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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, September 30, 1946
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Russian Demands on Turkey Raise Dangerous Issue in International Relations By DEWITT MACKENIE AP foreign Affairs Analyst Russia's rene%ved demand on. Turkey for joint control of the Dardanelles — to the exclusion cF Britain, American and other interest- ett powers — raises another dangerous issue to threaten international relations. Hope Star Star at Hep* .1IM) Jonu«rv II, the Soviet's expanding sphere of influence. And in large degree, John Bull's control of the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East depends upon maintenance of his own sphere of influence in Uiis sta- tegic area. What interest has Uncle Sam in that far-off spot? Well, to sum it up in general and non-explosive i _ _._ : i • _ ,..:J«1,. 't, nlrl 4rt V\Q occ^»f\ Published every weekdoy; afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. I. Palmer, President Alex. H. WaJhburn, Sectetary-Trtaiuf* of the Star buHdlnp 212-214 South Walnut StfB«t. Hope. Ark. _ Alex. H. Wathburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jonej, Managing Editor George W. Hoimer, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Dovli, Advertising Mdhagar Emma G. Thomas, Cashier There are few more delicate si-1 terms, it's widely held to be essen tuations in our strife-torn world | tial for the security of the United than this It is part and aarcel of biates and the rest of the western uiuu uua. " ^. _ _.jj_4_!_ „ , ........ .-,.-. _.. equilibrium Mediterra- Ehgland's struggle to maintain a foothold in Greece in the France of hemisphere ihat an be maintained : : n the nean. The point is Inat an over Post Office at Hope. Arkansas, under the | Act of March 3, 1897. crimes and crimes against humanity had been committed. It occluitted the German general staff and high command, the b.A. (Brownshirts) ond the Reich cobi- nel of charges lhal Ihey wer* criminal organizations , but "certain groups" of ihe leadership the SS (Elite Guard), the SD department which operated a spy system) and the Gestapo were convicted on that charge, _ Before the reading of tho ;illdg ment was an hour find a hnlf undei way, Hermann Goering, once the No. 2 Nazi, virtually conceded vhat he 'was on the way to the gallow; by telling defense lawyers: "I did not expect.lhal they would ,!_.. l_ _11 I V. I r. 4rt lr ill '.MS '' balancing of power 'there might precipitate another war which would drag Uncle Sam m again. The Turks, who recently reject- 1. ed this demand which Moscow now has reitereated. have their chins squared and their military establishment is described as on the "extreme alert." Naturally they don't want war with mighty Russia. That would be insane. But they're tough when they geU.crowd- ed on their own home grounds. Meantime diplomatic authorities in Washington have said xhat the U. S. A. anrl Britain can be expected to back Tur'Key firmly. This | . - .. t i U1U ilUl vAlJwV.ii.vtt"* »" Entered as second etass matter at the „ thvmiirh nil this to kill ~> ™,~ -, Hooe Arkansas, under the I ^V^t ^f lh e c l cC e n dants appeared reconciled to the belief they would be condemned to death. The tribunal rejected flatly- th .plea of some of the defendants tha Subscription Rot.is (Always Payable In their acts had been cornrniUe Advance)- By city carrier per week 20s,- under orders from Adolf Hitler. --, _..j.»k a*,- Mnii rntss—in Memo- "Hitlof rnnlfl lint make aeere —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. per month 85c. steod. Nevado, Hitler could not make aggres . LaFayette counties, $8.50. Why CRAWL When You'Can FLY? SAFE CONVENIENT Howard, Miller and s j ve war by himself; he had t $4.50. per year; .else- hjwc Ule coo p era ti O n of Germn .military leaders, diplbmals, an Member of The Assoeloted Press: The business." the judgment said Associoted Press Is exclusively entitled to "With the knowledge of his aim the use for republlcation of alj news_db-| n le y gave their cooperation an patches credited to it or not otherwise | es party to the pU Market Report N£W YORK STOCKS New York, Sept.. 30 locks lost approximately •51.000,00 000 today to bring the net loss or the monlh of September to nore than $8.000,0110.000. Exlro'mc losses ranged to more han 5 poinls bul in the case of nosl 'of the '---'-- '' Chrysler, U. vS. Chemical, Ihere •ecovery which in some instances •eplaced losses with ismnll ne ! leaders, such Sleel and Allied was a substantial gains on the day. Wall Street traced the day'r orous, roistering legion Basra; iterlck Build.no; Chicaao^OO^cirh _Mlch- .. . — . loan Avenue; Goering and his 20 colleagues Air Travel Southwest Arkansas to Little Rock and Other Points In the State F-A-R-E-S Hope to Little Rock Iv. 8:58 a: m. ar. 10:15 a. m. (One Way) $9.15 Plus .tax Little Rock to Hope Iv. 3:00 p. m. ar. 4:17 p. m. For Information, Reservations Call TRANSPORT SOUTH CENTRAL AIR Telephone Airport or 866 FRESH BLOOD A MMII FOR FREE ENERGY Do you feel like you are tied to a drag everytlme you try to do something? If so don't let a low blood count hold you down when you may release vibrant energy to every muscle, fibre, cell. Every day—every hour—millions oi tiny red-blood-cells must pour forth from the marrow oi your bones to replace' those that are worn-out. A low- blood'count may affect you In several ways: no appetite, underweight no enei-c-y a run-down condition, lack of resistance to infection and disease. 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SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. .__.. . ._. . ; r^ew York City, 292 Madison (Martin Hermann was tried in Ab- Ave.: Detroit, Mich.,_.2842 VS. Grand L entia) sat g,. lm and silent as the *" ' court unfolded the long opinion, which is to be climaxed tomorrow by formal judgments against the surviving leaders of the Nazi re- Mew Orleans. 722 Union St. doesn't mean that the Anglo- g j me a ' nc i the sentencing. American pair or Turkey are op- D esp jt e its acquittal of the three posed to Russian have full, rj^hts Kj az | organizations, the tribunal in the Dardanelles. On the' con- warn ed that members of those trary they have recognized that A ••- ..