Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1946
Page 4
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Graham, Prescott, Ark. 28-3t Lost Pai ir Enough By Weitbrook Pegltr Ccpyrtflht, 1&48 By King Featufei Syndlettk. New York, Sept. 30 — If you will permit me 1 will take a cut In the matter of a big. new biography of the late Louis D. Brnndeis, by Alpheus Thomas Mason, a professor of politics at Princeton, because I see b;- .he reviews that it runs to SPORTS ROUNDUP New York, Oct. 1 —UP)— The Boston Red Sox will keep In trim :'or the world series by playing an _ , . _ . T Arnerlcnn league All-Stars. . . If I. Earner.l research by Ernest Latv Anyway, I't's Plenty you can judge by the inter-league all-star affair last summer, the Cards and Dodgers might do better by forgetting their playoff and combining their forces in hopes of assembling one veam give the .Reel Sockers merit. that an would argu- Thc Bums, without Pete ^v;cia u« 13,. riLiati lull >vuut.l I Cith, mo i ii_ i >i j , i for AAA "Program. Alfalfa seed, ? 13 P. a 8", an ? that " is almost too Mixed Vetch, Pure Hairy Vetch l fo '' micla . b e f ? r . general readers SPP F M. Mp\vniinm« snnri stnri. (whose interest in Brandeis is not See E. M. McWilliams Seed Store. ', | insatible, as mine certainly ain't. __^ ' 11 have already read one such eu- ONE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC !'°gy. done by Alfred Lief, in 1936, broiler battery. Starts and fin-' ancl incidental acquaintance ishes 250 chicks. Carl Bruner. (with Brandeis, cultivated or, I 1015 East Third St. 28-6t I might better say, incurred, in inci- (dental contacts, has created an ONE FOUR FOOT GAS ELECTRO- opinion of which I am rather fond, lux in A-l condition. Paul Dudney, I that he was a poseur and a strut- 17 JEWEL BULOVA WATCH WITH black bond at Sootball game Fiiday night Return to Wanda , Spears. 116 North Walnut St. or i Z- call 701-J. • 30-3t Washington, Arkansas. 28-31 IDEAL LOCATION FOR TOUR- ist Court. Five acres, two small modern houses. Mile east on 67. 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C. 489 -or 984, l-3t GOOD FIVE ROOM HOUSE, 2 mice corner lots, garage and other out buildings, Price $3500. C. E. Cassidy, phone 489 or 984 Ark. Bank Bldg. i-3t GOOD FOUR ROOM HOUSE, barn and chicken house. Eight ' lots, gas, water, lights. $2,200 - Easy terms C. E. Cassidy, phone ( 489 cr 984. Ark. Bank Bldg. l-3t there or at Snvker Hotel. 28-3' ter in a role ot lofty humility. As Benjamin Stolberg so nicely described Albert Einstein, Brandeis had an "instinct for modestly backing into the limelight" and if he were up for confirmation for the supreme court today I should give serious consideration to vhe reasons why those who opposed him He did have his moments, how- and tress. Apply 405 Edgewocd. Phone 897-W. Mrs. Fred Robertson. .„-„,.,,, , T ,. .-,--,- CE -!did, instead of casting them into ment blocks Immediate delivery. I hell and stoking the fire with their 4i\] ID. roofing, green, Have a ' ~ few hard to get items. Will buy sell or trade anything. Come out and see what can be built i , • with cement blocks. K. Wilson ' f. ve , r ' • Dand ,,"• was ln ? ne , of t hes ! No. 4 highway. Columbus and''Hi at 'Brandeis opposed vhe closed Washington roads. 1-Gl ? hop ™ ln these woi ' ds . clted i' rom _ Mr. Masons study: "I think there SIMMONS BABY BED AND MAT- is no man or body of men whose ^ ' ... _ . 