Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1946 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, September 21, 1946
Page 3
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Page Two Saturday, September 21, 1946 d Pi octal mm r erf on a Phone 768 Between 0 a, m. and 4 p. m. /Irs. I-Tti mil ton Orton rton in Ashdown. Ruel to Manage Browns S t A R, M Saturday, September 21, 1946 By Roy Gotto OZARK IKE By Chick Young HE AINT THROWED T BUT NOW H|S OOT-TA, ONE AH COULD ^COME ACROSS WrTH TH REACH, YET.., 1KBL- _-^— BAWL/ HE CLAIMS IT'S THE ONLV WAV HE CAN RINSE WITH WK«s*»fi TWO OUT r 11 ; / V-v r Social Calendar Tuesday, September 24. IF TH GAME GOES ANOTHER INNING I'LL HAVE TO LEAVE WITHOUT TALKING TO OZARK IKE, BECAUSE TONIGHT... The Cosmoplilinn club will meet Tuesday evening at 7:4!) al the homo of Mrs. C.ienrgi> W. Hobison 421 Edm'wood Avenue 1 with Mrs. Hoycc Smith as associate hostess. Jett B. Graves Class Entertained Wednesday wenty four members of the Jell B. Graves class of the Firsl Methodist Church wore entertained with a monthly business and so- mooting Wednesday evening in the pnrlr.r of the church. The room was beautifully decorated by .a profusion of fall flow- By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane VIC FLINT By Galbroith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner SIDE GLANCES fop in Lash Thorn's office Twilight played his acg.^ .?>\ . M'TTTr^iiiit/vr T UAUC IACU.' *l rp f OTHERWISE, LASH, I SNAP THE SWI5H-- crs with yellow and gold predominating. A number pf games were played with the first prize going to Mrs, Calvin K. Cassidy. A salad plate was served. UNFORGETTABLE! <' By Leslie Turner WASH TUBBS 'VERY INTERESTING! COUNTED OS SECTIONS OP TWO LOGS- THE TREE WNGS DON'T COINCIDE.. ARISING SUN INLNO IN ... pHIL ORION HAP \ SOMETHING WE FOUND INOICMES THE Ef*ST... iFODUO CHICORRO, \IN ftCNIE ONCE USED i JT WOULDN'T HELP JB.V CHICORRO'S DESCEN ,USfMJCH,Cft TfM ./D . ^ _ . PLUMP MfSN, INLND IN TUR QUOISE, WING ON ft BV.ACK By Walt Disney AJAX DONALD DUCK iw BY NE< SERVICE. INC.T.'M. REc7u.<. PAT. •"J.'COPR. 1944 BV N?A SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. HOP IN, BOYS, WE'CE GCIN' SHOPPIN' „ , ^ '•*• CO^K. J9**O BY NEA SERVICE.. INC. I. m_, ._HC,U. y. o- rn 11. _ wjy . _. ',01 I do~g(Ton~a~ineat strike against these prices, it^s »\Vhuddvn mean, I'm \vroin<? Don't. 1 live; right next ^ .going to hurt you a lot.more .than it does^melv * • — door to'ein?" r FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberoer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser JUST A, MINUTE , HUEY . COSTUME , , , YOU DIDN'T WASH THE TUB OUT L/\ST UOUlExYOU DIDN'T^ L ,?NC^ V GET UP -DO YOUK WEEDIN' DONALD rHI«? WSEId NJOW / T'AV ' THIS WEEK. NOW SET OUT *ND --/ /DEWEY |VtoWL|5THN,GAW6— -THE/ FRECK , wrtote IDEA WILL, aop IF FEMALE SPIES we cxWr STAMD uNireo/J-4 OUTSIDE/ x.-;\v A- OF SOME WNO ' SEEMS TO BREWIWC5- AT SHADYSIDE HIGH, UNDER T^e NAME OF'TWIRP SEASON '. WHAT Ti^Ae AtOME WILL TELL-A MYSTERIOUS is HELDTo- 'n fill""! By Carl Anderson DO66ONIT! I'M ALL OUT OF NAILS' ._ US WMAT COOKS IM -THERE, OR. UNDER YOU 6O AGAIN-!' IMTO THF SWIMMIMG POOL/ "You blockhead—snap al himl'.!> By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP eoro. iw ay NEA SEDVICE LEAtffR. OF TH' CRO-MASS •FULB5T A^£N THERE ARE,.. BURLY RIDER. OF TO' BIG, R_AOt DINOSAUR. Thimble Theater PRINK THIS// WHAT 15 IT. POPEYE VA SHOULD 85 MOKE ABOUT WMP J VA SHOOTS^ TT-S tCHl.»