Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1946 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1946
Page 7
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*J T A R, - ; M OPE, A'R K A N S A S "' 10 Years Are Needed to Clean Cologne u. <my of the "^ Vst c ; !'u l; ; i Oe»mnny. It i 1 ! niio s >' in'v than ir.v ." In rt.'i' i>o > v!j >n< from many ,i> i d * > i « By feDWARD W. BEATTIE fered from ho.it v in the OU>K'I s The result v >'-, i'i 'plete \\i i v.Vv.w o I the arc i I>IM,' ' •;Rin;< l!< i'i \ uu ' ' ends on >n i ' Cologne, Sept. 26 — (UP)—Ten ScarceU years should be long onough lo clear'-the rubble t'vom Cologne. \ho first etty'tb be rocked by a 1.000- plftne 'air raid. Wh4n the rubble has beevi cleared Cent <>' i the skeleton wails of gutted buiki-1 ai'ed. fN ings jrUiFt come clown. 'Then the i a large ti i real job of rebuilding cnn begin, [date \ >' Cologne'is as spectacular a ruin room;:. Oi in tlu> n. i o rious (' i 11 t In tVv > ;0s> uoH-l tvis it! rooms infant. ( oloj'i'O! ptowai 1 population of 762.000 -shrank U> 40,000 at. the time ii» tho ui, •, ull. but now his risen' to ;>AU.HiO. 'J 'U' (unisiii;! problem is t )'oihi;iau<- It is aggravated by 1 lairiv, o£ labor and ull Kinds of " i building materials! — except sal- T!u> war left 12,000.000 tons of v itb!)le in Cologne, plus the lagged H U-, vluh jut from the '"'reek- 1 'o \t uisi tho debris merely » i nn \cKil on of the street:! i<> Six Arkansas Colleges Hove iraff"':. "melted SMILES VO5J EALER r i il ti i . bodied ii-oidentc; of Colone Wilh ilie assistanc itMlilary Gomes Six Arkansas 5nlcreollei;ialp Icains toddy wore polishing off '.heir training in anticipation ol 6'riday and Katurday lining two intersectioiu:! scraps. .-iinc.e {he Nai'.is col- r.mjor breaks in olec Coach v1,>hn Tiu-'.a'r will stress parsing to ofl'-iet the reputedly heavy line of his upponeuts when Arkansas Tech of IJuseslville barges into t'entral 'l\'::eneis of Kd- moud. Okla. .at Fais.u.-llviHo I 1 riday. It will be Tech'.-; first Bailie of the season. In the other iut'.-rs-.H'lior.al Ha me. Arkansas 'ritaie of I'inesooro jiicotS Southeast IMissouri Teachors at Cup.- Girauleau. Mo.. .V'riday. Aikansns Slate Teachers u.'. Con- nii;'hl in North l.itilc !![J'-'k as the Universitv ol A: kaii.-:,as team. Coach Cliarlos ilHib' Gibbony ar.nounccd uuiay Lhal he had settled on two starliun l.iacks. I'/vVt-H Thompson of Clarivsviile, top- '.sotch passer, pi.'nter and ball-lug- Hitler Was Infuriated by Soviets Tokyo, 2<i — <UP> —Adolf trie cables have been repaired. A i i;er. will start al taiback, | coal ::-.:,ei ate;- uiw uirns out '10 John Archer of Danville will throw j '•.'•-: ceei as m-.ich e! e ctricity as Ihe his 19."> pound:; into fullback po- j hydro-electric plants which the warisition. Hendrix ar.d C'ollege of Ihe O:'.- I* l\ \i * "l < ? i i 1 E i &• Always Bring Xour FORD"*4^oms*To Yoyr Ford DeaSer For Service Bloctric .K-.ri Hi.01)0 ;:as lamps before ihe. V.'orkers ba\e repaired 3.200 ma- is 91! per cent re- j stored. But (hero s-til! is v.Mstiiyo throng: 1 . minor arks meet al Conway Saturday comeback for bntii '.earns. Tho once-p o w o r f u 1 Mountaineers dropped football at the e;id of the l!)H;~i season, and l:er.drix '-.vili'.ilrew Hitler, infuriated because the Soviet Union would not join the tripartite pact in 19-11. threatened lo "shatter Russia if Stalin did mylhing further lo displease him. ,var crimes trial evidence