Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 20, 1946
Page 5
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1! I I *t ' £ b; ' ^3 X-n^MW=»*>«tW«V - jjjS58555SI£^^ eriC: str| wm 18B| U^J % safe 000,?; writ 1 Al m«!- ers' pr4s pan; the,' Ph<?, ices M pre$ oi f pert par{ twei plan arid Aj tern Dod Corj Bl cauf fore men bly v/or{ Brig Friifay, Sepfembef 30, 1 M-O-fr-fi STA'R, ' HOPE, ARKANSAS HOPE '.STAR,' HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIF. By Chick Younq Number of Words Up to 13 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 33 36 to 40 41 to 4."i 46 to SO Rates Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication One Three Six One •'«!--—— Dav Days Days Month .90 1.50 4.50 1 "'O 2 00 G 00 1.50 1.80 10 3.50 10.150 1200 .45 .60 .75 .90 1.50 2 00 2. SO 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.r>o 5.00 For Sole OP Trade 1.20 2.40 1.35 2.70 1.50 3.00 5.00 15.00 are for Continuous Insertions O'lly • All Want Ads Cash in Advanco • Not Taken Over the Phone Lost vee St PrescoU ',:;o .-n'l'- I'hone IR-fit 111 Help Wanted GOOD ALL AROUND MECHANIC, Good opportunity. Apply Mr. Arch Wylie at Wylie Motor Co. 20-3t By Wesfbrook Pcglof Copyright, 1948 By Klnn Fenttires Syndicate. lay Ey The Associated Press GOLD RIMMED GLASSES IN TAN leather ease, downtown.. Reward. Return to HiHnrds Cafe. 18-31 For Sale or Trade 1942 FORD Hb TON. NKW BED. 6 new tires. Individually owned. See at Reed Motor Co. 20-3t For Sale WE WILL DELIVER TO YOUR home without obligation a nice medium size rebuilt and rcfin- ished piano. A piano that will look nice in your home and will • give many years of service. Prices very reasonable and terms i to suit your convenience. Write, wire or phone. This will receive our prompt attention. Little Rock Piano Co. 21G Main St. 11-71 HAVE 210 POUNDS OF GREEN roofing shingles for 3 or 4 houses and man io install. Also, some electric materials. I-'irst I Barnes, -but opener: come first served. K. Wilson, No. 4 highway, forks Columbus and Washington road. 13-Gt Five S o u t h \v •?:• trams, loariod .i'.ii- hear wartime 1 season-', oi' '--i''.- ascrs, will blow iiie lid < pi-'skin pot lornorrov,' ;;;ul vonior- vow night \v : .i!i tho i;tH'-f;'Vorccl Texas Longin.-rn;; approyrialely ir. the headline a-lvacti'.:n. The Longhoms. o.-'n..,' Coacii Dana Dible admits ;m. i!u' oes'. -tear.;, "e every coached, slanipi'd 'n 1 -' .vlis- st.uris Timers, ccaisidered tops in the Bis ivx LL'arrue.' al Austin. Missouri will he out t:i nver,:;6 its i defeat at the hands of : .he I'.teers | in the Cotton Bowl last Now Yoa•.•':••.' Day. and Memorial otadium will be'stacked to Ihe rafters with :":;ns ! who don't Lhink ihe Tigers can do it. Second bes'. in the weeks program is another S,iuthwe;;i-BiL* 3ix battle pitting the Texas Clrris''a;i Horned Fro.ys against Kansas at ! t Kan-as City in a night g;i. The Jayhawkers will have ilie dubious opportunity lo be the >"ivst xo look down the barrel of the Frog's aiv ritlc to see if it's leaded with the razzle-dazzle expected. These two are ihe only "major' i'or three other Southwest behemoths in ay not prove to be of the. customary "breather" variety Ne\v Vor!:. Sept.. 20—Tho American Veterans Committet Inc.. and its National chairman. ;iarlc.i V. Obolu. has Ihrealetietl i« I'nilril Siates with a repetition «•>" durit'.fi the Doming winter of the LY.sdish si.|uallei's' niovemen. I From the lesal standnoint. this i mass bunilary apparently wiulcl be i much more ominous than the seiz- iure of imoct'upiod quartern by Kng- llit.h vieterans. in London, five Com- lmni::ls \vere charged with con- to incite others to trespass with aiding and directing such tor oui' ] ifcspassiim. Tho A.V.C. on paye one :;d v.H'ii- i r ,f its oti'icial bulletin of July 1"> the 104ii, acknowledged il has been Conference | a ,' ic i T MODEL FORD, MOTOR IN perfect shape. 