Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1946
Page 6
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Bell, a member oC the Price Decontrol Board which put ceilings back on meat last Aug. ;!0, had chicken stew for dinn-M- last night. Mis wife called it Brunswick stew. She said it was made out of lima Guarantee of Wages Is Hot Issue By MAX HALL Washington — Why guarantee wages 1 .' VVhy should an employer tell his workers, "I will guarantee you steady employment lor three, six, or twelve months"? Here are some af the main arguments in favor of the "guaranteed wage," which is fast becoming a "hot" issue in labor circles: | 1. They give job security 10 the i worker. | 2. They provide the employer [ with a more efficient working force. ' 3. They reduce "labor troubles" by making thc workers more satisfied. it would bo "very difficult" to stabilize employment through the win- tors — "But it you can Rive men employment during all of the building season and maybe lay then oft foiv months of the year and give them eight months OI N ernpl */tnent, this is a lot belter than having them employed only four or five months <;f the year." I' 1 or the purposes of the government study, a guaranteed wage plan is defined as "'a plan under which an employer guarantees a wage or employment to an individual worker for at least three months." chicken. tomatoes. corn, beans, potatoes and onions. i.sueiu "I go into the grocery store and ''• '''hey are a step in thc clirce- the butcher blames me for "vcrv-, tio " ol fu " production and full em- thing, just because my husband 'is l> lo - vr »ent (although nobrdy claims thing, just because my husband is a member of the decontrol board " Mrs. Bell .said'. "All the members' they will cure all our economic ills.) Eric Johnston's Idea , - - - — • - "i ll.V. lll>- I I IIJUI o »-, . , , ' wives are having .a pretty tough! knc Johnston, [orrncr president time of it." i or the U. S. Chamber of Commerce ai guecl alcng these lines recently before a congressional committee. He said industrial unrest is "an explosive force within our economy, even more so than the atomic bomb, because that it is something in the distance, and this is with us " Dallas Makes It Two Straight Over Crackers Chairman Roy L. Thompson of the decontrol board said his wife js out of town and he has been eating in restaurants. But he said he was I "a little self-conscious" about ordering moat in Washington resiau- ' ' 1'flnis, cuts soofoocl , ' si sooooc "* •••— —•— *.....^w., »...•*.. vm.i i.j t>ivn no Acting Secretary of Agriculture lodn y-" . i Morris E. Dodcl at" a chicken din-' Onc of tllc Greatest causes of in- 1 ncr.last night. ; dustrial unrest, he said, is "icb in- i At Dalhart. Tex., in the hearl of I security." Many people work only the catle country, Flovcl Elliot i spasmodically. Most American | manager of the Desoto hotel' owns ' wor , kers sot less th:in 20 ° cln >' s of 257 two and three-year-old prime w< ?j£, .'" . a , y. car - Therefore— white-faced steers. He had a fruit I hls Job '"security causes slow- plate for dinner ' downs, as workers do not want to work thems c-lves cut of a job. It Atlanta. Oct. 3 — (/I 1 )—It looked today as though the Rebels from Dallas were well along toward winning their baltlc. Tlje Dallas team, the Texas League's representative In the Dixie Series, hold a '2-0 lead in games over the Atlanta Crackers of the Southern 'Vssoeiatkiii with the additional advantage of >«. suming the competition on its noino •grounds. The Fiebels took a light pitching duel. 3-0. here last, night. The learns will pick up ;he ;olay in the Texas city on Sunday. Raxorbacks Start Journey for Dallas Tonight r ayctlevillc, Oct. 3 —-(/Pi— Pol- lowing a light workout here this afternoon,'ihe University of Arkansas Hay.orbaeks, 43 strong, will da- fjnrt tonight for Fort Worth, where' they will meet TeXfis Christian Unl-1 vorsily