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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 2, 1946
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ItpfplB^r k ' *•"''> v; '.' '•"" " *'. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, October 2, 194« ^bsition,of United States on Dardanelles Is Made Perfectly Clear to Russia -ey GLENN BABB • • • ' ,". A* 5 Foreign .Nevus Analyst <&- - - The Soviet tfnion keeps the pres- '•"•siite-on Turkey over the Dardanelles, and if the purpose is to find "out -whether American interest in ^tfflsrlSsue is genuine and lasting r&Iofoow must have-had Us .tnswer in the last two days. Statements ,iJby two of-, the highest ranking t»Spokesmen In ..Washington rhpuld F>'Convince .anvone - that American diplomacy is following every turn '" With the liveliest interest and that .the .armed forces of this nation ; "are cooperating closely in the sup- ,t port of foreign policy. The lessons * of ihe Wallace incident are evident in the close coordination of pro* i-jioriucements of Navy -Secretary Forrestal and Acting Secretary of State Acheson on our policies and the disposition of our forces in the Mediterranean and the middle -. East. -•-.•• They also make plain the policy of the United States, in keeping l with its support of s'ie United Na- 'tions,' to take an active interest in siuation which might be a Hope Star «or of Hope 1899; Pr«i 1927 Consolidated January 18. 1929 °ubhshed every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E Pdtmcr, President AIM H. Wtnhbutn, Secrptary-Treasuiu- 3'. fhe Mar t/uiidvit. t ..'?'-' $out>' Wol'tn* -ilrnt- M.-i,-.» <V,rtt Ale*. H. Wajhburn, tcl:to' i Publ she- Paul H. Jones, Ma--t •:--.g Edtor George W. Hosmer, ,v\ech. Supt Jess M. Davis. Adver*tsino Marvagei Emma G. Thomas, Cashier Entered as second class matte' a' •> Post Office ai Hope Arkan«o ur«» ' cl 01 Marc' 3. 189? (AP)--Vean^ Associated '-"res, >NEA>—Means Newspaper Enterpnv Association Goering Says Continued from Page One would stand 2 years hence. Goering replied: "At present there is no such thing as a 'German people,' and therefore there cannot exist an 'opinion of the German people.' "I presume some V.'ill curse :.iie, as ihcre is no possibility for objec- tivo opinion, x :< "Fifty years hence, if a German people ?till ex is I. then, il will iudMe mo and ITI.V endeavors :"airl.v." "Why did you surrender?" the Standard asked. "Would it "i'.ot have been more Minnie Knew 3e J *tKreat to peace "anywhere in 'the "world. Acheson emphasized this in * his news conference yesterday. * Like Forrestal on Monday he point'"••ed out that American Naval ::orces have been operating in the Maditer ranean since the beginning of the Republic. Me saw no reason why 7TriaT"sh"oiiiId'b"e"changed "Sow. This T. seems to,imply that American in» terest in the Dardanelles and the > Mediterranean-, is no new thing. In * a sense-that-is .true,-But-it-is also * a •tfact- that» American" determina * titfti'^ to* stand'against threats to " peace in: those areas stems from ' a policy born from our experience in World War^Two. This policy is a definite departure from that followed.r jifc the>truce between the two»great?.warsk It- means the fulfillment of« -the^* obligations the United -States'" Assumed - in the covenants of Tehran, Yalta and Potsdam and in the charter of the United Nations. , Acheson disclos'ed that discussions are, proceeding in the state department concerning Moscow's latest, demands on Turkey. While he did not indicate what action might be taken, other authorities said there was little doubt that if circumstances required the United States would repeat as strongly as necessary the stand taken in its note'of August 19 to Mbsciw.' That note emphatically opposed the Soviet proposals for joint Russian- Turkish defense 6f the strategic straights and .elimination of non Subscription Rates: 'Always Payable \r Advance): By city carrier per wtfek 20c, per month S5c. Mail rates—in Hemp- <;teod. Nevada, Howard, Miller ond LaFayef'e Bounties, S4.50 oer veor; elsewhere $8.50. Member of The Associated Press: The \>bf>tic>'e< Pres> iv exclusively erihtlec 1 to •he use for republication of oil news dis- -. .^ • .01 nol otherwise t <••-• -it frm pope' T"' 31^- *np lora pvv. oubl'sftect ne'*?'n action, the same death hat Iho German people and armies ' face'.'" "I have shirked death :i?ither :'n this war or, the last," .he :'ormer No. 2 Na/.i answered. "I gave myself into the power of the Aliii-'s be-i "i''- ;i ' ; "'i cauro I considered this to be ncccc-i them t sary — :"or German .interest. | c;scan i "Only by doing so was it pos- P o -- e - sible to present mailers '-'rom a really responsible position, the .fuehrer having vanished suicide. Zagreb. Yugoslavia. Oct. 2 — M 1 )— A Franciscan monk trsiific-d todov ;U Archb:.-:hon Aloi.'.iif: collalxn alien tiij.l itu: bishi'ii. after Vi.u:--:;!.r lien, w!c!e a pas'ivnl ! tor "passive resir.tai':, the 'i'ltn Father SIcpilKlC'S 1.1 I. 1 '. ch-'iriU's of hflpiii; ta l ;hi ten .ivi.s'. By NEA Service Havonne. "I fhould lik? to streps thai 11 ntonast'.-rvy. consider it right that -.lie ,'uehrer | He exprc'-s^.-' Chose to commit suicide." I Tito, Yi'ij<;»'lav Shipping Ago in ! ^^^ijij^ r ^ N. J., Oct. 2 —(NEA) ii-ihne:; cuts not their names paper;; beOauso an eccentric :nld party has died and lett them i>( of monev. ;.",-ls her name in bci'iiuse- when she the Market Report ST. LOUIS LIVESTOC K National Stockyards, 111., Oct. —(#•)— Hogs 600; mat-ket fully steady; medium to choice .slaughter barrows and gilts, sow's and stag.; 16.20 celling; boars 14.50- IG.aO; good feeding pigs 20.00-75; some less desirable kind down to 18.00. Cattle 2,500; calves 1.500; one short load good and choice 1,116;Ib. steers 19.25; string of mostly died I good medium weight steers 18.00; bishop i'.s th" CathoUc ai.r.'uu'ii y '•The !eli:"-r v.-;is • L> iJ'1 th" I'lr-: > il!e°;a! \v<" akl, "an'.! it The monk. v;ho.;e valent to thai ol' through I Cioatian F: unclean;- 1 , is chnr I with hiding Uotashi Jjoid in belief thai Mar.sl [;'. ersiie''. v,";'>M\:l ix :o:r'-.:|-, oxulninir.i;'. Continuec* irom fage <~>ne National Advertising Representative ~^- Arkantas Da-'ies Inc.; Memphis Tom iterick Build.ig, Chicago. 400 Not n Mio jan Avenue. New York City, 292 -ilvd Wirh 2842 Oklahoma City. 3'" Td. v\ G'arv <»:d- U.S., Britain Continued from Page One He said the archbishop him: "!! Rome IUUIKS uui, I ;v.<'. bus and streetcar operators and haunfi:! to th" Caih >lu- c.iuvch, i maintenance men. i will abdicate. Olnerwi:;,.' I svill cn:;- About 32J employes of "the Ta- i tinuc to_ fis.it for the ri-nts -«i l;ie "nma Tr'ai^H Co. were on strike nt j church^ Tacoma. Wash., and car barns! Father Ivan Salic. Slepinae'r; sec- were picketed. A strike on Inc ; relary and another defendant. U-sl ; Chicago Aurora and Elgin oiectric ! tied "the church was perhaps too ! line posed a transportation prob-' much linked with politics," and clc- lem for 3.000 suburban commuters i tended himself by saying he had who work in Chicago. At New j been influenced by tho hislici- York, a strike wa.i called against j clergy. ; Ihe Isle Transportation Cor*i. on! .Father Josip Selccki. also o:; : State!! I.rland. affecting 00.0110 bus ; t r i a i. admitted" he had blessed In-.' passengers. ! Utas'ni flag- but said thai whi-n he A surprise slrike by tynogranhi- told SlopuiVtc abcul it. "he did null .".il -,vi»-l-ers forced three Erie. Pa,, approve'" ! newspapers to suspend publication, j stepinac himself, whose •ars sho left, something cat. ii-l't was a job. iniiii 1 may have had a as hi;; as a wiiale, for she l-.itit."