-.-..,-Ihe Soviet Union should have. :.ree passage through this strategic liquidation t<> felling for the ac counl of investors who decided u taU" profits afler lasl week s sub Slantial price rise, which nad been Ihe .first for any week since early August. The late improvement began in the steels, where Youngslowt changed a loss of more than a uoint into a nel gain of 3-4 poinl U. S. Sleel whittled a loss of mor lhan a poinl down lo a minor :"rac on and Behtlehcm cul down ss of more lhan 3 poinls to los lan a point. . Chrysler, off 1 1-2 poinls at it ,w, laler sold al 89 1-2. up 3-< nd General Molors regainec boul half of ils 1-poinl loss. Tir hares were a weak spol th. howed litllc rallying powe Bosses in Ihis group ranged to -2 points in Goodyear. Rails were down as much as -4 points in Union Pacific. strait. What they do object to is any Russian military expansion into the Dardanelles and any-direct negotiations between Moscow and th£ till groups still could be prosecuted 101 individual war crimes, and added that the evidence against some members of the high command and general staff was "clear and convincing." ... 0 - .--. Presecution of the high com Ankara to the exclusion 'of other nian d had been one of the mos' interested powers. . . '- . | controversial points in the indict In short, while Russia, Turkey and the other Black Sea states obviously-have a special interest in the Dardanelles, yet this great waterway, is a trust of the world at large. This • global interest has existed the ages. The Dardanelles has seen con tinual warfare for its control since 1200 B. C. when Agamemon led his Greeks against Troy near the southern shore. Because it is narrow, the strait can be controlled by defenses along its shores — and that's why the other powers don't want to see the Soviet Union installed in fortifications there. ment. o o o o o o o o o o => o o o o o O ,0 Indications Continued from Page- One Justice Francis Biddle, former United States attorney general, read this passage from the verdict: "Crimes against international law are commitled by men — nol by abstract entities — and only by punishing individuals .who commit such crimes can provisions of international law be enforced. Individuals have international duties which transcend national tions of obedience. "» obliga- The verdict was studded with excoriations of Hitler's Germany., It noted that "M'ein Kampl" sold 0,500,000 copies and that the book was "no literary excerise" but in . treatise in which Hitler showed crimes and his hand. The ruling contained nUy. such'passages as these: In dealing "The history of the Nazi regime shows that Hitler and his followers were only prepared to negotiate on terms that their demands were conceded and that force would be used if they were not. "Germanv accepted the dictator- hip with all its methods of terror and its cynical and open denial of he rule of law. "After March, 1939, there could be no question that Hitler was in deadly earnest in his decision to •esort to war. "It was contended that the annexation of Auslria was justified, xxx The facts plainly prove that the methods employed to achieve the object were those of an aggressor. On April 21, 1938 ,a discussion took place between Hitl«r and the defendant Keitel with regard to 'case green" showing quite clearly that the preparations for the attack on Czechoslovakia were being fully considered. "The manner in which these negotiations (with Poland) were,conducted by Hitler and Ribberitrop showed that they were not entered into in good faith or. with any desire to maintain peace. •; "Goering's aim all along was to get Britain's consent to Germany's seizure of Poland. "The idea of 'attacking Norway originated, it appears, .with the. defendants (Adm. Erich) Raed«r and Alfred Rosenberg. It is. impossible to accept the contention that the invasion of Denmark and Npr- A packed courtroom watched the defendants file in. singly. Most o them were smiling when they en tered, but soon lost their grins a Lord Justice Sir Georffrey Lawrence of Great Britain, presiden of the tribunal, began reading ihi judgment. . Close to 100,000 words in th judgment was expected to occupy the court well into tomorrow, alte which the defendants will be calle< in one by one to hear their fate. All the defendants leaned Jor ward listening intenlly, excepl Ri dolf Hess, who sat without ear phones and appeared to be writin something. . The justices, representing Bri ain, France, Russia and the Uaite Stales, took turns reading the sum mary and reviewed the evidenc presented during the long trial step by'-step. , "To initiate war is not only an international crime, it is the supreme crime," the court declared. This was the basis of the court's findings, which included rulings that not one, but many conspiracies had been committed to wage war and that in waging war, crimes against humanity and war crimes had been committed. Of the four counts in the indictment only the first —.that of having conspired in a common plan or conspiracy to commit the other three count's.— is common to all the defendants,' The other counts charged crimes against peace, war, crimes and crimes a'gainst huma- nough Southern Pacific and Soul rn Railway recovered most heir early losses which hac anged lo 2 3-8 points in the latte Johns-Manville, one of the b 'esl losers, had a 10-poinl loss. A led Chemical, down 5 at ils lo regained 2 poinls. B-bid. o • 1918 was nostalgic magic to the oUt legion, but a corridor closed to the new legion by the passage of ..a years. And Okinawa was just yes- le Tliey' rolled out the barrel in San - .egion Meet Jnderway in San Francisco By D. L. LIVINGSTONE San Francisco, Sept. 30 (/PI— Tho merican Legion — Urn lusty, bois- Francisco today for th tlme legion Pearl Harbor. Bui. somehow, weren't the same. first get-together • things just rolled J il Ihe barrel wilh a' will today r its first big-time get together nee Pearl Harbor. But things weren't the same, omehow. For one thing, no one had thrown piano out of a holel window yet. Ull, il was early. Then Ihere was the faint r.lr of vistfulnes.s which this year set part the old legion of Ihe graying inir and Ihe comfortable paun-eh. The familiar wrappings were here, and the horseplay. It was ust lhat old