Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 12, 1946
Page 3
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K ^ ^ * * ^ - 1 ' w i ' i * i •• *J*,.. *i*>_J,i , ' ' x Chi.'*; l*v»Urt<» HIP- NDU CANNOT G THEIR AFFAIR LAST VEARi HIM NO,YOU WANT A OP GIRO SEED 1 us r-^r COINS' <TA«, MOM, ARKANSAS OZARK IKE , October 12, 1946^, ._. III! II _ "^*M Bv Roy (fctto ^^ T* I 1 W • COLLY BLOWERS ... 'CAUSE , ** > "' f>£ 5TA R;-ffoP'F, AUKAHSAS \ > , > • • ' Social a,id P< a«»d I'erf on a Phone W« BefvvMh I *i m. arid 4 p, hi. I Social Galendar This Curious World By William Ferguson SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith VIC FLINT OOKfolAkK IH£ 'Mil /A//. f±\A/U\ ^frjlltin tf / Wn w •AHI^HIIIIIIj^^^^^^^^^Mfl By Ml-hdel O'Malley & Ralph Lane; TRANSFUSED "i OO& OR DS5TROVS THE RED CORPUSCLES IN THE ANIMAL'S OWN BLOOD, BUT VVHEhJ TRANSFUSED INTO A OF" APE AMD MAN ° \ -&/&&. f i !^^^^^Wll " * r IN PRINTING • ' _| j^ ONE DC PR1NTIN6 A UNITED STATES ONE DOLLAR BILL/7 IM OUR E«* E USE WORDS FROM ABOUT 7WSA/TT COPR. 194S BY NEA SEHV1CS. INC, T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OPA, WORRY BECOMES YOU LT. BUt I WOUIDN'T BUBBLE DOUBLE'S A NASTY CHARACTER JST INCONVGN'|6NT NASTY BUT BAD NASTY/ DARLING MISTAKE, ORDERING BUBBLE WOULOK'T WftHT THINS TO HAPPEN TO YDLt DAft- fourid ool that Janet Li It had Circles of the Women's r of ..the . First Presbyterian chuich will moot Mpfldny nt 2:SO p.m. at the following places: -Circle' No', i at the home of Mrs".' L. -A. Fbstor. ...Circle' 2, jit the home of Mrs. B, E. McMahen.. ^Circle,. 3 nt the home of . . , Dr. . Etlh Champlain with Miss Mamie t I'wltchell nssocintc hostess, Business Women's Circles will tnect nl 7:30 Monday night witli Miss Jack Porter as hostess. , The W.S.C.S. of .the First Method-: 1st church will mo6t nt the church' at 3 <3.tn, Mo/iday. There will bo 1 a meeting of the Executive Com- fniHeC at 2 p.m.' • • • Th'e W.M.S. of :the First Baptist Church will meet at 2:3Q Monday i-ltcrne'ljii at the Educational Building. Circle No. 4 will present: -•i ri program', oh "World Investments '••' 6f Southern- Baptist". ' . Tlio Business Womons Circle of the. First Baptist church will rficel nt 7:30 p.m. iMohday In tho Edit, catlonal Building- A/nl«a Garden Club Meeting Thursday ,Th'o Aia;leni Garden Club mel Thursday ntterhoon al the home of Mrs". K. L. -Broach wilh Mrs. Kelly Urynnt as associate hostess. The meeting/was presided over by Mrs. Er'mnelt Thompson, president, The program was arranged by Mrs. Moody Willis rind Mrs. Lylc Brown. Mrs, Arch Moore as guest speaker' chose ns her subjcc "Bulbs". 'During'(he social hour the hos tesscs, served a delightful des seri plate to twelve members uiu one guest. Mrs.' H'untirigtori, Mt.a; Witzil, Jr. Horljred .Mrs. .Knlhcrine Howard enter tained with a delightful cut'co. t' day morning at her home from 10 IQ 12 noon, Honoring Mrs. no'iWi Huntington of Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. .C. P. .Witzil' Jr. of Wilmington', Delaware. The house was beautifully doc- orated- with arrangements of chry- State Livestaek Show to Open on Monday ss; WASH TUB3S By Leslie Turner HWM... < V___j5 a ?^' - , :w ^ ;; . v ^^-i • • •-v^U**^^'^ JCOPR. 