Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 30, 1946
Page 5
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.»^»M»«»™»^MW«W«««»W»^ 1 ** WW ^ 9 '** WI>Wr " MOM! STAR,~HQPr!, ARKANSAS Mnmfdy, Sp CLASSIFIED 'Of Words Up to 15 .... 16'to 20... 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 3d 36 to 40 41 to 45 46 tcS 50 Rates Ads Must fie In Office Day Before Publication Ofle Three Six . One® Day .45 .60 .73 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 are Ddysi flays Month .90 1.50 4.50 1.20 2.00 6.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 13.50 5.00 15.00 1.50 •1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 for Continuous Insertions Only c,Want Ads Cash in Advance Legal Notice Cost of publication to the taxpayers of this notice in this paper (.4 times) is $28.75. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 40 Proposed by Petitton of the People POPULAR NAME OF AMENDMENT •'Not Taken Over the Phone INCREASING PURPOSES AND Fair Enough By WeJtbfook Pegle* Copyright, 1946 By Klnfl Feature* Syndicate* For Rent JMILLAGE FOR MUNICIPAL 1M- IPROVEMENT BONDS. BALLOT TITLE A PROPOSED CONSTITUTION- New York, Sept. 20 —In his letter with n time-ruse to President rru man, tinted July 23 and publisned in mid-September, Henry Wallace proposed that "we try to learn why the United States distrusts Rus- An honest man would not have had to put the question for the answer was made by Josef Stalin NEW MODERN 5 ROOM HOUSE 1AL AMENDMENT TO ADD THE j himself when he predicted ,in a to responsible couple. Call 113-J. PURCHASE, DEVELOPMENT spe ech to American Communists, & 30-3t AND IMPROVEMENT OF PUB- „ t«ri w,, MOV TTnctmnn. nur own Notice FOR STUD, REGISTERED pbintef, 2 years, Doctor Blue Will- tng, Seaview Rex, Ch. Village Graham, Prescott, Ark. AND IMPROVEMENT OF PUBLIC RECREATION CENTERS (INCLUDING THE CONSTRUCTION | siTTn"the" United "states at a" mo- OF DAMS FOR LAKES) TO THE PURPOSES FOR WHICH MUNICIPAL IMPROVEMENT BONDS MAY BE ISSUED H | AMENDMENT NUMBER THIR 08.3; I TEEN TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS cited by Max Eastman, our own backslid bolo, a revolutionary cri sis in the United Slates at a mo ment "not far off" which would be „„_ the beginning of the end of world BVAUr,?? Capitalism, and conjured these UNDER I American traitors to prepare to Lost (AND TO INCREASE THE SPE- JCIAL TAX TO PROVIDE FOR THE PAYMENT OF BONDS IS- 17 JEWEL BULOVA WATCH WITH SUED THEREUNDER FROM .Wit band, at football game FIVE MILLS TO EIGHT MILLS to W: call 701-J. ni"ht Return to Wanda JON THE DOLLAR, IN ADDITION jfiends are 116 North Walnut St. or TOTHE LEGAL RATE_PERMIT- £s country to prepare take advantage oi' the crisis. Wallace maintains relations with the American Stalinists, no longer correctly to be described as Communists, comparable to those between Major Quisling, of Norway, , 11.. ^T__:_ « •„ Stalinist ?ndly to v.-as to and the Nazis. Henry's •more fr Hitler SPORTS ROUNDUP •It In* I. fiBwto* Jr.- New York, Sept. 30 —WV— Exclusive, if true land the guy from whom we got the story claims it is true, though he agrees all concerned will deny it.i . . . The story is that just after Ho McMillin's Indiana team won the West crn Conference football title last fall, he was approached by .Kentucky, which was trying hard to in augiirate a comeback ... Bo met Kentucky officials at the home of his old friend, Baseball Commissioner Happy Chandler and after considerable dickering, signed a $15,000 a year contract. It was contingent, of course, upon his gelling a release from Indiana and Bo couldn't get it so the whole thing was dropped ... "I know the story is true," says the informant, "because the university was to pay $10,000 of Bo's salary and the alumni were to make up the other 5,000. I was one of the alumni putting the bee on the other guys for the $5,000.' Taken Up 30-3t;TED TO BE LEVIED BY MUNICIPALITIES ON THE REAL AND TAKEN" UP. YOUNG MARE COLT. " Owner may have same by paying for feed and upkeep. Ulyeses Jululdrow. Hope, Rt. 4. Box 167-A. oU"ot For Sale GENUINE ABRUZZI RYE CER- tified seed, White Dutch clover, seed oats, Austrian Winter Peas, for AAA Program, Alfalfa seed, Mixed Vetch, -Pure Hairy Vetch, ' See E-. M. McWilliams Seed Store. 