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Cleveland Daily Leader from Cleveland, Ohio · Page 2

Cleveland, Ohio
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Saturday, July 9, 1859
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MORNING LEADER lril.DAT MOHNINM. JI'I.V . IS.-Vtl. I I ll.l.H l PV I,. OOWLKW A CO. Hi imiK'll (UILDINUS, SUPERIOR St. NI llrlAHMAt. I'HlNind I I Irtisiri -i.t (i Hu'iiiu'iiI ...T, l.ll'iB .1 in-klilill.lnittit of .,' ltt'tT . - - .1 ' l ml . ... I soil n.n.T I Nil1 1 1 .lSlll i'Tt III II l.l t. ,' H't. , mil tl r-111 .tut.!,, th't". I .rt'..lll .s. t 't-l l'.i.k w ti. Kn rii.'ii,i .( H'tnl-.1 n rf.'-i-lttll, nUnk B"m-, ..t.l-.l. , Ji.iiritsis, , ll"-... It' fit iiiK K-.H.k, r,ill. The Last Great Battle—Horrors of War. Tha ixtrrn hours hattl fought at Salfc-riuo It it atated tht S5.00H Anstrians were ulac Vw Jm tomia. lliat 7,000 wern taken luiso en and thai 16 flags and 35 eamiun wrrc oajjtured by tha Alli.-s. Drspatchts al,o till taatr tliat tha Frrneh army tuflirrrd an afti ttly .. tu be nnabla lo rtsunia tha oflensiva without rtiafbrc' iiints. IU-porls put tlie French loea in killed md woundrrl at 12,000. The Auetrian tr'p crossed Ilia Mincii. li r tLj purpose of attacking the French with their lio!i! i.iTi-e, but had to abandon their position. They witVlf-w, r crossed the river, and blrw ui the lir.J(e al Goihi. Tlio Aimlriaii dev patches, admit that th.y wie obliirad to retiia Iter .icfT' iing very heavy losses. The Ail triaus are preparing for another gr at Itatlla ur. Jtr Gaii II m N-if)!i'"ll, during the dreadful Inu'jjle, ;a m the thickest of the fight. In a despatch of the SStli of June to Empress l'.ugcnia he aaya "lie army withdrew last right, and I alept in a to-.u. becupie J in the luuniiii by the l'uipeior uf Austria." Home of the horror ul war limy be judged by the (jut thjt within the pjat three week bttween tiglity aud a hundred thousand men bar-bt en killed and wounded in the etrugle la Itily. Hid lliu war in but jt'it begun! Fur luulier particular see telegraph. The Last Great Battle—Horrors of War. Pic-Nic---Welcome Home of Bushnell. X Ui) Peouto of L ir.i'.n c. unity will hold a Kmiid Pie Nic at Olierlin, Monday nfternuoti, to welcome luue the of the iiupritnned Uberlin Rc&tu?!-', the uintiiblc, p.ititut, but firm uuJ utiielJii,g Willii lk'Hti.i. It was on Mr. B. that tie Jeffrey 'a Court wreaked its full Dialinily, and by fine aud ituprisoiimuit sought to tlisgia e aud erunh a free citizen of Ohio for the great crime of faithfully obeying the Gulden Hulc. Ilia houra of honor and triumph liuve bcjdu ill public He, ru and execration of the Qoverummit I'urauera will deepen and I last duriog all time. Xhe Irienda of Air. iiubnell and the gi.ud uauu for which he bun been niaJo to suiter the peuulty of an unjnt Act, are oordiutly itiviied to participate in the Welcome Home ut Uberlin. A proceksiou will leave the jail at 1 U i A. M. oa M inJ.iv, and escort the "Rescuer" to the D put Half fare only will be charged to Uberlin and o u t, the cira returning iu the evening. Curtailment of Mail Service in Ohio. lue people iu all parte of Ohio are reaping the bitter fruits of the spendthrift Administration of President Buchanan, in the curtailment of the lmil eervice on long established routes. Dully mail routes we see noticed in various purtii ns of the State are being cut dowu to tri wcckle, and tri weekly to semi or weekly-Such important towns as New LUbuii and !al-lipolis no longer have a daily until from uny quarter, and we notice that many towns of lets sale now get but a twice a week mail service. This spasm of retrenchment at the expeiue f mail fac'lilies, causes much indignant re-Bark in the communities