Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1946 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1946
Page 4
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, Sepfember, 51, SSH^Ssw«»«fti»««»9SSiBHKas!WBS' . . M.O P E Sf A R, HO P E, ARKANSAS !8£W^^ *.£,.. U II 0 P f. ST A R/ fl 0 A R-K A M S A S Monday, \*(.' Ads Must Be tu Office Day Before Publication Number of .Words Up to IS 16 to 20 to 25 to 30 to 35 to 40 to 43 to SO Rfctes 21 26 31 36 41 46 One Day 43 60 73 90 .... 1.03 .... 1.20 1.35 1.50 are Three Six One 5 Davs Days Month .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3-. r )0 4.00 4.50 i.OO for Continuous 4.50 G.OO 7.50 9.00 10.30 12.00 13.30 15.00 Insertions Oily • All Want Ads Cash in Advance * Not Taken Over the Phone Legal Notice Lost 600X16 U s ROYAL TIRE DE- Luxe Chevrolet wheel. Reward lor return to J. W. Strickland's otfice. 23-31 Cost oC publication to the 'nvpayor^ nf this notice in this pa|>i*v i.-l ^"PROPOSED' 'CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 40 Proposed by Pell t ton of the People POPULAR NAME OF AMENDMENT INCREASING l'UI!POSF.S AMD [Mil,LACK KOPv MUNlCUViL 1M- PROVEMKN'l" BONOS. BALLOT TITLE A PROPOSED CONSTITUTION'- AL AMENDMENT TO ADD THE PURCHASE. DEVELOPMENT IMPROVEMENT OF 1-M'B- By Wcstbrook Pcgler Copyright, 1946 By King Features Syndicate., New York. Sept. 22— My recent little bout ot peus-poiTidae-hot with of New York, Sept. 23 — (.>?)— A good rule In sport is that If yoU're-Rottm to get into n tialil. pick a KU.V fiom Notre Dame fur your side, When the All America football conference was tuning up for a .scrap with tiie National League, it acquired Jimmy Crowley missioner and .Joe up Help Wanted GOOD ALL AROUND MECHANIC. Good opportunity. Apply Mr. Arch Wylie at Wylie Motor Co. Rev. Joscp F. Dnclly. Hertford Dioceasan Labor In- utc. wlim-oiii I kept my punches ai.d my demeanor stately even on lie V.Uu-k his thumb in my [artist, >. has rtk'ited from the editor of Monitor, the official organ ot 1 Archdiocese oC San Francisco. inlcre.Uin:; collateral report. I ?ss I niLMn collatoral. although shouldn't c;o m - 101 ' such high- when I mean Notre Dame publicitor. as com- Petrit/., former chief Although Minnesota claims to be weak at tackle, one candidate is 215-pound Dean Widseth, whose Uncle Kd played a pretty good game for the Gophers ten years -- good enough to be All- that is. Dean hod two Bemidji Teachers and ago Hempstead Scout Committee Meets TuescJay The Urmpslead Hny Scout Com millee will rnotl r.i Hope City Hall at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. September, 2-1. Clifford Franks urged all members to attend. Leaders a.<! Tex Ilughson spaced six lilts to gain his 10th win. Houkie Fred Sanford hurled his, -join-. Cavarretta, .John Law, b'aH ^Sio^VTmcric^tt ^ who coached at Manhattan^, c-xpeeti.n: many battles, but. it has ! Sim;ngi is preside! I of a sou,- ob allied another Irish ballyhoo) pro ontba 11 league u d Ne Walt Kcnnedv, to handle its burgh. N. V. Unnecl otatc;, college publicity. Only in Chicago is then-! baseball player; asj.1 classed a «roup , a three events completely cstat ihcdN a Uon n ,«Bncha a club there and it already has hired igh- bia George Mikan. who "made 1 col- funyo nl V'" K< ,• n a lePC basketball in the stadium, to tanc-o and circling head a club that will ope.'-tc in no hollering at in For Sale AMENIOMENT NUMBER 20-31 i TEEN TO THE CONST ---i-,.,,-, 'OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS i 'h,, AND TO INCREASE THE SPECIAL TAX TO PROVIDE FOR THE PAYMENT OF BONDS ISSUED THEREUNDER FROM FIVE MILLS TO EIGHT MILLS wrote in the esiasticnl review ••unhappy' xo majority ot a of young Catholic priests dis- with mv opinion of the T MODEL FORD. MOTOR IN - perfect shaoe, 5 new tires, steel • beam lights. 