24-3w PERSONAL TAXABLE ERTY THEREIN. AMENDMENT PROP- Quisling's Norway. Quisling believed in National Socialism at least to the extent that Wallace admires Stalinism. In fair..... __________ . ness and hcnesty, those who admire BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEO- Wallace should concede that Quisl Another One In addition to the Charley Trippi vs Bob Fenimore duel on the field, the Georgia-Oklahoma Ag- gies game Oct. 19 will warm up one of the hottest of current :!oof- Oall coaching feuds ... It started during the preliminaries io the Chicago All-Star game when Georgia's Wally Butts was disagram ming one of his pet pass plays . . . Jim Lokabaugh, .the Aggies' out- spoken conch, remarked: "H won't work." . . , .They continued to ex- cnani'P words .it intervals until the posl-kamo party, when 'iin ctml Wully to wrestle . . . The maller Nulls, n HOIK! boxer and wtTstlcr durini? his collpi.c days. and I.ookabaigh "Well, what you hesitated manded: waiting on?" . . . Butts Just give me time to get a hide bet down on myself." Porkers Settle Down to Work for TCU Game Fayettovillo, Sept. 30 — (/l'i Killed, witlt much 'leodcil self ''on fidrni'f 1 [IN n ri-snll of thf'r :'.\-'>.\ tic- with OklahoirTTi A. & M., UK: Tox-as University's mighty Long•101 n?. who followed up Ihoir -12- rom|) over Missouri with an oasy viol of Colorado Saturday, bumps into the Oklahoma Aggies' gallop at Austin in an Interspclinnal <HIP| which may .show Jusl how strong HIP Htcf-rs really arc. And Texas A. & M., upset 0-11 at the naiid.-; ni Texas Tech Saturday, will tangle with Oklahoma Univrr sily, wore on short Clvdo Scott, which Navy returnee' to 'Arkansas this year, broke through for a HO-yard touchdown in thf third period. Ihe ,,„,,,, ., went ahead again late in the'.'inal quarter with .lop Thomas, r-'onimoro's understudy, goinj! 17 'yards. • V Arkansas 'final score was n halv- Less ihan a minute- nftur si. 1 an? !ast week, a mighty in another lop attraction at Nor At Kansas lia/nnutcks md:iy hegan jnian. ror.clviug ihrinsolvi?s :'nr 'ihi-ir , Snulhoni Mothodi.sl, which fought , i South west All In The Family Since Harold England, prep baskelballcr. nifty :'roni Adolph Hupp's home town of Halstead, Kans., wasn't surprising that ho i'avorcd the Kentucky cage coach over Kansas' I'hog Allnn and the Oklahoma Aggies' Hank Iba, who also wanted him . . . But after a few days at Lexington, Ky., liar- old became homesick :!or '.Kansas and decided to change schools opener versitv at fort Worth day. ("Miances are the wp?k will bp a full one for the Ucd and White, fur oue uniig, wuaeh Jonn Xiarn- uoys will be i'iglilinj* against which game Army's "dream ||he third Aggie imichdown. Aubrey ' Fowler pitched a migh'.y neave io Scott, who galhei'cd II in and 'eft the field behind him on a play good for fl:i yards. Fowler kicked all of the Porkers' extra points, while Neil Arm (.'onfeiTiu'i' football I a 7-7 deadlock with Temple hist Texas Christian Uni- 1 Kriday night, returns In Dallas 'iO ' iexl ;3atur-1 try its hand against Tech, and Uice's Owls, 7-(i loser io Louisiana State University in their season op-jiier, catches a breather in little .'Southwestern at Houston 'oat- be idle a letdown following their .sensational draw with iho Aggie?, wno had won 20 straight inlorcolle-fjiale games until )a.