Fairview Republican from Fairview, Oklahoma on February 27, 1936 · 6
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Fairview Republican from Fairview, Oklahoma · 6

Fairview, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1936
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PAGE FOUR FAIR VIEW REPUBLICAN FAIRVIEW (Major County) OKLAHOMA j§ omtu THURSDAY FEB' 27 1936 W C T U The regular meeting of the W C T U met at the home of Hra Suaan Glasgow Tuesday evening -at 7:80 The honorary members and husbands of members of the W C T U were entertained An interesting program was presented as follows: solo Du mont Caskey boys sextet devotional Mrs Emma Shafer theme for the evening “Win ning for Campaign Against Repeal" Washington’s ideals of citizenship Rev White Lincoln’s ideals of eitisenship Rev: Stith “Importance of county organisation" Chas Wright “Winning the Campaign in Pulpit” Rev Thomi-aon "Enlisting the business men” J B Tatman "Street Meeting" Jap Wright impromptu talk by Mr Hanly Thia date being the anniversary of Mr and Mra Will Shafer a lovely Bible and cake were presented by the members of the W C T U Delicious refreshments of jello whipped cream and angel food cake was served to forty-two guests and members £ £ £ B Y P U Entertained 'Members and guests of the Senior B Y P U were entertained with a Washington party Friday evening in the home of Lily Mae Pool Features symbolic of the occasion were distinctive in decoraitons entertainment and refreshments Guests were transformed into George and Martha Washingtons by pinning hatchets to coat lapels and wearing lace doylie hats Prises for the evening were awarded Margaret Sheets and Leonard Funk as winners of the hatchet hunt and word contest Members and guests present were Robert Lively': Vera Brewer Fred Kusch Roy Sei-bel Leonard end Walter Funk Marie Gertx Ella Warhurst Beu 1 a h Wedel Margaret Sheets Mr EC Brewer Eva Ruth Boas: and the hostess Lily Mae Pool “ ' i- - Cecil Cofer Honored On Birthday On Friday February 14 Mrs Gofer cleverly arranged a surprise party- honoring her husband’s birthday anniversary The evening was spent playing contest games and “Hearts” All appointments were in keeping with Valentine At a late hour' refreshments were served Those present who enjoyed the merriment with the hon-oree were: Mr and Mrs Carl Collier Mr and Mrs Ed Klie-wer Mr and Mrs Wm Hanly Mr and Mrs Jess Sutton Mr and Mrs J L Boohs Mrs Lawrence White Mr and Mrs Carl Ticer Mr and Mrs Ervin Brewer Mr and Mrs Vern Sutton Mr and Mrs P F Harp and Mr Fred Bierig Lakeside Meets Lakeside Home Demonstration club met at the home of Mrgt Goldie Louthan There were nineteen members present four visitors Mrs Whetstone president bad charge of the meeting And Mrs Ward as secretary The subject of the lesson was Gardening Mrs Whetstone lc the lesson Others on the program were Mrs Bensch Campbell M Bensch Hurt Ward Miss Opal Jones The demonstration on Vegetable sandwich spread was postponed until summer Miss Ruth Litzell home demonstration a-gent gave a demonstration on irrigation tiles The next regular meeting will be March 12 at the home of Mrs Flossie Whetstone ‘ After the meeting valentine gifts were exchanged Several received gifts from their pals Lunch was served by the hostess assisted by her daughter Bernadine Golden Rule Meeta With Mrs Ratzlaff Mrs Dan Ratzlaff southwest of Orients entertained the Golden Rule club Wednesday afternoon February 19 at a business and social meeting in her home Mrs Elsie Blaser west of Orients will entertain the club on Thursday March 19 ' After the program the hostess served delicious refreshments to twelve members and two visitors Mrs Harrison Martin and our demonstrater Miss Ruth LitselL Members present were Mes-dames: Mark Blaser Albert Kstxleff Pete Nickle Jennie Hedge Opal Drumheller Ruth Eubank and two children Maud Webster John Nickle Burns Young and