5 new tires, stee! beam lights, 17 plate Willard battery. Drive it. Price S25C). 904 West Fourth. 16-Gt SIMMON'S ALL-STEEL SINGLE bed mattress and springs, Babv buggy. 1210 West B. 17-3t TWO GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS .Gweeks old Pedigreed. Mother and father dogs brought from Germany in March li)4G. Hoytt Archer, Old Highway 29. S miles out of Hope. 17-3t LEICA CAMERA WITH DETACH- able range-finder, with Leitz Elmar F-3 pt. 5 lens. Phone 1025-W. 17-3t ONE BOY'S BICYCLF* IN GOOD condition, 1012 Foster Avc. phone 659-W. 17-31 6 x G >: 12 CONCRETE BLOCKS. Immediate delivery: G5 x 15C)' lot with 'tile garage building and filling station. K. Wilson. Highway 4, forks Columbus and Washington road. 17-Gt "Arkansas' Eazorbac-ks. making .heir cietiiif under Coach John B;vrn- :iill with a sudden-death oacrtfie'id front" by L.ouis E. Stai r personal vice-commander of the-VetCt-ans of Foreign Wars, but it has denied the charge from this and other-, sources. Mr. Bo'to qualified his warning in a nimnier to obviate any charge r.f incitement against him or his organization. In a general in- '•enu'kte discussion of the reasons for the lack of housing for veter- i PUS before tho Young Republican j Chi.-; of New York, he said "Our homeless veterans will take over {summer estates and boarded up 'Fifth Avenue brownstones unless • \ve move now — al lof us: veteran i and non-veteran. produced consume:' — to break the housing bot- I ilenecks." i His principal conditions by which ' the seizure of private homes, con- i taining furniture and equipment, ' personal possessions such as cloth- lini-'. good preserved in response to |gJvern:ront exhortations by house- iv;ives who raised victory .irdens, ' and p r i v a t e and • records, j v.'e'-e that President Trurnan should 'call an emergency session of Con- ( {;iess and that Congress should Ipass the Wayner-Eleder-Taft bill, j Thi:;. he said, was the only way make use of the precious hours Fights Last- Night By United Press \vouiiMiiT.ct, It. 1.- Kenny .lumen. HI! Wtitrrlmr'y. C'unn., skipped Inch Johnny Taylor, Hli, Oakland, ''••i i KM. — Kdtlie Moni:'. Mas:-.. sUM'ipt'd League Leaders Dy Thi- Associated Press . Me. Kiwi'. Ml!, l-'iill Manner Rfiiiu-MiMii 1 . v.it-k, Mo., i:)>. Nnr'.h A(;:ir!i:-. Ma:;;- ICiilik 1 , Mil, Ht'U-i'il. ' ' Nntionnl League l.ii.iii.:; -- lUusial, liopp, 1'osion. ,IM!'>. hiins ---• Musial, ' Sl,iu»hkM', l.ouis. llunie run': •- Will SI i U l, IL' '••• ' ! -' :l '.'<'!); Stirnv.'ei.::;. Ne\v • I'iirh.")'. ' I' I--'''"' li. illKi; C.umpi-i'i. Ni j.7l'(i. i-iin:;. t'.oslnll M\ C'levrlaiul, York, 17. w YniV., 'u-:i- i iJnin. ; liun. j Loin--;, i.ihr.n.vl llil; hiil in \Vii-! V^IUer Fall liivr-r, Mass. - j lish. -7, l''all 1'iiv'.".'. j .lai'k'ie I lan'is, l~'i, tl()i. New V'M'k l-'iirt llamiHon' — j Seanlon, KiS) l-~. Nev.' Vori; •oii-.ted ('le<i Slums, lii!'. l..ns ieks, (ill. Baseball Scores .llionUlyn, MMiial. St. l.i-uis. r.ruuklvn, 17 fi. j M'U>'i:il, St. T.'iiii:- l'',ci:.|on, .'('.!. Yesterday's Stars ;il)hy Kin'.- ; ll'.'H . _,. , O!ll;)ninird I I i ipll S -' ';v' Ml v M:!UI''!i.'M:u-. ; '.... t -' :l V ! "'"' llu ' Uiielujo. ] Ih.me runs • Mr/.'.i 1>i,l L'l'; K'ii-.cr. Pitlsburi'.h, Stolen ha si's -- Hi 10. I By Thi' Asr.oc.iatfiil Press | Stan r.liisial. Caiilinals • 1 fi\c hit i in live 'nnf'S at ! iln.vo in v,-i ! :!iiiu; nr.i in , r i- j ovr the Mr.ive:;. !1he I'i'.iUr , v.'ilh thiee hits in Hart bill find victory 1-0 An-! 