17 plate Willard! QN THE^DOLLAR. IN battery. Drive it. Price $2-jO. I TO TH £ LEGAL RATE PEKMiT- -- — •-• TED T0 EE LEVIED 3Y MUNICIPALITIES ON THE REAL AND PERSONAL TAXABLE PROP- . 904 West Fourth. 16-Gt 6 x 6 x 12 CONCRETE BLOCKS. Immediate delivery: 65 x lot with tile garage building and filling station. K. Wilson. High- ^ ^ ^.,,.,__..,... way 4, forks Columbus and \Vasn-1 PLE O p THE STATE Of ington road. . 17-6t KANSAS THAT THE VOL ERTY THEREIN. AMENDMENT BE IT ENACTED BY THE ,1000 BALES Hope Gin Phone 52l LESPEDEZA HAY. Co. U. G. Garrett. 20-3t NEWLY DECORATED HOME, T rooms, bath, front & back entrance halls. Easily converted into duplex. Corner lot. no pavin." 'tax. "Six blocks from business . district. Good investment. Vacant ." Immediate possession. 402 North 'Heryey. Apply next door. 21-Ot 3 NEW WHITE, ALL-STEEL VE, rietian blinds. Never been used. .Size 67 by 89Vj inches—$25 each: six new window shades, one eggshell color. 5 buff: 34. 36. 37 inches ' in width; Nine slightlv used shades, 4 eggshell and 5 buff— S1.25 each. 504 S. Hamilton St. Telephone 491-W. 21-St HOUSE, ONE OR TWO & HALF acres, 1 mile cut on old Fulton road. Priced cheap. See J. L. , Lamb. 23-3i TWO CLARINETS. USED, GOOD condition. Price $57.51) each. Mi- Cannon, Band Room, or phone 1104; ' 23-31 is, briefly, that it is so much more bad than" good as to be. in the Uital score, teiriele. I replied that these junior clergy were "misinformed" AnnrnoNT ^ li ' cl 4!;lve « tew - but only a fevv>1 ' VUL '- 1 ' ; reasons why 1 believe it is so bad. I am unable to give you the name of the editor of the Monitor because, unfortunately, the man who i sent me Ihe tear-sheet containing I'P,'.-, comment-had torn it off across PEO- • the mast-head. He is the Rev. Hugh ATI-: A. D. — Duffy, perhaps, or Don- LOW-|ov;m or Doian? ING 3E ADOPTED AS AN, Kc js anvwav, temperate and AMENDMENT TO IT3 CONSTI-1 fai ,._ w hereas Father Donnelly was TUTION: I up O n his feet, cheering, because a That Amendment No. n to tne; f!rov .p o f young clergy, apparently' u ". ,•}'•'" ' under his own tutelage, agreed Cu. be.|, vi , n cuo W h 0 began his article by ox-pressing his "distaste for the " meaning me. What . . . ..„_ ..... „ lor the gentleman r.i tnia i lo i with the facts 0 [ t he case. credit of the Monitor another arena. Ward "Piggy 1 Lambert quit as Purdue coach become commissioner of the National League and Ole Olson of Ohio State, a long-time rival of Lambert, will be coach and vice president of )he Chicago Association Club. America. ono'a/a regular' at" Great Lakes, i second straight siiutou'. "mice ...... ....... former Notre Dame I ing the St. Louis Browns from To-1 Brooklyn. 10. letlo. Sanford blanked vh White Sox 2-0, but UK dropped UK; second garni* f.l-5. In other Nalional League (.'nines the Philadelphia Phillies he:;t the New York C.iianls twice. •!-.! and 1-0, and Ihe C'incinnati lierls. de- felled the l'iltslmr;.;h Pirates. -1-1! and (i-ii. Upon completeion of the second game, Manager .Hill McKochhio >.>f ine .Red Legs told his players that he had resigned. McKechnio. who has been at the Khinelaiu! helm since HKUi, probably will finish out the season as boss of the team. MoK'echnic said in a slaicment Dy Assocl.itr.rl Press Nntion.il L.cnrjiu* BuUiii!!—Musiiil. St. Louis. .:)'.'! Mi.'.e, New York, .ail? I!uil:c--Muui:il. St. Louis. 111! Slaughter, St. Louis, !l!l. Huns baited in—-Shnnihtc-r, Louis, l: 1 .!!; Walker. Brooklyn. Hits—Musial, St. Louis, Walker, Brooklyn, I'i.'l. Ooubic:; -Musial. St. Louis. Holmes, Boston, and Kurownki Louis. H2. • Triples—Musial. St. Louis. Chicago, and R( Lewis, Wil ^"" f jV^',„(;;;,.,, nnd \Villi;.n':, Bo.'