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DriTncy ts his wjptto. and be lives ur to if tv ihat vtsiiaoa whleli Is tho price of llfcrly o' SS the Inalienable right to vote ira nsnt. Us himseir, If liSl'x" 1 thOB who jrt a good feUow. with Occasionally in these later days. his has necessarily become an rishme-it.

the "asenf makes a mistake which rZ the plan for whioh he Is working Not long tS itnportaAos had introduce one of these jrentlemen approached a cJUsen 'Riiom "There Cur? In that bill." Mistaking thr- linSTta which the vras th? a conftjer.tial undertone: "You are ri ht: and 1 may have vff for you boron? PuflTuslni; an Inv-p color to bis wrath, thp rePilcJ: Cse for me. Who are you. anyhow? Usr tor me! are mistaken, sir. in your man. cay have use for you.

you have no use for me 1 And thr "agent" moved forthwith, and v. has not been in that quarter since. Sorr.f years Bvgo. before modern had been a Jobbylst tseon openly, while a bill va down an aisle in th- House gad Vc or a That was MOUSIi irl man knew what to do He slso that he would be damned if he did itr.d if he didn't. But he voted "Aye It m-ss his deathkuell.

and although he xras serving fcis vC he "ever returned. That was the liit. recourse to the old clubbing into line practice To-fia' persuasion in the solitude of individual is the rule, and tt is yearn nince a rroir- pclltician was forcibly reminded by the nfficer of ono branch of the lejclslature that The fioor was for the 'jse of the members. Ths broad hint was sufficient, and the members Ftni have to themselves at least the narrow Of The FIXTURE IX DELAWARE. That State MoreLibcrql to Lobbyists Than Missouri.

rovfr. Feb. example set fry Goverr.or Folk fa Missonrl regarding lobbyists In the legislature of that State will not be la lax-are, where more liberal methods irt this -ire coaiitenanced. Lobbying Is a xtura la this State, ar.d it will probably je losi as the sessions or the General Asreaibly fbali bfl Whenever a bill of any j-nportince is Its supporters turn up at fate Capitol the form of lawyers and other nfn cf and conttitute what Is known tn as "the third house." a body that often c-ff some "cute" tricks. Viihin recent years, and at the session now In j-Tugress, the Senatorial issue has been paramount td every other subject, and legislation has therefore ved a secondary part to this customary Ceiad-ocK.

The legislators have had plenty of time, however, to take care of bills "that needed Delaware is a emsll communitj and it t-ehooves every lobbyist who wants to "get next" to Senator -and-so and Blank to beeoice fxmillar with, the antecedents of these to establish a friendship their best it is considered that some of the JUllilllili represent not more than a few hundred naatitsaata. and that everybody in that partirslar district ki-on-s everybody it will seta ka comparatively easy It is to establish corral relations. pelaware is unique Jn this respect, and the same ssethois obtain a political fights. The successful in this commonwealth of "politics and is tie man who best knows "Bill" Jones's relatives end can trace them back to ante-bellum Particularly Is this the case in Kant and Bussex Booattea, where there Is a sparse populate although the Question of Is by zo means lost sisht of in the chief dry of the State. "Get next to his friend" is the Invariable command given by the leader to the workers when it Is desired to land a certain legis- IttTT padac ef the State House, is en the ssjr.e floor with the House and Senate chambers, ia a favorite place for "'the third house" to hold Urn meetings.

Here the lobbyist meets the legisiitcr and taiks it but often the member is In the scoali corridor while on his way Irom one house to the other. Another method is for tha lobbyist to hold confarences -with lawtrakers at the Dover hotels. It is Bafe to cay that important bill was ever tot through the General Assembly of this State Tlihout the influence of an active lobby; It seems to be Now that the Senatorial fight is ka every two years, and when the legislators axe "pulled end hauled" in every direction almost daily ca this Issue, it only that they should expect the same tactics to be followed as regards Teasers of legislation. One the most influential "legislative who is seen here at the convening of every asios of the General Assembly is William A. of Frankf ord.

Sussex County, who represents a Pmr.yyA-ar.ia Kailroad- Although Mr. Gum. or Gum, as he is known to the lawmakers, zxxta headquarters at the Capitol Hotel, just fccrcss frora. the State House on the historic Dover Green, la rarely seen in either house of the legislature, ho knows of every move that is made, esd is ready to checkmate it if necessary. Gstjs is one of the prominent antl-Addicks Bepublican workers of the State, but notwithstanding this it has with the very Union Repubtteac against whom he labored on Election Day; I of an anomaly, but nevertheless true, 'fee Pennsylvania Railroad is such a powerful factor in Delaware, however, that this csy be the cause of Gum's success.

the last session a well known attorney of was here in the interest of the tobacco v.ho the bill prohibiting the sale of a ratasure that crops up at every meetizg cf the Assembly and so induential was he that the LIU failed of passage, although it was apparent then that it would be enacted. This bill has not made its appearance at the present ses- Eiari, but is liable to up" at any time. This tttorr.ty. who is a Democrat, has the advantage of knowing trly every politician of note in the C'-ate, and he therefore makes his presence felt when fee buttonholes the legislators. An analysis of conditions in the conditions are the came as regards legislation fend Senatorial politics shows that to make any headway one ist known to the members of tiie legislature, and, if to the "manner born," co Much the easier will his task be.