in their opening southwest conference football game Saturday. The Porker squad will go to Muskogee, Okla., by bus and entertain there for the Toxins City. Slated to arrive at Kort-Worth caily tomorrow morning, they will stage a brief drill in the TCU stadium 5n the afternoon. Head Coach John Barnhill announced this morning that Guard Theron Roberts, who turned in an '1'itslanding performance against Oklahoma A. & M. last week, and Hack Howard Hughes, out since game, would be left behind with the Northwestern Louisiana game, Would be left behind with injurie.i. All other Varsity .squad members are in good condition :.'or the Horned Frnjj battle. Indians of the southern United States grew Lima beans, but the settlers did not start their cultivation until many years had passed. Domestic breeds of turkeys Include llron/.e, While Holland and Nariangansett, the three most im^ portont; Bourbon Red, Black , n/iP slate. . 3, , "Thc only way I can get meat is to buy a meal in my own coffee shop or some other restaurant." he said. Edward F. Wilson, president of Wilson Co., one of the nr.tion's largest meat packing firms .said that his wife greets him overy night with. "Where's ihe iieat?" Last night they had creamed chicken leftovers. Movie Star Robert Young, father oi four daughters, said he likes steak "as well as the next man. but not when you have to buy it illegally." His family had turkey lor dinner. Susan Ha.vward. mother ,->C twin sons, said "it's a tough situation with so many mouths to .teed. 1 'She served salmon casserole. Gary causes workers to demand higher wages than perhaps they would if they had steady employment." $250,000 Study Begun Johnston is a member of the advisory board of the Office ot War Mobilization and Reconversion, which is sponsoring a $250,000 study of guaranteed wages. The big question about guaranteed wages is not "Should it'be done? but "How can it be done?" There is not much opposition to guaranteed wages in principle. Nearly all employers want a stable working force, and all employes waul more job security. Yet, there is sure to be tierce opposition in certain industries — largely because of the difficult problems in- ft».Ti \ cu siumon casserole (. nrv ,—, *•••--*-"•* I'.v^n-ui.T m Grant was more fortunate. Friends ^'^^°±™ l i s . u ?.!& ™°*1& supplied him with venison. Myrna Loy's relatives in Montana sent her some bear meat. Joe DiMnggio of the New York Yankees and Tennis Star Alice Marble were among diners at Toots Shor's famous New York restaurant which had a meatless menu. Concert-pcra Star Jean Tennyson ate clam chowder and oyster pan roast tor her meat course" Oast night in New York. Delegates to the American Meat Institute's convention in Chicago fared belter, but ate no steaks The meat insliuue, which represents the meat packing industry. by thc unions as well as the employers. The Seasonal . Handicap A company may find it hard to guarantee steady employment because its production depends on steady jobs it may have to take costly measures like revolutionizing the system of sales, chart-King production methods, bringing r.., t new products, buying new machinery. Take the auto industry. In normal times it is a seasonal industry. The method of marketing autos — with new models coming out each fall .— creates plenty ol work at certain times ;md long layoffs at other times. To assure yoar-around Despite chilly yaw the game. l.inescore: Dallas (TLi . Atlanta SAi , Perry and Thompson (B> weather , r ).,i!i4 ;.:ans ..000002001— ,1 (i 1 . 000000 00—0 3 3 Riche: McGowan. and Mathis. Rich irt the dextrin? and maltose your Baby needs S'TA'R, H'd¥t, A/R Doetofi may hav« • laboratory analytii * bj wtillni Shrtvvport Ca.. Shitvtpott. L Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? ThoiWfltuli of couple* nrc v^rtk, worn-nut, «x- Imuitud lulcly IIU.