Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1946 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1946
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, PF, ARKAMSA1 By Chick Yourtcj By Roy GoKo OZARK IKE OZARKS FOOT »JFFED UP I BALLOON/ $2,000... YEP...WHEI- AT D1MK TfclED TO •AN' ON EN", AH FELL ON MINE// I f i By Michael O'Mollcy R Ralph Lane VIC FLINT SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Turner LASH THORN LASH I SHEE YOU, LASH. YOU'VE SHRUNK.' YOU'RE WASHED UP.' I SHAW YOU DROWN MISHmAL. YOU KltUD PRIESHY AHD-- WASH TUBES By Leslie Turner ^!' v ! 3U?I HMJ ( AN'AFTER THESE DESERT RMTS HM3 x^ ASTOUNPING NEWS TO 0 , __. . ._ SOU! ITCONCFRNS A "EH. fAE QUICK... FATHER' ~V"\ WHOTHW/ESOU FATHER. , \ LEftRNED? THE MESSAGE. WAS- Sr WORD THAT TWO ^GONE SCTOBODV NOTICED WORDS < ;> PROSPECTORS BROUGHT C SCRATCHED OM OBLITERATED THE RIGHT CC?-N?P . BUT HERE'S A COPV...US:COLi3TF.Ol.V A, .\\ES5AGE FROW PHILIP ORION .' SKEWED SILVER BARS TUCSON ftND SOLDTHENV.. DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney COPE. WC BY NEA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. REC. U. S/PAT. OFF, COPH. 1»M BY MEA SERVICg, INC. T. M. PEG. U. 8. PAT. OFf "You've been drinking again! I can smell the licorice you used to take the smell of cloves away!" "How many ducks do you figure you'll have to shoot to I cut down household expenses after paying $229.93 for x lhat ne\v gun and outfit?''' HEA.VV RMNS STARTING TONIGHT A.NP... ... MORNING; ") - ...CONTINUING UNTll STATION KSVXK. BRINGS sou THE LWEST VJEXTHER FORECAST' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Hershberaer Mow CO.V.E I SET SOCKED YOUP HAMBURGER? By Carl Anderson ^j THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT ptfou MISS DARCY MEANT/ WE WOOFIM',' THE FREIGHT JUSr / CMUM .' ITS MISS THE GAtS GET / A SKLONKiSH COY AND PLAY HARD- /pEALJ WHAT TO-GET.' i T ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT? COMES THE REVOLUTION/ i "I use those dolls to give tliem some practical experience while they're .waiting around!" CERVICE, IMC. T. M. REO. 'ff. S. PAT. OFF. By V. T, Hamlin Af..LEY OOP HA. 1 WE- HIT IT SIGHT ON ~- I HOPE WE CATCH UP TO TH' NOSE.' HEEB'S WHERE •V.-l THAT DUMB 3£K<. SOON... ) . THAT CRITTER CA.'.E OUT... ..;) \ THI-3 ALTITUDE KNOCKS Thimble Theater TRACW3 LEAD RIGHT ON UP TH' SLOPS- RIGHT THROUGH wii^m<£^ijWi^ COPR. 1946 DY NFA r.CPVICf. I';*" T M. T.FT.. I). 5. PAT. OFF. By Edgar Martin WS: VOfiWp tAt, OR , W£ "f OV.D We , TO 1 . VlHf\T 0\0 DOCTOR XOU ? OUT OUR WAY With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE By J. R. William* VlELL. IT'S HOOPLe, 1S^ V T IT"? -l'/V\ tfXVilMe A BELATED SOONi, AMD RErXDV TO START REMODELING TlAE BAt^vi INTERIOR. COULOhi % T IT 3UST AS VJA\T TILL I^EXT SPRlhiG MAKE HIM Y|~ GOOD MORMIMG, ROWM.' H/XR- MOW -iOLJ HERE BEFORE YOUR BliSV AKE "THArr CAPSULE/ rr's" 1 I BEVOMD ME HOW HE CAM V SWALLOW A HALF-BUSHEL } S T OF HAMBURGER IM OKIE. \ } V GULP AMP LEAVE A PILL THE ' >.,- SIZE OF A , B-B SHOT.'/ 1. MftV DROP DISCUSS PROOF ANi RED RYDER By Fred Harmon 1A-5 RED F; GlRl. FALLS AT i-' '-: f TRY TO G&T OUT OF , , .i.-j •'•—"I HiS Ai.^N •' '.-'• '- " -•- "-" - ••--' THE POOLERS STAR^ HO PI!, Aft KAN 5 Both Sides Face By JOE RECHLER Associated Press Sports .Writer TjiiM-c was overy indication today that whiL-liPvc-r loam wins Ihr- ,Nn- tionnl I,o;n!iu! ih\f! — wliclhor it'bo the Si. Louis Cardinals or' Brooklyn DocUrcrs - will nave ovor- coinu strong opposition from the rest of the league Uin remainder of the way. . All teams ore Rt-ared Up'and'ly- i"15 in wait for the two contenders. The Cardinals, expucling fairly fjoft opposition from the Boston Braves whom they lir.d defeated 1!) limes in 20 engagements this season, .found a thoroughly aroused team and went down to a :M defeat under the lif-lits at Uraves' Jie4tl. The sctbaek reduced the lcnnue leaders' margin over the Dodgers to a ganiu and a half. The Brooks Were held to a split by the Pittsburgh Pirates in an afternoon double header at libbets' Fiakl. As matters stand now, the Cards stiU boast n decided advantage over the Dodgers,' who have- JO games left to play as compared 10 tune for the lledbirds. The Eeason ends a week from Sunday Any combination of nine St. Louis victories or Brooklyn defeats would Kive the Cards the flag. The