WHITE table'top style. In good condition. - -904 West 4th St. Phone 750-J. 15-lt QUANITY OF 1/2 AND 3/4 IN. pipe. Jewell Moore. Phone 767. , .. , - 15-31 sma A. F. of L. would throw out of work I don't know how many hundred thousand other A. F. of L. -people as a means oC policing the politics of-a few political hoydens of all sexes and censoring the .great;ar-C of the aesthetic leg-men, Sunday feature people, rewrite hands and city-side coffee-chasers -Provocateurs not on a nrovin ial ^s 0 cale' te ' U said the^over^- wood and struck U rich writin S Alabania dropped to seventh place with 470 and two other southern teams, Georgia and Tennessee, broke their eight-place tie of last week, Georgia remaining in that spot with 356 while the Vols wound up No. fl with I!36. Northwestern stayed in tenth place at 203 1-2 as a result of its one-touchdown victory over Minnesota. Oklahoma, having lost to both Army and Texas, got an "E" for effort by being promoted from 22ttd to 13th ranking'. The second ten: 11-Columbia, 109 1-2: 12-Louisiana State. 125; 13-Oklahoma, 109; 14-Arkansas. 25: 15- North Carolina 23; IG-TUcc 10; 17- Duke, 15: ItMndian.-i. 12 ;19-\Vil Ham and Mary, 11; 20-lie between Wisconsin and Tulsa, 10 eai-h. Others receiving one or .more' entrance of a jealous sailor to j | everyone, • that is, except the s I'a/.orbacks. j Jt'.norltif! predictions niul dope, the Porkerr, are hopeful of springing an upset as they got about the business of whipping up a defense for the nation's foremost grouncl- gniiiin iniu'lline. The Ruor.rbaok camp was cheered somewhat today by ihe news that Wingback Clyde Scott, who was injured in the Baylor game, might be able to see limit,ed action against the Longhorns. I The former Navy ace's status still .' is uncertain but Team l?hysician Fount Richardson said last nij>ht Billy Uanklieacl, 3, sits proudly astride his mount on which he won; j there was a chance he would be Truce Signed Halting Indies { Hostilities Bnlnvln. Oct. 14 —i/n—The Moth- crlnnds government and .the Indonesian -Republic sinned M Irucu nRrcerficnt today culling . f of immediate I'cssutirin nf the H'lfiomri' second prize in fclshionublu horse show at Bryn Mawr Pol • Grounds. Bryn Mawr, Pa. Auntie Tullulah .did the leading. SPORTS ROUNDUP New York, Oct. 15 —Wi—Perli- lent pickups from yesterday's jam session of the football writers and coaches: Doug Kenna, Army scant: "The only safe -place- to -be when you're playing Columbia is behind . . . Doc Blanchard seemed 10 get stronger as the game progressed against Michigan. He'll be all MS. fibrin,*.- w right.' Leo Paquin. Fordham: "The' scouts say Herman Wcde- meyer is all he's cracked up to be. 1 look for a real thriller against St. Mary's, not one of those 9-7 games where St. Mary's stayed on the ground all afternoon and Fordham stayed underground." . . . . Greasy N e a 1 e, Philadelphia Eagles: "Our mistake was that we didn't use our old halfbacks instead of the young- ones who Slum- bled. The veterans always arc better than the freshmen." Lou Little, Columbia: "Levi Jackson is going to be a real good football player; he lifts his feet up straight and that makes him harder u> tackle." .-. . Steve Owen, N. Y. Giants: "I saw in the papers Micro was dissension on the Redskins. That must have been right be- only he threw footballs instead of rocks." He's All Ears Jimmy Conxclman, Chicago Cards' cimch, says he always knew Paul Christman was a cool cus- ready. I With Scott and Fullback John jShaddox unlikely to See much action, the offensive burden will be Ion the tiny shoulders of the Pork- 'ers' pint-sized tailbacks — Aubrey i Fowler and Kenny Holland. i Fowler,, his teammates believe, I is "past due" and is likely to ex- iplodc against the Orange Scourge. ]Thc