When Senator Allee was talking recently about certain public official he said: "You know, we Jjelawanans are very clannish, and unless a man is to the 'mnnner bcrn' he does not have the weight in this State that he otherwise would possess." The cffeial In question was not a A striking instance of the influence that nativity carries hi.s just been illustrated in Wilmington. the Otto Gas i-nginc Works, of Philadelphia, tppiifed rcr a franchise from the Street and Sewer Commission to la; pipes and sell illuminating gas lo the citizens. The Otto concern has bought a site in Wilmington and will shortly begin the erection of a r.ew r.gine works, to which It will remove from Philadelphia. It is proposed to have the ca.p:ta.ization of the enlarged gas engine comps-ny and to employ several thousand skilled workmen. In ccnuejtlon with the gas engine industry the Otto cSciaie sought the privilege cf making and in with the Wilmington JJts and Electric Company, which is owned very largely by the Dobsons.

of In order to their cause the Otto people enlisted the of Alfrtd O. Crozier, who came to Delaware recently from Grand Rapids, Mich. Crozier is an active member of the Wilmington of Trade and it was supposed a he would PJ itie to push through the project. The fact that net native however, was used "wast him in the light instituted by the Dobson fera were represented by Wilmington- Srfl' 1 strongly did this appeal tothepowere Chat the ccEirnission turned down the Ir was heralded far and wide that Lr C2icr was "not one of us," and with effect, rc2: friends say that this of r-'sr -'s of narrow-mindedness, but the work. The Otto works, having a site, arfll loca.te in Wilmington, and the nowo declare that they will make another Tr, t0 tha much gas franchise.

It Is that. If the Icatlon fhould be will -spouse their hereafter. yy A Thoaas F. Bayard, whose ia Wilmington, always rred to Deluvw' Ms ra People." v. term that endeared natfvea of the State.

He knew everyerSr who of any note 00 dtecoM family lineage with them The tame may also bt said of the late maanstjuujtiG MIUJ.VESV. Mrs. tj- UL'CK. French; i at day or at 59 prices. Mre.

gfVlft. gg VVtst French, cue, vjTZ'Tf. out perfect cutter and f.yle. BoucilOT. Weat lllth-st.

MAKiCR Altman ex- Jr -ifc ntrer, isieat etyles: $1 a. day: ZM West Mme. MACHtNAUD. for- Bwr; mt I wants (he cay In pnnte fajsllics, 4wk-tt. KR.

Fonrerly with nra- Jfct lew customers tj wcri at l.i terms moderalfc. iIL'HPHY, IJSB liuit 824-al. THIBAUD. will inve on lajlien 1 owa material for SJJJ araaur at amail 1 PKW UITIMb. Ail makaa aoitf.

rasted. aarvtpa. fr thi iFti bUn niJ his distinguished brothbury A at nf a Wlllard Saulso' vi-iimii 0 of tne latter. Willard Saulsburv. taA I th chairman ti h0 pc carry the State, a pro temporo the the wlnnin by the rVgufJ supiwrtins and their candiflatp Aiim aya vI an MU Ut onal lirilil ta la -nlv as Jt hlnh 1 3 tt will 'iV i onth lo nP er Toward the end eesslnn is when the tobbylstH pet in tholr LOBBY AT ALB A XV.

Not What It Used To 'Third House" Xot Active. TELEGRAPH TO THE TRIP' 1 Albany. Feb. Governor Folk of Missouri should obtain Jurisdiction in Albany his mandate banishing the boodler and the lobbyist wouUl spread little terror, particularly at this season of the year. There is a season when the lobbyist Is to be recognized, but that is when the session has run nearly its full length.

At that time the long parlors begin to fill with familiar faces. Well known members, whose long service has given them positions of Importance in that body officially known es the "third house," vr with peculiar earnestness the merits of measures whose merits are well concealed. But to the old timer present Is an age of delay. There was a if the various chronicles of the capital are to be believed, v.h«=!i the overcoats of the members hung in convenient corners, when the actual "dough" was put tn the pockets; when organization was less strenuous and the individual legislator had frequent opportunity for increasing his modest salary. To-day the ante-election feature of legislation removes much of the bargaining of the old days, and what remains is as often transacted in a certain Rialto hotel in New-York as In the sacred precincts of the Capitol.

There is no reason why the lobbyist should not come to the legislature if he chooses. To be sure there aro times when the barriers are raised about the Senate lobby, when the famous Rule No. 49, that excludes all but those not entitled to the privileges of the floor, is enforced. This, perhaps, is to give the doorkeeper practice as much as anything, but the lobby Is open, on the whole. The "third house" can transact its business as it chooses.

The fact that it is said to operate in the local hotels frequently as In the official precincts ia only an evidence of good taste. It was true last year that when the vote was taken on certain measures, its friends, and they were not representatives of civic bodies, followed the vote, not from a distance, indeed, and forecast the result in certain Instances. But the force of the lobby Influence is exerted r. on Individual members. The lobby of tbe Empire State, not fo differently from that of Missouri.

Is credited with directing its efforts toward committees, for the bill that the committee reports is ordinarily the bill that -will pass. This Is the difference from the old days. If It were successful. It would make the matter easier to handle, would make "the goods" more compact and easier to deliver. Moreover, It would substitute short division for long.

Lobbying in the legislature has had Its halcyon days, and these were the days of Tweed. His name is remembered as a tradition now. In that day every legislator could sell his vote. Very few could even net a price for theirs now. When a green Tammany member is assigned to a committee he usually begins his work by hunting around darkly.

"Will I be taken care of?" he asks earnestly. The chances are against it. The lobby is unosteltatious. Occasionally. In the last hours of the session, the Dress has even recounted some gallant charge of the black horse cavalry down the floor of the As-6exnblr chamber' to retire before a broadside of the but in the main the Albany lobby is too decorous, too reserved to allow itself to become obtrusive.

Banished from the Capitol by some Folklike mandate. It would retire to an adjacent hotel. Banished from the capital city, It would take up its headcuarters In the metropolis, from which it could not be dislodged. Ita main business is reported to bo done there now. Its business cards might get to the CaDitol.

but that would be all. After all, viewed from the broader point of view of the average legislator, the real source of revenue, at least for the little fellow, Js regarded as the "strike bill." "Pick out a full blooded corporation and put in a measure the provisions of which will put it out of business." This is the sage advice to which the Tammany members pay due heed. The bill every one knew it the corporation "makes good." If It is recalcitrant. It might be possible to report the for printing. perhaps.

