Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1946 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 19, 1946
Page 5
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Thursday, September 1$, 1946 HOPE S T A ft, HOPE, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication umber of One Three Six One ® fords Day Days Days Month < to 15 to 20 to 25 to 30 .45 .60 .78 .90 I, ai, to 35 1.05.. + .'36 to 40 1.20 t- 4* to 45 1.35 46 to 50 .... 1.50 .90 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 lays 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 Rates ave for Continuous Insertions O'\ly '• All Want Ads Cash in Advance [Not jfak&TOyer the Phone Lost 6flO x 16 6 PLY SPARE TIRE. BE- i»hveen DeAnn and Hope. Return •"Wheel, keep tire and tube. RCT "*to,T,»S, McDavitt's office. _i.Sr*!«t..:L. •.:. . .urn 17-3t GOLD RIMMED GLASSES IN TAN • leather *ose. downtown. Reward. Return to "Hillavds Cafe. 18-31 Help Wanted "[PART-TIME JOB FOR BOY IN "' school. Must be 16, and must *[) maintain passing grades to hold ,, job. Apply Hope Star after 3 , , p.m. 16-31 For Rent 13 OR 3 ROOM APARTMENT. , .lights,.gas. and .water furnish< -ed.'Mrs. Jane'Husky, Phone 27, "-Washington, Arkansas. 16-3t EorSale *>WE WILL DELIVER TO YOUR *' *home without obligation a nice *' "'medium size rebuilt and refln- *' 5shed piano. A piano that will *[ »look nice.:'in your home and will ,,, ^give many/years of service. Pri- »j wjces very-..reasonable and terms *i sio suit .your-.convenience. Write, «. *<wire or i,phone.. This will receive «i »our prompt attention. Little *i «Bock Piano* Co. 216 Main St. *l * - •-:>.-. •',-.: ••/... ••• 11-7t ^ :E\VE 210 POUNDS OF GREEN <' proofing shingles 1 for 3 or 4 *' rnouses and man to "' install. Also „, Dome electric materials. First f j^comc first served. K. Wilson, No. e,4 highway, forks Columbus and 13-Gt (^Washington road. UOOD LESPEDEZA HAY. ssc PER -bale. SPG. Phone 34-J-12. Foy ^Hammons. 13-61 * MODEL FORD, MOTOR IN "perfect shape;;5 new tires, steel "•beam lights,-' 17 'plate Willard •^battery. Drive it. Price $230. T9CM West Fourth. 16-6t ...ALL-STEEL' SINGLE oeamaffress" and springs, Baby B. 17-3t SHEPHERD PUPS --Pedigreed. Mother . .. __ "dogs brought from Germany' "in -March' 1945. Hoy tt Archer,"Old'Highway 29i 8 miles out of Hope.,V .'-: .,•!-" ••.'.'...'' 17-3t EICA CAMERAlWITH DETACH- able range-finder, with Leitz Elmar F-3 pt.. 5 lens. Phone 1025-W. ' 17-31 • NE BOY'S- BICYCLE, IN GOOD condition,. 1012 Foster Ave. phone 659-W. '"•• 17-3t x 6 x 12 CONCRETE BLOCKS. |. "M t> Immediate delivery; 65 x 150' lot with tile-garage building and filling station. K. Wilson. High- f . way 4", ."for-ksiColumbus and Was"h- »' ington*road. 17-6t *! EAUTIFUL NEW FOUR ROOM home. Priced $3,250. See Lum ftatelifJUSl&.W.estDivision, Phone -97S-W. . ' l8-3t 'C'SINTER PUPS. SEVEN WEEKS -old. Telephone, 469-W. 18-3t ' ;,VO LOTS 100 x 142 ON EAST :i 33ih Street. Price $800.00 Floyd lt fcPorterfield. , 18-31 FIV:E ROOMHOUSE. BATH, X i Jjuilt , in featured, ;back porch 91 .lot and half on^East- Hth. Street. n »Price-$&,500.00xFloyd Porterfield. I, " '-^-.-^-••- 13-31 . «aYEAP«-OLD (JACK; BLACK! 'Smith forge; corn-sheller; five , Jood tires 700 by 15. L. F. Ro , ^ers, one milq. west on Old 67 , .* ,[, ,:. , ,. . 19-3 For Sale or Trade OOOD 1941 FORD SEDAN, CLEAN upholstry. Good motor Esso Service Station, Emmet. Phone Prescott 824-F-4. 16-61 Fair Enough By Weitbrook Pegler Copyright, 1946 By King Feature* Syndicate. New York, Sept. 18 — In the SPOBTS ROUNDUP prelims Louis-Mauriello tiff last night were named "Aicher." "Bensik' a(nd that High Schools Set for State Title Series By Tlje Associated Press Arkansas high school football :eams this weekend get down to .he series business of district title races «is they begin their campaigns for the eight berths in the •state championship playoff series starting late in November. Some farrcy fireworks arc likely .0 spice the first program of district play, too. The top game of the week could be in the making at El Dorado, where the always-tough Wildcats will entertain defending co-cham-l. pion Fort Smith in a District One ?