Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 5, 1946
Page 3
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jR^^^ MOM; A UK AN I AS By Roy dorra OZARK IKE Ch!c»; ftmng OZARK IKE1 . _ RJNNV 1 HE tOLD ME HE'D BE AT THIS NUMBER, AT j , ...,-,, THIS TIME ^ A WELL ABOUT , TWO INCHES REACH WHO COULD 'IT'BE'AT OCLOCK THE CAN I SPEAK *«(K THERefe 10 MR MfSONKoAL, Y NOBODV PLEASE ? ^-^ frIERE BV THAT NAME OH. MR GOESNT LIVE THERE HES JUSTA BURGLAR m WULL, LOOK ^ WHO'S H£RE>,, BANK By Michael O'Mallcy & Ralph Lane VIC FLINT night-Hardy Blake and t Sat outside his lodge and smoked itrthg moonliglit. IT'S SOMEONE WAS IN AH AWFUL HURRYTO GEV HER INTO WATER. THEY -DIDN'T EVEN TAKE TIME. TO SCRAPE THE BARNACLES OFF HER. f THERE WAS SOMEBODY ABOARD THAT BOAT, HARDY, t'FELT HIM LOOKING AT-ME. BESIDES, J 5AWTOBACCO SMOKE TKERE IT IS, VIC. I'AKE MYSTERY. HOW DO YOO LIKE IT ? By Dick Turner CARNIVAL . I'VE ABOUT ONE MINUtE.I .TALKED YOUR ARM 1 WANT-TO GET.A.A Of F CONCERNING THE J GOOD LOOK AT VIRTUES OF LAKE ^ THAT MYSTERY. HOW ABOUT SOME SHUTEYE7 •BEAUTIFUL. TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR A REAL ESTATCR LIKE YOU TO SPOIL WITH A LOT OF SUB DIVISIONS. DRIFT QOT OF'THE 'PORTHOLE. By Leslie Turner WASH TUBES -I DOUBT IT... Y THEN WE'LL THW NfWMO COUNTRS bEEP, (RESERVATION NfcRROW CfcNONS. FROfA CW4 HK3E LN*<Se / GROUND TIW. PUEBLOS FROfA/ WE FIND IT! . THE WEU REACH X IFONftHOSTEENCOULtASWEN SQUARE WILES OF VJILD RESERVATION, I COUNTRY WITH FEW ROADS! . WEBBER' GILRERSON'S Ail* MEPiD FROtATHAT OLEINWiN RA,N)CH TONIGHT, )'Pl*QUE WE SHOWED AND START SEARCHING- PARTIES EMM TOBSS SEARCH FROKTHE BRING RESULTS By Walt Disney HERE'S THE PIME... NOW, HOW V GONN\ PO IT "No mc«e of that silly diet for me! I took off 10 pounds iand I.noticed people looking at me horrified, as if I were a ghost I" FUNNY .BUSINESS By Hershberoer OOS6ONE IT! THERE'S TWO DOLLARS WORTH O' FLV PAPER AMD SPFJAV IM HERE...MSIP LOOK! 18 is ruy size, but sometimes they get-clear up 10 42,before I fmd one that fits'." OH,.ICANT TELI ____ FRECKLES AN D HIS FRI EN DS V YOU'RE LOVEUV, IWSRIO/AMD'VOU HAVE A NICE CAR, BUT MY -CALE-lsJDAR. -I REGRET It) SAY-IS BOOKED SOLID/ NuffV COO; HAS ADVISED LARD TO PLAY-'HARD- TWIRP SEASON, AWP SINCE THAT • • ATTITUDE HAS ROVED SUCCESSRJL- NUTTY, TUB: • BOVS HAVE .PEQDED TO FOtLOW By Carl Anderson Q IN TME/' FUTURE". MR. BESIDES, HOW MUCH MONEY COULD YOU OM-\A/OMEN;LET-ME LIVE" My WAY/ E*SMVlCi:mC.T. M. I "It's my h^sband—-he got tired of being told abqvit ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin I PUNNO IF TH'CEO-MAG SURVIVED ) \' FALL 05 NOT ^ IF HE DID,.I GUESS HE'S HEADED BACK UP TH' HILL TO WHEZE HE LEFT HIS DINOSAUR/ THIS ISTH' PLACE, BUT OP TH' BEAST THERE IS NO TBACE ,' JUST \VHAT I WAS ABRAID OF- TH 1 SUY BEAT NOT NECESSARILY, OOP, I-SAV-IT COW'.DA • / YES, JUS'.-SIMPLY I ; HEY, WANDERED V LISTEN THEN THAT'S TH THINS WE GOTTA. PO, 'CAUSE HE LEFT OOOLA A PRISONER UP THERE, Thimble Theater THEY MUST BECOME BITTER TO START THE MR. CREEPY THE PEOPLE. ARE SAP — I'LL. 6IVE THEM MORE <5ALLBEBJ?y JUICE. 1 / r^ DOM'T BLAME VOUf' WEDOMT WAMT TO BE YES, VEKV SAP & REVOLUTION ,'.' CHEERED By Edgar Martin I \<i THIS G01NS TO PR.OV POSTPCNS. WftT JOHNS Cft<3E I V With Mqjor Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. William* OUT OUR WAY NEVER. SAW SUCH A LOVEUV PIECE OF BROCADE DM. .' 3ftViS IS QLMTE JEALOUS OF RCTlRED \ CUZ VOU SE2 PEOPLE TILU I SEEM V WE HAVE THIS RETIREP CATTLE- ) EITHER. MAN— IT MUST BE AWFUL-TO FALL. FROM A SAPDLH TO A CHAISE L.OUMGE. 1 ADAVS ACROSS IWlS THEN) SHE PUTS IMATiNT/ TOUCH OF THE MOST HEAVEM- B^^&^V^V'/'' '.'::'' : vv"i:'-?J;•'•',••'•..''