That would carry it to tbe higher sphera of committee legislation, but, in the main, the silent "strike bill." unadvertised and unobtrusive, Is declared by wiseacres to yield the dividends, and its effect might be such as to lead its introducer to take a trip to the metropolis, ruther than to bring the officials of the corporation to Albany. In brief. If Governor Folk's order carried In Albany there would be absent next month a few familiar faces. There might be more legislators in attendance at the sessions in a Rialto hostlery, but in the main life would move peacefully, and the difference would not be great. If there is no less corruption than of old, if lobbying still persists, the actual working is done more decently, the "dough" is flaunted less openly, and the seat of the business is Xew-Tork City, not Albany.

There are no longer well situated overcoats; bills of large dimensions are less often broken at places of amusement, despite the assertions of representatives of the liquor Dealers' Association. If this be virtue, Albany has attained it; at least tt is a safe vice. There are times when. if reports were to be believed, the corridors of the Capitol would teem with wealth, when wagons would drive up to the structure bringing "dough," but such times happened only In romantic times long passed. Lost year a daily newspaper gravely announced that a huge corruption tund.

advanced by gamblers to beat the Jerome-Canfleld bill, was being distributed in Troy, and that the legislature had move there in a body. It is true that soniu members went to Troy after this announcement, but none before. To the average Assemblyman that talk of corruption is more bewildering than insulting. In his first term it seems incredible. In his second exaggerated, in his third ill advised.

There is a tradition, solemnly repeated, that a Eingle Brooklyn Assemblyman not fo many years a member of the minority, made J2.500 in his first term. This is rep.trdc-'l as phenomenal by those who are either "in" or pretend to be. In general. It is widely conceded that, next to a monk in his monastery, no man can be more removed from tenrotatton than a first-year a fact which would hardly If the lobby were as perniciously active is sometimes charged. ANOTHER APPEAL FOR THE POOR.

The New-York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor sends out the following: The Association for Improving the Cond of the Poor has appeals from pastors, teachers, cectors. neitrhbois. asking every manner of aid for families in all parts of the city. are made and help of the right kind piven as long as needed. The winter lias returned so often that emergencies have numerous.

Add storms and cold to sickness and accident, toss of I neon it a wonder that outside help la needed by thousands of families? We can translate quarter of a dollar or more into many TOM of comfort Twenty thousand dollars is still necdod. Will you helb? ROBERT SHAW IIINTURX No. 106 Bast 23d-st. desks axd omn: fcrxittre. ROLL TOr orrrcE la treat varletj of price.

T. 6ELLEW. 11l Fulton ot. Ihire thi LARGEST AESOIITMEXT of ACCOUBQT AND feiiii IN Hfc; ciTr TYPfWKITEU RIBBONS for rr.acf!!n*». 50c- PURE 600 tf DIAIUES plain and fine JAKE 3 "nn- York.

John. DESSS. 2 chairs, boatdfc.s eoenttr cases; roiititer-. thclTtag. flttad.

FiXN X-t2 Ctu- Vt-St- NEW-YOBK DAILY TRIBUNE. MOXDAY, FEBRrAEY 13. 1005 BENEFIT FOE BLIND JOURNALIST. Committee of the Marvin It. Clark Fund Makes an Appeal.

The of tha committee the Marvin B. Clark fund announce that they have in contemplation a berjefitTntcrtainmoiit. for which a of nrominent actors have voluntered their services. arid tliat contributions to the fund may be sent to the treasurer. Stephen Fiske.

No. 47 West whleh will romptly acknowledged. Mr. Clark is a veteran of this city. While in the prlmo of life he sustained the injuries to his eves, which resulted in total blindness, from defending a woman child from a brutal assault.

PersiFtir.R In continuing his work, he was urostrated by a nervous disease and lost use of his limbs. He is now wholry Incapacitated and in srreat need. Despite hi manifold afflictions, hfs is an example of '-helpfulness and cheerful philosophy. An appeal ia made for htm by the rommittee, consisting of M. J.

chairman; Abraham Grubr-r. vici- chairman; Stephen Fiske. treasurer: AHen B. Williams, secretary: Herman Ridder. Richard Watson Glider, Henry S.

Ftrooks. Charles Hesastreet. Richard F. Hamiiton. Colonel Frod C.

Hamilton. Allan Forman. Bradford Merrill. Homer P. Beach.

Daniel J. O'Keefe. G. Foster Howell. Alfred E.

Fecrsall. J. R. Abirbanell ar.d Benjamin Franklin, for the general On the honorary committee are. among others, J.

Plerpont Morgan. Justice Truax, A. H. Hummel. Justice Bischoff.

George Arie. W. Bourke Cockran. Joseph Jefferson and Woodbury G. LonKdon.

AGAINST CUT PAY FOR TEACHERS. West End Association Becommends Short Day for First Two Years. Aa naasures of economy are being considered by tbe Board of Education as recommended by the superintendents, principals and teachers' and the Controller has suggested changes that have not been included, the Weat Side Association baa passed resolutions that It does not approve attempts to economize by saving salaries of class teachers in either day or evening schoois. In the opinion of the association, the pay or class teachers, is not too high the faithful work they da and it the shorter day for the first two years and opposes iii- consolidation of children nnd schools too large for their proper tnstru ti KB. HAAS IS BACK HOME IN NEWARK.

Clergyman Who Disappeared Mysteriously Will Make a Statement. The Rev. Frederick E. Haas, pastor of the German Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Newark. who disappeared from Newark nearly two weeks ago and turned up at Chicago, where he was cared for by irienda, reached Newark yesterday morning in the care of a friend.