-..-; and mothered more iii;i OL them in her time. But vas no nuiDchor. oairi'/d lie;- livini; kicking Ihe und. V.-M;; carried on the pay- ii.- S'.jiuhird Oil Uc-volop- l;il)!''riilorii'K here as '.?so. whicli is a nice liltle or c;,.-! agentry, indeed, but '.v:v:.i.l hiindle jusl Ihe H'alch, head janitor at the found Minnie 1 on the r.);i,'i. a mouser with(i<it poi-'.''olio. Hccause she was a better ir,i-.u:;<.:r thou he had seen beat a paih lo her door the ripe- old-cat | other sales mostly odd lots from "' 15.00-17.25; to heif- good yearlings 12.50- sparingly around to demilitarize the i'res stale and restrict the governor's powers. The commission thereupon recessed until tonight to give dels- gates time to^study the French draft which would prohibit the sla- tioning of foreign troops in the zone, but make the United Nations Security council responsible :!or its independence and integrity. How to reconcile these two points was one of the commission Nazis Prefer Continued from Page One fication boards and that German police were dispatched to the prison to arrest them. A military government offi- ccr faid thai "the situation is eon- ! fused," but indicated thai at leasl the petitions had been filed. counsel clashed frequently with lhc prosecution, cried out: "You cannot, prove that I helped lhc terrorists. Even Ihe president of Croatia. Valdimir Bakaric, said 'we bclievo that Stepinac helped the terroi-iiU: bul we canr.ot prove lip'." io t'ilr. their appeals and thai such V.pOii appcaU would be with m'.lk and salmon to s.iro sh^ wouldn't leave. | Eventually a sharp-eyed auditor di.-'.coven'd "nil iiom charged to I "?vtinni(.'" was showing up on the bc.jks t.'/o\y montii. He found il was t'r.r the milk and salmon. Thcic v.ns a hurried conference ol' directors, afler which :i press a;.;ei:t i::ishi.-d out to tell Ihe world thai Minaie- Ihe, -Mousor. .was a eat- on a jiayi-'oll. '•' ' .', \'. ] \ '•. In those da vs. Minnie got S3.30 h month. She had bben raised to $4.40. before alui dii'di :- . ' .. ! Minnie laught.hcr 100 offspring all the tricks of lhc mousing trade, and their set vices are tni 'great 'de- ma i.d. i H is or.o cf ?,'linnie's sons, as a matter of fact , who has taken her place on the payroll here. And in the cat circles of his lown i it, i;; said that Timmie, son of Mini nie, icsnembers to lay a mouse on Mho ivat liltle grave in back of Ihe i laboratory in tribute to Minnie, 'here and had to go.kick- medium ers and ixed Hi. 00; good cows 14.00 r iO: common and medium beef cows 9,00-12.50; canners and cut tors 0.50-8.50; good b ill Is around 13.25-40; medium and good 11.0013.00; general market showing firm undertone and fairly active; vealers 25 higher, choice 19.75; medium and good 13.50-18.50;norn- inal range slaughter steers 10.5020.15; slaughter heifers 9.50- 20.15; ••locker and feeder steers 10.0018.00. Sheep 2,500; market nolfullyos- Labllshed; early trading limited to i.uirt deck strictly good and choice lambs to city butchers, fully steady ,U 13.50. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, Ocl. 2 —Ifl 5 )—Stocks picked up fralions to around 2 make i poinls in today's markel in a slow afl three sessions of de iccovery dines. .,,,., Steels and rails lee 1 t he way m an early upturn although gains were scatlered throughout the list. Some advances were trimmer" slightly as demand lagged, b.)' many issues closed at their best Dealings remained slow wiA transfers totaling aboul 900.000 shares. Bonds were in a narrow range. o ket firm; 03 score 85-115 1-2 ;02 score 84; 90 score M; 89 score 812. Eggs: receipts 7,574 cases; mar- cel firm; wholesale prices on the nercantlle exchange: extras 1 and '., 5-59; 3 and 4 ,40-49; standards and 2, 4S-12; 3 and 4, 42-44 1-2; current receipts 42-44 33-35; checks 3234. 12; dirties Meandering Mattress Laurel, Mont., Sept. 27 After canvassing several towns, Mrs. Alice Hamlett finally found i suitable mattress in Miles City, bought it, and started homo. Wind blew the mattress off the .ruck bringing it to Laurel, and by .he time the driver went back to ook tor it, the mattress had disappeared. A few days later a Wyoming .ourist delivered the mallress lo Mrs. Hamlett, explaining that he round it on the highway and checked Miles City stores to discover the purchaser. Kilroy, Last Minute Entry Missuula, Monl.. Sept. 27 —M 1 )— Kilroy, the ubiquitous GI whose "Kilroy was here' signs decorated everything from palm trees to Japan's ginza in World War II, broke into college polilics. When ballots were counted at Montana University 'or :'resntnan class officers, a darkhorse threatened to unseat regular candidates. Kilroys name appeared mysteriously as a write-in candidate on a substantial number of ballots. Legionnaires Warned of Disarming San Francisco, Oct. 2 — IF) — American Legionnaires, some s "fv t , muscled tram their Ions, UimuUfJ*] ous pnrade to the cheers of 100,000 lining Market Street, today hoard fresh warnings against America's disnrmlning to a precarious point in this troubled post-war era. Adm. W. F. Halsoy, war-timo commnnder of tho mighty Third Fleet which pounded Japan, asserted in a prepared address the United Stales should maintain a powerful navy and "an adequate network of bases in o,ur ocean areas." A navy re-designed on the bnsiq u ot information gleaned from the" Biklniatomic bomb tesls, he said, could servo Ihe nation well in an atomic age. "The possibilities of employing a speedy, mobile fleet in an atomic counterattack are very promising," he declared. Maj. Gen. Lewis B. Hcrshoy, war-time director of Selective Service, urged a universal military training as the best Insurance for "our national existence" and scoffed at Ihe Idea lhc atomic age* would mean a war involving only a*" few technicians on the shooting end. "In the future," he said in a prepared talk, "we must -train everyone to know what to do to sur- ^ \f CUPID Albany. GOES N. Y., FARMING Sept. 30 •W 1 )— GRAIN AND PROVISONS Chicago, Ocl. 2 Demand mice around. principle concerns. Four delegates •- -representing Charging the Russians with Britain, France, Russia and the Mo£!?inff Kimerarv into a state ! United States, and appointed by o1con g omic U c g o a ^ P se. The United the Allied control council Berlin =!t«t<!P mnvpri to cut Hungarian re- to work out details of the execu- " S - I k fe m Black sea poweEs s -from the agree- p arat ions payments to the Soviets iV°" s r^™ st 'P secrct ! P day i rl i} } sn TnpntQ OTiv*»rmnff r*nnfrnl of fhp. \. *.«««/%/,« nnn A ~ fnnn deSGl'ted COUl't TOOm Wlli31'O l-.OT 10 months Nazidom'^ leading figures were tried' on war crime's charges. merits governing control of the straits. Indications--from London are that Britain- takes' the s&me stand. T-^.v-- -•:•- still i from 000,'JOO to aid $300,000,000 with "other to $200.