Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 10, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 10, 1946
Page 6
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ftoVe; ARKANSAS ELONDIE Chk»; rounc >-V t WISH VOU'D (B£ MGft£ CAREFUL- f P6 MEM BEP, GOOD WUSBAMDS DON'T ON I'M THE LOSER, AND REMEMBER, IT'S MY WUSBAND YOU'RE THROWING AROUND LIKE THAT HAVE USED A LADDER CAPET \J<£* c . '.';'•;•'•'".•''"•''•''.' •' • -'L/vi • '"'JK*' ' ' CARNIVAL SIDE GLANCES By Gulbraith • By Dick Turner .SW> COPR. ins BY ME* SERVICE; IN£ T. M. REO. u. s. PAT. OFF COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. v "Cnn you beat if? Only a minute, ago I ft o | -, cun \ \ • "IF you want to IK> n-I'ootbiill phiycr's fiirl i'riciul, ypu. otita there-savin'- today was propitious for business { : > shouldn't object lo a little roadwork on our dates 1"",^ "•.undertakings!"/' 7,»L_ - - - "" « „• " - - - - c '. sf!™»r:.-.. . • , -tmrf-j-- -." ».^.<M LJiC C^ICXlfiC By BloSSCr |; * FUNNY BUSINESS T »,„<. By Hershberaer IN THE FUTURE, OH.WELL, i GUESS Wf I.MAYBH THIS IS TvVIRP SEASON, DOGFACE— K LET GO OF , To Trie RULES / Dow'T TRY To DATt \ BRAWN y. ANY CAL5 .' IF TMEY TRY TO ADVANCE THE SPARK, OKA>' , !=,£, NO DICE/ -'^ ,^^/ ^ ff: (: ; ;. .T fe^''.^ ^\ Jpr-,. Jv^Z^A.' -. "'f '~lj^~^>-:-. im g*M, «=. -~ -_—^rfl^a—-—=: - WEET. TWcEr ' C SHE'S WHISTLING YOU CANT AT > rt)U, LARD/ J DO THIS TO "ME. ,, ;^- , i PAL — SHE'S ' --,•••*. ^-v\ WHISTLING- 'He wouldn't take 'No' for an-answer when they laid were no more berths!'' BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. HI. BEG. U. S. PAT, iff. Thimble Theater fOKAV, BUB// 1 YA SO'NER 'IT?? T AAPMY// IS THE LAW OP ,.:THl-5 : OUT OUR WAY With Major Hoople By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE ITS TiivVETo PULL. TtAB CURTAlr-i TH/VT ACT/ T'/V\ MOT TWO DAYS, LOOK FOR. M.& THe GARAGE/ >. '\\$2Z^ s ^r-^VVp^ WASH T1I8BS Thursday, Orrobftr 10, Bv R«v Gotfo , N AG'IM IW FUST ...BUT AH KNOW HOW HE KIN KAYO COLLY FLOWERS... LOOKS LIKE MAH PAL WlNDY'S /A DONE /vScA BEF.IJ OVUh- . /HATCHED/ LAST THUD ROUND VIC FLINT Bv Michael O'Molley & Ralph Lane I'M JANET LILT AND YOU'rtE VIC FLINT. YOUVE A FAMOUS DETECTIVE AND YOU'RE STAYING WITH HARDY BLAKE ( TAKE IT t-AfY, DARliMS. V BUBBLE'S ON me. HOWE ORWMM \ UEB£ Atjo HE'S veav SAP NEITHER, DARLING. IT'S DONE WITH FOUR-PARTY LINES. :•'** "II YOU DOWN WITH MIRRORS OR A CRYSTAL BALL? THE SPEED BOAT. MERE HE COMES. i.;SO OUR FLIGHTS A TH05E £HADi=D PAWS ON \ DOES THNT ^ RIGHT SWN?T..SOWEOF IT INACCESSIBLE HW/EACCOWPU5KCO \ THE t\tf> HNJS ML BEEN IEM/E MUCt ENOUGH TO BWX SEftRCHEfe'J SO FA.R... TO SOU VWSH' X&tFORE.WEB, M*fp WORK LITTLE, GIL, EXCEPT COIABED, TOO, SINCE VOUK / COUNTRV TUN DEEP BOX GVNVONS WITH NO ENTWMJCE TC ELI WIN WE THE / DM3 HSAsPPEfcREDiT'OBV. 7 COULD HIDE ... IAeSA.5 WITH WALLS TOO SHEER TO LAMA THM CUTS U" BBSCA *JHBtPfAB SlWCHTWs NEED OF FURTHER. StiNRCH IN THESE CUIA3- ONE IS EVFiN SURROUNDED DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney ^ H A N £t- E ;-*^ LIKE A< MOTHEfS, PA.L... FOE SO* AN HOUS 1 Bv Carl Anderson STEAM CABINETS ALLEY OOP By V. T. Ha.nJin W HONEST.OaTLA, I DON'T HOLD OUT JHEV.LCOK OVER TH^EE V^ » MUCH HOPE FOB SOUR MR. STONE -^HIGHHESS... VVMATCHA RECK- ' AF ,V|N fp^s^^i^r^- ^° N<£ CAUSED ALL ™ cw ^ SURVIVE THS Cf ATTACK *S**®»» ~^M& W-:@W- P^^JV 1 '&mt {'tM'V&V >^^w% I S .T^SSSX m. By Edgar Martin , ov.' eoy^vou \CVSG\M, i. \¥- O\l i (APiDt ft HPiKlD'SOM'E. HP.U^u C '. Of ~<W& OP i8ll VOU TO <3U\\_O, UVOc. VOU'WE. RED RYDER By Fred Harmon WAlTFbR^HlA uf / WHOOPEE-'' < ' '' t • ' I ' ' *ffwW*tfyt>iiVxa«'tt>j*i.,«*.i4t «&<* f f A X ft rt Atf 1A S CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Otflc* Day Before Publication Kumberof One Three SIX One® '• — Words Day Days Days Month •4B .90 1.50 4.50 Up to 15 Iff to 20 21 to 25 20 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 to 45 48 to 50 .75 .90 1.05 1,20 1.35 1.50 