.ion. :',". Klolcn hii'ii';.- i.'asp. 2!i: Sib nwci:•: , r •''"•'/ "forK, ntlli; C.innpert. Yankee. 711(1. .Tletroit, 'lovelaiul, 17. in, .'.!!•>•(!— 11-li- ft BLONDIE CW.GWOOD, WHAT KIND OF MEAT DO MDLJ f WANT FOR !>, SUPPER P HI. 113. ot f rcspondcnce "bascbal field games championship.' The events were fun no hitting, throwing for dis- thr bases. What, umps? Monday Malinee Dots All, Brothers Abe Greene, National Doxin;; Association, officiates today at the unveiling of a sculptured portrait of Joe Louis' hands at Ihe studio of Hay Shaw, the artist \\'ho devotes herself exclusively to hand portraits. I ,,CM-,II Would you !usually has a hand in say Abe things? No. H Constitution ot the Slate kansas, adopted Ocober 5. 1 amended to read as follow. . vocl ,, s ..... .ARTICLE XVI, Sectio-i 1. Nei- CTC .; n i,., TK .,,i • m t ther the State nor any city, county. , £ rs llis Distaste town or other iiiunicipality i.i this j ^' c ; o State, shall ever lend its credit j anvwa y-i for any purpose whatever: nor | 'j- ne oclitor shall mu est nes. except such b authorized by law county, city. to\vn or Ui any eouiuy, cuv. iu%, u in , v ; cv r B n -, y critcisms micipaiity ever usue ar.v inter- ., crr , c t i 10u Vht s o c his -bearing evidences ol inclc-bied-1 ' Exercising their rig!' offers Dodgers Close Card Lead to a Haif Game By RALPH RODEN Associated Press Sports Writer "The war of nerves" enters its final week today as tho St. Louis Cardinals and ihe Brooklyn Dodgers race neck and nock down the stretch for the National League pennant. At the moment, the Red Birds lead Manager Lippy Leo Duroche's Dodgers by a naif game. The that he "left standing.' At Cincinnati General Manager Warren tiile;; said "after discussing the matter fully with Mr. i i Powell i Ci'osley the Heds presi-j dent) and Bill McKechnio we con- i eluded a change in manager would ' the finale before a packed house! bo in the best interests of all." First name lo pop up a.< a possible successor was that of Terry Moore. SI. Crdina! outfielder, llis m 1 me was advanced by Lou Smith off the Cincinnati Enquirer, now traveling with tho club, who said Moore's "was the name heard discussed most freeuently among the club's big-wigs.' Chicago | Home Huns— Mi/e .New York, 22; Browns ' Kiner, Pittsburgh, 21. .Stolen base? — 1'eiser. Brooklyn. Id; Haas. Cincinnati. 22. Pitfhiiu;- Dirkson. St. Louis. M!5— Howe. Philadelphia, H-» -~ .733. American League Malting—Vcriinn, Washington, .350; Williams Hilton. .Ivll. Huns—Williams, r.oslon, I'll; Pesky, l!(i;;ton. 114. Runs batted in--Williams, Boston, 121; Yoik. I.II.SUHI. 1U!. HilS"-Pe.sk.v. Boston. 21)8; Vernon, Washington. 'l!J!>. Doubles—Vi-rnon and Spcnce, Baseball Scores l!v The Ar.'.ocl.itctl Press Nntional Lrnque Chicaj.'o 1; -St. Louis 2. i-o'-ion' 4-r Mi-oohlyn '.Ml. I'hiladc Ipma '!-l: New 'r o (.•inciiin.-iti •)-(!: Pittsburgh '2-5. Atiir.rlc.-m League n,.|.-(,it •!-.-,; CI.-V.-UUK! 0-3. New York -17: Philadelphia 3-4. Si. I.tiui-; V-fi: Chicago ()-">. P.osten -I; Wasliiiiglini 1. 3-0. y^Fve 1?* ' AND vS] 3TS ) I Bv Chick Younej HAM IS AF?OJND A DOLLAR i\rr\ TWENTY A FOUND AND •^^ |||! LAMB CHOPS ARE ABOUT -r PIF^EEN CENTS V/-MW APIECE SHAKE HANDS . WITH A ^ VEGETARIAN DIGGING AT YOUR SCALP WON'T HELP (',,'( ical lirlp for dry iti'hy s".ilp \viih Moroliim Hnlr Tunic. Aids natural oils, Iflps remove loose dnmlniff. HAIR TONIC SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner WashiiiKton, -15. T r; pic s---Kd wards, Cleveland, nds as ma to provide bo for critcisms and viino.^j —•.- = — . - , own ' I Cards have six games left to play right, to form while Ih^Dodg^s. have "^^ margin ovor lKc Mcw y nrk - Ynn . i unions for their own betterment, .