ills'- .:loscd today. A prosecution transcript of a con- seivalion heltl in Berlin '.)ii 'March lii. lil'll between Ciornian Foreign • tinistor .Joachim Von Ribhentrtip ind the late Japanese f'oreijsn '/U SH Josuke Mutsaoka was lii- roduced into the record. The evidence was unread be•au;'o Russian staff m< nibers of he pt.osecution prevailed upon jther prosecution attorneys to soft;.;v-d;'l ihe <t'>licnto issue. Apparently Russia's price for .'nlernii; 1,1 ic Axis was too high for ilitlir and negotiations broke down. Ribbentrop passed this in- 'ormation to Matsuo.ia >',',i.ti the 'nrther information that Hitler was rgh'y annoyed. Vetes-cms Pour into Frisco for Legion Meetiaig TAKE5 A WALK pound animal T"':;hed ihem open wilh his lonn nose r-:ni' ..or n hali hour amijled in the sunlight, getting aci'iuaintcd wilh '.hi.- '.Bronx. Keppeis put an abrupt end to his Finding the two doors leading \ »=lroll.^however, using lassoes lo.cor- New York, Sept. :2fl —OPi— The Bionx /.uo's tapir decided yesterday that after three years of confine- MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE San Francisco, Sept. 2(i — <UP) .,.„„„„,., lllv - ... u -.,, _ ». Veterans of two world wars from his cage unlocked, ihe 500- ral him. streamed into San Francisco today! _• • —• for Ihe American Legions and must impoviani vention since it was orgnnb'.ed in UHS). : About 1511,000 delegnles and'mem-: hers of their familic.; c.,ime iiere | Cor the formal opening of; the lU'.th ! annual convention Sept. UO. Convention fun will star! during the weelu-d prior to the .first of- j ficial sessions. The. f.egion's Vorly | ! and Might will parade by -torchlight 'ihrough downtown streets Sunday night. Ommb.ed hilarity will be rc- shSetcd. however to give the dele- I'aii"'- foil oiiporlunity to grnppc with what National Cominander John Stclle tlescribed as the "se-i i-iuus business' confronling the con- I venllon. A lona! list of grave and. in some cases, highly controversial issues will be brought before ihc conven- tlnco months later the C!er-;tion business sessions, •nan army invaded Western Uus-i These issues will include veter- in a surprise bliU'.. Also .int'-odueed in the tiral was evidence showing that while .fapa- nese )>eace emissaries were in Washington conducting discussions ans housinu. i'l.er the Hl-iO season. L.igln. and breaks j tacking in experience, the llendrir •:-.ll U!i:-ep^-fr,-'ii. I team will concentrate its defensive It will Ir.iie thvee years lo get!),! a y on stopping Da\ o Scarbrough •:-wc-r;; bnol; !o .'lormal. CSome ;ifiO I ol. Clarkoville wlio played with the. of 1:17 Ui:i.nvn breaks have 'neon I University of Arkansas Jur direo! n-.-.'ndfd, bin K-W leaks are dis- years belore the way. I Co-, e.rcd c-iissla 1 .',' !y. Seepage .;nay | o j c.v.ne <:pii.l;:-!'-ics. Otis uiclii'ics arc aboul !I5 per ft-!':, of normal. \vit'i -'-.800 breaks !•; »ho li'ers ; ; 'ii! in hfi i-nenf'.ed. Forty thousand Cologne families h.ci-.'o .'.-.J ,cOi':\ms •!ac:ntu!s.' •'.."!crman officials say that a deficient ployrnent. national defense, atomic energy and its control. ;ITV! subversive "activities. Stelle said 1;V 000 Legion posts would be ''epre- seeking io avert a clash between sented and he promised t!vl the .Japan ar.d the United Slates, .lapa-! voice-, of .World War U veterans ncse war lorc> were gearing (no wa : will l>e "heard in volume and cer- 'n.idiine for an assault in the Pa- tainly will be respected.' cific. '$:;,:•.,- •;v.:vp/-..