outraged. The t'in-sinnaii Osteite says : The storm of indignation raised by this in- sftLn movement, will yet so htartle the authors oi ibe scheme, we truer., as to induce theiii to retrace their steps. Hie people of southern U;i;o will not meekly tolerate such a vvrouj;. ? me ol the letter we bare received on this Fiibirct from the victims of this treatment nouJd be regarded by the Postmaster (ienerul as au)t.mig but couipliinent iry. ll.e imlii!ua t. jii expressed is ail just as it is (eiieriil. Western Reserve College Commencement Tue Annual Commenuemeul exeieiaes of Wesleiii Reserve College will take place at Hud son on Thursday, July 14th. The BaccaWureate sermon, by l'ic-ic!erit Hitchcock, will be delivered on MabhnOi alter noon, July lUlh. Rev. Dr. Kendall, ol Pittsburgh, will pieaeh a sermon before the Missionary Association n ta the evening of the same day. Tbe Alumni Oratiou will be delivered by Stephen H. Pitkin, Esq , on Wednesday fine soon, July 13. Phi Bella Kappa oration, by Ke. Dr. Sccj l( of Albany, N. , will be delivered on Weduea day afternouu. Wednesday evening will be devoted to prize declamation. Tbc exercises upon Thursday will be as lul-lowa : Anniversaries ol the Such tics at 8 o'clock A. M. Oration of tlie Graduating Class Iliviiohii. Address before the Literary Societies, by Dr. J. G. Holland, of Springfield, Mass. afternoon Tbe Annual Commencement Convert will be often on Thursday evening, by Leland's Brats Bauo and Orchestra, assisted by other talent. 5 ol by to Ball Playing—Old Boys at It! Base-ball Was a favorite game of the early settlers ut the gatherings which brought men aud boy together sueh aa raisings, bees, elections, trainings, Fourth of Julys, etc., etc., and ive are glad In sen that the manly spoit is still m vogu, at least in " benighted Ashtabula " W leara by the Sentinel that a matched game limg off at Jwl'-rson on the 4lh, lourteen selected players on einh side, chosen by Judye Dauu and Squire Warren. The "party wincing th) first hundred scores was to he the vie. tor. Jud,;e Danu's side won the game by eleven scores The Hentiuel says. There were thirteen ioniums willumt a'j Tbe highest number of scores was ma le by Joshua R. Uid'linL'S, a younr; chap of sixty-four, who led the field, having made a tally us often ax the club came to his hand. The iaiue excited ureat iulercst, and was witnessed by a lartre number ol spectators. Tlie nupier was prepared by " our host " ol the Jell t iuii llousi, who gut it up in a style that made a tally every time. the the at ilr of Sat AtrLiciKiH. Mrs Mark P. Taylor, widow ol the late Mayor Tny lor, of Ciiiciurnti, hai tort three promising sons of scarlet fever duriiig the past week, of the ages of live, nine aod twelve yeais. Her eldest son was sutler-tag from the same malignant lever on Thins. 4ay. Th Commercial states that the acarlet lever this season bas been unusually fatal in its character in Cincinnati, and adds on tbe uutbmily f ssvcral physiciaus that it is rapidly disappearing 1 ing, Csor CaoEiaa in Russia. It is slated by Ut arrivals, that long coulinued drouth is damaging tb grain crop! of Southern Russia. It U the Egypt of Russia,' and in good aeasoua the exports fiom Russian Black Hea porta are very large, and mostly wheal. Southern Russia is a great competitor of the United Htatea in tha British grain market. tu out be ran. the BLiciatasias axo Paaouaa. Aoordiug to the Cummeraial blackberries are very abundant in tb Cincinnati market at $ to 10 cents per quart, and paevebea Lave made their appearance al Un aula, a one aolid up Position and Triumph of the Rescuers. That ah'e and influential piper, the Ohio S'ule Journal, lias pursued a innnly course In the contest between the Federal