heroes had givei vay to new ones. The new legion was younger .its iair still unmarked by grav. Us memories fresher — and more serious. It out-numbered ths old egion two to one. And it was pretly concerned about things like alomic energy, housing, and gelling a business start. A greater part of the new Legion hadn't even been born when Uie old legion was making history at places known in the book as Ihe Argonne and Chateau Thierry. k It called the old legion "mister" and "sir," and spoke : r arniliarly of Isvo, Ihe 'Canal, Anzio, Cassino, World Swindlers Get $125,000 FBI Reveals Miami, Fla., Sept. 30 '—(/TV- The Federal Bureau of Invesgila- tion said loday Ihe victims of a S125.000 swindle by Antonio Navar, rni.,. J/,.,, ,i TV/I nt^ I V PI* tin Tit* (*7. Monday, September 30, 1946 HOPE STAR, HOPE/" ARKANSAS bi Thoniton added that the bnnk Merely 'made o low to » man of Food '-reputation ,,n adequate secu vilv and was not Itself uiiecuy interested in subsequent develop- Social mm P< ' n Kci S nnndr7.. described by FBI di- recto "VtKdgar Hoover us a nolo- rlous international swindle,' wn^ at Miami from Curacao, stodnric T an eVled as ho stepped eft a pane at Miami from Curacao, Uulcli West Indies. .. c He was urrainged before y. b. Commissioner Roger K. Davis i on Saturday and bond WB.S set at $1UU,- 000 pending further hearing Wednesday. Fcrnande-/. informed ! Davis that he would supply the bond, but had not done so today. > octal m id 1 crsonfi Phone 768 Betwwan 9 «, m. and 4 p. m. I Social Calendar Iwednesday, October 2 » The Gardenia Garden Club will Itncel Wednesday, October 2nd al 12:30 p.m. al Ihc home of Mrs flrvin Urrcy with Mrs. Roycc Wei lecnbcrger co-hostess. o (The Krog Mam were M. O. Dunning, a Washing- Ion attorney, and Sigmund Janus of (.Colonial Airlines) New York Citv Joseph E. Thornton, FBI agent in charge here, said at least a port of the money allegedly obtaincd'bv Coming and Going Bar Group Recommends 3 Revisions Democrats Will Not Send Party Money By BOB BROWN Little Rock, Sept. 2C —(UP) — Jjl I i 1U AViJ*. i* i K/»- !-• vi , Arkansas Democrats have no in- tenlion of 'furnishing a large sum of money to the notional parly mis year lo aid in elecling northern congressmen "who advocate the passage of the F15PC and other Fernandez, also known as Kid Tiger," was obtained by the vic- We arc again turning lo trealies that have so often failed us, and toward organizations. I believe m the United Nations, but mtuh more must be accepted. — Rev. Dr. Phillip S. Walter;!, president Drew Seminary for Young Women. Litlle Rock, Sept. 27— (If}— Three changes in a proposal for revision m Mr nnrl Mrs 1 W Young had I of the Slalc Judiciary have been taHSw^ '< gl C d k cJntt A-rof ^e'vepor!:^ ™'^i on ' ^^^ legislation obnoxious soulhcrners.' "We may not monev, " lo many Advcrtitement From where I sit... Jy Joe Marsh On Playing the Fiddle Badly Mrs. Tom Kinscr, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cassidy have as • -guest, Mrs. Cassicly's sister Miss' Inez Huskcy of Texarkana, Arkansas. Mr. and Nf visitors in Mope. Mrs. W. W. Roberls , COllVUimon JflM ft^liiiH tj .r 4J«"i«" Williamson of Monticello, p a s I president. Changes agreed upon yesterday would: (1) Retain all present judges in Ihc new system without interruption of terms. Under vhe original plan the judges would have had to be asked foi Gov. Ben Lancy -...m. : but 1 donl believe we conk raise much in Ihis slalc even if we tried ' He had just been lold Ina Georgia was launching a campaigi lo raise $100,000 for the naliona '"Wevc already scnl soma $18, 000,' he said, "and may send < little more, but my guess is tha we won't send anything like $100 i\oijeris j'»L',, mi- ,!>-"-•»•-" ..-•— —• - MniicHv stand tor re-cleelion at interval ^ latter adoption of the plan. Keep Ihe appeal court as a 000. Mentioning many clissalisfaclion i ,,,u,, r ciuarlcrs of Ihe slale wit national party policy, Ihc governo poinled oul lhal Arkansas Demo cnils eonlritauled liberally in pres denlial years. The slale scnl aboi $100,000 lo national headquarters NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Sept. 30 — (IP) —Cotlon futures advanced to new season highs here today on trade and speculative buying. Closing prices were steady 10 io 55 cents a bale higher. Oct high 38.10 — low 38.10 — close 38.05B Dec high 38.11 — low 37.84 — close 37.95 Mch high 37.85 — low 37.50 — close 27.63-60 Mav high 37.28 — low 36.99 — close 37.17-18 Jly high 36.1G — low 35.85 — close 36.00 o POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Sept. 30 —W)—Butler, firm: receipts (two days)9 38,176,93 score aa 82-82.5; 92 a 81; 90 b 79.5; 89 c 78. Eggs, firms; receipls: two days) 11,560; u. s extras No. 1 and 2 54-58.5; u. s extras 3 and 4 45.5-48.5; u. s. standards 1 and 2 45.5; it. s. standards 3 and 4 42-44.5; current receipts 42445- dirities 33-35; checks 32-34 Live poultry, unsetlled; receipls 23 trucks, 4 cars; fob prices: tow 35-36; leghorn fowl 30; roasters 38 40- fryers and broilers 38-41; old roosters 23; fob wholesale market ducklings 33; heavy ducks 27; hgh farm ducks 23. 'A favorile recreation in our town is netting together in one or another's home and making music. There's somebody at the piano; a ,,,.,..,,,, . , Piiilnr; a fiddle player; and Molly and Omaha Beach. It talked about *V m " . ' . , • • -:-- ; i-' jjirtlcs even lias a narpi "What comes out isn't the best music in the whole world. In fact, n lot of. it is downright bad. But nobody even thinks to question or to criticize. Because the spirit ot harmony ia there— harmony between folks who like each other's company, who enjoy the simple, homey atmosphere ;;ooks and fuzzy - wuzzies, jungle rot, and K rations. The old legion brought out its icclals, its Croi.x do Guerres. The ew legion had its lettuce and : : ts apm ribbons. But it all lokcd ood over left breast pockets, roix do Geurre and spam ribbons like. The old legion of the rolled put- ees, the Springfield 1908, and the enny had a bad time coping with riangular divisions, the M-l, rock- t ships, and the P-80 — and have ou really heard a tanker talk bout Patton's armor? The corridor of years back to i ... „ with defense contentions by Goering and Grand Admiral Erich Raeder that vhey did not believe Hitler