$20.00 MONTH WITH SMALL down payment will buy you Garage .Building and filling station. Own yc.ur own property. ', t "Why pay rent? Come out and see .what can be built with cement-blocks. The cheapest, fast, " Fevmanent building. I have some t construction under way now 6X6X12 Blocks for immediate delivery. Also some 210 pounc r green roofing shingles. K. V/il son, *t4 highway, forks Columbus-Washington roads. 23-61 For Sale or Trade r , . .,,-_ a,,,o, working men have been the payment oi. the in- j oplK)Sc d by employers who sought i-ix-ic-ii-nf *->i Inrt 11 'Ti r\ cii ' L * . *. . .-. > > 11. . n scup. . I available. Thus that c.ucs.of tnc firs,, k f th , class may issue by r.nd ., ^ ^ anscnt of "a majority oi vl r.,i' ni ' - h e and secure le.btedness existing at the time he adoption of tha Constitution 1874. and the State shall ssue any interest bearing trcasur. .varranls or scrip Provided and second with the consen the qualified electors of said municipality voting on the question at an election held for the purpose, bonds in sums and for the purpose;; approved by such majority al such election as follows: •d- ness existing at tne time ot the adoption of this amendmini for the purchase of rights of. way for construction of public streets, alleys and boulevards within Ine corporate limits of such municipnl- itv; for the construction of. maintain a "free" labor market, in which the unorganized in- IAC ' C V. dividual tcompeles with every " j other worker for whatever job is the man willing to in of ;(S,fiOO at Braves field. Vic Lombardi throttled ihe Braves with four singles. The lone run lie allowed came in the .seventh, when Danny Litwhiler homered. Over in 'die American League, the spotlight was on Cleveland, where Detroit's hurricane Hal New- housor and Cleveland's Bobbv Keller clashed 'in a hurling clue!. The Bengal lefthander outpitched the j Tribe speed king 3-0, allowing only two hits. It was the slim southpaw's :'Sth I win. Feller was charged wi'u his 14th loss -as against :'.5 victories. The Tigers also won the second game. 4-3 which was halted be- j cause of darkness at the end. of j eight innings. • j The twin victories enabled the i world champion Bengals io main- j Min their five game second place Have Your NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF N£W MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHons 399 AVENUE B GROCERY for Furlough crc. 24 HOUR SERVICE psey ; 220 So. Walnut §0 Hope, Ark. week's play by meeting Manager Ben Chapmans Hustling Philadelphia at Ebcrts Field today while the Cards clash with Ihe Cubs :'n Chicago before moving home to hook up with the Cincinnati Heels twice and the psdky Bruings thrice. kees who downed ihc Philadelphia Athletics, 4-3 and 7-4. The flag winning Boston Rod Sox beat the Washington Senators 4-1 least sels the pay -: or Unions," he wrote, "want cm- plovers to be in the market for labor rather than labor to be in the market for work." Let me interrupt. Employers have been in the mar- !ket for workers and labor has been jin the market for jobs. both, ever |sinee V-J Day. a new phase of ihe conflict. Neither the above limitations widen- ] taxation shall not ing' or straightening of .streets, al- i issued by any municipality for the leys and boulevards within the cor- purpose of acquiring, purchasing, porate limits o£ such municipality: for the purchase, development 1942 FORD \Vz TON. NEW BED, C new tires. Individually owned. See at Reed Motor Co. 20-3t extending, improving, enlargin building, or construction of water improvement of public parks,, pub- works and Hsht plants, but the levy The Phils battle ihe Dodgers vhree times before the Boston Braves come in tor two