-:l oaturday and Arkansas came along Secondly, although th'.' Razorbacks matched the Aggies point for nrday night, l.laylor Ihis week 'io prepare :'or :'ls .invasion of Poi'kerland the followinp weekend. Arkansas' "moral victory" at StiUwater last SalurJay iruly was of me story book variety. 'Undaunt- . . vo ins andt point, there was much u> DC sired in their offense—oc in Pi de- re n er oenso— - - . „ :,,-,f\ heller limiiiL' And in 'ilie mrpirod K j" 1 ^Utc i n »»t- 'MH . M g:ii | 1( , d ., P • Al -'» a -" ........ -------- -.- « , Adolph turned England over brother. Capt. Henry Rupp. , i Henry drove him right.... to ,>hc| Jcnsc v jjs « o^uU> ^ «, u^ ^ „ ed by the Aggies' past record and wid'.-ly publicized might, the badly -r hlock- . outweighed Ra/orbacks fought an battle. They were out.,, t , vprv .„,,„' . Uld misho(| all over the field in the first half, strong got the Aggies' three. As long as the United Stales con trols the space above, it not be on the receiving end atom bombs and cannot be defeated in war. — Dr. James Trapier Lowe, Wai* Department air intelligence specialist. Kansas U. campus . . . When theyl^- « arrived, Mrs. Elizabeth Rupp Law- -'tiia son. sifter of Adolph they came back to score each time PLE OF THE STATE KANSAS THAT THE OF AR-ling deserved, not death and his- FOLLOW- 1 toric disgrace, but xmderstanding. , ING BE ADOPTED AS AN I Failing to, they indict their own --- ------- '" AMENDMENT TO TUTION: That Amendment No. 13 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, adopted Ocober 5, 1926. be amended to read as follows: ARTICLE -XVI, Section 1. Neither the State nov any city, county, town or other municipality in this lend its credit whatever; nor ITS CONSTI-j Henry. The United States and the State, shall ever for any purpose _____ __ shall any county, city, town or ONE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC , municipality ever issue any inter- broiler battery. Starts and fin- est-bearing evidences of indebted---- - • ~ nes, except such bonds as may be authorized by law to provide for and secure the payment of the in- ishes 250 chicks. Carl Bruner, 1015 East Third St. 28-6t ONE FOUR FOOT GAS ELECTRO- lux in A-l condition. Paul Dudney, Washington, Arkansas. 28-3t IDEAL LOCATION FOR TOUR : ist Court. Five acres, two small 'modern houses. Mile east on 67. Near overpass. Owner, Mrs. Coo" per, there or at Snyker Hotel. 28-3? A BOSTROMS FARM LEVEL #2, Mrs. Clyde Hill, phone 427-W after 6 p.m. 28-3t Services Offered ESTIMATES ON VENETIAN * Blinds, wood or metal, also awn- 'ings, Write Riley Cooper, 1909 '-West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 2G-lm ; Wanted to Buy -BATHROOM COMMODE AND . 'lavatory, must.be in good con. dition. Phone 438-J. Charles Rader. 27-3t U. S. S. R. established relations on the basis of an admission .that Russia, up to that time, had interfered in the internal affairs of this 'nation. The Communist party here had operated that conspiracy. If the testimony of former members of the party, including Benjamin Gitlow, who had been Earl Browder's predecessor as chief conspirator, were insufficient to prove the case, the formal admission of the Russian government that it was all true quiets the last doubt. That admission is found in the Russian include ally Adolph. Football Results All America Conference League Leaders By The Associated Press is the only conference game carded for this week, but plenty of i'irc- works are coming up. Cleveland 24 ;New York 1 ?. Chicago 24 ;San Francisco 7. Los Angeles 21; Buffalo 21 (tie) National League ' Chicago Bears 30: Green Bay 7. Brooklyn, 89. Philadelphia ?.5; Los Angeles 14. Runs batted National Lcaque Batting — Musial. St. 367; Mize, New York. .337. Runs — Musial, St. Louis. 