- rc ,? a pt spring pf_1920, Harry M. Daugh- j action inTine next-to-shortest figrU New York, Sept. 19—(fl 3 )— Three i ago Saturday, sat in the working guys fought in the prelims to the!press section. Jack Dempsey, one - • • -- i ot ' the-all-lime great champs, was in the $30 seats some 20 rows from the ring...another "workin gprcss' member was Billy Fox, the Philadelphia knock-outer, who agreed he wouldn't like to have Joe hit him...a stir in the back of the field Schott.'...Two seconds later minutes and nine the main event started, M a u r i e 1 1 o probably thought all three names applied to him...attat, Tami provided more crty, of Ohio, a Republican machine politician, no better than Harold Ickes. nor any worse, uttered a casual remark which remains, in the public imagination, one of the most cynical political _ expressions in our history, j The popular version, virtuously I exploited with mountainous hypo- risy since 1932 by the Roosevelt adherency. is that Daughert*' said Warren G. Harding clash Friday r.ight. Or the feature attraction in the same district could DC a Texarkana, with the Razor- would be nominated, not in the convention in Chicago, but in "a smoke-filled room.' I knew Daugherty in his declining days at a little sea-side inn. the Gulf View, at Sarasota, .1 mellow old rnscal now, almost cleat and as nearly blind. He chuckled at my innocent horror of Republican politics in those sordid times and said I would learn that Roosevelt and Hopkins, Ickcs, Mrs. Roosevelt, Morgcnthau and the whole lot of them were of the same with different stripes. Kelly and Hagucand Pcnderg:ist he respected. They were what they were and without pretense. Mr. Daugherty said he had not backs, who shared the 1945 crown ' . ., , - ,, . .... , rith Fort Smith, playing hosts to l uscd , th _ c .^ ra , sc a , smoke-filled lot Springs' Trojans. : room but had merely remarked, Little Rock's Tigers, regarded bv! w . lth the wisdom of a practical pol- ome observers as a hands-down 1 1 , tl( ; lan '. l ' :at after the other candi- District One and state title favor-'? at 9 s had c ? mc to a deadlock the itc, jump the gun on the rest O f | lcadcrs ;. or b °sses, of the Chicago the teams by one day. The Bengals' convention would get together on will unveil their wares in a go with ;- Marain g- Fordycc at the capital to- James E. Watson, then .1 Re- night (Thurs). This one will be a'publican senator from Indiana, grudge game for the Tigers, vie-1 agree? with . this version in his tims of the outweighed Rcdbugs' I autobiography, "as I knew them', giant-killing 0-6 tic a year ago. i published in 1936. I thought this a Springdalc, one of the favorites.'shocking book when I read it then opens its District Two drive asainst'but my hide has reached a high Siloam Springs; Parkin and For- lsta te of pickle since, and, on re rest City of the Fifth District meet; Paragould and Osccola hope to decide something in District Three, and Magnolia, Seventh District fa- ferring to old Jim's confessions, I am sorry to have been so indignant. He was just honest. Mr. Watson related that what vorite. tests its ammunition in a Daughterly did say was that after non-district tilt with Bauxite in the convention Itad fought to a other leading games this weekend, standstill and the delegates were The weekend's program fall> worn out. "a number of as will games district affairs to be played Set together about two o'clock in on Louis ring record than Billy Conn did in eight rounds...When the affair ended, a bewildered scribe made his way to the ring apron and Louis whether the last punch of the flurry that brought Tami down was a right or a left. "To tell the truth,' rcplie dJoe, "I don't know," ...When he climbed into the rig, Mauriello pretended to let go a punch at Rocky Graziano, who was waiting to be introduced. Maybe he should have gone right on from there without waiting for Jae. Stadium Bouts Harry Balogh didn't disappoint the fans who relish his brand of English. His introduction of Louis began: "As many previously times announced."