baby Roland Hillabolt and Miss Wilma Frantz The deb met with Mrs Roland Hillabolt in January with thirteen members and two visi-tors present R N A Club - - -The regular monthly meeting of the R N A club was held at the home of Mrs Ray Bates with Mrs Fred Bierig and Mrs L I Plank co-hostesses on Wednesday Feb 19 “Hearts” was the feature entertainment for the afternoon with favors awarded Mrs Glasgow and Mrs Mollett Delicious refreshment course was served to guests and members Mrs Bowman Walters Wiley Brown Harder Romine Nichols Hale Brewer Perkins Cofer Wims McFadin Halstead Meyer Hamilton Thomas Howard Davison The - next meeting will be at the home of Mrs Romine March 18 Womens Council With Mrs Cofer Mrs Cecil Cofer was hostess for the Women’s Council of the Church of Christ Friday afternoon in her home at 2:80 p m The business meeting was conducted by Mrs Chas: Wright president Plans were made for a covered dish luncheon Feb 28 at the church when a quilt will be quilted ' Mrs L 0 White had charge of the program lesson -“The Gospel in Art” after the business meeting with Mrs F M Prentiss reading the 23rd Psalm followed by a prayer A very interesting talk was given by L 0 White on the 'Appreciation of Art” Many beautiful sacred pictures were hung up in the room to represent an art gallery This was Indeed interesting as several talks were given on special pictures in the room A talk on the- picture Christ in Gethsetnane” was given by Mrs Chas Wilson followed by a duet “Garden of Prayer” by Mrs Fay Harder and Mrs Elpha Cofer Interpretation of “Hope” by Mrs Wm Hanly Piano solo “Whispering Hope” by Jaun-ita Watkins Interpretation of “The An-gelus” by Mrs Nell Perkins Interpretation of “Sir Gala-had” by Mrs L 0 White After-the progrsm Mrs White presented each one present a beautiful 6 x 12 picture of Sij- Galahad suitable for framing Refreshments -were- then served to those present Mes-dames:-F M Prentiss C G Halstead Hugh Carroll Cecil Cofer Antrobus C I Lee A G Harder P F Harp L C Patterson Littlejohn J S Watkins Geo Eubanks W B Hanly J C McMurphy Thom-Taylor F A - Perkins Maude Hubble C M Hughes C H McAllister L 0 White L L Plank Nancy E Dumal Chas Wilson Geo Cense Roland Hillabolt Mr L 0 White and Miss Jaunita Watkins Next meeting will be held in the home of Mrs Roland Hillabolt March 20 lesson leader Mrs George Eubank Chester H D Club Chester Home Dem - club met with Mrrf Rosa Logsdon at the community building Feb 21 with 21 members present and one new member Mrs Raymond Branstetter ' Meeting called to order at 2:00 by the vice-president Mary Pricer Song America the Beautiful Roll call ( answered ' with a plant1 1 would like to exchange Reading of minutes of last meeting by secretary Librarians appointed for the next month Hot beds and cold frames were discussed by Jessie Towner Location of Gardens by Mrs Cora Kragh Vegetable arrangements by Maids Rum-sey Vegetables best suited to this county by Ethel Gaston long lived vegetables that will produce in the fall by Bessie Jones and pest control as a general discussion Vegetable sandwich spread was demonstrated by Jessie Towner and different kinds of aprons by Rosa Logsdon A demonstration on making sub-irrigation tile by Miss LitselL After s game was 'played lunch was served by the hostess assisted by 'Janie Harms Meeting adjourned to meet next month with Odrell Paris " Loyal Workers The Loyal Workers class of the Baptist Sunday school enjoyed a covered dish luncheon in the home of Mrfe - Mattie Lively Feb 21 The meeting is held in the home of the one whose birthday comes in the current month A wide variety of dishes was brought by the following members: Mesdames Mattie Lively J B Wedel Mousner ' J I Smith Warhurst Townley Whittenburg C T Sheets and A R Harder Three visitors were Mrs Lively’s son and two daughters Several blodu of the quilt the class is working on were turned in The class will try