authorities ai l' under the tyranuical Fngilive S'ave Act, and . .e pereeuted citizens of Olirilin. I', has stood by them and the sovereignty of cur State, and in nnnonneing tbe final iliecharge of tbe Kesenera well says, that " Ihronglmut all their tiials, these victims of an inUmou law, which his been infamously administered, have borne themselves like men." The Resellers retused lo accept liberty on terms which seemed to them dishonorable, and fie result shows that they were rijhl in main-ttiniug their position that the reronl of the Court had been falsifi d, and in relming to make any admission to the contrary, rveu though tempted to do so by the prospect ot re lease. They refused to yield this point, and they now have their reward. The legal nek, a id tlie most cruel and heartless of government inquisitors, could nut extort from them n single aJuiisHion which would compromise their manhood or their integrity. Says the Journal : Their, under the cireumstanets, is a ur.iii'l triumph uf the citizens of a government theoretically tree, over an attempt to turn that ll'ivrriiment into a practical despotisuiol which they were to hnvo been made the victims. The content between the lederal authorities and these imprisoned fellow ci nens appeared to be an unequal one. The governineiii with all its power uinl its patronage, with its part u hi courts and partixau olliemla and juries, and with a law rpcciatly contrived with moat ma-lii lafit ingenuity lur purposes of oppi-o-sion and outrage, not only upon the slave, hut upon the Ireemaii, had apparently all the rbances ol success iu its favor. The other parties to the content were iuiprisonej cilizens, without power or prestige or patronage; but in their apparent weakness their moral strength Wat invincible. '1 hey were all po .vcrliil, in their iiuv icld-iti'f C"nvirlMu of duty, and in the courage to i.ui.l by those convictions at all hazards Be-I ue tueli r' sutniion, -ueli heroic firmnisa, the ( Mcut.nn ol a ha'ed law jiaused in the very net of its enforcement, and unwilling hands crownrd aa victors those whom they had marked us victims. Ill this event, no' only the rescuer, but every tree citizen of Ohio has reason to rejoice. In the imprisonment of tbe rescuers, as in all prosecution under the Fugitive act, the reserved sovereignty of the (State of Ohi , and the rights of its citizens were violated, and iu their release, without concession on their part, thcie rights have been substantially vindicated. All honor to the men, who by an great person al tncritice, have achi ved lor us as weli ax lor themselves, so important a triumph ! Pity for the Dealer! The Mite Joitrnvl copies the Dealer's lame, it of the Gill, introducing it lint . The Cleveland Plain Dealer seta up a bowl uf lamentation over the release of the Wellington rescuers by the federal ofliceri nnJ the con-sequent practical demise of tbc fugitive slave law, as it the editor had lost a brother. A lew years ago (Jray said the law was of "infernal origin." Perhaps that accounts for his present mourning. Zvoihing leis than crape for twelve mouths will answer the demands ol custom and puhlc ih'eencv fortius fraternal In reave incur. l..-t (iray mount the symbol at once. Tlie I'.ill'iwn we extract from hi.i ohitu iry notice. 1'oor lellovv. it came upon hi in sud denly and unaware. Hut he should remember the ciiiis-nhitioii the excellent Widu.v Hedott administered to the Elder . " l'ne-e sin cl l"'is ::r ' l(m; n -i,l Pit ll'i' will uf u m-e rri'ull".!. Ai"( il ns ii'uht tutu ii,.1tM' I Wi li liiriliU'le ini.l re riiiistlo.