1548 BY MM SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. -RIIASTHM •ZIG-ZAG-TOW) THEDESOtME (.REGION... ...BUT IP THEV'O BEEN V ANP SOU CftN TWO CENTURIES EfSRLIER / 8E _URE,W«tt, A.N 1 TA.KEN * SIDE TR\P I THOT SOWS OVER HERE, TH6VD 'WE UM6«N MWMO niv\w... x FOUND TWS ftREIS (MSHTil I IS WWCWM& THREE SHIP- \ tWCKW SETTLED! JAUS ML THE LOAPS OF II^WWWV—--, -^ Ik. Tl WE ! TOURISTS PROBMUV \ /, SWP THKT TO // --'"-'•' ;ONMV, / ' ....... FIRST / , THROWEOEVES / __. DONALD DUCK ANSWER: Blue, blac«, and green. FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer ALABA.BBUE THE GREAT TELLS YOUf? FUTURE AND LOANS Vbu MONEY y folks are taking care of the kids and the wife's v/orking—>t certainly is nice to be put through college by .Uncle Sami" 5RECKLZ3 AT4D HIS FRIENDS By Blosser "Business was punk, so I bought two njpro; balls and added a sideline r> - ' ..-POPEYE AR.D WAS WHISTLED AT By FLOSSIE FlDGE WHO TOOK ADVANTAGE OP VyOMEM'S. RIGHTS DURlMe 7WIRP SEASON . "HB'S NOME TOO LOOK AT WHAT 1 Y£AH — TriE PLUB DODOS/ HAPPY AB&if IT: TO 5E MY GUEST ' FOR D'INMER AT '.^ WANTS TO TRY OUT THE RED CAR- per FOR SIZE/ THE NORTM-RIDSE I ^pEPFB^ / UCYTFI / J jetr'tKo; HOTEL; ^^^ THAT'S DEFINITELY TOP-DRAWER STUFF YOU MUST HAVE A SORTA SM/XLL . ROOM/ PAL! N1C£.' i'LL TAKE ABOUT TWO FEET OP IT'. '» SUNDAY-MONDAY-fUESbAY WILL JAMES' MOST EXCITING STORY! D HENRY By Carl Anderson •fi »:-.v*M-:aaB?Tl V»'. .'.I. CORK. 13«6 BY.NEA 3E Thimble Theater OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wirti Major Hooplc / NO-S4O--WITH VOUR \ RI&HT NOW > IS TH' TIME \ TO 61VE US A' \ FAIR IDEA J V OF IT. SHUT UP AN' GIT ME OUTA HERE .' THEM AST QUESTIONS VS/E'VE GOT YOU "BUT WHAT ARE TH£ SEK1S/=<TIOMS IM QUICKSAKJD ? A PULLIMG, A SUCKINJG VOU POWM LIKE. OK-- N)E\M ~<~- 6UMP6&SHORTSTOP D SEE IF MftRTTHA COOLED OF NOTOMLV AK.E VOD CE DIPLOMAT T M IfC tj S '** Oft eo>«. nit i. tu miici. .»e Bv V. T. Hauilin ALLEY OOP CRO-MA<3'- ! Y HAFTA fcCRRV 'POUTf DINOSAUR LfADER?? ) HIMNOfl(5R5...BiJTS-ALLFOR •'-? LOOK WH,?r I BROU SOU— A DINOSAUR] rl VERV HEAVENSi VVOULD HAFTA HAPPEN By Edgar Martin JOQ THFVT <=>«& USED TO SE-S. RED RTUtR Bv FreH Harmon Feoruretres , Latest World News •FEATURES 1:00 2:41 , 4:22 6:03 7:44 9:25 DOORS OPEN SUN. 12:45 BOTH THEATRES FORBIDDEN ADVENTURE! U BORIS KRRIiOFF SUNDAY - MON . TUES -3 Chilling Days Little riocl;, Oct. 12 — (/t 1 )— Ar- trinsas' prize poultry and livestock iiiv'adccl Little Hock today prior to openini; of the stale livestock siiosv Monday. ... Font- carloads oi boef wore slated to arrive from Parngould, as well as dairy cattle atu.l swine. They will be unloaded nl the 71- acre phow grounds'. Exhibits must bo in place by 10:30 a. in. Monday and kept on display until 4 p. rn., Oct. 20 — the closing day of the show. 0 Scoutmaster's Training Course Opens Tuesday A scoutmaster!; training ciurso will' start hero at 7 o'clock Tuesday niplit at the Hope HiRh School Wilh Earl Clifton, chairman of leadership training, in charge. Harold Moore, council executive of Caddo Council, will be on hand to assit. Field Executive . Aryil Hickman and many persons from all over the county arc expected to attend. : • O British settlers in substantial numbers first arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1820. santhemums, roses and other fal flowers. Those assisting in dispensing courtesies to the 50 guests were Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. Paul W. Klipch, Litlle Miss Roberta Howard, Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mrs. May Stewart, and Mrs. Harolc Dickinson. Coming and Going Miss Jean Lasetor has arrived for a visit with friends and is at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ward. Hospital Notes Friends of Mr. Arlesl Trout wi! be glad to know he is improving following an appendectomy at the Josephine Hospital on Wednesday. Friends will regret to learn thai Mr. J. C. Broyles is a palicnl in