- adjustments' 1 her economy. The United '* \ t to convince " the ' "Kremlin that AmericjftiilToreign Policy is unified, suDporte^.'By ,the majority of the nation aimiSlikely. to;.proceed alorig lixed lines" in spite of domestic political changes. Moscow either is skepticalOf these things or is try- to:* undermine* VWashington's yr-by.}appealing to prejudice against J?Amertcan intervention in fart*cOrrters 'of the r: -world.*"She continually raises .questions as the why Amef lean troops are , in China, •Jhfpsijii.:^tl}<f rMe'diter- , ,-„-„ w Jiy^;Am^i;j§a,n; Administra- i tlons coritinue to'govern Japan and t Southern Korea. Washington's an< swer }s thatun, helping destroy the » Axis the-United States incurred ^obligations to defend the peace so ' dearly won against any threat JtQHvafiy,*.quarter.. of,. the globe. o- ask that compensation Au Increased security were ordered by -the measure? U .S. -con- ;?ope y•loVs« be limited to 25 per stabulary and special military oo r »«f * J. . . A li/».i crnr>,-(-lw r.tr 1nc\ novt -h\T*n n-nnl-y cent of total damagas. lic or guards. for the next two weeks, until the death sentences im. , , _, _ . ___ . ^'-'i ttnt.il Hit: uv;«vn o^iiii^iivifo ;m~ Speaking to. the Balkan economic d ycstsr dr,y bv the internation- - ••• ..- -. . . commission. American economic expert Willard Throp disclosed that the United States had uenl three notes lo Russia in March, July and September of this year proposing a three-power conference to "halt the disintegration of Hungary." In the third note. Washington said that "the situation is critical," but no answer was ever receive from Moscow, Throp declared. a! military tribunal are carried out on the gallows. Defense attorneys were busy preparing appeals. Here in lhc 'enclosure of the old courthouse of this cily. which slood as a major symbol of Nazi power in the. days of AdoU. Hitler, -the fuehrer's teammalcs of warmak- ing .days — Hermann- , Gpnring, Joachim Von ' Ribbenlrop, >• Field Marshal Wilhalm Keitel, -Ernest Kallenbrunner, Hans Frank, Wil- Throp said the Soviet Union was j helm Frick. Alfred Rosenbet,;, • ,1u- draining Hungary of $180,000.000 a j lius Slreicher, Fritz Sauckel, Col. year, or roughly"35 per cent of her ^°" AK™A T,,,-II -,-,,1 A..IK,,, HOT BOX Albanv, Calif.. Oct 2 — While E. J. Degraw was away from home his refrigerator heated up. The motor fell to the floor, burned its way down to the basement. Then the floor slowly burned until the whole refrigerator fell through. • But firemen saved the house. * ' .. - . . national income. This 'total included $70,000,000 a year for the Army of occupaion, $70,000,000 in requi- Lsiions and $40,00,00 in repara- ions deliveries. These figures did not include the industrial plant equipment removed from Hungary, as war booy by Ihe Russians, Thorp said. Gen. Alired Sevss-InciHart- Jodl , and Arthu will be hanged on Oct. 16, unless the Allied control council in Berlin ovcrr The oth.er seven ccnvictr, who chcv: prison lorms rai'-.;!!i;', :"ror.i 10 years to lil'o. v.'ill nerve 't;ieir timb in a 1'our-power jail in Berlin, the name oC which \va.= 'HI; disclosed "ior security reasons." For Ihe same reason. ;:o announcement v.'a? riir.de 03 .0 when 'those men —- Rr,:'.:ilf Hess. \Valih-:' F\;n!:. Erich Tiacdffr '.all life ici-fii.O.'Ual- dur Von Seljirai;h, Albert Kpeov 20 year: r-nch'. Criii'.i.'ari'.in Von Ncuva'h (15 years i aiid Kr.rl L'-X:- nilz (10 yeari^ — \vould l;e ta'.'.i r. to Berlin. The prison nr.'.e:- swvinc; c-,;en for Hjalmur KchacSic. Fran:'. V-'-n Papen and \l\.\\f Fn'.-:chf. v.'ii-T'-.vr-ro acquitted ytslcvdity ,:.:nid a stoi-in oC controversy, it'.cl-.iaing ni'-oinl- ed dis.'-x-nt by the Russians, a complaint by Americnn pruseciitors lhal the first t'.vo should have-been convicted, and a private expression by the British against the .".cquit- tals. AH Ihrec men spent last, nighl in the jail. but. iiol in -thn riiny sequestered celif Ihey had 'occupied during ihe long months of the trial. In mare coir.i'nrU'blc i|ir.ir- tors Ihey slept pro'eci?d by '^i d BY JAMES J, VvashiiiKlon ,STREBIG The second fail- iue ut' the- Unit eel -S'tutes to reach an aviation agreement with Mexico £!.(;i.li«liU; the difficulties in formal- i7.iv;,« our air relations with Latin 'lie people to the south no long- welcome Yankee aircraft with bunal. Ther the "rl l bul PCI milted to• movo .-.oo-U tnc Hi ly> Ml . s> schacht'visaed her hood of such appeared to be little likeli- reversal at the hands of the :four-DO\ver group, out •rome of the condemned men apparently clung to a bare shred of Soviet delegate, Fcodor Gusev i hope — that they might be shot. challenged the American proposal! and thus spared the disgrace of as a violation of the Big Four min- .the rope. isters council agreements and said 1 A spokesman for the council said it should be voided because of its I in Berlin thai Ihe condemned men tardiness. | would have until midnight. Saturday Statement of Condition of the CITIZENS NATIONAL i Hope/ Arkansas At the Close of Business on September 30, 1946 niics minister and i i:ti'hi-.ban!'. -pr? 1 ; idenl. J'or a time early last, eve ning. Attorneys for ihe -ihrce jnen ar ranged for proper papers :'or -;hc.-n and ior transport.'iiirrn. They ^:\\: each man had b;.-cn : ! n:-.lru-.' ! .ed '.(.> ictuin to his proper domicile. i This meanl x'n;it.' ihe i!-v."utenl Schacht, who yeslercUiy offered to I trade his auiograph >'or ••antiy bai'j during a wild ".v\v-; c"nfi'r- ence, probably could stay in .he American zone.-, v.'ith several homes available. Suave old Von in lo his i datives are living. Tl or w - - -- open aims and expressions of joy thai, business is lilerally flying lo their doors. They want not only the new business,-but also a half- f;i:tr.f in. 'tl\Q jcb.pl. carrying .it. with nur international flying prob- V.'ashiii'.rirjn officials concerned lon-;s. see the .British share-lhe traffic 'i.-rlnciplp in the new Latin A mciica-i altitude. They are convinced thai Ihe Briiish aviation agreement with Argentina, compleled in Slay; was a ma.ior fac'lor in Ihe i'ailuie at Mexico City . Britain's About Face There is considerable disappointment in Ihe United Slales over Britain's reversal of Ihe freedom of the air principles which it ac; ecplecl at the Bermuda conference , in February. , Tii.-' Briiish atlilr.de. if il prevails in South America, will restrict air operations by requiring an even cli- i vision of tiaffic through equal sch 1 dulcs and capacities. II already has.slr.Avcd down n mow selaci.A has slowed down American carrier which came from shipping pnd ex- porl houses, accompanied by aggressive covering by previous short sellers, created a strong market in corn futures today. At tim?s ;he yellow graiii was up more lhan 3 cenls. Oals and wheal were :"irm. Strength in corn was attributed to a firmer cash market, reports that some cash corn was sold to move east and trade rumors thai government exporl allocations for Ihe fourth quarter ill include around 10,000,000 bushels of corn. Toyard the close processors were bidding $1.85 for old No. " yellow corn shipped within .five days. Purchases made overnigh we're at $1.82 and $1.83. Wheal closed 1 3-4 higher, March $1.97 1-4, there were no transactions in January wheal. Corn advanced 2 1-8—3 1-4, January $1.30 1-2, and oals were up 3-8—1 5-8, November 81 1-8—81. o NEW YO'ftK COTTON New York, Ocl. 2 — (fP)— The cotton futures market