.•;•."••'.'• •.,' : ':"-'.'jM •sats^': 'AJa^ •'.'.• •.V'-x^'^^A-bA-:.''.- 1 :v/._v •://:•: • .'-.'W ARTICLE/ -w30Ve,' HO\AJ /V MELLOVJ.' I'LL 3UST By Fred Harmon REP RYDER r BLESS /^Y SOUL. 1 RED AND SH^.Iff'S E£I1ERT/V\E. V1KT.BEAFRAID SHERIFF' BEAMER HOrAE AGAl/^J ELECTED ArtD IGWT H\t\' *s$i&i52^^ *^^ N,S «•• ^ rS§ Social P, ertona OTft I •. m. and 4 p. w, l Social Calendar October 7 The W.M.S. or Ihe Pirsl Gaptlsl Church will moot Monday nf^'r- tinon at 2:30 nl thn Kducationnl •building frtr Its roi'tilar monthly budlness and socinl mooting. 'St.'Marks Auxiliary Unit 1 will meet McndDy nfternortn at 3:'I5 nl the liomp of Mrs. Pal Cnscy. Y. W. A. cf tho First Baptist church will mocl Monday night tit six o'clock in (ho Educntionnl buildiiifj for its vcglilar' monthlv business artil social • meeting. All members are urged to attend.. I TuesdnVt October -8' The Hope Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday afternoon nt 2:30 t\t tho homo of Mrs. John Brill on Sc.ullrShovor street' t wilh Mrs. A. A. Hnlbert ns -sissoclftte hostess. A full nttenclancc is urKed. Coming and Going Mrs, Paul Schrcck -will lenvc today to return to her home in Dallas, Texas after n visit with relatives and friends here. Mrs. .Schrcck -will be' remembered as the former .Miss Phnnae Fuller. Births Mr. and Mrs. Davis I. Brown of Carlisle, Pa., announce (he ar> rival of a daughter, Nancy'Lewis, born Saturday October 5 in a Carlisle hospital. Mrs. BrcVwn will l)« remembered ns Ihc former Miss Mof.ello Lewis of this city. Stock Show Corillnuod irom Page One Here's a Sight for Gf - Eyes Miss Ella. Jo Edmiaston ot Dallas Texas has arrived for a visit with her •prtrcnts, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Edmiaslori and other relatives and friends here. Mr.' arid Mrs. >Iomer Fuller o.f Marshfield, Missouri are visilinij Mrs. -Fuller's -mother, Mrs. I. iff 1 . Russell and Mr. and Mrs. Dorscy Fuller and family here. Sunday Monday - Tuesday Gomel WILDE leanoo GRAIN ' William EYTHE inda D'ARNELL 1 i Waller BRENN AN •Constance BENNETT 'in letoae KERN'S IN TECHNICOLOR! FEATURES: 1:00, 3:00, 5:00,7:00, 9:OC NGUJ Sunday Monday - Tuesday IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT •••2500 YEARS AGO!... OBiROII TURHRniEil • in NIGHT WRATHS! iifc —* Thomas Ray Cqle GOMEZ • COUINS • SONOERCAARD (N TfCHNICOlOS) FEATURES: 1:29, 3:26, 5:23, 7:20, 9:17 and Garlnnd City, pnu of the best horse judges' In lliis flh'rt of the stale, served as judge In the show and Dr. .11. II. KlrkptUrick of-Te.x- arkana assisted by Terrell-Cornelius served as ring master.'"' • Rain Threat May Slow Porker Game By CARL K. BELL •'•Fort Worth, Tex., Oct. 5—(/P)— Forecasts of rain loomed more ominous for Texas Christian Unl versity^s Horned Frogs than-for the heavier, groundmindcd Arkansas Razorbacks as the two Southwest Conference elevens prepared to clash in Ihe 23rd-renewal of ihclr football rivalry'here today. A wel field and atmosphere might .go a long way lo.ward ham stringing the Frogs' forward pass ing attack, the weapon most feared by Porker Coach John Barnhill. Rain might have less crippling effect on Arkansas 'rushing game, sparked by Aubrey Fowler, Ken Holland, Clyde Scott and the two big fullbacks, John Hoffman and John Shaddox. But even 'Burnhlll, giving the simple explanation that "I never like to play in rain,'" was wishing for a dry iicld. ' . Arkansas was ready to lake the Hold at near top strength,'- while 1'CU Coach Dutch Meyer, a pas master at putting his team in the role of an underdog, was 'bemoat ing the probable loss of. half t doxcn-regulars clue to injuries. Ready to go al x'ull strength lowever, was the Christian's'triple threat ace, Jim ..Lucas. A light rain began falling here yesterday afternoon shortly after soth squads completed their final workouts in -the TCU stadium. Regardless of the weather, Barn- ll vyas expected to stand pal on the lineup which started the 21-21 tic with Oklahoma A. & M. last week, with the possible exception of tin.