121; Slaughter, St. Louis, and Slanky, Pittsburgh 14;. Washington 14 (tie). American League Scranton 0: Wilmington 0. Long Island 7; Newark 3. Bethlehem 30; Paterson 14 (exhibition). -., . *. , , .. c t iu I i llaaiun JS j.ULiuv-1 -in me -L v uiJ^ in 11 debtedness existing at the time of | government - s so i emn but worthless, fhtt nrtrtTifinvi nf +V»« f'nr, ot i ttttmr, f\f & . - .... adoption of the Constitution of 1874, and the State shall never issue any interest bearing treasury pledge to stop it. Nevertheless, in August 1935, the State Department had to protest warrants or scrip." u Rncci-i "ncninot thp npHviHps Provided that cities of the first mV 5"f ns ' a : ni l°l™en ce in the ' and second class may issue by and • mvol ^ ng - ? ntelf . er .ence_ m .the with the consent of a majority of the qualified electors of said municipality voting on the question at an election held for the purpose, bonds in sums and for the purposes approved by such majority at such election as follows: For; the payment of any indebtedness existing at the time of the adoption of this amendment for even , the purchase of rights of way for- 1 construction of public streets, alleys and boulevards within Vne ( corporate limits of such municipal- j above limitations internal affairs of the United States, which took place in Russia in con nection with the seventh all-world Congress of the Communist international." "In view of the plain language of the pledge," contained in the agreement of recognition, "It is directed toward overthrowing the poliical or social order of ihe United States," Mr. Hull wrote. And, he pointed out, Russia couldn't disown responsibility "for its authority within its territorial limits is supreme and its power to control the acts and utterances cf reorganizations and individuaJs within those limits is absolute." Never, terminated but, at best, suspended, these treacheries were resumed during the Hitler-Stalin Slaughter, 31. Louis. 128: Walker. Brooklyn. 116. Hits — Musial, St. Louis. 22U; \VuuM_-r, BioOKiyn, lb4. Double? — Musial, 3t. Louis, 'lii; Holmes, Boston. 33. Triples —Musial. St. Louis .19; Reese. Brooklyn, and Cavarrctta, Chicago. 10. Home runs — Kincr, Pittsburgh. 23: Mizc, New York ,22. Stolen bases — Reiser. Brooklyn, 35; Hans. Cincinnati. Hits — Pesky, Boston, 20!i; Vernon, WasninElon, 207. ! Doubles — Spence. Washington, Louis. 140; Vernon. 'Washington, •'}<. I Tripl?:- •— Kdwards. Cleveland, 16; Lewis, Washington. 1'2. 'Home runs — Groenberg, troit, 14; William:;. Boston. ::it.' Stolen base? — Case. Cleveland. 29. Stirnwcis:;. :\'?w Vork. 17 . Filching — Kerriss, Boston, Jo-G- .KOfi; Gumpert. New York, 1K{- .780. De- NOTICE PfCTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY Pitching — Rowc. Philadelphia, I 11-4-.733; Dickson, St. Louis, 146- , .700. not nossib'e f or the Soviet govern- war in which Hitler divided Poland ment to disclaim its obligation to (with Stalin and gave Russia activities in its^erriory of the rate of ity; for the construction of, widen- 1 taxation shall not apply to bonds ing or straightening of streets, alleys and boulevards within the corporate limits of such municipality: or the purchase, development and improvement of public parks, pubic recreation centers (including the construction of dams for lakes), Help Wanted MIDDLE-AGED COLORED WO- man for housework. Apply in person, 916 South Elm. 27-31 h AN EXPERIENCED MAID. .815 week. Apply in person, 506 North Washington. '•3t Baseball Scores By The Associated Press National League Chicago 8; St. Louis 3. Boston 4; Brooklyn 0. New-York 3: Philadelphia 1. Cincinnati 1-3; Pittsburgh 0-2. American League