rallied sharpK into new seasonal high ground today. Trade and outside buying was stimulated by lower private crop cstimalcs and Ihe starl of aclive elling of goni dhelxilessollream- selling of goods in Ihe lexlile market. Gains of as much as $2.65 a bale wereregislere d and Ihe clobe 1 1946 delivery reached a new 26- ear peak of 38.75 cnls a pound. Late aflernoon prices were $1.75 o $2.65 a bale higher. Ocl. 3875, Dec. 38.40, Mch 38.07. . : o Cupid bow mouth makeup is ;oasse nd the proper style now is the 'watermelon" or wide mouth type, 1 fashion cooertinator says. Gail of Nesv York lokl a local beauty trade show audience yester- lay lhal "Ihe cupid bow mouth is definitely out of the piclure Ihis season. The correct mouth makeup calls tor the watermelon, or wide mouth typo." Mississippi is the lung oil producer . nation's lop Olher speakers included Secre- lary of War Robert P. Patterson, Undersecretary of the Navy John L. Sullivan, and Gen. Omar P. Bradley, veterans' administrator who was expected to answer Legion Commander John Sleele's earlier allack on Bradley's handling^ of veterans' jab training. While hundreds cf planes roared above, 25,000 lo 30,000 Legionnaires marched through a cold wind in a gaudy four-hour parade which failed to measure up to its expected proportions. Many World War II veterans backed cut, figuring they had done enough marching anc only too recenlly — explained oldci Legionnaires. omes available ^iiave old i'i' a:l7 'I i eluclancc- to permit Pan American on Pap en. has Iwo I v h:ni- esi.-i'ec , Ail . w .,,. s lo flv in a 55. passenger the British ?.one, or .... could :;o | ,,,-,.,, j n , u>ad of lhc Brna n 2l . DC^Ss tho trench >:oi : e. where rf;o:-;i ol | hjch had bcen uspd . Slaie ueoarlmcni officials have RESOURCES Loans and Discounts Banking House and Fixtures United States Bonds Other Bonds and Securities Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Demand Loans on Cotton • Cash and Exchange TOTAL LIABILITIES Capital Stock Su rpl us Undivided Profits Depos i ts TOTAL Officers and Directors R. M. UVGRONE, President O. A. GRAVES, Vice-President C. C, SPRAGINS, Cashier DALE JONES, Assistant Cashier $ 258,267.60 11,563.00 2,900,000.00 . 1,041,380.76 11,250.00 . 191,658.13 . 1,030,455.47 .$5,444,574.96 $ 125,000.00 . 250,000.00 . 128,399.45 4,941,175.51 $5,444,574.96 J. D. BARLOW A. L. BLACK S. L. REED J. A. HAYNES ALBERT GRAVES N. T. JEWELL R. M. LAGRONE, JR. Fnlsche Ihe n.dio Pro-iagan-j , „ inlorln ., Uv U) Briiish repres disl, must return to Iho Ru.isian cn ,. lljv ,.« asUin;'" a clarificalion ot zone Where ho narl neon a y/Qson-' llu . ;,i jO nt-iace by the United King er of war. Soviet Jud;-? .J. I. mlti- 1 thcenkn said in his sharp dissent yesterday Ihat FriUiche shiniM have been ennvielcc! aa a war criminal. The question of whether any, or all, of thc-tn '.vuuld ;aee action by German denn:'.ificali:ui board:-; i-till was unsettled. Dr. vVilheirn Huog- ner, minister-presidc-nt of Bavaria, said thai any cf 'ihc 'tivee acquit- tud men rernainir.;; : ;i the American zcno would bo placed before a which lie sriid v.'oukl "certainly" mean "several years at hard labor." Hoogner called tho acquittal of Von Papon "astounding," and :-:aid he thought of the fireyiiij; -:iii>loinal us "the real instigator of '.ho Third Reich." In addilion to Ihe Inrrnoll red up by the li-ibiHUil'.'j pcq of SchEiC-ht. Von .Paptn, and sche. ihore was consider.-:!:".' .-tioning of the courl's refii;:; brcind the German Hor.'ii-al and high comma!!-.! as crirnin ni'.ritior::-:. The Russian .ii.id;^ C'lited from thai lofiisal 'U a POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Oct. 2. —(UP) — Pro- luce. Poultry: receipts: 32 trucks; hens easy, chickens firm; fryers d broilers 38-42; young torn urkeys 38-42; young hep. turkeys 0. Cheese: twins 49-50; singles daisies 51-52; swiss 62-64. Butter: receipts 45,247 Ibs; mar- OCTOBER an important 1 All men who volunteer for the new Regular Army on or before October 5, 1946, are guaranteed the full educational benefits of the G. I. Bill of Rights for the complete lorm of their enlislmenl-1,1'/a, 2 or 3 years, whichever they choose. For men enlisting after October 5th, benefits under ^the G. T. Bill of Rights will accrue only so long as the periou of emergency exists. Upon official termination of the war, these . benefits cease. These benefits, which include the opportunity to get a full college, trade or business school education, are very important to every man '_ who plans to enlist in the new Regular Army. Be sure you get all the facts before October 5th from your nearest U. S. Army Recruiting Station. CITY HALL BUILDING Hope, Arkansas JOB FOR YOU U. S. Army CHOOSE TW I S , »; j,; ;, •;,• FINE PROFESSION ~,-fj$VfV - $5,000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor. MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM dom sin-jo thr^ Bermuda conference At Bormi.ida Bi ilain and the U. S agreed each nation should be permit led to fly as much as the avail able Iral'lii: justified. Caught Off Guard The United States has no forma | air -agreements in Latin America except with Columbia. Before Ihe W5;' none was needed. The coun tries lo the south welcomed lhc ail services. i Km t'iif new accent on avialior colls forfcrma 1 pacls b'etween The cuunliies. Airline operators need j such assurance to justify the in- •vetiment in now routes and services. Here is a thumbnail history of Ihe Mexican nogolialions: The Mexicans came to Washing-, ton in October, 1945 but went home '°' r ' wilh no agreement. Their demands utta! f ul . jr.ules to almost every import•''' ri| - • ant American cily could not be M.IOS- I jjrimted. 1 '."'i /in .American delegation went lo si all' Mt'xic-o City in June, but just when ;l ';''•: it cipt.'t-arer. 1 that the route differen- ' .-lia-lcos nii-j.lU IJD adjusted, the Mexi- ;ro;iR | cnns iiriexpecicdly demanded a 50livi: : ion of schedules and capa- Legal olficials .'n the Amrnran | cilies. That is, they insisted lhal -nihuiry Hovermm'nt n Berlin sa-dlUio United States limit its opcr -he UusEian dissenla /'rail - t h:' .-ic- j : ,iir:ii!; lo the Mexican abilily lo initials, in Iho jjenc-rr.! si a?;' r;.;u'e I eai ry p:issen»ers and cargo. The and against :hc- lifo sc nl'viec •")'i Mi xicaiu.; jjointed to the agreemenl uld ivi-:-;ui -, hertv-,-. jih ; -,i.;ch provisions reached be probably svill be MO more 'our-po 1 .'.".--! 1 -,. r ui' crime:; trials in Gerin;'.riy. They i::-C'dir.-t.'.-d 'ulure -'i-ia'J.-i miuht b(- iiekl on ;: /.on;-! \j:>:;'.>•., wilh each occupying j;cv.-er coriducl- ing its own Irialj oi prisoner.-, in Iheir custody. Random interviews around the court JJQuse this morning 'nov.ed that Iho'/.irend ol' Gorman thin king about itfo trial i;; aboul as ''o'lows: 1. They Ihink "orct-d labor :-'or lile \vculcl be bf-tk-r than oVuth sentences ."or Diuix- cr::i'i!ii"]Hed ii. die. tU'l'- ain. Tho conference Prey. Avilo Cam rced. Thr S.'3'.'L-: 1 , liie . •-.vhn rlesi'-jiifd i:'-- i^'-i.-a! Nuo--ijljt-:"J '.'tr.di'-'iii where ;h;; i\ T a"i party rallies were h:-'l:l in '.he days t Nuernberg's glory, should have received such a heavy senttr.ee. Ho got 20 years. und Great Brit- broke up after scho backed up liis delegi'lions demands in reply to a direul appeal from Ihe A rr.rrican ambassador. Competition Curtailed The result is Ihat Ihree airlines — Wc-Eior, Easier, and Braniff — v.