The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1953
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUG. 26, 1953 BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PeopleMayHavetoBeTaught How to Loaf, Experts Say By ALAN D. CLINE SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Those future retirement days may not just "be fishing and fun. In fact, you may even have to be taught how to relax and enjoy all that leisure time The experts say the wealthier you are the less receptive you'll be to taking things easy. They've got figures to prove that all those plans of traveling, visiting with the grandchildren and just plain enjoying life don't pan out. They came up with some startling facts at the convention of the Gerontological Society, attended by medical and social scientists studying diseases and problems of the ever-increasing numbers of elder Americans. About 75 per cent of business executives don't want to retire, ' said Harold B. Hall, a Wellesley Hill, Mass., business consultant. Hall, a former Harvard professor, learned in interviews with some 500 top-drawer executives that it isn't money but work that keeps the successful man happy. He explained the tycoons didn't want to leave their associates, give up the prestige and power of their positions, and — most of all — be benched from the "team" with which they worked for so many years. He and other speakers suggested that companies prepare their personnel for retirement by setting up conditioning programs showing them how to spend their leisure time. Retirement to many wealthy people, Hall said, is distasteful and they orocrastinate in planning for it. They think: "The company won't do this to me." It does. Compare Income In another report. Doctors J. H. Bunsel and Louis Gare of the New York Mayor's Advisory Committee for the Aged, declared that many people can't enjoy their retirement income because they compare It to previous earnings. Their findings showed that those enjoying their retired, full-time leisure were in lower income brackets. The studies came from a 1 per cent sample of 25,000 pensioned New York City teachers and city employes. The New York report also found that "increased income may release time and energy to turn the attention of the retiree to other and perhaps more distressing problems." Both Bunzel and Louis .Kupland stressed that unhappy old people are powerful enough in number to upset a stable society. "And the radical forces in so ciety stem from instability," Bun zel said. Kupland, California's Old Age Division chief, used stronger words in warning that malcontented frustrated seniors can make themselves "quite effective at the polls." "A group made up of such disgruntled oldsters will take what it wants for itself without any consideration for the needs of children, health programs, schools," he said. Broken Down Shoes Came in Handy PASADENA, Calif. (ff^~ Police officer Peter Ellena, 23, got flat feet after two days walking a beat- Bu it had its compensations. He and the chiropodist's nurse Gail Ledwidge, 19, announced yesterday they'll be married Oct. 11 They first met when he limped in to get aid for his fallen arches. STARR GAZING Haven't heard of but one person, planned as a climax of activities at •who was going to throw away $8 on j the Legion home, Dr. Kinsey's new book. The one person (wouldn't you know) is a man in his late sixties. It's later than you think, friend, you'd better save that eight dollars wheel chair. to apply on a There's a treat in store for those who buy their tickets early from any member of Temple Israel in Blytheville, to hear "Pop" Hodge and his singing gals- I know, because I wouldn't miss hearing them for the world. They're tops. Two years ago, they sang at Carnegie Hali in New York and that should be enough recommendation for anybody. The concert will be given at Blytheville High School Sept. 27. Just a litle advance notice BO you can circle your calendar for that night. It's a double treat, you'll helping a worthy cause, too. You're an old timer if you can remember the fancy Meerschaum • pipes. The bowls depicted mermaids, dragons, Harrison Fisher- type beauties, horses, dogs and what have you. They are truly collector Items now, but try to find them. In Miami Beach, Fla., competition was running strong among the barbers. Hair cuts that usually cost $1.25 were reduced 50 cents. One barber who refused to cut the price posted a sign: "We repair 75c haircuts. Governor Earl Warren of California