meant to resort to war, the tribunal said: "But all that this means when examined is the belief, that Germany's position would be so good arid Germany's might so overwhelming that the territory desired could be obtained without lighting for.it xxx. If any doubts had existed in the minds of any of his hearers in November, 1937, after March, 1939, there could no longer be any question that Hitler was i deadly earnest in his decision to resort to' war." Dr. Alfred Thomas, defense council for Alfred Rosenberg, who was the Nazi party's official phil- losopher, declared during a morn- irig recess that he would appeal ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., Sept. 3 __//Pj— Hogs, 700; market active boards strong to 50 cents highe recovering last week's late loss other classes steady; medium I choice slaughler barrows and gills sows and slags 16.20 ceiling; boars 15 00-16-.20; good 100-120 Ib feeding pigs 20.00. Callle, —with nothing- more exciting 1 IKan old songs, and a glass of moderate beer or cider. From where I sit, it's ft heap more important to lie n poor fiddle player, than not to play at nlL More important to be a part of the American scene—with its community music, home entertainment, friendly glass of beer — tlianl'to hold out for professional perfection. (Besides, I like to play; the fiddle—even badly!), '•• '' Mrs. Homer Ward of Prcscoll was a Hope visitor Monday. Misses Marie and Nannie Purkins had as p.uests over the week end Miss Lucy Elsie Deloney of Dallas, and Mrs.Gccrge Edward Cannon and little daughter Rosemary of Foreman. | (2) Keep the appeal court as a «ioO,000 to national headquai separate division without requiring I coup i e 0 £ years ago, he said, a return by the judges for duly in | ' «Copyright, I9i6, United State} Vrewers t'aundatioa Its name 4,200 ; calves, 2000; supply of catlle most liberal in several weeks with quality lacking; opening trade, fully steady; few medium to good steers 15.25-17.25; some held higher; odd lots medium to good heifers and mixed yearlings 12.50-16.50; good cows around 14.00; with medium to lew good 12.50-13.00; common and medium beef cows largely 8.75-12.00; canners and cutlers 6.50-8.50; medium lo good bulls 11.0013.00; odd head 13.40; vealers 25 lower, choice 19.00; wilh medium and good largely 13.50-17.75; nominal range slaughter steers 10.50-20.1.-, slaughter heifers 9.50-20.15; stocker and feeder steers 10.00-17.50. Sheep, 3,700; receipts mostly any sentence of his client to the trucked' in lambs; few yearlings Allied control council and added d ewes; market not established, that if Rosenberg were sentenced' to death he would ask that he be shot, instead of hanged or beheaded. Dealing with a defense conten NEW YORK COTTON New York, Sept. 30 — (IP) — The cotlon cotton futures market turned tion that some of the defendants realtionary today, following earlier has only carried out orders, the steadiness under pressure of com tribunal .ruled: "A defense of 'su- mission house liquidation and sell- peridr orders' has never been rec- jng influenced by easiness in out- ogniz'ed as a defense to crime but side markets. . . Is considered in mitigation as the Fairly wide spread rams m ihe - - - cotton belt over the weekend w-sre _ IN — // on Texas // .rial divisions. ;i Divide the stale inlo a convenient number of trial districts from which trial judges would be selected and in wnicn they would preside. The original plan would h;ive made any trial judge ,'iable Cor service in any part of the stale. Judge W. A. Spcer, El Dorado chancellor, and one of Ihe seven judges serving on the special committee, resigned from the group after submilling a motion that "an unfavorable report be returned on the proposal. Court Bars Recreational Amendment Little Rock, Sept. 30 — (IP)— The Arkansas supremo court to- ny barred from the November 'eneral election ballot the proposed constilulional amendment csigned to permit cities 'co issue >onds for recreational dcvclop- nenls outside their limits. Enjoining Secretary of Stale C. G. Hall from certifying the pro- josal to election boards, the court •uled that initiative petitions were nsufficicnt. The ruling was on an original action brought by 1 lilgh- nan Dixon, Liltlc Rock attorney. Proponents of the measure, a group of Lilllc Rock citizens seek- ng development of a lake on icarby Fourchc Bayou, Hied petitions July 3 containing only 3,064 names. A total of 21,685 was rcquir- Thc proponents argued that act IDS of 1943 commanded hall <o receive additional names within a period of 30 days and these should be considered as part of the pcli tion. The Doctor Soys: BY WILLIAM A, O'BRIEN, M.D. Writen for NBA Service Parents- of an infant, who has spi- na bifida (sa con -.he spine) should have a frank discussion with a surgeon as to Ihe advisability of an operation, and the best, time Tor :it, before they take the baby home from the hospital. In no instance are -Hie parents oi such children at fault, as ihc condition results from ."allure of the spine lo develop properly Before birth. , , Spina bifada is one of the most frequent deformities in 'the newborn. It is more apt to occur :m Ihe lower back region, although ;-t can develop at any poinl m th" middle nf the sninc or nnull. The sac may be covered by nor mal skin, but usually there is ; pMrv, thin membrane made up of the mcninges (covering oi the brain or spinal cord). Often Proves Fatal The majority of infants with spi- na bifada Jail to survive ihc first DOROTHY DIX What Is Love? DEAR DOROTHY DI:^ We arc]gel? •jj-cfvntMnr/ tm «r 1711 men I about love. !HnrH ! S"sfexs-svv •,•»* £v!,l i,S"i' SKZF »" IBS S s&MfjLH Do vou think lhal a girl of 17 can possibly toll whether she is -eally in love, or is she loo young and inexperienced lo know whal ove really is? wholo cm.sideran A TEEN-AGER Hall acting under an attorney | year of life when paralysis or other general's opinion, allowed a 30 deformities arc present. ANSWER: The greal majority of marriages are love marriages, ycl one marriage oul of five cndsjn divorce, which seems lo prove mat nobody yet has devised any foolproof way of telling real love from the phony article, or of being able lo analyze Iheir own feelings and know if whal they feel is a deathless passion or just a passing fancy. Even age and previous experience in matrimony doesn't seem to throw any light on the subject, for wo see all''about us men and women who have had a succession oC husbands and wives, yet who doubtless thoughl themselves in tude sh make Ihings — „ ---- — for the returned soldier who r.aking deep sacrifices lo prepare himself for a good job. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) One ot the stale's more scriol iroblems, and one which has received Hllle allenlion, is ils ever- rising divorce rale. While slale wide figures are not available, those obtained in Pulaski County seem representative and arc certainly an eye-opener. There have been 2,012 divorces granlcd in Iho capilal city through Sept. 1, 1946, compared with 2.368 marriage licenses granted during the same period. In olher words, every time a couple gels married, another couple is divorced. day extension to' complete the pc- lilions. The Supreme Court cilcd amendment seven to the slalc conslilul-1 tion providing thai if sufficiency of any petition is challenged the secretary of slale musl hold it de- 'icic-nl and pcrmil 30 days for "correction or amendment." "Any atlempl by the general assembly to add something to.or take substance from the constil'.'.'ional provision would be a nullily, Chief Juslice Griffin Smilh dcclar- e proposal. anoiner coupie is uivun-uu. "1 am opposed lo the Williamson i Chancellor Frank Dodge of Lilllc plan or any pla nlhal would abolish Rock, who issues all divorces, the coin-Is as Ihey arc :io\v eon- termed the situation ns ".':ighllui. • -. -.--i i.:,.u ,.,~..i,i .1 H,ii-.-,iAt in t "There is no slabilily, no sancl- lo prcscnl-clay marriage rcla- s.' he said. "Couples gel div- islitutod or which would atlernpt lo | "Th ! reorganize Ihc judiciary,' opeerjjiy to ed. 'deformities arc present The chief reason i'or operating :s Ihe viecpssily of avoiding ulceration and infection of the sac. Many surgeons favor early operalion, and Ihcy may operale before Ihe Jnfant is one month old if the sac is thin. Other surgeons vvail unlil ihe ond of Iho first year before operating, as this gives Ihem a chance 'io op- erale -under more :deal circumslan ccs and lo stimulate more closely the degree of paralysis. In case of rupture during birth an immediate operation — to a void infection (meningitis) — i done. ove with each mate before they were married lo him or her. DEAR MISS DIX: When a boy "An elastic construction would ] °^ C ' simp i c bifada the sac does not ,i .._„., u :r ...,-, PI-»/-I\ ili-l cn\f Th u r . '. . i t _. _ _._„ be the result if we should say that the right to correct amendments thai obviously deficient petition- containing, for example, one name from each of 15 counties — and declared. Hot Springs, SepL 27—(/Pi—Funer•U services will be conducted u> norrow i'or Thomas Henry iTom- nie) Murphy, prominent jockey of Ihe Gay Nineties who died here yeslerday. Murphy was (i8 years old. He began his riding career al the age of 11, riding in several Kentucky derbies and winning Ihc New Orleans D e r b y in 1097 aboard Meadow Thorpe. contain the spinal cord o'- nerves .ind is Ihe result of a small opening in the bone through whicn the membranes protrude. In the wider bone ^operations, the membranes. Does Y0or Bach Gel Tired?, A SPENG will relieve back* fatigue—give you restful posture, MRS. RUTH DOZIER 2165. Hervey Phone 942-J orced and remarry now .iusl like .hey were changing jobs.' Dodge said lhal it is very easy to get a divorce in Arkansas, as far as legal restrictions are concerned. He indicated lhat more strict divorce laws might be an item for consideration by the 1947 Legislature. Shades of the California and Alaskan gold rushes—an Arkansan has slruc'k a bonanza. AUorncy General Guy E. Williams recenlly lold Herbert L. While of Wilmar, Ark., lhal he was the "sole owner' of "savera! thousand feet of logs.' which he found in the bed of the Saline Rivci And at Ihc price of lumber, While says he can afford lo raise anc process the raft which was sunk 50 or more years ago.. iroin eiiun "> '•' VULU.I.V.^, bone peperalions, uie :aiemur<inuM, upon notification by Ihe secretary , and nervei corne through the nf state that 20,000 or more addi-];: c a facl which decreases the tional names were needed it would j chances o£ SUCCCS s at operation, become mandatory that time DC ox i openings in the skull through UL-LUlllt. IJI«UWMI.W»J n n.» v I.....*- —— tended 30 days from the so-called "deadline." "Our view is that, under any rational construclion, il was inlend- ed Hint pctilion be filed within he time fixed by the amendment. To be a pelilion il musl, prima acie, conlain al Ihe time of filing iuii<_fu vj-- ~— Openings in the which the membranes and may protrude are seen in some inc anls. The proper trcalmonl js ihc :-ame as lhat for sacs on Ihe spine. Brain-Water May Result Enlargement ot the head (water comes in his car to take a girl on a date, should lie go to her door and escorl her lo Ihe car? The boys I know don't think this is necessary. They think they are going to sit in their cars in 1'ront of our houses and honk the hr.rn twice, and if we don't answer they wjll He through with us. Whal should we do? ANSWER: Well, social rules are nol the len Commandments, but they are the next thing to them in regulating our conduct and making us act like ladies and gentlemen, and certainly no boy who had even a veneer of manners would think, of such a thing as honking for a girl lo come out to a car instead of going after her, and make her scramble in by herself without even a helping hand. — v. Of course, it is no crime for a r , ou Sn boy to be so crude that whenever he brain „!,„,,,„ ., O i,-i a nv nf iho littlp nice Clubs Shover Springs The Shover Spring Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. H. C. Collier, September 24th. Meeting was called to order at 2:00 o'clock by the President, Mrs. H. E Garrelt. The song of the month, "Coming thro the Rye" was sung by the group. Mrs. H.C. Collier save the devotional, followed by repeating the Lord's Prayer. The roll call was answered by telling ' what we have done to improve food storage " Seven members, two new members and Miss Westbrook. were present. Mrs. ArJ Fincher and Mrs. M. J. Copeland are the new members. fruits and Beans was given by Mrs E G. McAdams.,A demon&cra- tion on heating and storing dried fruits and vegetables was given by Miss Westbrook. 