-iiieh have been certificated b tin.- Civil Aeronauties Board to fly n:.•'.'.• n 'iles to Mexico must post jjoi-.o their plans. Pan American and American Airlines will contin ne i--i fly Iheir roules. Cia. Mexicana de Aviation v/ill conlinuc ils service- to Los Angelas. The Uniled Slates is making in- qu'.rios in numerous countries a- bcul the piospects for civil avia- lion agieemenls embodying Ihs principle o: regulated compelition. It has signed 18 such pacts, bul need more to complele its world air service program. Statement of Condition of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Hope, Arkansas At the Close of Business on September 30, 1946 ^ RESOURCES Loans Cotton Acceptances Furniture and Fixtures Other Assets Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Bonds and Securities U. S. Government Bonds . Cash and Sight Exchange TOTAL.. LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits Reserved for Taxes Deposits TOTAL Officers and Directors LLOYD SPENCER. President W. KENDALL LEMLEY, Vice-President SYD McMATH, Cashier GENIE CHAMBERLAIN, Assistanl Cashier ..$ 368,740.97 31,279.71 .. ' 1.00 283.08 6,000.00 .. 168,553.56 ... 3,469,712.51 805,325.60 ...$4,849,896.43 .$ 100.000.00 . 100000.00 . 129,829.14 16,748.83 . 4,503,318.46 ..$4,849,896.43 N. P. O'NEAL E. P. STEWART JAS. R. HENRY $5,000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor . MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ^Wednesday, October 2, 1946 HOP1 STAR, HOP E/ A R K A N S A S " Tttiw Social and P< ana rertona Phone 768 Betwran 9 *. m, and 4 p. m, I Social Calendar ^Thursday, October 3 Hope Chapter No. 320 O.E.S. will hold its regular meeting Thursday night at eight o'clock at the Masojiic Hall. All members are urged to attend. Friday, October 4 The Rose Garden Club will meet Solution for Meat Situation Is Sought By WILLIAM T. PEACOCK Warhington, Oct. 2 — DOROTHY DIX Foolish Divorcee DEAR MISS DIX: I am a divorcee, aged 31 years. Have Iwo sons 10 and 0 years old. Two years ago I mcl a bachelor who professed lo fall in love wilh me and told rno thai we would b^ married, but every time I mention it lie puts ii off. Says he docs not want lo leave some relatives with whom he has lived all of his lite, He asks me to wail for M'li to leave town, as II will b*> ve Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock at | administration was reported cast- the homo of Mrs. N. P. O'Neal i'lg about today for some means of on South Hcrvey Street with Mrs. -H. O. Kyler and Mrs. J. L. Rod- Oycrs as associate hostesses. Prescott District Nurses Meeting Tuesday Night The Prescott District Nurses Association held its regular monthly meeting at the Duchannan Clinic in Prescott Tuesday night. Dr. A. C. Thompson of Gu'rdon was guest speaker for the evening. Following the program the following officers were elected; President, Mrs. O. W. Mills, Vice-pros, »"iident, Mrs. Pat .lackson, Secretary "Treasurer, Mrs. Maybellc McLc- morc. Those attending from Hope were; Mrs. Elmer Murph, Miss Irene Kason and Mrs. Vivian Jackson. Coming and Going Miss Lucille Rugijles will leave today for Hot Springs lo resume treatment at the Leo ts r . Lcvi Mos- pital after a delightful vacation trip to Tennessee. Kentucky and ^Illinois, with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Rugfilos and other members cf the family. Personal Mention Friends of Master Michael Jones son of Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Jones of Mineral Springs will be pleased lo know he is reported as doing easing the meal shortage, but :i ready solution appeared in sight. Aides of top policy-making officials told reporters they thought theic was litt'c chance ihc government would take either of two vtcps which Agriculture Department authorities described as the only apparent ones :'orin creasing supplies. These arc (11 easing of controls and mishit; prices in order to encourage marketing of cattle and hogs, or (2) government requisitioning of moat animals from farms. A third possible step was suggested earl'er this week by Secretary of Agriculture Clinton P. Anderson. He said the government might find it ncccsvary 10 seize livestock arriving at markets. .Experts said ihis might lead to better distribution of available meat but would net increase total supplies. and Joss him Ihat he loves me enough, or hn would give up his distant rcl.il.ivos for me. Another thing is thai he isn'l friendly lo my children. Please advise me as lo what I Ti,n embarassing for him. I lo casH vcry muchl but l clon ' 1 f ^ should do. UNCERTAIN Answer: I don'l sec what's certain about this man. He un- has what lo do, I don'l want lo ruin his life. ALICE ANSWER: Your losing your lasle for Ihe boy 1 is simply due lo your growing up and gelling more mal- urc. Sevenlecn-ycar-old love is jusl calf love and il rarely lasls. As for Ihe boy lo whom you are engaged, II is a queslion of whose life is Ihc more important. If he is such a poor, weak creature that he can't control himself, he isn't wor th sacrificing yourself in the vain attempt lo reform him. My earnest advice lo you is nol lo marry a drunkard. Daughter of Britain's War Minister Has Difficulty Time Making a Movie By JOHN MCKNIGHT "So 1 say shown his hand plainly. He is one of the deadbcat lovers whose .it- tcntions are without intentions, and he hasn't the slightest notion of ever marrying you. lie enjoys your society. He probably likes a milk and water love affair, but that is as far as he goes. As for his tying himself down with a roadymadc family and assuming the support and education of a couple of step-sons, absolute ly nothing dc.ing. And if you have any regard for your future. you will have nothing more lo do with him. Old ErDugh To Know Better They say we learn by experience but apparently women never do, DEAR DOROTHY DIX: My mo- thor is so domineering that she is robbing me of all happiness and ruining my life. I have tried by every method I could Ihink of lo make her sec what an injuslice she is doing me, but it leaves her still thinking thai she has Ihc right to rule my every action. What is the solution lo this problem? V ANSWER: You cannot change a (For Hal Boyle) Rome, Oct. 2 — (/!')to him, 'I love you dearly'." The willowy girl in the long blue velvet dress piit the tips of her slender fingers together and laughed. When she laughed, her green eyes laughed too. "And what docs he answer? I don't Know. Because he answers me in Italian." The girl was Sarah Churchill. 30-year-old daughter of Britain's wartime prime minister, a WAAF for five years and 'now back at her chosen career as an actress. She was talking about the movie she is making in Rome— "Danicle Uortis," t>a;)od on the 19th century novel by Antonio Fogazzaro — in which she plays the iemininc lead opposite the Italian stage star Vittorio Gassman. Miss Chin chill speaks no Italian. Gassmann speaks no English. On the set, she delivers her lines in precise .carefully enunciated Eng- ^»iio vr JL^IY. j-uu \,iuiijui uocioKi: " i: u u i i • • TJ i' t>- domineering malhcr because she is sh ' he 'peaks us in Italian Snu-c alwavs nnrfpf-tlv rpH.iin lh.it shn t lerc Wl11 be both Italian and fcng- always perfectly certain that she knows best aboul evcrylhing, and lhal she has a right lo Ireal you as if you were an imbecile child. 