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 3.40 2.70 3.00 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 C.OO 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 _ „ _ ... . <vv wtuw I/IV/W t. Rates .are for Continuous ... ,„ Insertions Only * ^l^O 1 Ads Ct>m In Advance • Not Taken Over the Phorie Lost Help Wanted WAITRESSES WANTED'TO WORK in cafe. Experience not necessary. Apply I phone 222. COLORED WHITE OR MAN 8 KEYS ON BROWN LEATHER keyhoklcr. I/ost between Post Office and Verger High School Saturday. Return to Hope Star _ 8-31 •1945 MOPE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS ring. Initials M. E. G. engraved inside. It found, Phone 1136. 10-11 that has had experience in slauglv leriiiK cattle, hogs. Will pay good salary for n good man. Moore's City Market, Phone 7G7. Hl*tf M EC1IA NI C~TO~Wb RK NIGHTS and Sunday. Commission. See Arch Wylie at Wylie Motor Co. Fair Enough •y Wtfttbfeok f cgler , Copyright y, Klntf Fe^ure! Syrtdleifc. For Sole GENUINE ABRUZZI RYE CER- tificd seed, White Dutch clover, seed outs, Austrian Winter Peas, for AAA Erogra'm, Alfalfa seed, Mixed Vetch, Pure Hairy Vetch, See E. M, McWilliams Seed Store; 24-3 w NINE ROOMS, ,2 APARTMENT house re-decorated inside and out. Priced to sell. Phone 002. $3850'. 0-3t CAFE, WELL, LOCATED, DOING gc.od business. Walk-out pricn. Phone 602. 0-31 NEW DAYTON SCALES, NEW Victor adding machine, prac- titiilly new moat slicciv Fred's Place. Phone 605. 0-Gt 40 ACRES, 15 IN CULTIVATION, ~5'room-house", barn, oVit buildings, •orcha'rd. Balance in pasture. Jess Wood, Blevins. 9-3t 1936 FORD, TUDOR SEDAN. EX- tra clean with new tires. Harold Payne,' Patmos, Ark. 9-3t NEW FOUR ROOM HOUSE. TWO extra lots, Cow,. 2 calves. 1 hog, Must be sold at once.' W. A. Dozier. 603 West 3rd SI. 8-31 New York. Oct. 9—Aside from dll questions of ethics und manners, the book of reminiscences published uhBcr Elliott Roosevelt's name is not worth belief. He is untruthful and his momory is unreliable. Oh the first point, an observation found in aspecial memorandum For Rent TWO ROOM . UNFURNISHED apartment. Apply 523 West j Ave. D. . 10-31'i* 1 the treasury's files which was considered by the Ways and Means committee .of the House of Reprc- sentativcs in the sham Investigation of Elliott's debts. Discussing Elliott's own state- nqflrnenl of his financial conditioVi .. revenue agent reported that Elliolb 2 ROOM-UNFURNISHED APART-Iliad failed to mention_ among his ment to couple only. Mrs. Claude ' " .-•---..Dodson, West Ave. B across street from Paisley school. 10-31 For Sale or Trade 'KITCHEN CABINET IN GOOD condition, also wool rug, 9 X 12 Mrs. J. J. Martin, 322 North Kim St. «.;u 5 ROOMS AND BATH, MODERN house, hardwood floors. 50 X 150 lot. $5000 Including $1500 for Oiy equity, balance FHA loan at $28 monthly payments. Located 310 East 15th St. Phone 335-W, 8-3t 2,685 ACRES, MORE OR LESS. Located about a mile West of McNab, in a solid body, on Frisco railrpad. Timber will more than pay for it. Extra fine for hunl- ing reserve. About eight mile Iront on Little River, several miles on Yellow Creek. Fine open bottom for Ducks. Squirrels and Fish. Government putting in some deer. Price $16,500 half cash, balance one and two years at 6% interest. Half mineral rights reserved. Warranty deed. COMPLETE SAWMILL. APPLY A. G. Martin. 404 West Ave. G. 8-31 Notice ONLY .10 DAYS LONGER fO' income or assets an inheritance Of $19,000 from the estate of his grandmother, the late president's rholh'er. 'Elliott said lie was not in the' United Slates at the time she died," the memorandum said, "and he further claims that he had no knowledge of the Inheritance for a long time thereafter. We are not convinced that Elliott Hid not know he was a beneficiary to the extent of one-sixtieth of her net estate. We think he-could' have found out had place your order with Stark Nur- he wanted to .