- center-position, where Billy Ray Thomas appeared likely, to re place the veteran "Red" Wheeler. o Here and There in Arkansas Little Rock, Oct. 2 — (/P)— Attorney General Guy E. Williams has ruled thai, cities have authorily to levy an occupational privilege lax on apartment home owners and on any person engaged in any business, trade, occupation or profession. The opinion went lo Ed-, win D. Stout, Siloam Springs. : The specimen above, reproduced by permission of the'Secretary oC-the. Treasury, shows .what the .terminal leave bonrts-will look like when they arc issued to ex-servicemen. Officially .termed "Armed Forces Leave Bonds," they will bear the portrait of the late Secretary oC the Trea$ury Carter' It's Art—$2500 V/orth "You open the box, and take'a peep,''' '„_ See . . . little TRUDY is fast. asleep, But you can make TRUDY wear a smile, And ( you'll notice too, jheV, versatile/' _ .Dp you see the button on top of her head?.'" Just turn it quickly'.-. . she's, 1 smiling instead! If you turn it again you're sure to espy .That poor little TRUDY ha'sj started to cry." ' Mail your check or money order tocUy for the doll that sleeps, .weeps or smiles.; " ...... "" :> Products '. O. Pox 690 Providence 1, R. I.' OPEN YOUR OWN STORE! "The National Successplan assures independent operators of home and auto stores unusual earnings on minimum invest-" ments. Franchise available lor. several cities in this area. For complete information write or! wire: National Home and Auto Stores j Southwest Division-Phone R-2577? 11th Floor-Southland Life Bldg. DALLAS, TEXAS Doei y<p*r Bach A SPENCER will relieve back* fatigue— five you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZIER j 216 S. Hervey Phone 942-J Dream bocit Enters Arctic News of-the Churches GARREfT MeMORIAL BA'Ptlgf N. Ferguson St. D. 0. Sllvey, Pastor . ... ; Sunday • School-^lu, ti;m. Bfo. Orady 'Hairston, superintendent. Preaching —Jl-asm. . U.T.C. .ond Bible Study Gtotip— 6:45 p.m. Preaching.-—7:30 • 1 p:tti. Auxiliary. Monday—2:30 p;m, . Prayer Se'rVicos, Wednesday '— 7:30. ". ." . In case you are wondering what the picture.above is, it's the painl- ing that won over 5034 rivals,to gain first prize ot $2500'for artist Boris Deutsch of Los Angeles'in the th'ircl annual Pepsi-Cola national art competition. In case you'wonder what it means, it's called'"What Atomic War Will-Do to Vou." When 248 of the paintings recently went .on exhibition in New York City, 5000 •people tried to jam.'into-the gallery and-the overflow stood in a . block-long line on. Fifth A,vcnue.^. ,f Stars and Bars Takes to the Air f Seattle! Oct. 5 ; —OT— the Pacu san Dreamboal, army plane ex plorjng a : roul,c oVer the top'of'/the- world, entered 'the Arclic Circle; and reported' at 4"a: m. 'ESTiMo day tlKil she ,was,ne.a.ring Ihe rn.ag letic north pole on . •. the .{Boothia peninsula of 'northern Canada. •'•;•;'; The 74-lon craft's position.report on its projected 'nonstop : 'flig"ht from . Hasvaii to Carlo was. re ceived by amateur radio operator Joe Schoebert 'of nearby Zenith, Wash. ' ' ' ' ' . The report' placed the : plane "1," 080 miles north .of Sitka, Alaska. The message from Lt. Col. 