games. St. Louis blew an opportunity take a strangle hold on iirst place by taking 7-2 beating from the Cubs before capacity throng of 42.824 "esterday \yhile ihe Dodgers split a' twin bill with the Braves. „„„ _ Hank Borowy stifled the Cards emplovors with six hits and the Bruins overcame a 2-1 St. Louis lead by scoring hree runs in ihe sixth inning off Howie Pollet, southpaw ace of the BIR. The Dodgers, after bowing -1-2 to Johnny Sain, came brick and hammered the Braves into a 8-1 defeat of the rate of apply to bonds .Yesterday's Stars By the Associated Press 1 :,Jphnny Sain, Braves and Vic Bombardi, Dodgers—Sain scattered seven hits in pitching Boston to 4-2 win over Broklyn in first game of doubleheader for his 20th win of ,year. Lombardi limited Boston to four safeties in gaining 8-1 win in second game for Brooklyn. Hank Borowy, Cubs—handcuffed St. Louis on six hits in hurling • Chicago to 7-2 victory. Hal Newhouser, Tigers—blanked Cleveland 3-0 on two hits to gain his 26th win for Detroit. Tigers also won second game, -1-3. Fred Sanford, Browns — white. washed Chicago, 2-0, ior second straight shutout win since joining St. Louis irom Toledo. The White 'Sox won the second game, 3-5. jc recreation centers (including; the construction of dams for lakes i, and flying fields located cither within or without the corporate limits of such municipality; for the construction of sewers and comfort stations; for the purchase of fire fighting apparatus and lire alarm systems; for the purchase of street cleaning apparatus; for the purchase of sites for. construction "of, and equipment of city halls, auditoriums, prisons, libraries, Hospitals, public abbatoirs, incinerators or garbage disposal plants; for buildings for the housin.y of fire fighting apparatus; struction of viaducts for and the con- bridges; and for the purpose of purchasing extending, improving, enlarging building, or construction of water works or light nlanls and distribution systems therefor. No bonds issued under the authority of this amendment shall bear a greater rate of interest than six per cent per annum payable either annually or semi-annually: that is to sriy, the c:i:r.. to in 3 muni- cipaliiv for intersFl and discount, on each issue o! bonus snail not exceed six per cent per annum, of the s:icci;il t.ax oi eight mills authorized by this amendment having been exhausted, or the balance unlevied being insufficient to posed bonds, said municipality for the purpose of paying the principal and interest of such water works and light nlant bonds, may, as far as requiretl. levy and collect a special tax, in addition to the rate allo'.ved by this amendment ot not to exceed five mills on the dollar. Said bends shall be serial, maturing annually after three years from dale of issue, and shall be paid off as they mature; and no bonds issued under the authority of this amendment shall be issued for a longer period than thirty-five years. No municipality shall ever grant financial aid toward the construc- ton of railroads or other private enterprises operated by any person, film ov corporation, and no money raised under the provisions of this amendment by taxation or by sale l of bonds for" a specific purpose | shall ever be: used for any other i or different purpose. I It shall be the duty of the mayor 1 and city council or other govern- 1 ing body established by law, to nor the workers wanted this condi- but the union bosjes imposed tion ' to un- their ATTENTION FARMERS and DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Roofs with Paint For Commercial Spray Painting consult LUM RATELIFF Phone 979-W 518 W. Division Job Prinfing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will hnve complete