1 do nol Ihink lhal anyone has lhc righl lo enslave another, and I .hink you will be justified in leaving home in order to find freedom. especially about men. Hero yeu Statistical evidence of ihc short- ! are a woman of 31, who certainly age came in an Agriculture Depart- '. is old enough to have some com- niccly following appendicitis operation at (lie City Hospital in Nashville. He has been returned lo his home in-Mineral Springs. rnont report that federally-inspected slaughterers produced dO.OOO,- 000 pounds of meat last ••••cek. This was only 27 percent of the 292.000,000 pounds listed ."or the comparable week of last year. White House attention io problem was indicated by Rep. Spcricc (D-Kyi. He told newsmen after a talk with President Truman yesterday that he "gathered the impression" the government might "take some rcinedial action." But Spencc declined lo say what that action might be. mon sense. Y'ou have had one unhappy marriage and it should have taught you lo be wary and look with suspicicion upon any man who came a-courting you. But you fall for a philanderer who just Does Yoicr Bach Gel Tired? A will relieve back- fatigue—give you restful posture. MRS. RUTH DOZ1ER 216S. Hervey Phone 942-J On the political front: Senator Capchart (R-Indl CHARUS DRAKE IOIS COlllft SIR KUMAM A Return Favorite Goddord - Meliartd reports reaching him indicated that "the people of Arnerida aro up ,'n arms over the shortage of meat and are rk'hlly blaming the administration." "It is Ihe result of administration and OPA bungling," Capcharl added to a reporter. He said Ihat to his mind the meat, shortage had removed any question that there will be a "Rc- publilan =wecp" in the November congressional elections. On thi other side, Senator Lucas (D-I11) said in a separate interview that he did not believe tho moat shortage would be a political 'factor. •-.'% "Meat is short but nobody that I know of is hungry or starving," ho said. Lucaj is chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. He predicted the Democrats will retain Senate conlrrl, perhaps ^ : ''k tip seals, and will hold t House. • ''' '--..H The Illinois seniiicir also predicted the me;(t .shortage will, soon be gin lo case. H/j said western cat- I'pnien Inve boon holding back their cattle, hoping for removal of price control, but arc coming to " "uint now wnerc they must sell hem. in Denver, however, William B. Vright, president of ihe American National Livestock .Association, de- licd that range cattle producers ire wilholriiiiK their animals. Wright, in a letter to Rep. Merer (R-Masst, said the stockmen •egard the meal situation as "ex- )loitation of the American, consumer for po.litical expedience and manilestaiion of communism in Hivnrtrrl continuation of war-lime conlrols." ivleat rind politics mixed on the ••|i-i->s of the White House, meanwhile, when Chester Bowles, for- iii-r economic stablixcr and OPA chief, told reporters after a talk with Mr. Truman: He predicted that "after the elec- ions we will get lots of meat.' ' tno , talks vaguely about getting married some day, and who puts you off and changes Ihc subjccl when you try lo force him lo name Ihc wedding day. The dumbest Dora should have been wiser than thai. And surely he has lipped you off as to how he will trcal your children if you arc successful in inveigling him lo Ihc alter. Then there would be another divorce because .said you couldn't stand to see your childen mistreated. There is no use in telling you ncl lo marry this man because he doesn't intend to marry you, but don't waste any more time on him. Dear Miss Dix: 1 am 17 years old and am engaged la a boy" with whom I thought I was in ' love. Dul now il seems that my affection for him is fading away, or something. A lot rf other boys are asking me for dates and l' would like to step out with thorn and have fun, but I don'l feel I should do it as long as I am wearing mv fiancee's ring. I would break off wilh Ihis boy except that every lime we have a quarrel he goes on a spree. He used to be a drunkard before I slnrlcd going wilh him and he says that if I break up with him he will go back to drinking and will never have any confidence in himself, or try to live decently. I am very upset over all of Ihis and would like your advice on (Released by The Bell Syndicale, Inc.5 versions of the flicker, Miss Churchill's voice will be dubbed in the former, passman's and the rest of lhc casl iii Ihe laltor. It is easy to see lhal lhc silualion makes for complicalions. And hew did Ihe English girl happen to be in Ilaly for this picture with- an otherwise all-Italian cast? Director Mario Soldati — who doubles on the set as intcrprclcr for his :;tar — answered: "I tested 27 Italian actresses for his part. None would do. This parlj s a complicated, twisted, tortured voman, a strong woman, a tragic voman. We don't have women like hal in Ilaly — nol aclrcsses, any- ,vay. Oh, one or Iwo, maybe, on he slage. But if they have the abil- ty they don't have the face. "One day I dropped in at an Italian producer's place and saw some tcsls. There was one girl — she was badly pholographad — bul [ said, 'That's the one.' I didn't rcnow who she was. She turned out lo be Miss Churchill. "They will say, of course, that I picked her because she is Winston Churchill's daughter, because her nam° will help the piclure. Bul il would have been Ihc same if she had been Sarah Smith." Mis.j Churchill say? she docs like the part. (It is lhal of Elena, baioness of Santa Giulin, cousin and childhood swcethearl of politician statesman Daniels Cor'is. The Iwo meet again after 10 years' Reparation when both have married other;-. Their struggle against Jurors Named for October Court Term List of Pelil Jurors lo serve al the October term of Ihe Hcmpslead Circuil Courl on Ihc 7 day of Ocl- ober, 1946 follow: Oliver Rider, Jake Bcckworlh. Jerry Turner, B. R. Hamm, T. L. Brinl, A. G. (Buck) Martin, Jim D'odson, Oscar Grccnburg, J. P. Byers, J. W. Frith, Sam Ingram, A. W. Cobb (Paul) A. E. Stoncquist, Sherman Cox. E<i Alkinson, J. C. (Bud) Porlerfield. T. H. Bullcr, Claude O'Sleen, Sid Burke, A. M. Hulscy, W. E. Loc, Phillip Ward, Floyd Wortham, ZJ). Webb, Jr. Alternate Jurors: F. T. Railey, W. D. Gathrighl, Arthur Holland, Sidney Ward, Charles Maxley, A. W. Mclver, Joe Porlerfield, Wilbur Williams, J. S. Crane. the passion and her final renunciation so Corlis may pursue his political destinies unhindered make the plot of the book.) "I have nol had much movie work — most-of my experience has bsci on the stage," she says. "My besl parls were in "Spring Meeting" and "He Found a Star.''' both made in the early days of Ihe wrn\ tout thev weren't r»a'lv very pr><%^. This is Ihe bcsl roll I have had." Miss Churchill, wno served ir the British forces from 1941 until December 19415 and accompanied her father lo Yalta and Tehran, has precise, patrician :"ealures and heavy, dusky blonde hair. In pic- lures, she looks like Vivian Leigh. In the flesh ?hc strikingly resembles her tall, handsome mother. She said she cxpecled to be in Ilaly to play a smaller part in another picture. With both teams on the rebounc Coaches Dilciy