«o<'iIt»ttHVicr. uir. T u ute. a «. PAT. off. ' By Edgar Martin With Major Hoople By J. R. William. OUR BOARDING HOUSE OUT OUR WAY EG At).' IT'S A PIATICL. \NILU HIS BATH \S DOWM AFTEF2 HIM K LIT^LH ARCTIC ^ COtAPLET^QJTA SJE SFeM &/W OLD TO SUPsKO IT FKCM PR.VIMG By Fred Harmon RED RYDER "OH,J TURMEP OM TH' TUB THIS is -„ THE F1NIAU \NlhiDUP H 0 PE S T A n, HOP K, ARK AN 5 A 3 I Coming and Going Mrs. J. W. Berry and children, of SmnoUover, Arkansas have arrived for a week end visit with Mrs. Berry's father, Mr. T. A. Middlobrooks here. Mrs. J. li, Hoclgcrs is spending week -end with her duughter, mid Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Neighbours vho huvu recently moved heru roni' Fort Smith nrc domiciled i the Mrs. Henry Taylor home on Pine Street. Chief Yeoman J. W. Beardcn nd Mrs. Bourdon and daughters. Sharon and Shelia of Fort Worth, 'exas have arrived for a visit vith Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Beardcn. 00 East Second street. Yeoman Beardon has recently completed six years service in the Const jiiard and is now on terminal eave. The Doctor Says: By WILLIAM A. O'BRIEN, M. D. Written for NEA Service Pityriasis ' rosea, n common skin disease, Is more prevalent in the spring, iind h'ulumn, as in many cnses it 'seems to follow direct exposure to new clothing or the wearing of clothing which has been kept in storage for some time. Actual cause is unknown. H runs n self-limited course of short or long duration, but the duration can be shortened by treatment. Aside from its appearance, the chief complaint of patients is mile to severe itching. Development of pityriasis roscn is signaled by a "herald" patch a small blemish on the skin vary ing in size from a nickel to a silvei dollar which appears at a ' site clirectely exposed to the suspicious clothing, here may be more thai one, but if there is no Itching, th condition may pass unnoticec So This Is New York! j~ St. Louis, Scpl. 21—(/P)—T-Ierold D. (Muddy) Ruel, former American League catcher, signed ,a contract oday to manage the St. Browns in 1947, and 1048 Louis Ruel will succeed Zach Taylor veteran coach, who was temporary manager last lormer catchers. The Brown's new manager name 1 , d month has until a generalized eruption op pears. In some cases there is stomach upset before the eruption MAY LAST FOR MONTHS In developed cases of pityriasi rosea, the back, chest, uppe portion of the arms and thighs ar covered with pule rose-colore spots with irregular edges ' an yellow crinkly centers. Some pi tients show "all over" red spot with a puckered center or other varieties of eruptions. Rarely is the skin over exposed portions ol the body affected. ' Without treatment pityriasis rosoa may last for months and if there is no itching, and the eruption is covered by clothing, the patient may decide to let well enough alone as it Hocoycrs of its own accord. If there is itching, or if the eruption is disturbing, special 'treatment is given. Best results are obtained by had a notable career in baseball. He is 50 years old and a native ol St. Louis where he played his firsl major league ball with Ihe Browns in 1915. The Browns sent him to Memphis of the Southern Association the following year. The New York Yankees bought him in 1917 and lhat was the starl of a brilliant 17-year catching career in the best work with the Washington Senators, with whom he played from 1923 lo 1930. He was Walter Jonson's battery mate much of lhal lime. He caught all seven games of both the 1S24 and 1925 world series. Hunting Now Continued from Page One more antelope. The latest coal mine to close be- ansc of the meal shortage was ic largest in St. Clair county, llli- ois. About 220 members of the ulependent Progressive Mine Workers Union quit svork. "They can't dig coal with eggs nd jelly bread in their dinner uckets, 1 said James Cain, secre- iry of Ihe local union. Earlier five mines closed in Virinia when meat-hungry miners lopped digging. Aolph Pacifico, president cf the Uniled Mine Workers' District G, aid lhat mines would close nroughout much of eastern Ohio nd northern West Virginia unless neat is forthcoming. At Chicago, Charles Bromann, _ccrelary of the Associaled Food Dealers, Inc., said lhal about 90 3cr cent of the city's meat mar- tels