Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1946
Page 4
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J^ **« •*»* ' H 0 F-l. S T A R> - H 0 P I, A R 1C A N S flrrnl^r .5, t<W " '71 * •*• CLASSIFIED f ••- Adi Must Be la Office Day Before Publication \StoW« Up to 15 16~t& 20 ai to 23 26 to 30. SI'tfl 39: 36 to 40 « tO 45 48" to SO On* Three Sue ne i Dav JDays Days Month <60 ,73 .90 1.05 J.20 1.33 1.30 .90 1,20 1.50 181) 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 250 3.00350 4.00 4.30 5.00 4.50 G.OO 7.50 9,00 10.50 1200 1330 15.00 - Rates ave for Continuous v * Insertions Only Jk All Want Ads Cash in Advance «<*>Not Taken Over the Phone Taken Up UP. YQUNG MARE COLT. Owner may have same by paying for feed and upkeep. Ulyeses Jiluldrow. Hope, Rt. 4. Box 1G7-A. 30-3t Lost Wanted to Buy \'i BILLFOLD CONTAINING $14. business -papers, ID card. Reward for return to Hope Star Pair Enough |y Weitbrook Pegkr Copyrlaht, 194« By King Feature« Syndicate. ADDING- MACHINE LITTLE Food Palace, 1120 South Mam St. Phone 242. 2-3t For Sale 'GENUINE ABRUZZI RYE CER- * Hlfied seed, White Dutch clover, f seed' oats, Austrian Winter Peas, lor AAA Program, Alfalfa seed, . Mixed Vetch, Pure .Hairy Vetqh, > See E. M. McWilliams Seed Store. 'IDEALj LOCATION -FOR TOUR" 1st'Court Five acres, two small ' mp.de.rn houses. Mile east on 67 . Near: overpass. Owner, Mrs. Coo- f ser. there or at Snyker Hotel , * 28-3' 6 X 6 X 12 AND 1JECTIONAL CE' •< ment-bloeks Immediate delivery •'•210 Ib. roofing, green. Have a few hard to get items Will buy sell or trade anything Come , "^..but and see What can be built ! with cement blocks K. Wilson, t ,No. 4, highway, Columbus and - Washington roads. l-6t 17 JEWEL BULOVA WATCH a New York, Oct. 1 — The crop of mawkish photo-art, dramatizing the personal problem of individual veterans who pitch camp with their loved ones in m pup-tents, jalopies and culverts is reminiscent of 1919, as reference to the newspaper morgues will show, these touching I scenes include picket-signs protest- SPORTS ROUNDUP Services Offered FOR ESTIMATES ON VENETIAN Blinds, wood or metal, also awnings, Write Riley Cooper, 1909 West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 2G-lm things in out j I business, anyway? ! j We have had long experience with the planted story and the seU- I sympathizing faker but still we pounce on this cheesecake like a chicken on a June buy, God knows the housing situation is desperate, but only a ilew specimen with an exaggerated appetite for pity and publicity take advantage of our journalistic weakness for the sort of story that we Rv ,,„:..,, p.,,,,. I call H-I or human interest, and • Ojrunncuricoo j \VO t"!" 3 VG t* 1C 11*11 New York (Park Arena)— Johny i ,, '" ' , . , Colan, 174, New York-, stopped " I were on the desk when a re- Tony Musto, 193 Chicago. (3). porter came back to tell me that New York B 1O adway \iena) - the pool fellow living in a flom- George Kochan, 173, Akron O , bauel in the paik with his wife outpointed Joe Reddick, 166, Pater- and infant had spent, three yeais son N J (8) i m his country s service, . I would Jerse'v City N J. — Solly Zal-.-send him back to learn how much ter. 167^ Montreal, outpointed'Vince time he hacT spent in the . guard- Fights Last Night Princeton, N. J., Pet. 2 —(yT)— Princeton University, in the throes of n bicentennial celebration, starts its 77th intercollegiate .football season Saturday and maybe those figures alone are evidence vhat ihe Tigers will be playing students. The squad on display yesterday Bears the stamp of years of academic leadership more than it shows the heritage of gridiron leadership that began when Princeton and Rutgers played the first intercollegiate game in 1869. . . That isn't to say that the season will be a total loss because ivy league ioot- ball