said, "many, people consider the things government does for them to be social progress, but they regard the things government does for others as socialism- A misprint in a society column in Lake Charles, La., American Press; "The dance is semi-moral and is That reminds me of the time I wrote Eva (Mrs. George) Langston's wedding. When I was describing what her mother wore it came out like this: "The bride's mother wore a cloud-gray chiffon gown with lace insects." I'm still apologising. Use a couple of slices of raisin bread, moistened, in your next meat loaf. Of all the affections which attend human life, the love of glory is the most ardent. - Confucius was born in 55- B-C. WARNING ORDER The defendants Mrs. J. B. Lewis; Bennie Marbury, Mrs. Bennie Marbury, his wife; Thomas Marbury, Mrs. Thomas Marbury, his wife; Edward Marbury. Mrs. Edward Marbury, his wife; Eugene Marbury, Mrs. Eugene Marbury, his wife; Bertie Marbury and Bessie Shores are warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, Cause No. 12,468, styled Russell C. Webb, plaintiff vs. Mrs. J. B. Lewis, et al, defendants, within 30 days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Russell C. •Webb. Witness my hand as Clerk of said Court and the seal thereof on this August 18, 1953. Geraldine Listen, Clerk By Opal Doyle, D.C Oscar Fendler, atty. for ptf. Elsijane Trimble Roy, atty. Ad Litem. 8|9-26-9|2-S BILL THOMAS (Continued from Pise t) within sight of the grandparents' old home where Bill recalls spend' tag his childhood days. In 1900, his father, n graduate of St. Louis College of Pharmacy, owned and operated the drug store in the small college town. In later years, the family moved to Belmont, Miss., where Bill graduated from high school. In 1927 Bill attended the same college from which his lather had graduated. As a small boy in his father's drug store, Bill was always the one who was most interested in medicine and was allowed to fill capsules of quinine and calomel when he had to stand on a soda-water box to reach the top of th,e counter. It was like little girl helping her mother to make biscuits, using thimble to cut with. Those were the days when a druggist had to :ompound all his medicines, and quinine 'and calomel' cured abou everything — so people back i :i to office work. It was at ield, where Cnpt. A. E Hook received his pilot asked to be the escort of k and Brother's twin sis- Horace Moore, while they e for the ceremonies. ' car v/ns turned over to Bill, "nnd during their 1 . 1 lived the life of liilcy, 'in any place they desired u see," continued Bill, "I of a second son to Mrs. •oomed in her home for ears when her children ing up and I loved Bro- cltib formed hers. • Bill called Harold Howcrtor) and with the two, they got busy nnd did some phone calling for n meeting that night at the Methodist other fellow. "He's just as smart and clever as you are and if you've got a job to do, however small it might be, do it with your heart nnd soul and Church. Eighteen eninc nnd i then when big things come to you, formed the club. Harold was made they won't seem biu at all." Its first president and Bill took up Fol . thc past , lve yolu . s> Bllli witn where he. had left off in (lie Jay- : seven other follows hnvc met every cees nnd became the club's first Mondnv night (or a social game of treasurer nnd has never ceased be- ; jj 0 i< el . ' fl nd the way tile follows opine; one of the club's slaiinchesl i nri ,tn u,n i,',.i« ail the win- members. For three years. Bill was chairman of the Retail Merchants AK- Kocintion nnd was chnirman of the nings three or four times n yenr. Then thc eight, with their wives, have n big parly. Bill calls it the "Po' Man's Poker Club." reorganized when th son Opens this fall.' L commander in the n American legion and or, D. 15. Young, ap| make the arrnngem carnival that showed ccntly for the benefit Th.? Legion became toward their building bershlp drive and s next on the agenda held Monday night a Club Room at the D Invitations have go uionnairps in thiq PAGE FTVH Read, Courier News Classified Ads- Charles Goodyear had worked fi years to make waterproof garmen of rubber. One evening in 1838, h was showing samples o^ his cherr ically processed rubber to friend when he dropped a piece of th material on the stove. It surprise him that the heat did not melt but hardened it. He put it oulsic overnight and found the cold h; not lessened its pliability. This wa the beginning of his work to devel op vulcanizing. Not every man is so