....if . it means anything, Jim Bradclock, \yho gave up the title to Louis nine years Yesterday's Stars Rnlph Kincr, Pirates and Ralph Brnca, Dodgrs —Kiner slammed his 21st home vim with one man on to beat the Dodgers 3-2 in the blnnked first game; Branca Pirates 3-0 in the nightcap. Hal NeWhouser, Tigers — Became the first pitcher Since Lefty Grove in 1930-82 to will 86 or more games for three gtrn'lght years when he beat the Athletics 2-1 in 10 innings. Johnny Sain and Dick Culler, Braves — Sain held the Cards to League Leaders By The Associated Press National League Batting — Musinl. St. Louis, .307; Hopp, Boston, .341. Runs — Musical, St. Louis, 110; Slaughter, St. Louis, 97. Runs batted in — Slaughter, ST. Louis, 125; Walker, Brooklyn, 109. Hits — Musial, St. Louis, 213; Walker, Brookly, 173. Doubles — Musial ,Sl. Louis, •10; Holmes, Boston, seven'hits and Culler drove in bth L, Triples — Musinl, St Louis, 18; Boston runs with a double Cavarretta, Chicago, 10. Ih^em^l bought Braves i-1 v.ctorv a"vcr 8U Louis! I "cm. runs - MaUc. New York Promoter Mike Jacobs hurrying to see it the fuss was any improvement on what Freddie Schott and Freddy Randolph were showing in the ring ...another "working press' nounccd Balogh intoned: "the winner is Schott.' And echoes' came back from the crowd: "he should be.' Sports Before Your Eyes Best prospect for all America at this stage is Duke's tailback, George Clark. His wife is working as secretary in Ted Mann's office nf athletic information and no doubt will sec that George's name frequently appears in llic press releases she looks after. Ouch! Tami Mauriello devoted his last evening before the watching a movie. The Killers." Louis Us title fight was Louis Quickly Tags Mauriello in First Round New York, Sept. 19—(UP)—Joe Crackers, Chicks to Fight Out Playoff Series By The Associated Press Atlanta and Memphis, the one- two team;;, in the regular Southern Association season, arc tho :final- isls in the play-off scries, the -NO- Baseboll Scores By The Associated Press National League Pittsburgh 0; Brooklyn 2-3, Chicago 4: New York 3. Philadelphia -6; Cincinnati 1-. Bosto ; t. Luis 1. American League New York 4-7; Chicago 0-9. Washington 0; Cleveland 1 Detroit 2; Philadclphial (10 innings). Boston B; St. Louis 2. Southern Association Playoffs Memphis 5; Chattanooga 3. (Memphis wins scries, 4-2>. Atlanta 9: New Orleans {). Atlanta wins scries -1-3). HOUSE VOTE Stanford, III., Sept. 19 — (/!>)— John p. Allen, new principal of, Stanford high school thought his i housing trouble were over when the school board's" plan to build him a 7.000 home was approved by the voters. 69 to C7. But six improperly marked ballots were questioned and the school board has called another referendum. Meanwhile, Allen's family is living in Ihe high school home economics classroom, sweating it out. Stolen bases — Reiser, Brooklyn,35; Haas, Cincinnati, 2l Pitching — Rowc. Philadelphia, 11-4-.733; Dickson, St. Louis, 13-5.722. American League Batting — Vernon, Washington, .355; Williams, Boston, .343, Runs — Willims, Boston, Pesky, Boston, 113. Runs batted in — Williams, Boston, 119; York, Boston, 118. Hits — Pesky, Boston, 200; Vernon, Washington, 194. Doubles —Vernon, Washington, 46; Spencc, Washington, 45. Triples — Edwards, Cleveland, 14; Lewis, Washington, 12. Home runs — Grccnbcrg, Detroit, Page Four Fights Last Night By United Pfess New York (Yankee SlndlurrO Joe Louis, 211 1-4 Dctrpll, retained world's heavyweight championship by knocking out rami Mauriello, 198 1-2, the Bronx, new York, at 2:09 of the first roun& in his 23rd successful defense Of the title. BariKoi-. Me. — Herb Freeman, J40, Bangor, knocked out Jimmy Smith 45. Boston. Providence, K. I. — Lee Savold, 203, EngleWood, N. J., stopped Pete Louthis, 1«4, Cumberland, R. 1,, (5). and Williams, Boston. 38. Stolen bases — Case, Cleveland, 29; Stirnwciss, New York, 17. Pitching — Fcrriss, Boston, 2.7!