Washington 7; Boston 0." Cleveland 4; Detroit 1. New York 3-2; Philadelphia 01 St. Louis 8; Chicago 7. ssued by any municipality for the purpose of acquiring, purchasing, ixtending, improving, enlarging, iuilding, or construction of water works and light plants, but the levy of the saecial tax of eight mills and flying fields within or without located either the corporate Ul lllf sucuiai Lcl.v ui ci 5 MV jim.s noi'il lTrm,o»oi- authorized bv this amendment Pf'' 1 - nowever, having been exhausted, or the bal-l tacked wns <= Baltic Republics. The American Stalinists sabotaged the American industrial and armament program fnd if Mr. Wallace is unaware xhat they did he wll find angry acknowledgement of the fact in the 3l atoment of F. D. Roosevelt, when Roosevelt sent the army to disperse ) ,surrectionists at an r.irplan fa'-torv at Inglewood, Cal. During the period of Russia's after Hitler at- the' interforence ic;-.^ C-eague Battinc — Veninn. Washington. .353; Williams, Boston, .342. .Runs — Williams, Boston, 142; Pesky, Boston. 115. Runs batted in — Grcenberg, Detroit. 127; Williams, Boston, 123. Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. Have Your Discharge Ether was first qsed in a surgical operation in 1842 by Dr! Craw- iord Williamson Long, ''*•'• > -I-* 1 '- •**- ' -t able 1 - and. Quick '• PLUMBING SERVICE • ; PHONE 933 NO Job Too Large or Too Smart • ANDERSON BROS. • imits of such municipality; for the construction of sewers and comfort stations; for the purchase of lire fighting apparatus and fire alarm systems; for the purchase of street cleaning apparatus; for the purchase of sites for, construction of, and equipment of city halls, auditoriums, prisons, libraries, hospitals, . public abbatoirs, incinerators or garbage disposal plants; for buildings for the housing of fire fighting apparatus; for the construction of viaducts and bridges; and for the purpose of purchasing, extending, improving, enlarging building, or construction of water works or light plants and distribution systefrjs therefor. No. bonds issued under the thority of this amendment shal bear a greater rate of interest than six per rent per annum payable either annually or semi-annually; that is to say, the cost to the municipality for interest and discount, on each issue of bonds shall not exceed six per cent per annum, and no bonds issued under the authority of this amendment shall ever be sold except at public sale after twenty days advertisement in some newspaper, having a bona 'ide. circulation in the municipality issuing' -such bonds. In order to provde for the payment of the bonds issued under the provisions of this amendment, and interest thereon, a special tax, not to exceed eight mills on the dollar in addition to the legal rate permitted, may be levied by municipalities on the real and personal taxable property therein. And anv William R, Herndon Photographer . First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service municipality issuing any bopds shall, before or at the time of doing so, levy a direct tax payable annually not exceeding the amount limited as above, sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as the time matures, and also sufficient to pay and discharge the principal of all such bonds at their respective maturities; provided, that the MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana ance umevied being insufficient to posed bonds, said municipality for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of such water works and light plant bonds, may, as far as required, levy and collect a special tax, in addition to the rate allo.wed by this amendment of not to exceed five mills on the dollar. Said bonds shall be serial, maturing annually after three years