'yii; ;'•'". !l(;i: ' !! ' ^'incinmai. ::2 ll-4-.7;iH; JMekson, St. Louis, i. It wasn't for lack of encouragement that Smiley Quick's drives did not remain straight in National Amateur at Baltusrol, Springfield. N.J., where Public Links champion tied for second place anionf qualifiers with- 36-hole total of Ml. Rv Thp Associated Presn Nntionnl League SI. l.ouis 5; l-Jostun •!. liiooklyn 7 ;l'ittsl.'iii't;h 0. New York I: Chicago '). Cini'hinali '1; Philadelphia American League Detroit 1-1; Philadelphia 7. Cleveland 5: Wa.;nin;',tiin I. St. Louis (i: Hnstiin f>. Only uanu-s scheduled. Southern Association Finnl Playoff: No panics scheduled (Memphis* and Atlanta, tile finalist:;, bourn ' playoff -ioniyht'. I &UNNY SIDE UP i Dccatur. hid., ~',ept. :20 —i.-T'i — I Loin Khler, restauranl operator. I kept s'.iyin)!, "Sorry, no ham, no steaks, no pork, no meat." It got tiresome. Finally Lem went to work on n i'i'tlil. It uas a bi£ one and'covered | an entire wail when he tacked it i up. H .said: ' "How do' >ou \\'ant your cgys?' American League Mailing —- V'eniun, Washington .lifi; Williams, Hoston, .;i!:t. l-Uir.;; WilliaiviS, liostoil, 140 l\.'.sUy, Boston, ll.'i. Huiss balled in - William:;. Hos ton. ll!l; York, Boston, 1IH. Mils -- Pesky. 1'mstoe.. 200; Yer lion. Washington, )!)5. l.")oul)li'S ••- Vei'iion. Washington. •15; Spirnce. Wiishingt..n, •!•!. Tiiplei; — Kdwiird:;. 'Cleveland. ;. ; i; Lewis, Cluveland. 12. I DOGO GONE I Lin-'oln. III., Sept. :J!I —(fl'>- 1 JH"!'P :!l| V :i lu ' v '' : '- ; " u - victim o 'idoii-Ki-.ne holdup.. %•« , 1 Sheriff Haymniid Kuips snlol 'Ilopp i\'-p:iricd tnn/e men held hi ml up wiiile he was )'i:;hnu< in Kicka-l j],(.o I'l-i.n-k and whi.vi Uiey couldn't! .'find any iv.oiiey on him they drove \ lolf wiili lii.s Iv.'u dc.i'.s. \ . i I ' '" "^" I IT SEEMS r AWFULLY V. UNFAIR CAN YOU IMAGINE A LITTLE BOY BEING PUNISHED FOR JUST TRYING TO BE HELPFUL? J MERCYf WHO WAS •"THAT? ^_> ALVIN TRIED TO HELP • HIS MOTHER AMD WAS SPANKED AND SENT TO BED FOR THE DAY ^ HE SCRUBBED ' \! THEIR PIANO KEYS ) WITH TOOTH PASTE ' AND HIS FATHERS TOOTHBRUSH r-' 7/—" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner .ind n questionable U:.-.\ -vill -:-p.ter- ' that is ahead to provide low-cost p .ain Northwestern Louisiana Stale. ! housing for veterans. That even .1 relatively unknown lovce well • this compliance with his demand padded w'ih war veteran taiont. would solve the problem is clebat- 3! R'Mvotlevili.-. l able TCXCIS A '" "^ «-.-v»n.-if or! t ,^ Krt i T) •"'•• "(.•• "the '•• BEAUTIFUL NEW FOUR ROOM home. Priced S3,2oO. See Lum Ratpliff, 513 West Division, Phone 979-W. . 18-3t POINTER PUPS. SEVEN WEEKS old. Telephone 4C9-W. 18-3t TWO LOTS 100 x 142 ON EAST 13th Street. Price ?300.00 Flovd Porterfield. 18-3t NICE FIVE ROOM HOUSE. BATH, built in featured, back porch, lot and half on East 14th. Street. Price $5,500.00. Floyd Porterfield. 18-3t SIX-YEAF,-OLD JACK; BLACK- smith forge; corn-she!ler: five good tires 700 by 15. L. F. Rogers, one. mile west on Old 67. 19-3: 1000 BALES LESPEDEZA HAY Hope Gin Co. U. G. Garrelt Phone 527. 20-3 M., expected to be | It was not necessary ior Mr. "i,-eo leaiiu; in the i Eolle to elaborate on the conse- November. squares'ciuenc'oj of Ihe seizures wh ; "h he frankly contemplates and without a word of disapproval. Burglary, thei't r."d vandalism arc among them. Unlike the vacant housing taken over by British veterans in fin iherunce of the Stalinist conspiracy against internal peace, the r'ule of law and the security of private property in England, the American "summer estates and ! boarded up browiutones' would be ! Curnishod homos. Many of them ioop come late -ii wua Mona it.xas Slats Tcach- rs at College Staiiun. Baylors Bears, last year's sur- orise team. v.-ni;j .ho;;;- jelves inlo their customary upset- .ing form for gamej \o come when Jit;y open with Southv.'csleni at iVaco tomorrow night. Only idle teams are P.ic 3MU. which will not begin until next week. •n- New York, Sept. 20 —Ml—In a year of record-breaidiig Daseball pt-owrls. the attendanee :or,vhe Mli World Series likely will be the smallest in a good many .