always is full of uncertainties, but Coach Charlie Caldwell doesn't get highly enthusiastic until he starts comparing this year's squad with his 1945 aggregation. . . Fifteen lettermen from last season are on the squad and only four likely will be in Saturday's starting 'lineup. "We have three Princeton j e t tei . winners trying for one position, at guard." Charlie explains, "and a guy from Colgate may beat them all out." . . . The guy from Colgate is Paul Thompson, who did a fine job for Andy Kerr as a Marine trainee last fall. What's this story we hear about one of the All-America conference football clubs ofteuna its players a salai> l Kvh' The tile, which we can't contain, is that ths management says it jnsl hasn't the dough lo keep paying those big wages. . U isn't Hue that everybody h. Uiookljn is lotting for the Dodgers. If them Bmns win the playoff or even carry it to three games. Biookljn College and New York U. will have to cancel their Saturday night game at Ebbets Field. Lou O.?hins, B. C. coach admits: "The way things are in Brooklyn. 1 don't McKechnie Only Wants to Coach Cleveland Team By RICHARD L. DUGAN Cleveland, Oct. 2 i.UPi-- Deacon Dill McKenchnie iodny bi^uan a jo)) ho hopes to hold 'ior lily as coach ot the Cleveland Indian.'), while the man lie rce'ommendecl, VMI in Front as Nation's Passing Team By ROBERT GRUDB New York, Oct. 2 ••-(/I 1 )— .Paasin' celvlnR crown in 104!) ns n frcsli- itmn, is bnek on the job .his .veivc, standing no. 1 in Hint department with 101 yards for oislit pnsst-s cnu«hl. In 10-14 Atmstvons viiMkctl si'contl r.iul ln.U yonr finished twelflli. In iho punting tlopavlmenl. Bill Long of Oklfiliomn A. A-. M., .lertds y/ilh mi average of 40 yards on five, bots. No. 2 t>'iss rcccivor 13 Olio Sch- ncllbnchcr of Knnsns, with .seven »».i..v niu ..nil. j.v. ..,*..•......—• 1 « , ,,„ ------ ~- - , . . : *,TMit. .... : nuiiuacnur 01 .ivuusun, wmi -.-).,->..-.. Johnny Noun, succeeded him as Rob Uioinuscm of Virginia Military JKhl . f (ouu , 17a vnrc i s . mnnafier of the fim-innnti Reds InrtiHito tops the country s college nnnldnK no 3 la . lllolhcl . Mjnnoso- McKenehniit. who will KOt $20.-1lootbnll lefiders in total offense M.H! , B( ^ Su ,; t i bcl . Kt who i, as • j| 3 000 a yenr as rival lieutenant of i orward nnssmK. t>1 Nation^ Co - , , »• j „„„ think j?amc. anybody will miss NVU might. Shorts and Shells Nassau. Brothers. The university is so crowded with 3-tfi") students that ihey were using the hockey rink as a dormitory and when the phone rang then some one always piped up "no htcnn- cies." About 735 of these boys lire on the Varsity. N. V.. freshman and InO pound football squads. Some 500 more are out for crew, soccer and cross country thi? :'all and they expect 1500 to take part in inlni'-nuiral athletics. That's a lot of healthy exercise. player - manager Lou made' il plain that He signs Bouclronu, llpfiintc Athletic Buroiiu disclosed. had no el?-1 today in reporting statistics :"or ihn i job on the as pilot. Cleveland ..hortiitop-'!; "1 will ''H-ver be anything more than conch." McKenchnie said. "I have no desire; lo manage the Indians in Ihe future 1 and if and when Lou Buudrcau is through as manager of the tribe, I am through, tuu." two years in a row. KcMiirnore At almost the- same liiiH 1 that the'this .sliigi; ranks .Citth in total announcement uf McKunclinie's ap-lfcnso fiisl two weeks of the l'J40 .season. Thomason, with u total of 292 yards in M!) carries and an additional 242 yards on na.iscs, thus takes over temporarily the no. 1 spot formerly occupied oy Hob I'cnimoro ot Oklahoma A. & M., the nation's total offensive leader at of- fourth in forward passing. Texas i:; first in total team offense for teams having played two games with a total of 047 yards poiniment was madu nure, vbc Cincinnati general