He managed to elude reporters ar.d others, did not po to his house. No. 177 Washington- anil his presence in Newark was unknown until tbe afternoon, when he was found at his house with his threa children. His wife is in the German Hospital, having undergone an operation. Mr.

Haas was unable to sco his wife, who was informed of his return but made no comment. Mr. Haas would make no statement about himself, and refused to taiK to reporters. Ho appeared to be in good physical health and in possession of all his mental faculties. A written statement had been prepared by him, and will be considored to-day by the church trustees, to whom it was given.

PASTOR LEAVES HACKENSACK. Hackensack. Feb. 12 The Rev. Ezra T.

Sanford, who assumed the pastorate aftT the orawtizatton of the Calvary Baptist Church, the result of a split in the First. Baptist Church, five years ago, surprised his congregation to-day by tendering his resignation. He has accepted a cail from the North Baptist Church. Waverly Place, New-York City, where he will receive a larger salary than the one now paid him. Ho interest about years ago when he i J'or pictures to be used in his Illustrated lecture "The Four Bars." In the garb of a tramp he was photographed standing on a fence bar, before a bar in a loca.l saloon, before the bar of justice in the Hackensack coutroom and then behind the bars of a cell in the Hackensack jail.

Many of his friends thought his method too sensational. LECTURES AT SCHOOL OF COMMERCE. The School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance of New-York University announces its usual series of special lectures by business and professional men during the second term. The lectures this year are to be in two series, one dealinp with business morality and the other with a more varied range of subjects in finance, industry and accounting. I The lecturer are given In the evening at the University Buildintr.

East Washington Square No. 22 Wavertey Place), at 9 o'clock. The public is invited to attend, no cards of admission required. The first lecture in the course w.ll be given tomorrow evening by Dr. Hermann Levy, of the University of LeipFic.

Dr. Levy has 6pent two years in making a. close comparative study of the iron, steel and tlnplate Industries of Great Britain and the United States. He will speak on the influence of the tariff and trusts on the tlnplate industry. The full programme of the course is as follows: March George Haven Putnam, "Commercial Morality: A Study of Certain of the Conditions and Influences by Which It Is Determined; from the Point of View of a Publisher." March Robert C.

Ogden, "idealism in Eusiness." April William H. McElroy. "Newspaper Ethics." April Edward D. Page, "Business Policy and Business Morality." April Samuel Untermyer. "The Ethics of Corporation Organization and Management." April Thomas F.

Woodlock, "Morality in Wall Street." February Dr. Hermann "The Influence Of the Tariff and- of Trusts on the American Tlnplate Industry." February Professor John L. Stewart, "The Economic Iflcam of the Westward Movement of the and Steel Inanstry February and March 7 George H. Mason, "The Mechanism and Technique of Foreign Exchange." (Two lectures, beginning at 8 o'clock.) March A. Lowes Dickinson, "Some Special Points in Accounting Practice." Marr-h 14 ami Charles A.

Conant. "Proposed Monetary Reforms in Mexico and China." (Two lectures.) March Thomas F. Woodlock, "The Theory of Investments." (Beginning at 8 o'clock.) March Alexander Dana Noyes, "The Eastern War and the Money Market." April Mr. Noyes, "What Makes Stock Market Values." Apru Mr. Noyes, "The Influence of the Gold Bupply on Prosperity." April Chase, "The Reform of Municipal Accounting." April Orrin R.

Judd. "The Operations and Profits of Private Banks." MRS. F. F. THOMPSON GIVER OF CHAPEL.

To the Editor of The Tribune. Sir: In your report of the dinner of the Williams alumni, last evening, it is stated tho chapel is erected "by Walter Thompson, of this city." This is a mistake. The money for the new chapel has been given by Mrs. F. F.

Thompson, and tba chapel is a memorial to her husband, who was a student it Williams, who during his life was a steady benefactor of the college, having erected three" large buildings and provided annual lectureships, and who was also trustee oi the college for many years. Mrs. Thompson is a resident of New- York, as her husband always was, and r-er benevolence is by no means confined to the IWksl'ire liege, to which has given so largely. CHARLES AUGUSTUS STODDARD. New-York, Fen.


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MlUord-st- Broofciyn. AMBITIOUS young man. 20. at anything, with advancement. A.

F. rCSCH, East Slst-si. ADVERTISING Do you need me? I uositlon In large agenc.r to business; am college man; aged 23; fair correcpomlent: some Uziowleclse writtns copy, smail aalary; no aoUeltins- Addreaa BBS West "Mth-Et. ASSISTANT BOOKKEEPER. collector; ulso salesman: ten years with on house.

first class relerences. BCHMIDT. 5-' BOOKKEEPER, man as ntmims ant eashlei can furxlsh best of re.ference: experienced. A. A.

DODDrf, 44 JeScraoa Brooklyn. BUSINESS AGENT. and raiicuziiiti axperlenee; agency in Buaton and New-England for any legitimats business; reliable references. WEST, 67 West BOOKKEEPER, assistant, by young; married man; eight yean' experience bookkeeping, and genfral office work. J.

KEEN AN. 876 Brsoklyn. IAJSCB MAN Thoroughly experienced, reliable; or country: hotel, ccfe or lub; porter: rrferemje. itill or address HBKRT, at Merchant's. 142 East 14th- BRIGHT TOI'JIG MAN.

jraaJW expertettre, with linn; graduate cf commercial rollege; references. ALFRED LAO, 11 Broadway. BARTENDER or CAFE WAJTKK fur club; Benteei. neat, oar. piace oniy.

RUSSELL Sd-avc. UOOKKEICPKH. typewriter and by young man. 20; possesses and appearance. liROOKLYNITE.

iXi Brooklyn. BRIGHT EOT. gcraduate of commercial school. in whoieaate cbanea for aJ- Tajicement; excellent references. HERMAN 4ei: Brooklyn.