'Frank Shannon, of -Philadelphia, Dream boat radio operator, was sent from over McChntock channel. .The plane had just crossed the south east corner of Victoria 'island and was heading for the Boothia pen insula. Srhoebcrl reported atmospheric conditions were bad and! radio reception was. difficult. The message gave only the plane's position. "She made her Alaskan Landfall near Sitka. at 11 p. m. (EST) after taking off at Honolulu', 2386 miles across me Pacific at 11:21 a. m. (EST). Nearing the Alaskan main land, she started•• climbing from the 1,000 foot level ' on which she crossed the ocean, and was at 10, 000 feet as her crew sighted the lights of 'Alaska's capilal, Uneau, from .20 miles away. Then she climbed io 15,000 feet, when some 200 miles north of Sit ICQ, and wireless .Hslening posts henrd-her skipper, Col. Clarence 13. Irvine, questioning the B-17 weath er plane which'preceded him from Sitka'north, on the location of any peaks over 13,000 feet high to eith er side of his. course. After passing southeastern Alaska's major mountain ranges he planned to travel at 10,000 fee across northern Canada and the Arctic, including the sparsely ;po pulated • MacKenzie river basin Ahead also lay-the -Arctic ocean's banks and Victoria islands area To cut down weight, the dream boat has no dcicing equipment. •His flight "in the hands of'God and the weather," i Colonel Irvim estimated his Cairo -arrival time a 0600 Greenwich civil time 9 p.'m. Central Standard'Time) -Sunday. FIRST MfeTHODIST Pine at Second Robert-6.-'Maorei : Pafttor 'Organ MUsic by Mrs. DblphUs' Wnittoh, Jr:*- 8130 a.m. 'Church^School 1 —-9:45 a.m. . Next Sunday is "Rally Day." All classses rind departments (r-boVe 'the 'Kindergarten Group), will, meet In the main auditorium of the church for a joint-Worship 'Service of twenty'ininutes promptly at 9:45 a.nv. 'Albert 'Graves,' Supt. will (iivc-a short-talk. * . .Morning Worship <—• 10:50''aim.- ' . Sermen by Rev. Van 'W. Harrell. District Superintendent.' . .i :The : Board of.'Stewards wlll'meet al>2.p;m. at, which''time, our District .Superintendent will 'hold a business 'session '6f 'our ; Fourth Quarterly Conference. 'All members are urged lo.''be;p'resent.. .: . , Vesper ,Service—5:30 p;rn. -i , Sermon bv Pastor • ,' • : • .•Youlh»Fellp\vshlp' —6:30 pirn. '. iGhpir i-Practice Th'ursday.- —7:30 p.rn;.\- „•"'•. -.--.y : ...t :••., •. .-.- . "': . :cWO RGH QFf vGH RIST, . ', ' •''• : : ; 5th »nd:'Graay, ."•.'•>';.::, .. •.;. -/V;.' '•Otis.-L.-''RoW«,':.Mipltter ; ' ' jBitjle^.Slvicjy, -^9:45 a.m. Preaching —11. a.m. . ..-. . , Communio.n-^HHiJ'ajm. • . 'Young-Peoples Class -^:30 p.mr Preaching—7:.30 pirn. •:••'' Wednesday Nighl >Bible Study — :30 .p.m. ' '' -. .. :• • ' • Subjects-for- Sunday morning and uriday niRht; '.-'six'tgreat things of \e Bible. You are .always^welcome t -the-Church : : of Christ and- we olicit .your presence'.. at 'every sef- ice" of the church. 3L&tiLe o: Author ol "The Plastic Ag«" "A Tree Crown Straight" 'tsJ'»y'P*f«rM«"<*rOIMrlbuletf bj NEA Sti'vice. Inc. Etc ' ^^ :' Gayie, 'daughter of i newspaper, the Kant name'hadnp- ;college-professor, -has just_ be- Vcr abpeared in print except • in Cdfhe engaged to hafidsotnr; Bruce Bartlelt,. famous athlete and scion 6f .wealth. Visiting his home lor the.'iirst lime, .she is frightened by tho splendor in which they live she is further dlsmayed-when Mrs.~B.-ir- licit explains lhatf formal announce- mehts will'haVo to be sent out, and the; newspapers notified. 'She -prom ises-G-ayle the,help of her secretary, Miss Holland. . . . . . . . . Bart and Gayle left Sycamore a little after 3 o'clock. It was Bart's plan-to-drive her' back to New Haven, but ..Gayle ; vyas insistant that he? put "her-on? a train in Ndw York. Finally he-agreed-on condition that she'have dinner with him befbre she took the train and it:wag ; ulmpst midnight by the time sho -got .home. : j •,.:.