to finish this quilt at a meeting with Mrs J B Wedel next month ’ ' Worth While Club Members of the Worth While club met with Mrs C F Fisher on Feb 19 After lunch the time was spent in fancy work and conversation Members present included Marian Will Be Busy' CLEVELAND 10m Marias Laag (above)' eecietaiy te tha Preutat of the 0 JXP Oearmtiom VUi tori' Boreas la geisg to bars aaaW busy lays sazt Jesa wffl be to gM eery sight Mesdames C H McAllister Bill Hanly W C Mousner C F Fisher Bert Lindley J E Emond Chas Wright Roy Brown Jack Trumbo Jess Sutton Roy Abernathy Mrs M D Green was in invited guest The next meeting will be on February 26th Mrs Fisher received' several nice tea towels from members of the club Swastika Club Members of the Swastika club' met at the home of Mr and Mrs Dee Baker for seven o’clock dinner Tuesday evening Feb 25th The table decoration was sweetpeas Prises were awarded Mrs Austin Firebangh and Cherry Floyd Members present were Mr and Mrs J L Boehs Mr and Mrs W R Brown Mr and Mrs Art Bower Mr and Mrs M L Dague Mr and Mrs L A Firebaugh Mr and Mrs C S Floyd J Kaufman and Harriett Johnson were guests of the club Sherman League Meets The Sherman League club met Monday with '- Mrs Eva Sutherland There were 18 members two visitors and Miss Ruth Litzell present Both new and old business were discussed Good order wss held All had a good lesson on gardening' Miss Litzell ' demonstrated how to make tile for watering gardens Coral Buttel gave a' demonstration - bn how to make sandwich spread After club adjourned a fine lunch was served by the hostess of cake 24-hour salad coffee Two tea towel! showers were given One to Mrs Harvy Trekell nd one to Mrs Alice Copeland for their birthdays Next meeting will be March 23 with Mrs Ola John 4SB It’s Too Expensive Our plans were accepted in this modern home A Modem Bathroom : — - : 1 Is More than Beautiful The truly modern bathroom is economical for it cuts repair bills It’s a sound in- ti 11 i J vestment vsstly increasing the re-sale We Will De pleased value of your home It’s a convenience appreciated by every member of the family And the admiration and praise 'it : ax (nrnicli mu - brings from guests makes it well worth TO ‘UmiSIl JOU much more than its low cost! Without Cost an estimate on our work We are specialists in our line and you will never regret having had us figure a job See our new 1936 General Electric Refrigerators in FairView’s New Model Home Florence Gas Ranges — Duo-Therm Oil Stoves Collins Plumbing And Electric M E Ladles-Aid Ladies Aid of the M E church met at the home of Mra Dee Baker Thursday Feb 20th with 45 members and guests present Mra Ells' Terry had charge of devotionala During social hour Mesdames J W Howard Harry Randall and Bennie England assisted the hostess in serving refreshments to the following: Mesdames H A Bower W R Kragh J E Emond Wm Glasgow B L Lindley M D Green Bennie England M L Dague J W Howard C W Gaylord H E-Wheeler J A Baker E-Ge Wylto Fred J) vis W H'McCue J X Floyd G Thompson L A Firebaugh Edgar 8 Smith J C Caskey Roy Abernathy Orval Pool Howard Thomison U L Smith Wm Shafer D H Healan C L Montgomery J A Nicholson W U Hamilton Lucia Prescott Carl Collier C Nicholson R A Bates Homer Weeks Ella Terry Anna Sutter Lucy Young J A Trumbo Chi F W Bell Fred Meyer Sue Romine W Brown A C Jensen and Dee Baker Y W A Miss Edna Sheets was hostess to members of the Y W A Monday evening Miss Margaret Sheets was In charge of the lesson which was taken from the Y W A Window Following the lesson refreshments were served Others present were Miss Lily Mae Pool Miss Marie Gertx Miss Elizabeth Boehs Miss Mary Lea Mousner Miss Beaulah Wedel Miss Beatrice Kliewer Miss Hazel Allen Miss Udine Smith Mrs L E1 Stith sponsor Mrs Lloyd Hagen Mrs Chas Smith Joi de Vie A most delightful party was given by Dr and Mrs W R Brown when they entertained the Joi de Vie club with a