he Julia Chester hospital follow- hg a major operation. He is ro- ibrlod as doing nicely. SHIwell Growing After Gperatibn :t San Francisco, Oct. 12 &• (tJPi~- Clou. Joseph W. .Stilwell, G3-ycay- >ld hero of the JJiirriia campaign, yas reported gr.owing "progressive y weaker" today ill his I'ight for Ifc following (in abdominal opera- ion last Oct. .3. . The colorful Pacific theater commander continued to Jose ground yesterday. Three bulletins issued 'rum LcUentiim General Hospital ndicaled he was growing steadily weaker. A combat infantryman's badge was presented to "Vinegar Joe" by Sixth Army headquarters yesterday through orders of Socretary of War Robert Patleson. The general hail Jong coveted the award — IDC of the tew he had not received during h'H long and colorful military career. ti'i.ifflBJMSi s>iilw<--ii u.iiored the hospital bepi. 28 for a physical checkup. The operation lollowed and his condition became critical iasl Tuesday night. EYE TROUBLE Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 12 —W) — William F. Curry, 27, has been warned by Chief Judge John D. Hillcry of city court to "control those rolling eyes of yours." Miss Ruth Taylor, 4U, complained to the judge yesterday, that Curry "rolled his eyes .al me'." Bolh Curry and Miss Taylor, who were arrested on disorderly conduct charges after a fight had developed between them over the eye rolling incident, were given suspended sentences by Judge Hillery. STRIKE FOR HAIR BOB Kumamolo. Japan, Oct. 12 —(IP) — Three hundred Japanese high school girls went out on strike today in defense of a woman's light to bob her hair. The Kumamolo principal -stuck by Jap tradilion and dismissed three teachers who had recommended thai Ihe girls discard ihc old bun for Ihe bob. Whereupon Ihe girl sludenls wal>pH oul. Skade of Oycaioaore By © by Percy M«rVs: Diiiribuicil fcy NEA Service, Inc rmarH.r-r.llM L i.lirMuf Mmr Hil«-n-"1 Tf 1 ^*-~—«.,..*».•*• Atiltior ol "The Plastic Aye" "A 'free Grown Straight" Elc. THK STORP :C!ayle viri.tr; Sycamore af.ain trj . disausr? vrr'iUni; plans with Mrs. RnviifH. BaH'-i I'n- lltef 'oxpln'ins why Mr.". ' 1'aitir.it finds it difficult to shnro hor son tells Gayle to happily.'"it'll break you — food for !iV.',<U-odr, nnd hundrods. 1 won't have il. You can't do it "Yen wo can," Mrs. Kent ;')•"! we will. You don'l look ;aid, lie untie ni wilh her. i !ra;-ir. Gayle. A'tn XVIII When Gayle went homo afjain to Calvin. Klin settled down with her mother and .father in Die livin;; rooirft "I don't know what we're fit.inK to do." she be.Kan. "This wed ding business ha;; got. entire!," beyond me. I'm sorry now I didn't just insist r.n ".nca)',in. : ! oil' somewhere with Br.rt and galling mar- liecl. He's reasonable about /ou aren't 'day Draft Holiday Extends to January 1 By WILLIAM F. McMENAMIN Washington. Oft.. 12—(UP)—It's unlikely that 1he afrny'will extend ....its drall holiday beyond Jan. J, '-.oiWar Department sources said to- going to Yale to;- your fourth year, ai:c! thai would have cost in a :;reat deal more," The amingemcnls for tho re- ci ption were easily enough made, ami then Gayle thought. Ihe great- week problem war, .settled. Within n ihc wedding, however, she thin;.', and his mother bus been too since I explained we sin-inly couldn't put on a bin'fuK. 1 !: but ever.vthiiifj's was helpless with contusion. Countless details were piling up around her aijd.hc-r pal orits, but. with 1he help c.f friend:; they managed piled up until I don't know what lo | f to hanole -until the presents began to Then, bovildeied .ill thice do about