Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1946
Page 4
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Thursday? < Miss Jean Hopkins, Rocky Rivci, O., another favorite, wns beaten by Cntol Frco.se, Portlnnd, Ore., CLASSIFIED Adi Must B« to Otflce Day Before PubllcaUon Ri;l£SiJi 2.70 3.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 , BIC for'Continuous • Insertions Ouly Cash In Advance TROOM '"partSr Se°e. George Murphy af RoTcr Clinton Butck company. Services Offered Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1M6 BV King Features Syndicate.. Curious World By William Ferguson^ FOR Los or metal, also awn- New York, Sept. 26-Oiic: of the fallacies on which we teed our h«rdy native .superslions Is ha 1909 ings Write Riley Cooper, West 17th St. Texarkana, Texas. 1ST. BLANKET lelt^nd buttons and " bolero suit, .also i gold El Dorado-Hope Game Top Tilt iu ^ and to: „ b'etween - kima 90.; her way ', where,her husband ^ °W^.*- b •—M-U > Real Estate for Sale in ROOM HOUSE ^ a ,._. ^Company. Price Floyd 'Forterfield v/ALKf WITH 'AND TARE OVER By The Asociated Press District races should begin ent but a consuit-iniui." ••«•-- „;, honest from the heart ou Tha virtuous and stalwart individual i I no more typical than any olhe Ideal, as all of us know, and a the late Joe Pulitzer was reck cs enough to admit in a passing Hie when he denounced predatory pov ertv along with predatory wcalll The hypocrisy of politicians in saU aming to this fraud is easily unclci- stoodf of course, for the so-called .comnion man has hadla pro. Ub o advantage in a reputation that we knows he doesn't deserve and would annihilate any candidate who should frankly tell hin> that he is no less ready to cheat and chisel than those soulless corporations which have no votes and therefore may be fearlessly attacked <"= to monopolists in mcaness average or and District races snoma oegm _™ •••- ^ take shape on the Arkansas hign|K'" • mofc averagc „,school gridiron this weekend -the j ^ m man tnan the building second of title play this season. trari p, workman to whom millions Only in the Fifth District do two trades *^ r « ans now mus t look favorites meet tomorrow night, but|VL uthe laboi . to build them dwell- throughout the state many of last R commands high pay and week's winners will Bet toughei 1 »'s be sure somc ex- assignments and chances to P rovo i"; nent citizens but disgracefully their might. , ujfew who contain within their per- The Fifth District headlujer pits ,tew v ^ ^ mofe Q£ the vh . tucs u n . Helena against Forrest City at |f a ilinely remembered in the labor Forrest City. This game may P 10 ' a" orations. He is, on average, as • •-'-* • -' •"•" ua <. * . , ...:.u f^,,lto ao anv COPR. 19«6 B1 NEA SERVICE. INC T. M REO. U. 3 PAT. OFF. WHAT DOES THE. WORD •> '"EQUINOX MEAN. Favorites Take Beating in Tourney by Carol f rccse, ;"'""""!,,„, Co who lost to Miss Hanson just be- f °Mrs dft oiorgln Taintor-Goff, Fargo, N. D boosted out another Qualifying round favorite, Mrs. Jacciue nc Fung. Honolulu, in the firs? round, onfr to be eliminated by Mrs. Gunther, 3 and 2. clny In "the third nniuml Women's Nntlonnl Ainn- Eklridgc Eatmnn, (10). ^ As early as 1543, Amtarosc Pnro adopted the pressure ^thod tor hv ducmg anesthesia — by pressure applied to a nerve trunk or by Mrs. uunincr, .> »»" - ( , .,.., Mrs. Zaharlas gained the xh id round with a 4 and 3 score ovoi • Miss Betty Jean Ruckcr, opok.mc, W Mrs. While «nlncd Ihc third round by ousting Miss Mary Agnes Wi 1, Monomlnce. Mich, 1-up and Mis. Sherman moved into Ihc t d round alter defeating Mrs. Julms A. Page, Jr., Greensboro, W. i— 1-up. iinnuHi vvuiu^ii a in.*.*lour golf tournament, where favor lies have taken a beating. The only prc-tournamenl favor- ile to survive the hectic title match play Yesterday was Mi's. »a bc Didrikson Zahnrlns of Denver, Colorado. Four others fell by the W 'in S addition to Mrs. Zaharius, experts today settled on two others as the top favorites to win the crown. They were Miss Maureen r>,.^,,!t Hnwnrth N J . Who ItlCClS HODinson, I'm. iitw *~..