'character will stand absolute power and I should no more thinK of giving absolute power to unions than I should of giving to capital monopoly power." This is about the same thought that Hattoh Sumners, of Dallas, the chairman of the judiciary committee of the House of Representatives, now retiring from Congress in a modd that I judge to be disgust, expressed to me one afternoon early in the war. A subcommittee of the judiciary had just finished a hearing in which it was established that some of the foul- lest racketeers in our nation were Texas j profiteering in the war construction Reiser, hardly look as if they could it and, the way the Cards have ly, they don't bc- series cither. hittin} , long in a world lo the baseball historian, fails prove conclusively wnolhi'i 1 or not Dob Fellt-v broke Rube Waddell's strikeout record. Krnic went throufih the sporting life 'ilr> and hit a AiKiiro of H>I7 whil'finRs 'or First Game of National Loop port-season spectacle of the Cardinals and' the imd^t'i.! trying on \he National Li.-ajiiu 1 crown'lur si/.e is expected lo draw the biggest crowd of the year to Sportsman's Park. The weatherman offered an assist -'--a promise of real baseball weather, with bright skies ;ind the >em- porature around 'ifi or above.% Cardinal .fan;: me .lighting ;'or a chance to soo their Dr. ,IeKyl-Mr. Hyde ddi'lings in nciion. Rube in 1904. Cliff Kachlim- By STAN MOCKLEH Limi::, Mo., Ocl. Evangelistic Preach Here on Wednesday,] Dr. M. F. Ham, n nnlivn of Louisville*, KciUucUy, anrl widely They watchcfl thr Oiirdj couquiT traveled 6vnnjjeli:;t, will npponr ill Ilic thinl pliu'o Cluciiyu Cubs ;incl' Hopo City Hal! Wednesday, October the iu;cl;-!incl-nc'C'k Doclncrs all sea- ''• spenUini,' at 2:.')0 p,m: and 8 p.m. son to hold a M-.'l mark over ouch. . . . Wonder if Mahatmn Rickey saw this playoff coming when he prom ised to buy new automobiles '"or all the Dodgers? The gate should pay for the cars with something left over to buy gas xor Branch's new cruiser. Sporting News came up with vhe i{l o l'J! P ,'.'.. Uu ',?'', Louis Ciirdimils nor same total but the :'igurcs :!oi some games weren't vhe same. . Other researchers made it 348 I (Allen Lewis i, ;)4!) .Toe .Reicnleri. and 351 (Leonard Getlelson. The recoid book Mgurc, evidently fixed by George Morclnnd, is 343. Take your choice. Answer Collect One-Mliii/ci; oports Page Looks as if tlie University of Miami is bidding for a place ;n ihe big nine. Tlie Florida Hurricanes are dickering :for a homc-and-home Brooklyn Dodgers cockiness ns they prepared meet today in the' first nostsc.ison pennant playoff in history. ntul Card Manager Krldic .Dyer' v-rankly I admitted he expected Vhe playoff lo go the full Ihrec Annies. ' j Dyer said his pitching choice Cor j today's opener would mil be made I His afternoon subject will" be ,„, Tlial was when the lioys \vero plnv- "The Vfilestine Crisis nri<] World — (UPu_ h n( , .t e )<yll. ' War II in the Light i.J Bible prop. n t M H , - nnp ..... ¥ ..| „,.,, ,.'licsy." and al li p.m. ho will talk Munved , any \ ™ ,' 1 '." ™ an •.'Whon . Iho nloms Burst and The day after Georgia's :'oolball I football series with Notre Dame ... trimmed Clemson, .Frank Howard, i the next eouplo of years and -.ilso Light Workouts on Schedule in Southwest By.The Associated Press t Neither Arkansas nor Texas Christian plan to do much heavy (program by operating shakedowns contact work this week as they ' - 1 rmy and Navy cam P s and :lir prepare for their Southwest Confer- eqce engagement i-.t Fort Worth .shop, under (he patronage ar.rf pro- Saturday. tection of the Roosevelt govern- Both teams were roughed UD con- ment - siderably last Saturday as the Ra- , E , lcctt ^ cians , hnand !^ cen ,e ou S ed . ^ ti.