would be closed by Monday. -producling mild peeling of the skin with ultra violet rays. Treatment can be administered over several days with the result that the course is shortened by three lo four weeks. \Vhen itching is severe, applications of nienthol, phenol, and calamine lalion are made as oflen as indicated. If the itching interferes with sleep, a sedalive may be necessary. If irritation is extreme, starch baths are soothing. LIKE OTHER DISORDERS Pllyriasis rosea may present an appearance similar to other skin disorders and il may be necessary for Ihe physician lo rule out these conditions before treal- mont is started. Although Ihe eruption usually occurs on the upper abdomen, thighs and arms, back and chest, il may appear onlv in one spot as the lower abdomen and thighs or the arms, elc. Invesligalions as to cause of pilvriasis rosea have not yeilded Nine-month-old Cherie. Oberly ,lopks properly impressed as her mother, Mrs. Nadia Oberly, leans out of porthole to give baby her .. first, glimpse of New York. Mrs. Oberly, of Algiers, Africa, is the bride of Sgt.'William Oberly, of Mt. Carmel, 111., who has never seen his daughter. She's pictured on recent arrival in New York aboard Army transport General Howze, which brought over 2000 GI's from. Casablanca. Strike Gives Dobbin His Day Its asocia- (new and definite informalion. lion with clothing slored) \yould indicale lhal there is something in the clolhing lo which Ihe palient is sensitive, but as different lypes of clolhing are involved, Iherc docs not seem to be a single cause. QUESTION: Are migraine headaches caused by foods? ANSWER: They are reported to be, in some cases, but the lion is difficult to prove. Helicopter to Continued fium Page One ng bags dropped by plane yoster- lay. Today Ihe un shone brightly, iroviding pc conditions for •escue work, and only a light jreeze was blowing. Dr. Marlin reported that only two of the 18 were presently in Questions and Answers Q — Who founded what Is now the Coast Guard? A—Alexander Hamilton, in 1790, to operate against smuglers. Q — What do store window mannequins cost? A — The best run $150'to $175. Q— Where were enemy war crimes most numerous, in Europe or the Pacific area? A — Pacific war crimes against Truck drivers' strike whiclj .paralyzed food transportation in -New York City gave Old Dobbin;"liis day in the spotlight. .Many horse- drawn vehicles were pressed into service, , carrying food from terminal markets to store's. Typical is the one above, loaded with fruits and vegetables. News of the Churches FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Pine at Second Robert B. Moore, Pastor Sunday, September 22, IfMfi Organ Music, by Mrs. Uolphus Whitten—0:30 a.m. Church School—9:45 a.m. Morning Worship—10:50 a.m. Ser mon 'by Pastor. Youth Fellowship—0:30 p.m. Evening Worship — 7:1)0 p.m. Sermon by Pastor. Choir Practice, Thursday, Sept. 20, 11)46—7:30 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Bill Keltner, Director of Music Sunday School—9:30, H. E. Thrush "Superintendent. Morning Worship—10:50, with the message by the pastor. Specia music by the choir "Be Still, My Soul," by Sibelius. Training Union—0:15 p.m. Rus sell Lewallen, Director. Evening Worship—7:30. The pub lie is cordially invited to worshii with us and join in the song service led by our double choir under the direction of Mr. Bill Keltner. Intermediate chdiir rehearse!— 0:30 p.m. Wednesday. The Fellowship Hour—7:15 p.m. Wednesday. The teachers and officers elect arc invited to be our special guests at this, midweek service. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Main, at West .Ave "B" Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister Sunday ; School—9:45, Classes foi aft ages, JJ.oyd Coop, Supl. Morning Worship—10:50. Cbmi- munion, and Sermon. ! Christian Youth Fellowship meet-' ing—6:30. Mr. and Mrs. R. L ' Ponder, Sponsors. ' Evening Worship—7:30. Commun-' ion, and "Sermon. • HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Nnrth Main and Avenue D H, Paul Holdridge, Pastor "I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lc.rd." Psalms 122:1. Sunday School—9:30 a.m. ' Morning Worship—10:50 . Choir Practice—5:30 p.m. Christ's Ambassador Service— :30 Evangelistic Service—7:30 p.m. Wednesday, HI-C.A. Brigade — :30, p.m. Wednesday, Prayer and Bible Study—7:30 p.m. Thursday, Women's Missionary Council—2:30 p.m. Friday, Prayer Meeting—7:30 p. T). Friday, Choir Practice—8:15 p.m FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Thos, Brewster,Minister Sunday School—9:45 o'clock, Classes for all age groups. Morning Worship—10:55 o'clock, Sermon by the Pastor. Young People's Meeting—6:30 p. i. Evening Preaching Service—7:30 p.m. Fall Meeting of Ouachita Presbyterian in Hot Springs, Ark., Tuesday and Wednesday. Rev. Tho.s Brewster and Mr. H. B.. Barr, will report on their attendance as the 1946 .meeting, of .Uie~-Presbyterian General Assembly. You are cordially invited to worship wtih us. Losing His Balance Porky, a pig born with only front legs, js',p ( ictured doing the balancing act that has drawn crowds to his'b'wriefls. farm near Farmington, Minn. A pet since birth, Porky is now handicapped by "middle-age spread," with weight settling mostly in his hind, making it increasingly..difficult for.him to'do his trick. , Friday, 1,3th, No Hatm .to Her i '41 Devil's Laughter Copyright'194G by NEA Service, By ALICE M. LAVESICK Little Cynthia Anderson wasn't at all bothered by the fact that her first birthday fell on Friday, September, 13th. Above she uses "Ike Eisenhower," Great Dane pet of her parents,-Mr. -and Mrs. George Anderson, of Tallahassee, Fla., as a calendar rack. What Cynthia ' jyas really interested in was the notation scrawled on the calendar's, ~" N .Friday, the 13th page. It said: J'Ice cream at 4." ' DOROTHY DIX Now to Acquire a Wife XX Charlotte returned Colin's look and there was a tninl smile on her Ihe U. S. exceeded European by lips. And then her eyes went to 13 to 1. Total for all theaters was 142,076 killings, 91,184 of them Filipino civilians. FOR SALE TO G. I. AND WIFE Four room modern home 60x210 or 160x210 ft lot. Ready to occupy in 15 days. Real Bargain. See W. A. DOZIER 603 West Third Street . Q —Who is the youngest UN Security Council dclegale? A—Russia's Andrei A. Gromyko, 37. Q— To what vessel was the underwater atom bomb anchored? A — The LSM 160. Q— What is the relationship between black pepper and white pepper? A—They are the same, bul black pepper is picked when the berries are brown, and then dried in Ihe sun, while while pepper is picked while Ihe berries are s'Ull red, and soaked in water. Murk's and she uttered a little And as she called Mark by name and held out her arms . to into the ight of comprehension flash .he good man's eyes, anc twinkle of delight. Colin said, "Isn't there somewhere I can talk to you for just five minutes, Cecelia? Away from this eternal hurrying procession of angels of mercyV PICTURE FRAMING New Moulding just arrived. Neat Work . . Quick Service Hempstead County Lumber Co, Phone 89 After an enforced absence MISS REBA LEVERETT is again at MISS HENRY'S SHOP She will be glad to meet her friends. Phone 252 critical condition, although he emphasized that aiwther 12 had suffered serious injuries as the plane plowed through 35foot trees to smash in flames against the hillside near Dead Wolf creek, about 22 miles southwest of here. T. M. McGrath, representative at Gander of the Newfoundland Civil Aviation Department, said that although mechanics were working at top speed to re-assemble ihe helicopters, he did not believe the work could be completed and the craft airborne until mid-afternoon at the earliest. The helicopters will land on a smal cleared