(if he did not actual series for fall shipment for fruit ly .know it). His father was one'Of trees, shrubbery, and berries.' See or call 400 South Elm, Hope, Stock is limited. Phone 487, H. D.' Coffman. the executors." The treasury report is more'em- phatic in the mutter of Elliott's MATERIALS ARE GOING HIGH evory day. Have your mat tress made over now. Write or phone Bright Bros. Mattress Co. Pick-up and deliver anywhere. Phone 34-J-2, Hope, Ark. 7-lm FOR YOUR UPHOLSTERING, and furniture refinishing. Send postal card for free estimates to V. L. Holly, Box 324, Hope, Ark. 9-6t 3-6t own statement to his creditor, John Hartford, of the 'A.,and P. Grocery chain, of the value of his, Elliott's, ranch and homestead in Texas. 'El Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON VENETIAN Blinds, wood or metal, also awnings, Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17lh St. Texarkana, Texas. 2G-im CASH REGISTER. ADDING MA- chine, scale and typewriter repairs, service and supply. Prompt Service. V. Maxwell, Phone 241. Gentry Printing Co. liplt had given Hartford a gloomy view of this asset. The place sold for $136,000 in 1944. On Dec. 22, 1942; Elliott had told Hartford that it was doubtful that the property would bring anything above the mortgage. "We find it difficult to believe him," the memorandum said. "The revenue age'nt who investigated the case in- Texas is of the opinion that the fair market value of the equity as of March, 1942, was approximately $95,000. It is apparent from the foregoing lhat Elliott did not deal fairly with Hartford in the letter of Dec. 22, 1942." Although both the treasury and the Democratic majority of the Ways and Means committee went to awkward extremes to absolve Elliott of his debts and His late SPOBTS ROUNDUP Boston, Oct. 10 — (/T>)— A crowd of newsmen were around vhc batting cage before yesterday's World Series game Availing Ted Williams .to luke his Clicks. When ho was slow to appear, srfrheone Fuggested: "Maybe he's, down under in that fem'arlt, for the first Chance he got, Williams pushed one down the third base line for an easy b.ise hit and forced Eddie'' Dyer to revise his "T" for Ted formation . . . "Maybe we'll have to try the single or double wing next," Dyer admitted. "I'd like .16 keep Williams quiet but I don't think we will. He's too good a hitter and all the Shifts in the world w.pti't slop him if He pokes '< one into the Take Your Choice Al Schacht, who! is on hand to entertain the fans as usual, offered his services to- the Cards as a pitcher yestei'daV •. . . "Better warm up," Manager Dyer lold him. "We've been ' holding these fellows down -Loo long." . . . Al grinned: "Okay," lie said, "but do you want me to pitch for. you of against you?" f- game pilcher, Howie Pollel, weigh? only 170 pounds. Then came Hnrcy Brecheen, 160, arid Murry Dickson, 155 Joe Cronin was laughing about Hi's sfriall boy, who remarked: "It's big dny. Uaddy. It's world serious." The Boston fans didn't seem tn be regard- Ing the "serious" nriy voo seriously, judging from the way they look their time about filling -the bleach cfs and their apathy, until William; finally got n hit. But they really gave Ted a big hand When'he. decided to bunt. 'Bearitown Breeze's The Cards apparently Know ail about the beef shortage. Their first : Dttfs All, Brothers 'Moe Berg, who did a great job for O.S.S. during the war, tui'ned up to visit his former teammates and his arrival led to a report thai he might become Muddy Ruel's successor as special assistant lo Commissioner Happy Chandler . . Connie Mack and Clark Griffith white the phiotogru: tention when Ihey put heads together at the ball park anc most American Leaguers hopec they weren't cooking up some thing. The pair prob'abiy can out think all the rest of the leafRie ... Joe Cronin saw the Cards only twice this your before the series Off yesterday's game, he'll only see them twice more. nr ATAT A™™ ^,»,^,, OT-,,,,, PLAIN .AND FANCY SEWING/ alterations back room of Dixie Barber Shop. 10S East Front St. Mrs. lla Thompson. 