little triple-threatcr is one of the best forward passers in the Southwest but hasn't cut much of a rug yet on the ground. Last yeai he scored 126 points .lor Arkansas [Tech and his mates figure it's just nhl hostilities in (he Kust Indies. No "cense fire" oHler hns yet '• been issued, but the tiBreement , stipulates .that the. tnico between • Indonesian and Allied forces wi4 ( be considered in effect as of toda\f , The joint truce commission, :n- eluding Indonesian, Dutch and British representatives, will be charged with truce- enforcement, The British members will withdraw after Nov. HO, when the luyt of Britain's armed-forces are schethilcd to have left Indonesia. The Dutch military position m the Indies, meanwhile, was slrenglhened by Ihe a (-.rival at Batavia of tlte Karol Doorman, Holland's only aircraft carrier. _ broken nrnv, HnlfbacX Ralph Ellsworth has a bad charlny horse which may keep him from playing against Arkansas and Jim Canaday, the other starting halfback, is nursing a shoulder injury which may come around. Tackle Ed Kelley and End Dale Schwart/.kopt',. both also starters, 1'cueivcd leg injuries due to keep them on the sidelines :Cor a week or two. The" Longhorns' depth, however, \, 11 [i i i\_i j 11 r> 111 ti i wn 11 Ft^.11 ^ ' i o j vio L i . . . it A • • i v. matter of when he gets marled, -should be able to minimize thej i i . • i.. .. i i.t. __.'n t._ Irtccrtii Arkansas' line probably Will be stronger this week than ••••nen it met Baylor. Guards Bill Frank- lomcr, but even Jimmy ;is sur-!lin, Thcron Roberts and Dick Mar- prised between the halves of Sunday's game against Detroit . . . As the teams left the field. Christman sidled up and said: "It's tied after two inninus." '...Paul hadn't been tin. all kept on the shelf to recuperate from injuries last week, are slated to play at Austin. Shaddnx. if unable to play, probably will be missed mostly on dc- too busy playing .football vo listen fense. for big John Hoffman, who to the announcements of World j has started all games except the Series scores. Natural Confusion Sum Barnes, former Oklahoma one last week, is the man wno led th" conference in rushing last fall. Down at Austin, Texas Coach D.-iini Bible was reshuffling his Aggie grapplcr who is teaching squad today to replace iirst string English and assisting with intramural sports at Virginia Military Institute, worked out this daily schedule: 3 to 11 a. m., .English classes: 11 to 1 and 2 to 4, touch football: 4 to . (i, sut'tball: evening losses'. Few injuries were reported around the rest of the circuit yesterday as the teams began preparations for this week's games. Each received warnings that its Saturday opponent would be tough and stepped through a routine drill. In other games this week. TCU plays Texas A. & M., SMU plays Rice and Baylor meets Texas Tech in the only non-conference go. hums, wrestling Proudly he showed it to Intramural Director' Herb Palchin "By Patchin exclaimed, "in a you won't know whether gosh," month .you're cause Sammy Baugh was throwing! passing a guy on his grades or at Steve Bagarus ;ill afternoon —grading a guy on his passes." ers who were injured in the Oklahoma game last week. Blocking Back Joe Magliolo is out with a Jealous Sailor Held in Shooting Miami Reach, Fla., Oct. 14 — (UP)-— A clerk who barred ' the ONE 9 BY 12 WOOL SEAMLESS Axminister rug. See Mrs. L. R. *... Morrow, 3 miles south of Hope - - on highway 29. 15-U i*— t «. ~5 ROOM HOUSE, BARNS, CHICK- en house and good outbuildings. , 3 acres land, all fenced. See " JM E. Tate, Washington, Ark. » - -».-. 