BAKEH. First clasa paatryr.iiuj. from liuunos Ajrca. A. K.

V. GOIUTY. T9S IXiV IS, residing with parents, at anytKniK. with boat city AKTHI'U PEARSON. 1.2&S Proapect Place.

Brooklyn. BOY, 17. nool irraduate. at anvhlna; where he an OCNTUEK, 1,063 Brooklm. HOY.

17, neat and wholesale or offlca for sci.eral work, to himself; honorable rcferuri' Wafl Place, Astoria, near ferry. BOX IT. -'fercni-e froia last ajlana, wb-- he ran himself. JIAUTIN KRICK. 448 laat tSBd CUTTER.

many experience. New- York and Paris, aa cuatom cutter, Bood city or country. 31., li 4 second box. V.UKk 11 I Mai-- CI.ERK. Tours man as BtOS clerk or to at anything.

HITE 3 Kart CASHIER 3S; restaurant, liar, clear counter rr hotel: bert wi'l work for lor, 41V. sue "-LOCK V--! MAKUR- hoih trench anrl American P. PATRIARCH. LtbrsrtM ca'alos-ued: gradaata, F. MECHAKIC; first CTOwn, rubb-r ar-1 wocker! lons experience.

S. LSI drug DKIVCE ar.a BTABUB3IAN; haa refarencc; end honest. J. HAVES. rv.i Dlt) SETTINiJ ar.d Monitof lathe work.

or huurly tntcMne and drill JOHN L. 174 DKI'C By yiur.R. Mexican: one with i-rivlleces: F-'-wnl references. T. MEDINA West ELEVATOR VNKR.

O' colored mar elevator nmrKT. porfi. bu'ler. walser. Inejt or address care Akiin, Weal gle: experienced with all kin.l* of lirdraullc i-rearri mKc-hln'tT; best references.

RAYMOND. 1.475 Sd-ave. ENGINEER. 1., aaaed; electrical pempetent, soher and steady position in factory or office r-uiluinc. a.

NOVOTXY. 110 South Vtrnon. n. T. 1 a oi si! round mechanic; night ot ItLAI L.431 Cond lv h- tei or AXSEL.

JONSEN. 11 President- Brooklyn. Tel. Hamilton. HANDY, strong mart, at can care for boiler: best Tferencci.

703 Brooklyn. lIIGII GRADE parlor ani music, violin and aoasrr-r rescrts. or rottatea; Al references. Address 0.. Box 75.

Tribune Ofv.rr. IKSIDS Bj Baaiilwl man. 03; H'rn'an EugUsh: Intelligent, reliable; ltfetime f'aM RINOENBACK, LeoastA-at Jcrasy H.ign^s. JANITOR. I'y Hungarian r.o steam heat an.J hot water Mrs.

SIMMON. 67 Euat Janitor. MACHINIST. German. 25.

all voaad, at anything: moderate tala. FUKST, 234 East 70th-st. First class, all around able- to do all repairing In or carpenter work: wisheii position with landlord. Address MASCN. Bos Montclalr.

N. J. MESSENGER. A man. 33 years of aass, German-American, and steady in hia habits, good education and a fair hand, as messenger with a or railroad fTIHIUBJ.

or on doing liKht clerical work whlcb will pay about $7.1 a morth; of references as to character, etc Address HENRY MOOS, 115 Union Kill. N. J. FaciaI and electric treatment. vapor as 4 electric baths, at hnme or out by the day.

I-'LOW. 11 West 63th-st. MAX. 42. wants work ary klnd.

with all kin.l» or tools ar.d BBSV chinery. JOHN FALK, S6S Jersey City. JfBBSENGEJI or By youns man. 32: best city references as to and honesty. Address W.

F. Box ICS. 617 MAN experienced In trucks, sober, wanted; near rallruad: ererythtng furnished. Particulars addrese Box 529, Va. ham! with ton's t-an furnish his own; niarriti; lUlng to work at anything.

j. DAVISOIC. Brooklyn. MAN. 2B: boaiast and reliable.

GEORGE WACK. S7l C'entrjii Brooklyn. OUTDOOR USEFUL young Scotchman. strictly temperate; willing, respectful; 3. cleanirig.

$15 excellent reference. Call IRWIN'S BUREAU. 77 llth-st. OFFICE or By young man. 22; wilUnar to work foe moderate ssilarv chance for advancement.

ANTHONY GIGLIO. 3.418 Brooklyn. PORTER In downtown office wholesale botise or any other position; eleven years' reference from last employer. MADISON EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE.

300 tith-ave. roung man, 20: ateody fv- yeara' experience. aNGER- MaNN. Li.gin-st.. Brooklyn.

ColJrel nan. 20, good position as porter or anything; understands steata and motor: can furnish, JOSEPH. 250 West 47th-st. Ten per roll; Ity or rauntry; guaranteed work. FEDERBUSCH, East 7th-st.

PORTER. In office traUdinaj ur apa.rUE«nt house;^ fteam heating. Address E. ECHMIDT, Avenue A. SALESMAN, experienced, wWm la represent manufacturer or jobber in Baltimore and Washington; has extensive uatntance, I'h gene.aj trade; can command Rood business: references.

Address J. E. MORRISON 1.71S Ualtlmorc. Md. and TYPETVP.ITKR; knowledge of ikkvepti moderate salary: no agencies.

THORPE, North Mount Vemon. N. Y. STENOGRAPHER, typewriter aid omc, assistant permanent place; references. Y-.