10-31 Wanted to Rent 4 OR 5 ROOM APARTMENT OVl 5 room house. Located here permanently. Call collect 15, Garland Ark., R. E. Baker. 10-31 Real Estate for Sale Flc.yd PprtorficM. 8-3t 1939 FOR'D PICK-UP TRUCK. Good .'firdt class condition. See H. W, West, Route 3, Hope. 10-31 CONCRETE PIPE, 18", 15", 12". Concrete blocks, all sizes and colors. No paint or finish needed. Several bath tubs next week. Filling Station, K Wilson. Junction of -'Columbus, Washington road, 10-3t TWO .COMPLETE WINDOWS, ~Y window screen, two screen doors, 1 lawn mower, 1 practically new Vacuum cleaner with all attach- inents, Phone H47 or 940-W. 10 lr 1938 DODGE COUPE, NEW motor, clutch and transmission. 5 new tires. M. C, Parsons, Washington, Ark. 10.31 BASKETBALL, NEW STANDARD size. Phone 1131-R. 309 Hickory St. S. W. Williamson, after 5 p.m. 10 3t 1 CREAM COLORED AND 1 black Jersey cows. Also bedroom suite, J. C. Harrison, Hope, Rt. 2. 10-U FOR—Dependable and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smah • ANDERSON BROS. • William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Document* 24 Hour Service NEW GROCERY STORE BUILD- ing, 30 X 40, concrete floor, living quarters, nice store fixtures including 8 ft. meat counter, good clean stock groceries. NEW 'MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSED quarter block land on corner, ideal location for meat market, grocery store. Five blocks from City Hall. C. E. Cassidy. Ark; Bank Bldg. Phone 489 or 984. 10-3t E World Series Notes By The Associated Press Third game at Fenway Park, Boston: R H St. Louis 0 G 1 Boston 4 8 o Dickson, Wilks (8) and Garagiola; Ferriss and H. Wagner. Remaining schedule: Fourth game — Today at Bos ton. Probable pitchers— Munger (2-2) or Pollet 21-10 vs Hughson (21-11). Starting time 1:30 p. m. E.S.T, . Expected attendance — 30, 000. Broad casting — Mutual Broadcasting System starting at 1:15 p. m. (E.S.T.) Fifth game — Friday, Oct. 11, at Boston. Sixth game (if necessary) Oct. 13, at St. Louis. Seventh game if necessary Oct. 15, at St. Louis. Financial figures (first three games): Total attendance—106,533 Total receipts—$452,409. Players' share—$230,759.39 Commissioner's share — $07 - 8U9.35 ' Each club's share—$38,709.80 Each league's share—$38,709.8G The players share in the i'irst four games only. 8-31 1 father of rooked dealings in both l the promotion and settlement of Hhe loans, the agents could- not Wing themselves to give Elliott a cle'an report on the score of honesty. In fact, they were compelled, op the record, to express the belief that he' lied. 'A s 16 his father's unmistakable dishonestv in procUrih'g :he return of John Hartford's col- ateral consisting of stock in Eliott's radio network, to be used in ja'ying Elliott's alimony to his estranged wife and their children .Ho agents risk no conclusion, whatever. They simply could not vindicate F. D. R., so they said nothing. Elliott's mother, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, must agree ihal these official reports oh her son's veracity should be attached as footnotes to'"his scandaloUiS and unsupported personal story of momentous meetings between her late husband, Winston Churchill, Josef 'Stalin and others she lias written, in her foreword to- the book: "This book gives one observer's first-hand account of what went on at the major conferences and will furnish future historians with some of the material Which' will constitute the final evaluation of history." Undoubtedly Elliott's book will be read by future historians, but it is a duty of curront reporters of historious to warn them in cases where the author of the reference work bears a reputation such as the treasury was forced to give Elliott. ' ' . ' In the matter of $25,000 received from Charles Harwood, a lawyer an minor Democratic machine politician, the treasury and the Democratic majority of the Ways and