••eajons... Thy Reel So:; already -iave a sellout for the ;;ame at ilostun, out . Ihe eapaeity of Fenway Park is u listed as :i.i",0(IO. Sporl.-:mnn's Park in St. l.ouis seats o4,00(I and i: the Dodgers should beat out ihe Cards, that would add only about i.ooj customers i'or ."our games—Thai meat's if the Red. Sox and Card.; should play four games they'd uiaw oniy 241.000 customers. Last year tie Cubs and Tigers nulled in a record 333,457 Cor seven gainc-3....l).jl don't iel these Jifivires delude you into thinking the play- eels won't accept their World Series checks. 5. fo&srteXi J?.-""""-"-""--"-" he won't be \isecl on defense. and play Notice In The Open | The Kings Point Merehan't Ma- | rine ncadeniy football team opened j ihe .season for Villanova last Sat- ady. This week it is Lehigh'.; opening opponent. The ,'.ext iwo Sat- urdiiys it plays in the openers for Yai.e" and George sVashinglon.... Trouble is that when the*iMa v ines open someone else always raises. I NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NPW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHone 399 AVENUE B GROCERY Have Tour for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE ley Studio 220 So. Wolnur Hope, Atk. Shorts and Shells Coulter There are about :;00,(100 rer;''r;ter- ! would be the homes of veterans of ed nurses in the United'States. lone or the other, or both. wars. j Mr. Rvlte's followers could tind I encouraging precedent in the occupation of tiie automobile plants by oiyanizeu mobs, under Communist LEGAL NOTICE Kercea.nls and captains, ip the or- Pursuant to Section IS of Ac'' 297 !.gnni/inr,' days ot the C.I.O. These of 1945 no!i'-e i- hereby I'iven Hint! vandals wantonly wrecked macnin-! Iho last will and tesrar.';en; <r Mr:;, lery and destroyed material and Elizabeth Co\- of Hop?, Ark;<n ;.v.. their depredations were excused as was nrobated in convtion u-.i-v,.- iivlpetly indiscretions by Prosidonl Ihe Probate Court r.t' Ho.-.'psSenr! FicoseveH although there was no Count v on the 2nd d'jy of Septem- doubt that they were incited, or- ber, 1946. I ganized and directed by expert An appeal from siip'ri proba'e can conspirators. In the case of ?, vet- be affected only bv liliir; a petition. I C ran whcje home was invaded, statins-: the grounds .of such aopeaj. - vV hose possessions were stolen, whose walls were defaced with revolutionary scrawls, the status of ••veteran" would confer no security under the government which sent him to war. This is, I believe, the :'irst pub- jlie mention, without condemnation, by any official of any veterans' organization of the possibility that iht English squatters movement would be repeated here. Hr.ci Mr. Bol'.e set his face against such lawlessness, his organization would have been consistent with its platfo: m which disavows I'or veterans pn\:!er*ei above those of other ci'.i- xens. Or, if it is consistent here, The first time Tobi hit the Giants' brand -lew -• dummy at the Boar I.f.iuntain training camp, he busied o>,e o.' the rnetal supports .... You have Don Hutson's word lor il ihal the "T' tormafiun will prolong ;jr.rnmy Baugh's pro i'oolball life by iiv-.; years. Hiilsoa says -ihat Hau.iih, who didnt like Ihe "T 1 at first, never looked better than he has picking under center this uill and lie wori'l lake such a beating since ATTENTION FARMERS on:! DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Roofs with Paint For Commercial Spray Painting consult LUM RATELSFF Phone 979-W 518 W. Division Job Printing, Office Supplies one! School Supplies Will Ifave complete line of prir.tocl Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. with this court v/il'iin SIM '6) months from the date of this noti'-r>. Witness my hard and seal this 4th day of September IW. Leo Rav Clerk of Probate Court Bv Arthur C. Anderson D. C. Sept 20, 27, Oct 4 IN THE HEMPVTEAD PP.03ATE COURT IN THE MATTKH OF THE ESTATE OF C. CHARLES E. HEYWOOD. DF.CSASED NOTICE OF SALil OF LANDS TO PAY DEBTS Notice ij herebv given that I 1938 CHEVORLET MASTER DE- luxe Coupe. Bargain for cash. i 0[ -f t , r f or sa i p at n:00 o'clock a.m. Lester Roberts, Phone 3Q-J-4. will, as administfilor of the estate of Charles E. Heyv.