222 West ISth-st. SOUTj: AMERICAN GENTLEMAN, master of Spanish and German and la well acquainted with English and Frt-nch: of ensineeriay an'l printing. Tribnne Cff.c?. SHIPPING CLERK. Py young man, 21.

in shipping department: experienced; German. A. MARTIN. 174 Brooklyn. SHIPPING Five k.

HERZEB, 247 B- SALESMAN. Y'urc man. 27; experienced in sents" furnishing line; department test of Address CAS. 225 East lrJd-st. SALESMAN.

tracie with grocers: reference from lavt employer. Address '-3 North Newark, N. J. and PIPE American, aged Z2. marrlru; undersls.nd« Ironwork.

pumps, elevators, boilers and cynamoa; references, can furnish tools. Addreaa F. V. HORAK. 114 Inland City.

N. Y. Hiddie single: day or night: sober, honest, n'ul. toduati can of moderate wages If manent. "WATCHMAN, Uox IS, Tr.n orj'xe.

SCAN -T to at HENRY KAST, N. J. i 3S. -g porter elevator MAGAN 4. '7 YOI'NG CO: wllllrs to work at anyihtiM understand? the drup and spire will work at packing or the mills: itnx 102.

rUatag office. 1.03» Brooklyn. TOCXG MAN, 18- commercial three experience: references. Addre-s Richmond Hill. Urns YOUNG MAN.

Argentine (S. well edueateJ. In family; will leiSQQR for Kcgllah. il. J.

--H 33th-st. YOL'NG MAN. 21: experlencei.l In stationery an 1 printing: poattlon at sarjo. J. GRANT.

Cth-ave. TOTTNG HAN, aaaarteaa. married, at year a at reference. AUSTIN, 189 Brocfclyn. TOt'NG MAN.

American, sincere Christian. bookkeeper and missionary: lv In mission. Oall Room 17. TOCNO MAN. r.ith iKime of a- can furnimn to honesty.

and Monday. t3S East 113th-at. YOI'NG colore-1 man. at anything; art an wining; car. eive security.

JAMB 3 MOriUY, 241 West care M. Taylor. t. lit. at Gl l'emale.

A CHRIBTIAS I.ADV. with llterar; nout4 assist In r.r eapartetwe end itaorsemer.ts. Address WRITEII. 21 Ulble A REKINED WOMAN of Si. experienced t-i household land cood diTMmaker, Irishes to be usef-il to elderly or Invalid lady; city cr country: salary $25.

West CASHIKK ar I ASdrers MAUOABFTT MBS'JtIONAT. 147 Swedish; Uirly landed, rr.any years" a alao on D. cai-e Mrs. Strom. 353 East 2Sth-st- GOVERNESS to tmi.ll BLUEMUNACER.

314 I2lb-at. TKemJile- xt''red lapt. eaaspeteot. trustworthy, peak! r.r ftuent French. Casttta.

tapable of, taking ensure enmpaalon to Sadr or cSIM. place. A. vata secretart. Experience we man editor d-fires flrnt etaas position: with buslnem sucial alia, poshPtars ia.t.

(hneesv,»s» RESPONSIBLE, Uptown 1.364 Broadway. STENOGRAPHER and T.y youni; iiidy. experience Oliver machine; reference. iltss WALSH. fly young laiy. and collexe. In chance fir advancement. KATHRTN CARRCLU 2i3 STENOUnAPHF.U ai TTPETIT.ITER.— generni aaVs good -roci petniri. FTENOORAPHKS. 4O AJtorla.

Long Istand. YOVSii aa -rp-arten nr or cJiilfiren In Pityiklyn. liO.U*>TlC SITCATIOXa WA.ii anfl VAUiI. where loyaity an'l t.oTVSty wiM toy. or> best c.ty BIKAOY.

14a tlas' tewt bI'TLKR City or country: frora lasi ja.V.LJSt<)N EMPLOYMENT ENCHANGK. buwpc'i 23d aad SSln Gramercy. ATTENDANT, comiiafitin. 10 an gectlemaiuy: accustomed to uavelilng; Nsw-iort reiTences. Lexington-ave.

BUTLER. Japanese; experier.carl batler or tn small family; city or coaatry. -sapeoi-; good Er.g-ii»u; referescea. C. 11 Brooklyn.

CARETAKER, la country. by young and mottter; h-jnest. efi.i. ivnt: good refTf-nceii. SAYHK.S.

113 f.rocKlyc. V.y 33: twurrted; understands his kaews farming work; takes care -j'. gentlemen's T. Pcstortice, County. N.

Y. COACJIMAN. Thoroughly onderstands care of Una horses, carriages and harness; gsrdeiunr, iawns. furnacea. etc.

first reierenfiiMk ALEOLANDER ISO lileecker-st. Married, N.i L-hlWrcn; thoroughly la bran-'iies: vareful driver, rider; cnunirv preferred: rrittei uaa personal references. WILL! AM, Tribune Ottlce, 1.3t"4 3roauway. COACHMAN. HANDY MAN.

tires, drives, etc generally useful tn many ways, speaks good English; sober, reliable, JOHNSON, at 154 fith-ave. COACHMAN. Faajily going to Europe wouiU to find position for rran; flrst class city driver; seven years' pejsona! reference; or live tn country; 34; height, 3 tt. tf in. R.

227 West SBth-st. By Swede; sraooth lace; good appearance; very capable: excel.eni In every way; will be useful, preterred: best at Carpenter's, 154 A. respectable colcred man as trs; class order cook, for hotel, or cafi; reliabre; perscnal references. at Brooklyn. FARMER.

Working foreman; sober American; married, small family; experienced with rtock. crepe. herdsrran; attend datry. poultry, board men; best city references. Call W.

at 134 with wants to hire with fanner to work on a farm by the month: understands all kinds of farm work; has been a farmer for past tei. years. Address MiJcilebuah. N. P.