15-6t cial newspaper, "picked it up and started to spread it all over the world." (David :Shell wrote in the Constitution that a Japanese officer told him he had been in charge of Japanese scientists in Konan, Korea, who had successfully tested an atomic bomb .three days before the war ended. The scientists de- : stroyed unfinished bombs and secret documents, Snell quoted the officer as saying, before the Russians came.) Both Izvestia and Pravda criti- ized "American hospitality" • in he light of a United States Justice Department request that 17 European delegates to the Third American Slav Congress-Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Czech—regis- er as i'oreign agents. Izvestia said the words of U. S. officials who praise exchange of delegations for better international understanding "differ rrom their deeds." ' TWO LOTS ON EAST 13TH~ST. Reasonable. Lester Osborn, 117 North Hazel St. 15-lt VEX 9UY, WOOD. GET YOU A quick! 'heat !6il burner. See one at my house.' W: A. Austin,'R't. 2 Hope. 15-3t Wanted WANTED: RECEPTIONIST—SEC- retary. Good Salary, Permanent position for right person. Apply by letter. Box 98. 14-3t William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Cprnmercjql and Advertising .PHOTO COPIES -Discharges.^ Legal Documents --24 Hour Service nght ALL IN THE FAMILY Philadelphia, Oct. 15 — W _aret Milligan and Joseph Bbnner, who have been married more thah 20 year?, jvill attend the wedding of Hheir Jxa'rehtg Saturday. Mrs. Janet Milligan, 68, and Wiliam Bonner, 67, have known each other 22 years. Both are widowed.- PANE SIN THE NECK Wadena, Minn., OcU 15 — (/pj —For several mqnths the partially constructed George Uselman building has been a havet) for sparrows. After workmen installed windows — without telling the birds- many of the sparrows broke iheir necks seeking air exit through the glass. But workers halted the wholesale destruction of the birds by whitewashing the window panes. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cardi Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Get Ready FOR FALL By haying your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space" Cleaners HALL'S Hotttrt HUGHI. HALI^Ownir N. Fergu*on Phone ?f Mr. Woll thinks the reason why so many of them came dosvn with acute social consciousness, meaning both the hacks and the hams, is that they are oppressed by a sense of guilt because o :c their swollen incomes and are stung by the taunts of "superior but non- Hollywood intellectuals." But what I say is that, while most of them do realize secretly that they are trash, they are not wired for any such feelings as shame or inferiority and are trying to establish aristocracy of trash, as the Astors, Vanderbilts and Goulds did in their own time. They really believe it is fine to be trash and, to give them credit, they have at least made it stylish to be such, as you will note in the slavish imitation in their own personal characters, Jives and social customs Of those depicted in Tobacco Road, but in a (milieu: French word, very intellectual) of swimming pools, gray caviar and Russian sables. Now millions of Americans, especially the adolescents, are trying to be trash, to, and the general divorce rate has risen from one in six to one in three, which is on loward the Hollywood rating of 99 out of 100, according to the August averages of the Department of Agriculture, bureau of swine. The goal is 100 or promiscuity, for which the Hollywood term is Schneider, irom gin- I'immy, the prevailing intellectual' exercise. ; ; My theory is that from-the year. 1933 until recently they were flattered to observe that their own morality, if you could use such a a word in that connection, had become the unofficial but influential standard of the country or, anyway, the administration, and that they like Communism only :for it'j recognition of licentiousness. On the tax side, it is significant that there names