-i " The Toledo Blade expresses sympathy as ollows : Don't I ul to read the Plain Dealer's Laiueu lalioiiH over the distressing result of thn Res cue trials. That paper appears to feel as hud the wolf, when the nrey upon which he had hoped to glut his rapacity, unexpectedly es- capi s from his clutches. It is to be pith d ! - - The Sad Casualty at Clear Lake. Clear Lake, Iudi'iu.i, where the casu-ilty c curred on the 4tli inst., is 30 miles from Hills dale, Michigan. After the celebration, a parly wus made up to have a nail on the Luke. An account says : The boat used wus a mere trough, loruied of boards nailed together and coveted by a platform arid an awning. It was capable ol hold iug 18 or 'i0 persons, but when it shoved oil' Contained -t). Alter sailing hut a short time, and when in water "5 feet deep, some one rock' ed the frail vessel and it capsized, throvviiio its precious freight into the Lake, drowning 14 of the company. The following are the niitues ol those drowned from Reading: Mrs. Wm. Turner and adopted adopted, about years old; Mia Eliza Turner, daughter of Nelson Turner, aged about Si), who was formerly a student of Hillsdale College; n nu of Nelson Turner aged S vean; Danfoith lierry, and w le, and brother, J. Il'or.son Kerry. '1 he following were from ditfi-rent partu nf Hillsdale county aud Indiana : Mr. Lyman Steel and siter-in I iw, M" l.sinpsi'ii ot WooJbridge. Mr . Sigu, the own. r f'e boat, was also lost. There have been but two bodies recover..; up to the latest intelligence Miss Louisa Tur ner and Miss Daulortfi Beriy. the deceased were alt respected and beloved a large circle of acquaintances, who v ill In ply mourn their bus. 14 " Gov. Wise on the Case Concession. Cov. Wise, of Virginia, has written a letter a citizen of Lynchburg, disagreeing in toto with Gen. Cass on the queulioii uf the lights of foreign CoverumcnU to exact unreudered mili tary service from our naturalized citizens who were born under their laws. He says be "would protect our naturalized citizens against military service of other powers to the uUcrmurt en U the earth.' i'uMso.ML. Theodore Parker has consulted celebrated Paris physician Baron Louis who pronounces one lung eutirely sound, and other but slightly diseased, and sees no reason why Mr. Parker should not, with proper are, be restored to perlect hiallli The Hon. Rufus Choale, who started lor Lu- roue last week, was obliged to lenve the steamer ifulif.ix, on account of the feeble state of h's health. The venerable Dr. Rush, of Philadelphia, i seriuusly ill that his life is despaired ol. a - MjiHuuissioMa or Si.avi.s A very interest- "IK scene occurred yesterday at the Probate Court, and as it is national in its character, we sire to call attention of political philosophers every section of the Union toil. There is nothing new III the allair, but ucreriheless il involves an unanswered problem, and one which politicians generally avoid Amhony Gustavo, recently a slave ot lleluise Cory of ew Orleans; aud Lucy, u negro woman about forty years ol ooe, and her chil l mr years obi, lule the property ol Charles De lilanc, also of iew Orleans, had their manu mission papers recorded in the Pr-ibato Court yesleiday. Mr. I.eonce Botideusquie, of that executed ttie power ol attorney lor Itiem. bey are now citizen ul Ohio, and will bonce- f.TiJi endeavor U) do here what the Republican Stale of Louisiana prohibit their class from doing. Cut Unz or iu ao Ai riDtur. Mr. E. 1). Harmon, of Leuox, with a severe accident on Tuesday morn the 2Hth tilt 1 he particulars we learn are lollowe: 11a bail loaded Ins wuiron with cheese boxes, w ith the intention of taking the same lo market. 