dinner bridge in the Cornelsen Hotel ballroom Thursday evening February 21 A bowl of beautiful snapdragons formed the center-piece for the one long -table GRADE SCHOOL NEWS What a change in the weather How long will it last? Well we’re not even going to try to say — Anyway we’re glad to see the warmer weather arrive The playground seems to have new life too The certain signs of spring have been' displayed on tiie playground and they are: leap-frog tops marbles tennis and various ball games f Various projects are being started in the different rooms We plan this as the main feature for- our spring exhibit - -1“ v I--- Most of the ones on the sick list have returned to school They were ' glad to get back and the other pupils were'glad for their return Do -you know -why Washington threw the dollar scrota the Rappahanoek so' easily T Because the dollar would go" farther then INTERESTING FACTS Did you know that Washington was not born on February 22 but on February 117 In 1852 there was a change of about eleven days in - the calender and so making his birthday on February 22 instead of February 11 his real birthday By Margy Baker ' BASKETBALL NEWS The Grade School Bullpups defeated Longdale Friday where the guests were seated Prizes for high score went to Mrs - J Howard Lindley and Mrs Hugh Carroll Other members present ' were: Mr-and Mrs Hugh Carroll- Mr and Mrs H H Bloss Mr and Mra Alva McDonald Jr Mr and Mrs Dee Baker Mr and Mrs R P Peters Mr and Mrs F A Perkins Mr and Mrs Austin Firebaugh Mr and Mrs C S Floyd and Mra Ralph Floyd Mrs J Howard Lindley Mra A H Goldberg Mra Harriett Johnston and Mra C V Elwell and Mr Jay Kaufman night at the high school gymnasium by a score of 82 to 5 Ebert Conley who played a very nice game was high point man with 10 points McCart of Longdale was high point man for Longdale with 6 pointa The Substitutes for the Bull-pups were: Charles Thomas Junior Jackson Allen Armstrong and Alien Mayeumber PLEDGE The following is the Oath of Allegiance as given by' Mack Jackson vi-Z : --v " “I pledge a legion to the flag and to the republic for Richard Sands one nation and a vegetable with liberty and justice for all” COULD YOU IMAGINE? Roy Foster being late for school at noon? Dorthy Mas ' Stewart ' not blushing when something ia aid about a certain eighth grade boy? ByJ H' “Onion King” On Way Back Pasadena Calif — Clyde H Melton the one-time “world’s Bermuda onion king” is now a salesman for ' a cooperative-charity organisation which salvages used goods- A few-yesrs ago in Devine Texas Melton headed a 82500000 enterprise which - shipped 100000000 onion plante a day for the annual harvest season of 100 days Financial reverses took everything away 'WILL CLIMB EVEREST London — Although warned by physicians that he will probably die if he reached an altitude of more than 17000 feet Hugh Buttiedge' famed mountain climber is determined to lead an expedition up 29-000-foot Mount Everest the world’s highest mountain ' It pays to advertise J Royal Theatre TUES t- WED — THUR MARCH 8-4-5 Will Rogers j- in :t' IN OLi) KENTUCKY " -THE LAST AND BEST PICTURE OF OUR - - I ' - BELOVED WILL ROGERS Pricee: 10c and 25c - - MATINEE ' TUESDAY Admit: Mr and Mra Will Shafer Mr and Mra' George Garrett T 1 Announcing Saturday Showing Next Saturday February 29th and Sunday March 1st and for one week thereafter the public is invited to inspect the model home recently completed by the Home Equipment Co This model home is located on East Broadway two blocks east of the Court House ‘ This home is modem in every respect and contains all the little built-ins and features that thrill the hearts of women You can have one 9f these homes or own this one - REMODELING — Any home can- be remodled Consult us for plans and we will help you thru the F H A HI ©me Ecmipmeet Phone — 48 ' Dave Wedel Proprietor Fairview

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