often appear in Ihe lists of refunds and of contributors jof deductible, high-bracket checks to ismatic Bolshevik organizations. For security, tney know lhat the decent people of the country will carry on the fight for a balanced budget and against national bankruptcy and, by their votes and courage will make it impossible for the Communists to take over the country, including their California estates and other luxuries. Personally, I think the best way would be to refrain from calling anyone a Communist or a Stalinist and just announce that, lor reasons sufficient to myself. I wouldn't patronize any theatre which showed a picture with which Ruth McKcrmy or her husband, who calls himself Bruce Minion, had anylhing to 4°. These two recently were thrown out of the Communist party. .And I would draw a bead on Paramount, too, inasmuch as they announced that they were employed as writers by Paramount, until Paramount publicly announced th-it the Mintons, or whatever they call themselves, were no longer employed, and to hell with any fine- spun explanations from Paramount. It is my right to make such decisions and announce them publicly, even by picketing (see opinion by old Professor Weenie of 'the Supreme Court, in the Cafeteria case-) and, naturally, I would be pleased if a . sew million others shared my aversion and eletermjiJa- tori. I don't want to censor anyone's art of expression, I juz' won't pay any money to any company that pays any money to tne?e Mintons. And then I would add ooints: Wake Forest and Oklahoma A & M 9 each; North Carolina State, 7; Harvard, Oregon and Iowa, G; California, 5; Oklahoma U., 4; Yale and Southern odi.it, 3 each; Illinois and Ohio State, 2 each; Virginia, South Carolina, Villanova, St. Mary's (California), Catawba, Penn State and Vanderbill, 1 each. hotel room here where the navy man thought his girl friend entertained another man, was in a hospital today with critical bullet wounds. Dennis-Carlson, 20, o.' Providence, R. I., told police that he shot 50-year-old J. H. Watkins in the leg and abdomen when the cle'i'k tried to stop him from en- DOGHOUSE Chicago, Oct. 15 •-(#) —Charles R .Goesel, 2G, owner of a dog kennel in suburban Midlothian, seeking a divorce in superior court, commented that it's harder to teach obedience to a woman than it is to n dog. Judge Peter Schwaba, without comment, granted 'the divorce asked by Goesel from his wife, Anna, on grounds of desertion. "Now I can go buck and stay with the dogs and be happy," Goesel said. tering the girl's room Carlson, a third-class radar technician aboard a landing ship, appeared more concerned that the girl would think he meant to harm her than by charges that may evolve from the shooting. Watkins was shot with a .45 automatic. The sailor left his night post aboard ship and came vo the hotel. After the shooting, he fled the scene in a commandeered car. He outsped police, but was thrown unharmed from the machine when it overturned. Crawling through the bushes to the beach, lie swam to his ship. Carlson was taken into custody aboard the vessel and turned over to Miami beach police. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner The Japanese administered a proprietary drug called, "migozai" to improve the night vision of their soldiers. other name's from lime to time. But how can Mr. Woll organize a national boycott or picket line under a union's authority when the purpose is stated to be purely political and moral without projecting the unions into a field of censor ship? One union boycotls the work of half a dozen olhers and counter- boycotts and cross-boycotls follow in retaliation. The first thing they know thev have swallowed their tail right up to their own ears and svhat happened then I won't try to