1 lie eua uoard to lus wagon raek not being eutlicicutly stayed, the boxes, together with his own weight, caused the board give way, and tier after tier of boxes rolled of the wagon on to the horses. As iiiiohl . upposcd, the) horses became frightened, and lliey were reined out ol Hie road urn! up along sidu ofa barn wheie Mr. 11. was violently throw from the wagon, tcet first, agaist burn door; aud atrange aa it may appear, foot u' d leg was actually driven through a inch board forming part of the door. Tha boxes were scattered iu all directions, the wag-on broken very badly, aud Mr. II was picked for d.'sd. His injuries are not so bail as st first supposed, and he is now rapidly neutering Attaint Htututk 1 ol' r own Ti tin- Details of the Mountain Meadows Massacre Details of the Mountain Meadows Massacre in Utah---Rescue of Children---Escape at the Murderers A letter from tf.ilt Lake City June 9th, gives the harruwiug details of ihe massacre of a train of emigNiiits from Arkansas to California, ut Mountain Meadows, on the 1 of September '67, and the recovery of seventeen ol the children carried olfby tlie Indiana There were nboiit one hundred aud f rly persons in the train, and the surviving children were found about S.ri0 miles south ol Salt Laka City. Tha writer eccom. pained the .Superintendent of Indian Affairs an l says ; Thn train passed through the upper part of the Territory unmolested. They were directed to go the southern Mute, as it was getting lata in tbe season. After passing through all the tettleineiiU south lor ot0 mikstothe Mountain Meadows, they stopped to tccruil their stock before they struck the Deserts, as they would h ive ileserts lor 400 miles alter leaving aloun lain Widows. The Meadows is a beautiful spot, about lour iui'es in length, aud one-fourth ol a mile wide, and ut tbe lower end is a fine spring. They corralled their wagons and were there thiee days in quietness, 5 miles from any set- t fluent, when, t illy on the morning ol the 4'll day, they were attacked, as they supposed, by a large party of Indians. Tbe Indians llred ou the emigrants and killed and wounded several. A Per this the emigrant set their wagon w Heels in tbe ground, and thiew Ihe earth up against the bodies, making a snug defense, xhc lu diatis fouulit them lur five d.ivs, having previ oiisly run all their stuck oil'. The emigrant weie w ithin ten yards of as ti ic a spring as you ever httf, but could get no water, for whenever One came out to m t it, be wan rdiot down. I ie sj-ring has a high bank, a deep ravine makes olf from it, and 11 tins lltoluuiaiis were concealed Aiur lighting lor live or six days, party ol Mormons approached the cerral with a white Hag in band, to show the emigrants itiat they were Irienda. Tbc emigrant directly dressed a iiule giil iu white and placd her at the mouth ol tbe cor ral, lue Mormon party then came in, sat down, and talked to the head man of the train for more than uu hour, telling him that they had come as Irienda of the party to escort thi in back to Ceil r City, a .out 4150 miles behind, provided they Would give up their arms, and leave all they had behind. The f promised to protect them from the Indians. They marched the party in front oftbtin back on the road about 2. odd yaiib, where they had to pass through some sedge bushes, when one ol the Mormon escorts gave a signal, and all at once tl.e Indians raised in the bushesthe Mormon escort lired firM and killed all the men then they went lo work on women and children. The sput can still speak for itself. AS lieu I first passed through the place 1 could walk for near a mile nn bonce, and skulls laying grinning at you, and women aud cli ldreu e hair in hunches us big as a bushel. Judge Cr.idlebaugh and myself have the names of sixty white men who participated in this ntlair. It was dune by council from Bishops in the Mormon Church. The Bishops were the head killers. They did not leave oue to teil the tale. The oldee1. of ihe children is between seven and eight years of age. We have seventeen here. They a.