line of printed Christinas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texnrkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 31fi8-R "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner GENERAL. AUTO REPA5RJNG Batteries Recharged Shop equipment is no better than the mar' that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB High A/ay 67 Phone 57 ALLGl's Interested in TRAINING Contact Vcr Office or B. L. RctHg at tho airport e F!''ghr Instructions e Rides o Charter Trips HOPE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT Agent for SCAT Airline and no bonds issued under the au- ( e\ercis( il supervision over the salo thority of this amendment er be sole shall ' of any bonds, which may be voted •Workingmen who belong ions favor the control that unions acquire over job opportuni wait a minute, Father If yc.u moan "some workingmen, 1 '' all right. But if you mean all or most of them then why do unions demand t h e check-off, whose doughtiest and honestest advocate, John L. Lewis, admits that its principal purpose is to check apostasy? Do you think the multitudes of workingmon "who belong to unions' only because they were forced to join or go hungry, :'avor those controls by unions over job opportunities? | Having studied union constitution as much as any other man in the U. S. A. and, I dare say. more than the Junior Clergy of the Haitford Dioceasan Labor institute. 1 maintain that these controls constitute a tyranny ihat no self- respeeing workingman would submit lo willingly. They violate vhe citizen's rights more outrageously Mrs. Claude Whitehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 Heating Hope, Ark. 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I ' me _I drove one of these crates all IhrouKh Ihe war!" still don't runt-tiller sr.yint* anything about niy shins and neckties!" is for agonist every type of loss at 20% Less Our Companies E.-.oh Year Return to Policyiioltlers Millions of Dollars in Cs.ivincisl ft' me i n 6.J MUTUAL INSIIRAflCE AGENCY Non-AsscssnlMc Legnl Reserve 108 East 2nd Phone 221 FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcraer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Biosscr Hcrry PLUMBER Sr. Cjntracting and Repairs Phone 382-J 1023 South Main St. ^ F^>fl7|-D,ependable and Quick • 'PLUMBING SERVICE • PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smah • ANDERSON BROS. « William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges - Legal Documents 24 Hour Service I by the people at an election held for that purpose and they shall expend economically the funds so | provided for the specified purposes i for which they were voted. Said election shall be held at I such tiroes as the city council may designate- by ordinance, which ordinance shall specifically slate the purpose for when the bonds are to per- : be issued, and if for more than nv.iili- j one purpose, provision shall be said ordinance for ballot- ever be sole! except at public t:ala after twenty dcys advcriisemer.u in some newspaper having a bona fide circulation in the municipality ssuing such bonds. In; order-to provcle for Vns payment of the bonds issued under the irovislons of this amendment, and merest thereon, a special tax, r.ot .o exceed eight mills on th" dollar n addition to the legal rale milted, rnay be levied by cipalities on the real and i;orsu''ial ( made ifi taxable property therein. Anrl anv I ing on each separate purpose; municipality issuing an/ bonds | which ordinance shall state the shall, before or al the '.imp of doing so, levy a direct U.x payable annually not exceeding the amount limited as above, sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as the lime matures, and also sLI!';'!