tell you because the story about the snake seems to be just a myth, although it would have to be a pretty serious dilemma, don't you think? No, ox-out dilemma. What am I thinking about, dilemmas have got horns and snakes ain't. Anyway, a nu-indary. Or do quandaries have horns, too? I mean African ciuan- dariej. —o— SELF DEFENSE Kansas City, Oct. 15 —•(#)— The convention cut-up's/ sacked water from the hotel window has about ran ils course here. The city council is going to act Friday on a proposed ordinance janning the dropping of sacked vater and other articles from hotel vindows as a result of a severe njury to a resident who was truck by a beer botlle lossed from a holel window al a recent conven- Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York — Sam Baronrii, IfiO, Akron, Ohio, outpointed Holman Williams. HiO. Chicago, ilOi. Hoston — Tommy Sullivan, 174 li-4. Boston, slopped Georgie Kp- chan, 17:i, Akron, Ohio, .I9i. Chicago— Chuck Hunter. 15 1-2, Cleveland, outpointed Art Brown, 150, Chicago, (81. Omaha — T.ejo.B.oddio, 191, Omaha, knocked out Bob Nora, 189, Cheyenne, Wyo., 2. By United Press Newark. IS. J. •— Clint Miller, 125, Elizabeth, N. J., knocked out' Sal Scarnavaccia, 121 1-2, Newark, (O'l. Now Haven, Conn. —Billy Walker, 159, Saybrook, Conn., outpoint- ed Coolidgc Miller, 1C4, New VTork, (8). New Britain, Conn. —Tony Vero, 54, Stamford, Conn., outpointed Joe Bennett, 155, New York, (lOj. Holyokc. Mass. — Villa Viten- cio, 159, Mexico City, stopped Augie Fleischauer, 15, New York, Doug ^ITV Carl Bacon V^l I T Jones ELECTRJC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 Health and Accident INSURANCE Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCIDENT A8SO. Omaha, Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J 1013 W. &th at. ATTENTION ' ' ' '"" FARMERS and DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Roofs with Paint For Commercial Spray Painting consult LUM RATELIFF Phone 979-W 618 W. Division REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. 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For better work at better prices— Old beds made new $3 Down — Balance Weekly WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for »nd Deliver Anywhere BirgaUn In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. Hotel WANTED White Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEAPING COMPANY Phone 745 Hope, Arkansas GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop (Equipment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Hifhway 67 ' Phone 57 See Us For . . . Gl LOANS For Purchase of Homes In Hope. 4% Interest — 20 Years to -Pay INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20',T Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. • rire • Tornado • Casualty • Automobile Foster - Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 OUK SRMCE 'MUST BE OF THE BEST/. MUST BE, because that's a tradition with this company. MUST BE, because that's what you expect when you drive in here. MUST BE, because that's a condition on which we have hired every member 'of our service-with-a-smile staff. OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" HEFNER NASH CO. Byron Hefner 314 E. 3rd. Phone 442 CASH — ' n 10 Minutes! ,'e'i .11 Tuesday, October 15, HOPS StAft, MO.H, ARKANSAS • e. . ~, |l Poge Five \| BLONDIE «Jy Chit*: rountj PETER PAB8IT J '\'l' 'RE NOT DOING JV LETS SEE AMVTWING. Dlf AR- flf/ WOW VQIJ START A DROP KICK \Wt-IAT ARE vou DOING IN THERE CREPT CAUTIOUSLY ALONG THE GAPDEN WALL-..' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES By Golbroirh CORK. 1946 BY NE» SERVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ..leppR. i946.DY.l,'E» SC.IVICE'.'IN'C.T. M. REC. 0: g. p/rr. &FP. 