great a cow ard as he thinks he Is—nor so goo a Christian. People who want to understan democracy, should spend less tim reading Aristotle and more time the buses or at railway stations There is where you'see it at ever, turn. If Heaven had looked down upon riches to be a valuable thing, i would not have given them to ras cals. The only time it's proper to yel at the younguns is when the nous THEATRE "Osceola's Finest" THURSDAY & FRIDAY V ' Gripped / tight in '/ ihe dangers / of desperate intrigue! YVONNE DE CARLO-ROCK HUDSON ^•*_ _ mum. SEA DEVILS COLOR BY TECHNICOLOR „,,„ DENIS O'DEA Prated by DAVID E. ROSE /' Directed by RAOUL WALSH !,/ is on fire. Public opinion is stronger than the legislature, and nearly as strong as the Ten Commandments. Rich men have their sorrows: In this day and time all little boys Want to be cowboys, space cadets or garbage collectors. Mj three year old grandson, Phil, has chosen the latter. Last week, we went visiting and earned a new version of almost a ost art, splttin'. I acted as though had never heard of such a thing and told him how terrible it was ind NOBODY did Such things. He shook his finger at me and n his lisping way said, "Yeth they lo, too, the garbage man do." He's a quick thinker and idolizes the arbage collectors. A merry heart makes a cheerful ountenance. Try using a cup of chopped ham In your batch.of biscuits to be eaten along with a bowl of steaming hot vegetable soup on a chilly day. This treatment goes well with other soups, too. ;hose dnys thought. The longer satient stayed in bed, more credi ;he family doctor got for curin "It's a lot different now," Bi! said. "With all the miracle drugs everything but a common cold ca )e cured in a few days, practical!; If a scientist ever lucks up on a sur cure for colds, he'll never have Ic vorry again for the rest of his life A cold is the easiest thing to tak and the hardest thing to get of," Bill said. Bill carne to Osceola in 1930, dur ing the government fleet boom Skinny Davis preceded Bill to Osceo la by a few months and bought ou the drug store where Reidy's Drui Store is now located. Skinny and Bill's brother, w h i traveled for a drug firm, were pret ty good friends and it was through this friendship that brought Bill tc Osceola to begin his drugstore ca reer here. IT WAS while Bill worked fo Skinny that he met his wife, the former Miss Percy Word. They wen married in 1932. In 1935, Bill went to work in thi drug department at Dyess center but after si& months he came back to Osceola and worked for Massengill Drug Store for six years, resigning at the request of Uncle Sam. After his basic training at Keesler Field, Bill was sent to Napier Field in Dothan, Ala. When he reported to his commanding officer, •he two found they had gone through fiigh school together and it was like ojd home week when they met after quite a number of years. The first thing Bill said to him was 'please forget I ever rolled a pill n my life and assign me to something where I'll never have to come in contact with a hospital." Very obligingly, the officer as- First of Her Kind Dr. Mary Walker entered the U.S. Army as a nurse. She served as assistant army surgeon in the ^ivil War, first woman to hold hat commission. If you were looking at the earth rom the moon, the earth would appear about four times the size ol he familiar full moon. signed hi Napier F (Brother) „. , ne" said ne. said Hook. I several ther Just ns much as if we were really kin nnd i guess I cried as much as the family did when his wings were pinned on him. "He's always, been one of my favorite boys who grew up in Osceola and my interest in him will always be the same, and I'm almost .ns anxious for him to return from over seas duty now. ns is' the family. "WE WERE pretty close to one another while nt Napier. I tried to father him as his mother hnd tried to mother me when I lived w i t h .them. I'm not n Bible student but remembering my youth Sunday School training, I've tried to live by the Golden Rule, and 'to cast my bread upon th,e waters' and the two have always paid big dividends in my life." After 14 months in the Army, $500 richer and of was one O f course it's good ole Bill again who I "" yl " s , ?" m " the organizers of ,he 30 Club. They is m charge of the arrangements. ewry kld for ;mcet once a month for an evening It's men like our Ihri-f ('ousccutive Ghvi^mns radcs, one ye:\r playing Clau.s. Bill knows every kid for • rncct once n month for an evening j It's men like our Bill who make miles around — the rice am) the, 0 [ dining nnd dancing nnd ns Bill j living in a .smnll community one poor — nnd they all went home i said, the main objective is fellow-i of the rare plensures of life. laden down from his Santa Clajis ! ship. nnck. But knowing the needy as in 1940. Bill organized the Quar- Bill does, they were given the choicest of the loot. e icrbnck Club to stress again. fcl-IC 1 " " '".""" """. J " jlowship. Prom 60 to 75 gathered i ,,' , lo see son, jack (every Monday morning at the Ma- !' sn ?