plateau about one- fourth of a mie uphil from the crashed pane. Ground personnel at the seen ewere cutting a trail t the plateau through dense '"oods, and transporting the survivors there .. on stretchers to await rescue. From that point they will be flown by the helicopters to a lake about five miles away, where two coast guard PBY amphibious planes were waiting to shuttle them to the reinforced hospital and meci- cal facilities of the Newfoundland government here. It was possible that some might be transferred later to the hospital at Argentia. him, Ellen began to weep • loudly and to thank God over and over at the top of her lungs, so that I was forced to lead her hastily from the room for fear the noise would disturb Charlotte. In a room across the hall, where I look her, Elcen told me the story ol the fire.H had had a good start, she said, before she even realized that there was a fire. She had, of course, culled the department at, once and Mark, who was spending the evening at Father Genes. But Innisfail being such a distance from town, the harm was done before anyone could get there. The house was in flames. And Ellen could not gel Charlotte to come down the stairs. "We would have both perished, Celi.\,' she said, "because 1 could not leave her alone lo die. But when Father Gene and Mark got Iherc, Colin was with them, praise be to God. Colin was up the stairs in a flash and carried Charlotte down almost before the other two were oul of the car.' Ellen howled again al this. But when I murmured something about the remarkable coincidence, she flashed out, "Call it coincidence, if you like. I know the hand of God was in it.' Colin himself tried to be flippant about it all. "I was like Ihe marines," he said, "arriving at the critical moment,the well-known nick of time." Bul his hand was trembling as he greeted me. I remember mentioning the diet kitchen as a possible retreat and we must have gone there. For my next memory is of loaning against the sink in the kitchen with Colin's dark face close above me. And of how my heart seemed at one moment to have stopped beating entirely and the nexl to have taken wings. For il was Iherc lhal Colin told me. "Il was the thought of you, Cecelia, that kept mo steady,' he was saying. "And the nope that one day I might be free lo lell you. Bul I could nol speak unlil — what happened today — did happen. I put my hands behind me and held onto the edge of the sink. "I've got a lillle house," he said, smiling. I thought i'leetingly of Innisfail and of how il had seemed the right setting for him. I tried to imagine him in a little house. "1 don't" need a very big house, Cecelia," he said. "I'm nol a very big man. 1m a working man.' He said il humbly. Colin Fitzgerald — humble. Oh no, not that, not that. "But I need you,Cecelia. 1 want you — very much.' 1 let go of the sink. 1 was crushed in his arms. He kissed me and EMMET METHODIST C. D. Meux, Pastor The revival at the Emmet Methodist Church will continue through Wednesday of next week. Rev. C. Ray Hozondorf, pastor of the Prescott Methodist Church, is doing the preaching. There will be no preaching at De Ann and Holly Grove Churches Sunday, but there will be services at these churces Sunday, September'29th. o Daily Bread Continued from Page One ly sensible alternative of casting off all restrictions and hoping that things will work themselves out through . our traditional, time-tested peacetime methods. UNOFFICIAL POLICY MAKERS On Labor Day A. F. Whitney, head f the Brotherhood of Railway trainmen, told Ihe world lhat strikes were a protest against Congress's failure lo "carry oul Ihe Ihe people's will." Now we find lhat AFL longshoremen, in slrrke within a strike, refuse to load UNRRA supplies for Yugoslavia until Tilo's government makes proper restitution for the shooting down of five American air men. II is easy to sympathize