-UUM; lunly lnck« Iron. KOI now vim, vitality, try <>«lrex Tunic 'I'.tNeH today, ('nnt.aiti iron you, lon.muy W-i-ctfur I*n; alw vitamin B i. ll« ileli(liU>il—or money l»eV, K-131 j h'h BANK CALL ISSUED • Washington, Oct. 2 — (/P) — h'he comptroller of the currency ,ti|day issued a call for a statement! of thc condition ol' all national banks at the close of business Monday, Sept. 30. ', The federal reserve board issued a similar call for condition of state banks that are members of ; the federal reserve system. j o- '; BRING YOUR OWN Columbia, Mo'., Oct. 3 — iff) — Harold Hall, a Clarence, Mo., Veteran, thought he had solved, his housing problem by bringing.) his own house to the University! of Missouri. ' It was simple enough to place the 12 x 20 foot structure on' a semi-trailer. But hooking up the utility pipes was another matter. There wasn't a plumber available —'and Hall had to drive back 70 miles to Clarence to find one. Ice cream production is supposed to have begun in Italy as early as 1600. ctuire biu changes in the markct- ing system. •j'he consu-uction industry is another tough one. Not an Annual Wage And. incidentally. Johnston maoV it clear that a "guaranteed wage" is not necessarily an "annual wage." The guai antee may be for less than a year and still be an improvement. He said that in the construction industry at least in northern slates, QUICK BELIEF FRO.fc Symptoms of Distress Arising iron STOSV1ACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreeBockTaNsofHomeTrestnienttfir, Musi He!p or it WiiJ Cost You Noiiiii: ,, r1 , i ''>'ov.i TUK ATM KiVriiavoljoenEolU for rc<lie! i. syniptomsoi distress aHslnt'lVomOJciriar and Duodo-ial t'lcsrs duo l!> Excess AtlU- Poor DlKcs'dpii, Sour or Upact Stomn:. Gasslnass, Maartburn, Si«eplcs»nc:;s, eft chip to Extosi Aciri. sold on IS days' ti-i- A j il < 1 ,Jo^''W«ar£( > s IVZosjaso" ivfifch lul BYER'S DRUG STORE McCaskill: McCASKILL DRUG COMPANY * _i,ir\ps tn^ ** _,,/a (MilOY*** .. - - /-»f s full flavor of " ^ ft ° m 10 0 . - -KC -^ fe S BAKING POWDER Stuearts Gro & 209 S. Walnut We Deliver Phone 447 It STEAK Lb 50c STEW MEAT Full 0 Pep 16% DAIRY RATION 4.35 Lb. Roast, Shoulder or CHEESE Full 0 Pep HEN SCRATCH Full 0 Pep EGG PELLETS MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and I-."|- \/ n A.. •/ r? |Y \/ I I T BAKERY Stttte lotion BV BOB BROWN • Little Monk. Oct. 3 — (UP) — Hot: walor in huge quantities awaits seven state officials here btuuruay wnen tn'eV take their seats around, the tablets the state's board'of ehiction cotnrfiissioners. The heat is expected to be geh- ""nieri by somn :>UtJ or more World War II veterans, already cjatnor- "itj for pd.sitibns'on i.ne courity election boards— the three-man body that names election lodges and clerks in the varioils counties. Veterans Jroiri Crittenden county have told Gov. Ben Laney, chairman of the board, that they will brlnu an automobile Caravan <b the capitol and that they hope to be joined • here by GI's from oher counties. The job of county election commissioner, although non-paying, is always coveted; With many counties the" hotbeds of GI revolt, the spots arc particularly sought after thi^. yean Take Garland county for instance. Carl E. Miles, Ed Vance and Rich- ard M. Ryan are members "f the county commission and' are endorsed by the organization of May'or Leo Mcli'aiighlin;. . Bat along come the war Veterans headed by Marine Cpl. ;5iclnoy S. McMath and' usk iljat C'i Lewis Brenher, H, J. Glov'er and' Otis Nichols be placed on the board. And to make the matter oven more .complicated, a grout) of Republicans headed by .Nichols have openly urged that Ryan' be re- placed'by Cornell M, Eifele. The board cah namt three men. .Similar situations exist in Yell, Crittenden, . Independence and other counties, In Independence county, the present board, backed by Democratic Chairman Jake" Etigles is cofnposed' of P'retl Masflcld, Roy Row and Bee . Vanenbtirg. . How- e'v.eiy the veterans