Cards meet the Braves again today, with the tribe in the niidst of a six-game winning streak which has pulled it up within a game of the third-place Cubs. Of St. Louis' eight remaining games six are against vhe Cubs, Who will be fighting to hold onto third place, and two arc against the Cincinnati Reds, who are b:it- tling with the Philadelphia Phils for fifth place. Of Brooklyn's 10 games, five are nganst Boston, one against Cincinnati, three against the Phils, and one- against the Pirates who trail Ihe Heels by only halt'-a-gamc. • Lelty Fit;: Ostermucller, a Pearson Won't Say Where He Got Letter Washington, Sept. IB — (/I 1 )—Secretory of Commerce Wnlhico said today he is huppy lo take Columnist Drow Pearson's work Unit the lat- tor obtained !i copy of Wallaces foreign policy letter to President Truman from sources outside the commerce department. "I will be interested in knowing where he did secure (he letter," Wnllaco said in a brief statement. To that, Pearson eormncnlpfl: "Mr. Wallace must know that newspaper men's sources are confidential.' The Columnist added, despite nn earlier denial by Presidential Secretary Charles Q. Ross, that when the letter reached the White House "six carbon copies were made for the perusal of various advisers." "Alter all,' Pearson remarked '.o a reporter, "six copies of any important, letter are too many in the city of Washington." The exchange was precipitated when Wallace's office released ihe letter generally over Mr. Truman's opposition—<yesetrday wi^h this preface: i "In view of the fact that a copy i of Secretary Wallace's letter of i July 2,'i, 1946 to the president was filched from the files and is in ihe hands of a newspaper columnist, the Secretary of'Commerce is today releasing this copy of the letter.' Pearson promptly threatened Wallace with a libel suit. Mexico's Four The Hope Bobcats tomorrow journey lo Smackovor where they tangle with the Buekaroos in the first conference game of the sea son. Both teams will be seeking a second victory. HUM'S chances wc>'e a little .Mexico's Gracida tin three-game scries injous ^International a biothcis, Gabilel. Guilleiino, Alcjindio and Joso, left to right, ride do.wn on ball series against United States team on successive Suno-'/ys, ending Sept. 22, on 10- mal FiclU^ Meadow Brook Club, V/cstbui-y, 1,. I- '-'. : -- -".":'. ?csl-v;sr inlernc-.lionaS polo tournament. brighter today with the return of Wiitc.n Garrett, starting tackle who who is nursing an ankle injury, Jack Wells, line smacking back has been favoring an injured leg. suited up yesterday but look no 3art in scrimmage. II is very doubtful whether his ankle will be t'Tii/ nf 1 o" c 'h 'o nlav l-VFriji'- 'ii"h|.. The boys looked considerably im- irc.ved 'in nracticc sessions yesterday and showed plenty of spirit, They are in the proper mood to i?ive the Buekaroos a rugged night come Frjday. Smackover, with the exception ol one man, Bruce a second siring end who is out with a bruised shoulder, is in top shape. They liave a fast backfield led by Furo and Scott and their line is experienced and heavy. On hand to give the Cats moral support will be many Hope fans who are planning on making the long (rip to the oil city. A special bus already has a load. Dozens of fans will take carloads. O' ' ' ' ~" ' ' Dodger castoft. hold his former mates to nine scattcied hits in pitching Ihe seventh place Pirates to a 'irst game :l-2 victory. Ralph Branca, who turned in that masterful shutout job against the Cardinals last week, duplicated his rimless performance with r. :'ive- hit 3-0 victory for the Dodgers in tho second game. j Hal Newhouser became the first iTiajor league pitcher to register l!5 vietoics for three consecutive I years since Lefty Grove did it in 1930-32. Newhouser readied that level yeslciday when he pitched the Detroit Tigers to a :!-! 