Means committee both deliberately smothered information that would have shown that Harwood was hopeful of receiving an appointment to the federal court after he put up the money. Robert I.. Doimhton, of North Carolina, the chairman, wrote that the Internal Revenue Bureau did not give the committee any information on the Harwood deal. That is strange, inasmuch as the committee could have forced the Internal Revenue Bureau lo give it all information in its records. It is also untrue, The majority, which controlled the inquiry, deliberately decided 'not to ask for full information, although the fact v.iys plain that Harwood received an appointment as governor of the Virgin islands after he put up the money. League Seeks More Levies on Beer Sales Little Rock, Oct. 9j— M>)— The Arkansas Municipal League today decided to seek legislation authorizing 'cities to levy .additional beer and liquor taxes. ; ' The league, in the/final session of its two-day convention here, went on record in favor 'Of adding one cent a 'bottle tax pn ; beer and five cents a fifth on HqupV. A resolution seeking removal of limitations on the amount of tuxes which cities rnay levy on coin operated machines nlso was passed jy the league this morning. The league yestei'day heard a jlisterin'g atta'ck on... the state's civil service Jaws. Saying that current civil ,«"rvice legislation includes duplications, conflicts with democratic gover - ment and provides a refuge for incompetence and insubordination, Glenn G .Zimmerman, executive secretary of the league, recommended that civil service be based belter statistical showing agains Texas Christian, than did Arkansas which whipped the Frogs. 34-14 last week. Baylor gained 187 -yards 6ii the ground alone ugainst the Frogs- and its two touchdowns York's Homer Gives Eosox Lead in Series By JACK HAND loWo Sfafe Grid' Team Is Dining Ing in front of York's v.V,llor Williams crossed. up the shift in the third Wh'elr he : pushed n bunt toward third into 'snort left; confounding the infield which hadj nn Hnrea moved around Id leave third base •** ri V'*e unguarded. The next lime he came up there was a man on second with two out and the Birds pulled a half-way shift, leaving Whitey Kurowski at third but inoving shortstop Marty Marion directly back of second. Second Baseman Red Schoendlenst conlinued to play a -normal I base and Stan Musial .g first the was a • standoff, for Rnci^n VIM in im\ n,,« ^««-« ' "' lsu ,"" ol Boston, Oct. 10—(/P)—Once again noui line, it WHS a • sano, or a boomitig home run off the bat -of j Dickson struck out the Boston balding Rudy York has uooslcd vhe beanpole lo the disgust of " t he a<=- Amencan- League's Boston Redisembled multitude of 34,000 Sox Sox into Iho driver's seat in the ['fans 1946 World Series. Holding a 2-1 game edge over the St. Louis Cardinals going into "to-, day's fourth fray on York's clout and Dave Ferriss' 4-0 shutout pitching, Manager Joe Cronin is able to come.back with Tex Hughson his No. 1 man. Leading off in the eighth, Williams again faced 'the same halfway defense or the "single wing" as Dyer called it. He proceeded to shoot for the right ::ieid seats nnd sent a screaming liner into Enos Slaughter's hands. ' • St T o'i's had at least one man Eddie Dyer has to sift through | on safe in every inning except the his Red Bird staff and'finally gam-: i-ci;ui'.u' and iounh out t ne omy one ble with an untried cX-GI, George ',who reached third was Musial .on "Red" Munger, who joined the his ninth-inning triple, club Aug. 21 and after winning two he lost two. 