'Sandwiches, cookies ond coffee were served by the hostess After repeating the "Woman's Creed the meeting was adjourned. Sweet Home The Sweet Home Demonstration Club met- wilh Mrs. W. T. Yarberry, September 20, at 2 P. M. Meeting was called to order by the President, Mrs. C. A. Phillips with ••mbcrs present. The songi thro the Rye" was sung » group. History of song-was 'jvun by recreational leader, Mrs. W E. Campbell. Devotional, led by hostess, was.taken from Hebrew 10: 16: 31, group repeating the Lord's Prayer. Roll call was answered with "What have I done to Improve Storage for Foods." The. safely leader led a discussion' on "Fire Hazard in the Home and what can be done About It " ,Xne Club voted lo have a booth, Achiev- menl Day, October 15th the subject to be "How to Use Sewing Machine Atlachmenls." A commitlee composes of Mrs. C. A. Phillips and Mrs. M.V . Mont- v_,. /x. iriiiiii(.jo tint* J.T*». u. *•*.• . • --—— eomery was appointed to \vork out complete plans. Miss Westbrook gave a demonstralion on treating and storing dried fruits -and vegetables She used Carbon Disulfied lo vegetables and heated f:uits in a slow oven for twenty-five minutes. Refreshments .were, served by the hostess. After repeating .Ihe Creed, the meeting was adjourned, until October 18th at the home of j Mrs. W E Campbell. Demonstration > rs • w. &. (jampoeu. jjuuiuiiouawun The grr,up discussed old and - w n,i be making and canning hom- new business and made plansi for . j ny . - - - - "Achievement Day." Miss West-, biock gave a very interesting as-, . _i . : _ „ „., 'V. n ,-, rt i .1 ct niPTllVPS t ••• acie contain ai me ume 01 .nuns jLniaieeiiiuni. UL mi; m--«i.i v» t .iv.i ,he required number of signatures. O n. Ihe Drain i is the .serious corn- Correction and amendment go to plication of spina bifada; it may form and error, rather thlm lo com- be present al birth or develop plete failure." laler. II is apparcnlly caused by Two other measures, one provid- an associaled deformily m trie ing for four year lerms for slale brain. and dislricl officers and vhe olher Spina bifada occulta (hidden spi- for a community property law. n a bifada) may not cause any were involbed originally in Dixon's symptoms, in which case only ar ^.uit However .sufficient signatures oxamination of the snine vor anotn suil However .suincieni siBiiniuiea oxammauon ui mu anun.- ^~ <...u,,.. never were filed lo complete their O f reason reveals the failure to petitions and the court commented = losc properly. The sKin over ihe "it is not necessary lo discuss area may be normal, or it may or shows a girl any of Ihe little nice ties of atienlion, such as standing when she enters a room, pulling out a chair for her, or open ing a door for her, but it just sim rly marks him for what he is. Un couth. And if he ever goes away from where he is known anc vherc people make allowances fo iis rough behavior, he will find that his lack of manners are a great, handicap. . But why do you go with such boys? You can always choose your company. DEAR MISS DIX: We are three it is not them." area m , elevated by a fat pad or covered The Midwest Research Instilul of Kansas Cily plans in Noyembc lo issue a six-slale map which will lisl all commercial mineral deoos- ils in Ihe area. Slalc Gcolcgisl Harold Foxhall recenly xurmsned the data for Arkansas share of the map . .Neill Bohlingcr, atlorney for the State Highway Department, docsn'l have trouble enough with hem eievaieu u.y <A mi lJt .^ Associate Juslice Ed F. McFad- with pigment or a hair. ;., rlicenvilcirl WVlPP II blllld lVD6 OI din dissented. anit^tfe'n 1 - 1 '^'^' '•• ..^.-. . ,.« , When a blind type oi' spina bifa da causes symploms, these oymp loms usually develop, alpubeerly monslralicn on 'hanging p'ictures . nd selecting the type of P'cture j hat should be used. The hostess I erved iced drinks and cookies. The next meeting will be held at he home of Mrs. George Crews on Dctober 22nd. The demonstration vill be on making magazine racks and a waste paper basket. HopeweU The HopeweU Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. C V. Thompson, September 25th, with five members and four visitors present, Mrs. Odis Alexander, Mrs. Ward Rcdmcn. Mrs. Cecil Biddle and Mrs. J. E. Yarberry. They all joined the Club. The meeting was called to order by the President Mrs. V. C. Thompson. The song of the month was sung by the group, it's history given bv Miss Westbrook. The roll call was "answered by each one present "I LOST 32 IBS.! WEAR SIZE 14 AGAIN" Once 156 Ibs., Misa ReynoldilOat weight weekly,with AYDS Vitamin Candy Reducing Flan. Now she has a model'a figure. Your experience may or may not bo the eantc but try this cosier reducing plan. Very First Boa Musi Stow Results or money back. In clinical tests conducted by medical doctors more than 100 persons lost 14 to 15 pounds average in a few weeks with the AYDS Vitamin Candy Reducing Plan. the stales millions. Lasl week he had lo convince one of his emp oyes T \ f" emuaJy resull in bladder trouble lhats °' 0not con811 f the ™re r owtn t poison ivy does not constitute r - ^'ccralio-i at the tip of f.n on-tho-jnb liability. . . .A new \<™f I ulcoi alio.! ai UK. P digest of Arkansas statutes is m spin^ An oj>e atio"££ u P, ol .. „c t,.-,:,, rt tinKlicnnrt s»nn I -I-Ul UH-Ui u-i*r*. ' ^ , way were defensive. 'The invasion of Belgium, Hol- Throughout the v/e are nore add- charter here provides." The judgment reviewed the acts considered unfavorable, and mosl intentions w ith the September shpvf' that the and and Luxembourg was enlirely wilhout justification. "Aggressive war against Greece nd Yugoslavia had long been con- emplated. 'Evidence proves that Germany had the design carefully thought out to crush the U.S.S.R. as a po- itical and military power. It was contended that the Soviet Union was contemplating an attack upon Germany. It is impossible to be ieve that this view was ever honestly entertained. •Possibilities of a direct attack on the United States were considered and discussed as a matter for the future. Ribbentrop himself urged (Japanese foreign minister) Matsuoka to bring Japan into the were clear from the start. 