from date of issue, and shall be paid off as they mature, and no 'bonds issued under the authority of this amendment shall be issued for a longer period than thirty-five years. No municipality shall ever grant financial aid toward the constructor! of railroads or other private enterprises operated by any person, firm or corporation, and no money raised under the provisions of this amendment by taxation or by sale of bonds for a specific purpose shall ever be used for any other or different purpose. It shall be the duty of the mayor and city council or other governing body established by law, to exercised supervision over the sale of any bonds, whiqh may be voted by the people at an election held for that purpose and they shall expend economically the funds so provided for the specified purposes for which they were voted. Said election shall be held at such times as the city council may designate by ordinance, which ordinance shall specifically state the purpose for whch the bonds are to be issued, and if for more than one purpose, provision shall be made in said ordinance for balloting on each separate purpose; which ordinance shall state the sum total of the issue, the dates was suspended but solely in the interest of Stalin's new empire. C.I.O. unions, in which the Salinist power is stronger than in those of the A.F. of L.. even went to the point of scabbing strikes in war industries,- for Russia's sake. But when Hitler fell, a French Stalinist issued a. statement amounting to'a decree repudiating the xomporary and expedient policy of cooperating with the capitalist economy of the United States and repudiating browder who then was expelled in favor of William Z. Foster. So cynical and impudent were ihe world conspirators under Stalin's direc tion that they chose a traitor to France to issue orders to the American traitors who promptly obeyed. They now support Wallace. Wallace asked Mr. Truman "how would it look to us.if Russia had he atomic bomb and we did :iot, ;! Russia liad 10,000-mile bombers and air bases within 1;OQO miles o our coast and we did not?" Those who believe that Wallace is an honest man must answei whether he knows or believes tha Russia hasn't the secret of the atomic bomb or is not within reach of this knowledge. Stalin himself within a week, has said that oxclu sive possession of the bomb canno last long. Wallace must know vha his own following includes person would exert themselves to delive it to Russia. Their colleagues ir Canada did. Again, how dies h know what bombers Stalin has o can produce within the -time \ha of maturity thereof and shall fix the date of election so that it shall not occur earlier than thirty days after the passage of said ordi- would be allowed him to anticipat war with the slow-moving U.S.A. And to the last part of nis question the answer is that Russia is we' within 1,000 miles of Alaska an has been flying over American tei ritorv in a manner to justify ou shooting down her planes on th precedent established by Stalii nance. Said election shall be held I mrougiv Tiio, in the mu.'der o TEN FINGERS ARE NOT ENOUGH to relievo dry itchy scalp, but you can got reul relief with Morolino Hair Tonic. Helps remove loosedaiidruff flakes. MOR3LINE HAIR TONIC "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laurali Phone 303 Howard l-amb, Owner for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE ley St 220 So, Walnut Hope, Ark. 