^7 r>i-iov,««, A t i>,r ' as m "ch as 3300 ior "initiation" tied Oklahoma A. & M. (into a union whose predatory in- and TCU nosed out Baylor. The Porkers went through a light workout at Fayetteville yesterday, Clemson coach, received a uost- card from nearby Anderson, S'. C., asking.: "Dear Mr, Howard: Do you know where Clemson can get a football coach?". . . Frank didn't have to look beyond Saturday's scores for a reply. . . he wrote: "Suggest you try Wallace Wade of Duke or Carl Snavely of the University of Carolina." . . . Duke was upset by North Carolina State and equally-favored Carolina was held to a tic by Virginia Tech. have been in touch with Purdue, Indiana and Iowa. . Season's best nickname: The University of Texas "B" team is called the "Shorthorns." The varsity, of course, carries the "Longhorn" tag. until just before same-time, when dropped iheir dismally ^giii'-.-t. ihe cellar dwelling Now York Giants and the other second division :'lot- sam and against the Cubs in the pinch. H was up one day and down the next. The Cards backed into this over- Howie Pollol. tlie onlv 20- game lil110 winner in ,lu> Nntinnnl Leasiue, Musi 1 ' 11 " 1 tried a few warm-up pilches and' liocl all-ini):orUmt .v'nen vinal vhpv e to the Cubs while the Brooks, fo1 ' fil 'sl. failed to knock off can toll if a pulled musel-; in Misl tno Boston Braves. It was Ihis sit- icU shoulder — his throwim; .s'noul ""I""" that prompted the plaintive der — - will permit him to mirl. If I'eimirk of a standee in the ]on» not, .little Murry Dick.;on. u viglii I ticket line at the ball park. luinder with a 1-16 record, 'will] "You'd think," he sighed, "that I both Ihe Cards and Hie Bums were 'afr.-iiri t,, nir,,. n,., D ..... ••„.... "itch. -"•Ralph Branca. the World is on .Fire." Dr. Ham, whose evangelistic work has carried over 200,000 miles by air aloiu- and fivr limes around lh( ;t)obe, is hoard over 21 radio sta- lions each Sunday at 7:30 n. m. He is now on a swinging tour of the nation which will terminate December B. The public is invited to hear his message.-, at both scr- ,1 vices six-lo(,t.tnree- was P>odj;er' botli the Bums and Card;; had been doing all afternoon. terests came before those of the nation. Carpenters, house - painters and picK-and-shovel men had been HOME SITES AND SMALL FARMS \ Located, one and one-half miles , Patmos road (to be blacktopped) t? "With"gas and electricity available-.^ •.. -'_••• .. ••- •'•; •.••• ', l.-"HOME SITES. OF 2 ACRES , and^up across .the road from 1 Hope Country Club. 2. 60 ACRES . WITH 5 ROOM ( house with porch, large barn, fine year round stock water,' good stand lespeideza and grass partly fenced. $3,500.00. 3. 60 ACRES WITH'4 ROOM house, fine orchard and truck land on south slope or hill, partly fenced. $2,250 001 ALSO — NJEAR COLUMBUS, ARKANSAS • on graveled rc;ad— 280 acres of pasture land and black land— ?15 per .payment acre —$1000.00 required. down JUST NORTH OF HOPE ON GRA- yeled road— 280 acres of pasture t land. $3,500 00. FOSTER-ELLIS, ,108 E. SECOND JPhone 221, !. 3t reviewing their mistakes against | r °t>bed by the same process and Oklahoma A. & M. and getting a. no defender of this disgusting sys- peak at the Horned Frogs' offcn-i. lem nad the gall to suggest that sive style. End Herman Styles, I tne brigands were promoting the hurt in the Aggie game, and Back ' nr " lrnfi " "*• ^"^ :u " -i:,.!,*,,..* Howard Hughes, injured in the Northwest Louisiana game, were not in uniform and may be xinable to see action against the Frogs. .At- Fort Worth, Coach Dutch Meyer shifted Pete Stout, 202- pound wingback, to laillback to iill in- for the injured Dave 'Bloxom Blocking Back Tom Bishop is hampered by a hip injury, while Ouard John Polzin and Back Wayne Roberts have been declared scholastically ineligible. Porkers Get Revenge Over Oklahoma • By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Writer There was a striking bit of :'rony ''n the University of Arkansas' 2121 tic with Oklahoma A. & M. last Saluiday — a sort of "turn about's fair play," you might say. Year after year — especially in the late thirties — we've seen -,he Razorbacks outgain their :'oes, yet lose to them. Somewhere .