are asking the appointment of. Little Watspri, Clem Moore and' W. D. Murphy, Jr., while the Republicans suggest F.D. Wood, J. W. Ball ahd Bee' Vanen- burg. A change-may be,made in Clark county'. The present' board consists of w. A. East, Horace Cabe and T. A. Tennyson. One petition filed with Secretary of State'C.G. Hall asks .the appointment of East, Phil McCorkle, Sr., and J. R. Mbwery, Clark county Republicans suggest P. C. Anderson, Si E. Simorison amTE. L: Wtitson. Minor changes rriay be m.adc in 5.25 POR S K SAUSAGE Lb 60c Lb. 35c SKINLESS WEINERS Lb 35c Oxydol L9 23c Large Super Suds 23c Full 0 Pep LAYING MASH Full 0 Pep Horse & Mule Feed Full 0 Pep STARTER MASH 5.25 PET MILK SUPPLIES EXTRA VITAMIN O 1 APPLES Fancy Delicious Large Ivory 12c TOMATOES Fresh Ripe Lb. Lb. Noodle Cheese Loaf liraatlcust i October 5, W6 California No! 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Cdmmunists Up Offensive Peiping, , Oct. 2 (/P)~ Stepping up their retaliatory offensive against the northern section of the Peiping - Hankow, railroad; Communist forces today drove close to Padting, capital of Hopeh province. Government reinforcements poured southward out of Peiping to meet the assault. In Chahar province, government troops, captured Hwailai, 80 miles southeast of Kalgan, With little resistance and continued their ad- I vance toward .that. Communist ] military base. Another government column was reported within' 35 I miles of Kalgan. j The Communists'- surprise offcn- i sive in Hopeh province was in rc- ! laliation for the government as' sault on Kalgan, which Red truce negotiator Cluni En-Laid said signaled total 1 .civil war. Government military sources said the Communists were attacking every station along a 92-mile stretch of the Peiping-Hankow line between Chohsien, 40 miles south of Peiping, and Tiengsien. The government reported it had recaptured Sunglingtien and repul sed two Commuist assaults. The Catholics' anti - Communist newspaper, Social Welfare, reported all points between Wantu and Fangshunchiao had been lost to the Communists and that the latter was besieged by 10,000 Reds. Wan- tu fell the first day of the offen ive. o Miners Hint at New Demands for Wage Hike changes men and what they are into women what from they should bo. That fantastic theory is what leads othe:e';ise sane people into making unsuitable marriages that even a blind person could see wore bourkl to end in disaster. For John would never in the World marry a. shrowdish girl with a red headed temper, if he expected her to stay that way. Nor would Torn , mmdtcan hiniSolf with a wife who was lazy and trifling and clothes-niad. Arabella wouldn't pick out a drunkard for a husband if she knew she would spend the balance of her days fishing him up out of the gutter. Nor would Susie espouse an I. W. W. if she dreamed she would have to take in boarders to support him. It is because these matrimonial candidates are the victims of the belief that the person has only to say the word over a girl and, presto, she is changed from a virago into an angel in whose mouth butler wouldn't melt; or to transform a girl who is a waster and a 'spender into a penny-pincher; or to turn a drunkard into a prohibitionist, or a loafer into a go-getter. Not a Cure-All And the fact that no one has ever seen any nf these incarnations take place doesn't shake popular faith in the efficacy of marriage as a cure-all for whatever ails the character and disposition habit of-a man and woman and make them different before and after taking. This artless belief in thn "onji" ; o powers of marriage would ' be strange encaigh if we applied it only to others, but it is incredible that we honestly believe it of ourselves. .We are convinced'that just haying the marriage ceremony said over us will automalically and wipe out all of our old tastes and desires as if they had never been. Our feet will no