manii^cr. Warren C. Giles! revealed that Nun had been named pilot of the Reels. Neun, whoss major league man- Uatned by both rushing and pass- tigci-UU cxpciicncc totaled only 17 ing. Detroit stands second in the days as . acting pilot ot the Van- team rankings with i>37 yards and kees alter Bill Dickey resigned. |TuUa third with 022. was chosen by Giles on the reco. Texas' Bob Layne is among the mendalion of McKenehnii 1 . first Ion in the individual -until offense department. ranking fifth with 224 yards on Hi plays. But a lion's share of the individual hon- MEAT MEN GET BIRD! Chicago. Oct. 1 — (/!')—The current meat shortage is a lively topic among the 2,000 members ot the American Meat Institute at their annual meeting here. n Tonight for the first time >.n 41 %. years there will be no meat served at the institute's annual banquet. The meat' men will cat ftWSfif&ffife WWWWWWMISWM^ ^Jisfto*^^ Wednesday, Oelober 2, T946, W'W^6«fj?tit • i^-a-lfi'flH ,^ HOPE -.St-AR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SIMMONS BABY BED AN£> MAT- K tress, Apply 405 Edgewood ** Phone 897-W. Mrs. Fred Robertw sonf' l-3t 4'BY 10 FOOT TRAILER, SIDE 5 ft. High, good tires. Apply - " . "* 2-3t Shipley Studio: 5 ROOM HOUSE, ELECTRICITY ' ¥> acre land. See Bob Otwell at J Otwell Store, Shovcr Springs. t, .....'' 2-3t ^ENITH HEARING AID, $20. IN sUgood condition, Bargain, Mrs. J. v K. Briggs. 810 South Elm St. 2-3t Real Estate for Sale Fratello, 159, Hackensack, N. (10). Detroit — Mike Birskovich, Niles. O., won over Billy Bengal, 164, Detroit. (9.i — (Bengal qualified for not fighting i j 'house and what his sergeant or lieutenant had to say. If he hap- 156 pened 19 be a former officer, I would dig around for some refer- dis'-[ence on his character and conduct. Upstanding men don't use their Hartford, sario, 142, Conn. — Johnny Ce- Hartford, Bobby Pryor, 147, Mass. 10). outpointed Springfield, Manchester, N. H. — "Mad Anthony" Jones, 168, Boston, knocked out Tommy Bland, 163, Toronto, (3). o Minor League WALK IN AND TAKE OVER THIS ; erqcery business. Lot 50 X 90. , Building 30 X 40. Nice stock ' groceries with .good fixtures. C. , E. Cassidy. Phone 489 or 984, Ark. Bank Bldg, l-3t qOOD FIVE ROOM HOUSE, 2 * nice corner -lots, garage and » other out buildings, Price $3500. C. E. Cassidy, phone 489 or 984. ' Ark. -Bank Bldg. - • • l-3t GOOD--FOUR ROOM HOUSE, 1 barn and chicken house. Eight ! lots, gas, water, lights. $2,200. "Easy terms. C. E. Cassidy, phone * 489 or 984. Ark. Bank Bldg: l-3t BASEBALL RESULTS By The Associated Press Pacific Coast League Semi-Final Playoff Oakland 6; Los Angeles 5 (Oak land wins series, 4-3). Dixie Series /Dallas (Texas League) Cards Win to Take Lead in Playoff Series Holland Leads Southwest in Ground Gained LATE ARRIVAL Colorado Springs. Colo., Oct. — l.'l'i— The Pike laniily finally has uirs RO aseended PiUcs Peak. Haley, Dr. Joe M. Pik'- 1 (it Minneapolis, his wife and son went lo ihe vop of the famous mountain yesterday via the Manitou and Pikes Peak cot! railway .Dr. Pike is ihe yreal- great-grandson of .V.cbulon Pike after whant-. J 'Jhc Peak is 'lamad. Zebulnn Pike is reported u> liavi.- been turned l»ack by adverse \veath- Rr in .'UtiMnpt lo seale the Pi.-ak in 1BOO. Dr. Pike said n<« other riicmber of the family ever had viauuci llic .iurnniit. to Detroit, which has Bill .lie country's rushing leader, with 210 in 1!) tries Neill Armstrong, Oklahoma A. & M.. who won the national pass re- At- wives and babies to rattle tin cups, If story, with pictures came over my desk about a captain or lieutenant toting bags as a bellhop or a bomber pilot driving a cab, I would give it the so-wnat test. What of it? Maybe he never had any experience in a working job before the war and, anyway, wnat is wrong with such jobs? What should the fellow be doing