-i .. "The babe 1 ' and Miss Helen 31-1 Sidney Miller, 151, Youngsluwn, O., •- - • • • --•'-- '- matched I (3). Fights Last Night By United Press Elizabeth, N. J. — Ray >"»»-•Robinson, 149, New York, stopped j.- v/v*«-«* v»»,/ . • , • inavuieiLiw*'"'- 1 **** 1 —&•-• duce the district champion. i" ve ii equipped with faults as any El Dorado, looked to as the team; wtu *-^ ^r.. ..., ^- M n ;,v,= a _j. Lot 50X90 , g o v ^ ,„. Nice stock;-gro - porips with good fixtures. C. £> 1 Cassrdy Phone'489 or 984, ** ^ Bank SlAg. ; .- MW ,_ __ •loOD FIVE, HCDOM HO£SE, a ~ nice -corner lots, ' other «ut buildings. uuv,c in*- v*i«v-*—- f \ well euuipptju wim niu.k^ —El Dorado, looked to as the ceamjW^ 4 ^ m ^ claims to give Little .Rock some competi- j^ft to abuse . This is comr *;«« ;« TVcti-irt Onp_ SOGS alter JOC . s , _j-_ :„ «,,,r ci-yAnhlo P 24-3t »« 00. er ou . n C. E. 'Cassidy, Phone 489 or 984. Ark. Bank Bldg. 24-31 For Sale Hj ti v t; j_»i VI.»N. ,i.»w.«" — - • tion in District One, goes after Joe Dildy's Hope Bobcats this weekend after polishing off defending co-champion Fort Smith m a breeze last week. Texarkana, the other 1945 co-title-holder which sur vived its First District scrap by beating Hot Springs last week, visits North Little Rock, upset last week by Bcnton. Title-favored Lit- tlei Rock expects little trouble in keeping its record clean at Joncs- This week's schedule (district games unless otherwise indicated): a common rieiu 10 uuuot. iino ~" -- knowledge in any sizeable crew on a job and the same is true in any newspaper staff or office force. MAY PRODUCE. SEVERAL. HUNDRED MILLION E&6S IN ONE SEASON. ANSWER: Equal nights. The time of y->ar when day and night are everywhere of equal length. Another foursome cannot be discounted from the title stretch. Ihcy were Mrs E. S, Blanton, lulsao, vinncr over Mrs. Dan Chandler of Dallas after the latter upset Miss jouise Suggs, Atlanta, Ga., V"° vill meet Mrs. Betty E. Mms- Vhitc, of Dallas, and Beverly Han- 011, Fargo, N. D., who plays Mrs. Clara Sherman, of Pasadena, 'Miss Dorothy Kirby, Atlanta, nedalist in the 3G-holc qualifying •ounds, was dropped from the championship picture in the first ol several upsets yesterday morning. Miss Kirby was eliminated by Mrs Grace Lenczyk, Newington, Conn., but later went down to defeat at the hands of Miss Sigcl, runner-up in the .'941 tourr.aviinnt .w ».! FOR SALE TO G. I. AND WIFE Four room modern home 60x210 or 160x21 Oft lot Ready to occupy in 15 clays. Real Bargain. See W. A. DOZIER 603 West Third Street . H0PH \STAR, OZARK IKE By Chick Young NOW HAVE ENUFF ,, MONEY PER POPS . OPERATION... r\ IT'S TIME FOR k FIVE O'CLOCK' • - YOU MV STOMACH'S SUPPER, COOKIE KNOW \WE DON'T COME ON--DADDY'S EAT UNTIL SI* AWFULLY HUNGRV WORLDS CHAMPION SHIP BETTER HESP, ~ YOUR EYES,* f\ OPEN, OZARKf. <1,, ,,„ , llh, Brooklyn, (D. nioKiyii, in. „, . ,-. Hartford, Conn. — Charles Ca-, bey Lewis, 131. Brooklyn, N. Y., j outpointed Nick Stato, 133, bprmg- 5 w~Foar CATTLE TRAILOR The woeful tale of the overworked and underpaid reporter is true in many a bitter personal story but the humorous lore of the trade includes also many exploits, regarded as Elfin Whimsies, in which journalists loafed for days in saloons when they were supposed to uc SPORTS -tr fash L New York, Sept. 26 -OT- DCS .Darrcll NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY Have Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. New York, bept. *v> — w>— ^" k j ast Monday . . . .uarrcn Moincs, Iowa, which, has harboi eel maiK K h passes :;or mnnv hie Icaeuors in the past. r>. v -f" ; ^,,r,in<;t .\rniv Saturday, many big leaguers in —- „ doesn't have a baseball park now. but the 40 and 8 club expects "" have 20,000 fans put to see - \ o y u i w 11 u 11 • « j i •*' *• *- * ' j Oklalioma against Army Saturday, and his touring the suspect and put in ex- Here's how: The " P WtVJ.-*lllv;ii m •-•(-.'•• ., T • , .-.rt.nc? learned the art by pitching ' icw .so "u I papers lit front purctics at rfollib. lokla. . . The Sooncrs should pub' ' isli an extra tor 'lim. District One Little Rock at Jonesboro that were, in a word, larcenous. . >ly Shipley-Studio.