longer ache to dance. We won't want to step change, ou? entire ... .natures, out among the bright lights., We won't long long for pretty clbtlfes: •All we will want will ;be to settle down arid spend ovir evenings at home reading an iniproviri^ book and watching Junior sleep. '• Sometimes marriage does b'ririg about this sea'change. Ofteoer it doesn't. And'when the charm fails to work and,the.'husband and wife Want to keep on with the' order o.f life to wh'ich the>vare accuslorhedj and are frustratcd'iti'it,' trouble begins. ,_jih_'.. :<inj ;;ti« has< to stretch ieVery .r»i<shVlHo-rnuke-her mofiey •<»ovef' the grocery, bill. She is bpr e'd 'stiff 1 - with codking'-and v nnd baby-tending and she ashing grows peeVish and fretful and dis< ontent ed. The .moral of all which is, {Of both men and women: Know a»id pleasure-loving and longs for tnfc old amusements to which he Was accustomed, and marriage bdcorhas a prison instead of the house'of joy, he expected it to be. The moral of all which is, for,boiH: This is the reason that .there .are I and-Women; Know yourself; Be so many more divorces atnong young couples.than .among • older ones. The girl wife still wants the pleasures, that belong to her'Urne of life. She wants to step out In the evenings she has to stay home with the baby. She longs for pretty sure of what you want in a' life partner. For marriage isn't' gbirig to" change you. It is only make you more so. to. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, . ' ..:: , "_; ... . Inc.) • SERVICE SMILES Atlantic City, N. J., Oct. 2 M— The United Mine Workers hinted at new wage demands ,.today if the government moved to . turn •back the nation's, soft coal mines to private owners. Calling loudly for an end to government wage controls, the 39lh convention of 2800 UMW workers turned to the making- of a poiku "to meet the situation" if arid when the mines were restored to the .operators. The owners now are serving as mine managers for the Federal Coal Mines Administration but all except, the Southern Coal Producers Association — which mines more than one third of the bituminous coal iri the U. S. —have indi' cated a willingness to accept the terms of the government contract With John L. Lewis by which the miners are digging coal for Uncle Sam. The miners' convention wont on today minus. Lewis, who was convalescing from an appendicitis op- oration in a Washington, D. C., hospital. ; APL Worker of Pine Bluff Dies of Injuries Pirve. Bluff. .Oct. 2 —(/F>) Jame T. McClain, 22, Pine Bluff, an ap prentice lineman: for the. Arkansas Power and Light Company, die'd last night.as the result of injuries suffered when part cf a building he was helping wire here yesterday collapsed on him. McClain, a war veteran, is survived by his wife and his mother, Mis. T. B; McClain of Johnsville, Ark. He was a native of Camderi: YOUR FORD DEACEfc 1 VOUR BRAKES A*E IN WdKlDERFUL SHAPE SINCE YOUR FORD DEALER REPAIRED THEM Always tfring Your FORD *Home* To Deolier For Service Your Ford-Dealer for over 28 Ye'ars Phones 277,278 The per's-bhdny "Cup* Teste'd" ADMIRATION way is the ONLY way to assure the Yarne perfect BleVid* package afjei nil the luKiiry of rent coffee . a * •" '•WP-TWTf D" idmiro«o» ^ The same experts who for years have tested ADMIRATION for all the fine qualities that have earned it distinction and the spot* light of public favor still "Cup-Test" all the coffee's that make ADMIRATION so incomparably good. They "Cup-Test" it for flavor—delicious and smooth. They "Cup-Test" it for drbhia— tempting and fragrant. They "Cup-Test" it for richness—mellow and wholesome. Tomorrow ADMIRATION will be just as generously good as it is today*, in the traditional high standards that "Cup-Testing" assures. Copyright 1949, an Coffee Company PUNCAN eOPFii eOMPANY ... ROASTf&S A^SQ P> AND IWQHT AHIJ IARIY eOFFffl I

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