Dictating to a pretty stenographer in a big office concerning important matters that he knows nothing I about, perhaps? ! For several years I have been (casually acquainted with a bum. j born and confirmed, who waj caught in the draft, served a :'ew imonths in camp in the United i States, and was discharged, with a leads 1-0). -o A<=«nc§Tfirm I S oiaius, uiio. was uibunut gcu, wim a Asioc ' at '° n -' 3 ' disability rating, of .course, which 'makes him a casualty on pension A diamond rubbed or laid in the sunlight for a while will glow in the dark. | p ,. ospel . ous- anc i he can weep at By JACK -HAND Enroute to Brooklyn, Oct. a —M 3 ) — Howie Pellet's heady pitching job against Brooklyn appears to have aroused the sluggish St. Louis Cardinals to a World Series pitch that could send them flying past the Dodgers in two straight ball games. Nobody on the ball club is making predictions about what will happen at Ebbets Field when baseball's first three-game playoff series resumes tomorrow, but the Re J . Birds are a loose, confident ball club after their 4-2 opening win at St. Louis yesterday. Enos Slaughter's great peg from right field that nipped Bruce Edwards trying to go from first to third on Howie Schullz' seventh inning single probably saved the ball game. At least Manager Eddie Dyer of the Red Birds thinks it did. Not since the Cards left ~os;on Dallas. Tex.. Oct. 2—l/Pj—Little Ken Holland. University oi Arkan- s.is, ttiilback, letamed his ground aining leadership in \\ic South- | BOOK-LESS SCHOOL west Conference in last wcek's : |, ; Tokyo. O"t. 2 —i.l j i— Children of Barnes and Clyde Scott. Arkansas I the occupation force trekked off to A'ingback. took over first : place inJ •'-<• i^it most of die pass receiving. 220 pupils didn't mind much. Holland netted 39 yards against '• Oklahoma A. & M." Saturday to | bold of a run hij total for the . irst iwo | games to 1-7 in 21 carries. Scott. vho gathered in n 37-yard aerial NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF N£W MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUF. B GROCERY Mill are in freighter at sea. the Legal Notice jwill.'A policeman discovered that Sent. 19 had they cut loose with a tour friend held regular meetings hitting attack like they slipwed the I with two ladies, who appear to from Aubrey Fowler : : or Arkansas' third and tying touchdown agaiivt A. & M.. has picked up 07 yards on three receptions. Texas loads the conference in total offense with i)47 yards — 300 rushing and 447 passing. Bay'lor Js second with 611 yards and Arkansas is third with 531. Bobby Layne of Texas is the 'iop punter with an average of • r >.r) yards each on two kicks. Layne also is the leading passer with seven completions in ten tries for i!00 yards. Fowler ot the Razorbaeks is seeotvd. having completed live of nine for 139 yards. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. _ HOME SITES AND SMALL FARMS Located one and one-half miles Patrr\os road Ito be blacktopped) ""With' able. gas ari'd" 'electricity avail- "}; HOME SITES OF 2 ACRES "and up across the" road from Hppe Country Club,;; : a, so ACRES WITH" 5 'ROOM house with porch, large barn, fine year round stock water, good stand lespedeza and grass, partly fenced. $3,500.00. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL, «• - AMENDMENT NO. 38 ; - SUBMITTED BY •'- FIFTY-FIFTH GENERAL - ASSEMBLY • BE IT RESOLVED BY THE I SENATE AND HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF'THE. STATE OF ARKANSAS, a 'majority of all the members elected to each House agreeing thereto: -That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, 'and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for ap- be j prostitutes and seem to be keeping him and spends some of his time hanging around handbooks.. 