'Ordinarily Howie Pollot would have been the choice'but his aching left side has forced the Card I By United Press Fights Last Night skipper to give him at least one] more day of rest. In Hughson, Cronin has a :nan who has already proved what he can do against the Card hitlers al- New York — Jimmy Carollo, 202, New York, stopped Johnny Aich- ers, 190 .Cliffside, N. J., (2). Providence, R. I. r— Jackie Web- though he was trailing-.2-i when he!her, 133, Providence, .outpointed was lifted for a pinch hitter open- Freddie Yellavich,- 133, - Patcrson, ••--•• -•--- '- "• •"-•-••- l N. J. ,(10). ing day in St. L'ouls. Back at Fenway Park, the Red Sox yesterday 'looked like nn entirely different club -than the bewildered and jittery team thai split two games in Sportsman's Park. Johnny Pesky, back in his -element and also back against right By TED MEIER New York, Oct. 1 0— (ffl)-*- fowa ' State gridders are going td be, served horsement," but most dlher' , college football squads generally,. haven't reached thai stage^-^et. Tex Oliver, coach at the Uniyer- sity of Oregon, gave a typical «' action to the news that the "tlrst shipment of horserneat — -a 4 18f}« pound hind quarter — had atfived »i in ^mes, la., tor the Iowa State." training -table. "We believe in red mea{ evert it its horse 01 goat meat," 'OBvef declared. ."But we haven't Hflfl to eat that yet." . , . The meat shortage /las-'red'uced,' the Indiana gridders of the Western Confeience LO bating chicken', but early replies to an' Associated ' Press survey indicated that vMiile meat is increasingly difficult' to obtain, ,so far most schools 'have' 1 -* been able to get it. » ' /, • came on steady drives of !i4 and [hand pitching, broke his n for' fl 54 .-yards..-TCI capitalized on iutri-jstring with two sharp singles and Wes t'o win, 19-iG i Hea'd C6aclv John Barnhill, striv- dng' against unwarranted over-con- fidente, told the Arkansas grid- men 'that in Sammy Pierce, Baylor fullback, they would' :!ace one of the Southwest Conference's finest ball carriers and that Saturday's tilt might be the toughest the Porkers have had to date. Repeated stress is being given Bear Squad Entrains Waco, Tex., Oct. 10 — (/P)— With five players sidelined by injuries, the Baylor Bears today entrained for Fayelieville, where they will meet Arkansas in a Southwest Conference game Saturday. Latest Bruin loss is George Har- rourl, reserve lineman who suffered a broken leg in scrimmage tins week.- Bobby Doerr, looked more like tne game's No. 1 second baseman as he tied a series record with eight assists and chipped in with a double and single in the eight-hit attack on Murray Dickson and hurl-' er Ted Wilks. One of the most interesting developments of the third game was' the change in Dyer's tactics Williams who had been by the "Dyer shift" at St. Louis. Ted. a little bit aggravated by reports that he couldn't hit w left, nrobably was up there io )nv one down in the first inning but the•Cards .never gave him a chance.-' They didn't shift because Dyer ordered him passed intentionally. He and Pesky who had preceded with a single became the two run's'scor- Little Rock, Oct. 8—-(/I 1 )—Arkansas had 14 new cases of infantile paralysis last week compared to the preceding week, the state mcipci'l employes. He" pointed out that current legislation requires that fire and police department employes be treated as a separate group. Zimmerman also attacked provisions of state civil service laws under which members of a city civil service commission appoint n , pnvhrlmf -ill mil " le Preceing WCCK, te State " S. ealth Department reported today. The new cases brought to 321 the number for the year compared to 48 at the same time in 1945. Dr. A. M. Washburn, director of the department's communicable disease division ,said the down-, ward trend of new cases probably I. would continue, since the season I Job Printing, Off ice Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed (Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ :' PHont 399 -^./' AVENUE B GROCERY Now you can have ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS made of You. and Your Loved Ones By ARTIST Photographers the Shipley Studio 220. S. Walnut Hope, Ark. Kodak Developing Printing Enlarging Bears Will Prove Touqh Competition for Razorbacks Faycttevil'le, Oct. 10 — ()P)- sistant Coach George Cole, scouted the Baylor Bears in vious games, has warned the "Arkansas Razorbacks that vhey may expect a rugged afternoon here Saturday. Cole pointed to the fact that the Bruins, although beaten, made n civil service cuiiiimssiuii uppuiui.