-.ilong ihe route the Redshirts must have learned that points, not first downs or yards, decide :?ootball games And, at Fort Smith in 1943, ihe Porkers gained at will, piling up something like 500 yards to a comparatively negligible total for an Oklahoma Aggie team made up entirely of freshmen. But A. & M won, 19-12. N _ Many^members of^that 1943 Ag~ Fenimore Atlanta, Dallas Open Dixie Series Tonight Atlanta, Oct. 1 —f/P) The The f.'.-u-Ginals were rated in bct- ung odds announced by Jimmy Carroll, St. Louis hcttine commissioner, as' 13-to-20 favorites io win I the s'orie's. Now .York bookmakers i favored St. 'Louis in todav'.; fame ..at odds of 8 tO'5. | Dyor' apparently made his nn-- diction of a thrrc-^ame sr-rios on Mho stroiiRth of.his confidotiff -:n i Harry .Brecheen. the spasmied left v I .•first; who won the on);- game tho Cards' Dixie Series since 1942 gets under-, look from the Ccibs in tin- .SOTOII |«.-av hoi-u tonight between ihe At- '• closing Ihree-gam'e series ''Brofh lanla Crackers of the Southern As- con probably ^^•iII start' fie second sociation ;md the Texas League's playoff snmie, .scheduled i'or Brook- Dallas Rebels. jlyn O n Thursday. Atlanta won a ninth-inning. 2-1 i 1'lurlcrs notwilhstaviding, the victory over the Memphis Chicks i here last night in the seventh and [ ~ " deciding game of the Southern's haughnessy playoff. Dallas lias been hanging around i'or several days waiting for the weather-do-j laved series to be compete-* j Probable pitchers arc Shelby NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF N(EW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 _AVENUE B RROCERV — ,- v or had the slightest obligation to the public. Indeed, Roosevelt's supreme court, in a decision a few months ago; 1 held that although they did steal all the money, that was a matter of no public interest.".but a private affair of each of the thousands of filthy little local rackets implicated in the predatory whole. and Neil Armstrong, were back to taste Saturday's bitter tie -— obviously a "moral victory" and sweet revenge ionffthe Razorbacks. Have Your Kinney for the Crackers and Hank Oana for the Rebels. The teams wui play two games here and return to Dallas for resumption of the seven-game series Last night's Southern Hnescore- Memphis 000 000 100—1 8 1 Atlanta 100 000 001—2 7 1 Willis and Chozen, McNair <7>Ayers and Mathis. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Few think fortunate. women look the way they do which is they very "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. No doubt the Monday morning quarterbacks still can't understand how Arkansas got a draw in-spite of the fact that it made only one .first down- to the Aggies' :>1. But first downs are not good measur- he would be afraid to possess ihe powers that the Roosevelt government had knovyingly placed in the Elsewhere in the Southwes-f Con- :hands1of nolori °"s rascals without 'rf>nr>» tnHai/ f.na/,v,n^ „!,.„" i—i i some legal responsibility. This, vnu ference today their troubles. coaches Texas is working seriously for its 8 M., expected to give the mighty Longnorns their first rigid test. No major injuries were reported by the Steers following their rout of Colorado. Southern Methodist Coach Malty Bell fears that four i'irst stringers will be:unable to face tough Texas Tech Saturday night. They are Ends Harold Clark and Grady Martin, Guard Eric Lipke and Center Loyd Baxter. Trying to recover from a rugged '/-/ tie with 'iempie, the Ponies had a light drill yesterday. Hardest work of the week ;s on deck at Texas A. & M. _ , , -- — .... which (meets Oklahoma, the team that . - , --- -..