^ ^ - ABRUZZI RYE CER- uiiea seed, White Dutch clover, ,-eed 6ats, Austrian Winter Peas, k or AAA Program, Alfalfa seed, •vlixedVetch, Pure Hairy Vetch, M K M? McWilliams Seed Store. UIH i laiv.v^ii'ji.tij. , Having in mind the citizen, mm- Little Rock at jonesooro ,.! sc lf a worker, who undertakes to Texarkana at North Little Rock, jld a house for h j s jamily on his •CM n^,rio Q t Wnnn • savin<ts anc i n i s future earnings, with a mortgage involved, I would suggest that he trust nobody s frank open countenance and protect himself as well as he can at 24-3W El Dorado at Hope Blythcville at Paragould (non-district)" Camdcn at Malvern RussellviUe at Fordyce Bcnton at Hot Springs District Two Rogers at Monettc, Mo. (non-dis- MU -iFOUR ROOM HOUSE, bam« and chickeiv.,house, Eight lots, i gas, 1 *-waters terms. - C. JIUIU a iiu^v. J.t«t- %,iv.— Birdland Park from the park ooard tor a day. Then it borrowed several thousand knockdown bleachers from the Iowa State Fair and more from Iowa State College. . . These will surround the playing field and a snow fence will be erected vo make it a "park 1 where tickets can be sold. . . The profits irom the venture will be used to build a sasv "rms " , • «.' phon63B9 k or»». Arkansas Bank 31dg{> - 24 ' 3t - TWIAT DECORATED HOME, 7 ' ooms, bath, front & back entrance halls. Easily converted m- " to duplex. Corner lot, no paving •ax i Six blocks from business tUct Good investaent Vacant nmediate passession. 402 North v Apply next door. 21-6t I -ond^oa^od' tires; Ph 0 "^. d ' • " ;\oo SMONTH ;W,I.TH sMAix 'town payment will buy : you Mtarage Building and filling gta- •ton> Own your own property. Whv> nay --reht? Gome out and ^ee what can-be built with ce- 'i rrTent blocks. The: cheapest, fast, ' 'pernianent building,; I'have'; some I -onstruction. linger way,.- . now. 4...V. ' s-fpr irnmedjate r>«- ^ , roofing shingles. K. , £4 highway, forks Coluro- roads. ^J-o HOOM HOUSE, HARDWOOD loors, newly redecorated, attic • t 'an,« Venetian b""^',/ 01 ' 6 ?'^ ^ 'ront porch. Phone G19-W. go-3t t \ A'CRES- NEAR ROSSTON, ' 'lace Prescott and Bodcaw cross' oads. Oh ? 'W"ghway. Water, tim- •>er, known asr.'Jim WhiUen farm. ' ?lake offer to Annie V. Ernst. ' }104»WaVjash, Kansas City o, Mo. Huntsvillc at Siloam Springs Springdale at Harrison Van Buren at Bentonville bistrict Three Lepanto at Walnut Ridge Shawnee at Corning Batesville at Marked Tree Bald Knob at Osceola Stuttgart at Searcv Cotton Plant at Becbe District Four Paris at Mena Hartford at Morrilton Clarksvillc at Mansfield Boonevillc at .Clinton Waldron at Havana Muskogee, Okla., at St. Anne s (Fort :Smith) non-district Subiaco at Greenwood Charleston at Atkins District Five Parking al McCrory (non-district)- Helena at Forrest City Holly Grove at Marianna Marvell at Clarendon Little Rock "B 1 at Dewitt (non- district) ,. . . .. Stuttgart at Searcy (non-district) Gilloit at Suttgart "B" District Six.. McGehcc at Eudora Star City at Monticcllo Lake Village at .Dumas Hamburg at Dermott Crossett at Portland Gould at Rison District Seven Nashville at Gurdon (non-dis- tnrt himselt as wen as nu tf" <"• uiu VIMHUH:. «••" •"- " _;~. all times By all means, he should , ,- C al ball park in DCS Homes. never relax his basic assumption that the contractor on the job will One-Minute Sports Page GVD him wherever he can, whether Harry Brcchccn, whose 1-0 vie bvfakT invoices padding the num- tory over the Cubs Monday kcp E^.. -M.^iVJc «f Bhinirles and kees h« Cardinals in iirst place wa UY ltln.C lllvuiv-s-J t***M«».«e» - - bcr of bundles of shingles and kegs of nails, by loading building material into his own car or hiding it under a canvas on his truck to be delivered to some job that he is building for himself, 9 r by conniving with loafers and job-stretchers to run up the costs if he is working on a cost-plus agreement. _^ It the contractor is an honest man, as he may be in one case out of six, although I would cal that a high incidence, he won t have any reason to object 1.0 close surveillance and snap inspection. If he isn't, the victim may save a little money by catching him in standard villainies, such as charging the usual ten per cent on a cost- plus job for collecting the income axes of the workmen and the so- he Cardinals in iirst place wa