3/-6Q ACRES WITH house, fine orchard 4. ROOM and truck 'oh solith' slope 61 hill, partly lenqed. §2,250.00. COLUMBUS, ARKANSAS , on graveled rqad— - 280 'acres of pasture land- and black land — * $15 per * payment acre —$1000.00 required. down .JUST NORTH OF' HOPE ON GRA- veled road— 280 acres of pasture $3,500.00. : 108 E: SECOND He also seems to have some government checks 'cashed issued to other veterans, although that phase is still being investigated. He would look convincingly sad in a picture showing him curled up on a park bench and we are just fools enough to oblige him. We are fair enough-. Brooks' five pitchers. . Only Stan Musial's seventh-inning triple was for extra bases but ;here \v<ye hits at timely points. Pellet's Dcrfsct performance presided the bie lift in tho Card's sur- — o- Ninoty - one percent of the people who shop downtown Washington D. C., use public transit vehicles, six percent walk and three percent "Complete service for yeur car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Dally 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner Have Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. vided the big lift in the Card's sue- travel by private automobile, cess and must have been discouraging to the Brooks who had taken heart from the news that the Cubs had knocked out the ace southpaw in his last two previous starts. bum can sing n sad song about a heartless landlord who assessed him and his wife and their infant and their little belongings. But . . .... ... , what would the landlord say? He proyalor rejection at the next gen-; mignt: say they were a pair of era! election for Representatives jshi f tless tjramps who sleep all day and Senators, if a majority of the and they don't take a job and, if electors voting thereon, at such an - • election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That Amendment No. 3,. of ..the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended to read as follows: The county courts of the State in their respective counties together with a majority of the justices of the peace of such county, in addition to the amount of county tax be levied, shall have to levy not exceeding allowed to the power ten mills on the dollar on all taxable property of their respective counties, which shall be known as the county road tax, and when ollected shall be used in the re* he should take one, probably would steal the stock and fixtures. They might be filthy, too, and not quite house-broken. Another phase of the same subject of careless reporting and editing concerns the absurd publicity he devoted to the three ex-Marines Barney Ross, the former welterweight champion fighter, Brig.-Gen. Evans Carlson and Jimmy Roosevelt. Many other marines did more I The psychological effect of the ,-„ 'lefthander's return to his rmid-soa- son form was even more important than the win itself. It showed the Red Birds that their No. 1 boy was himself again and assured them in their own minds they were the same club that had been able to take Brooklyn all season, Manager Durocher's selection of Ralph Branca to hurl the vital opener backfired when the Birds combed him for six hits and 'three runs before he gave way to Kirby Higbe in. the third. The Dodger manager paraded most of his starting staff Jrom the bullpen to the hill before it was over. Following Higbe with Hal Gregg, Vic Lombard! and '.'inally Rube Melton. The notable exception was Joe Hatten, likely nominee for tomorrow's second game. ATTENTION FARMERS and DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Rooifa- - with Paint For Commercial Spray Painting consult LUM RATELIFF Phone 979-W 618 W. Division war whose names unknown beyond pehdable and .Quick" JC: PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 •••'•• - *No^Jlob Too Large or Too'-Smah IROS. • of making and repairing