-. • Rose .was asleep when she en- tered'the apartment; 'and when she a'wbke''the riext'triorning, Rose was already -gone. • -' CJayle was glad.-There-was'much she wanted "to tell 'Rose, but now she wanted:to?be.i-alone. There was a ..letter, a. very long .letter, .that had >.to -be .written at once to her mother,,and-sh'e felt,that she must be • entirely 'by herself when; she _L :•_ -'L J i '• •"• \ i * • -l ••*! .'••.•••*• '* " . 'i - - t * loomed' journ'pls. 'Suppose reporters came 'around, Gayle'shivered."they 'IJ hate it......." FIRST PENTECOSTAL ;Fourth at Ferguson T. F. Ford, Pastor ' We extend to you-, a -friendly nvilaUon'-to visit any or all of our ervices; The church that ,is dif- ererit. ' "... . ...-.Sunday School— 9:'45 .a.m. Sunday Worship -—11 -aim. .Sunday PYPA'Classes —fi:'3'0ip.m. 'Sunday Evangelistic —7:30 p.m, Wednesday Choir Practice —7:3< i.m." '•",•'•', : • •' ' .Thursday. Erayer .'& "Bible Study -2:'80: ' ,.''.,.'. '.f Friday Faith ^an'd -Healitiig service —7:30 p:m. , Great Falls, Mont., Oct. 5 — (/P)— The Army airplane "Pacusan Dreamboal," on a nonstop i'ligh Egypt, via a Polar route, repoiHei at 2:30 a. in. (MST) today it wa over Pelley's Point, between '10 and 150 miles southwest of th magnetic pole, Lt. Earl Partridge operations officer at the Grea Falls Army Airbase, announced. Partridge said the 74-ton plane radio operator estimated the> would be over Reykjavik, Icelanc at 10:30 a. in .(MST). The big aircraft was flying a 15,000 feet in good weather an with communications condition good. The Great F;.lls Airbase durin wartime was a major point in vh army's network of ferry rout stops from the United States Russia. In. Canada, har,d,ly-anyi soya bea are grown commercially ' ;outsid Ontario. •Nesvest thing in air forces is the Confederate Air Force recently fprmed at New Bevnj N, C., by two ex-Army flyers. The group will sponsor safe flying and better airports throughout the South., Above, wearing variations of the Confederacy's Stars and Bars flag on their shirts. "Colonels" Albert T. MeSorley, left, and J. W. Holton.pose in front of their headquarters at New Bern air/port;.' This Curious World By William Ferguson RUNNING A CAR AT SIXTY MILES PER HOUR CREATES ENOUGH " COPH. 1946 SI NEA SERVICE. INC. •rg(//.^4 / lf T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. Off. THE NEW A\OON IS THE SAME AULEY COOPER, WHIT? -CROWNS) $&vR«owj 'FEED THEIR BROOD ABOUT 250 INSECfS IN A DAV, JN ADDITION TO WEEP SEED. wro'te" .irely t 'If'An hour '.fae'fore' she" had . Miss-Holland givep iher, the .announcements ' . to: mail th'e "papers.'; "Itxseerrted, siftfplesit to rhe,"* the.'little Uvornari^'had ' said. "Just, to type them out. The., envelopes are . aBdr'e'fised. All mother ;; \vill have -'to tio is th'em/'I -think I!d'-better order' ttie formal ahnouncements too. It is late, but .they will,do -them?- almost' overnight-for Mrs. Bartlett.:I'll.ad- dress r those ; for. -Mr. 'Bruce/s 'friends before-1 ; send them onito your'mo- ther. Then you'll'have'nolhing. .but your own ,to-.attend'toV" . . •.; "You'll send-the'bill too?" Gayle had asked,.grateful .but-ready to be offended. • . "Oh yes.'Don't you' think that is the -best plan?" ; '"Muclrthe best. You're very kincl to think of it.'Thanks, very much." Well, Miss'Holland had made everything just as sirnple-as possible; 'that was sure. Social 'secretaries obviously •had j thelr. uses. AH same,. there was a • lot to be •plained. Just the 'thought of pub She'had a-long hot bath gered-.over. her breakfast, she washed the dishes, made her bed and Hose's, anil-.then went to the Ifvlng^ room prepared Ho Write jthe letter; Tint she noticed that the Drawing 1 of Bart still Wits.ort the easel, and she paused to look al it. What a brilliant job it was.