ust repeating his July 5 perform ance He beat Chicago then, 1-0, :• a duel with Claude Passeau an knocked in the only run himself Jack Dempsey is postponing x start of his Canadian tour xo se tomorrow's Tony Zale-Rocky Or ziano tight because "they s; Rocky fights the way 1 used to fight and 1 want to sec a fellow lhat " . The Maryland U. ATTENTION FARMERS and DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Roofs with Paint For Comn-.srcial Spray Painting consult LUM RATELIFF Phone 979-W 518 W. Division Job Printing, Office Supplied and School Supplies Will have complete line of printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. like axua Ui nil; >YW. ... ..w.. cial security and workmen s compensation taxes. No public tax col- eclor is paid a percentage of his collections and no contractor )s entitled lo pay for Ihis al any rale, lo say nothing of a tithe. This thievery was practiced OJ most of the grcal war cons rue tion jobs, incidentally, and, al though the actual amount is relatively small in any project, public or private, the contract or has no right to the money and shouldn t get it and all bills should be examined minutely and this gyp firmly disallowed. If he threatens to sue, lei him for he can'l win and he will never mccl you on the Ul\U Ulttt. . • • *••*- *• ./^publicity Dcpl. reports Saturday light's Bainbridgc game "will mark Ihc. return of Clark Shaugh- icssy after a three year vacation at P'ill.'. . . Thai aint what Clark called it. Cleaning The Cuff The Cleveland Browns and New York Yankees are expecting lo hoist the pro football attendance record above 70,000 Sunday. The advance sale passed the '10,000 REMOVED. FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Mrs. Claude Whirehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health &. Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th at. "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING Batteries Recharged Shop Equipment is no jetter than the man that uses it , Your Repair Work, see IOMER COBB Highway 67 Phone 57 ALLGI's Interested in FLIGHT TRAINING Contact Vet Office or B. L. Rcttig at the airport • Flight Instruction* • Rides • Charter Trip« HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Agent for SCAT Airline SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick turner ['• i By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane--- - -- LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialise in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. NOTICE Tilt-Ray Venetian Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texarkana, Arkansa* WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metal Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING is for PROTECTION against every type of loss at 20% Less Our Companies Each Year Return to Policyholders Millions 01 Dollars in Savinasl Foster-Ellis MUTUAL lNSllRA^4CE AGENCY Non-Assessable Legal Reserve 108 East 2nd Phone 221. 'I have to speak aboul a united world at our next club leclint?— do you think the members are quite rcadylo listen (o the idea of a president from Manchuria/ FUNNY BUSINESS "^H, ':&*&& By Hershberacr wV" , JOM RV MEA SERVICE, IHC. T7^'REG:'U.'S7PAT._ . lhen , Gaclsdcn, what's all U>is vicious subversive . hca/aboul you having lo fio honic.yeslcidajjwUU By Blosscr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS trict). | pOR—Dependable and Quick ' t PLUMBING SERVICE • i ', IPHONE 933 ?Jp J^b Too |-ar§e or Too 8maJ\ > • ANDERSON BROS. • Dcquccn at Ashdown Foreman at Magnolia Prescott at Horatio District Eight Little Rock Catholic High at Memphis (Sunday) non-districO Lonokc al Deaf School (Liltle Magnet Cove at Murfrecsboro Carlisle at Augusta (non-district) Bauxite at Arkadclphia. -o- courl-housc slcps. It is a wise idea to be present when the Irucks deliver lumber, sash, , and plumbing fixtures Statistics Show Porkers Lead Loop By CARL BELL Associated Press Sports Writer Any doubts as to the ability o irofessional boxing to make a sue I William I, Herndon Photographer first Nation^) Bank Bids. , . 