-e getting ready to send them to their friends in Arkansas, as there was $10,000 appropriated hy6ongrcsa lor that purpose so ) on can s.-e by what means the Mormons have lived and supported their Church. This was the richest traiii that ever passed through this country, and after killing all the party except 17 little children, they took cattle, wagons and horses back to Cedar City and sold tin ui at public alc Tbe children were divided out to dillirciit onea some who had no children took two. All the above bas been sworn to before Judge Cradlehaugh. He has issued warrants lor all parties, but they lly to the mounleins. W. H. ROGERS. Perils of the Great Balloon Trip. through the uir ill a huge balloon lazily as thisllc-doAii is no doubt a very pleasant mode of journeying, but landing in a hurricane is quite another ullair. The St. Louis aeronauts had a spice ot both, and the slate-int'tit of Mr. linger, one of the party, contains tiie fol'o'ving extracts) : The principal feature which the vuyuoers ob served iluiing the nigbt, was the picvalcDce ah.iut, above, end under them, of a remarkable phosphorescent light, which seemed to invest evervthiug, and give it a peculiar appearand'. It nude (lie balloon look like p -' ibe ot lire, seen through oiled paper, as Y iso jescrihtd it. It was easy to tell tho woods from the open coimtiy by Ibe bi its ol blank lines which they indicated and on crossing a body ol water, it seemed aa though the voyagers wore passing between two sheets uf ll.tiue of' a mellow color, which lighted them up, and gave tu thcircoui) teiiances, and lo the objects immediately sur rounding them, a pectiharhue. luis plieuoui-enoii was aa agreeable to those who witnessed it, as it was remarkable. At 1:5(1, Rochester was left about a mile abieast. La Montaine stool alone in the boat; the other two were clinging to the babket above. Wise cried out excitedly lo La Montauie, ' For (iod'e sake, lu-ave overboard everything you can lay your liug'rs ou, La Moutuniel ' La Monlame, w ho was standing near the aide of tbe boat with a p opeller fau iu his hand, ready lo throvv out ut the critical ill. incut, cried out, Keep cool, geutlem. ii ; ii's all light." Mr. llvde looked up ut Wise, and aid suleiuiily, This is a dreadful time, Professor ; what shall we do!" " Trust in tiod and our faculties," was the answer. In a few seconds more, the balluu went down Willi a lull swoop upon the lake, notwithstanding Wise had throw ii out n heavy valise, an express mail bag, and the remaining provisions. I lie wuUTK were surging and boiling avvtiilly, the waves running from twelve to lilteen feet bili, and moaning as il for the impending doom ol the aeronauts. Ibe shock was a dreadful one. It stove in one side of the boat, and jerk ed La JUmlaine so that his hat fell into the water. "For (bid's sake, J din, "re you out!" sin iitcd Wise over the basket. "Don't trouble yourselves nbnut mo, gentlemen," was the re-spouse, "I'm nil right, and I'm going to lake you across safe yet." And over went the pro-pelh r fan, lining the balloon a few lei t above the water. The Toyager.4 now begin to question h ow they would be killed Wise said he as re-signed; (ijg r was willing to go hut for bis poor wile; Hvdr prepared but Would rather die on laud than water; La Mountain insisted that nobody was guing to be killed, as he would land them all safe. A moment after, the pro-pel Icr" Young America" was signaled and ask ed to lie to, but before she could do ao, she wus mile astern. Wise now proposed to deseeud, swamp the bout, and trust to the chance of be iug picked up This La Mountain