-ood. deceased, j then it. must view with the same on the 28lh day of'September, I9-1C. j calmness a general seizure of all "Faith" Carolina 'Hope" in "Charity" is a place and South at least 14 s in Missouri. , r -iO-J-4. a t th e front door of the Ciji/rliiouse ' by mobs of any composo ~7 r: ~ of ITempstoacl County. Arkansas, at eians and non-veterans a ! ", 01 ' ttl I public auction, in the hishest bid-| have no more excuse , uaKOla | i der, on a credit of Three 13) ; earner! desire to move i lalC.i ana ^-. r ,nlhc thr. f,,ll,-mnnT l:in.-ls h(->. ! r.inn' -: hnnips nnil hpln Ihi able, and Quick • PLUMBING SERVICE « PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smart • ANDERSON BROS. « William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg. Second Floor PHONE 493 or 114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising PHOTO COPIES Discharges • Legal Documents 24 Hour Service the said said months, the following lands be-i longing to said estate, to-wil: North Half <\ T <-'.> of the Northeast Quarter (NK'-i> of UH> Southeast Quarter (SE'.'>> of Section 31, Township 9, South, Hr.iic-e 24 West. Said fale will he made for purpose of paving Ihf debt:; ot estate, and ti.e purchasers at sale v.'ill be required to give i with approved security tor purchase price, and a lien v.'ill retained on said lands to furt'.ser secure the payment of such purchase price. Witness my hand on this TAh day of September, IB-lfi. Floyd Long, Administrator of the estate of CHARLES E. HICYWOOn. deee:i;;i'."i. Sept C. 13, 20 property and possessions mobs of any composotion, vet alike, who than an into other -lien's homes and help themselves. The A. V. C. had only 1,000 members out of all the veterans of World War IT early in August. Its appeal, directed ( iargely to vete- leftwing po'lilica'l -tendencies l'9'H REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texnrkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & L.aural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner Mrs. Claude Whitehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. HERHDON, JR. MONUMENTS Call or R. V. Phons r, or E6 Repreiientative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little F-iocic, Glireveport Texarkana By having your v/inlc-r garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space' 1 Hatters HUGH B. HALL, Owner 208 N. Ferguion Phone 76 an.s ;incl loafers und ne'er-to-wclls who '.vcr.ihl be altrac'cd by larger and (.•r:'.!ies-.s iincir.ploymep.l pay for all vho v.'diiiil be ntiractod oy Jarger .itc.;i:]d ('iidlc ;s uncniploymenl paj' for tho jail who refuse.- to cross picket jinos, hiicl attracted fewer recruits than tht- amvets, a less aoisy but more oi-nsorvc-.tivo rival organization, • who claimed 70,000 at the same 1','ir.i'. ,l;:.ck Hardv, the national I commander of the amvets, has 1 !.)(;.•••!i crirrful to explain lhat the \vui-i- "cf.iisei'vative" here denotes a iHimose to conserve the pililical liiierlies and personal rights of 'ihe AIVIVI ioan cltixen, including, of coui'sc 1 . his ri,';iit to police protec- I'.ia against rulers and vandales, '.'.ji.-tlicr veterans or not. Alih'.iiifih the A. V. C is frankly i:.'iiihandlir.s biH yifis of maoney | fr.T tho |)urpose of recruiting more incmlx.-rs, v.'ith a million dollars :-.