-,. nearly upset Army, at Norman Sat- i an ' 1 . se t»e their own arguments, urday. The Aggies were badly Sub3ect to no interference by the bruised in their 6-0 loss to Texas sta "v • PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smah • ANDERSON BROS, • William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES .'.Plscharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service Tech last week, but Coach Homer Norton plans to pull no punches in practice as he attempts to flnd the JTianpQwer., capable, of crashing through 'the Sooner's sturdy forward wall. . Baylor reported ihe loss of veteran Back Kit Kittrell, who resigned because he felt he wasn't getting to play enough, The Bears are resting this week, having an opening date Saturday and two weeks in which to ready themselves for a duel with Arkansas Oct. 12. The Rice Owls' first eleven had yesterday off to recuperate :'rom a 7-b defeat at the hands of Louisiana State but reserves went through a full scrimmage in preparation for their tilt with Southwestern. No major injuries occurred in the LSU battle. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver 'Plenty of Parking Space" HALL'S Hatters HUGH f. HALL, Owner 309 N. Ff rguion Phone 76 ing sticks for grid strength. For -n» « iHStonCG, 'A. &L M madp nhnnt «iv M.!^ L J m Jl e 'l s ,^ I , c M hat d ^ that :irst downs in one of Its scoring drives of between GO and 70 yards. Arkansas covered an equal distance in one play in making its last touchdown. Touchdown olays do not count as first downs oven "if .they are good for 99 yards. " The Arkansas performance Saturday, when its scores came on lightning thrusts of 43, 30 and 03 yards, made good at least one of ihis department's pre-season 'ore- dictions. We said the Razorbacks had a "sudden death" offense 'lust as likely to score from far out as from the enemy's one-yard line. "Red" Davis, U. of A. publicity man, says the Razorbacks' good physical condition played a big part in the outcome. l 'Our boys were in .superb condition and Coach Barnhill outsmarted the Aggies' Jim LookabauKh in using reserves," Davis reports. Condition is likely to play an even bigger role at Fort Worth next Saturday when the Porkers tangle with Texas Christian. It's usually plenty hot down Texas way this' time of year and Arkansas has lost more than a few games at Fort Worth simply because it was worn out in the final periods, while vhe Texans, accustomed to their own weather, kept going. an evil. Mr. Sumners had just left a hearing in which it had been shown that egen "accountability" for union funds, a reform often | prayed for by the unintelligent, would do iio good because, -to comply wilh that restriction, a vhief would only have to report that he stole it au, giving ligui-es in aeian. That would be an accounting. Mr. Stolberg, a sludent of the union movement and an authority on its history, personalities and laults, sees the early Brandeis as an anarchist who revealed himself in a plan whereby the manufacturers and workers in the clothing industry would run their own show This is an interesting view which would include within its scope John L. Lewis and other mighty men Who now possess more power than industry and, in occasional moments of alarm over industry's weakness, have offered to underwrite industry with union money and thus become employers of their own subjects. The scheme of labor - management pushed by the is committees i . ..._ . ' Thercn Roberts, a reserve thus far, is likely to break into the starting lineup for the Razorbacks this week. His performance against „. .- .-.