peremptorily refused to do, declaring that such a movement would be certain death for all. Bv tearing up the planks liom the bottom of the bout, and throwing oil' his heavieit clothing, he kept the bulioou I'lloat, until, ut about 1:U0, the shore was struck, iu a piece of woods in the town of Henderson. Instantly the anchor was thrown out. It first caught a tree an inch in diameter, but broke it oil' I ke a pipe stem the balloon suiting on with a power equal to that of two three locomotives. Next, the anchor caiieht a lurger tree, and the prongs, which were of inch and a quarter iron, were broken squarely nil'. Mr. La Mountain might at this moment have cut loose the boat, lauding himself uud havingbis companions to their fate; but ins- s'.cad of doing ao, he cluuiberrd into the basket A determined to sham with tin in their perils. Overcome by admiration, Mr. Wise spiuLg up, cxclamiiig, "My (iod, John, you are u hero.- -If I oan come out alive, you shall have a gold medal, and the credit of saving us all." At this moment, th balloon, which was whirling over I ho trees the voyagers clinging to the basket ai.d sometimes hanging head downward struck a main branch of a monstrous oak, head on Away went balloon, car and limb a hundred feet in the air, and down agaiu with a fearful plunge, leaving all suspended in the air, alive and safe, tha balloon torn from tup to bottom, but tha only passenger injured being the hero of the voyage, Mr La Mooutaln, who waa badly bruised in the side. I is N hu ff Ii.ii I fi.ira-.Lisv K ih ri, tjr ita 'ha WKATma jauCaoi's m Enulamd. A letitr Into J it from LonJou, says: "The proa. t.t'tsol : li grain crop are very good. With loi'.lerotely line wrutlier the yield of win at ia i.rottl tube aa ubuudant aaat any psriod.but inn io the length uf straw it would suffer yrratly from eonliuurd raiu or tuilden stornia. ns fs.r the lo st uf the season bus l fn beyond attingu, but its elittilt.l coiidiitniia hava uudsigoua violsut oUn((Ss." lu I y " 1 atH'h '1 j si ij California Poltiles Tlie California Republican Mate (.'.invention met at Sacramento on the 1-t uJl. Ibe propriety of making no nomination) (with a view lo co operate with the Uriah-rick Demrcrsey) was diseunsed, and Indeperdenl action agreed upon. Tha following ticket was nominated: For (Jovernor, Lelnnd Stanford, of Saera niento; Lieut. Governor, J. F. Kennedy, SanU Clara; Superior Judge, O'rar L. Shatter, Sin Francisco; Clerk of Supreuia Court, S. D Parker, Trinity; Treasurer, Philip V. I aine, Butte; Comptroller. J R Clark. Eldorado; Superin tendent ol Pulic Instruction, a. W. Ilrown, Sonoma; Surveyor General. A (I. Randall, Amador; Attorney Ot nersl, II S. Love, San Fr incise); Representatives iu t'ongresa V. 11 Sibley, Placer, and Col. E. D. Baker, San Francisco. Resolutions were adopted ngainst "the intio- miction of Slavery into territories now tree; repudiating "the modern dogma that Slavery exists in all the Territories of the United Stales by force of tbe Constitution," and U legitimate consequence, a Congressional Slave code; rebuking corruptions of the Administration; favor inga Pacific Railroad, and declaring the depen dence o! the country on the Kcpiihliaan party lor its construction; endorsing Urow'a Homestead Bill; ami opposing "any unjust discrimination against n.iturallxed ciiiz'ii, which sbsll require any length ol rrsi.h in e alii r naturii' t lion befoi they cm vote." MARRIED, In 'In iv . '.-i t:,i Mi si . bt Hv t M WmIm.ii, .Mr, J.