'The tribunal said that in "Mein JCampf," Hitler made his views cast of 9,171,000 bales. Late afternoon prices were 45 ,. P ...^, -.cents a bale higher to 35 cents "quite plain" and that this was lower. Oct. 38.14, Dec. 37.37, Mch. no "private diary" but was known 37.58 . ... to everyone. . The cotton market continued to The justices held that the cam- move irregularly higher m lale paigns against Poland, Denmark, dealings on mill buying and short Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, covering. There was a 'iair amount Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, Greece 1 - -—«-=--- * —— — i»»°' and Russia were "aggressive war." „ ... .-,,,. . In discussing the two counts of were weak on a possible big cot- the indictment relating to crimes ton crop next season. Futures closed $1 a bale lughsi to 75 cents lower. against humanity and war crimes, Copr 1911], Kssfilnc. "MISTER,ITS SOME TIRE! // &VjW:&3~ittfy^S/»\>y,'"h;'> i-i UJli/MV IVO-IOD J_/iJ».. »^ " • — -discharged servicemen who would like your opinion on whether a | girl should share expenses on a | date or whether the boy should pay everything, even if his income at the present time is very low and the girl's salary high Wf are going .to school and living on an income of $G5 a month The "iris we go with earn from $bl) to $60 a week — yet they still ex : pect us to. pay all the checks..Do you think this -is correct,, or do you think- that women go- .with men ' for what they can With auawi-i^-^ ~j ~ -- - - . telling what she has done to im p, eve storage for foods. Minutes were read and approved. Old anu new business was discussed. A com mittee was composed of Mrs. t. O- McAdams, Mrs. Odis Alexandei and Mrs. Neil Osborn were appointed to put up exhibit Achievement D A y 'talk on Hr,w to' Store ^Dried No exorcise. No laxatives. No drugs. Eat plenty. You Jon t cut out meals, potatoes, etc., you just cul them down. Simple when you — enjoy delicious AYDS Vitamin Candy before. deals. Only S2.25 for 30 days' supply. Phona John P. Cox Drug Company Phone 616-617 home remedy for „ relieving miseries oi children's colds, 1 have purchased the BARBERSHOP and invite my friends and former customers to visit 1 us. Ca?iha,S C. Russel says Assistant Attorney General Ike Murray. The lasl digest was issued by Walter Pope in 1937-38. Palace Theatre Special Preview WHITES ONLY 11:15MON. N5TK ^kaJle of Sycamore By PERCY MARK Author of "Tlic Plaslic "A Tree Grown Straight" Etc. "H won't suffer a bit. He has no nerves. He's always relaxed. A coach told me once that that was the secret of Barls athlelic ••It's so strange" said Gaylc "to hear anyone call him Bruce All his New Haven friends call him Musk • Drama • Comedy Dancing • Romance i -THE STORY: Gaylc, daughler of a college professor, has jusl become engaged lo handsome briic; Barllclt. 'famous athlete and scion of wealth. Visiting his home for the first lime, she is frighlcnod by the splendqr in which they live. Although Mrs. Bartlett greets her dndly, Gayle feels that she can never bc_happy i amid such extreme , ^^^ luxury. dread to Bartletl. "'"•'•'in V way"I "do." It gives me a VII uneasy feeling. !_suppose thal's^si Gaylc had a blurred impression of many windows, brilliant sunlight and of foliage and flowers.. But Van Dyke Bartlctt she saw clearly, the tribunal listed act after act. .„ ... and said again: "The evidence was Oct hUh 38.36 — low 38.04 — last ' ' ' ' 38.25B up 20 I Dec high 38.07 — low 37.76 — last 37.95-97 up 7-9 I Mch high 37.82 — low 37.47 — last 37.65-67 up 2-4 quite overwhelming of a systematic rule of violence, brutality and terror." In dealing wilh Ihe extremina- tion of Jews, the tribunal cited esti- war. "Occupying the * positions they of 6,000,000 killed under Hit- May high 37.25 — low 36.94 — last ler's program and said the hair 37.14 up 8 "• of the women victims was cut off Jly high 36.12 — low 36.86 — lasl did in the government of Germany, before they were killed to be used 36.03 off 1 the defendants, or at least some m the production of mattresses | Oct high 33.24 of them .must have known of the The clothes, money and valu- '- - - - 'able? of victims were sent to ap YOU can say, than ever'." treaties signed by Germany, out lawing recourse to war. x :t They must have known they were acting in defiance of all international aw when in complete deliberation hey carried out their designs of nvasion and aggression. "Continued planning, with aggressive war as the objective, has jeen established beyond doubt." Final verdicts and sentences will 3e delivered tomorrow, when the :ribunal concludes the reading of its 100,000-word judgment on the evidence presented by prosecutors for Britain, France, Russia and ihe United States since the trial began on Nov. 20, 1945. The tribunal described as "quite overwhelming' 'the evidence adduced on the four main counts in the indictment, and while earning no names in the early stages, ruled that aggressive war is a crime, that conspiracies existed to wage aggressive war, and that war propriate agencies for disposition, the judgment said, and gold teeth and fillings were taken from the ] heads of the corpses and sent to the Reichsbank. After cremation, tinued, the ashes the court con were used for low 32.95 — last 32.95 off 15 Middling spot 39.06N up 35 N-nominal; B-bid. • o GRAIN AND PROVISION Chicago, Sept. 30 — (ffl— Selling atlribuled to elevator interests caused corn futures to slump mox- instances than 3 cents at times today Oats fertilizer and in some jnsiam.-e£i \ »•-•• - --, -----— --,.- - „.,. attempts were made to utilize the were lower with the yellow grafh fat from the bodies of victims :'or but wheat displayed some resist ance to the general downwarc trend. A further reduction in cash corn the commercial manufacture :'or of soap. During the morning rewcss, i -.- "~\"'\i o n n ,.. <. r ,ir Goering recovered his good humor prices was made No. 2 yellow sold and laughed at something while m the . f p , ot . m ^' ket f f,^ 0 ,,,,?