— UST BRILLIANT! Rose had cer a inly beeti- at the top of her form t her very best, and her best was vonderful. Just the same Jtist le v/a'sn't'sure she liked that pic- ne same..Well, just the same, Gaure. There,was somethirlg ' aljbut .that made her uncomfortable* It vas a perfect likeness of Bart — lit — what'in-'the' world was it hat upset .her? It' wasn't as if Rose r anything .like that She couldn't ad made him look mean or s&ur ave given him a'pleasanter ex nessipn, arid' that little smile, just jieaking at his lip's was awfully characteristic.: She'd caught every* )it of his little boy charm. There! Now.she-.knev,' The face was so immature; -that's what she didn't • like. It looked like a kid a bout fourteen,.years old. And there was something else, too--yes, there vas;..a'lrind of arrogance-in the ilt of therhea'd; and there was- a uggestion-of'petulance loo around he lips. • • : r 'She r s made''him look .like" a spoiled brat," Gayle thought,'indig- •> nantly. ' - ,. the licity would, Gayle knew, her parents. "Outside 'of"IRe appall local The .ordinance, of the Lord's Sup- ier will , be ..observed. .The .choir ml; - - - •- - - FIRST CHRISTIAN . Main .at West .Avenue ;B Wm. 'P. •Ha>aearee, 'Minister Sunday Sfchool -^i',45 .a.m. Classes for all-ages. Th'is'is Rally Day, n the. Sunday'school and all rnern- bers enrolled are expected 'to'-be present. R.'L.'P.brider. Supt. Morning 'Worship. .Corrim^nion ;t Sermon— 10:50. This is our An nual Home Coming, day. in .the Church. • Special music has ; been plahne'd'for the -occasion: 'Mr. Te'd Jones 'will sin" a solo; Ihe 'Choir will sing :an -Anthem: '.Mr.:Luther HoHQman,'.-,a't J ..th'e 'Hammon ' OT- ga'h'-..-'lf-"you "are-.h'qt attehdirig atiy other service -attend, this' service. "Pot Luck Dinner"— 12:30 will be -served dn 'the -Fellowship Hall of the Church Annex. . : .' The "Anniial ''Business Meeling in (he Church—1:30—conducted -by Mr. H. F. Rider,'Chairman of Ihe General 'Board .of the'Chiirch. All members of the Church'are urged to.'attend-this •meeting;, Christian Youth •Fellows'hivr meeting—G:30. Mr. and- Mrs. ,R. -L, Pon- sing.v'-'Lead. Me, Saviour" by P w.._. , Davis. Training,Union .—6:15 p.m. Russell Lewallen, Diteclqr. Evening VVorshi'p—•'7:30. 'The message by the paslor. The intermed late "Choir: Will-sing, "God of Our Fathers, 'Whose. Almighty Hand' by Warren; The public is -cordially 'invited' to -worship 'with/us. .Wednesday —-6:30 'pVm. The in :terniediate - cho'ir '1116613 at the church'for- rehearsal. •"-The "Fellowship. Hour— 7:15 p.m There were - ninety seven presen last Wednesday revenirig. Join us in this •midweek-.worship. -You \Will be glad you-came, we will'' be gla you.'came. •"" - Saturday— 3 :'p;m.— Mr. Bill Keltner-meets : with the juniors fo ai/sing-song service. BVery junio boy and .girl of-our church anc 'Sunday vschobl -is urged Ho be -pro sent at i the church' for •'• this -perioc of 'fun in 'song!'- der.'SDC.nsors. No 'Evening Service -7:30. 'FIRST 'BAPTIST 'Main A Third''Streets S. 