and Tollett this week are putting the Bobcats through some tough workouts and neither feel too good about Hope's chances against Jonesboro's Golden Hurricanes at Jonesboro Friday i night. Although losing by a large score to Little Rock, seeded the state's top team, reports from .Jonesboro indicated the Hurricanes looked Blylheville, Oct. 1. —(UP)—Gov. considerably improved. They came | Ben Laney will .. be a guest of The Doctor Says: BY WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Accidents now exceed disease, in many age groups, as a cause of death. Ways and means of preventing accidents should now claim Ihe attention of health authorities no less than do vaccines and serums. Dr. F. Dunbar and his associates n studying for emotional disturb- mccs palicnls suffering wilfi var- ous diseases, used a group of frac .ure palicnls as a conlrol. They earned that patients who had sustained injuries had more nearly lormal emotional conlrol lhan did ndividuals in disease groups: but .hey learned, too, lhal the accident viclims had certain oulslandin'g personality trails in common. Nearly 75 per cent of the frac- lure palicnls had had Iwo or more serious accidenls, while loss lhan 10 per ccnl of the sick pal- icnls had ever been hurt. The frac- lurc group had a low illness rale. Haste Brings Injury Thc typical fracture patient was free of neurotic tendencies, but he was inclined to be ovcractive and restless. He also lended to make quick, definile decisions and lo be self-confident. He was generally considered a good fellow. Accidenls occurred in individuals with Ihis type of personality when their feelings were aroused or when pressure from authority became loo great. When they were asked lo work overtime or on holidays, they apparently boiled over internally.—and hurt themselves as Ihe result. Thai accidenls do not just happen is well known to sludenls of Ihis problem. Some drivers read Iraffic rules and regulations and lo Iheir fellow drivers in such a way Ihat accidenls q.re bound lo occur. Good drivers, when caughl in a traffic jam, relax and wait for Ihings lo unravel or lo be told what to do; the impulsive fellows lake mailers in Iheir own hands, and frequcnlly injure Ihemselves and olhers. Home Is Danger Center . Home injuries still are the mosl Lcmey, McClellan Honor Guests at ,, Cotton Contest '. •» ;l t. • * t ' Sen Franei-neOf -Oct. 1 —<UP) i — The American legion renewed its fight with Getr. •Omar'Bradlejr and the Veterans Administration today, charging that the Va"'brbke faith*' with veterans by sponsoring a bill putting.a ceiling on job training for ex-Gl's. , The charge was made at the open* ing sessions of the legion's 28lh national convention yesterday by Na- who only last February patched Up a peace with. Bradley when the two disagreed over VA policy toward veterans. Stcele's speech added intcresjTto Bradley's appearance before the legion convention tomorrow. Bradley was expected to deny the charges. through re-education. QUESTION: Where may I re ccive radon treatment? ANSWER:. Physicaians expert in its use employ radon in the treatment of various diseases, including cancer and overgrowths of lymph* oid tissue. Radon is the gas which is given off by radium in breaking down, and it has'the same prop erties as has' the radium salt itself. about three months, and expects important cause cf disability and 250 Cotton Bales Ginned in Hempstead A government census report shows thai 250 bales of collon have been ginned in Hempslcad counlv up lo September 16 as compared wilh 27 bales in the same period in 1945, according to George Wylie, special agent. Legeon Renews Fight Against Genera! BracHey out of the scrap and will hold nothing back when lliey engage Ihe Bobcals. Also a couple of regulars who failed to slarl against Little Rock are expected to bo ready Friday night. Dopcsturb- rate the teams about even and weights will run aboul Ihc same. All indicalions poinl lo a lough baltle. Meanwhile, with the Cats away, Ihe Yerger's Tigers, winner of (.heir opening game against Camden lasl week, will play Texarkana on Ihe Bobcat field Thursday night. One side r.C the field has been reserved for white fans. honor next Thursday at the national collon picking conlcst, il was announced here today. With Lanqy will be U. S. Sen. John L. McClsllan, of Arkansas, and Oscar Johnston, Scotl, Miss., president of the National Collon Council. The council and the Elytheville Junior Chamber of Commerce are co-sponsors of the contest, which is expected to attract over 200 pickers trying for cash prizes of .V2.500. death in the accidenl group. Many of us do things at ' home thai we would not dare to do in public. Family argumenls are often followed by someone's slubbing his tee or really gelling hurl. Emolional disturbances are the underlying factor in many diseases, such as peptic ulcer, mucous colitis, and high blood pressure, and individuals who suffer with these conditions often have Ihe same type of personality. That this is Irue also of accidcnl-prone persons is a clue lo accident prevention Have .Your ions Filled at PATRIOTIC INTERLUDE Hollywood, Oct. 2 —- (J¥)— Movie strikers and police w;re tussling when a band of AFL pickets marched by, carrying an American The officers jumped to allenlion, saluted. .e o * PERCY MARKS © by Percy Marks: Distributed by NEA Service, Inc Aulhor ol "The Plastic Ape" "A Tree Grown Straight" Etc. THE STORY: Gaylc, daughter of a college professor, has just become engaged to handsome Bruce Bnrtk'tt, fan-mils athlete and scion r.f wealth. Visiting his home und parents for the first time, she . is frightened by the splendor in which they live. There is to be a ball and Lucilc, the personal maid at- U'ndin.i; her during her stay, insists on doing her hair and makeup. IX When Gaylc stood looking al herself in the long mirror, il was hard had never looked so well — never, to believe whnl she saw — she She was a lall girl with long, smooth lines. Around her slender throat was her greatest treasure, a string of small, graduated pearls her uncle Nathan, Nate's father, had given her on her eighteenth birth-day, and on her riyhl hand she wore a ring with a single pink ! pearl, a present from Nate. The After the colors had passed, thu bodice of her gown was snug, and affray continued. the tiny sleeves were lilllc puffs of 1 net. The skirt broke awav from her waisl, as'Lucilu had said, like loam, and the silver rose partly a bove the waist and partly below it seemed to emphasize Ihe break. Under the net, the silver leaves OreomulEion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel Eerm laden phlegm, and, aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to haye your money back. for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis shone softly. Lucilc stood back to study the total effect. "Lovely", she sighed, "just lo.vcly. You wear clothes so well, Miss Kent, and your gown is a dream. You musl have a very fine couturicrc. She knows jusl what becomes you best." "I have," said Gaylc, . laughinjj She looked down al Mrs. Barllcll and Mrs. Barllcll looked al her, each smiling a lillle, each secretly estimating the olhcr, Gaylc nolic- cd that Mrs. Bart]ctt was almost overpowering in her regal beauty. She was wearing a chiffon gowii, flame colored, with a diamond buckle at her waisl. II was low cul in front, and a diamond lavalicre, as large as the palm of Gayle's hand, sparkled above her bodice. "Isn't she perfect, Mother?" Bart demanded impatiently, determined thai his beloved should have Ihc praise he thought she merited. 