il." "Oh, we'll manage, 1 ' her father | said comfortably. "We aren't go-j ing to go bankrupt. What':; the matter?" "I toltl Bart and his mother they'd have to limit the n urn lie r of guests, and they've really tried to; taut they know everybody in the | world. There are all kinds of people they just have to ask — terribly HULL IMPROVING Washington. Oct. 12 —• (UP) — Former Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull had a very comfortable night and continues lo show gradual improvement, his physicians reported today. The 75-year-old stales- man suffered a stroke about two weeks ago. . , stiri eiidcr.ed. What could they do with so many presents, such valuable presents 1 .' send Bail •» wnc Gajle "No. It isn't Bar 1.5 problem.'Mrs. Kent 'held. her. hand lo. h.er. aching head. "But his mother — could you ask her,, f01 .idxice' Gayle's first instinct was to say no, and then. he thought. o£ her Maybe The army cancelled, all inductions yesterday for the remainder of Ihe year, effective Oct. 13. Calls for 20,000 men in the last half of October and 15,000 men in November had been scheduled, The suspension was ordered because enlistments—spurred by the army's huge, recruitment drive— have been greater than expected, and probably will pass the 1,000000 mark early n'ext week. The arrny reserved the fi£hl, however, to resume the draft if enlistments do not maintain its strength at an adequate level, Local boards were instructed not lo call men for induction or for preinduction piiysical examination after Oct. 15.. Men calle'd lo report on Oct. 15' still'rnusl do' so. The army said il Would require 40.0CO men a monlh to mainlain jits strength at 1,070,000. It had 51,750 volunteers and 25,000 inductees during September •* Wni Dep.irtmer.l sources said the arrro piobablv would restjme ch aft calls aftei J in 1 and continue Ihern until the Selective SwV- ite Act cxpiie, Match 'il I(r47, ' They gave ihcsr lessons i^ Tlie draft mrjcfed the mceti- a 1 .<> to enlist . ti'l "rth no draft tie ohmtan (tili^linrnl 1 ; are OX- lo fall olf '•h' 1 )) Iv Abrul 40 pfei rort of 180,006 of Ihe ')3y fiiii %o)tmtcfi's me in roi* •short teirn enlin'mpni 3 Of ihp^O /!70,000 will be discharged by STunfi 30 3047. j Voluntary enlistments afyv'ayd \ slow down aiound the Christina^ holidays because men hl.e to be 4 with their families. •.<• EconoTiuc uncertainty and. food phoitagcs on the domestic fiont thai have encouiaged &>en* hstmcnts may jmptovc beforfe Jan» 1. important people you know. HIM I last talk with Mi Baitletl kind you just can't'pass over. Most j it was just, the thinp to do of them, won't be able to come of j she said thougl tfull) I could course, but they've got to be asked, think I'd bettor phone her. Oh, dear " Then Bart has a million friends, people he's stayed with and who've stayed at Sycamore •— his. prep school friends and college friends and people like that. Avid then there are all the, relatives and old family friends —• and, eh, its just hundreds before vou i^et through with it." "Will they come to Calvin 11 ' Kent-asked. "All the way Philadelphia?" "All Hie way from Boston Charleston, South Carolina. I Bart there wouldn't be room me, more expense. Her father laughed.. "Forget Ihe expense, Gayle It'll be cheap al almost any. price if she can tell us how lo manage all this " Gayle telephoned and told Baitlctt the sloii ' r' lends helping us,"'.'hi. r\plamcd Mrs. lo her, everything! She knows; ex- aclly wh'at lo do. And she'll bring Ihe detectives with her. " Detectives?" Gayle's question was hardly more than an amazed