public oads and bridges of the respective counties, and for no other purpose, and sha^l be collected in United States - : currency or county warrants egally drawn on such road tax fund f a majority of the qualified elec- qrs of such county shall have voted wblic road tax at the general elec- ion for State and county officers J**' IV, P I?I R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 1U-J ' PORTRAITS , Commercial qnd Advertising 'PHOTOCOPIES <(Discharges - Legal Documents v- jB K v '""** 24 Hour Service fighting in the are absolutely their own immediate little outfits, but, to hear us tell it, you .might think these three alone licked he Japs: When Ross came back to Holly ipective counties for the purpose | WO od — and why to Hollywood, by such levy at such elec ,ion. Filed in the office of Secretary of State on the 20th day of March, 1945. Witness my hand and seal of office on this the 25th day of February, 1946. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State May 8, J5, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19, 26, July 3, 10, 17. 24, 31, Aug. 7, 14, 21. 28, Sept. 4, l\, 18. 25, Oct, 2, 9. 16. 23. 30. the way? — aftsr at Guadalcanal, he MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R LAWNMOWERS Repaired und Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I speciali/.win Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. GENERAL. AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop equipment is no better than the man that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB 'Hlrhvvay 67 ' Phone 57 ALLGI's Interested in FLIGHT TRAINING Contact Vet Office or B. L. Rcttig at the airport • F|''ght Instructions • Rides 4 • Charter Trips HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Agent for SCAT Airline See Us For . . . Gl LOANS For Purchase of Homes In Hope. 4% Interest — 20 Years to Pay INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20T< Return Dividend on the Cost of Your Insurance. • rirc • Torncdo • Casuilfry • Automobile Foster -Ellis Real Estate '& Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 Rebels Swamp Atlanta in Series Opener Get Ready FOR FALL 6y having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Spqee" Cleaners HALL'S Hatters H UGH B. HALL, Owner ?08 N, Fergy*on Phonq a i'ew weeks was given a heroic reputation of colossal dimensions while other marines stayed on with no emotional columnists to glamorize chem. He recently appeared in a new role, the wretched victim of narcotic addiction who had caught the drug habit from hospital corps men while he was being treated for malaria. Narcotics — that is a new medi-j cation for malaria. ' But we didn't question the story. Moreover, Ross could have put himself in the way of treatment quietly by applying to the navy, instead of appealing r'or confinement in a penal institution for civilians, and courting notoriety. General Carlson, a left-winger in his political tendencies, was one of' the few, if not the only American commanding 'officer, whose outfit vas called in his own personal ame, since the civil war when lat sort of ostentation was common. Other marines, without the •cnack and the claque, remain un- inown to all but their own com- ades and their families and riends. Jimmy Roosevelt served with him and somehow %vas promoted to the rank of colonel even >efore Carlson, his commanding of- icer. Jimmy is now chairman of he California Democratic State Central Committee and was, until nis election to that office, a paid M-opagandist of the so-called division of arts and sciences of the po- itical action iront, flaunting his old man's mantle. Thus the marine corps is dragged into politics. It would be difficult to name, U hand, three other individual marines as conspicuous, by reason of a steady program of publicity amounting to propaganda, as Ross, Carlson and Roosevelt. Other patriots have somehow managed to keep this sort of 'thing under control. Admiral Husband E. Kimmel is one. Disgraced, sacrificed by a brutal Kangaroo court and denied a fair trial m 'the Pearl Harbor case, he nnd Mrs. Kimmel absolutely forbade everyone authorized to speak for the admiral and all their friends ever to mention, in connection with their historic ordeal, the (act that one of their sons had been lost in the Pacific when the submarine of which he was the commanding officer failed to come back from a mission. Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 2 — (UP) — With a one game Dixie series lead safe,ly tucked away, Dallas Manager Al Vincent said that he would match Pitcher H. K. Perry against Atlanta's Karl McGowan tonight. In the opening contest here last night the Texas League club hopped all over the Southern Association's topdrawer Atlanta Crackers for a 13 to 3 victory . Big Hank Oana, Dallas pitcher and former Cracker outfielder, allowed Atlanta 10 hits, but kept the game well under control. Shelby Kinney who started the game for Atlanta, was knocked out in the seventh inning and was charged with the loss. The Cracker right-hander was nicked for two runs in the first, two in the third, and three in the seventh. Mrs. Claude Whitehurst •;:.• Representative for Mutual Benefit Health &. Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th bt. Dallas also racked in the ninth at the up six more expense of Dewey Adkins and Charley Mistos. While Dallas played Haw- Jess ball, Atlanta committed six ei 1 rors. The linescore: Dallas 202 000 306—13 16 0 Atlanta 000001 002— 3 106 Oana and Riebe; Kinney. Thomp son, Adkins, Mistos and Mathis. MAGIC CARPET Los Angeles, Oct. 2 —(/Pi—Here's p new wrinkle in college educatioi —a course in rooket navigation. Ten students who enrolled in the. :ourse will make hypothetical trip: 0 Venus, Mars and the far side o he moon. Dr. Samuel Herrick, assistan professor of astronomy who wi! do the instructing, said the journey around the moon may lead to th> discovery of now craters. SOLDIER HUTING BRIDE Downs, 111., Oct. 2 —(/)>/ — Th army should revise its posters aboi joining up to see the world and an education with good pay, Ralph Douglas of Downs. Asked by a recruiting office why he enlisted, Douglas said: "I just want an English war bride like the girl my brother Jacob brought back with him from Europe." say BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W, SHIVER Plumbing • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phpne 174 216 S. Main Silver and Gold Nail Heads All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H.W. Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark Phone 407-J Doug pJTV Carl Bacon VB* E S I Jones ELECTR3C CO. — for— House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like ROW • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkan?, U. S. A. REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop WINTER TUNE-UP PREPARE YOUR CAR For Winter Driving BEFORE winter comes is the time to prepare your car for the hard driving ahead. Our special winterizing service will protect your car throughout the winter. Our Motto is "Satisfied Customers" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 Half the United States population rides or\ one or more of the nation's 89,240 streetcars, trackless • trolley coaches or buses every day in the year. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. For better work at better prices— Old beds made new new beds made too — AUt WORK GUARANTEED One day service in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture 152 411S. WANTi Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Posfr Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more detail Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope/ Arkansas ,.;. in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from 149 on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. McLarty, qt Hope Auto Co. f 02ARKIKE By Chick Young . By Ray. Gotto 'TWUZKI'TY NOTHIN; *»xti i> ft ***** MM..