8econc( Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J 1 ' • '^PORTRAITS ( Cornmerciql and Advertising ; PHOTO .COPIES ' Discharges , Legal Documents 24 Hour Service Baseball Scores By The Associated Press International League Final Playoff Montreal 7; Syracuse 4 (Montreal leads 3-1). Southern Association Final Playoff pabil, l.HlJv;o «uv* i-»»v*i iiu»i*e» . _-- and to check actual amounts laid down against the figures on Ihc invoices. It is wise, also, to glance carefully, as though casually, bin sharply nevertheless, al Ihc hones toilers care, as well as the con tractor's, when they starl nomc u the evening for cans of paint, hard ware brick and, I .. said, shingle and nails. I knew a contraclor wn shed aclual tears in pleading for louse-building job in hard times who built a house of his own with material stolen in small lots from riis clients. A security watch after dark is recommended lest some honest artisan come back at night lo admire his own work and some Atlanta C; Memphis 2 (Atlanta leads 2-1). Pacific Coast League Semi-Final Playoffs San Francisco 3; Hollywood (San Francisco leads 1-0). BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Ptumblna • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting ana Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. • :essful comeback in Arkansu should be removed by now. Aboul 3,000 people crammed ml Robinson auditorium the olho night for Lillle Rock's second KM pro card. Like the tirst one, this program was no grcal shakos "f fislic artistry. Neither of the Little Rock cards has featured a heavyweight scrap and yet the people have turned out en masse. Forl Smilh, which also nas had Iwo programs recently, likewise has been drawing well. There were a lot of 'oiks who thought Buddy Holdcrt'icld, the COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Doug /"*ITY Carl Bacon \*IJ I Johes ELECTftIC CO. — for — House Industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repair! Phone 784 PIANOS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" • Looks like new • Sounds like new • New guarantee If you are interested in buying a piano call or write One of our representatives will call on you. CRABBE BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co. 515 Buchanan Avenue Texarkana, U. 5. A. _,.,;>,WHAT DOES T-W-I-R-P MEAN ^ , ~T Ir MEANS THE WOMAN is. REQUESTED To :' —BEGINNING AT NOON Top/W, IF YOU ID DATE ME, YOU HA^E TO FINANCED THE DEAL/^ ' ' T*i ] v v i rsi SEASON LASTS 14- DAYS / I'LL HAA/E MORE DOUGHNUTS AMD MILKSHAKE. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR, Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana 10 auiiiiif iuo wv>i» .»«*.._-••— -- how find a kitchen sink in his back seal on leaving. . . If you see a carpcnlcr ripping a board, by hand, ask Ihe contractor why he didnt set up a machine. If Ihc operation is a remodeling job remove all liquor, canned goods, hunting weapons and boots to other I premises. , , . Don't be bashful aboul checking and asking questions. You may sec a carpenter building a tool-box for himself with your materials, on your time. Come in the back.way isomclimcs. In a case that I know of, a fine, virtuous old contractor was silling around a hearth-fire at i ten o'clock on a winter morning, roasting hoi dogs with his crew. L! JUUf^l! 1 4-iuwv*./ •****».. — .. • Scolt, Ark., puncher, lost to Bobby Mclnlyre, Ihc Detroit veteran, in their ten-rounder at Little Rock Tuesday night. Holderl'ield nevertheless get the decision. Buddy learned much from the ring-wise Detroilcr bul showed he has much, much more lo learn before he will be able lo salisfy his ambition — winning the world welterweight Silver and Gold • I All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H.W. Hatcher 309 E. Second Hope, Ark Phone 407-J REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division Si. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH • Complete Repoir Shop Body and Fender Shop Complete Paint Shop Bring Your Car Troubles To Us •There's considerable overdue poslafic on this package, madam! \3JOH 3HT & 3MO \A\,^ , .HfREfe THE CHECK—CALL. ME UP IM ABOUT FIFTEEN DAYS/,-;— ISOLATIONIST/ r ~ ^~«. fin riiiiunmnt n i COPR. 1946 nV NEA SERVICE. INC. "k .. T. M~EO. li. S. 1*1. OFF.PN 1 ; . Thimble Theater DONT WAIT TILL YO'JR CAR FAtLS DOWN ON THE JOB/ It can put you in an awful fix. That's why we'd like a chance to get its minor disorders corrected RIGHT NOW! HEFNER NASH CO. CUSTOMERS" Phone ' POPEYE OUR MOTTO 314 E. 3rd. crown. Keny Holland, the University of Arkansas' "third string' tailback who gained 98 yards against Northwestern Louisiana State last week, is Ihe Southwest Conferences leading ground-gainer. Nearest man lo him is Mangum of Baylor with 79 yards. Arkansas has the conference s Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space" HALL'S Hotter* HUGHI-HAU.QVM! 268 N. Ferguion i UQt ,^..f, r~i"~ — \ n h Ana in '.i best forward passing percentage— They had posted * "'^ch-dog n a t c lcUons and car in the drive but me LULIU, . — ., , Jlr Ir i,,, whose o w n mother raised no o w n feeble-minded i ec uj e -ii....u«=u children, n°"ced thai the job lagged while the bills mounted, so, one morning, he approached from the back, eluding the dog, and found himself paying a dox.en horny-handed thieves straight time for a weenie-roast. Man's inhumanity to man nas made cynics of many a born pnu- an At r °the t end of the Job. arrange lo be substantially in debt to the contractor and, by no means, pay him out until a year has passed. He will toll you lhat his wife needs an operation. That worked with me, once, and I never saw him again, although time revealed that „ _ . —„Razorbacks arc second baUln avcragc of . . The 3ayk>r"nTloral yards gained with No hus Al- d&UHl| ciin*v»m D " -----he had chiseled on the lions lo the cxtenl of aboul Sl.Ouu. He may say the bank is threatening to foreclose his mortage. Let Ihc bank foreclose. That is h s Iwoiry. He may tell you he needs 363. Holland and Aubrey Fowler, are nigh among the circuit's leading passers. Holland completed three of four for 43 yards and Fowler four of seven for 72 yards . . pass receiver in the loop caught more lhan Arkansas' ion Baldwin, Clyde Scoll and Bill Bass, each of whom gathered jn two against Northwestern Louisi- la. John Hoffman's two touchdowns made him the second leading scorer in the Southwest. Barney Welch ol Texas A & M has 18 poitns. YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mattress Co, For better work at better prices—Old beds made new and new beds made too — AUL WORK GUARANTEED One. day service? in town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 411 S. Ho*el ed GREETINGS?) Cr SIR .'.' r(- WOULD v( , vouV CAEE TO) SEE THE TACK??, FOLLOW WISH WORDS WITH YOU ana. 'final'amount due to bifi job that will make him independent. Tell him to borrow the monpv from the bank but don't pay him until you have a chance -o t whether he used powdered in Cor white house-paint and lunibei so grec lhat it sprouts in sprui). and somehow forgot to use stee Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hem- stitchiny. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlst. 513 S. Walnut Phone 578-W WANTED I White Oak Logs 1 and Heading Bolts Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bolts Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts I For Prices and more details ' Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas CASH---- inloM ' mutes! OUT OUR WAY By J. R, William* OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople Borrow r-oney from us on your car, or almost any thing of v 'Me. We'll lend you all YOU need .f we thing o v . poiiibly co- 'egardless of where you hye. The more Jou wanr the hotter we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the v-••*'. Ask for M.. ^elarty, "t Hope Auto Co. "i DOM'T THISJK TH' FAMOUS POMV EXPRESS HEROES OF OLD WEWT THRU HALF- TH' MARRX3VJ ESCAPES THAT OUR ' POES TODAY.' -= ^ . WELL, [NOBODY LOOKS ON 'ENA A& HEROES LIKE THEY DID THEM OL! BOYS/ . A TRUCI4 TORE OFF HIS HULL COW TAIL., A LIZZIE SCRAMBLED , ALL HIS MAIL— A FLOWER. POT FELL UPOM HIS DOME, A VICIOUS DOS, IT RUM HIM HOME-HIS WIFE LOOKED UP . AM 1 SEZ., "WHAT SAY?" 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N\ I DANS3ECOUSJ By EdgaVMartrh' PVt-NOc. Vcf< XOLi > Of COURSE. ^., n-> ' By Fred Harmon _; ARE VOUHU«T?

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