gasp. "Oh, but -you must have them The presents, you knpw, .. Tlley must be guarded. And, oh yes, Miss aiej Holland will not accepl anv payout | ment I'm lending hei to you And 5. Enlistments v;erc large in September because it was ihe end of Ihe summei nolidas but they are e\-ppoled lo diop off in November and Dccembci. t •o — * ia Newspaper Is in New Hands Aikadelphia, Oct 12 — (/£) — Tli^ Southern Slandard Arkadelfthia weekly newspaper, has been pfcr- chased by Faunl B Smilh Of .nik- adelphia from T., W Rhoads, it was announced today. Smith formeily v/as cditbr of the Standaid foi a time and waS ; wilh newspapers at El Dorado and Texarkana He served in (he Ndvy, i'i attaining the rank of lieutenant commander Rhoads will remain with the paper in the production department and W H Halliburton will continue as editoi The Slandard. founded m 18G8, t ' Mrs. from there's" so much to do - and we [ now forget all youi problems M.ss I IS one of the oldest weekly news- fumply can't handle all the pres- Holland will take care of all the | papers in Arkansas, •ou manage about details, and the presents and the ents. I low do those'.' I think mixed up alrcad; :ome cards have got told i Mrs. Bartlelt's Ir.ufjh ! friendliest sound Gayk "as hud the ever them in Calvin, and lie said they'd heard from he You shouldn't be leave right after the- wedding. doing any of this, my dear. You'll told Mrs. Bartlcll we simply would i come to your wedding exhausted not have a reception.'' .j. -.imply exhausted - *nd iins rot press.— everything. Gayle thanked her 'and brought the expensive conversation . to a close, but once Miss Holland had arrived, the cost of the call seemed as nolhing in comparison to the DOROTHY DIX Lady, did you ever ask your- .elf why your husband married you 3id you ever try lo figure out vhat one Ihing induced him to orl'eit his personal liberty and assume your board bill and shopping ickel for life? Not one woman in a thousand ever tries to unriddle that riddle and yet the answer contains all the law and the prophets on' how to be happy though indr- ied, and keep her husband eating oul of her hand. Married women smugly attribute their having acquired husbands to their beauty or personal fascinations, but inasmuch as the world is filled with wives who are neither Miss Americas nor spellbinders, it is obvious that they were selected for some quality other than looks or wit. And why every wife doesn't sil up nighls trying to discover the secret of how she got her man, is one of the world's unsolved mysteries. All nien are vulnerable and the trick is to find out their weakcsl spot at which to aim .Is it in thcii eyes, or their hearts, or iheir stomachs? It is up to the wife to as certain which one of these she hit when she wont gunning for big game. Appeal Forgotten If .upon reflection, she becomes convinced that her husband mar ried her because she was a good looker, why doesn't she keep easy on the eyes? Her cue is to coun her calories, take care of her com VISIT Hope's Exclusive Children's Shop Clothes for Infants — Toddlers — Children Gifts — Toys — Cards SUE and LEE Tots to Teens 223 S. Walnut Phone 949 "'We'll have to," her mother said sighing. "Don't you think so, Jim?" "I don't sec any way oul ot it. You can't let. people drive all the way from Now York j'.!?.l. to look at a wedding for a few minutes. 11. would seem as if we -didn't have any hospitality. We can't i-.et thorn in hoie, though." He snanped his fingers. "I knuv.! We'll have it at the Inn.' But father," Gayle wailed un- value received.