'A. '.Whitlow, .Pastor 'Bill 'Keltner, Director-6f-Muslc Sunday School-^- 9; 30 • a, m., H E. • Thrash, Superintendent. Morning Worship —10:50 a.m. County Hedfth Unit Miss Myrtle ,Horton. Orthopedic Nursing Consultant with the Crippled Childrens' Division -will visit Hempstead County on October 7th, 8th and 9th. Miss -Horton, will -discuss ,tho prob|e)risil,fi*fj, x tha Ichildi with the parents of 'cripjled 'children. . you. to 'ST. MARkS 'EPISCOPAL :Thfpd..and -'Elm -Streets .The Rt. Reverend B. Bland Mitchell" of -'Kittle 'Rock -will preach at St. Mark's Gliurch -Sunday morning at 11 -o'clock arid will hold f Holy Communion. • ;. There will ; be-no'night service. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN .Thos. :• Brewster, -Minister Sunday School —9:45 a.m. -Morning Worship —10:55, with Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Young Peoples Meeting — 6:30 p.m. -The hour of the Second Worship Service of 'the Lo.rds Day will -be announced -at- the Morning Service Auxiliary Board 'meeting, Monday afternoon. Auxiliary District 'Group confei ence in the Presbyterian Church, Lewisyillq, Thursday morning, and '- Late in -the afternoon Rose *re urned. "Hi,".she said, dropping in- o a-chair. "Giving up art for Para dise?." ."'•' -,'-.. ; "Not by a long shot," Gayle replied. "I just 'felt-like taking a-day. Off." - -. .: .. , - ', Rose .lit a cigaret, inhaled, and hen blewilong.-streamers of smoke out of her'nostrils. "Well, how did tigo?" ' "I'll tell ;yc.u all about it at-sup oer," Gayle said, "but right'.now ['ye;got a bone to pick with. *y~" I've been waiting all dpy long pick-it, too." She pointed towai-d ;he drawing on the easel, and her ips grew tight with indignation "I looked at' that a long time this, morning, -and I saw what yc-u did. That was a dirty tuck." \' Rose: crushed her cigaret m an ash tray, ground it down, and then asked," "Dirty trick' What are you talking about? That s one heck of a good job. , ' ' "It's a libel, and you know it is. You meant it to be " *• What's libelous : about it?" t 'You've made-him'look like a little boy. You've made him '-look, j pet- petulant and — stuck up.'You know you-h'ave." She looked around ~ for her purse, found it, then ,snap,<, ped. back the zipper with lrembl?,\f ing-fingers and fumbled among the' | clutter of small .articles until she !\ found Bart's check. , «*>1^V "Here," she said, holding out the , r check to Rose: "Look what he "sent,,. you. He would -have made ^Ume.s, as ..much ..if.-TcL let hope.his generosity makes you harried: It/ought to, anyway.",s .Rose 1 accepted the check rea'd thn amount, and'dropped it'on the la-"- ble beside her. Her p"le eyebrows ~" lifted'in amusement "Generosity? • .Oh come off,-Gayle. There's no generosity in writing a figure on" a piece of green paper. He didn't earn the money. He won't have to give up anything because he's spent "t. And'I'll tell you something else: That's "one heck of a good picture. It's worth anybody's hundred bucks," '•'',-•: (To Be Continued.) DOROTHY DIX Mother-ln-Law Problem Naturally the rao.thcr-inlaw prob em is an individual one and de Dends upon the personalities of those who undertake that relation ship to each other. There is no preordained villian in the case. There are mothers- in law who are the best wedding presents their children get when they marry, and there are other mothers-in-law who are first aid to the!r_children's divorces. It being a matter of statistics that Mother in- law oltener heads the home wrecking crew than any other cne person or set of nircum stances when a young couple's mar riage goes blooey, an effort has recently been made J,o try to deter mine whether it is the husband's mother or the wife's mother who is the most dangerous to have on the premises. The report shows that it is the husband's mother who is oftener the trouble- maker than the wife's, and that while a man can frequent ly get along