with Mr. Whitney's lack of patience with Congress. Most of us have it on occ asion. It is even easier lo sympa- iiize with and applaud the longshoremen's spirit in refusing to re fill Uncle Sam's helping while Tito's toolh marks are slill visible 01 Bul we fear lhal in neither o Ihese cases are Ihe means as lau dable as Ihe aims. We have ai electoral method of expressing ou approval or disaproval of Congress We have a' President and a Stale Department in whose custody th program and procedure on foreigi delations must remain howeve A lovelorn • bachelor complains that men do not get a fair deal in acquiring mates. He says that the public prints are full of.advice vo women .about how to catch husbands, but that not even a tip is handed out lo men about how to get wives, and he thinks that this discrimination against his sex is unjust and unfair and subversive of romance. If this charge be true, it is doubtless because of the general belief that men need no assistance in their courtship,or,if they do,the girls are standing by ready to lend them a helping hand, even to the extent of popping the question themselves if a bashful swain seems to have trouble in getting'to the proposing point. Hence in a world in which the feminine population far outnumbers the masculine, it has seemed a work of superarrogation to waste any words lelling mei now lo acquire wives.Slill, if there are any lads who are altar bound el who feel that they need some rection about how to get there, continued to kiss me before two delighted iternes and an astonished boy with crutches, who happened along. and Doe* Baclf Get Tired?, A SPENCER will relieve back* fatigue — give you re»tful posture, MRS. RUTH DOZIER 2165. Hervey Phone 942-J This was a little later, after I had persuaded Ellen to take a sedative and lie down for a while. I had gone back lo my post . and Father Gene and Colin had stopped by Ihe desk. They had left Mark alone- with Charlotte for a while. My own hand was like ice, when Colin took it in his. 1 remember wondering just how much emotion the human heart could stand in one day. However, 1 managed to speak to Colin in a fairly steady voice, and if he saw how shaken I reallp was. he could attribute it all o the miracle 1 had just witnessed. Father Gene said, -"I'm taking you and Ellen and Mark over to the parish house until we see what's lo be done. Come along now, Colin. We had belter let Ce celia gel un with her duties. Colin said quickly, "Nol yet." And his dark eyes were on mo. "I'd like lo lalk to Cecelia for a minute, Father. Do you mind?" "To — Cecelia?' Father Gene stared at him and then al me. Then Colin lifled his head saw his audience. "Well,don't stand there staring.' he yelled, his dark eyes flashing. "Go along about your business!' And I'laughed witli delight,as he took me in his arms. My black Irishman had no changed too much nol loo much. THE END -o— McMath Invited to Address Rally in White County Scarcy, Sept. 20 — <UP1—Sidney S. McMath of Hot Springs, Democratic nominee for prosecuting attorney in the eighteenth judicial district, has burn invited to speak at a rally of White County veterans here" Tuesday night. George Fisher of Beebe. temporary "secretary of the veterans, said the nomination of a slate of independent county candidates may be considered. Q—Which has the largest popu Jation, France or Italy? A — Italy has 40.000,000, France ere are a few suggestions: Of course, the easiest and the uickest and the surest way of get ng a wife is to marry the ho is handiest. This is a girl plan lat is very popular with men and almost always works. Let a man nd woman be closely associated nd propinquity does the rest. Be- ore they know it they think they re in love because they are used o each other,and arc interested in le same things. Go over the list f your men friends and you will e perfectly astounded at how Tany