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Ftrgvwi Phpn«7$ and conducted, and the vote there-J American soldiers in Yugoslavia ot canvassed, and the result there-1 The United States "disruss of declared under the law and in I Russia on all experience down to tne manner now or hereafter pro- now, but most of all on the ground vided for municipal elections, so -•« "-- " — <-- -• far as the same may be applicable, except as herein otherwise provided. Notice of said election shall be given by the mayor by advertisement weekly for at least four times, in some newspaper published in said municipality ana having a bona fide circulation therein; the last publication to be not less than ten days prior to the date of said election. Qualified voters of said munici- COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main pality only shall have a right to vote al said elections. The result of said election shall be proclaimed by the mayor and the result as proclaimed shall be conclusive unless attacked in the courts within thirty days after the date of such proclamation. This amendment shall not repeal or affect any law relating to the organization of improvement districts. This amendment shall be in force upon its adoption, and shall not require legislative action to put it into force and effect. All provisions of this amendment shall be treated as mandatory, and all provisions of the Constitution, or amendments thereto -,i conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Initiative peition for the above proposed Constitutional Amendment filed in this office on the 3rd day of July, 1946. Witness my hand and the seal of office on this the 12th day of August, 1948. Sept. 9, 16, 23, C. G. HAJLL, 1940. That brief but ruthlejs conquest of a small neighbor was a warning to the United States of the ugly nature of the Soviet brute. Stalin selected Otto Kuusinen, a notorious Finnish traitor, formally denounced by the Finnish foreign minister as Molotov's 'paid assistant," io b3 nominal lead of a quisling "government" sehind the Russian lines then he '.old the League of Nations that Russia was not at war with Fin- and but was only helping Kusi- nen's "People's Government" to expel the "bandit" government. This is the Russian government :"or which Wallace bespeaks American trust. The American agents of the :new Stalin empire, who 'low surround Wallace find agreeable, reasonable sian territory on the ground ihat the government of the Czar who sold it was not a "People's i;ov- ernment." There are many in Wai lace's adherence today wno would be happy to play Kuusinsn's role in a "People's government" of the United States in a war against ihe elected "zandits" .\or the "liberation" of the people. No honest American need ask why the Americans distrust Stalin. The reasons why they distrusted Hitler all apply, plus the :"act that so many of the stripe of Henry Wallace find agreeable.rea sonable and trustworthy an organization of ' far more dangerous than Silver and Gold Nail Heads All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs, H, W, Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark Phone 407-J Doug pi"TY Carl Bacon \*t \ \ I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wirmg Electrical Repairs Phone 784 PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like ROW • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representarives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. S. A. REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. . Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repair Shop • Body and Fender Shop • Complete Paint Shop Sjcrrttfftf-Blata. %$£% ^^^1°. 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'Monday, Scplcrriber JO, HOPE STAR, HOP ft, ARKANSAS OZARK IKE By Chick Younq By Ray Gotto.- OH, GOODIE.' 1||||||M lICl'LL HAVE A MERE THEY V" ? DCSAKII IT COM6 HOME — 1 ...AND AS SLATER FIELDS THE 3ALLM. ITS SO LONESOME AROUND HERE WITH . ALEXANDER AT SCWOOL AND COOKIE AT KINDERGARTEN > feUTTER SANDWICH. MOM! HE ORAV SOX CATCHER'S THROW T6 SECOND SASE DOU^4CES OFP OZARK'S HEAD INTO CENTER . FIELD... • HELLO, MOM, CAN I HAVE SOMEJELLV BREAD? 