- an approach to vhe same objective but stops a hair-line snort of financial responsibility in the management of industry. That step further would require them vo pledge union funds to support industry and meet their own demands. Knowing that these demands often are ruinous, ihe union politicians generously yield these problems to the sole responsibility ol the directors and stock-holders In my conflicts of opinion with those who approve the closed shop I seem to have failed to emphasize enough the fact that we have created a monopolistic power and have glorified men, posing as leaders of labor, who are actually abor s masters. Indeed they have become masters of the community and its subdivisions as we have ? ee n in thousands of strikes during the war and since. It is impossible to imagine any group of ship- owners or truck operators tying up the port of New York or the commerce of the city as unions have d p. n . e m recent weeks or a public utility shutting off the electrical power as a union did in Pittsburgh WM n e ; k -Jlf W u and public ^Pinion would forbid but neither .'orce -'s effective against the arbitrary decision ot a few men commanding a union and the workers, themselves, are as weak as the public ol which they are a part. I find rnen of apparent good will and conscience taking the side of rascals merely because they will not examine their mistakes and give intelligent consideration to ihe realities. Even members of the clergy, supporting the closed shop pay tribute to the character of pi«- tistical church-going tyrants when they should understand that such men are not representatives of lab9r but bosses, irresponsible to their subjects and ruthless ;n vheir brutality to the faceless man. If such citizens, including clergy, Presume to enter this dispute at A v ;, , ' - Al '° W ° rk ' the A « gies was one of lhe ' • • • - turned in by a Porker guard. But Roberts, a farm youth :'rom Texarkana. insi.'ts he has no love for football. After the Aggie game he was asked: "Which would you rather do — play football or plow?" Without hesitation "Plow." o— ho replied: Minor League BASEBALL RESULTS By The Associated Press International League American Association Louisville of the American Association defeated Montreal of the In ternational League 15 lo '3 to take the lead in the Little World Scries, two games to one. Play will be re sumed tomorrow (Wednesday) in Montreal. Southern Association Texas League: In the seventh and deciding game of the Southern Association's Shaughnessy finals, Atlanta defeat ed Memphis 21 and qualil'yed to meet Dallas of the Texas League tonight (Tuesday .in ihe first re sumption of the Dixie Series since 1942. First two series games will be in Atlanla. 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Main and be prepared to yield the protection of their official dignity. For I will not deny myself the right to accuse them of failure in their own responsibility. In the presence of notorious and dangerous conditions the moral leader has a duly to admonish his spiritual proteges .instead of which we find too many of them trying to justify oppression by their friends merely be- i . ., __ • "•••• "••u-'ui.c U i. o'vjj ujf uacu inenas mt let tnem come in old clothes J cause they go to church. Silver and Gold Nail Heads All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H. W, Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark Phone 407-J YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co. 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Rettig of the airport • Flight Instructions • Rides • Charter Trips HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Agent- for SCAT Airline See Us For For Purchase of Homes In Hope. ' '•'• " Ti ''i 4% Interest — 20 Years to Pay INSURANCE Our Companies Give You Complete Protection Plus 20'.r Return Dividend on the Cost, of Your Insurance. fire Tornado Casually Automobile Foster-Ellis Real Estate & Insurance 108 East Second Phone 221 PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS /'Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like ROW • New guarantee If you are interested in buving a piapo call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A. WINTER PREPARE YOUR CAR For Winter Driving BEFORE winter comes is the time to prepare your car for the hard driving ahead. Our special winterizing service will protect your car throughout the winter. Our Motto is "Satisfied Customers" HEFNER NASH CO. 