-The little-woman's efficiency w.a s, unbelievable, you know. Now let. i and in a morning she had brought of course. Have you ] order and something . resembling Calm to the distracted Kent house- lold. Gayle frankly' expressed her ivonder and admiration, Miss Holland merely smiled. ' This is practically routine to me Or is lair to Bruce me think. But, a -roo:n for Miss Holland there a hoie.1? ' "We've £ot a room — but, Mrs Bartlett. you can't spare Miss Holland, can -you "I can fcr a fe days. I can get somebody to take her place temp- oiarily. I think she can be there by tomorrow morning quite easily, and then you just leave everything ne plexion, and dress the -pai;f. Not for her the luxury of growing old and fat and acquiring wrinkles nnd oing sloppy. fi' But suppose, on thinking it over, he wife realises that lier-y-iusband narricd her because shc'-was so Tiuch in love with him that he i lidn't have Ihe nerve lo bKish her iff. When she wepl wheix. he told ler that he could only be a brother o her, his last ounce of resistance •netted away in her tears. Her mis- ake was in ceasing to be a great over and drying her eyes .after she ^oi him. Or perhaps a wife recalls, al- Ihougu she nasn'l thought of it for years, that what first' attracted her nusband to her were her lemon pies. He was tired of living around and ealing mass produclion food and he married lo gel a home. He pictured himself living the life of Riley wilh a domcslic wife who spent her time concocting .toothsome dishes. But it lurned out xhat Friend Wife was allergic lo gas ranges. She came oul of her kitc- heij on her wedding day and never went back in it again. Or it may be that a wife dimly remembers, thai in the days of courtship- her husband sat al her feel and simply gobbled up the flattery with which she plied him. She ca'llcd him "my superman" an listened with bated breath lo his opinion, quoted him ;is an oracle and made him believe that he had at long last found the one person capable of-appreciating how wonderful he was. But, although com- plimenls are still a dime a dozen, she hasn't given him one in years. These are some of the real reasons why men marry ihe womei they do, and it musl make a lol of them feel pretty flat when they discover thai when they thought they were gelling a claque Ihej gol a critic; and their cooks wouk cook, and that their wives just took 'em for granted instead of worship ping them as heroes. So it would straighten out many a domestic tangle if a wife wouk ask herself: What did my husbanc marry me for? And revive.her olc technique. For men always rise to the old bait. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos. Brewster, Minister Sunday School —fl:-15 a.m. ses (or all age groups, i.Morning Worship—10:55. Sermon by the Pastor. Vesper Service — ~i p.m. Young People Meet ing —0:30 p.m. Monthly Circle Meetings of the Woman's Auxiliary, Monday afternoon. . Fellowship & Supper Meftin.l of the Men of'the Church Wednesday at the Church at 7 p.m.. All men of the" Church are urged to be present, • •'.-.Annual Meeting of tho- Presbv- WiarrSy"hdd oi' 'Arkansa^ U.S. in 'the First Presbyterian Church of Helena, Tuesday through. . Thurs- lay. The Hope church will bo rep- •cscnted by Rev. Thos. Brevvsler ind Mr. H. B. Vineyard. You are cordially invited to worship with us. FIRST PENTECOSTAL . FlHirth at Fernuson Streets T. F. Ford. Pastor "Love worketh no ill to his icighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law. And that. snowing the time, that now it is ligh time to awake out. of slcoo: 'or now is our salvation nearer ,han when we believed. The nip.ht s far spent, ' the day is at hand: el us therefore east off the .works of darkness, arul lot us pin on he armors of light." Romans 13:10-12. You will always feel refreshed when you sit in the presence of tlie ,ord. You will find that joy by school regularly. Wo invite you to .he church that is different. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Sunday P.Y.P.A. classes —6:150 p.m. Sunday Evangelistic —7-30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study Thursdav •2:30" p.m. Healing Service Friday — 7:33 p.m. You are always welcome! Church near Texarkana Saturday 3 p.m. The junior choir meets wHh Mr. , Bill Keltner at ti:e church for rehearsal, I do much the same thing every tune we havn a big ball or a garden parly. The pres eths aeraen cien party. The presents are an extra detail: that's all." (To Be Continued) Spray Painting Buildings • Houses Barns • Vehicles « Etc. WaHer & Waller Phone 710-W or 194-W Hope, Ark. (Released by The Bell Syndicate Inc.) all hospital, doctor and nurses bills; cost of judicial proceedings; lawyer's fees; and judgment resulting from an injury to any other person for which I am liable on account of the use of my car. "As a guarantee of the fulfillment of this agreement, I pledge as security all my real estate,,chattels and other property I now own or may hereafter acquire or possess " Our Liability Policy will assume these Obligations for you. Roy Anderson & Company "To Be Sure - Insure" 210 South Main Street Telephone 810 Hope, Arkansas Consult your Agent or Broker as you would your Doctor or Lawyer FIRST CHRISTIAN Main at West Ave. "B" VYm. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday School— 0:45 a.m. Classes for all ages. H. L. Ponder, Supt. • Morning Worship. Communion .& Sermon —10: >0 Christian Youth Fellowship meeting —7::iO p.m. Monday 3:30'p.m. — The Worn 3 us Council will meet al Ihe Church. Mrs. Ted Jones will have cliarj2;*p''-ef ; l'he Duvotiona-1. Wm. P. llardL-gree- will speak to the Council on the subject: "Rightly Dividing the Word." Mrs. B. L. Reltig is the President of the Council, Monday: 7:30 p.m.— The General Board of the Church will meet in the Fellowship Hall, Church annex. This is the first meeting of the Board in Ihe new Church year and all members are expected to attend. New Committees with also be assigned HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE North Main and Ave. D H. Paul HDldridge, Pastor The Tabernacle has as guest speaker for the two services Sunday, the Rev. Ralph M. Riggs of Springfield. Mo.. Rev. Riggs is Assistant General Superintendent of the General Council of the Assemblies of God and Director -of the Educational Department. All of the members and friends of the Tabernacle will be interested m hearing him Dine at the CITY CAFE FOR SUNDAY Dl MENU iaked Chicken Giblet Gravy * Baked Potatoes with Chees e Fresh Peas Candied Applet Cherry Pie and Ice Cream Coffee Tea Milk Hot Rolls Cornbread Muffins' CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th S. Grady Otis L. Rowc. Minister Bible Study —!):-15 a.m. Prt'uchin;;—11 a.m. Comirsunicn —1l: ; -"i a.m. Young Peoples Moi;tijig — 0:30 p.m. Proni'Tnii!-!— 7:2') n ni. Vv'ednoaday Ni^lil EibU- Study — 7:;iO p.m. You aro' al'.vays \vch:i;v.io at Iho church of Clivisl, a-.ul wi- •••ulk-il your presence in evi-:•;.• service o; the church. FIRST BAPTIST Main and Thirt.l Streets S. A. Whitlow. Pnstor Bill Keltner, Dirfctor of Music Sunday Si.'hool --!)::!f) a.m., }>. E. Tli'-asli. Kline: ii'liM'Klorit. Moinin:.; \Vc.