•'({ :\ million members as its ob,'n-i-lives, its bulletin^ reveals dif- ..ciiilii's aliitiy the way. Mr. Bolle ',...:)hiini:(i that Ihe discharge of a ri.ber of professional organizers ••..:•; i-iiii :ed bv "lack ot funds' but j.:. 1'ierl charyeK with the A. V. C. ih.'it llii' disniissals were "the 'jpen- ii,;. 1 , ^iin:; cif a civil war on p r "ilical iM^-Miif':; ijf Ihe nalional leaders' (;f v.'hhn he is one arid franklin D. i;i.(.:-eveli Jr., another. Whether liiil!,- .-i.^il Roosevelt were si'-spect- '.' ill c;i.,inis out Coinmunists of i.-!!:nit:<i;i.i.", those ,v!io .have 1'oiiKht (.'i.-/-i:iini!ii.sls with ihe A. V. C. the i.unciin:.' docs i.,i slate. Sonn alier till' first war a ploili- c.-il exlii-irier was prosecuted in New v'.j:k oi: a chargr.' of inciting others in coiiiidil lawless acts of violence. In tiie pi uM'iil instance, although jlolie i':'ay )iav-:- iiiid Ihe purpose • i- pt-'.-.tinil an idea in the minds of ho,-:<. liss veterans and may have ij..'M: the; i':rsl to do il. neilher he i.i i !.'i!- A. V. C'. could b echaryed ••... nh iiK.-iieineiil. even though mobs .-.l-.i.iild I i.ke tir; cue when winter cu-i.i-s. liijl'.e said, in (.'fleet, lhat ve'i-,-an:; v.i,-'<l:l lake Ihe lav-' and llhe p: op.'-j•'.>• of others into their jdhv.i! h'n.d.-; unless certain other i:inn:;s were done, ail of them Jiijjh- ' ly :ii'.pi-o'naliie. The agilator ^i Ihe 'olh.i-r cjs,.- flatly uryed a course r! action . Approximately HO members of the" Bohcnt. sciuad left loclay noon for Smackover v.'he.'e t:.ey meet the Buekeroos lunighl in the first conference game r.f the scaron. The game, dubberl a lough one from the stait, may prove extra bad for Ihe Cal:» whn will be playing without the services of Jack Wells, line-smashing back \\ho is nursing a bruised ankle. Wells proved himseh" a serie.us thieat Ixjth offensively and defensively against DeQueen last week. Smackover is repoited lo have its best learn in years and showed plenty power last Frirla,- in downing the. Class A Louisiana champs oriO'lf), 20-0. They are l..'d by two speedy backs, Furo ar.d Scott with BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing Phone 259 GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING BaHcries Recharged Shop equipment is no oel'tcr than the man. that uses it For Your Repair Work, see HOMER COBB Highway 67 Phone 57 ALLGl's l:\terosrcd in Contact Vet Office or B. L. Rcrtig crt the airport • F!'<jfit Instructions e Rides a Charter TripW HOPE MUh4IC!PAL AIRPORT Agent for SCAT Airline fa t^jjUfc coPRTiStrfiY NC'X scnvicE. INC. T.'M. REG, u.'s: PAT. OFF. ' ,"\Vliv tlon'l llioy sc-nd men like my husband to Iho pence. «imrcrcncc?..Hc Hds nluni< \vomlaTiilly will) everybody!". "Jn ilial evcnliiiilily life wouldn't be worlb livin^-bul 1 would ni-el'er it in one lump sum!" LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience T specialize in Repairs nurt Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. Heating Hope, Ark. Harry Segnar, Sr. PLUMBER Contracting and Repairs Phone 332-J 1023 South Main St. NOTICE Tilt-Ray VeneHan Blind Co. 1123 County Ave. Texnrknnn, Arkansas WE • CLEAN 'EM • REPAIR 'EM • PAINT 'EM • ADJUST 'EM • RE-CORD 'EM • RE-TAPE 'EM Manufacturers of New Custom- Made Metnl Venetian Blinds FREE ESTIMATE, PICK-UP, DELIVERY, INSTALLING FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcracr FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser i 5 !