0.. Bex 2tt. GARDENER. FLORIST. 9Bi married, one child; head c-r superintendent i.n gentleman's piete; outdoors as well as under Blass: good decorator for ali oecaateaa); lnduitrious.

ecber, civil. please state wages. Adiress GARDBNKR. cara of ueargs N. ilason.

Far Rockaway. N. T. FORfTUAN FARMER. By Scotchman; married; no family; Maicti hia loaaj ana at rue In America with cattle, cheep, dairying ami all work, managing help and boarding them: references best.

i. 3.. at carpenter's. Ijl German. rr.arr!-i.

no Jamily; 30 years of age; years' practical experience; thoroughly understands his business In every department; five years tn present position; take of gentleman's place; first clasa references. H. SCHNELER. cara Xias Helen M. Gou.

J. Irvlagton-on-Hudson. Head; Eogllso. 36; married; corf.pettnt in every branch of the profession: good references as 10 ability. GEORGE STANDEN.

Millbrook. N. Y. GARDENER. Thfirougbly experienced all branches of greenemise work, fruit, BomtMU and vegetables, under glass and outdoors: Block, tillage and general farm work; married, 35; no wife first class 000k and dairymaid; excellent, references: and reliable.

F. care of Vaugaan's Seed Store. 14 Barclay-st. Head; life experience tn aIT branches, under glass nnd outside: well in landscape work, roads, lawns. Italian gardens, planttnc etc GARDENER.

151 Rutherford. N. J. GARDENER. 4c.

Man. aged 35. tn the country: understands gard-nlng. care of horses and driving: re.ferecces. Address SWETE.

Box 19, Tribune Otllcc. German: married, with two crjildreri; would lilce to take charge of gentleman's small country place: can furnish reference: understands of no.vrs. shrubs, kitchen, garden. stock, would require cottage, fuel prtriieg-f. L.

O. Katonah. IVestcbester N. Y. Good vegstaSle grower and quite a florist.

srr-all greenhouse and tha l'Xe; can milk; well recommended; strtctly JOHN. 4t Carpenter's. 154 6th-ave. GARDENER. Thoroughly t.oirp*tent to take entire, charge of gentleman's country married.

English: first class refer. a -s. Box Oyster Ray. GARDENER or By American, married, one cMld; tnoroushly understands management; XETfZLER. SOS East 4ott-st.

GARDENER. Married: thoroughly competent in all branches: eleven years ia one place. F. Bex T73. Lswia County.

N. T. GARDENER. S7: married; Btrtctly temperate; all branches; cows, poultry: seven years former place. In present: best references.

MADSEN. N. J. GARDENER. pir.s.e: thoroughly many years" experience; highest references; bicgla handed or fuil charge of place: moderate wages.

li.VRDENHR. TrIBKIM I'piown OiSce, 1.381 Broadway. Married German; competent in all branches: will board aalp If required; city references. 8., care Bridseraan's Seed 37 East IQth-at. ESF Thoroogsly competent: rr.arried.

M. life In all branches of gardetiing ar.d gtuieral irianairt'ment at country estate: iast employer can referericee. GARDENER. Bos. 111.

West port, Ccnn. GARDENEJt. German married. 4O; small family: rtrst class grower; care of cows, poultry, lawns: good references. MARTIN RAUSCH.

Madison. 3. GARDENEK. aged SS: firat rlaaa: in all branches; en pla--e- one child: Al raCarea AtMresa GARDENER. itO PiitchcEue.

U.uic Island. LANDSCAPE CABDENEB anrl FLORIST. Married: Ensllsh: IS years In five places; thoroughly up In all branches; roses a specialty up to data in general har.dllnc and poultry; wanted by April 1. HENKY Goshen. Omnga County.

N. i SEFVL At factory worn or atat in has reference. Call or address CON NELL. I'J Ilroculyn. VEGETABLE Iriah.

niarrted, chllJ; understands firraccs; milk and horses; kI Tt-icrmr-f: PATRICK DONEGAN. U2 'iijt Islan.i City. VALE A ET.tleman desires to obtain a for his valet. For communlctte with U. 3 47th-tt- Ity German-American; can at last employment.

OTTO. 202 I-Vraale. COOK good faralJy eooktef: fecal city or i-ountrj J3i to i all at LANO DotiCIIKRER I 13 West i CCOK. Kirst class icood baker. rtty elty or country, $30 to Call at LANG BOECHEUER I West Stth-at.

Uerman: gooj lauiklresa. AJ dress by letter, a. 8-. Hex 38. lot East 14 -st.

COOK. Ftrrt rlaaa. colored: day's -worv nr and ta Addreaa Mrs. C. -427 claw, for elijr or country; want city reftreacea MARTIX.

3i West Soth-st. slil IMO-NS n.VMM. COOK. Pljlti Trts'i jjocd city lidsMTer icau. "f- Tat --4 CTX)K.

rr.aiU and iiira LARSON'S 33 TeL i-rjaai COOK tTaCNCRXSS. also maid and two risnttd iiiii. have BLRKAT'. AI; family: good nils iron r. mil taae citr or reuntrr.

MADIiiON EMPLOVISENT KXCHAMQB. excellent very AIIERI--AN I.APT. widow of lilljal poaitios matron aua buyer for achoni. tloa. Accresa UifililhiC 2 Uiookltp.

COOKING In flrst rlaso cr ajasaaaj in faiuiLv: (raffes SCO a raoct.i. al! MEM- no tanls. rHAMBERJIAm cr "iVAITRKPS. two Scathera colored as) ether as clumVrsui 1 ITivate or c- ar Call iT. COOK.

i.t rtrst no very city i ar.sw-r In poison cr pay ctrfair. NEW- KiRK. COOK. By middie w.rn in. tn M.

cf Sl4 partlcabwly all bra.ichem of plain cooicicg: no oojertioa to a faciio city or country. M. Mrs. Collier's, 123 West Ey Protentanf: iMwt of or r. 122 l.