'Isn't she a dream?' His mother smiled al him and said indulgently, "As if you were in a condition to judge." She lifted her bare arm in a gesture of welcome to Gayle. "Come, my dear. Bruce musln'l keep you posing there on the stairway any longer." And as Gayle came closer, she added, "Your gown becomes you grcally. Now, come. Thc dinner guests are here and we arc having cocktails." Thirly sal down lo dinner, a few from Philadelphia, most of Ihcm from neighboring cslalcs. Meeting them was an ordeal, especially since Gayle felt sure all of Ihcm knew already of her engagement lo Barl. She was being looked over; of that she had no doubt. These people were wondering if she belonged, and as the minutes passed, she grew increasingly sure thai she'did not. The long table was a skinning composition of lace —c— in her happiness, "and she ought and flowers, silver and crystal. It tu know; she's studied me for was all as she had read it was in years." She smiled proudly at Lu- stories of the very rich. There were a strange variety of wines, many, many, courses — and the silent Melbourne, Ocl. 2 —f/P> — Eslcr Lee Bylcr, one of :avc persons originally charged wilh :ursl degree murder in tho slaying of .Tz-ird county Sheriff J. Lawrence Harbcr lasl Dec. '\, was acquitted by :t circuit court jury hero .lasl night. Shortly after receiving vhe caso al 3:07 p. m. ihc jury announced it was unable to reach a verdicl, bul aflor i'urlhor deliberation reported the acquittal at 10:15 p. m. Esler Lee's illiterate mountaineer husband, Hubert, lias been senlenccd to death "or tho shotgun killing, which occurred at the Bylcr home seven miles west of Melbourne. Ester Lee v.'as tried as an alleged accomplice. Bylcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bylcr, and a sister, Mrs. Alfa Young, already had been freed of murder charges in conncclion with the sheriffs death. Prosecuting Attorney Harold Simpson asked the jury lo convict. Ester Lee h"i thu death penalty was not sought. Former snonff's Deputy Austin Tosh testified Hubert's v.'ifc snapped a gun at his bark but that il failed to fire. Ester Lee, the only cieic.'nsc witness, denied thio, asserting that Tosh fled tho scene clurini; the :Cisht. Tosh was with sheriff Harbcr the day of Ihs shooting, they wont to .he Bylcr home io arrest Rubcrt jn a chock charge. Ester Lee and Byler 1'lod to Ihc mountains and eluded a posse of I officers and citi/.cns about two i nomhs before they surrendered all Balcsvillc Feb. 3. cilc. "1 made this dress." "No! You couldn't have!" 'Yes, 1 did. I make all my dresses." "Miss Kent! Bul you are wonderful. Believe me, 1 do nol give false compliments. Almost, every day I see the most expensive gowns from the best shops, and 1 have never seen one more beautiful than yours. Wait until Mr. Bruce sees you." "I'm beginning to want him to. myself," Gayle admitted. Company, Long Island City. N. Y. Franchisee! Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Texarkana The praise kept her buoyed up until she reached the head of the great marble stairway. Then she hesitated. She took a slow stop downward, then anuther, then another, each slower than the last. Several more slow steps brought she footed blank-faced footmen moved with ghostly efficiency. Thc ball was beller. Afler the first half hour il seemed like any other formal ball. There were a- boul a hundred couples, and Ihe music, which was furnished by a famous "name" band, was superb. She was a good dancer and knew she was, and lo move wilh arl in pel-fed rhylhm was as always a kind of swimming happiness lhal made her almost weak. She felt as if she were floating in a dream, and when he would tighten his arms and bend his head until his cheek touched her, no thought remained wilh her — nothing but a blur of emotion. When he left her at her bedroom door after kissing her again her around a turn, and then saw Bart waiting for her at the lool ol Ihe stairs. He looked very handsome in his dress suil and Gayle almost lcr?y>t her fear in a moment of adorali"ii. Then Bart looked up and saw her. His e-ycs seemed to sparkle. ' child, anc! to Gayle her gentle skifl they were .suddenly so full of liyhl, i was like a balm on her tired nerv- and his lips parted as he stared. | (:s . Once in bed, she smiled up at Then he cried excitedly. "Uon't Lueile. "Tha move. Guyli.!. Stay right where you are. lluii'i move. I'll Ix* right back." He dashed away to reappear a min and again and again, she entered the room dazed with love and wcaii- ness. 11 was a shock lo find Lueile waiting. She undressed Gayle and put her lo bed almost as if she were a ute later wilh his mother beside " Ubi r'iently. Gayle had wailed. one hand resting uu Ihe baluslrade. marble oh yes, will you wake me at niiu in the morning? I have an engagement with Mr. Bartlett." "Yes. Miss Kent. Good night." "Good night, Lueile. And thanks Jje, Couliuucd; YOU NEED WiQRE THAN BVE FINGERS to relievo dry-sculp itching. You npod thn real liclp of MoroHnc IliiirTrmic. It aids natural rak; helps lo rrmovo (Inndlliff (lakes. have purchased the and invite my friends and former customers to visit us. C. Russd CRESCENT'S Follow .your doctor's prescription exactly, as to amount and'frequen- cy of dosage. Some times even a.slight variation can lessen the ] patient's chances for rapid recovery. &'• •ii. Phone 600 FLYING COWS Seattle, Get. 1 --(/P,i--That ditty about Iho cow Ihat jumped over the noon doesn't seem so :"ai--fetched lowadays — the eows actually are taking to the air. Two of the animals will lake off n an airlines plane ioni{jhi, en ;oute to a ealtle sale in Chicago. They'll slop al Denver :.'or y.iilking. Three oilier dairy cows will nake an eiuht-houi- .flight in Ala-<a tomoirow in a eo.iverted arniv DC-3. AUTO PROP Chicago, Oet. 1 —-i.'l'i -An automobile crashed into the basement of Cornelius Ippel's ni.'ine : ; n sub urban Harvey and he ^ay.i h- doesn't wanl Ihe owner in i-envive il fi'i 1 fear lhc huusv w:H : r :tll down. Miss Margaret K. Haryilt r.l- temotci! io a\-uiil hitiinj; a .i:otijr eyclisl an.I the ear eanii' tu re.st hallway into lppi:l'.s basement. Il broke ihe ;j;is iPiiiii: ilie V.'atiT main; :-:r..i:-ln'd 111; 1 -'urnaeo. -lan:- a^?cl lhc . t; t'\\'ei'. mu\'i:d Ihe )iou.-;i:''> liuind' IHHI ijii 1 . .-', I'l". 1 ;:n;i .:-iu\ir.ted the cinly l-'i'np l:i;i; kcpl tin; liousi; Jriim li'pplin.^. .Ijipel saif! Ihe eai" ean be re inn\-c-'l :f A I:.-:- Marsjit m-'s house j .movers In raise Ihe houac und build.!] ;i ne\v J'uuiiuUili.jii. tnis veiry moment tke way you look may l>e tke way,you'll stay in someone's t memory COSMETICS Tli« romantic appeal oi lovely Ain cannot be uaacrcstiinatea ,,, j achieve it through proper cleanjinj 1 '' an J niglit care. After cleansing -with Cream of Roses, pat on Cream Dcliglit 2... ! rciiiovc «urplu| before Alorning . '.vaili wltli J,ooond:.oo Lotion... rcjult. .pctal-frcsli beauty! : 5 oni 150 75 and I 75 FEDEX*!. TAX OT'S 'We Outfit the Family'

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