\ 6-.006; Gumpert, New York, 11-3140;' ,V«G. There Mexico. a Pic Town Louis proved that big-time boxing Crackers by virtue was honrcst lasl night by knocking out Tami Mauriello in 2:09 of the first round before 38,498 fans at Yankee stadium. Champion Louis could have made thousands of dollars for himself and for Promoter Mike obs by letting the challenger .lac- last and Quick 1 PLUMBING SERVICE • 2 PHONE 933 No Job Too Large or Too Smaft ~ ANDERSON BROS. • Friday night unless otherwise indicated): District One Fordycc at Little Rock (Thursday i. Bcnton at North Little Rock. Hot Springs at Tcxarkana. Fort Smith at El Dorado. Becbe at Blythevillc (non- district). Malveni at Pine Bluff. Warren at Camdcn (non-districl). Joncsboro al Russcllvillc. Hppe at SmacKovcr. District Two Siloam Springs at Springdale. Fayetteville at Muskogee, Okla. (non-district J. Spiro, Okla., at Van Buren non- distriet. Rogers at Alma Harrison at Hcber Springs (non- district). District Three Paragould at Osceola. Blytheville "B" at Lepanto (non- district). Hoxie at Corning. Deaf School at Searcy (non-district'). District Four Subiaco at Helena (non-district). Havana at Boonevillc. Mansfield at St. Anne's (Fort Smith). Hartford at Greenwood. Charleston at Paris. Morrilton at Clinton. District Five Brinkley at Marianna. Parkin at Forrest City. Dewitt at Rison (non-dislrict). Little Rock "B" at Clarendon (non-district). Marvcll at Holly Grove District Six Fail-view (Camden) at Crossett .ion-district. Portl*nd at Monticello. Hamburg "at McGehee. Eudora at Dumas. Dcrmott at Star City. Lake Village at Greenville, Miss, mon-district). District Seven Horatio at Nashville. Prescott at DcQuccn District Eight Gurdon at Catholic High (Little Rock) non-districl. Lonoke al Augusla (non-dislrict). Sluttgart al England (non-dis- lrict). Arkadclphia at Carlisle. some room and agree on the iom- ination of Harding and put il across.' Jim recalls that General Leonand Frank O. Lowden in Ihc balloting "unlil I read in the memoirs of Frances Perkins lhat Ihe William R. Herndon Photographer First National Bank Bldg, Second Floor PHONE 493 or114-J PORTRAITS Commercial and Advertising •PHOTO COPIES Disohjicg'es, - Lerjg) Documents 24 Hour Service Bauxilc Iricl). at ' Magnolia (non-dis- STORK FINALLY WINS Godfrey, 111., Sept. 19 —•(/!')- En- loo Walcrs and his automobile bcal the stork three times but the big bird won the fourth race. Waters was head by five or 10 minutes in getting hi.< wife lo the hospital when their first three children, all boys, were born. The fourth Qhild, a girl, arrived at Ihe Walcrs home before her father even gut Ihc car slarled. MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phone 5 or 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkana Get Ready FOR FALL By having your winter garments cleaned and pressed. We Pick Up and Deliver "Plenty of Parking Space" HALL'S ard Wood sec-sawed everybody knew that a third man must bo selected, a compromise candidate.' After adjournment on Friday light there was "a gathering of some twenty persons at about two o'clock in the morning in a room selected for thai purpose.' The chastily of this language soothes me now. Daughtery was not present and some of the gentlemen voted against Harding because they thought it umyise to lake any vote '.'at that particular time and place" in view of Daugherty's remark, which had become notori- mous. Bui the majority thought this should not deter them irorri deciding "what should be done by the convention.' They decided thai all presenl should "get around among the delegales during the remainder of Ihe night, inform them whal had taken place and insist on action the next 'day.' This, says Jim Walson, is Ihe simple truth, in contrast to the "legendary belief in some monstrous underlying secret," and I believe him absolulely. So whal? : , How else do Ihe veterans' organizations elecl regional and :ialional commanders? How else do Ihe big unions elecl Iheir majestic presi- denls, for all Iheir pamphlels aboul '•Democracy' save that such as John Lewis, an Tobin and olher absolute bosses are spared even the killing-of£ process io eliminate upslarts and slra-men? I was reminded of Ihis slory when »---•••• Mrs. ..._ ..._ Democralic convenlion of 1940 nad absolulely no voice in Ihe choice of Henry Wallace for yice-presidenl. Roosevelt chose him in a telephone conversation from the White House with her in Chicago. "Yes," he said. "It's Wallace, I guess. Ill stick to that,' and she passed the command to Harry Hopkins who put it through