^ _..i!_ ,,,„,. '„„„ j their own ;succcssors "thus encour- •"' P°''Q was passed, aging;the "idea that the civil serv-1 Ice system is superior to the city I government inslcad"'of being its servant." '• He recommended that commission m'embers be appointed by vhe mayor or the principal member of the .city-commission-in cities with that form. of government. Health' and Accident INSURANCE' Complete Lifetime Protection Hospital Protection for Family MUTUAL BENEFIT HEALTH & ACCID'FNT APSO. Omaha,'Nebraska MRS. CLAUDE WHITEHURST Phone 952-J ; 1013 W. 5th St. - As- who pre- MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana Get Ready FOR FALL i By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver 'Plenty of Parking Space" Cleaners HALLS Hatters HUGH 8. HALU, Own.r N. Ftrf uion Phont 76 However, some infromatiou \vus submitted and studied. Joseph O'Connell, Jr., general counsel of the treasury, wrote on Feb. 5, 1946, that "the record con- I tains no testimony of IVtr. Harwood as none was taRen." He does not explain why none was taken and his statement that none was taken is refuted by a long passage in a "memorandum for the commissioner" which was released as part of the record by the Ways and Means committee when it made its official and evasive report to Congress. Discussing the Harwood item of $25,000, this "memorandum" says "Mr. Harwood has advised a representative of the Bureau of Internal Revenue—" etc., and "Mr. Harwood has stated—"etc. a st'i'.s- ment certainly svas taken, therefore, and the treasury has flailv refused to reveal.it and the "vVnys and Means committee doggedly refused to ask for it. "Harwood -has stated that he never received any written evidence fhat either Elliptt or the Texas state network had considered the $25,000 to be a loan," the memorandum says in direct conflict with Mr. O'Connell's report that no "testimony" was taken. Not notoriously credulous in its dealings with ordinary citizens, ;he treasury here was willing to believe that Harwood, a lawyer ol long experience who had been a federal judge for a time in Panama by Roosevelt's Appointment, was stupid enough to put up S25.000 in an honest transaction v.-ithout a word on paper and without even knowing whether he was lending the money with stock as collateral or buying stock in a straight pur- chase. As to Elliott's own memory, vhe treasury's memorandum says: "Elliott is not clear }n his own mind whether the amount was a loan or an investment." I am prepared to say that Harwood had told President Roosevelt that he wanted a fedgr.il judgeship in which he would have a life job and would not have to run for election every so often.' \ He was still hopeful of receiving:.an appointment to the United.'. States bench when-he sent the money to Elliott's company. An hon'est investigation would elicit ii-om Harwood confirmation of this statement and a further admission that he considered his :J25,- 000 to be a loan. He made repeated attempts to collect it, Of course it was a -loan and there appears Jor the historical record a deal more sordid than any ever revealed in the administrations of U. '3. Grant and Warren G. Harding, because President Roosevelt subsequently tried to persuade him to cancel it. U is not difficult to understand why the memory of Elliott Roosevelt, so film and detailed in historical matters which enhance.the sales of his book and hfs own profit, was so foggy in the incident of the $25,000. ATTENTION FARMERS ond DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Roofs with Paint For Commercial Spray Painting consult _ LUM RATELIFF Phone 979-W . .518 W. 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