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 in 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on your egr, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you wanf the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cash. Ask for Mr. Me laity, at Hope Auto Co. I Tuesday, October 1, HOPE. STAR, HOP*, ARKANSAS ' By Chick Younq By Ray (Sotto / §* C WAKE > vou've (.GOT TO 7 SIGN / ^ MAH ONLV CHANCE ANYBODY HOME? )_ '. REGISTERED MAIL ALL THE PONY EXPRESS HAD TO CONTEND WITH WAS INDIANS ]- y ~VB, Bv Muriel O'Mollev fc Rnlnt, Lone SIDE GLANCES ': [3 remembered that I had promised a certain little girl the biggest ice cream soda in town. By Galbroith CARNIVAL GOLLV, MR, FLINT, By Dick Turner MIS GUY FLINT MUST BE QUITE A 'CAN WE SK ' V^CRIME PICTURE ? CAN'T t TELL THEM LAD. THE MURDERER HAD A REGULAR THAT CRIME \ VOUNS LAffV, ARSENAL AND WAS HOLDING TWO GIRLS PICTURE AT THE 1 WOULD VOU ASK A GET A LOAD OF THIS/ *TR)PL| KIUIN6 1H MANSION. MIUIONAIRE AS HOSTAGES. FLINT OI56UI5ED HIMSELF PALACE? IT'S /POSTMAN TOGO NOTHING DOING. FINISH YOUR SODA, MAPLE, AND WE'LL TAKE IN A MOVIE. AS THE GUY'S GATEMAN AND WALKED V^RISHT IN ON HIM. .. YOU'RE TOO Y HE MIGHT MODEST. WHY (HOT LIKE BEING SHOULDN'T r TELLA SURPRISED. HIM YOU'RE VIC -k I DON'T. WASH TUBES HERE TO SEE IF VOU . 1HNE.HWIE PICTURES BUT EVERYONE KNOW ELI WiOCHO WSONE..I CANNOT TELL. COULD BE...Y HOW ABOUt CM IDENTIFY THE MEN WHO SOLD THOSE/ OP ELI JAOCHO AND BUT THE (AEN I SEE IN TUCSON LOOK. 4THE OTHER ONE- LIKE THES HfWE NOT SHfWE FOR ft VEftR/RINGO WEEP? THIr SILVER BARS WITH MR.ORION'S MESSAGE / 7WO OTHER ESCAPED NO... IT WftS NOT HE / HKMA! CONVICTS WHO ARE STILL MISSING .ABOUT THE OTHER. TWO'. 1 \ LONG. SHARP NOSE, HIGH PITCHED MOICE DONALD DUCK By VYajt uisi?ey : ' COPK. 19W BY NEA SERVICE. IHC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT/OFF. 1 -" COPR. 1946 BY NC* SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. .•"Don't brag to your father that- I made this dress i'or "Personally I'd be just as happy if Ihe boss's__\vifc didn't "-' "" you, Dorothy--- he miglit gel the idea I'll never want lo buy any more, things ready-made !' "" have any more babies! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIFNDS FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcraer TO SHOW YOU ALLEY OOP Bv V. T. Hnmlin ,IF Y'WANTARJ LIKE A WOMAN, TAKE TH' AX- AN' HERE'S PlVE >O WITH Thimble Theater AHOV, OLIVE, A GLASS OF LAFTISJ' WATER.'.' ONCE'T YA TASTES IT VA'LL MEVEP. FI2OWM AG'IM By Edgar Martin " , I -SUPPOSE <50 >. WE OttVV \=VV IM.THt SUCK ft «\O\CISVOU=,\-X VOW COUIWV GO OVS TWE. I'M. Km t rmutti Siroliuh. lix . Wo,!,! ..il HERt, VOE SHOUX.O QUVCE Pi TWc oirr OUR WAY By J. R. Williamo OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople CAESAR/ X \T BEFORE I DOM'T CARE WHAT OTHER FELLERS DOW'T HAFTA DO--VOU STAY RIGHT HERE TILL, CbEAM'PA FALLS ASLEEP AMD TAKE THAT CIGAR OUT OF HIS- MOUTH.' WUUT MlSTAH S MrX3OR CO/VMNJ' UP \MlF- NOVJ Z-^^t GOT THAT STAV\PEDlSi v LIKE HIT HIM REO RYDER Bv Fred Harmart OF COURSE THERE'L BE COfAPLAlNTS &UT WELL THE.^. . 1 1 CUT M3U IN FOR A HALF-IN1ERE6T IK (AT HALL J*!M*£"£&w. i! - v i 1 ;' ,A ( 'v W "'''^'-t^^vl^ ''•>i.v!/, "/ BOBM THIETV YEARS TOO SOOM

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