amicably with Mamie' mama, it is a rare case in which Mamie and Mama- in law don't get into each other's hair. Wife's Mother Lesser Evil Our observation, as well as cur own experiences, will bear out these findings, for the mother- in law urobi.em involves instincts that never change. One of {hem is the different altitude mofhers take to wards their children's mamasos. Every mother wants her daughter to marrv because she knows domestic life is happiest for a woman and she wants to sec her Mamie safely settled in a home of her own, with a husband to support her. Hence she is grateful to her son- in law for taking Mamie otf oJ her hands and. as a general thine, she turns a kindly eve upon his interferes between him and his faults and foibles, and when she wife it is just because she can't bear not to boss everything fn sight, . . On the other hand, few mothers really want their sons to marry,'no matter how much they say-they do. They can't endure the thought of their sons loving another 'woman better than they do them. The are filled with jealously of their daughters- in law and look upon their every act with suspicion, and daughter .in law being equally gre en eyed and determined to monop olize her husband, makes it impossible for them to dwell in har mony unless they are she- angels, which not many women are. Another reason why the wife's rncthe'r is apt to be a less disrupting force jn the household than the husband's mother is because the mo,ther-in law and the son-in law are not thrown together all day, as the mother in law and daughter in law are, and because their in terests do not clash at every turn. It is the enforced companionship with a woman to whom they ,aro allergic to begin with, the having to listen to her boresome chatter, her ceaseless suggestions, her nev- erending criticisms, that makes : tbe living together of so many in- laws a torture to both. The mother in- law problem is an old one and its solution is also an old one. It is for mothers never to go live with their in laws. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) --| >• . , *.,. r ,-i. . | We. invite you to wdr&hip with-us -HOPE 'GOSPEL TABERNACLE 'North -Main 'and Avenue D ^H, Paul Holdridge, Pastor "Trust -in 'the Lord with all thine heart; and . lean not unto thine own understanding." Prov. 3:5. Sunday-School —9:45 a.m. Moining Worship —10:50, Choir Practice —5:30 p.m. Christ 'Ambassadors Service — 7:30 p;m. Tuesday: Christian Service Brigade— 7:30 p.m. Wednesday— HI—C. A. Brigade -^fiiSO p.m. Prayer and Bible Study —7:30 Piin, Thursday: Women's Missionary Council —2:30 p.m. EMMET METHODIST C. 'D. Meux, Pastor World Cc.mmunion Day and World Relief offering will be observed at Emmet Methodist Church at 11 a.m. Sunday, and the pastor will preach at Bo.yd's Chapel at 3 p.m. and at Emmet at 7 p.m. A hew;sfctr on your" HARVEST OF STARS Hear'America's favorite tenor JAMES MELTON every week beginning Sunday, Oct.€ «! N '-D-f* i -on P.M, * D U I . OU CST Music, Drama, Chorus ! Howard Barlow and j 60 piece orchestra " I D INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER 8[| In Die last 50 years, an estimated 1,350,000 persons have been kil led or critically injured by fires a: the United States. Cabbage and turnips should be stored out of the house. If kepi in the cellar, their odors will pene Irate the rest of the house. Announcing Our New Fall Program Beginning Monday, Oct. 7th Our new kitchen will be re-opened to serve Steaks and Chicken Dinners Open from 5 p. m. 'til 12 p. m. Every day except Sunday PINE GARDENS For reservations phone 1125

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