--.-'---v*:,''>i->« ; ,-. ..::•'?&><> ':*-;.'•; ; u:,:-v:. v fcm& ^lii^i'^^^^]^M&wm ^;,™ f ^ : ^•.-^^^'il^^^a^ ~.\&y .BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and ^ :iio!. has affected health. Tubur- i'u!t> ; is i" increasing [-•. o-y 1,000 ve-~ident.s 'ii;."-i.' are only 7.'i hospital beds. j Oniy one-'nalf tho pre-war buses | :'ncl street cars now onerr.lc. Majo, 1 bridges are \\-rc-cked." Seventy per cent of Cologne's v;1s de:;tr-.ivcd Ex-RAP Aviator d WiHa London, Sept. 24 — — Trembling. atraciive Yvonne Symnnds told a husned court room voclay of a roniance culminating in a r.ight of intimacy with a man .:ow accused of obscenely miitila'mg and killing two other pretty women. In short, brealhless sentences, Your Ford Dealer for over 28 Years y& i tooivic IU'.I.IHIO persons osiensibly |iiijj j have i"bs. but probably one-third ti'CT'. 1 do r.o useful work. They LOOK OUT BELOW Kansas City, Sept. .?(> — pitchci! a 21-year old .i'ormnr Wren. Miss Symonds appeared faint and was permitted lo sit down : ; n tlie witness box. She said she. spent a night last June with Heath in the same hotel whore Mrs. Gardiner's nude, beaten body was :':)und I less than a week later, bottle. Closing her eves, she testified Somenno pitched a beer bottle .. .. V$ jfi-um a iioio: window, and bvstand- ' la ' l lc 20-your old |ornier I..AI- fcl : Phillip J. Cou.'.hlan. ..SO. walked l.ver described .o nor kiter .-n«rim K« into the street -o' i.iick up the :'ratf- f . letai1 onc ol , iul ' s ' C,arduer s in ~ " ; 220 East 2nd Street Phones 277,-273 i.sid prevent damage to au- As he v. as bonding over, a sec- rid boitlo glanced off his head. ! s^ndirg him lo a hospital :Cer ^even I stitches to close the lact-i-alion. ffi i i'l.'iico ,-ivrestod two men on [he S- i'ii'ieenlh floor of the hotel. They " c ' ! " v " ui; ' !1 for a soft drink ;he legs. The prcsc'cution sait Heath'could not have Known of ;hi wound unless be was present when i the woman was attached. • ••Didn't you think it was a some-! what indecent vhins to ;alk about i to a girl'." Heaths lawyer asked j the witness. ••I diclnt think about it. 1 Mis:;! Symonds replied faintly. 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Sept. 20 — r.ne in 1ho stair -.till id. a high ilf two per ernt (inn— of Ar- level. up t:i June ; 11.11 during compiled by tilalisU- l.oi> Williams shows ]]•».• l.'MKI |).)puliition w::s !.>.!) compared in ic lasl six months 'if Williams said, however, the low figure indicates an annual i ate of lit.I! births |)t.'r l,l)llli.iiii:i .-, u.ir, \vhich is above the !!).-( average for tho nation a:-: ii whole. "Then too," Williams said, "il It. is doubtful today if any major . dropped league b a s e ball ni;u:;u;ev ever ,, ,. ; , ... ,j... n -.,, n i bowed out. with more satislacilon ' '', ,:,',' ', ",;' , <,-'|.',i,, than William 1.5. iWilkinsbun: HUH \ "' " Ate.Kechnio. erstwhile bos,;; of ihe „,, Cincinnati Urdu. IWcKeehnio mana'U'il his ]vsi panic for the lieds last nighl. lie \ynp "fired 1 three days ;>r,o. H'.s final act a:; the Kcdleg boss \v;n ,:i ntfi.stermind his hidings io 'i (5-0 ^iclory over the St. Louis C'ardin- iils—an act which might cause ',he Brooklyn Dodders—a .loam bill admits he dislike:;—to nose -jut ihe club he formerly managed for the National League, 'flag. "M'lien loo, McKorhim: Knew lull well that must be remeini)'. red Ilia' l.