--slr.') --l<v:i!l. Paslo- will bi in;; llio inn-.-s;ij.';.>. Mr. Hii! Kchiifr will si.is;. "Ariso. (J i.^'iit" bv Hoflnie^.lc | tensive route thus Sundaj •Those along tho route who desire i to take advantage of this fine ) transportation to attend Sunday ! School and Church at the Tabor- i node may be ready a few minutes j before nine o'clock. The bus will I malic a slon at the courthouse I about 0:L'5 a.m. for any who de; ire trnr.sppilation. from that part of town. Since an extensive schc I iluk 1 lias been planned, we are 1 opcmr.P oil'- Sunday School al n:-!5 j a.m. instead nf the former 0:3(1 onoivav; limo. Everyone is most (i'idi:;lly invited to attend our Sunday School ai:d church services i:'<!Li Sunday nnd cvc-rv Sunday if iH'l alten-Jini u uliu\ i!-> \\1 ic .Sunday S;n ioi l l li a n G i\ I TTasyc, Sup-., n iVndtm ?i'i."-' niiuc Worship —11. Rov. V:i-.li;h Ri!.r.« \ 'I 10 1 C'hrist's A bi suoi S '\ Le r — |!'I J ..'| ii.rn. Ivii 1 - jMdMiR \\ 1 iti jie^ "The Home of Clean Food" Li'.il'.lrenp Church —6:30 p.m. Rev Aaroi! \ViI-:( n in ch n <. Kvan».i'lis L S--1S ci 7 '0 p n ''ov. I!a!p!i 1\1 I i ' '•> \ ill be spcnl in;;'. 'tVodnpsd.n J i ^M ind Bl i f-'iudy 1:''^ I.VITI. Rev. Aaron Wil- si-si in clia." i '! nr.'•-.';;i-. : V nei s Wi-sioi is C. •.:.;'.•;!—::•:.',() p.m. Mrs. W. \V —6:lii p.m. Bus-j \V:i.!'-. Pro. i 1 nt sell l.cwullin Dl.vrtur. i — Evening \','ri^h:ii —7::-;n. This! FIRST M' iHODIST Sunday is '. ;••; r.in'.s Day. A speria! program )..•• tii.v i-veniii:'. .s'.-i-viec has be.rn nrranm 1 :! in. (/.••''.vvp.ee of this fiav. Tins Ke-vici- will lie lindei- the (.llrecti.'n ui Ihe ]a; m,'!i j of our chu.-.jh. Mr. Ik'rvr- I-!o!l j and. Mr. Perry Muses -.viil b" tho | speakers. A iveu's ch-.'nis will :•;!•':• i "Tlie Haven of Host" b' i\':;":-,-. The public is cordially in\i:.;l t-.| this service. \ e^rer Sei .Wednesday: Inlerr.n tliate clioiv n."ii by P;:J rehearsal MI the ehM'vh ---'i:'.'.') n m. Yontli tYl The Ft-llnwship llo'.i-—7:i. r i M.:r, —ii:Hi'i p.m. The'-i! wen.- 113 prorer.t last \V,'-1-j ("hoir Practice-, Wednesday—7:30 nesday ni.H'nl. The juniors of ehit'Th r-.m. Pine at Second Rcbti t P.. Moore, Pastor Origan Mil i b\ Mis Dolphus Vv'i'iiU'M Jr.—- 9::i a.m. Church S: In i\ — l ) 1> i m lUionin;; \\ hi - 10 50 a m AiUhfm: "In. My Father's House Aie Ma::v Mansjnp.s". (Soloist — ?.li--'. Tully Henry i Sermon by Pasior. Vi•:-!•<•:• Service— 5:30 p.m.— Ser- (U'oup meeting \vill be our spceir.l ).;ue^is. The .11;n- ior choir will sin:.;. Make it a fnmliy aff-iir Conu, lot us wu 1 . 1 - shiu together! The adult eh.oir rehearsal—3 n.m. Thursdav-I'i-id iy: The EMM.CT METHODIST C. D. Meux, Pastor The Harmony Methodist Church revival will bej,'in Monday. October 14, at 7:30 n.m. Rev. Osbornc list Association meets Thnrsn.v | White, pastor of the Prcscott Cir- and Friday of this wee!; in il:; an-jeuii, will pieach the first sermon nual mcctintt. Il convene:, ui> ! ;\1..ndav nitln. and Uev. Van W. Thursday with the Central Church of Magnolia, and en Frida*' it meets wilh the Genoa Baptist re.- i of the week. Superintendent of the Disti-irt, \\-ill preach the STOKOWSKI • PERRY COMO ' « HARMIE SMITH LU (A o a; z 5 IS) K-. O Q ANNOUNCING Cobb-Too!ey Radio Go. RECORDS YOU WANT ACCESSORIES YOU NEED Choose Your Records from Stock PLAY 'EM TAKE 'EM HOME e> N N No Wait No Guesswork No Mailing Breakage You are Cordially invited to drop in and see our new and modern display i/t • 73 O o 03 O 1 214 S, Walnut Phone 98 71 m ni DUMBO PINNOCHIO BLACK SAMBO € igssa^'^a^ "T !:•

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