10-inning victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. The Boston Tied Sox. with Manager Joe Corinin and a half-dozen of his top-flight performers back home resting for the World Series, best tho Brow-is G-2 under the lights in St. Louis. Home runs by Sherry Houerlson, Sian Spence, IVIicKey Vernon and Jake Early helped Washington humble the Clevolnd Indians 8-1 on their own grounds. The Phils solidified their hold on fifth nlaoe in the National Leauuo by winning twice from the sixth place Reds 2-1 and ii-. r >. The Cubs preserved 1hoi>' sl'in lead -over the Graves by whipping the New York Giants 4-3. A three run eighth inning against RouKie Marvin Grissom broke a 1-1 tie Earl Caldwell won his 13th game against four setbacks as the Chicago White Sox split with 1he New York Yankees. After Spud Chandler gained his llith victory -'or ihe Yanks with a 4-0 shutout, the Sox won the nightcap 9-7, aided by tho 41-year-old Caldwell's fine relief hurling. Cost of Living Nears Postwar Peak of 1920's TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT OF THE 20's 1913 1915 u. s. 1920 BACK TO 1925 ENTERS NORMAL Here and There in Arkansas DOiiLii.e. Nfishvillo, Tenn.. Sept. 18 </P>— "ii ('. ''lemons lost the shirt off |his t.aoh — and $1,050 besides. T ...i n t r. . ,„ ,m ** ' demons, a nioduce merchant v Lltl e » n ^ ockl S , ept I" —'^)—More ...,.-, u . ;llil ., ,, n ,j ,,,oncy v/nnl up in than 1 700 new hnrnes for velernns u arru , s as he struck a n-atch lo may be approved during the last j,., tl1 r , c ig,,rel while talki-ig lo a throe months of 1940 under the cus i. omcr . They money was in a Federal housing Authority s a lo- ,,,.;,, „• lhu ; vocl shil -t. cation for Arkansas, W. S. Daniel, stale FHA Diroctom, announced to- GOAT GETS HIS GOAT tia y- i Salem. 111.. Sept.. 13 — (fl 3 )— Ho- Allocations by .months arc: Oc rge Lylle got the Salem tobor, 000 new residential units; Lions Club goat but the Lions got November, 000, and December, 080. Harrison,: Sept. 18 —{/p(— Baxter county authorities today were investigating the death of Omer Thomason, whose body, a bullet wound in the head ,was ::ound !n his barn near Alpena pass yesterday. A coroner's inquest was under As a prank, Lylle kidnaped the Lions' mascot, a net goal Vl .and loo it up for a ride in fiis airplane.' . He didn't stay up long. The. goat started chewing on the plane's fabric, and Lylle landed, but quick. jail today. Whedbee was taken into custody way. i near Lincoln, Ark., last night by Thomason, about 30 years old, state, Sebastian county and Wash- was a World War Two veteran and had served 22 months overseas. His wife is seriously ill in a Harrison hospital. Forrest City, Sept .1IJ —M 1 )—News of the death of Frederick Gloyd Harrelson, 02, prominent Forrest City attorney, following a recent throat operation at a St. Louis hospital was received here today. Harrelson served in the State Legislature as a representative from St. Francis county in 1919 and 1925. A native of New Edinburg, Ark., he formerly praliccd law at Monticello and Warren. He was a graduate of the University of Arkansas. Survivors include his wife and three children. Funeral services will be conducted here Friday at the First Baptist church, in which Harrelson 'was a deacon. Prominent Spa Attorney Dies Late Yesterday Housing Trouble Bend, Ore.. Sept. 14 — (/P)— The' Dalies-California highway, major inland route between the Pacific northwest and California, was blocked for hours by a house. A two-story house complete to chimney and made-up bed was being moved along the highway to another town when il fell from a trailer and fell to pieces. Big Turnout Dccatur, 111., Sept. 14 —f/P)— James Millikin University, expecting a record enrollment of. more than 1,300 when classes open next week, arranged a picnic Cor all freshmen and other new students. But they discovered ihere were so many newcomers they couldn't got enough food to go around. So they asked all new studenls_living I in Decatur to stay home. Chart above, based on government figures, shows between-wars rise and fall of the consumers' price index for moderate income families in large cities. Prices for month ending August 15 were 8 per cent higher than when price controls went oil in June and 40 per cent higher than in August, 1939, when World War II began. If HCL goes up only four more points—to 150—it will be higher • . «han the postwar inflation of the early 1920's.• The Harvard University Library is the oldest library in the United States. All for the Little Woman Bruno, noted Hollywood photographer, insists that a | little girl can be as glamor- ! ous as her bigger sisters, as long as she's well-propor- " tioned. Here, he measures Angela Allegro, four feet, , eight inches tall, whom he <! presents as a living argument for his thesis. ington county police. Fort Smith, Sept. 18 (#)—George Whedbee, who walked apparently I S'our kidneys or bladder. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help 15 Miles of Kidney Tubes' Flush Out Poisonous Waste . If you havean excess of ncids in yourblood, your IB miles of kidney tubes may be; overworked. These tiny filters and tubes ore work- ine day and niglit to help Nature rid your system of excess acids and poisonous waste. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood) it inaycausenaggingliackache.rheumaticpains, i leg pains, loss qjE pep and energy; getting up nights, swelling, pulfiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning some* times shows there is something wrong with Hot Springs, Sept. 19 —(IP)— Attorney E. Hartley Wootton, prominent in Arkansas legal circles 'or many years, died here yesterday after along illness. The 60-year-old lorrncr Arkansas Bar' Association president was a senior partner of one of Plot Springs' oldest legal firms. He came here in 1909 follosving graduation from the University of Maryland School of Law. He formerly was head of the Gar- nnd County Bar Association, the Hc.t Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club, and served once as chairman of the Doard of trustees of the Arkansas Training School for Girls. Survivors include the widow and a son, Richard, a law student at the University o£ Arkansas, QUICK OR K Oklahoma City, Sept. 13 — (/P)— Marine Recruiting Sergeant S. L. Baker became a 'father' 'yesterday and promptly signed up his new son in the marines. J. E. Goodwin, 18, wanted io on- lisl but he had no birth certificate, no parents and no guardian. Baker hustled Goodwin to County Judge C. J. Blinn who appointed him legal guardian for the youth. The recruiting sergeant then I gave his consent for. the -boy to en list. unnoticed out of the federal court- loom here several days ago immediately after he had been convicted on charges of uttering a forged federal check, was back in Kidneys may need help the name as bowels, so ask your druggist for Doan'*s Pills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over 40:years. Doan's give happy relief -and will help the IS miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonpus waste from your Wood. Get Doan's Pills. ** ) > MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD GROCERS and CITY BAKERY o* Indians in Pov/-Wow for 'Freedom' 2 BETTER TASTE ... New KC assures full flavor of • other ingredients —in your baked goods you get uo soda taste from KC. 3 BETTER FOR YOU, TOO ...KC makes everything • you bake with it a valuable source of FOOD CALCIUM —adding 2 to 5 times more FOOD CALCIUM than the fresh niilk used in a baking, depending on the recipe. Thus K C joins milk as a ftnt source of this vital food clement. S THE SAME FLAVOR Seeking to recapture the freedoms o£ their ancestors, delegates from 11 tribes, representing 30,000 U. S. and Canadian Indians, recently met in Detroit to formulate a central National Indian Government. They have prepared registration cards granting Indians exemption from taxes and from lighting in wars waged by the U. S.; the right to camp, fish and hunt wherever they please and other privileges. Pictured at the pow-wow are, seated, left to right: James Fox, of the Chippewas; Jules Sioui, Hurons; Clarence Goofvoi, Miami?. In rear are Michael, left. Mount- janais, and John Chabot, Algonquins. The personally "Cup- Tested" ADMIRATION way is the ONLY way to assure the same perfect blend package after package. We've used ADMIRATION Coffee for with complete confidence in its wonderful flavor — and it has been the samef fina coffee day after day, year after year. It's "Cup-Tested" by experts who check pound, after pound of coffee to make sure that only the most superb coffees are used in the unique ADMIRATION blend. They are the same experts who have maintained ADMIRATION quality for nearly thirty years, jealously guarding ADMIRATION'S delightful aroma, delicious flavor, and luxurious richness. You can always be sure of ADMIRATION goodness becausa ALL ADMIRATION is "Cup-Tested." Copyright 1948, Duncan Coffee Company DUNCAN COFFEE COMPANY ROASTERS AISO OF MARYLAND CLUB ANP 8RIGHT AND EARLY CQFFfff ;, p ' jj. h I. id. •Ifl

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