^ talking with Raeder and Joachim ™ rn totaled 196 """' " ln 1al Pf- Von Ribbentrop, Hitler's foreign minister. Halmar Schachl, former German economics minister and Reichsbank president, who has continually claimed he has been "persecuted" stood alone from all the olher defendants, wearing a hurl look. corn lotaled 196 cars, the larges in several weeks. Purchases on i cents from Saturday. Receipts o to-arrive basis were not large amounting to gass than 100,00 bushels. Light frosts overnight in part of the main belt were not consid ered harmful to the corn crop, now I well along toward maturity. If you're getting new tires, remember this ATLAS Tires have been making good for motorists for over 16 years. They're under constant use and test on Esso Marketers' own fleets of cars and trucks. And with every ATLAS Tire goes a broad written warranty of satisfaction that's good on the spot at over 33,000 dealers in the U. S. and Canada. See your Esso Dealer today about new ATLAS Tires to give you safer driving all this winter. It really is some tire . . . 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SPEAKING ON The Palestine Crisis and World War III in The Light of Bible Prophesy 8:00 P. M. When The Atoms Burst anc! The World Is On Fire Tune in Sat. KWKH 7:30 A. M. (1130 on the Di«S) Sun. KARK 7:30 A. M. ( 920 on the Dial) For a solution to your personal problem as found in the Bible and for Dr. Ham's printed me'sagel write Mordecai F. Ham, Evanael.st.c A»oc.at.on, Box 2008, Louisville 1, Ky. J-'V I\U Utlliii-iv .1'iiv. tj.... j • and almost instantly her icar dissolved into pity. He looked very old, infinitely tired, and pathetically frail. His while hair was hardly whiter,lhan his cheeks, and even his brown eyes behind his spectacles seemed to have ladea. He was half lying, hall' sillinu in a wheelchair. A nurse in a while slarchcd uniform rose as soon as Gayle appeared and vanished Ihr- ough a door in Ihc rear o£ Ihe con- servate.ry. Gayle walked close to Mr. Barll and looked down at him. I HI lit iv*ui\v-vi *.»».» ii •• • d out his wrinkled right hand. | d she look it in hers. i j if ook a Ion •It's all 11. "I was seared a minute ago, jut I'm not now. Bart said no one uld be afraid of his fatljer and w 1 know whal he meant. "Thank you my dear. That's a mplimenl I'll treasure. n " "" usl be very hard for you. leased her hand. "Sit down. Aiior Picturm Prewnti MANTAN Sensational Comedy Star uneasy i.u*_iiii,s. A .ji,[^j*~~- ~ ti ]y bul 1 Ihink of him as Bart. "1 don't think it's silly." He smi ed al her unexpectedly. "I do liK LI 111 1 IV IV O ..'I**,/' ---- ~ . -. - eu ui 111:1 unexpectedly. "I do hk what T see. Forgive me for bom so personal, but Brucc's engage ment is a very personal matter t mc _ anc i rd worried about th uirl he might marry. You're my kind ot girl. 1 can sec that at once. Everything about you makes me happy, even your pink fingernails. I have a horror of red ones." "Jusl like my falhcr. He's a New Englander and a proiessor. I don 1 1 know which he hales .more, !.-carlct fingernails or heavy lipstick 1 come from an old-fashioned lam- ily, Mr. Barliclt, and I suppose I'Yn old fashioned loo." "No- i 4 a, you're not," he contra- quiekly. "I've seen no Kirl away Iron «».-•«• , time." right," Gayle assured He I in look just Miifortable." When she had selected . well il you're . chair. side. touched the bell I find I can't." Almost instantly the nurse appeared. "Will you lift me up a little. Muss 'allace'" Mr. Bartleu asked. "1 Carefully selected by a committee of famous Powers models, under the active guidance' ot; John Robert Powers himself. F.oryov - • - . a hat lhat combines fa'shion Tightness and,\ ; qua!i*y. f . -ant to be able ID al Miss venl in comfort. Miss \Vnllaee," h( aid lo Gayle, "is" the kinclosl ot uises, and." he added, lookup pward, "Miss Kent is my son s ianec. 1 suppo.se you've heard." "Of course," the nurse said siiul- lo Gayle in ael.nov, ledyenienl f'lhe int'roduetion. "The house is iiiKinH wilh the news." Gayle laughed. "And 1 thoiu'.hl was a fc'i-rel until nexl week. 'Bruce has no secrets, said lus athcr." lie was home one du.v a s t vou". he ine." it I said to .he nurse. "Ihal * nv wile always had it, and so has Bruce, in a man's way, o£ course. I'm afraid a Kirl without slylc, would find it hard lo come into Ihis family." •You make me feel so comforl- able " Gayle lold him earnestly. "This greal house frishlcned me. We're simple people, and I hadn I expected so much grandeur — but somehow you make it ummporl- aiu." She smiled at him. "You don't frighten me any more thuT. my father does." "I'll tell you why. my dear. The "Tiinrieur is unimporlanl lo me. ft look me years lo find lhat out, but eventually i did." lie looked past Gayle to the doorway behind her. "Good mornini,', young man. "Good morning," said Bart. "H Gnyle. You must have been up with the birds." lie bent to kiss her and smiled at his lather. "Isn I the perfect?" . ,, .> "An embarassing question. his father replied, "and it's fortunate 1 can a.'.'.ree with you honestly. Otn- ( rwise 1 mir.'nl have one of my ai- tacks I'm afraid 1 must send '.you away now. If 1 don't Miss Wallace vill liul tomorrow is sunny and J am v.-ell enough, will you sit wil'.i •1'ho nurso smjU-il M O:'.vle " anil ;i;>;iin vuim'hril. Gayle sUiod up.' His request mov- -,-| her. It was almost a plea. ""' a dale.' she said, and nothing ••wei break 'it. What lime'. 1 " I,,-,;, I "Ten o'clock, il o'.uht to hi. i.uiu'.h by i — • 1- ' i i • vorv iriiioV 'Aai'm ci.om'.n u.. IIH.-H . 11 i|.ii esMon ma.\ . ^ t . • -^ l-Yclin^; slranuly sure oi hci'scll ensbaii as.-ar.rnl. ^ 1 O.PJI . y " -Vj j ..•j-| 1 . in | 1 -'\ n ii. mv dear. Thank -you linked over, "! IOULI. .1. • i . really Lioiii'^ lo be my dau know it would be ijuile such an M '\ * ii^ii-iiiij n^'"s> •> deal. My only comfort is that Viart 1 yhtci. ^^ ^ Culiliuuod) all hospital, doctor and nurses bills; cost of judicial proceedings; lawyer's fees; and judgment resulting from an injury to any other person for which I am liable on account of the use ot my car. "As a guarantee ot the fulfillment ot this agreement I pledge as security all my real estate, chattels and other property 1^ now own or may hereafter acquire or possess " Our liability Policy will assume these Obligations for you. "To Be Sure - Insure" 210 South Main Street Telephone 810 Hope, Arkansas Consult your Agent or Broker as you would your Doctor or Lawyer

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