the works. And Wallace was nominated Ihough Ihc convenlion roared in the mosl alarming nole of anger that I have ever heard in covering some 15 of them. The bellow deepened when Wallace, insipid beyond imagining, flapped his hands like flippers in acceptance. How dangerous that personal decision was, the nation, including most of the Democrats, began to realize only in 1044, after Wallace had revealed his ad- miralion of Ihc brulalilarian sovicl system wilh ils pograms and Us bloody-handed personalities, and his sherwish, Hillerian mitmd of those who disagreed with him. Even Roosevelt grew afraid of him in 1944. Realizing thai his health was failing and aware of I'^u dictatorial "aggregate war powers' Ihut Wallace would inherit, he abandoned Wallace in favor of Harry Truman. II must DC agreed thai Roosevelt did ditch Wallace because, after all, he was still nominating his vice - prcsidncls. Hillman, who dreamed of a Corn- rnunist world empire, with Moscow iu capital, could sec that Roosevelt was failing fast, :ind devoutly wanted Wallace. Everyone could see lhat Roosevelt was dying who saw the ghastly lace revealed in the photograph taken near San Diego ;i few days later, and Hili- nuii) had seen him face to face before that. I:wrote a story i'rankly contemplating Roosevelt's death and the menace of Wallace which was killed on the ground of bad lasle. When Roosevelt, said "clear overylhing with Sidney 1 he undoubtedly had lold Sidney he could nave Truman or Byrnes but not Wallace. Otherwise, Wallace, not Truman, would be President today and God knows whal "Fascist" Americans who fought in wars lhat '-he huge and robust Wallace avoided mighl be in concentration ^amps loday, by virlue of his "aggregate war powers." They are slill available for dis- '.ribulion ul another time when the '.error of the C. i. O. and the lor lour or nvc rounds—lor benefit of the movies ;md for a buildup for a June litlc fight. But brown-skinned Louis "took oul" his man in a lime lhat equalled Ihc third shortest knockout in heavyweight title history Joe's 2:09 equalled the 2:09 reg- :slerc by Tommy Burns when he knocked out Bill Squires on July 4, 1907. Two other Caster hcavywciyhl title knockouts had been registered before this. The snmc Tommy Burns knocked out Jem Roche of Dublin, Ireland, in 1:28 on March 17, 1908; and Louis belted out Max Schmeling in their second iight at 2:04. The fans, who provided an unexpectedly large gate of $33i>,OG3, were "on the fence" between dis- appoinlmenl lhal Mauriello had not done better than he did, and between delight, thai he had done as .._ -_ a .'ough semi-final triumph over Nc'-v Orleans and llie Chicks through a slightly easier elimination of Chat| lanooga. The Crackers rmplied the clincher with a difficult. 9-8 decision over the Pelicans ;it Atlanta last -light in the seventh game of the uir oul- of-seven series'. Thanks lo the yeoman work of Pitcher Wisr.py Willis, their well tried clutch performer, vhe Chicks subdued the Lookouts. 5-3, Memphis to wind i,;, t'.ie semi-finals, lour gaires to two. NOTICE PICTURES FRAMED NICE SELECTION OF NEW MOULDINGS CLYDE FRITZ PHonc 399 AVENUE B GROCERY Hove Your Discharge Copied for Furlough etc. 24 HOUR SERVICE Shipley Studio 220 So. Walnut Hope, Ark. ATTENTION FARMERS and DAIRYMEN Preserve your Barns and Roofs with Paint For- Commercial Spray Painting consult LUM RATELIFF Phone 979-W 518 W. Division Job Printing, Office Supplies and School Supplies Will have complete line of •printed Christmas Cards Business and Personal Gentry Printing Co. wcel as he did. The 23-year-old Bronx Italian tried to fight. He hit Louis with a hard straighl right to the temple early in the round and knocked Louis about nine paces back on his heels into the ropes near a neutral corner. Then Louis came storming back, forgetling his pre-ballle defense stralegy. Louis landed a righl lo the head thai shook Tami, and forced him lo fall inlo a clinch. They broke, and Mauriello landed a shorl righl hook lo Ihe head lhal shook up \.he champion. Louis came back and caught Mauriolh) on the chin with a left and a right that dropped him in a neutral corner on his knees. Mauriello