-)IIVsO. ViMII'il .vli s MVIIiHAft.l.l.s. In Ji S-rw: .lull I. Mi M tlt l HM. . II, en i J AsuN .VI ROUS ami Ml" i ti u ..iitviii i.i. l' l.'eiovs Ja n l.MMA I1IIIOOI' ,H.. 1IMI W , l. 1 1, ut Crtitva. M'lllNli n .i.I .VI in i dsn n i'.r i I Ju ) JI. Mr. I1H III- N WMlM Hind MAUI IV UK A i.N. s. i . Hi ii l,eii"ia I,, r.i.l.r . W. J ut : DKSIAIi HKlKr '" I. Mr 11)11 HhAKti Il . f I'lHl ill il-S III Pa is. I i '.I. Mr OAil. Ml.l.kKit. l.uh .il lOII.V 5(1111 .,J Mi. ,N . .v on, 1 1 innbllil I A HI I it its. e . J litis ' . Vlr II I . ,1 S'.KJ.'lll II.WV l.l'.Y sail Ml- J INK I Klslili:,,,., on ii" I th in, i:. m liom nr k i vi.i is' W ni.t Uuil.uisi .Vll-fl AltlCAlt. VV liT.of SictOuiii In l'r.'. .1 im im His J ! m.t . Mr COI.K.VIAN Ynl.'Nll l-l RKI'IA l.AKl KO.U, Imlu ol t i.j. mill ana .M m In l.'siuis.til Julv 'll. Ksusus .V;s jam: .it Mrs y ufiiw'.s "i pl.lf-: iiiuij.iter ..I J..I111 It Kl,l,.irU, ut i.'illlK.-Sut. Al Utiiloil. I'l... mi Hi- J till l . Inns. Mr lllll. U IHKM k V.iii wmrlll. lU ,1111, lOIISA. MA NIA III I.L ill V ii;si,., o. Ill 1 1; Oil. 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W CLASSICAL AXD EXliLISH SCHOUL. hHi Nurth Kn St., (t'tniinr o Orniinn,) C,,vIiiihI O IMIK SlULSCHIBHR most rospoct- X in ly in in in - i u cil I. lit, tn i v i uiul Ui ui hi .(licaj n.LH-. ui i ii ii i-i-ucM. io winru nu Vt hk .Mft'lcl huium (f lilt. lit Lb a-'i" h IVTV ll ill ' Ti list 111.. I il I iivt-r . 1 1 c iiiwii lili.m, li- vii.K ii t.hI n tuluri' In in emulumrHta - l iiul ! view, ho list It tnuii'd Ini. uia iroltai.,u u, . ti.T A- i InmiUtl tii'-tti iiiii, he will inm'i I iy t'.'it hwtt lur ti-l ii- t 1 ! -i C el. itit-H ui Ir uriii'K. in wh fi. ! n 114 t uiU . il I'T n .i-ui in.l i' M ii-ui a lui;,'. atM" ii hn it .)- io nl ! Afml-niu'iil d ml incilwii. A ,n ink .l,i-- i't'itu i vat Iter, hu iv il mialv i'iunik that inonia r ll'lllt' Tuilfl Ha lilt), hrt lli'ilU Vtl 1)1 llltj ( rii"IillllrJtt h.i n ) i mri't ot I. ime wlnt hail t.t-nu rnnti lctl ' u his in f.-und in tiiucur. An I na t i ni'l ill ipl ii,tmt. J nl 'r-.i ut.U- hiiiiMiK i. 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AMUL -H S Ksiiti'isi'tntit n ilfr llif A ''itVn. nm 11 COAL, OIL I COAL OIL! r AW & NORTH'S COAL OIL i full Must Thfv nrp innktiiK h uuti- l-i .! ry i fn. stiatw nurcd i ii, mil i piMuiiiiiicrrt hv e-'f 1 j'HIk -s in ih lite t in im h Wet . ('ial oil Inmni at wtiitlrsuie r re tail . All - nl it i.rjiiipil) liii.-il. AtltlrfsN I. AW fe NOKTII. th Onturin l rticl. ('Ii-vel:.iiil . O. N. B Kvtrv ( uu W slmutil u,f.. luuipa nnd h thik oil, an It gmftiT t,..i t-gt i viimuii iicfiincralors, Water Coolers, -ANti- Mce Cream I'reezerH, Of Hie iinst afiifocl (jrle, just nreived mid ul rlitip. Alu', SELF-SEALI.(i AND OTUliR FIUIT CANS, At V. .. MAUViN'S. 41. Sou h nnl I'uSlii ."-Liu n 6 OALOIL LA1MFS STAND, St 1)1'.. uiul SI'RPI'M'IM) (' O A I, O I I. I. A MI'S, MIADKS, WH'K.S uinl rlllMNI'V-. W -:' II!.'- I 01. '111.' nllnit'On nl' ...unit rv llii'ilnisi- Kill t'li -I 'Hit' HS'ST ASH 'IIKAI'rXr l.liillT l I'sK. si N. I. Sujier nr slrntt. IW.W IIAIIDVIIK S:Ve. "at Jiiiot ! NO MORE EXPLOSIONS ! Carbonic Acid Gas Non-Explosive CUPUEXK AND liL liMMi I LL ID. UAV NO- jMndo Arr;iiio'iiii'iifs with I'lii'J I' (.HI:i:NHI'IMI ,n H .stun. Cl.-.nsi- ii I mvf "O r ut l ii'iiii'i. n.. uu.) loir "ir- K'.o. ) t .r ilnj rx, el ti - V" I In 'it lu iiiini-'itiilui n Mill sell t Im .Vuii-ExplusiYc liuniiii"! Iniil & Ciiiiii!iriic iu I'lcvt'luu I auft vlfi'iilv. we art' n-w pr-'piir 1 Ti utU?r it ihf imlihr Unvn c M'i'i! I M. tie h fi-.l vi'h-tv ot Mu- in tljinC'iotii, i'm orinii-uts iih llio J'lui i .mi' urn l-ilr abiiruii ih ii it niit bo USED WITH PKUFECT SAFE TV mid .v lliuut the dlie'Lto-sl iimli ilnlity n" acndtiil, uhA h.II ; NOT EXPLODE I !iit( r ANY ortiln;ir u r. i.( iinni': Kiuiil. We fiwe n;U,Y TKSTKI) iTS MKKITS in .VM n til ALL UF Ol'It JiKST ClIKMIfciT.S, ut I nriiiv c ti-ii-. 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