of them have married their carding - house - keepers' daugh- ers, or the girls who work at the esks.next to theirs, or their pri- ate secretaries. Join Clubs . : The next best bet as a . jnatri- nonial come-on is to join clubs to vhich both men and women be- ong. This serves a double purpose, or it gives a man a closeup on a girl's disposition and • character ind permits him to form a pretty good idea of whether she would make an interesting life compan- on or not. Also, girls who belong .o many clubs are generally those who have few boy Irjends and hence tire not too choosy about •nen:"Church", clubs 'are highly rqc-, ommended as hunting grounds for vives. So are 'musical, clubs.By the ime a man has learned to sing 'Blest be the tie that, binds," it. is all over except sending out the wedding invitations. • * Feeding the little chicks is a good way to catch one. A girl is "just , naturally'attracted to' a man who shows that he knows how.-to ord_er „ < a good, meal and thus proves -that- ~ he will be a good provider. No girl in. her senses wants to marry a •man-who -thinks he is giving her a treat when he buys her a hot dog and a glass of soda pop. If a man wants 'a gir Ho fall m love with him,'he,must look like lover and act like one. No woman wants to kiss a man ..with a three days.' stubble of beard on his face. Nor,, does .she want to marry one whose • clothes are drity and shabby -and look-as'if they had'been fished out "of the ash can. Nor does any woman ever get a thrill out of. laving a suitor tell her that , he wants to marry her because she'is i noble, Christian character 'and obks as'if she were "a good cook! No matter how homely she is, she wants to.he told that, she is beau- iful and glamorous and different !rom all of her sex. And finally, if other tactics fail, don't forget that patience in courtship is as effective in lovemaking as it is in business. The man who ••Ah,' he said. And again, "Ah." ; 38,000,000, according to recent esti- And, as he turned away, 1 saw the I mates. much the longshpremmen or other may disagree with their actions. It's the same old story here a was found in the veterans' good government "revolt" in Tennessee Whenever a group or individual by passes law or protocol with impur ity, however guod the reason, th act becomes a precedent and a invitation for others of less nob! intent lo do likewise. Independent Ticket in Garland Named Hot Springs, Sept 20—(UP) The long-rumored Independent political .ticket in Garland county today was a reality Meeting here last night Garland county war veterans selected two candidates to run as Independent Democratic candidates in the November general election Those nominated were Clyde H Brown, to oppose Circuit Judge Earl Witt, and 1 G Brown, to oppose Sheriff Marion Anderson Both Browns are ex-servicemen and were defeated by the incumbents by a small majority in Die July 30 primary Their effort to contest the election .in recent court action was rebuffed by Circuit Judge Lawrence C Auten when he dismissed their contest suit on a technicality CITY CAFE SPECIAL for SUNDAY MENU: Baked or Fried Chicken Giblet Gravy Mashed Potatoes Fresh Black Eyed Peas Vegetable Salad Hot Rolls Cornbread Muffins Pie with Ice Cream Coffee Tea Milk 65c City Cafe "The Home of Clean Food" \ camps on a girl's doorstep and., is always Johnny-on-the-spot nearly always ends up by getting her . Uleleased by the Bell Syndicate, Inc. ) o—• Tent Dweller's Death Termed "a Siiiclde...j1ff-]; Helena, Sept. 20 — (/P) — John Marion Lane, 73, was found shot to dealh in his tent-homo Buck Island in the Mississippi river near here yesterday and Phillips County'Coroner . W. Nichols said "it was a plain case of suicide.' Lane had, rigged up a shotgun so he could pull the trigger himself, Nichols said. y 1C f- fe Jd ill d. id i'O X-

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