*' every type otf loss afr 20% Less O'.ir Companies Each Yerir Return to Polityhplders Millions of Doll.irs in Savintjiii MUTUAL INSURANCE AGENCY Non-Ar.scss.ible Legal Reserve 1?8 Enst 2nd Phone 221 Ylf>>! •- u w uX f> " %-'.' !v>'i^ vjwsstm$eass3&. the -:pen COMPLETE RADEO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Hankins and Widmer linin blocking. The Buck line is encecl and heavy. Although winner in the opening i game the Bobcats have yet to srow ' their strength against a proven foe. Hcpe has the makings of a good learn but w'nelhc" they are ready for th? "big games" will ue revealed tonight. Coaches Diidy and Tollett have sent their charges thrr.ngh st.rcrious ilrills this week and they have shown i.p well. Every effort has been made to eliminate mistakes of the oi'cner which could easily cost them ihe game atSmaekover. Smackover is preparin;.! fin a record ci osvd despite the fact that dopester;; pick the Bucks by a tally of two. Plenty r.f l<>e will be on hand to see the some are going by special while more will make UK drive by automobile. Ganietirno is i! o'clock. Silver and Gold Noil Heads All Styles EYLETS all colors RHINESTONES Buttons — Belts — Buckles Mail Orders Invited Mrs. H. W. Hatcher 309 E. Second Phone Hope, Ark 407-J Doug l^fi'TrX/ Carl Bacon \ots 1 U Jones ELECTRJC CO. — for — House industrial Wiring Wiring Electrical Repairs Phone 784 HANDS Just Received — A Large Shipment FACTORY REBUILT PIANOS "Direct From Chicago" ; • Looks like new ft Sounds like new ©New guarantee If you are interested in buving a piano call or write One of our representarives will call on you. CRAB8E BROS. PIANO CO. "Texarkana's Only Exclusive Piano Co." 515 Buchanon Avenue Texarkono, U. S. A. Os-der Curtailing Flood Projects Said Without Logic Now Orleans, Scpl. 19 •— Senator Kcnn.-'li U. Mci-'i'llur (D-Tc'iim i'.'rcsidc in pro li.'in "I \\w 'i'i; Si naif 1 . In lirves n's urdrr cnrUiil- United S Presidenl ing flood I'onli'ul proJL'L'l.s \va out lo.'ijic 1 . JVU'Kcllar, chah-man of powerful Soanli 1 Api-rnpr Coniinitlcc, ars'ivcd liuic la-! in prc'put alion for J-'ridny's uled fijril'iM'C.'U'O of Missix^in Icv co!!.yrt'.ss!ii(.'M. Th?- I'di'lVr designed In li'.-lp Kiv.'aid r appropria 1 MJIIS loi 1 itot.M'l contr jclK.McKfllai- snul. , Thr? 77-yi ar-o!d sena'-or .•-•a liopi'd tliai by "I'oiirci-led the Mississippi valley Males force wilhdriiwHl of the jn e ial oi'dei'. the YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD Try Hope Mcttrcss Co. For better work at belter prices—Old beds made new and new beds made loo — ALL WORK GUARANTEED Onp tiny service Jn town — We Call for and Deliver Anywhere Bargains In Secondhand Furniture Phone 152 41 IS. Hotel REED MOTOR CO. 108 East Division St. Mechanics: CARL JONES FRANK YARBROUGH » Complete Repair Shop • Cody end Fonder Shop * Complete Paint Shop DONT WAIT TILL VOUR CAR FALLS DOWN ON THE JOB/ It con put you in an awful Fix. That's why we'd like a chance to get its miner disorders cor- rected RIGHT NOW! -^ ^S^ OUR MOTTO IS "SATISFIED CUSTOMERS" 314 E. 3rd. Byron Hefner Phone 442 The Library of Washington, IJ. C., \ in K'.Of). Congress in ,'i.s.s es'.ablislied Sewing Machines Call us for guaranteed Repair work on all makes machines. 23 Years Experience We cover butto/is, make button holes and do hem- stitchinfj. We buy, sell and exchange machines. C. W. YANCEY Singer Dlst. i13 S. Walnut Phone 578-W H^hPSI- 1 -—' 1|xilB£5rVS£l5 <?-20 COPR. 19<6 flYNEA SERVICE, INC T. M. REG. U. S. PAT J WMATc3rV£S,eOO- BALL? WHAT'S THS? OM THIS TWIRP SEASON? U3MES I IT-IE.' ! REVO - i LUTlON, I SEAWEED!! IN TWlRp SEASON ARE REQUESTED IF TMIS IS ANOTHER. ON EOF THOSE MALE- R6V/OI.TS LIKE WOMAM- HATING WEEK/ ILL SIMPLY SCREAM // •'Onifk! SiniR'lliiiiii lo Ihrow tin- hloddliounds oil my Irnl'l!" POPEYE MOVE BACK, MEM-—<SlV/E THIS LITTLE GIRL'S TONSILS PLBNTy OF Thimble Theater and Clear and Clean Ovcreup Ook Legs and Heading Bofis Post Oak Logs and Heading Bolts For Prices and more details Apply to: HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Arkansas 10 Minutes! Borrow money from us on yogr car, or almost anything of value. We'll lend you all you need if we possibly can, regardless of where you live. The more you