'If a man answers, put out the iirei" — "Our new neighbors have some new, expensive things, George—I can't wail to tell her how smart we have been not to buy at the high prices!" BUSINESS b>y Hershberaer FRECKLtS AND Hi5 FRIENDS By Blosser "Oh boy! If the wind ever blows that ha I oil'l" POPEYE OOSH, MR.S. SMITH. LAPD IS STRICTLY ULTF3A j ME DIDN'T 1DMIGHT ' WHERE'S -FLOSSIE T/MCIM& HIM ? V /AE, FRECW.ES./ 1 I GOTTA GET OM HOME/ I HAVE A DATE TOO--BUT IT PROBABLY CAN'T MATCH LARD'S FOE- GUTTER? s WHY . LARD SMITH, I'LL BE OKAY, YOU ACf AS IF \ FLOSSIE.' L YOU'O NEVER. RIDDEM- .} GUESS-.L IN ft LIMOUSINE BEFORE/./TRIED To REACTION h> SETTING IM/ Thimble Theater WE AIMT MAP MUCH RAIN, AW'A 1 IS ^.(^vOftFUI-t -^A^Vvf HASP// AHOV, STROMG HEALTH<V—— HOW'S ABOUT (3IVIW ME A VOUSE ME TO &IVE VOUSE A CpKay; VOUSE ASKED} //^,^E3£JI£m m ( nj'i Wit. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Borrow money from MS on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you oil you need if we possibly con, regor4lett of where you live. The more you want the betler we like it. Ten minutes usually you the coih. Ask for Mr. McLarty, qt Hope Auto Co. NEVER AG.MM WILL I OET PJEADV, TILL WE CAM RENT A GARAGE CLOSER THAXJ A MILE FROM 6OOD GRIEF.' ON HIS ( Vv'AY TO GET THE AUTO\ MOBILE HE HAS A ' FLAT TIRE OM THE BICYCLE.' ' THIRTV YEARS TOO SOOM 1 LL A\AKE A, OEA.U, A|v\OS/M NOT TODA.V, MV FOMD XPAlDMftB.THA*5q.q5 ^^ BROTHER » X'NA MOT FE-R TH' LAM(= BUT vOe -^l PAVING FOR VsteJR NAL ASSAULT/THOSE POST-GRADUATE WAS 60TrA IM ONi Vf, e>O You owe HAU.F •-«-•-_ WE'LL 1056 TO GEE IF VOU FAY ALL OR. ._jr-: OF YOURS DO EV6RV- OZARK IKE BV Rov GoH* WASH ...'AS COLLY FLOWERS CHARGES ACROSS THE RING TO FINISH HIS APPARENTLY HELPLESS FOE.,.. BUT AS HE OPENS UP TO THROW A . HAYMAKER... WINOY STAGGERS OUT OF HIS CORNER FOR WOUND VIC FLINT Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane / I WAS IN I CASE, YES-- NOW I'M ON MY V VACATION. WHAT'S -YOUR. V PH&BUEM, MR. LILT.? I'M CLIP LILT, JANET'S BROTHER SHE TOLD ME ABOUT YOU, MR. FLINT. YOU'RE A PRIVATE'DETECTIVE. CRACKED THAT MELCROFT-THORN BUSINESS THAT SPLASHED ALL OVER THE FRONT PAGES RECENTLY. RIGHT? IN A. JAM. ear n HELP ME By Leslie Turner 1 , ALES A\NWi TWO IAEN \MMT / I'OR WIA I WILL / SHOW VOO ANNTSMI RUINS KNOWN ONL^ TO ^l^vJ^3os... \ WAMBEONE'ISLOST \ cm sou SEEK! MS FMHEB XBEFORE THEM SILENCE \HE wixs kfRlSONER \ORIONFOREVIER WO SUP \ FR'lEND OF OF NvOCHO MID WS \ FROM CKICORRO WI1H SIWER ) MN-PEOPVE. ESCA,fCD COWICTS, FROfATW NfWMO'S ^ND! J ROLLING WE^E GOT TO FIND THEW*NOW, BEFOREV ~' rMiUHIlJlPL^ -HELP MK{BE,..BUT WE'Ll BE FREE MEN IN FEW PMS.COKEJ ITBACKTOTWRUWS TODAM WITHOUT NO .SHEEP HERDERSEE1M' US INKERTNtE FOOLISH CKftNCES By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK A.H, HEEE'S ONE THXT'S PA.RTL'V PUCNISHEP! I WEEP A FUKNISHEP BRIIMS ON LEASE, PAL... 'ANVTHING T 1 GET BY! T on MM . 5OLP /VW FURNITURE! v C0rl Anderson SOUR. CRAB ALLEY OOP Bv V. TV HaniJin BUT i"DIDN'T/OH, YES,YOU DicTO DO NOTHlisJ' / • SOS,'? I DON'T NO OTHER KMOW U'HAT WOULDA PATRIOTIC \ HAPPENED TO US MOOViANj \ MOOVlANS IP WDULDN'T'Vel YOU HADN'7 DONE.' ^\ SHOWED UP.' WHEN 1 THINK.A >, WELL, GEE WHI7 SOME OP TH' THINGS ADONE SOME PRETTY I'VE PONE T'YOU IN TK'| SHABBY THINGS PAST, T" OH, HOW COULD/ VOU IN MY TIME I BEEN SO CRUEL? PEOPLE,MY THROVE THEN, ON "OPPA Aut THAT, YOU =553! GIVE 1 COPB. t W BY NU SERVICE. INC. T.' ft. SEC. U. S.' MT. OFF By Edgar Martin 1 DO YOU ".. _ _ _ „ TWt of | cowms POTPfTO | \,v>vm TKt WU. I OUT 6t tNOUGH ? ft f ftGSV fcOO 1 6OSV\,NOU X PvKNO THSX ^ QUO TIOUOWDOV^ By Fred Harmon kfcD KTDtR THE Eoi'utT HIT '.^THH B\CI<. S:> KEEP Hif\ &'LL PU.L LUCK.T 1'Oil' UJ^CUE 1 i s \!5 CAROL— HAN'S (3OOP CA,V5£V

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