was hurt—but not badly. He showed that he could have risen at the count of six by taking both knees off Ihc floor; bul he wisely took Ihe count of nine lo clear his head. When Tami rose, Louis wenl afl- er him and gashed his left brow with a whistling righl hook. Then Louis kept in aflcr him throwing brown-lightning punches with such speed thai few persons at the ringside knew whal had happened when Mauriello sank to the canvas on bolh knees after being clipped with a left hook. He tried to rise at the count of "seven." He got one knee off the floor; then he iook ;ho remainder of the count with one glove over his eyes—as he wept— and the other glove reaching for Ihe ropes. o University B Team to Play Missourians REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W (Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Mrs. Claude Whirehurst Representative for Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Association United Benefit Life Insurance Company Omaha, Nebraska Phone 952-J 1013 West 5th St. BUTANE SYSTEMS Plumbing Fixtures Plumbing Repairs HARRY W. SHIVER Plumhlno • Heating Phone 259 Hope, Ark. COMPLETE RADIO SERVICE Bob Elmore Auto Supply Phone 174 216 S. Main Joplln, Mo., football teams Sepl. 10 —(/l'i-U from Ihe Univcrsi- tics ()£ Arkansas and Missouri will HUGHS. HALL, Owner , FtFIIUMi Pno«f7* F. of L. is uppermost public mind. in the The members of Columbus' crew received about $2.50 monthly. here tonight. The I ill will be tho season oponcr for tho baby lUi/orbacks, but UK- Missouri Boos have a CA-2?i decision over the Iowa Seahawks behind them. The Ka/orbaok juniors were in arrive here today by bu.i. Their lineup will include several performers who lettered with the Arkansas varsity durinn llic warliino seasons and some of the Wonder State's outstanding high school stars of last fall. Probable lineups: "Complete service for your car" MAGNOLIA 303 SERVICE STATION Now Open 24 Hours Daily 3rd & Laural Phone 303 Howard Lamb, Owner LAWNMOWERS Repaired and Sharpened. 30 Years Experience I specialize in Repairs and Sharpening M. C. BRUCE Phone 1107-J So. Main St. GENERAL. 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McLorty, at Hope Auto Co, Thursday, September 19, 1946 Just the thing for 'told weather.- Boy's Sweat Shirts In red, blue and tan. You'll find many Headline Values at Robison's in Fall and Winter needs for the entire family. Come in and see these as well as many other items in our store. Pacific top quality 8*"oz duck. Buy yours -flow. Boy's SPORT COATS New sport coats for boys in smart styles and colors. COATS SUITS All wool coats and suits by Louis Marcus for IT A B 3 C ! I D T"C rALL SUITS A good selection to choose from. New styles and colors. SKIRTS These are 6 feet wide and 7]/2 feet long. Assorted colors. While they last. Pretty new fall skirts. Sizes 2 to 6, 7 to 14. .90 0.98 to The Happy - Hiker ~"Qs~ shown is a brown bluchen oxford with 8/8 heel. Sweaters New pastel shades in sloppy Joe and Sue. Slip over and button styles to match Both coat and jacket styles. Ideal for cold weather. Men's winter uni.ons. Buy now for winter. .98 Felt throw rugs as ^ '_ _ showh.above. ' " .'," LOUSES All wool mackinaws tor boys in assorted colors.' .98 Fall blouses in wool and rayon. |\lew Fall dress pan! assorted colors. Smart fall hats for men. you'll want a "Wright" Custombuilt hat. All sizes, colors and shapes. .. .50 to Sweaters ';,,..M'5ses' '.;::.;;•/• :,, Childrens long All sizes. Ladies cotton rib hose, All sizes. This, smart" sKoe as"shown is in Black'patent. Sizes' 31/2 ' ''' ' Smart styles made by John C. Roberts. New Shipment just arrived. All Sweaters Three quarter length. Assorted colors. WORK SHOES Slip over and styles. All sizes, colors. Mackinaws Men's work shoes that are made for long wear and comfort. All sizes. Boys part wool mackinaws in assorted colors. This oxford as — shown comes in brown & beige, brown & white, and'soird brown. SHIRTS Penninglenton all wool shirts. Assorted colors. Assorted pattern colors. eo. W. R Ideal .boots'fpf'Tpygh winter days ahead. -All Nashville The Leading Department Store

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