Chelwa. COOK. Claris: in where kjtrhecjnsid Is kept: best fttjf reftrence: ring Bssts) alrt: COOK. CHAMBERMAID acd WAITIUtSsSi city or couctry. Xlsze.

3 exflotmsnt agency. 426 'AtUi and 30th COOK or LAUNDRESS. ta tit references. iJ tai ring Morgan's beil. COOKING or NDRT colored wftrnan: reference: or country.

NOKES. tX6 Broesce-st N. J. COMPANION to elderry or lnraltd lidy. Tey Ctristian woman; pl-aaant horr.e ra Oa.l or address 8..

7 West l.Tib-M. CHAMBHT.MATD and sewing; or rake of grown children, by yosjssl Engllsta city or country reterences. 4-. Flaherty. TelepSoaa River.

CHAMBERMAID. work tlay work. Call Sunday. West 3d floor, rear. Br newly German rlrl.

willing to do aewl; an'l assist waitress or nurse; city or couatrr- 1 CHAMBERMAID aai SEAMSTRESS. t.oo<!. wonld assail waitreas; rm to couatrr. W. Bureau.

West S3d-at. Tel. CHAMBEHMAH). WAITRESS-. HigJsJr recornswndei cr general housewcrker; tr country.

or at Merchoofs. 142 East 14tb-st. CHAMBERMAID. young as chambermaid, waitress or hotise- I TALKER. CHAMBERMAID and giri; good reference; SS 4k Hofmayer's Bureau.

U3 WeSS 2E.i-«t. 4 Chelsea. CHAMBERiTAIP an'l waitress: Protestant EngUsh speakiaz young, stroiy: Gcrniaa girl, with city, cr country HESZ. li- East CHILD'S M.UD— B- -Pariataa Blrt; morning or to out and teach French to voiing chill- v-uy test family address IT.I*. M.

Jt, care Mrs. Barnes, t-4St Young woman to do da? a 1 9 2Vj East FAMILY WASHIVI nW.y up. M. BEHRENS. 343 Af est 33Ui.

GENERAL HOUSEWORK. an elderly woiaan. in a small, plain fasulv; references. West 21st-at. GriXERAL HOUSEWORK er IIOU-ANL' cf BVllg.

33S Wr-3: 33d-st. GENERAL By weman; plain cook and laundress. Armty Tuesday. KRAUS. care llDrgan.

7 HUUi-st. HOUSEWORK. Protestant: ISSaty loaded; itjung. stronc. German-Hticgarian giri.

wifhes good hjjne in an American family; city or country. HER 2. 172 East ith-st. By neat, reliable girl, ia anuii! family in apartment, or ia doctor' office. HA.N'aEN East GeneraI housework, b- near, tidy young girl; best references; alsa cooli and wait- nuracwr of FL.VHERTY"a.

4- 'l el. 741 Klver. Lady -TlahM ta her thoroughly vasMMB North German, who been six -ar- 13 errtplcy: recommendation. sl West 37th-M. Tel.

Cail Tuesday. a. m. ro 1 p. m.

By Seetek small family; competent; cool oouit an 4 laundress; srood references. "S3 "West 37iii-st. Finnish girl la family; laundress: can spoak. English. BUREAU.

HOUSEKEEPER. ace -A OaaaJlar. lady. ased expert'rtced lect nurse; good needlewoman la charge of borne, or as "air companion: unquestlonaale references given laajsiraj, Aadntsa CANADIAN. 23 Bast Mta-et.

HOUSEKEEPER. GentJewwrnaa an kepeer. secretary, of children. an lavalli. i aay position of respor' wfcere culture ar.J refinement waul! appreciated: reference.

Addraaa ABILITY. Box 30. Tribuas OfHoe. KOi: IWORjk or COOK atvi UAVKDMBM On? personal city and ctly or country. M.

Collier. 123 West Sa-st. HOUSEKEEPER. By English Protestant womaa. 3tl: ta c.reurrjtarice* th arousal? la widower" cr bachelor's good cook, caterrr and seaxnstreas or country: refataaicaa.

Adsraaa RAYMOND. Tritrasm Upt Offlce. L3S4 Brcadway. German; first etasst ironer: of referencea; or nntry: wages JA at LASO HERER 13 Waat 27tn-at First rlua; take of first class facslllea. IL YNIB? 73 Kajt Ilsill si LADY'S Fraoch; apaeka Fi-ervTi reference.

BUREAI'. LadT ta falth'-it Img tn service: very fcrtsht. capa delicate Ir.ranti wouH tender rare; elderly latfy nuperrlM hooaekeepice; elty r.r country: la raOiai from last place. O. Room Wor- NI'RSE or N'CRSERY North Ceryan: and to from two years tZi: S.

141 E. NUP.SE-— woulJ take of lady cr SNYDF.R, cara Vtn Hatten. West OFFTCE wtdew; neat and tidy; -oferaacaa. SET. 4in nest S-'th-st.

ana ehaasbermaM. or iaal-1 by neat. yoiuva; woman; city or country A. 1 Collier. 122 ZZZ-r VISITINO riy Oerj iran; wKltnc to.

chambcrwork. it. Tribune VISITING MATIv reftsei and NEAT. IT. Tribune WAITRESS Swedish iMaajaaj; can place: has eace.

KINL.AND and Cnaupa ter.t: first family. fH fjf "Utrv AJiiiaiM iIaBIUCAH Protestant. 434-at. n. carda.

Coed lalaia wasfeiajc by diaen: 54V. doarn p-iiL 9Uaa KOE3TO. East 70th-t-. 2-1 TOCKO TTOiiAN-. eoiore-i.

wtahas eaoh waabt" heajM. of 4JT eat 9.

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