>-!:> was the Dodders, who earlier n ihe the fTivalesl yc.ir in the tnstory ol season ho had accused of "dirt'- the hurcau. wiM 'die lnn.'cst biiMi pluyiiu; 1 against )iis Hcd", had i riii.arulLm ov./r i-ceorded in Ar- losl, 11-!), U. the Philadelphia I'hil- lies. A St. Louis victory would ;'-ust about H e a I Brooklyn's pennant hopes as il would give the Cards a ljK>)-i;ame ndvnntage with only i (Tames left. He nominated 1'ucky Walters, always a touyh cookie ,'or the Cards. to pitch. Walters pitched one •)( the finest games of Ihe sp;i!-o:i blank the Brids with seven .hits. Twice McKenclinie signalled :'or sacrifices and each time it payed off. In the ninlli, even though ihe Reds owned a :t-() lead, he ordered Bobby Adams to bunt Kd 'Lukun -,o second so that a single would five Cincinnati an insurance run. ile o-'idered Hob Usher, a iast man, a; of this year, deaths -:!urin(.! Vflh for l.ukon ;:i:d. sure '."iou;;h, ] Bert Haas came through with a single io score Usher. The defeat k-fl the Cards still one Kame ahead of the .Dodgers. Brooklyn. showing s i g n s of cracking under the ii-rrifie .--train of chasing tho Cardinals, blew a three-run .lead in ihe ninth when the Phils came up with .five ums to win ;heir 1I-!) thriller. Altogether the Dodger;; used eight, pitcher;; io set a ;iew league record. Scoring Jive runs in the i'irst inn- Hip' the Boston Brave:; deadlocked Ure Cubs for third olace b" defeating the New York Giants (i-. r The Cubs .lost a Iti-inning game in Pittsburgh by the same score -.viicn Billy Cox singled in .Lee >l:nid!ey. Jlahih Kiner took over ihe !N:''iona! League home run leadership will his :i',iri\ Jinme run. Bobby l-'eller fanned 10 to boosi his season's strikeout iolal i.o .'!'J7. only six short of liube V.'addell. 1 - listod record. However. .Feller once again received poor hiltini support I r o in lii:; .mates ant chopped a -1-1 decision to .lot ./laynes and ihe Chieaijo While Sox •Despite Hani; Greenlierg's •\2i}< home run, the Detroit T|i;ers wen beaten by the St. Louis Orowns H-7, as the Browns' Vern Stephen clouted a homer and two singles .Toe Dobson pitched Ihe America! League champion Boston fled So: to their HKSrd victory with a :"ivi. hit 5-2 win over the New Yor Yankees. Arkansas' births averaged 2,'i.B ;;er l.iHIM popul.ition last year. The llfallli n.-partine.'Ht reported UI.IUi;! births in ihc slale during Ihe first six months compared wilh 7.577 tin. 1 same period. Miller county had Ihe hiph'?'-l percentage of. regif'.ration. H>-1 per 1.0(10 population, although it shc'vol a decline from a record total of 21.'1 for the previous six months. Sharp coiin-.,-. vvT.ii a percentage of t'per I.OllO population, had the lowest : eyistralion ol any county in tiu: slale. Williams pointed out that the ve;j.--.ti ation liu'.iros de :iol, always ive an accurate coiml. fif births as li\oicianr in many counties :iog- '•i I to i'e.'.;i:;!er birth:; as notiltl. they Yesterday's Stairs By Tl-.e Associated Press BueUy Walteis. T7ed:i — Blanked lie Cardinals with seven hits in oitehing a (i-0 victory. ^ £-3:. -. ; -.^S?<6- j.^|. "J\ Of Tired Kidneys Sl If bncfcnchoand lee pains aro wmldniryou mlacrnlilc.don't just complain nnililonothinft about them. Nature muybu warning you that your kulneyH necil attention. TlichiilnuyaiircNatui-B'i'chiofwnyoftnKinc .St-CL'SS Mood. acids nnil poisonous wuatc oul of the They n day. They help most pass about 3 . 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