*'.* WONDER WHAT WE'RE HAVING FOR SUPPED HMM'-IT -( LOOKG HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING THATS GOING WHUT COMES NATCHURLY. ...Mffgd'd't/A HEM /£.. HtS f/fi£T B/G*L£AG(j SEASON-IN A BLAZ£ OF- VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lone " I'VE BOUGHT 3,000 ACRES" fane voice that hailed me belonged to l v I'M INVESTING l_an_q|d Marine, buddy of mine. - . [ .soMiToP THAT SIDE GLANCES CARNIVAL r By Galbraith WAIT A Y ' wwwi/ ujtus, FUJI MINUTE. AR6 VI'M DRIVING DOWN YOU TRYING, J TO LAKE MYSTERY TO SELL ME / TOMORROW TO HOLS t A LOT ? \A UP FOR A COUPiS''/. Of WEEKS, AND^i< YOU'RE COMIMG^ WITHME.'.;./ , OP ON DEVELOPED TIMBER LAN& NEAR THE HEAD OF THE LAKE. FIRST I'll CUT THE HARD WOOD. I'VE ALREADY GOT OFFER-- tu*5K/r Rt «r 6 ' ( IVE BE EN READING A80U1 I HAVEN ( SEEN V YOU IN THE PAPERS, VIC. YOU SIKCE WE HIT) QUITE THE HERO. UNDER- THe. BEACH TO- I STAND THERE'S A NICE GETHER AT IWO/ I REWARD FOR RECOVERY ^\ OF THAT HIJACKED §1 rf | o I. 1 -H- '•» WASir* THBBS By Leslie Turner WE NOTIFV POUCE...AND HELP SEARCH I THOSE WEN TO FOR THE TWO / SEUAFEWBhRS STRf>vN6ERS,/ ANP BRING BACK BUT FIND NO/ Sli?PUE«,WHiUE TRACE /, HE SUARPEO WR.- ,.,,.„..,.r,^ ORION AT f^rtteil^cwcoRRo '&$%'& *'?&',%& WEU.EAS^.,.LOOKS A5IP VDU'VE NMtROWECT TKE SEARCH FOR PHIL DOVMN TO THE TOUGHEST SPOT IN THE/COUNTRY TO F1MD» -n wre>-wiw irri tn;*~— —, • -s re WONEV - yp \pJFM^n3f** • SMC* \yJrVrrat tl M W% ^{ '• ^ " ••' _'.ii..J !CA':yift^J L NWJB6-NOT; IF HOSTEEM'CAW &NCIENT-INWN RIPPIEONTHIS PIAQUE DONALD DUCK *tlm i ' "'P 1 ' III" Ml l • I ^ • COPR. 194» BY NEA SERVICE, INC. 1. M-REC. U. £ CM. lM* BrHEVSEBVICEriNC.-T. M; BECrU. S.'PAT. OFF. Hoskins, you'hook up the hoscs.RaflVrly. lake I In- ladder, and TompUins, take a kilcii of tickets' In our ball and , see how many you can sc-.ll ao " The only thing the mailman brought was the paper, Mom—it says here the atom will open up a new world of modern comfort and convenience I" UIP crowd! By Biosser FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberaer I JUST- DID THAT TO SHOW VOU HOW THINGS WORK IN CAN WALK HOME! P.EVEPSEF DURIMS- TWIRP SEASON,' -••I WAWTEP TO SHOW -YOU HOW A GIRvLFEELS . IS A.SMOOCHEP..' ly Carl Anderses?!,; -:^=r^'^=-^'/.--\- WATCH AAARVCL i VOU MUSr COMF: OVER- SOME TIME:AND see My ETCHINGS/ J f") r \.A ^apr. IP)*;. Kiiy Ftahiift <ftntitit». lor.. W»»M Affn rnmrf ALI.FV OOP WAIT VI sec Allnbabble hasn't been able lo gel a new car yell By V. T. Hamlii COPH. 1940 By NE» SERVICE/INC. T M. REC. U.S.'pKT. OFF, LE GGO MY AX, YOIM Thimble Theater ONCE you TASTE It VOU WILL NEVER FgQWM J " By Edgar Martin » <#\t». \>Wc.V i 1^ . WOT'R* WE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople V'KMOW, I OFTEM THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A C3OOP IDEE TO PAIWT CUE. HOUSE TH' SAME COLOR. A.S- TH' ; SO OUR CAR WOULD BE TH 1 SAME COLOE. ONJ BOTH SIDES.' MWBE/SUTOF COURSE we COULD 6e DOPit^e OUT 60N\e /vvetwoD OFTE/NCKIMS CO^iS TO <=>TOP CHEWllMS AND I WISH YOU'D COMF1 ME YOUR THIMKINJ& TO SCHOOL.' LET HE'S START AM ICICLE FARIW Tms AND IS IF- K& CftM TH/VT AMD U.EEP HIS EftRSWARM.' , .... .. -. ,. ^—.,-* lSr\L)COljS BIRDCALLS/'*-AMD I'LL KE.6P /V\V L>Pb SEALED AS TIGHTLY AS. A SOLFER. CARRVli^S l-\\S BALL PR. 1.MrB7NEA^ERVICE, INC. T. M. R RED RYDER By Fred Harmon POKH FORGET^ SILENT -^ 2-oy NICE TO HAvt A fAAIGR FOR A ? ELK •' LEPT \AJITIAOUT OUT ANYTKlMG =• 1 '. & '^'-•-. - ,0-2 WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY' ',

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