*« ookcd wllen IN 1949. he was awarded a cila-;s°nlc Hall for doughnuts nnd cof- Percy and Bill have an eight" year-old son nnd you would only '•'•--•--• - , to know how he was eight years old. fee and to shool the breeze. The purpose was to get the football coaches and those who Bill received a medical discharge. He went to work for Abbott Laboratories in Chicago, traveling Northeast Arkansas. In April, 1944, Bill and Harold Ohlendovf bought the City Drug | thinlc Store, which a lot of old timers' still call Mitchell's Drug Store. Bill's civic activities started back in 1937 when Osceola organized the Jaycees. He wns its first treasurer During World War II, the Jaycee: became Inactive due to the organization's draft age members ant when the war was over and thf young men crme home, they weren'i too interested in re-establishing th( chapter. OSC PG 2nd (last ad) Bill Thomas 3-36 One afternoon in Bill's Store, the freight agent at Blytheville, who was very much interested in the Blytheville Kiwanis Club, though Kiwanis Club should be startec in Osceola and asked Bill if there would be enough substantial men In town who would like to see lion for his outstanding civic work by the Osceola Chamber of Commerce. He hns been chairmnn oflP'nyers, the Crippled Children's Clinic, rop-'bnd interest In Osceoln sports to- resenting the Ki\Vanis Club, for (he i nether for a round tnbje discussion past ihree yours, working with | J°f tlle betterment of Osceola ath- couniy nurse, Mrs. Lucy B. Miller of O.sceoln. Bill nnd Guy Butler are the official chorus girls in the annual Ki- wnnis minstrel. He helps promote the annual pancake breakfast and i ictics. • * * THE disbanded after two years but Bill is in hopes it will be When its time To Repaint You'll save mimey by selecting Eood paint. Good paint lasts longer and the longei intervals between painting towers your annual cast. We recnm mend VANE - CALVERT Paints, made by "America's Oldest Mixed Paint House." Phone 4552 and we will figure the cost and recommend a good painter. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. lias been chnimiftn of the monts so many times, it's a set- tln-i f-.ct he wi'l be year nftcr year. Bill's philosophy is; "No matter wluil happens, never try to be something you aren't and never because you slap a fellow on the back that you can make him cough up somelhinu. Hypocrisy is the worst failure in a man's life and don't ever underestimate the RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIME TONIGHT COUNT THE HOURS With Teresa Wright MacDonaltl Carey NEWT MANILA, ARK. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration Malinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 "Your Community Center" FRIDAY DON'T MISS! THURSDAY ONLY' BLOOD ON THE MOON With Robert Milchum Barbara Bel Gerldes VINCENT PRICE-FRANK LOVEJOY ALWAYS A DOUBLE FEATURE Phone 4621 Show Starts Weekday! 7:00 p.m. Sat. & Sun. 1:00 p.m. AMERICA'S FAVORITE CHILDREN'S SHOES THEATRE On Our Wide-Vision Silver Screen AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION _ ' • f / I p^ mother, tit em safe, sure mi smartly $550 ™ $695 Teen Age $795 ® WED. • THURS. • FRi. -BLYTHEVIILE'S FIRST - Three Dimension Picture & Comedy BUSTER BROWN School Days JAMBOREE The Footprint Fit of Buster Brown Shoes is famous for safeguarding growing feet. From heel to loc, Buster Drowns are made with the best materials-... give many'more hard-wear miles per dollar. New and complete stocks of fine-fitting, long-wearing Buster Drowns are now at your Buster Brown dealer's store. Bring your youngster in for the perfect Jit in America's foremost children's shoe today. FLOYD A. WHITE & SONS SHOES Air Conditioned Nurse In Attendance For Those Who Can't Take It! limbt rtii/« Fri&M h f.*uiM tapir rtfctfil h ••Wwta ru Join If Jtrt $* i Jwi tt ttr mm • KM IBIMM • lam tarn IMG • DanULLAUN• Mane M10Z THREE STOOGE' COMEDY "SPOOKS" IN THIRD DIMENSION

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