•:-ion! ! nance, to pay and discharge the prin of all such bond:; at their i e live maturities; provid'.-d. thn sum tote;! of the issue, the dates ot maturity thereof and shall fix the date of election so that it shall not occur earlier than thirty days after the passage o£ said ordi- Said election shall be held MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or £6 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock. Shrcveport Tcxarkana jail and conducted, and the vole there .••c-I of canvassed, and the result there the! of declared under the law and in' me manner now or hereafter provided for municipal elections, so far as the same may be applicable, except as herein otherwise pro: vidcd Notice of said election shall be given by the mayor by adyer- • liscmenl weekly for at least four limes, in some newspaper published in said mu'iicipalitv aid having a •born fido circulation therein; the : last publication to be not less than i ten days prior to the dale of SQid I IS •: By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver Plenty of Parking 5pacc' Hatters HUGH P. HAU, Owner N. Fergmon Phone 76 Qujilifiefl voters of said numici- paliiv only shall h:ivo a right to v(u('"al s.'iirl uloclions. 'J'he result i.i' .s;iicl cloftion shall be proclaimed liv ill- ii'.nyor and the result as proclaimed :J!uil be concliisiye unless ailnrla-il in the courts within thirty cUivs af!i r the date of such pro r!;i[-ia:in:i. This rnjujjuime'H shall IK '. repeal or aifect any law re- 'lii t!u^ (ii-fjaiuzalion of im- iU-'iit districts, amendment shall be in force its adoption, and shall not ! i e;:iiirf legislative action to put it i into inrce and effect. I All nrovisions of this amendment :l.ail bu treated as mandatory, and a!! p. ovisiuns of the Cori':iitution. li.i- air-'-ndiiH-J'ts thereto ': conflict i herev.-ith are hereby repealed. I [nitiat^ve poilion for the above p,(.|j...-;cd Constitutional Arnend- 'j:'-t'!it i ; led in this office on the li.-il day of July, 19-1G. Witness my hand and the seal of office on this the 12th day of AuBUst, 1946. C. G. HALL. SoereTTTry of Slate. Kept. 9, 1C, 23, 30. than employers would claro 'iry today. And I say '.his is the worse for the pec.ple of the country be-, cause so many political and spiritual leaders condone or even advocate it. One job-control is the power to "try' and suspend indefinitely any worker, and citizen who violates the rule against "un- imionlikc conduct." What is "un- unionlike conduct?" It is anything that a few union bosses don't like. I say that when the National government and some ol! the slate .governments compel men and worn en to "belong to unions" and submit to the "control t.hat their unions acquire over job opportunities." then the .government must r<ee ihat these unions revise their constitutions and conduct iheir afairs in compliance with the constitution of the U. S. A. That means government supervision and control of unions doesn't it? And that Hitlerisrn and Stal nism, too. I don't think :•) Father D- is or that but the only alter- lative is voluntary unionism and .hat means the olen shop, which Father D is against. Mr. Pegler," he says, "reminds as of the Doctor (FOUR AstericKs) vho keeps repeating ihe diagnosis without ever offering a satisfactor.*, remedy except, possibly, the advice to remove the patient's head to re lieve the headache.' "The fundamental weakness o unions,' as he sees it. is the apathy of the workers who won't attcnr meetings and who vote in ignorance of the issues. But 1 .