want the better we like it. Ten minutes usually gets you the cosh. Ask for Mr. McLarty, ot Hope Auto Co. LUCKV I HAD THIS CAN OF SPINACH UNDER ME ' BLOUSE IT STOPPEP THE BULLICKS PRETTY' FLOWERS', AJNT THE/?? r ^ OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople TVE SEEK) A NOBODV |M THIS TOWN) LOMG E MRS. HAW TOLP ME VOU \WERE PROMOTED 1O FDKESAAM, AKJP VOLVRE GOIWG TO LOOK LIKE OKIE.' WHY DO ~>OLJ HIDE SUCH THIN<3S ME? YOU DOM'T UMDER-STASJD.' ) A ^JECKT^e \5 ENOUGH / FOR- A WHILE --TI-IEV / PIDM'T MAKE ME TH' \ PRESIDENT--JTU-3T TH' ) GEAR. ROOM P'OREMAM. 1 / OF BEIN\S OLiT OF- KOTlAER OF AAli>iE HIDING TP.EN\ SMUDGE- TICKS. OF HISTH/XT ARE OUTA OLD BLACK- MlTK APRONS,' O" YOU ZOMBI E9 OT A DECEIT STICK AROUhiO tt4& Tt4e MISSUS FIUM-LY STACK HlN\ Tl-lE CURB \MlTl4' THE !2UBB!SH?i MIGHT SET MARRIED AMO BECOrAE- A FATHER..' PLACE UNiFAlfS. TO CIGAR. -.**-«,, on MOOCH 665=*?**? OZARK IKE Cy Ray Gotto THINK YOU CAM { RUM, NOW THAT J WE'Vp. TAKEN six fe BANKROLL. OUT' . OF YOUR "N SOCK, „ OZARK? , YAS-SUH, MISTUH SKELLEY...BUT DO YUH KNOW UF A k SAFER PLACE PER Ji f ™^~. MAIH LIFE'S >|pfM SAVI WHEN PLAYIN'j TH'ELEVENTH IHNIMG OF A CHAfAPIO^4SI J1 lP C-AMK. I CAN'T THINK OF A WORSE r LACu r ...Ah4D NOW, IF YOU CAN'T DRIVE IM TH' TYING RUN : (^ CARTOON I EVEP, PUTS FROM THIRD BASE,/; THAT KID IN HIS GAME'S OVER/ A CO/vJC STRIP, HE'LL MAKE A FORTUNE, VIC FLINT By Michael O'Maiiey & Ralph Lane •it tns gat" f'atrolma.i oridley followed ] ( (^ro^T^MW "P"^ Growl's" instructions jojh^l^ten^j L ( of %^™$w£"/ _. , , -* g^ ; ^ ^ / WEU, MISS MELCROFT, t GUE5S IT'S ALL RIGHT FOP, YOU \ TO GO M, OUT YOU CAN'T COME '.:». ;^a.i: ''COPR. 1940 BY HEA SEHVICE. INC. AUST GET \' . MISTRAL, I) LIB8Y.' I HAVE /•' THE MOST- HORRIBLE. YOU SHO'.'ID HAVE WAITED, MAKCIA. ME HADN'T FINISHED WHAT HC- WftS GOING TO SAY. WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner ' 'EB PHILIPS f.\E5SAGE\lT'S OWED NJ&UST 13,,,/XT . I WAS DISCOVERED ON TH5 \LE(X5T VIE KMOVN OWWftS ; WOHTHS /XFTER. )-- \^ BUT VNHERE ? . WOT DOES vl !VT I COORDINATES" • W.EP.W. Bf^R OF SILUERi EFFORTS I \*IERE NM^DE TO TRftCE THE i WEK1 VSHO SOLB kTi T03V. ! BUT THEV'i)' IT'5 ft IAETKOP \ POOR DftD TRIED Of INDICATING Pi TO TEL 1 . US WHERE POS1T10M ON / H£ WAS, BUT THE K M(\P, WftSH!/ NUWERi.L% HWE NF.A ^f.R'.'ICj:^_!MC^ BUT WHY I SHOULD HE BE ' HELD PRISONER 5 ! YE'VJE &0'f TO' ; IND Htf\iDR. V-IEBBER! HE'S IN DANGER!. AW ASWN WE'VE CcHASEP EMH , REGION THWT HE COULD KW& /THINKS WHEN UJGlCftLLS BEEN SEftRCHtNG. /CWCORRO.ISi &NDWHOunttESUGHTEST > /FOUH& lv IOUR '. , —^-| D."XD WILt BE ^ \ THcRE.TOO.WISS ORION 1 , WWEE S. HE'S RV3HT/ . J> ^ ^ J Ltstte rus&f, 9-^ DO^4ALD DUCK By WaU Disney liVVj.l' _^S~~' ^/^^ J li"' -^ HENRY By Car! Anderson ., -J&- Q ALLEY OOP By V. T. HamHri flwrs TO C' v r- WCE TO \ W DINMAUS*. ^ I A Ca.VAJ-.I/iV KCP, 3UT J'/.-^LTA CSVE THI-3 iV^iV LEiS'M HE'D l^/ r^r l'' v?vl^ft!s ; ''<&^tj?^' I 13 GETT..N' sty STE-SH ,1/^. )-; V-'3 I'M ivowD;n-.M KO'.V IP TH' CRlTTCii V'TT /" I'M :T-0 CHOSE TO FL'~-v!.'5 / 5,P.£- CP IT ' S:TH OJRNECI: AINT !.?..] .^y ^,\i v^---"^'-'' MJI—A-^L^l-L VOJ'RS RIS«IN' OUS. NECKS /ILL EISHT, I SAV... ONE A1I5STEP HERS, M5T EITilER. AV, AN' WE'U. TAKE OPF FOR. JUCfiMEVT 11 By Edgor Martin TO Pi GOOD cm v\\' \v)ORK \5tVl F-C- ^ -¥M <«*j- P. V-f\RN\v«OV\iT ^-GTiC.OX i DOCTO?, C-VP.CK eV\OUVO WCVOt Q\S\ OW c.OVA'-i 'ur Jf-'v w'3£ A /' •^&^'4 • •\; .1 -^ f', --•'• ..--v^' r A-x:._/„ • . l J-'^ COfcfc, W J ,« OS) tPKV i. t\>y2 DO wrmoui; pus's v \. M. REC, U. S. t ] AT. CM-'. ~*^'-^" RED RYDER By Fred Harmon f-2o • .t'J^ig *P" •' ' • ^•^^if^^ £?i^trt& %\\ ^~-~ ^ -^k5° c< f tt*A *i\ 3-V-^v^r" .^c^-^.r v w /^S /^J >> '£& s» ^ <3ET mz .-'I'.Cir. 0-'" C-TArtSEfi UTTLE &£r\^rc-',ir-, ^: ^\-> '•' »\ i

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