02ARKS TRYIN' TO SCORE ' <?sjliUtH*>&tj * •"& nJ(itf I t 'XoilJ tgttl f«tfh«J f * VIC FLINT uy Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane By Galbraith CARNIVAL SIDE GLANCES Dick Turner DON'T Bf BITTER, DEAR.THORN W/ftA BLACKGUARO, BUT STILL WAS THE VICTIM OF A FRAME-UP. VIC FELT THAT ALL ALONG. THAT'S RIGHT, MARCIA. YOUR FATHER WAS ON OUR SIDE. THAT'S HOW I SOT INTO THIS CASE. I HAD TO KILL HIM, GROWL HE HAD A GUN AND TRIED TO USE IT. MY REAL FATHER'S NAME WAS STILL. HE WAS A'MURDERER. THE MAM WHO ADOPTED ME, LASH THORN, ALIAS YORK MELCROFT, WAS A MURDERER AND A THIEF. WHAT DOES THAT MAKE THORN KILLED TWILIGHT AND YOU KILLED THORN. A GOOD :JOB, FLINT. TWO GOOD JOBS. 2n the.next room, Libby Lang was cbmfoTting Garcia Melcroft. I'LL NEVER SET FOOT IN THIS HOUSE AGAIN. I'LL NOT TOUCH ANOTHER PENNY Of THE MELCROFT MONEY, HCOPR.-1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner HOC INDIANS LIVE V OM THIS BARREN fcND.NOW TO LOOKUP (AM FWEND.X MEBB? HE CM HOSTEEN,THE SIWERSMTIUND SEE ) HEIP US SOLME THE ff HE CM IWNTIFH tftESE PICTURES/ RIDDLE OF THIS OLE CWCORRON DESIGN EAS4 fOUND WftSHt AND SV RE^H THE TOP OF M THEY WO WHEN CORflNNH) STOOD HERE IN 154-0! • FEND THWT STNR-J SPANISH hSMNST / VISITORS ML ENEWES WERE SLRIN ftCRE ISLhND IH THE SKV,,, By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK .. C'OPR. 1M6 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RCO. U. S. WT. OFF." - .COPR. 1946 BY NEA SERVICE, INorji M.'RED. U. S. PAT.'OFF.'. "So you fell asleep! You,and Mrs. Roosevelt!"- •)OU KNOW...SPINNING WHEELS, COMB-BACK CHMES ANP SORT OP' THINS.' OH, I WONPER WHACT HE'S BROUGHT "Did you say $47.95? i'.Well, that's the first hat you've bought in a long time that I can't afford to laugh ctl" , THE HOUSE WARNING'S TONIGHT AND IN CASE WANT TO BRING SOMETHING, I'M FURNISHING IN AMERICAN. ANTIQUE! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OKAY, TOOTS,.. I'LL BE THESE! FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberoer To WITNESS THAT NORMA'S A / 'SHE-WOLF ON SCOOTER.' EARLT/ AMERICAN? WAIT YOUR SENTENCE By Carl Anderson ,""„ Bur, NORMA, OH; NUTTY, i PROMISE? DON'T MY MOTHER. I'P. &£ HOME AT IO--30/ .UP,' HONEV CHILE' MOVIE AND BOUGHT ME" , HAMBURGER, ITS "TbUJOUR. CLINCH/ r, Jhc. defense res Is \ n ALLEY OOP By V, T. Hamlin Thimble Theater MEETS THE RIDER t THAT YOU'RE NOT OF THE BLACK • L. ASTRADDLE A .DINOSAUR-- m, DINOSAUR/_ J'A GOOD 1. SPCINK.LIMG OF LAUGH IMG WATER SHOULD REVIVE IT I KIM MOT STAND TO SBE A - TC.EES AEE EVEN MOK.E HELPL.ESK THAN DUMB •TAMIMALS OUR BOARDING HOUSE fO\_V.<5 ft V\Fti KiOV) THEIR OPPORTuKiUV TO SET BU-5V OK> By J. R. William* SWEU. \0tft \ OUT OUR WAY With Major Hoople E&AO. 3A<30rt! YOUR /\RRNM.T/OtfW,MlStAW MKSOR.'gjUIWf EF I is ASTIMELY AS-me ^J/i'LLCONDUCETHIS ^ 1A "^' ltr APPROACH OF THE L>.<3, rW OPERATION CAVALRV DURING A l| OM ACCOUNT I'M MASSACRE ?--~- i^FeTCHlN' SOM& /.£• fAlZ HOOPLE IP YOU'LL 3U6T REPLrXCe \k £OUPME/\T </;; £ GIVES DOT -THESE FEV^ SCREENS \N\TH J : '( HOME TO TOPAZ HERD'S ANOTHER AWOOH-OO/ SOMEBOpy ELSE KETCH IN' ALL TH 1 FISH UNDER. NAY NOSE IS TOUGH, BUT COOKIN' 'EM MY WOSE MAKES ME TOO WEAK. TO FISH.' OH, THAT JUST DRIVES ME ON TO FISH ALL Tt HARDER REWARDED/ w'p^M^v?' aSto^vf & A V x By rred narmcm THE RED ROCK ON WHICH THE 6RWE mPE HIS LAST STAHP PROVES t) &E tHE KfcT 10 THE LOST niNE OPHEf? 1HE ONLY WORP WE COL'IWI READ 1 WAS YOUR lASt HV\£« fMSS ALICE , J'ft 5URE TOU COULP HAME TRAKSLATE.P IriE NOT= TWE.' I'LL &E SHOVING OFF ITS ROUUPUP I'VE GOT PlurtTT OF WORK TO DO CM ROCK" S-PELlEP ****£££ <? "*/ ""toxu^ &22fa£? RECRE/CTIOM TO UABO5.

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