-:ay that is i fatal ' weakness. Such attendant' and the constant study \n 'under stand all issues and the wa'.chful ness against trick;; is too much i ask of workingim-n. Mfii are lirei at night. Many, as Happy Hopkin is said to have said, are jusl lo dumb to understand. Mother get sore if Pop keeps going down the hall every night. What about movie? What about the kiel:;' home work? What about helping with Lh dishes, you lazy tramp? If 1 remind Father 1) of on joke, I can top him. All', a cockney, .says: "V/y did 'ave a joke on Bert last night. 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OFF. 1-tt. POPEYE Thimble Theater AMOV, PIPE '-O DOWN.'.' WHV / s CAMTCHA BE DI6MFIEP 72 / OLIVE IS\ (OklAY ONCE'T N AHOV, OSCAR ,\ HAVE YA SEEMJ wMpyjfJf^T NO!! TACk??\BEND OVER AND I CON'T JpEER MOKE OOSELV, SEE ANV MY FEIENP- lTAC^k TH ^ YOU % IN ^ SHALL SEE ^youcvt™ 5 POIWT OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople blanket, cither. Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover buttons, make button holes and do hemstitching. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlst. 513 S. Walnut Phone 578-W DOS Clear and Clean Overcup Oak Logs and Heading Bollhs Post Oolc Logs and Headirscj Bo5*s For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas Borrow money from us on your car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you wanf the better we like it. Ten minutes usuaUy gets you the cash. 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By R«v Gofto AH'LL A MAKE 1 'tM SOftftY, PER DONT THROW / THIS BIRD ANYTHING- FAT...IF YOU CAN'T CLIP TH'CORNERS, LET HIM WALK/ ITS TH LAST Or TH FOURTEENTH AND TH' IS STILL TIED,., NOW GET UP THERE AND FINISH IT/ CANT WAIT ANY LONGER TO SEE OZARK ...I HAVE TO PREPARE FOR TONIGHT/ C-ONMA THINK MARTIN'S BURNIN' UP THEM SASE PATHS A&'IN/ GO AHEAD, PENNY- YOU'LL 5f/: OZARK ...BUT WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECTf By Michael O'Malley & Roiph Lane ™ WHY SHOUtO I PAY S50.00O TO 5ILEWCF. YO'J. TWItlGHT. WHEN 1 CAN DO IT TOR VHE PRICE OF ONE tITTLE BUUE1 NOW TO KNOCK OFF THE COP WATCHING MISTRAL'S BODY. WHERE DO WE GO, MARCIA, TO FIND MISTRAL? / " THEARD'YOU"itf THE "\~~ : / DOOR, MARCIA, MY DEAR. " -\ I MISTRAL 15 OtAD-- AND BOTH \ OF YOU Will JOIN HER UNLESS YOU GO SILENTLY OP / \ THOSE /YOU AP^IVED JUST IN TIME, FLINT. SCREWY THIKGS ARE COMING OVER THE INTERCOM. ..YOU'D BETTER GO UP TO THE HOUSE: FlIHT OK GRGWL ! COME TO THE IKTER- COA1 AT THE GATE.! , HAVE A PROPOSITION [ 'TO MAKE.' WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner IF FXTHER 0\D FIND >( m\\\ I KEEP THINKING OF CWCORRO, M VOU THINK. \ ^ FELIA NMAED ELI WOCHO CAPTNM EFvSV, WHV VNOULD HHW ftKE 10LD WE HND ' J.Z 5E HELD PRISONER.'.^ SEftRCHED S.EhRS FOR THE SWAE RUWS ftND . -,v> , ITS SILVER, r^ Wy'l*W^<' '/c ^•'^''/ M'/ ' / CON^CTS' sKt' I ESCI^PED OVER m^M ^i DR. WE&BER. i STUDIES THE ' STRWGE DESIGN •ckS'-i 1^.5 FOUND IN Wl OLD CrtlCORRON CEREf'AON\; IS. r.t.\!F ... DONALD DUCK •4ZS. TOBV. SUPPOSE HE GOT THE CLUE TO CHICORRO'S lOCKtlONTTHM HE VMfVS frFTER ^HEN HE SURNWORO'TI-'iKTTWBE 1 . CM F h BETTER PLf\CE FOR. HIN\ TO HIDE v . /• By Walt Disney HENRY By Car! Anderson P lJW. Kirg Ft-jruifj S^JitV* tnf.._ WctlJ rij;h'« 9-23 ALLEY OOP By V. T. ti~~>'~ WHEN THE RIDER OF m BLOCK. DMOSAUSZ CARRIED OFF ALLEY OOP'S GIRL FRIEND, OOOLA, OUR HERO CHAM35D THE TACTICS IN HIS CAMPAIGN TO KID HIS HOMELAND 8[te OF THE CRO-MAGNOH MEN B'C^ WHEN I'VE DlilXiS ' BUT, ANXIOUS AS OOP WAS TO CLASH mm THE CRO-MAGNON TITAN, IT IS DOUBTFUL . HSWOULOHA\/E,Cflp^fN,.. : , . ; .-• ' - t^M SFQl Sw'tJt/J^nc^.f 1 *',;. jTi"-.^^;..^ . i 1 ,,";'',-.: 1 . • "\W/VT/^*GHOLJ5 -KOfi. • *J '* \'i''*' *"• \ MANEUVER. . ^^^-^ corn. 19*5 DV r.FAPWicr.TNc. i. i.i. Kiz. u. «. TAT. orr. BOOTS By Edgar Martin RED RYDER By Freri Hcrmori r-23 '--^ ^r. :. O^^£y'

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